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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 2

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April 25, 2024 5:56 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 2

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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April 25, 2024 5:56 am

Is Caleb Williams ready to be the Bears' franchise quarterback? | Can you blame fans for a lack of home-field advantage? | Where will JJ McCarthy land on Draft night?


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So go to slash get your own for the only trip to Texas that matters, yours. We have missed you, Mike Tomlin. Welcome back. Can't wait to see you as part of the NFL draft coverage this weekend.

Good afternoon. And some of our other favorites like Andy Reid, who no doubt will be wearing a very loud Hawaiian shirt. Oh, he might not be, but I hope he is. It's a little bit of a reminder of what's been happening behind the scenes. If you haven't been paying attention to mock drafts or voluntary workouts, are you paying attention to voluntary workouts and who's there when it's voluntary? If you have, great.

I haven't. There's a lot else going on this spring, but come Thursday night, it's one of those situations where the world stops for the NFL. Will we have an Aaron Rodgers situation has to be removed from the green room because he sinks all the way to 24. Will we have a Brady Quinn situation? Remember it happened to him too. I don't know how these top five quarterbacks come off the board, but there's not a whole lot of intrigue with Caleb Williams at number one to the Bears.

You'll hear from him momentarily. The real drama, I think begins at number two and then three. And then on down the line where there are teams that either desperately need QBs or they're trying to trade down because they know they can get a haul from another team that needs AQB.

Looking forward to it. And it's not just quarterbacks. Stop it. Wide receiver heavy. DB heavy.

Speedsters. Looking forward to it. But yes, quarterbacks generally do absorb much of the attention.

They take up all the oxygen in the room. I have no doubt. I can't pretend like it won't be the top story come this time tomorrow. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS porch. Oh no.

What is going on with me? It's sitting right in front of me, but I'm already thinking about what I want to say next. And I'm moving and shaking.

I'm going and blowing. And so I got a page into my sign. Wait, I'm gonna put it in front of my. I'm gonna put it.

Well, see if I put it on the laptop that I am going to prop it up against my coffee so that it's within my sight line. I guess it was covered up by some other notes. I thought by now I'd be good at this. I didn't even say the letters of my previous network this many times when I first got here. All right. I mean, it's not.

I get it. It's a tough habit to break. I failed miserably. But I can do this. But at least you're catching it. Try, try again, right? Yes, but not until it's too late. But it's a start.

I mean, you know, this is all this is doing is still new. Do we get fired for that? I don't think so. Oh, great. I appreciate the vote of confidence.

It's after hours with Amy Lawrence. That's what it is. That's all it is.

That's all you need to know. On Twitter at Amy after hours. And then on our Facebook page too. We're asking you what do you want your team to do in the NFL draft? I'm still awaiting the first Cowboys fan who will tell me I want my team to draft Dak Prescott's replacement. Maybe there'll be some Steelers fans who want their team to draft Mike Tomlin's replacement as if that were possible. You guys are so salty.

It always is a fight. That's true. And now that we know Mike Tomlin screws with us by watching players he's not even interested in when he heads to pro days and other workouts.

That makes me giggle. There are plenty of teams that have a lot on the line and honestly there are some teams that if they don't make a move they're gonna I feel like they may spend this next season kind of spinning their wheels. This draft is critical for those teams who need quarterbacks but let's be honest there are more teams that need the QBs and you don't know if these guys are going to be ready to step on the field. They're not going to be ready to step on the field. I personally really like Michael Penix and can't wait to see him on an NFL field but he might not be ready. It's always a crapshoot.

You don't know how quickly they'll come along. Think about Trevor Lawrence and his first season in the NFL. Now part of that was due to Urban Meyer and and poor coaching but it took him some time to get acclimated. Same thing with Peyton Manning. Gosh same thing with John Elway.

Of course that's a whole can of words we're not going to talk about. Eli Manning was a slower starter too. Tom Brady didn't even start right away. It's not a one-size-fits-all pattern but some of these guys will be thrust into duty before they are ready and yet teams don't care.

