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Tripp Tracy opened all the way up about his addiction.

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May 9, 2023 4:38 pm

Tripp Tracy opened all the way up about his addiction.

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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May 9, 2023 4:38 pm

How was it hearing Tripp’s story and the details of what got him to where he was and where he is now? Where can we find the whole conversation? What were her biggest takeaways from that 43 minute long interview? Moving on to Game 4 tonight, Kacy is in Newark, so how are the Canes looking since Game 3? What does Kacy believe needs to be done tonight to get a win? How are the players handling Game 3 and going into Game 4?


All right, I want you to hear this before we bring in Casey Hintz from Newark, New Jersey. My friend Trip Tracy, analyst for the Carolina Hurricanes, who I speak with almost every day. Trip, for a lot of people will know, a year ago, a couple of weeks, I think, were a couple of weeks removed from the anniversary of him falling off the wagon and missing a broadcast in New York because of his alcoholism.

Here is Trip relating the story of that day. And I'm sitting in the hotel room after the morning skate and the insanity of my disease. I was reading my game notes and I said, well, I have this massive headache. I'm going to have a drink. And all of a sudden I fall asleep without warning and I wake up at six fifty night and I miss my interview with Rod. I'm missing the game. I can tell, you know, the tweets that I put out that night came from a good place in my heart, but they were under the influence driven. Here I am, this massive distraction.

Worst feeling in the world, massive distraction. The night the Hurricanes won the division championship. That's Trip Tracy from the story done by Casey Hintz, who joins us from Newark, New Jersey. Thank you for being in Newark, New Jersey, Casey. I was told that there is over 40 minutes of interview footage that you did with Trip.

Adam. Yeah, it is, I think, 43 minutes and he was an open book. It was incredible. And obviously, I'm so grateful that he felt comfortable and trusted me to share the story. And he wants this to be public because there's some lessons in there, too, that he wants young people who are maybe, you know, going through this, you know, hopefully that it can resonate with anybody. And, you know, somebody that's maybe dealing through this, but the interview is incredible.

We can only obviously, you know, how it goes in TV. Just a really, really strict cutting this down was honestly impossible. And I'm actually at this moment, still trying to cut it down. If anybody has the time, I would suggest either listening to the podcast form or I'm going to put the whole thing up on WRL sports Trip was amazing. And he tells exactly exactly what happened. And it truly was incredible, but it was also powerful and really inspiring. And he's just so grateful for all the support, not only from, you know, players and coaches and friends, but the maniacs, you know, why he felt it was, you know, to get back in the booth is for them.

And so it just was truly amazing. And I can't thank him enough for sitting down and sharing the story. So trying to put this together into a story, how long a story are you getting out of 43 minutes of audio? I'm getting three minutes.

I wouldn't even know where to go. I can't cut that down to three minutes. No, I speak to Trip every day, just about. And that's two questions for Trip Tracy.

So it's he he is is one and a million. All right. So when can people see this and when can people see some of the other things? And then we'll talk about this team.

Absolutely. Tonight at five o'clock, I'll be live from the Credential Center. And that's when I'll air this very much shortened version of the story at five on WRL. And then shortly after, we will have the full video up on sports, WRL sports fan dot com.

And I believe on the WRL daily downloads, you can listen to it in a podcast form. I think even that was trimmed down to be honest. I think they cut that thing down to like 15 minutes or something.

I believe all 43 minutes. It was incredible. Didn't even feel that way until I started to go through it.

I'm like, oh, wow. Yeah. OK, this is this is long, but I definitely highly recommend for anybody. All right. Well, we're going to check it out. Appreciate your time.

All right. So one of the things that struck me about the hurricanes after game five of the Islander series was just how upbeat they were after losing on home ice in game five, knowing that it might not go well in game six and have to be faced with a game seven. But they had a really good attitude about them. Was there a similarity in Newark yesterday?

100 percent. I was actually surprised because we got to the arena. It was only really supposed to be an availability with, you know, the black aces were going to maybe be skating, but we get there.

The whole team's warming up and everyone hits the ice for a practice. OK, not not completely unusual, but the mood was completely upbeat. And even afterwards in the locker room, all the guys, you know, kind of knew that game three was not even remotely close to anything we've ever seen from them.

Not that, you know, you want to rely on, you know, these bounce back situations or, you know, hoping, hoping that you can follow that. But they know that that wasn't their game in game three. And kind of all you can do is flush it, not dwell on it and look ahead to tonight. I was I was pretty impressed that that was the mood throughout. And, you know, of course, that was Rod's message was, you know, what's done is done. Even if we played good, what would that matter tonight?

Nothing. So pretty impressive, I guess, with their mood. Was there a comment that one of the players, I know Slavin had some, I thought Slavin had some clear things to say about the transition from game three to game four. But was anything that stuck out about whether or not what Sebastian said or Jacob or somebody else? Yeah, Jacob, when I talked to him, I asked if he was surprised because obviously this team is so consistent, right?

And we don't really see that. I just considering, you know, most of the team came out and played that. I asked him if he was surprised.

He was like, actually, I was. And, you know, when you think about the eight goals, like that's something you don't want to think about. And this team never, you know, this team never allows eight goals.

So it definitely seems you don't want that to, you know, snowball into something else. But I think Seth Jarvis, he kind of, you know, he's always good for a sound bite. He had some, you know, I guess, funny trying to keep the mood light things to say, like, anytime you get eight goals scored on you, obviously, you know, we didn't do any something right there. Sebastian holds a little more level headed, but I think it's overall, you know, hey, we can't look back. We can't dwell on it.

Got to look ahead. And, you know, Sebastian also said that he really liked, you know, the team's mentality yesterday after practice. And he thinks that they're in a good mind space. Did Sebastian try to fight you? No, I'm bigger than him. You are. You are. You are heels or not, Casey?

Exactly. You are taller than Sebastian. Oh, does he? Is he nice and scarred up? He has a little a little cut there above his I think it was above like the right side of his lip that ended up being, I guess, friendly fire. Right. But then from the other one, he said he didn't feel from Tatar the high stick kind of caught him up high.

And he said he didn't even actually really know what was going on, but didn't even leave a mark. So. All right. Well, good for. Yeah.

He said he got hit in the helmet. So. All right.

Yeah. Well, enjoy. Enjoy game. Was game four. Enjoy game four tonight. And we'll talk to you later. Thank you so much, Adam. I appreciate it. Casey Hintz here on The Adam Gold Show.

I listened to some of the clips, actually. Let's play this one going into break. This is when Tripp, when he got back to Raleigh and he met with Don Waddell, the president and general manager of the team, and Tripp was preparing for the worst. At this point, I figure I'm getting fired for sure. And I went up to the office and Don and I, just Don and I in the conference room. He put his arm around me and he said, we're going to support you. You know, and I was prepared and I would have accepted whatever Don was going to say. Well, obviously, Tripp is here, so things have to this point worked out very well for all parties. So shouts to Tripp and good on the Carolina Hurricanes for supporting somebody. It would have been very easy. Other organizations might have done it to just move on.

It would have been very easy to do that. And he's got Frank to help him now, too. And now he's got Frank. Everyone needs a puppy for support.

Who right now is probably waiting for the game to start. Yes. It's more than just your lawn.

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