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Canes vs Islanders: Game 3/Round1 tonight!

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April 25, 2024 3:50 pm

Canes vs Islanders: Game 3/Round1 tonight!

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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April 25, 2024 3:50 pm

Greg Wyshynski, ESPN Senior NHL Writer, on how the Canes got to where they’re at in the series and what he anticipates for the rest of the season.

How are we looking at Game 2? A 3 – 0 blown lead or is it discussed as something else? What kind of argument could you make with Sorokin being on the ice tonight? How much are the Islanders relying on the fans and atmosphere to help them in this game tonight? What’s going on with the Dallas Stars, now losing both games at home? What’s the task at hand for Dallas? Is Brad Marchand the greatest rat in the NHL? How much trouble are the Tampa Bay Lightning in vs the Florida Panthers, now being down by 2?  


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Visit us at That could be about tonight. It could also be about what many people feel is the inevitability of Carolina, New York Rangers.

This is, I guess I'm going to say part two. We'll kind of kick out bubble hockey in that 3-0 sweep by Carolina. We all remember the seven-game series here where home team, home team, home team, home team, all we got to game seven, road team.

That's where Carolina had the reputation of not being able to win on the road, which I guess was deserved because they did not win a road game in those playoffs. Greg Wyshinsky, senior NHL writer, ESPN, but he's so much more than that. He is a media star, TV podcast. Sir, how you doing? Yes. King of all media, they call me in this house.

I think my dog barks at me. Nice. But no, it is interesting to think that it does sync up where the Hurricanes could end up playing both of the New York City teams in a row.

One, definitely more of a daunting task than the other, I think it's safe to say. Probably. But yeah, it could be a fun little time. Yeah, certainly good for all the people who live in Cary who have both sets of jerseys. All right, I'm not even telling a lie there.

It is very true. How are we looking at game two? Because I think there's two ways of looking at it. I talked about this with Rod Brind'Amour. I've talked about it myself, whether it's on the show, on my podcast, about the Canes, which we do after every game. You could talk about a 3-0 blown lead, or we could talk about that we're surprised that it took Carolina as long to get to three goals based on the way they dominated the game.

How is this being discussed? It's being discussed, like you said, in very distinct ways between Carolina and the Islanders. The Islanders see it as trying to pull the positive out of this thing that they had a 3-0 lead and then trying to rationalize Carolina carrying play the way that it did as we tried to sit on the lead.

We didn't really get as aggressive or force the issue like we did in the beginning of the game. I think Patrick Law said after game two that they just stopped winning one-on-one battles, and that tells you that there's a lack of intensity and effort there in trying to close out this game. So they're kind of treating it like it's all a big old mental mistake on our part to blow a 3-0 lead and then, of course, to give up two goals in nine seconds. And they see that as recoverable.

They see that as something fixable. Well, Carolina, I think, is probably pointing to their dominance in that game and their win in game one and say, actually, we're demonstrably the better team in the series when we turn our game on. And there's really nothing the Islanders are going to be able to do about it. The funny thing is, and I talk to a lot of people on Long Island about this, the Islanders should have won game one.

I mean, that was the game. They had their scoring chances were far greater than Carolina's, and they just didn't do enough with them. And when you leave the game to chance in the third period, Carolina took advantage of the one great break, the kind of the deflection that left the puck to Steph Nason in front of Arlamov. And he just kind of shoveled it in off of Varley.

It wasn't like a great shot. And then, you know, Carolina's defense was able to lock it down the rest of the way. But they were lucky to win game one. And I think Carolina felt that way.

Certainly you have getting because Nets off bench interview, you know, let everybody know that he was he was not happy about the way they played. And I thought I think we're never going to see the dominance that we saw again in the last 30 minutes of that game. But I think you think you kind of intimated this, that Carolina is just the better team.

They are. And I don't think it's out of question that we could see that dominance again. I mean, that's the hurricanes can play. And I've seen the Islanders get dominated like that in the last couple of years or times when they simply does. They don't seem like they can generate anything against a team that controls pace and controls play and gets the majority of shot attempts.

But I think your point is an important one. And I think it's something that unless you've been watching the series that maybe people have missed, which is that the Islanders can certainly pull a number of positives out of those first two games. Definitely with the way they played in Game 1, definitely in the beginning of Game 2 and build on that.