First of all you get the rookie on a cheaper deal, a much cheaper rate than what is the cost of a veteran QB in free agency right now or a veteran QB that's on your roster but you have to re-sign him so that you're not in QB purgatory. It's a rat race. It's not easy but it's not just quarterbacks and so we will have coverage of the NFL draft coming up this time tomorrow and actually we'll start right at the top of the show and we'll dive into what we saw and what we heard.

It's a lot to manage but we can do it. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence eight five five two one two four two two seven that's eight five five two one two four two two seven. Kayla Williams was a guest on the pivot and he shares his authentic reaction when he found out that Justin Fields had been traded to Pittsburgh. I was in the car I was driving to a business meeting and I'm listening to music bobbing my head. I probably have on probably got on Drake and I'm chilling. I'm in West Hollywood area driving to a business meeting and all I see is my I mean my phone explodes whether it's actually just regular fans or whether it's ESPN whether it's you know whatever it takes maybe and I pick up my phone and it's going off and I'm trying to figure out what's I mean what just happened because it it went from just nothing and maybe a couple tags to just like phone just I end up calling a couple people and it's just like it's like well we know where their mind and heart is at at this at this instance let's let's prepare get ready and and handle things you know accordingly. I like that I'm not sure that's ever happened to me that ever happened to you Jay where something crazy went down and and you oh well you know what it happened not that long ago I guess my phone didn't blow up but my phone got a lot of traffic when other people found out our boss was leaving before we did. Yeah that was one.

Right? Trying to think if there was another time when it happened that I was the last to know hmm I think there are times when I'm sleeping family and friends will send me text about a big sports story and I don't know about it until I wake up and go whoa. Yeah it's one thing I can't think of anything like specific lately like story but like you know since we sleep during the day at times I wake up to text or group texts and there's like 40 messages in there all the time. Well yes you and your group text.

Yeah normally I don't even go back and read them. Yeah the only group text I'm in are family I refuse to meet any other group texts in fact I delete them right away when they pop up on my phone. I don't know if there's a way out at this point. Delete it. They're just going to keep popping up right the notifications. Can't you leave the group chat? I guess you can but that's like you can you really though then they'd be like oh where'd he go kind of like an aggressive move. Oh okay you don't want people to know you're not interested in what they're saying.

Kinda. Oh gotcha all right so so the Caleb Williams the Caleb Williams part of this it's obvious he realized that once they traded away Justin Fields he was the man and that really solidified it. I know there were people who would want us to believe that the Bears were looking in a different direction but even if they had kept Justin Fields they likely were to draft Caleb Williams and I think for Caleb it's not just hey the Bears are all in on me but the Bears are all in on me. I will be their starter next year barring some injury and he actually said he wasn't expecting it. In that moment it was just like I'm going to be there and I'm going to be there and I'm going to be there and I'm expecting it.

