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Affordable Legal Care for Caregivers

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger
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March 13, 2019 10:54 am

Affordable Legal Care for Caregivers

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger

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March 13, 2019 10:54 am

What if instead of shelling out hefty fees for a few days of legal help, you paid a monthly membership and got a law firm for life? Well, we’re taking legal representation and making some revisions—in the form of accessible, affordable, full-service coverage. Finally, you can live life knowing you have a lawyer in your back pocket who, at the same time, isn’t emptying it.

Michele Shulman of the Nathan Group called the show to share about this extraordinary resource for caregivers.  Think about all the issues you run into as a caregiver such as:

  • Power of Attorney
  • Will/Living Will
  • Filing for disability
  • Disputing Medical Bills

Now, think about other issues that come up like:

  • Traffic Tickets
  • Business structures
  • Compliance issues

Imagine the legal fees involved in those type of things. How would you like access to a top law firm to help you sort through all those and so many more issues for $24.95 per month?

Click here to sign up TODAY! 



The show floor caregivers about caregivers hosted by carrier. This is this is hope for the caregiver and we are glad you're with us 800-688-9522 800-688-9522 if you want to be part of the show. You could also follow for the caregiver in our website is hope for the but we can't take a look at all the stuff that we have we have the podcast which is free and I'll put the whole show out there on the podcast but also will clip up. Sometimes the show and because if I have a particular segment or a caller or thought or song that grace is recorded or whatever and I thought it was just another because caregivers don't always have time to listen to a 42 minute show straight through, and I will put the whole show out there, but I do also put in various segments that we have. And speaking of segments. John we are going to introduce a new segment today what you think about something as a caregiver. Think about all the legal documents you need. The power of attorney will living with so many more things and then think about disputes over medical bills. Just just go to the list of all the things you do as a caregiver. What if instead of of putting out a bunch of big fees for a lawyer. Below is very expensive per our for just a little bit of time you were able to pay a monthly membership and got a law firm for life. Guess what legal representation is going in a much different direction now in the form of accessible, affordable, full service coverage and you can live life knowing you have a lawyer in your back pocket, who's not emptying it, and hence the whole point of this so is called legal shield and I have a very special guest here to talk about today.

Michelle Shuman of the Nathan group. She's all things legal shield and I've been a member for myself are now more than five years and it is well paid for itself. I've help with all kinds of stuff with me.

Setting up business stuff dealing with wills dealing with traffic tickets.

Whatever not. I get a lot of traffic tickets to but in the rare event that it is happened. So Michelle, welcome.

How you feeling I will thank you very much for being here and in walking us through this. Let's just jump right to a bunch that you been involved with legal shield for a long time and you seem pretty much everything average about probably helps all the things that people need. And this is the day-to-day stuff.

So let me just what is good on a list of questions for caregivers that we would you know we're facing all the time and some things we need and I thought maybe you could just kind of check them off with us. Okay, first off, how much is this going to cost to speak to a lawyer while all your glory. $24 and 95.

This is for real law firm that aired on high rated law firm. We have breaking my decrepit model having a look in the phone book or asking a friend, lawyer, and why what legal shield.

Gone is found, a full-service law firm and eat steak correctly sand our members and that state how you know when you call in your speaking to a lawyer not a paralegal and not a secretary and that lawyer is licensed in your state so they know the laws that apply to your situation Important to know every time I called in this multiple use them for multiple things always get a call back from an attorney and it's not always disabled because is depending on what I need and I've talked to the same one over several times with various related projects, but depends on what I need and they will put me with an attorney and it's not an assistant.

It's not some intern.

It is a real attorney calling back and and so that's great to know is there a time limit about how during normal hours Monday to Friday.

You can't wear it out. You can call on an unlimited number of issues you need to call back on the same issue. You are welcome to do that and the attorneys will continue to ask, answer your questions and moving forward for you but what about if there's an existing issue that's already in place long as you don't have already you have not already retained an attorney. Pre-existing conditions are covered as well. This is astonishing and and I know I know that I've used for the preparing will and they do things like power of attorney and Alderson can come go down the list of all the things its orbit.

Caregivers will, because you've done this, you've you've done this as a caregiver yourself and you had to go through this taking care of us a different family member go to kind of the of the circle of things that we gotta get deal with this caregivers or your loved one long as they are able to hear what her name communicate that family now that they'd rather have you deal with their issues you are that relative can get a comprehensive will, living will advance health care directive, and if necessary a durable power of attorney at no additional cost that's coming in 2495 correct $24.95 not 20 400.240, $24.95 every month and it pays for itself a whole year's worth of of this membership will pay for itself in one hour phone call with with many attorneys that this is that's great. Well, alright, now let me go through this. A lot of folks are dealing with getting on Social Security disability and they think they see these lawyers advertising, television don't need those anymore do.