I mean, if you're Patrick, why you're not happy being out of two. But it's not as if you look at those two games and say we are we are facing an uphill climb. We simply can't traverse. You know, you're looking at those two games and saying there's ample evidence here that we could maybe find our way in the series and it begins in Game 3. Yeah, look, the I know both teams, the weird part of this season series was that each team won games on the other's ice only.

It was just weird. Carolina won both games at UBS. The Islanders won both games down here at PNC.

But one of them each in overtime. But all you have to do, I mean, the Islanders are making the goaltending change to Ilya Sorokin. Rod Brendamore has not yet announced that he will probably start Freddie Anderson. But, you know, I don't think we're we'd be all that shocked to see Anderson go out again. Although I don't think he's been great. Although I thought he was great in the second half of Game 1.

I didn't think he was great in Game 2, but he didn't have to be after the third goal went in. But you could certainly get a lot of momentum out of Ilya Sorokin starting. Adam Gold here with my man Coach Pete DeRuta, Capital Financial Advisory Group. Are most of your clients hands on or they just give you their money and let it work for them? About 90 percent give the money and then we meet every year and go through status reports.

Have a financial pit stop, make sure everything's fine. It is like a puzzle, Adam, but for the next 10 of you will solve your own retirement puzzle at no cost or obligation. The thing about Sorokin that's interesting is you could make the argument and with due respect to Matt Barzell that Sorokin is the most popular player on the Islanders. I mean when you go to an Islanders game the the amount of stroke and jerseys the amount of Sorokin chance. I think that this move is as much about trying to elevate the momentum. They're going to get from their fans in this arena tonight as it is a tactical change in goal because I mean outside of the Martin a goal, which was more I think on the know about some turnover than it was while I'm off looking the other way when he scored it, you know, I think Barlamas played pretty well.

And so I think you're making this change. If you're Patrick was a conversation changer as a chance to have these fans and have this team get inspired by by the most popular guy on the team being back a goal. Oh, and by the way, a guy that Patrick was not always back to the season sufficiently, right? And a guy that would have a bit of a redemption arc if he was to pull out a victory in game three.

If there's a lot of narrative here and I don't think that coaches are ignorant ignorant to it. Let me just move on to a couple of other series while we have Greg Wyshinsky ESPN senior NHL writer Dallas. Not good. Oh, two at home.

Oh, two at home. Like is is it the mystique of the defending champs? My view on Dallas has been I don't see him obviously a ton, but I have watched him a handful of times this year. I think they are the best counter punching team in the league.

They have great size. They play great defense for the most part. They haven't gotten the best of Jake Ottinger, but we know he's great. We know how good he is. But that if you don't give them opportunities, if you don't hand them opportunity to make mistakes, they struggle to create. Has that been what has happened against Vegas?

Partially. I mean, I was garbage in game one and he's the reason they lost game one, but he was good last night. But again, the problem, the problem for Dallas and they talked about this after after game one is you got to get a lead against this Vegas team. Because otherwise they're going to insulate their goalie like few teams can in this league. I mean, in game one, Vegas had 20 blocked shots. All of those blocked shots happened after they got a 4-2 lead.

Like like that's how they they kind of bring it back, insulate their goalie and play incredibly defensively well under under Bruce Cassidy. Now the task at hand for Dallas is very daunting. I had some numbers run by ESPN stats and info since the wild card was instituted in 2013 2014. We have had the teams that have lost the first two home games despite having home ice advantage are 2 and 10 in the first round and 3 and 24 overall. So like that's that's the task at hand for Dallas right now is this idea that if you don't take advantage of your home ice advantage and at the at a at a at a worst case scenario get a split. You are well behind the eight ball and it's especially especially this series.

You got to go now try to win in Vegas, which is tough. Yeah, and be the defending Stanley Cup champions who look maybe even better than they did last year at this point. So like Dallas is really in a bad spot and it sucks because I was with everybody else thinking that this was a good deep team with great goal sending that could make a run this year. I didn't pick them to get out of the West, but I certainly didn't think they'd go out in the first round. But if they had the bad luck of the draw, yep, and getting a reconstituted Vegas team and by the way, I'm sure none of your none of your statistical data also counts going up against the defending Stanley Cup champs who are getting Mark Stone back off long-term injured reserve. So Sheldon Keefe is not a fan of Brad Marchand. Can I just say that definitively? Nobody in Toronto is a fan of Brad Marchand.