In that moment it was just like it was kind of like wow because I haven't I didn't do my top 30 you know visit yet they didn't have my medicals and things like that so they have it all now but it's nothing but it was you know and had a good time in my top 30 but yeah it was it was interesting right then in that moment because I it was just so unexpected in that in that instance. Caleb Williams on the pivot he also did an interview with Sirius XM NFL Radio The Rage kind of like Kaitlyn Clark not it not as much as Kaitlyn Clark but pretty close soon and he has a few moments along his his path primarily football that he believes prepared him to be number one overall but also a guy who's got to have to jump right in with both feet. It goes all the way back to eighth grade so eighth grade year I got benched or seventh grade a year I got benched you know because I wasn't controlling the position controlling myself my freshman year of college I didn't start and that taught me a lot about you know when you're not in a position that you want to be for however long it may have been it could have been a full year that I didn't you know didn't play and start but it was only six games but you know to me it felt like an eternity so handling myself the right way. Another thing was last year I was in the championship game about to go to playoffs popped my hamstring being able to fight through that and finish the game out I learned a lot about myself going seven and five this past year because you never know what's going to happen to NFL you know there may be seasons like that when you want to play for a long time you know there may be seasons like that so being able to handle yourself in the proper manner proper way. I like what I've heard from him I feel like there's been so much crap around him that is undeserved people who don't know him but are observing people who maybe want to take a report about how I don't know this team said he didn't interview well blah blah blah and turn it into something so much bigger it's clear the Bears are happy with him what they know of him what they've heard from him what they've seen of him I mean think about it JJ McCarthy comes from a team that won the national championship and people are questioning whether or not he has the goods to compete in the NFL but then with Caleb Williams well his team didn't end up winning the championship or being part of the playoff and well you know that's a reason to question him too I mean you can't win and I appreciate that Caleb and his family have understood that and whether or not he's taken an unconventional road I suppose you could debate what happens after the fact oh well this is why he didn't succeed blah blah blah let's hope that's not the case but there's so much time and so many people who just need something to talk about that these reports blah blah blah keep they get turned into something that they're not it's after hours with Amy Lawrence Brock Purdy was mr irrelevant of course I'm not saying anything you don't know he was the last pick in his NFL draft but now as he heads into season number three he's established he is the first guy in a long time to start all the way through for the Niners except for that last weekend when they really didn't start a lot of their guys their top guys now the question with Purdy is about the contract extension and whether or not he wants one he's gonna get one if it's happening is there already conversation goodness it never stops now he wasn't a first round pick which means there's no fifth year option for him so he's going into year three of a four-year deal and this is when the media starts to get antsy I've said this time and time again just in terms of taking it one day at a time I'm trying to win this year and do everything I can for this organization this year everything else happens how it happens but for me I need to get better from last year you know on the film and and the things that I saw from you know last year and my rookie year it's like man I I've got this thing in me where it's like I want to continue to master my craft and and that's that and so and that's that and so it's a business obviously too but for me man I love this game I love just competing with these guys in this organization I love this organization and I want to continue to represent myself for them and and in the right way so that's where I'm at with that you know getting too caught up in all that kind of stuff is for me that's nonsense he makes too much sense for me I like it he really doesn't play the game maybe that's why people get annoyed they want him to play the game but he's pretty straight down the middle and he seems I don't want to say normal because who even knows what normal is but in addition to being even keel and being a guy that doesn't carry himself with a with a sense of self-importance he's not self-absorbed he doesn't think too highly of himself at least we don't ever hear that he's relatively humble he's hard on himself he's accountable also he as I say seems pretty relatable too and his off season well it was away from football it's been good um obviously got married went on a honeymoon got some time away and uh picked up the training again and so now we're back here ready to roll so I'm excited it's been good well you knew I was gonna play that one he's talking about his honeymoon this time next week that's where I'll be eek I keep making Bob smile because or laugh at me because I'm a little bit well I'm a little focused on it right now but I told him this