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"Our Father ..."

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger
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June 20, 2021 3:00 am

"Our Father ..."

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger

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June 20, 2021 3:00 am

For some caregivers, Father's Day can be complicated.  For other caregivers, it can be painful.

In this special broadcast we discussed fathers, faith, and our ultimate Father. 

Hope for the Caregiver
Peter Rosenberger
Hope for the Caregiver
Peter Rosenberger
Hope for the Caregiver
Peter Rosenberger
Hope for the Caregiver
Peter Rosenberger
Hope for the Caregiver
Peter Rosenberger

And and American family radio 589-8840 888-5888 40. More than 60 million Americans were never served in a secure, are you one of you take care of us of a parent with Alzheimer's special needs child. Somebody like you said a severe trauma. This led to chronic disability bring relationship with somebody who's an alcoholic or an addict are all types of impairments there's always the caregiver where we find a chronic impairment. There is the caregiver somewhere that'll. This shows for that person.

Healthy caregivers make better caregivers and if the caregiver goes down.

What happens to that level and that is the point of the show is to help you stay strong and healthy as you take care of someone who is not a number, email, my 35 years of experience in counting as a caregiver for wife was severe trauma from the current she had many many years ago and 80 surgeries.

Both legs amputated over 100 doctors of treaters and 13 hospitals and it just keeps growing and doesn't show any sense of slowing down.

Actually, so what have I learned through this quite a bit actually. Most of the hard way, but that's what the show is for is to strengthen you and strengthen myself along the journey. Discussing principles that anchor us. In truth, reality and strength and comfort in all of the above because I believe that's where the fight is we do every now and then swerve into caregiving tips.

Some of the task of caregiving, but that's not really where the battle is when the battle is is that our hearts, the fear, the obligation to guilt, so I call the fog of caregivers and that's what we spent a lot of time going, but Scripture is able to Scripture say, and I usually pepper everything I do with the him, and with the passage in Scripture to kind of bring it all together here for this show. Now if you want to. If if you want me ringing a different topic to talk about that's okay, it's all good. You know but but today it was Father's Day weekend and I thought I would start off with some things about that and I want to go to our him today I'm going over the caregiver, caregiver, keyboard, and see if you notice him. You know this him give us a call 888-5898 40 hang on to say sorry that's not covert, here's our him for today. See if you know this is that is our him for today. See if you know that him 888-589-8840 888-589-8840 if you know that him like this.

Go to Scripture here. This is Psalm 68, five through six is already in three different translations okay I like to do that in targeted as much of the original meaning as I possibly can. That is a father of the fatherless, and a judge for the widows is God in his holy habitation, God makes a home for the lonely.

This is Psalm 65 through six and the message father of orphans champion of widows is God in his holy house. God makes homes for the homeless and here it is in the ESV, the first and was in the NSA be the new American Standard, and this is the English standard father of the fatherless and protector of widows is God in his holy habitation. God settles the solitary in-home Father's Day is complicated for a lot of folks. I did, I was blessed with an extraordinary father that still 11 and talk with him almost every day I met a great mentor and friend and and a guide to me through some dark waters but I understand a lot of people don't have. I'd like to hear about your father, even if it is unpleasant because it gives us an opportunity to go back into Scripture and help us understand God as father and what that means what it meant. What Paul said that we can call them Abba daddy for some people that is that is unthinkable because the father was so disappointing. But God would would embrace you as father because he's not disappoint. So this is something that is on your heart if you're taking care of your father right now and you've got some unresolved issues about that. This is the time to talk about that is a safe place. You just we just talked with there's no wrong answer. This just you and me talking. Can we build each other up in this 888-589-8840 888-589-8840 and I love this Scripture Psalm 68, 536 father of orphans champion of widows is God in his holy house he makes homes for the homeless.

Are you an orphan. You feel like. Then today is for you and I forget that some days.

Father's Day is very difficult to meet some years at Father's Day when it comes run.

It's incredibly difficult for many people and were aware of. Can we speak to it more portly to Scripture speak to yes Scripture does and where is your your earthly father may be frail, declining, or may been a huge disappointment about spent some time today talking about your heavenly father who was redeeming even that it's amid a lot of folks over the years and I continue to be astounded of just how their life that they struggle in their life with the father issue.

If you notice, our country is trying this this this I want to call it out. I don't know what to call but the, the, there is a active movement in our country to marginalize the father to make fathers if you look at sitcoms to make fathers look like buffoons there just always about three steps behind, and to to create an environment where fathers not even necessary in their calling everything they can toot toot talk masculinity or whatever all these things anything they can to disparage the father. Maybe that comes from individuals whose lives were impacted or felt the impact of of a poor father or an absent father and so therefore the grown up with a a self-defense mechanism that says I don't need a father or I can look with derision at fathers that that is not the way it was designed and a lot of others have abused or abandoned.

