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Panic Proof Device For Caregivers When A Loved One Is Choking

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger
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July 14, 2022 3:30 am

Panic Proof Device For Caregivers When A Loved One Is Choking

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger

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July 14, 2022 3:30 am

After twice doing the Heimlich Maneuver on my wife, I knew there had to be a better way. I saw the Founder and CEO of LifeVac, Arthur Lih discussing his company's amazing product - and I invited him to call the program. 

As is usually the case with a product like this, there's a moving story behind the invention. Take a listen to Arthur - and make sure to get a LIFEVAC device for your home TODAY! 

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Hope for the Caregiver
Peter Rosenberger
Hope for the Caregiver
Peter Rosenberger

Pain is holding you back from doing the things you love most priority care.

It's perfect for soothing sore muscles as well as healing bruises. Arnie care is made with the natural pain relieving plant Arnica Arnica gel absorbs quickly. It's not sticky in its fragrance free Arnie care at your local Walmart, Walgreens, Whole Foods, Amazon or anywhere you shop class with thousands of five-star reviews. You know it's good stuff. Learn hard.

That's a RNI CAR heart Peter Rosenberger many years ago when my wife Grace became a WAP to she sold the importance of quality prosthetics. He saw the importance of the support team with people that could help her regain her life after losing both legs. She had this vision of creating an organization that would help others do the very same thing while pulling them to Christ and for more than 17 years we been doing just that we purchase applause. We send equipment and we trained recent teams over to West Africa would be working with the country of Ghana.

Several clinics over there, Dale, and each week more people walk because of Gracie's vision 2011. We watched the new program outreach to family caregivers. Drawing on my mail 36+ years is gracious caregiver through medical nightmare for insights of learned all of the hard way to fellow caregivers to help them stay strong and healthy will take care of some is not. You will be a part of this go up to standing study with a calm/giving study with hope and those We hope this is the program the family care. That is my wife Gracie perversity, resilient, and I love that voice but let me tell you something about that voice. We've almost lost that voice numerous times and never had your love will choke of had that with Gracie several times and I had to do the Heimlich maneuver several times and if I had been there. Her voice would've been silence and that it does just it's a frightening thing. It's hard to do the Heimlich maneuver on somebody who was a double amputee, and it is it is very frightening. It's very scary. You can't get to them is easy if they're in the wheelchair, or even if there just sit in the chair of the better they don't have the legs on think about the folks it better deal with paralysis mobility impairments and so forth and in you get into this high adrenaline situation and I'm you know you you might a bigger than Gracie so I could I could easily hurt her and there are a lot of different factors involved in this and so this is a struggle until now, and I found it an extraordinary product and you probably heard about this and I am thrilled to have the CEO of this company on the program with me.

It's called life that and I bought one of these that I got what I just got in the mail yesterday. Arthur this is Arthur Lee. He is the CEO, founder this could even hear that it's plastic wrap particular. Yeah. So I've got I've got it right here and I want you to this so please welcome Arthur Lee Arthur, I'm so grateful to have you here and talk about this because the people I talked to have loved ones who are chronically impaired. Many of them are elderly, frail, mobility impaired special-needs children and so forth. And all of us to testify how frightening it is to see someone show but would you have somebody with special needs and disabilities and so forth. Choke it can get real real gnarly pretty quick this product. I am so grateful for this tell us how you came up with this. Tell the whole story behind Paul was about 11 years ago. Now I was in the hospital doing my friend is mom was having a procedure no more than we are talking any point across the hospital room of gurney and he said no. Last time I was here with a seven-year-old on that gurney that died that we were in the hospital and have a seven-year-old.

I've experienced sudden, and I said well what happened they not get out. What in the gym to the procedure is not only the nothing worked for the child away and I thought of my daughter and that circumstances that you've experienced that thought of choking in an back close in the bowel trust not working, look at matter and I got a bill and, haunted me and I went back to my Google thing. They settle all of the problem was. Everything handed to now so yeah, go inside the person's mouth without and I just didn't feel comfortable that my fear anxiety and a little girl. Life on the line that I would be capable of operating such a piece of equipment. So I set out late, that was really easy.

That started be panic close and I came up a little plunder reverse engineer the doc that are posted, Push the object in an effacement so you put it on the person you push it down and you give it up all Craigslist auction removed the removed the item and over time you took about four years for nap years so I was usable and reliable. The testing started in the medical journals and peer review.

We started saving lives and I was at a hot holding facility and I was looking on my most of these kids would have no you can't get your arms around them.