morning hey this time next week we'll be at the airport and then when I woke up in the afternoon to get ready for the conversation with Val Ackerman I told him hey this time next week we'll be just about landing in Honolulu and then as he was getting ready for bed hey this time next week I think we'll be eating dinner in Hawaii ready to roll ready to roll baby I went on a honeymoon I can't wait till I say that I know I know you don't want to hear about it some of you don't want to hear about it but the thing is I've been saying for the better part of 20 years that I was saving Hawaii for my honeymoon thank goodness the hubs I married is on board and it's really neat that we've never been there also you guys crack me up you ask me about trips or you suggest places to go you ask me what we'll do on vacation and then some of you come back with why don't you go see a sporting event or why don't you go watch this game no we are going to be swimming with dolphins exploring volcanoes potentially going on a sunset cruise there will be no sports on vacation first of all my husband's not that into him unless it's college football and second he's playing on his he's usually watching reels when I'm watching sports he finds his hunting and fishing reels very amusing I am so glad I married a guy who's not really into sports because it would be too much but beyond that you guys sports is work if you're a plumber do you go on vacation to fix the toilet in the airbnb I guess you could if you're a mechanic do you fix cars while you're on vacation unless it happens to be your old staying Jay when you're on vacation now Jay is still in this I love my sports teams mode but I keep telling him wait another 20 years and I promise you sports won't be nearly as exciting as they used to be I know I'm not watching sports on my vacation I'm sure as hell not paying for tickets to a game on my vacation I'll say on vacation I definitely don't go out of my way to watch a game or something if I'm doing something on vacation and the game's on it's sorry like I'm on vacation you know right and on my honeymoon could you imagine hey babe can we stay inside well you go outside and look at the ocean and and then take the sunset cruise I'm gonna stay in and watch this playoff game if you don't mind magic game four I don't even want to be inside at all while we're in Hawaii much less like watching a game it's funny because we are taking a couple now I'm mostly taking books to read on the plane and we're taking he's got a galaxy tablet that we're taking we're loading up with our apps like paramount plus blah blah blah so we can watch whatever we want on the plane ride because we're going to be on each of the flights 11 hours that's a long freaking time you know me I get very antsy that's a long flight anyway and I don't sleep on planes anyway so we've got a bunch of entertainment options oh and snacks Jay so many snacks for the plane but it's funny because I made the mistake of saying oh maybe we can watch this show while we're in Hawaii and he stopped he looked at me and I was like oh yeah yeah yeah yeah no we're not gonna do that no we're gonna be outside well like you know after the at night like in a night cap laying down after the long day you can maybe throw an episode or something or I'll be like or that do you know what else is gonna be great sleeping on vacation that is always the best oh I'm gonna yeah I'm gonna sleep just because we're on vacation and generally my vacays are only a week or less than a week this one is 14 days now it's gonna take me a couple of days to recover from not just the last rotation at Syracuse but also the travel but still still you're gonna be like actually feel rested yes I cannot wait nice and I do not care what happens in sports when I get back you all can fill me in how about that deal like Aaron Rodgers is gonna do something while you're gone great don't text me about that feeling don't text me if he goes on an ayahuasca rampage I couldn't care less don't tell me the only thing I want to know hmm is there anything I want to know while I'm on vacation if you get married I need to know all right I'd let you all right deal deal I say that because a former he was one of the producers he was more the technical director here on the show Isaac he went on vacation and came back married and nobody knew what none of us knew oh yeah he and his at the time girlfriend went away to where she was from somewhere in eastern Europe I can't remember exactly where but they went on vacation presumably to meet her family and he comes back married no I swear he goes back and he's like guess what guys I got married did he go there like with a ring to the plan to propose there was no ring but they did get married in a ceremony there and I asked him was that plan and he said yes so he purposely didn't share it wow we were a little hurt at the time it was producer Tom and I we were a little hurt and shocked I know a story of a colleague here who was taking you who was no one knew about he was doing something then he went to take off for like two three weeks on paternity leave and everyone's like wait paternity leave he goes oh yeah I'm having a baby tomorrow or like I had a baby last week it was like wait what yeah so yeah I don't know no sharing around here I guess well some people I shared yeah what's wrong with being friendly I don't know maybe it's you maybe it's me maybe no one likes me stop it coming up at the top of next hour a conversation with Big East Commissioner former USA basketball