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The Christmas Nail

Many have enjoyed the Christmas Nail and the poem that goes with it, my family has for years, wonderfully this year God has shown me so much more that is here. The final nun in the Hebrew

Why Did Moses Have To Take Off His Sandals?

Many have written on this I know but my heart still wasn't feeling it. Yes, I see the respect thing, but Moses needed a foot washing, the curse was the ground and Moses' feet were covered

Good Deal – Bad Deal

  About 1991 some consulting firms started teaching Car dealers across America a way to make two or three times as much on the sale of a vehicle as they were previously making: in real numbers from

Break Through To Freedom

Our Enemies are drown in the red sea, your are now free to move around the country, you’re free to feel God’s pleasure, to have fun, you just came through the 2nd largest Baptismal waters in history,

A Matter Of Trust

So do you think it’s any coincidence that the word translated trust in Ruth 2:12 in Hebrew has everything to do with a wedding? It starts with the letter “Chet” meaning life, and looks like a

  • The Christian Car Guy Show

Key Insights To Noah’s Window

Since by way of Bible Understanding Noah’s Ark is picture of our hearts pitched inside and out as we have talked about before, then what about that window, God asked Noah to put in, Genesis 6:16a

  • Right Turn Clyde

Right Turn Clyde

Asking God for a word of the day early in the morning gets me headed in the RIGHT direction. Though I am quite lost without asking God to help me understand how do I apply that

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