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NFL Draft is today!

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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April 25, 2024 3:49 pm

NFL Draft is today!

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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April 25, 2024 3:49 pm

Chick Hernandez, WUSA, on how he believes the NFL draft will go tonight and who will go where.

What would surprise Chick if he saw THIS during the NFL Draft? What does he see the Carolina Panthers doing, on day 2? What about the Washington Commanders, since Chick covers them closely? Which QB does Chick see going first?


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Count on real-time product availability and fast delivery. Call or just stop by. Grainger, for the ones who get it done. My man Chick Hernandez, WUSA TV, on the scene in Detroit. The Washington commanders have the second overall pick, and I always tell this to Chick, out of great respect, the only time I ever say commanders is when we talk to Chick. Is it really Jayden Daniels?

Is that the guy? Adam, I wish I knew, and I've said this before, that as opposed to the prior regime, which leaked more than the XL down these, this Adam Peters, Stan Quinn group has been very close to the best. So I think it's Daniels. I'd like it to be Daniels, but I just don't know because there's so many factors, so many picks that they have. They got draft capital.

What if somebody comes up with a ridiculous offer? Then maybe they move back, but as of now, I think it's Daniels, but I'm not privy to those interviews, and that's a big thing for Adam Peters. They took those plethora of guys to Topgolf and had them just hang out and see who the alpha males are and go through all that.

They do things a little differently. He's done that at San Francisco, so I just don't know. I think it's Jayden Daniels. It's not going to surprise me if it's somebody else. Okay, so would it surprise you if they trade back, if somebody comes up with a silly offer and they trade back, would it surprise you if they traded out of range for one of the quarterbacks, three or four quarterbacks?

At that point, you can kick me in the shins, yes. That's not going to happen. They know that they have a huge decision at a franchise, ever-changing decision coming up here, so they're not going to draft or trade out of what they want.

That's not going to happen. So if there's a guy and they say they have their guy now, finally said, we know who it is, then if somebody's got a deal that allows them to keep that guy, then they might make that deal. They got six picks in the first hundred and four picks within, I think it's 42 in the second and third round. Four picks in a 42-picks span, that's a lot. So again, they're not going away from their guy.

That's not going to happen. For a guy who's covered this franchise for three decades, I'm excited to see what it is. It's my first draft. I've never been to the draft before. I've always covered it from back in Ashburn where the command center is, but this is exciting.

Chick Hernandez from WUSA TV 9 in Washington. I'm trying to remember. It is still 9. How about that? I got that right. You know what could have happened to my memory.

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Investment advisory services offered by Capital Financial Advisory Group, a North Carolina registered investment advisor. Earlier after two? Yeah, after two. Take a couple of picks in the third round and maybe move back up into the second. They could get a lot of really good players or maybe have designs on a player or two in the second round that they want to jump in and get. Yeah, I think if there's the opportunity and there's an offensive tackle that's sitting there, I think if they can do it, they will. Because, you know, they didn't protect the quarterback so well last year somehow. And now you're going to have a brand new quarterback in there because it ain't going to be your boy Marcus Mariota heading up this franchise.

So they've got to go down that road and I think they will. I mean, I think that's you know, wish list number two is to get an offensive tackle and somebody that can play that left side, that blind side and protect him because they're going to need it. They were porous beyond belief last year. Got better at the back end, but still a lot of work we do now. They've got a, you know, I'll say I use the word crap, a crap ton of free agents that have signed so far. So a lot of a lot of parts that are moving right now in this franchise. I get the call the preseason games and I'm I'm lost because I don't know the jersey numbers yet and who's where very exciting. Yeah. Well, my money's on you to figure it out. You got a lot of time real real quick. You may you make it sound as though whoever they draft is going to play right away.

I can't see where they wouldn't. Okay. Again, Marcus Mariota is the backup quarterback right now and you got Cliff Kingsbury who's going to do everything in his power to get that rookie quarterback up to speed.