president the first ever president of the WNBA she's a Naismith Hall of Famer she's amazing Val Ackerman will join us straight ahead John is in Toronto wants to explain about the Leafs fans oh dear it's after hours with Amy Lawrence I have fun with you guys you are listening to the after hours podcast I'm sorry but if you came to the game to call from mom answer it call silenced instacart knows nothing gets between you and the game that's why they make ordering from your couch easy stock up today and get all your groceries for the week delivered in as fast as 30 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a face-off with the goalie out and you weren't on your feet in this building that's an embarrassment and that I just cannot believe that that's what went on here I just no wonder they don't win on home ice because there is no home ice advantage I'm really upset by that Jimmy I'm sorry but that's just embarrassing well I mean I I know what you're saying I don't know Toronto audience right that's right I still don't know if we can pin it on the crowd no no no no no I understand I understand that and that's fair but you're right here's here's a moment where you can really be an impactful group this is After Hours with Amy Lawrence Joe Bowen and Jim Ralph on Maple Leafs radio and I heard this live and I was stunned for those of you who are longtime Leafs fans and maybe you listen to the broadcast on a regular basis it sounds like it's something that's been expressed before but to say this is why they don't win at home and he says he kind of doubles down on it too Joe doesn't says well this is Maple actually Jim says this is Maple Leafs hockey and that's unfortunate I hope that's not a detriment to the team playing at home I hear from Canadian hockey fans all the time including with a not just the network but 590 in Toronto a station that I've appeared on before as a guest and I know fans want to end this drought with Canadian teams in the Stanley Cup so I feel like there should be that motivation John is listening in Toronto John what do you think yeah thank you very much Amy for taking my call I'm 77 years old I've actually met a number of former NHL players in the job I used to do and I have to agree with Joe Bowen I've been at Maple Leaf games Blue Jay games and a crowd at one of the Broadway showings makes more crowd than the hockey fans in Toronto with our players playing in you know other arenas ballparks there's no comparison to the support the other teams get when they're on their home field or arena and I've been at games at both Blue Jay and hockey where I'm you know expressing my uh this favour with uh officiating trying to voice my opinion and people have said to me can you please be quiet oh no yes I'm trying to watch the baseball game or I'm trying to watch the hockey game you know so I was in their living room I guess and they're watching I was on TV oh goodness so I have to support Mr. Bowen and uh you know that's uh he made you know I hope he's so not going to get in trouble for his words because both he and uh James the former played you know goalie position playing ice hockey Ralph was actually in the NHL NHL at one time briefly but anyway I just uh getting my hair up listening uh to your playing Joe Bowen there and you hadn't heard that before well I'm one of those guys uh people don't like hearing me asking uh did the referee leave their glasses at home or something like that you know I I do know I've been in events before uh where I've been asked by people to sit down and I always am stunned by that you're at an arena as you point out not I'm not in your living room I'm at a game I'm and when it's outdoors I'm even less likely to sit down if I'm at a baseball game so yeah that's the whole point is going and being vocal in support of your team now I understand you don't understand you don't want to disturb everyone around you by being obnoxious however it's if you want to watch at home stay at home in an appropriate language or anything of course of course and uh and I've had people ask me to tell someone to keep it down you know and I just tell them well talk to security I I don't want to cause a scene or something you know I got you no you're it sounds like you are exercising your fandom your determination to support your team that's right that's what I think it should be when you go to one of those sporting events agreed it's a release from everyday stress whatever I agree I agree with you and I'm glad that you explained it gives a little more context thank you John okay thank you take care have a good time in Hawaii oh thank you so much I'm really looking forward to it well that's nice so John is in his mid-70s and he says he's experienced this in Toronto where he's asked to sit down because people are trying to watch the game that's just stay home why would you pay so much money just stay home and look if you're telling me if you're at a baseball game and it's the second inning and nothing's going on and you're just standing there because you're talking even like I get it I still wouldn't ask you to sit down but I understand the concept of why are you still nothing's going on you're at a hockey game and a playoff game with the last five minutes it's ah can you get more stressful can you get more of an opportunity to I mean there's just no excuse for it if you want to be there then be there it's the same concept of and you see the see too many crowds do it all the time too there's three or four minutes left and they're walking out it's the