We just talked about it on our podcast The Drop today. It'll be out later today about whether this man is the greatest rat in hockey and he is. And he's the greatest rat because nobody is better at agitation. Nobody is better as Sheldon Keefe pointed out in getting away with things and then also drawing penalties. But to be king of the rats, you can't just be like Nick Cousins.

You can't just be someone who like agitates and does some good things, right? To be king of the rats is you do all of that and then you score the game-winning bowl. And that is why Marchand is one of the more extraordinarily extraordinary talents that we've had in this league in the last 20 years. We've probably talked about it before on this show about like the Hall of Fame and who gets in and who gets out.

But I mean, I think this guy's a Hall of Famer. You could make the argument that until Coach Kaprizov came around in recent years that this guy was the second best left wing behind Alex Obechkin in the league in the last 25 years. And he is a unique talent and they win that game because of him last night.

No other reason. Maybe he swam in a little bit, but he is the reason they win that game last night in Toronto. That shot to make it 3-2, what, 28 seconds after Toronto equalized was as elite a release and placement as you're going to see. He is great and he gets away with some stuff. But I know, I don't know that anything he did last night was what maybe they could have sent both. He and I, who is it, Bertuzzi, that he was, you know, you know, connected with on the 1-1 goal. Maybe they could have sent them both off, but I was okay on the Frederick goal. I was okay with them doing nothing there because I think all you're doing is sending both guys off because they were just engaged with one another. I don't know.

Maybe I'm looking at it. I mean, at a minimum though, play should have stopped at a minimum. Frederick doesn't get that shot off at a minimum. I think, I think that was a trip, but, but again, like, you know, listen, then we're playing the game of, well, you know, if they didn't call this high stick, you know, all this nonsense. The bottom line is that he's, he's a crafty crafty operator and, and you know, whether he's doing stuff behind the play or, or the pucks coming off his stick, he affects the game in a way that only a handful of players can. I mean, like, look, the Leafs win game two because lost in Matthews, in my opinion, the ruins win game three because of Brad Marchett. All right. Final thing.

And you can be as quick as you want here. Greg Wyshinsky, uh, Tampa, Florida is too in favor of Florida. I think Tampa can probably feel like, man, we were right there, right there. But in many ways, it reminds me of how Carolina was right there, right there. But there was a reason that Florida was ahead to nothing in the series.

I think the same thing about this one. I want Tampa. I picked Tampa. I love the lightning. I think Florida is just kind of flexing on them a little bit.

Yeah. The, the, the moral of the story is stay at overtime against that team. I mean, the Panthers hit the overtime and they've got so many guys for Hagee, Kachuk, all these guys that just can play the hero. Um, I, you know, the, the, the advantage that Panthers had in the series coming in was the disadvantage. I felt like the lightning had all year, which is quality of depth. I mean, at some point it comes home to roost that the, that the lightning water missing circuits you have due to injury, but are also short Calorn and Ford and Coleman and all these guys that built such an impressive supporting cast for those cup championship teams that we, you know, once, once, you know, Colorn leaves in the off season last year, you're looking at this roster and you're saying, I don't know, even though who the hell half these guys are anymore. And, and so they go up against the deep Panthers team Panthers whole life. And then of course, like, you know, they, they are, they have become masters of winning these one goal games in the playoffs and, you know, lightning or are in trouble.

I mean, I, I, somebody asked me the other day about the Eastern conference playoffs and I say, there's a better chance of the islanders rallying against the hurricanes and there is the lightning rallying against Panthers. Ooh, that's spicy Greg Wyshinsky, uh, the, by the way, on the drop, I don't know if I texted this to you when I saw it, but Arda was doing that was between the benches, I believe for hurricanes game. And it was the worst raise the roof I've ever seen. So, I don't know if you guys talked about that, but I mean, that was, that was like 20 years old, you know, I don't have them on the show for soul. You know, man, the man is a, he's a good looking man. It looks like me.

We both, we both look like the Ukrainian president, which confuses people when they tune into the show. But, uh, but the, but the show is good. We have, um, uh, Andre, the coach of the new Utah team on the show today, which was a really interesting conversation about, you know, what he's going through, like, like, like how do you, the last few weeks have been insane. And now the next few months will be insane. And it was a really enlightening conversation about, uh, getting inside the mechanics of this relocation from Arizona to Utah.

Check out the drop, uh, Greg Wyshinsky with, uh, Arda Ocal, who's raising the roof. I appreciate your time, man. I'll talk to you soon. I'll see you soon. Anytime. Thanks.
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