A lot of the could be taken out of the wheelchair. They were they would be injured so they became a priority. Your audience a priority of our because Faye is no option is not an option. Everyone deserves and I met a woman and on a down syndrome and she held me and cried on my shoulder thanking me because she said that was her biggest fear child was too big to new Tocqueville is not she could do and her gratitude really inspired me to keep going for those people who are caregivers or have a disability you know Arthur well and I look back to the times of had to do this with Gracie and she didn't have her prostheses on and so this is just dead weight and to get to her to be a beginner up and I thought this is this is crazy and that and when I saw your product of a bean. I was just floored. I thought it so simple and yet it's ingenious, I looked at it today without what I got out of the package and I've got three facemask, like they do when you when you have a CPAP or something like that and they're all different sizes do you do you recommend what would we do the other night and I have not taken another package anything else on leave. It kind of there because I do is talk to you. Do I just measured on her face. The which mask you then have that stored and ready to go but leave it. Do I leave it inside the plastic or do I take it out of the plastic.

What I do well. I mean, I can hear gratitude. That's what I look forward glad you have the peace of mind that your mouth quick to handle things go better little bit of weight off you put the math that you got one of them is a practice math club big circle pink thing on it because practice Legal plywood a little. Get comfortable, put on a counter pull it down and get the feel and that's just beautiful or if you have a caregiver that takes the ship that you can show them how to use it. I included that because I want people to be prepared.

Best they could be.

Now I designed it and we've had many states hundred would they never look bad. Never touch the pull that out.

Shove the masculine" life, but I recommend you play you get comfortable right so that's the one man in the practice plan then you have an adult man and a child so my guess your wife will be fine with the adult man right you don't have to put it in my God. You have a child in whatever so once you practice your good to go. Got big you need it shove them put that mask in there and you will be far now you have another feature of this that really was quite moving that if we ever have to use it you replace it for free for life. Is that understood that.

I understand that right, absolutely, I did a bunch of things that are in my soul. Not in the world of business community. It'll last forever. We will cover your entire family doesn't expire.

You need to buy another one. We make it right here in USA handmade buyout, and if you ever use it. We give you free.

My goal was to make something well make it last forever picked it up two years from now doesn't work in that was from my dad was an engineer, but leave at seven-year-old light back to life very proud that we made last forever.

In a world where both economic craftsmanship makes you expire every year she got by doing and then like you said you ever use it will be honored to give you another one free that's extraordinary. Arthur, I think about this for family support. I got a brother, his wife, and they have a 34-year-old daughter was cerebral palsy. She's completely immobile and in and I'd I know so many people in this world and am excited for them to hear this conversation with you because it is less. If you get into a was somebody choking to panic. Anyway and and then when you try to do the Heimlich maneuver and it it it's wonderful things Barabbas helped a lot of people but you could also break somebody's ribs with you can you can really hurt yourself and other people to forget somebody's two big you not thinking, clear, and I love what you said it's panic proof in the last couple minutes we got here. Would you just share one or two stories it stand out in your life until you had to leave the cloud on your shoulder, that still some others that have just touched your heart on on on this wonderful invention that you have our first baby baby kill you meant a lot. I got hold of the look of the face and know that if we persevere, you wouldn't be here, but our current disability fate was a young man named Brett so coldly they presented the band's mother was driving all airway obstruction. He was choking. She pulled over the side road went back off some of the light back light, she explained. Now there's no way that she could of got about the van load of doubtful them out save them and he was also stated a few months later I facility where he goes you know daily for therapy veteran's picture in his smiling face with his dexterity on knowing that he's alive and that she had the peace of mind and and didn't have to live a life lived and died in the back of the van and what you said is so key that no I want everyone to be trained. I would love everyone to be trying to love everyone to be more where conscious life.

When all failed. We now have the ability to save these people that may not abet any without the life that is just extraordinary was the best way people can get this device today on the best way light and I'll make sure you come the light back. It was made in USA currently is about 400 stories that people could read the lives saved that we verified and yelling there's information, videos, and really get comfortable that now it's a good thing and it will help you with it will help you peace of mind to what that's what you done for me, Arthur, and that's why wanted to have you on the program. The you've given me peace of mind and for caregiver now 35 years.

Peace of mind can be elusive for us covers and given me peace of mind and and you have my gratitude for this and you've made sure that Gracie's voice will continue to sing for very long and thank you for that Arthur.

I really do appreciate it a lot but I don't help and I thank you for sharing work already this for Rosemarie Arthur Lee from life back life back.that one take a look and see if you got somebody like me who has a mobility impairment and other issues going on. You gotta have this in your home and tell people about this.

Peter Rosenberg hopefully caregiver will be right back over the Thank you Arthur. As caregivers we have so many things that hit us all the time and we can't always nail these things down by ourselves.

Who helps you what does that look like a Peter Rosenberg and I want to you about a program but a part of. Now for almost 10 years. That's legal shield less than $30 a month. I have access to a full law firm that can handle all kinds of things.

If I get a contract put in front of me if I got of dispute was something doesn't matter, I've got full law firm that can help me navigate through all the sticky wickets that we as caregivers have to deal with power of attorney medical power of attorney will every bit of it as a caregiver. We need someone who advocates for us and that's why I use legal shield to go to caregiver look of the left inside versus legal shield to selected turns purple this pick a plan to give you some options if you don't need to do those though selected, check out and be protected. Starting today that caregiver

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