playoffs I don't want to beat the traffic where the hell are you going oh I'm trying to bother sorry I was trying to think oh I was watching celtics they were they were filing out right watching celtics and heat it was a it was eight boy game but there was at least a minute to go and who I forgot who was doing the game please forgive me on TNT and he was actually mentioning the fact that there were people leaving haven't you learned by now in fact he even cited the Knicks rally right against the Sixers two nights ago it's inexcusable when they were down by five with 30 seconds to play and ended up scoring the last eight points in 30 seconds it's inexcusable I under look I get if you're talking about an insurmountable and it's two or three minutes and you're frustrated and you're angry I get it I wouldn't do it but I'm listening it's a playoff game you're within I don't care 15 points where do you think you're going to get to in those two minutes how much closer to your house are you going to get in those two minutes or how much closer to your car are you you really think you're going to get to the car you're going to beat 18 000 people to your car and you're going to get home in 15 minutes and everybody else is going to take three hours grow up watch the game all the way through you're at a playoff game well and it's not cheap to go to these games grow up bro it's just I'm I'm sorry I don't have a lot of patience I don't either and then you turn oh we missed it and how many times have we seen all these crazy well that's a one in a million you went to the game right you wanted to see one in a million you were hoping for one in a million you wanted to win but you're hoping for all that that's the thing and then just sit through it it's not like we've never seen this kind of stuff before it happens crazy comebacks it's why we watch sports because they defy logic sometimes but yeah I wouldn't do it in fact I just enjoy since I rarely get to go to games as fans I enjoy that atmosphere and so when I do go oh yeah I even hang out later go early stay late yeah I mean I gotta go to work all right did you did that did that just jump up on you were you unaware that you had work tomorrow when you bought the tickets it's like people oh I didn't realize yeah I can't go it's my mom's birthday they changed it this year were you aware margo I mean come on you spent the night out you spent the money you're at the game you're enjoying yourself right I know you're angry that they're gonna lose watch the game be there cheer your team agree then go home don't be a couch potato if you want to be a couch potato stay home on your couch I I'm really upset I mean I now that I got the context I appreciate that he's willing to express himself all right coming up JJ McCarthy he's one of the big debates about the NFL draft does he have any idea where he's going on Thursday night if it's Thursday night it's got to be Thursday night there's no way he drops out that would be something first round yeah that would be an Aaron Rodgers or Brady Quinn moment worse they win the first round or Lamar Jackson didn't he drop to the very last pick of the first round Ravens are thrilled all right Val Ackerman top of the hour but JJ McCarthy his answer to that question is next you are listening to the after hours podcast this episode is brought to you by progressive insurance whether you love true crime or comedy celebrity interviews or news you call the shots on what's in your podcast queue and guess what now you can call them on your auto insurance too with the name your price tool from progressive it works just the way it sounds you tell progressive how much you want to pay for car insurance and they'll show you coverage options that fit your budget get your quote today at to join the over 28 million drivers who trust progressive progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates price and coverage match limited by state law man that sunset is gorgeous grill patio sunset hard to get better than that 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on the chargers but they got a quarterback and let's be fair that's probably one of the reasons why he picked la over the other jobs that were offered to him or that he was potentially interested in it's after hours with amy lawrence better that i don't even mention the network name our phone number 855-212-4227 so jj mccarthy one of the major question marks in this draft and as the narrative goes and we heard it last night with joe daleone when he joined us to break down this first round or really just break down the the draft all the questions i had the debate is whether jj showed enough of his own individual skills in college or whether he was a winner because of everyone else around him he wasn't asked to carry the team he wasn't asked to do it all by himself gosh it used to be that that was a positive except that in this case it's been attributed to jj as a negative it's been a detriment i don't really get it but i guess the jury's out have we seen enough of him to know if he can drive a team to victory himself but i keep thinking it's still a team sport it was a team sport in college now it's a team sport in the nfl why does he need to be able to win all by himself does he need to be able to win all by himself maybe that's why teams draft quarterbacks as high as they do but gosh justin fields great example of what happens when you do not have winning pieces around your young quarterback look where he is now and the report is the stealers aren't