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Gearing up for Game 3 of the Canes vs Islanders tonight!

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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April 25, 2024 3:48 pm

Gearing up for Game 3 of the Canes vs Islanders tonight!

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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April 25, 2024 3:48 pm

Tripp Tracy, Carolina Hurricanes Analyst, on tonight’s matchup vs the Islanders on the island.

What’s the biggest thing Tripp is looking for in Game 3? How has the game changed over time, in Tripp’s mind?  Is Carolina’s top line has the series that they’ve started so far, how does Tripp see the rest of the series going? How does Tripp see this game going tonight and who does he see producing?

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Call or just stop by. Grainger, for the ones who get it done. And Trip Tracy, the voice of the, analyst voice, but sometimes voice, of the Carolina Hurricanes joins us. Probably not quite at UBS Arena, but soon since, my gosh, the game is coming up pretty quickly. Let's get ready for game three, sir. How are you? I'm doing great, AG. Great to hear your voice. At the moment, I'm avoiding sprinklers from Islander pants here in Garden City. Yeah, that's to try to paint a picture.

That's what I'm doing at this very moment. Alright, what's the biggest thing you are looking for from the start of today's game? When we put it into context of how Carolina came back, there's a lot of ways to look at it. In that, there are people who think that the Islanders blew the lead. I look at it as the team that was better for the majority of the game, and when they were better, they were significantly better. The right team won. That was a just result for me.

But what are you looking at from the beginning of this game tonight? First of all, I agree with you that the better team won the game. The Irish can make an argument that they deserve game one.

They didn't win. It's a perfect question for you to set the tone in the first period of our hostel, Adam, because when you have two full days off between games, if anything, that's going to benefit the Islanders after what happened to them and a comeback that we'll never forget in Raleigh. So that helps.

They're going to go to Elia Sorokin. But it brings me to something that I feel very strongly about and how the game has changed. The old cliche, weather the storm, and what's going to be a hostile building.

And this is going to be your toughest game to win, one would think. That never works in today's NHL. So if you have the ability to do so, the critical element, and when you're trying to build on the momentum, if it is there with this break from the conclusion of game two, you want to get on the attack as soon as possible, right from the get go. Gone are the days where you ever going with a mindset of weathering the storm and surviving the first 10 minutes. That's just if you have that philosophy, it puts you in a position of weakness. Yeah, because ultimately what you're doing is you're bracing yourself. I use a rope-a-dope term. You're trying to rope-a-dope your way out of trouble. And when you do that, you're just asking for more trouble.

Tripp Tracy is joining us here because honestly, there's almost a fine line. You don't want to overextend yourself. You don't want to open yourself up to problems, but you also don't want to put yourself in a position where you're reacting to what the Islanders are doing.

You want to make them react to that end. And this goes back to game number two. The way Carolina played over the last really 26, 27 minutes of that game was something that honestly I can't recall seeing in a playoff game. It was as one-sided as I have ever seen it. And I talked to Greg Wyshinsky earlier.

He says, no, I think we could see that again, but I'm not sure we will see anything like that. What's your takeaway from the last 26, 27 minutes of that? Adam Golden Studio with my man coach Pete DeRuta, Capital Financial Advisory Group. You have a 401k, but you're changing jobs. You're taking that 401k with you.

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Adam Golden is a paid spokesman, investment advisory services offered by Capital Financial Advisory Group, a North Carolina registered investment advisor. My gut would say we're not going to see it again, but of course I'd love to. I would just absolutely love to be wrong about this. You know, for me, there was probably a little bit more than 26 minutes, but cause I have, I have to look at what the timing was of the Varlama penalty at three, not 1233. That's okay. That's the gift because you've got a goaltender that's playing brilliant. You've got a team that had already had a power play in Carolina earlier in the period, New York had scored on theirs.

And our old friend, Chuck Keaton always talked about hockey gods. As soon as that happened, I said to myself, Ooh, Varlama should not have done this the way he's playing and the way this game is going. And you know, you end up by that particular power play unit. Rod stuck with them. I hadn't liked them very much in the series, especially taking away against on the bumper. And all of a sudden gets, we'll make some play off of the Jarvis shot, terrifying scores. You know, the, now I'm thinking, okay, this is really possible.

Then I start seeing all these posts, five posts, losing Pesci. It's just, it's something that I don't know with all those circumstances, the stick to it. And it's that Carolina had the domination. I guess you could say really a G in the third period, and it didn't take long and overtime in game six, he closed out the first round Carolina. If you went back and looked at the film, they had similar domination in that period in the third, right? It wasn't 26 minutes. I mean, it was just in the Islanders had one shot on goal the last 30 minutes of the game.

I mean, I, in a playoff game, I've just, I've just never seen anything like that. You referred a trip, Tracy to Brett Pesci, who is certainly lost for the series. And it would stand to reason that we might be looking at a long, you know, time with Brett Pesci being away.

