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How does Chad feel about Jake wearing #59?

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April 26, 2024 3:51 pm

How does Chad feel about Jake wearing #59?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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April 26, 2024 3:51 pm

Chad LaRose, Former Carolina Hurricane #59, on this year’s team and their playoff run to the Cup thus far.

If Adam were to ask Chad for a letter grade on how the team has played overall to get the 3-0 lead they have currently over the NY Islanders? What’s the biggest thing Chad’s noticed in this series? Who’s game has Chad really liked so far, as well? What was it like during Chad’s career when the Canes were down by 3 in 2009 and what was said in the locker room? What do the Canes need to do to finish this series up, in Chad’s opinion? Thoughts on Seth Jarvis? “I’m a poor man, Seth Jarvis”.

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Call or just stop by. Grainger. For the ones who get it done. Chad LaRose, Hurricanes legend. One of the all-timers. He joins us on the Adam Gold Show.

Before we start, we're starting now. Did you give permission to Jake Genzel to wear 59? Yeah. He doesn't need my permission. He's head and shoulders better than I am, but I was happy to see them get him. I'll tell you what, it was a little weird seeing him in the first couple games wearing 59.

Eric Stahl and Cam Ward, they were texting me out of blue. They're like, that's a sacred number. He can't wear that. See?

I was thinking the same thing. And I know the head coach is like, did we ask Chad if this was okay? Did you tell Rod? Did you give him permission to take my number?

He knows it wouldn't bother me one bit. It's all about the team with me, man. I know it is.

It always has been. I don't know if I've told you this. Jordan Martinuk and his impact on this team reminds me of you and your impact on this team. The way he plays, I couldn't think of anybody more fitting to score the fourth goal in game two. How did you see that?

Huge. He's a, he's a real worker, man. I actually enjoy his game and I would like to think that I play like him as well. If I had to pick one guy off the cane, his, his tenacity around the pocket, he seems to always be around it. And he, he's not a necessarily looking for the check first. He goes for the park first, but when the body's there, he is definitely strong enough to be putting some people around.

Chadlarose is joining us here on the Adam Gold show. If I was going to ask you to give a letter grade to how overall how the team has played to get this three, nothing lead. What would you say? I'll be conservative and say an a minus.

Okay. I think they've been outstanding. I mean, to be honest with you, the there's, they swarmed the park. It was a huge comeback the other night and in game two. And then I think last night they, they swarmed them. They were kind of, they were kind of all over them at certain areas of the game, which is how the hurricanes played and how we're out. He preaches, but they do, they they're sound defensively, but you know, the, the biggest thing I've noticed is once they start rolling on teams and that team can finally get the puck out of the zone, they barely get it to the red line and it's coming right back down their throat, which is awesome.

It's hard to change that way. You know, it really puts fatigue on the other team. No question about that. Chad, LaRose is joining us here on the Adam gold show. I thought Carolina, when the Islanders did get into the canes defensive end, I thought Carolina defensively was spectacular there. To me, there wasn't anybody who didn't play well on the blue line. I thought everybody did even without Brett Pesci.

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Oh, I really liked his game. Um, smart, really good stick. All the D on Carolina have good sticks and the forwards do as well.

And all of them are willing to block shops. Um, but their stick length is something I've noticed and they're always sticks on parks and you always want to deflect, deflect any passion possibly can any little piece of a tip of a pass, any of that could disrupt something. I figured you would like Chatfield. He's a Michigan guy. Yeah, I do like him. I've never met him, but I'll have to come down there and maybe here in the second round.

It's funny. Um, since getting here, he, he and, uh, Jacob Slavin are very, very close. Uh, and he's got a lot of Jacob Slavin in his game, the defensive side of it. Uh, but he's also got a little offensive push too. Uh, he is, he, and he is so fast. He is such a good skater. He, and the thing is, is he, he's not as smooth looking as Jacob.

Nobody gets all, he has all the tangibles and everything. And, uh, and he is, he's super fast. If you, if you catch him, he takes the right angles. If you've got somebody flying down on him and he might got caught real quick, like in the neutral zone on a quick play where they, where they loop or something like that, he always makes a right angle directly back towards that post and you're not going to beat him there.

Chad LaRose is joining us here on the Adam Gold show. Um, let me ask you about, I want to go back to game two real quick. The, the way Carolina played the last 30 minutes of that, the Islanders had one shot on goal. It always seemed inevitable that Carolina was going to get enough, uh, to at least get the game to overtime. Uh, have you ever seen that kind of, I mean, legitimate dominance in a playoff game?

I, I have it. Uh, I was, um, who was I watching with? I was watching with another hockey friend and I would say Danny De Geyser. So he's a close friend of mine. And, um, and he's laughing because he does some play by play for the, uh, not play by play, but, uh, color commentary for the red wing. And, um, so me and Danny, I, I see Danny a lot.

He helps me with my youth teams and, um, he, he goes, could you imagine he looked at me and goes, could you imagine us in this game? Cause we're all that we're slow now. So, um, they're, they're fast. They're in your tight, they're in your face and you better be prepared, um, at all times, but you have to place pucks in the right area because Carolina so anticipation is so good to where they're placing parks.

