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WWJD As A Caregiver?

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger
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December 21, 2021 3:00 am

WWJD As A Caregiver?

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger

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December 21, 2021 3:00 am

In the middle of an interview, a reporter once asked me, "What Would Jesus Do As A Caregiver? "


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Club of America Roseburg. This is okay this is appropriate for you as a family care 65 are serving as a cure for aging loved one especially strong someone Some type of trauma affliction disease. Whatever the apparent addiction, alcoholism, everything is always.

This program is specifically those that help you stay strong and help care for some who is not, and we are glad that you were with us this is our last show of the season for we go on hiatus until the first year and I just want to spend some time with you all in deal with the challenges of Christmas caregivers, but also rejoice in the time I got a couple programming notes here.

Excuse me, I'm still get over this cough, but I am getting better on our podcast what that we have a lot of old stuff that will be continuing through the holiday, so please take advantage of that. It's free. We have well over 600 episodes now podcast and some of them are fully program that we do hear some of our bonus things that are your caregiver minutes some of her songs are so many different things we have out there that you can take advantage of and share with people you know that are struggling and need to hear just encourage or sometimes I do excerpts from a book whatever but it's all free to take advantage of it out hope for the caregiver.come and you can see it and see how to get to that in one of the things I want to tell you this mournfully get started you know about all the course. The tornado damage that was happening in and it's just such a heartbreak for so many just wanted you to know something that someone is doing about that.

There's a lot of static in the media vilifying certain people in one of those was Mike Lindell of my pillow. He showing up on Christmas Eve with 10,000 pillows that they are giving away giveaway to tornado victims for Christmas Eve and and I imagine he'll be giving away a lot more than that to given what the Spanish done so I just felt like you would want to know that. Pray for him. This man has done a lot to try to lift up the name of Christ in the midst of all this craziness. Some people look at him and think he's this, whatever, and you see what the media does actions speak louder than words and he is going to be on the ground they're doing that he's one of the sponsors of our podcast and I just felt like you just want to know that and and you can go out see more about that. Hopefully will have something to close on that Samaritan's purse is on the ground there some wonderful Christian ministries that are or working tirelessly to help these individuals and that is for you. Continue to pray for him it is you're looking for things to sponsor or support to help with this.

Their pleat people that are doing and we fed the folks from Samaritan's purse on this program when the when the COBIT first hit and they were up in New York if you remember that the media were in the left vilifying them and they just there to help and and so you it just shows again that you really can't trust what comes out of the mainstream media these days. They think they're going to just continue to slant this towards whatever policy or things that they have and there's another one called eight days of hope, but they're just lots of different things out there. These folks are hurting. This is Christmas time in the they're hurting.

It's cold and struggling and we can be a part of that so please I would ask you to to prayerfully consider being involved with that but I thought you'd like to know that about my pillow and and Mike Lindell. He's just 10,000 pillows. Sometimes, you know, all people have us just never lay down and have a comfortable place to lay down, get some sleep. Mother figure out how to rebuild their home and he's going to give what he has just a lot of pillows so keep them in prayer as you do that long time ago I was in an interview with report. I may have shared some of the story with you prior but they asked me this wasn't a this was a Christian interview and its it was, but he came in left field this question came out of left field report Rasmussen.

What would Jesus do as a caregiver you know and remember whatever but is wearing the the bracelets and and so forth. WW JDL stuff and evidently trigger something with this reporter and I knew that we were Christian programs. What would Jesus do secured and I looked at her for a civil and what he would tell you what he did and and I reference Jesus assigning care of his mother to the apostle John, from the cross, the city delegated any ensure that Mary had care for the rest of her life and he did that, from the cross in the midst of his own agony.

No go backwards 33 years prior to that, and we think of the Nativity at Christmas is kind of a pastoral sleep. You know everybody's just all sweet Dyson. It's so quiet Silent Night you know it it in and I think it was that aspect of it, but the event also must've terribly frightened Joseph and Mary by most scholars account.

Mary was just a teenager. I mean, she probably wasn't 16 years old. Think about 16-year-old daughters and granddaughters that you have for or cousins or sisters.

Think about all those and and the pressure on her as a 16-year-old, and she's not even married at that point he still betroth. I guess I don't know if they were married or not they would betroth when she became pregnant when they actually got married but think about that and Joseph was a carpenter, so it's not like he had a enormous amount skills at birthing so you know, here they are just a young couple dealing with this reality and how frightening that must all that's involved in childbirth is it's a it's a when we come into this world in a bloodier way. And Jesus did as well and she must've been exhausted, tired of during what was probably not that Sosa Mary trusted God as she delivered the child that the wonderful songs this child that she delivered will soon deliver you as per Mary did you know she delivered this child that would one day deliver her and she trusted God with this and it is agony from the cross, Jesus remembered her interest in John to care for her. He delegated Christmas comes with a lot of sadness. For many, yet there's no get that same Savior who sought to his mother's name also sees even what are nice or not so silent or holy. We can also discover others to help you more to go on our special Christmas program today. This hope this is the program you recorded latest figures from the CDC approximately 1 million Americans are injured annually as result of falling on ice and snow. Peter Rosenberg is a caregiver for my wife more than 35 years. I understand the importance of helping someone with a mobility impairment get in and out of the home safely, particularly in inclement weather and that's why this winter. I'm using heat track their snow and ice melting mats that you just plug in and they provide you a safe walkway to your garage to your mailbox to your deck to your business.

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