If we do this correctly or call an attorney who is knowledgeable record fidelity in the current administration, they will advise you what I've been told it, but I'll probably have you do paperwork yourself where the claimant denied then they will run and be advocates for you and you know I did that myself I would do it but there's a lot of folks out there. It's an incredibly intimidating process and it is if you go and you call an attorney on television and God bless him about slapping them around but they're gonna take a piece of the action right legal shows nothing to do that.

Correct what paperwork you can call back and ask questions that you're not sure what you going to Whitefield when the application is completed you can send it into the locker room emailing Aaron an attorney will review it call you back and let you know if they feel that anything should be changed so it's not as if you're to be downloading a form for a disability claim and you're on your own you out your hand will be held the entire way and hopefully it will be approved. The first time through, but if not, you got and I said you got top rated advocates there, but I play with. I want I want folks just think of this for moment if you file for disability for love one and go but it's going to take a process to go through an 18 month sometimes two years depending on the journey and the moment you file. If it's approved to go back and back page you those disability payments that could be 1015 20 oh babe even more thousands of dollars coming were talking on a substantial amount of money and if you were hiring an attorney like that you see on television or whatever they're gonna take a percentage of that right but legal shield is not there. Just $24.95 a month, correct that is so efficient. If you're looking of this for what is at three that's the $300 a year of roughly versus if you get us to a settlement of $15,000 you're talking fast to Fritz if they're taking 20% of that this will be 3000 versus 304 44II did I don't even see how this is even a factor in decision-making because the in the importance of dealing with this nephew got a medical bill bill help you dispute of if you need to dispute with the hospital or or some type of medical practitioner having a lawyer you been there.

Michelle it is it is is a game changer isn't following the hospital provider and how often he got nowhere. What you didn't do call in your law firm you speak to an attorney.

No asked questions will probably have your hand in whatever policy you have and it's amazing they will write a letter on your behalf at no additional cost. And I think about how quickly that provider at that hospital stands up pays attention and resolve the issue now must notify you know there's so many things day-to-day in our lives that we really could use some professional help with legal help with, and we don't because were afraid of those big legal bills that come in and though there's a reason to be afraid of those they are big legal bills and who's got it on extra $1500 and around to go have a couple hour conference with attorney but I now good about not only caregiver I felt pressure and we are so stressed and stretch health then we can have minor problem minor aggravation and on the phone for 1/2 an hour waiting for customer service or have to return to a store to argue with a manager that you deserve a refund. All you have to do is pick up the phone call your law firm and let the attorney write an occurrence for you write a letter or make a phone call and you can see magic happen is truly magical $24.05 a month real quick and the limited time I have. I had a lady contact me and her mother had some level of dementia and was blind and somehow one of her siblings change the will run in the family didn't know it and all the property went to the sibling. It was it was a real mess and in the rest of the siblings were all up in an uproar about it. They did know what to do because here's this document now and this is the kind of thing that legal help is so helpful with because you need to outsource it. Don't get all emotional about this yet sit down with an attorney and let a qualified attorney go through this with you. This is what legal shield is for to help you with these things so that because there is such a there's no margin for error.

A lot of times with us is caregivers and were dealing with with high drama on a given any given day, and to know that you've got a full-service law firm that can go through it and help set up things and in refer you for things on it.

In the case you need a criminal defense lawyer numb nuts anybody here at the studio does John to. I advised Linda for no but they they those things will will probably incur a cost, but they were referred to you at a discounted rate to get the right and then what if somebody's going through a pretty nasty divorce for you will have a divorce attorney. I granted her right but after divorce and amicable and everybody agrees on everything 90 days after you sign up for the membership and uncontested divorce legal fee around. All you have to do is pay for the filing. I go to caregiver caregiver if you want to know more and Michelle can have you back to talk about this some more. Because this is going ongoing issue for some people they don't know where to go caregiver and you could sign up today. Right now you can start doing this you want to wait is it's it's pretty quick. Is Michelle absolutely sign up today morning I have been a member for five years and it is really been a huge help to me.

Hopefully caregiver all about practical solutions Michelle Shuman for the Nathan group shelf. Thank you so much for being a part and I'll send this up at the side of the podcast already caregiver it's all about helping you stay strong and healthy as you take care of someone is not.

This is hopefully caregiver will be right back

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