They can go get it. And Frederick can also play the park pretty well. Yeah. Speaking of Frederick, um, Noah Dobson, I don't know if you've ever been in this position, but Noah Dobson by all accounts should have two of the biggest goals of the series. Uh, were it not for Anderson one, one game one. I don't know how that's not a goal.

And then last night, I get, I don't know how that's not a goal and he's got no goals. Right. We've been on that thing. I've been on that team side before too. Um, yeah. Um, there, a lot of times in the playoffs, you don't want to do it as much, but in the regular season, you just kind of smile and tip your hat, nod your head to him. Now he's kind of probably getting a little more pissed off.

Chadler Rose is joining us here. All right. So, uh, put yourself in Carolina's locker room. How important is it to sweep the leg tomorrow afternoon? It's game one again, just take it as it is right away.

This is, this is the next game. Um, continue to do, do the things that you do well and continue to counter attack. If they get anything, they're going to have a storm that comes, you're going to have to weather that storm. Keep it, you know, keep them in check early. Don't let anything get out of control and know that the, at the end of the day, I've been on, I've only been in one series where I've been down three nothing, but we know that even if we were to get up towards the end, that little nail biter, like, you know, they're going to come back.

They have that, you have that feeling sometimes like, Oh man, like, and, um, so you never want them to think that their foot, their throat's not being stepped up. Chadler Rose is joining us. Okay. I think it's big for their rest as well. I think it's great for the rest. And I mean, these types of guys, I don't know how much rest rod he's going to give them anyway, but, um, I think they're, they're, they're really well conditioned team.

You can see that on the ice, uh, every NHL team is, but you can just see in the way that they play that it's relentless everywhere. Okay. So the old, now I was trying to rack my brain, the only time you've been down three, nothing that was in the Eastern conference finals in 2009, correct?

Yes. Going against Pittsburgh. Um, what, what was it like in your dressing room going out for game four? Um, I mean, it takes one, like that's it.

You roll by one, right? I mean, you're trying to get it back, back to Pittsburgh. And that was the mindset basically as for me, you know, you followed guys like, like Brenda Moore and Eric stall and Ray Whitney, uh, you know, Matt Collin was on the team. Um, you kind of follow these guys and nobody in that room, especially Roddy being our leader is saying, Hey, let's just, let's stay home and rally.

Nobody's thinking that. Um, so yeah, I think, I think there's different aspects of both of it, but at the end of the day, once the puck drops and you're inside the glass, it's a playoff game without the ones like you who work tirelessly to keep things running. Everything would suddenly stop hospitals, factories, schools, and power plants. They all depend on you no matter the weather emergency or time of day. You're the ones who get it done at Grainger. We're here for you with professional grade industrial supplies. Count on real time product availability and fast delivery call click or just stop by Grainger for the ones who get it done for the first 40 minutes of this game will be, will be high, high octane, high intensity.

And you'll find out if anybody's, if they're going to fold or not, which I don't think they will. I don't think even folding can be used in the term of a hockey game, but, um, you'll just be able to see it'll be very fast early. I think New York has to give everything they got very early and get, um, it's a good experience for the canes to, to be put in positions to where later down on the road or whatever, you know, you get to take all these little nooks and crannies and, and build them into your game. Yeah.

I think you said earlier, it's about rest, but it's also about not exposing yourself. The injury to Brett Pesci, uh, leaves them right now. There's no other bonafide NHL defenseman, you know, in waiting in the wings.

So Caroline has got their group of six there. I mean, there are some capable players that could come in, whether it's Scott Morrow or, uh, I guess Dylan Coughlin could play, but the thing with hockey though, or in any sport, I believe when you go in and you're playing tentative, it's like not wanting to get hurt is when you get hurt. No question. No question about it. Playing your game that you do every single day since you've been a kid. I really think that is the mentality you need to just keep it going. You know, if a freak accident happens, something happens, you can't control it, but going in tentative or something like that and pulling the knee because you're not doing what you think, you know, you're trying to hold up a little bit.

I think those are the more dangerous areas. All right. Final thing for Chandler Rose. Uh, got thoughts on Seth Jarvis and what he is as a player. He's he's right up your alley, man.

He's got Chandler Rose personality all over it. I'm a, I'm a, I'm a poor man. Seth Jarvis. Okay. That's what I am.

I'm a poor man. Seth, Seth Jarvis. He's a stud, dude. I like that kid a lot. He's real good. He is. He is amazing. I like watching him and he helps all those other guys around them. And, uh, yeah, yep. You can use that quote.

We absolutely will. I love the fact that he digs playing the same way that Jordan stall and Jordan Martinook play. It's obvious that he's, he, he just enjoys playing that way. Yeah. He's a little rubber band out there. When, uh, when do we see you in town next? You will see me. You'll see me probably next round.

Okay. And I'll come over to your tent when you guys are sitting in sunny, uh, your sunny area where all the VIP are. I'll see if they'll let me in. I think last time they held me up. I can't believe it. I can't believe it.

I can't believe it said Chandler Rose. I thank you so much, man. Appreciate your time.

I'll talk to you very soon. You guys are doing that. It's awesome.

And they let's go canes, baby. You got it. Here are the best man.

Chandler Rose. Fantastic. Uh, and you didn't have to do anything. Yeah, I know. Trust me. I was ready.

Oh my gosh. I love Chad, but I was ready. Victoria was in an athletic stance. She's like, wait a second. I never know what button I'm going to have to hit.

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