Do you expect mixing and matching with the defensive combinations to get, even though if they're going to line up with Shay and D'Angelo together, that we'll see a lot of Shay and Orloff and maybe even a fair amount of Shay and Chatfield? Well, let's start with the fact that let's not kid ourselves. This is a massive loss.

Yeah. And so once that's established, uh, you, you know, foster is not on the trip, especially the major loss. So when I look at it, Tim Gleason did an excellent job because he had just watched just under half of the hockey game with pride defenseman.

And you look at the minutes at the end of the night and you know, everybody took on a little bit more. So what I think about is my gut tells me that Tony D'Angelo is going to be solid because he was solid down the stretch. Um, I, you know, I, I think there's nowhere to go but up, but in terms of channeling his emotions from past playoff experiences, can he be serviceable defensively and be a difference maker offensively with that being said, even if he does all those things, which I'm hopeful he will, my gut tells me he will season spot duty in my opinion.

So it seems like just a huge hole to fill when you just think about Pesci's loss. But when you think about the minutes that are available throughout the course of the hot, the hockey game for the backend, if everybody takes on a little bit more, it seems very achievable in terms of the four remaining guys. The two specific guys that I think about of course is Dimitri Orloff. This has gotta be his time taking on more of a role in the penalty kill. He drew a penalty on his offside at third period against New York.

I think we will not talked about it. He might be better on his offside and then Chatfield that can play either side. Um, Shay on his offside keeps a puck in on the Jarvis goal. So even within the context of that third period, I saw some very encouraging things. I think it's going to require all four remaining guys taken on a little bit more in terms of ice time, but specifically you need Orloff to take a step and be better with more ice time in all situations and or specifically penalty killing and five on five. And then you need Chatfield to do the same. Yeah.

Do you think there's any chance that we see Tony maybe get a little power play time here, especially if you're relying even more on Brady Shay at five on five and short handed. You know that your unused medications could end up in the wrong hands. It's important to keep your medication secure in a locked location, such as a locking box or locking cabinet when it's time to dispose of them safety and properly dispose of old expired or unused meds by using an at home disposal product or a medication disposal box in your community. Don't miss out on medication take back events happening near you. Don't let anyone take what's yours. Lock your meds. Be aware. Don't share.

Learn more at lock your meds dot org slash NC. That's an excellent question. Because last year, I know when Shay was taking the big time offensive steps that he's he's taken now these last few years. That was a concern for the coaching staff of using him with the man advantage because they looked at it and we're concerned that it took away from everything else.

He did five on five short handed. I haven't seen that same drop off right this year. So I don't have that same level of concern. My expectation would be Shay stays where he's at. But if either that group isn't jiving, which I think they've been excellent in the series and in limited duty because it's in the other group that's seen the majority of the time because that stops power play going game one from that group.

If you see any type of concerning drop off. Yeah, I don't see you know any reason you wouldn't make that switch. The only thing is, is when you have a lefty and Shay and a righty and D'Angelo you really have to work the power play off the other side in the attacking zone.

It's an adjustment, but it's an option if need be. Alright final thing for Tripp Tracy here and I realize it's a small sample size and Carolina's won each game by two goals. So it goes without saying but if Carolina's top lines top top point producers as we expect have the series that they have started so far and they hold the Islanders because that's the you know, I had a lot of conversations about Sebastian. Oh, maybe not being as good in game two as he needed to be and I kept looking at the fact that Matt Barzil and Bo Horvat other than the ship the ship that Horvat scored which was not against the Ohio line. They had zero shots on goal. I thought the whole line was excellent defensively. It didn't generate a ton offensively until late, but I thought that they were really good and if Carolina's out top players are going to outperform the Islanders top players.

That's a tell. I was plus two on the night. He had two posts two of the five they hit, you know, so he was really dangerous before again. He had another typical history repeats itself big third period tying goal. So I loved his game. I did not like his game in game one.

I didn't like pencils game in game one. I thought that and then along with Jarvis back on that line. I thought they were terrific in game two and my gut tells me this game because I think the Islanders are going to be the most physical they have been the entire series.

This game should be tailor-made for Andre section of coffee. Carolina is going to win this game special costs going to have to have his best game of the young playoff. That's what my gut tells me and I guess the last thing I'd say to your partner is that I found it interesting that Patrick why now that he gets last change might have been a smokescreen, but he made it sound like he might continue to play strength on strength Horvat against the Ajo line on home ice with last change.

I would for sure be going with the pasho line and pelican pull-up. I hope he goes Horvat. I mean if you look at Horvat on Ajo's tying goal Center on Center, I have no idea why both Horvat left him.

Yeah in front of the deck. So I love Ajo's game in game two after not liking it much game one a hundred percent. All right trip will be listening. I'll be watching and I will be talking to you later. You got it AG. Love you. Thanks, man.

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