going to pick up his fifth year option that's how much the stock is dropped on justin fields we know he's talented we know he's athletic but in his case it's been a mess for the bears i don't think zack wilson is as talented as justin fields but he also did not get selected by a team that had the right pieces around him not to mention it's been a revolving door general manager coach blah blah blah blah blah coordinators voices systems fellow quarterbacks so jj mccarthy was a guest on the rich isin show and he was asked if he has any idea where he's getting drafted i mean i have somewhat of an idea you know new york giants i've spent the most time with you know they're a phenomenal staff love coach dable love you know mr shane love coach cheerney coach kafka chicago guy um just being able to go in there pretty much know like most of the install because he came coach dable came from alabama and coach gaddis came to michigan from alabama so it's similar formations motions uh plays all that stuff so being able to get that install and what's been great you know i met with them twice it's been amazing i wasn't expecting that that's jj on the rich isin show he says he spent the most time with the giants now consider this from drake may different quarterback who's likely to go in the top half of the first round there are reports the giants are looking to trade down for him it means a lot i think uh not only to you know the player i am on the field but you know once they met me off the field kind of what that means to me but uh sure i think you know anywhere i go i'm ready to go you know ready to go compete and ready to play and uh i hope we can franchise you know a solid quarterback now that's interesting because new york drafts sixth and we've heard that there could be five qbs go in the top 12 actually i'm not even sure it will take 12 depends on if there are trades for teams that move up so if the giants are possibly going to move down that means they don't think dre will be gone if they move down so could we see something like the giant swapping picks with minnesota and then getting a little extra draft capital or with the denver broncos so back to jj the biggest debate in this draft according to a lot of people this is where the the draft will really begin is number two and then what do the patriots do at number three and jj mccarthy is expected to be involved in the mix he tells rich eyes and why he meditates before each and every game i would too i think my senior year high school it was during covid so you know a lot of people had similar experiences and i i went through a little form of depression you know straight up and you know i was sitting there on campus you know miserable not you know my normal self and i had to figure out a way to pull myself out of it and i started looking up you know great practices to improve your mental health and meditation was the first thing that popped up and you know once i put it into practice once i started studying it to a great extent i started realizing the benefits and i started understanding that you know you have the ability to change your thought processes change the way you view the world and your perspective on things and once i started you know having that awareness and growing that awareness it just was a practice that i could never stop because of the benefits that it gave me on and off the field more and more athletes are willing to speak up about mental health and let's be fair jj story is not unique he may be the only top qb prospect in the 2024 draft who went through that but i guarantee you there are other prospects who will be drafted this weekend who went through that same thing during covid and you don't have to be an athlete to have that story there were a lot of young people high school students college students students younger than them who were forced into remote learning away from their social structure that's why the numbers show skyrocketing cases of anxiety and even suicidal thoughts among young people good for jj for telling his story to rich isaac and sharing that because maybe there are some other young people who look up to him who will watch the draft will hear his story and know that they are not alone yeah that was a seismic shift for students of all ages in 2020 and even into 21 athlete or not it was a very real challenge for americans and really for humans worldwide but i'm glad he's found a way to deal with it glad he's found a way to be mentally healthy how that meditation keeps him centered keeps him grounded that's awesome all right coming up next conversation with biggie's commissioner and naysmith hall of famer val ackerman and today we're going to be talking about the famous singer val ackerman it's after hours with amy lawrence you could spend the weekend doing the same old whatever or you could conquer the weekend in the all-new hunday santa fe visit hunday for more details hunday there's joy in every journey this episode is brought to you by progressive insurance whether you love true crime or comedy news you call the shots on what's in your podcast queue and guess what now you can call them on your auto insurance too with the name your price tool from progressive it works just the way it sounds you tell progressive how much you want to pay for car insurance and they'll show you coverage options that fit your budget get your quote today at to join the over 28 million drivers who trust progressive progressive casualty insurance company 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