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Update On My Dispute With Lyft

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger
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April 9, 2022 3:30 am

Update On My Dispute With Lyft

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger

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April 9, 2022 3:30 am

Earlier this year I had a dispute with a charge levied on me by the rideshare company, Lyft. 

Despite my best effort to resolve this using Lyft's online instructions, I struck out. 

So, I escalated my case, and here's the rest of the story!

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Caregiver the spirit Roseburg. This is the basis of the one to use. Hopefully bring you up-to-date on the story you have.

January 26 was the day that my wife had this huge surgery done in Denver to repair her back then our search and it was a very cold morning wintry morning got up that morning the dead of freezing rain throughout the night turned to snow and it was bitter cold stayed across from the hospital little bit down the road there in Denver at the hotel that I called a rideshare occult lift the come pick me up. I use lift a lot when I'm out traveling and speaking whatever and have always had great service with this guy arrives at five in the morning at the hotel I could get there to the hospital early so he picks me up is just, you know, not quite a mile away and I wasn't walking back, so go out here is under the porch say of the hotel I opened the car door if he had not deiced his car. The trim had frozen onto his car with the big black ice.

Evidently it pulled the trim off on part of his car. I thought it was just loose everyone thinking that much is five in the morning my wife that our surgeries that mom I don't think audit was opened the door and opened the door and ended the slinky mouth of the document look at it.

I picked up the back carcass would take a look. That will later see what happened with the business.

He took me over to the emergency room went to that interest there to get the pre-get with Gracie and set off surgery and submitted to the day waiting several hours later I got a text from lift said were charging you $150 with this incident when you damage discuss car. What I most certainly did not and I tried my best limbs knows about our surgeries over there with not much else to do but fret, so I try to respond, lift and say no I do this and explain it and go through their appeals process. Whatever, to no avail. They shut me down it was not too well schematics or to put that aside, put that in about two things I worry about a little bit later and she was in critical care for four, five, six days got her out of that room. About two weeks later that we were there for 10 weeks and two weeks later I decided okay I would solve this problem. Now you know if you get a lawyer to do this submitted to be pretty expensive but I've had legal shield now for 819 years and so I called up the law firm that handles most of this in Montana where we live, and I said well you're in Denver. It happened Denver but we put you in touch with our law firm in this league.

Sheila from Denver okay so they made the referrals and in the folks reached out to be there in Denver and the civil tell us what happened. I did and I they give all information is what would you like us to do so would like you to send a letter to the General Counsel and say look, you guys made it almost impossible for me to peel this to the driver side for discharge me money that I do this and you can look at. He was the first drive of the day observed was me and he had cleaned his car probably would've happened anybody because he didn't properly take care of scar so I got all information and wrote out a letter sent to me for me to look at and I proved it and I okay I will confess this is this is the last 4X return the hundred $50 that I took to got to but it was just a a tip to debug.

Specify what two books. Call me Patty, but I just wanted one unprincipled at that like the whole thing was just rather uncool and so they put that in there and that I did have them put in there that I have a rather large program can podcast I'll be telling the story until they resolve the issue itself could put it they said the letter on but 10 days later I got a call didn't recognize the number but I will go.

It was legal office of lift California and is missed Roseburg. We got your letter terribly sorry for the inconvenience and were refunding the money back the hundred and $50 plus the two.

We understand that we dropped the ball and we want to refer this money make this right. Thank you very much appreciate that.

And we know metaphorically or virtually shook hands and parted ways than they did the right thing and I'm grateful for it but I did go to extraordinary measures to get that I do have an attorney draft a letter if I paid an attorney to do this amount pocket with the going to just an attorney on the street there in Denver that I did know anybody that would've cost me hundreds and hundreds of dollars to chase $150 hundred $52 and Tip but with legal shield. I pay less than $30. That's all I that service and so many more have used legal shield for years for all kinds of things I'm working on right now. Something with a business thing I'm trying to do a better look at contracts of Haddam of draft of legal documents you power of attorney wills, all those kinds of things are out there, how many things do you go through as a caregiver that you could really use legal counsel on which you don't think you can afford what I'm telling you as a caregiver for now. In my 36 year and somebody's been with legal shield for no eight years at least go back and look at things you can afford this house see how you can afford not to do because were going to have terribly complex things that are going to come our way as caregivers were good. I have these momentary goofy things like what happened with the lift and they will beat me out of $150 to two dollars and that's just not cool. We got enough going on in our life. Do we really want to put ourselves at the mercy of bigger corporations and and bigger players that can just weigh us down, they can outlast us, they can outweigh us out way just they could just outmaneuver us. I have a very very injured wife who has a lot of medical problems. I don't have time to take on big corporations that will just be me out stuff that you don't either caregiver legal.caregiver legal.comment to get my webpage he looked on the left-hand side. There we see these different blocks seahorses legal shield highlighted turns purple. Click on and then see selective plan was to get a plan another menu come up safe here some add-ons you may need this for your business. Different kinds of things you don't need a bill don't select and then just added to your cart checkout. Welcome to the family of having solid legal gear, a law firm for less than 30 bucks a month but you can call on for anything traffic take whatever DVDs this is this is a service that is so extraordinary that this is like an infomercial. I don't care I use this and I'm always looking for things that help family caregivers and this is this is a must for you and me meet I don't I don't know how we can function in today's complex world without good solid legal counsel on so many things you can do this and is very easy. If I can do what you can do. I just took on one of the largest rideshare companies in the world. Yet, I was just 452 books by got 150 bucks about you caregiver legal.calm only got there today caregiver lift inside just click legal shield menu come up to get a plant which plan set up. Let's go. Let's get you taken care of the base.

You can rest a little easier tonight knowing that you've got somebody this will go to extraordinary measures the spirit Roseburg Hope caregiver hope for the and Larry the cable Guy caregiver for your latest speed.

Rosenberger did you know that you can recycle used prosthetic limbs know.

Can we been doing this at steady with hope since 2005 for six years I did it myself out of our garage and sometimes on colder nights of sit by the fire, nor did it not be surrounded by a bunch of prosthetic legs that have gone from all of the country and I would disassemble them and store the feet the pylons the needs the adapters the screws all those things. It can be re-salvaged and repurposed to build a custom fit leg wonderful organization in Nashville partnered with us to help take it out of my garage in my den and into a better system. This is core civic core that they are the nation's largest owner of partnership correctional detention and residential reentry facilities and they have a lot of faith-based programs and I'm proud to say that standing with hope is one of those programs and has been now for over a decade inmates volunteer to help us disassemble those used prosthetic limbs.

Reports show the inmates who go through faith-based programs are better equipped to go back into society and the recidivism rate of return back to prison is so low they don't want to come back in society doesn't want to come back and faith-based programs are a big part of that and that's something that core civic really believes it, and we are so thrilled that standing with hope is one of those programs for the first time started inmate looked at me said I'm never done anything positive with my hands until I started doing this program stating without another inmate told me he said I thought of people with disabilities until I started doing this and this is an extraordinary partnership and very moving to see this see we can do so much with these materials but a lot of family members have a love on the passes away. They don't know what to do with the Linda keep it in the closet or sometimes even worse than throw it away. Please don't let that happen. Please send it to us through standing with hope stayed with steady with and let's give the gift that keeps on walking

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