Now, obviously, you know front that could happen, but I think they're going to whoever's getting picked and how many hours is going to be that dude pay one. That's that's my that's that's my my sense. All right now before I let you go. Here's what I saw today. I saw the Darryl Green's having his number retired by the by the franchise and here's what I could fathom. Why did it take this long? Is it crazy for me to say why why did it take this long to retire that guy's number? It's not crazy because crazy was running the organization. Oh, that's that's right. I forgot.

Okay, that's that's what that is. I look I got wind of it and I sat down with Darryl and he was highly emotional about it all and said quite frankly. He you know, metaphorically he left the organization for 20 years right wasn't a part of it didn't do anything. And he said I'm back home now not just because of the jury being retired but because of discussions. I mean when Josh Harris bought the team he called Darryl Green of all people and there was like who is this again? What are we talking about? Why do you call me, you know, so the whole new regime has done things really well, and this is one of those things.

So now Darryl's gonna be the fifth Jersey retired and it's going to be a special day. They haven't asked what game will be but it's already special the way that they did it and announced it and surprised him with it was just top class. They haven't done that. They butchered, you know, the statue of Sean Taylor and then right, you know, and that was kind of at the front end of the new regime.

It wasn't really their call. So, you know, it's a it I mean, it's the buzz right now. It's the buzz and commanders nation right now is oh Darryl Green's gonna. Oh, you have a draft too. Oh, yes.

I forgot about that. Yeah, so it's it's well done and I'm very happy with the guy covered that dude, you know for many many years and sit down with him and share some tears during the interview was special. He's one of the classiest guys has the bad the best recovery speed in the history of the NFL. I mean you you thought you were open and not really because Darryl was way faster than you. And he took it very seriously told me look this was this was a job.

Yeah, it's kind of fun, but I had the number one receiver every single game and they were talking crap pushing me around when that ball was in the air or before when I was coming around the corner. I was going to lay some some leather. So that was it was nice check Hernandez my man. I appreciate your time.

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We're here for you with professional grade industrial supplies count on real time product availability and fast delivery call click Grainger com or just stop by Grainger for the ones who get it done. Absolutely. We'll see what happens. Oh man should be fun tonight. I've always said the draft is good TV. And if I weren't busy watching the Hurricanes and the Islanders, I would be watching the draft. I think it's good TV.

I'm sorry. Just as a fan. They're fan of just yeah, I will not be watching the dress. Well, you'll be watching hockey game. I will absolutely tell me that if the hockey game was not on if the Hurricanes had played last night and tonight was, you know, whatever reruns of Golden Girls have no idea which are amazing. You would you would not be watching the draft as tempting. Yes, if there were no hockey playoffs at all going on because I do watch the other ones then yes, I would be watching the draft because I love misery because I'm a Panthers fan.

I watched Boston Toronto Toronto fan Sheldon Keefe is already over Brad Marchand. Oh, yeah, big time for Tuesday. Oh, man.

Oh my God. Oh, that game was amazing. Fun game. It was a fun game and it was vintage right Marchand and the Oilers.

What are we doing? Like what I told you that game was going overtime. Yeah. Oh, it did. It did told you the game was nowhere. Yeah, I just wasn't wasn't vintage Connor.

It is. Look, I listen to enough of serious 91 the NHL Channel and they talk about the Oilers more than they talk about any other team, I believe. Oh, yeah. And but they have when McDavid is on the ice. They believe that the Oilers are the best team in the world. I'm not even are you he's the best player. He's amazing. He's like there's nobody that there are players who have had better years and one of them probably Kucharoff maybe McKinnon is going to win the MVP. But there's no better player. No than McDavid. No, but they want him to win a cup so bad. They do. They are putting it out there.

So he didn't he wasn't vintage last night. Anyway, we'll talk about it with Greg Wyshinsky. But man, we are going to get to Marchand being Marchand and Sheldon Keefe kind of not necessarily loving it. Right. Awesome.

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