The role is true they have that is not the way it's designed and it certainly does not reflect the heart of our father and we can walk through some healing in this program talk about today. This is hopefully caregiver. This is the show for you as a family caregiver Mrs. Peter Rosenberger 888-589-8840 888-589-8840 will be right back. Those pushing the laundry back and forth the doctor's office. Back-and-forth the pharmacy. Holy got a couple jobs and looking up at the ceiling fan every night and wondering how in the world. This is the show for you bringing you 35 years of experience to offer your lifeline help you stay strong and healthy as you take care of someone who is not.

If you will be a part of the show.

888-589-8840 888-589-8840. We started off with our him this morning. I know that some of them go to the caregiver keyboard here. You know going through these films like this every week is not exactly exciting and full of energy and all that but but you know what are our lives as caregivers are full of excitement we we need a quiet place to just come to catch her breath a little bit and these hymns help me do this and I hope this is been is is meaningful to you as it is to me to go through these hymns and see the greater truth, and the him this morning. This is one of the may be very, very familiar to some and others may have no clue.

So we had one lady called and said it was so got our help from ages past. That was last week. That is not this him.

That's all gone, our help in ages past. So you go to Patty in Iowa Patty about only if you know this him and it's meaningful to you.

Even if somebody else guesses it for free to call in and if you want to talk about your dad. If you have a if you have a good story about your dad. We will hear if you have a tough story about your dad and your struggling with it and you just won't be able to tell somebody that you know what we want to hear that. Okay, let's go to Patty and Iowa Patty good morning Patty how you feeling. Do you know this him. You said you wanted to comment on last week's caller.

So what was the comment you had on last week's caller and ground.with the family to my sister. Pride in their Christian, have not family break time and cannot therefore impact that I getting ready to leave for them and working at a Christian camp in France in May. I trusted Jamie care of my go together on a Christian mission to leave this you know the song at Col. father John and Caroline were in my cannot break it patrolling the Pirates whereby Somalia. My own father.

I went in the Army air Corps and groundwork to and with the tailgunner and played many missions over England. I have conveyed in North Africa for about 35 missions over here.

For firemen we could mount dairy farm and my my five.

I can I can make him out barn knocking mom. We only had about maybe 415 County nonfarm hundred 27. A lot of that would not that kind like the wildflowers. When we are really small, my mom faxing child living baby on the tractor out and crying come back with the sleeping child. I can basket that's okay tractor training will darkroom that is very wonderful, Lily, that you shared and very much Patty I think you so much for the call and appreciate you get that hymns go to Esther and Kansas Esther good morning, how are you feeling hi here what's on your mind might find my mind. I just heard so many people today fathers aren't part of the picture and I don't think fathers realize the impact they make on their children. I would like to see especially the girls, but I'm sure it's strong for the police that I think wherever our fathers believe that whatever their opinion might have been a kind of what our opinion is ours and my father went my life.

We traveled all over the country. I get there with 27 schools in 27 states. By the time I was in the ninth grade and I loved it six Gypsies and placement care. When we got into a town would be the local museum and here I learned more about history I learned more about everything from my dad, then I probably would have been my hand and he is everywhere we went. I just heard him. So imagine we just gotten to Tampa, Florida, and he called me into the car to talk to you when Saturday morning front seat. I am 13 years and he said I just wanted you to know this is going to be our secret. But I'm leaving today and you'll never see me again and I remember the lump in my throat.

I said why and he said words that are into because I'm so disappointed in you.

And I remember had on sandals and places her to stretch on front of me in front and I looked down at me totally lump in my throat. I couldn't say anything, but just serve with spare a and I remember his other remarks that they're not as important as those little phrase because I'm so disappointed in you I was in June Allyson, I was kidded in school because every goody two shoes. I like my little life.

I love animals and I love God and I was a little girl couldn't imagine what I had done. I finally decided it was because I was pretty well anyway, we go back to her health. He told me. Now you must never tell your mother and get back to the house he was going to Atlanta Georgia business going to be back on Monday and mom cutting lettuce at the kitchen think get behind her and kissed her on the neck and he said, so I'm making and he said she could drive careful, but she didn't look at and he walked past me and went out the front door.

Everything went down the well kept looking at him out the window.

Dad gets in the car is parked at the curb and he leans down and he looked at me for the passenger side window and he just just the tip of his building threat based on Likes alone and I just wait little tiny wave.

I cannot believe my father was leaving just because I pretty I couldn't tell my mother and when Monday came and I didn't return. She, her sister lived next her interest.

Just move there and there about treatment. They called all the hospitals how the police Sheriff between Tampa and Atlanta Highway, and third been reported. I couldn't tell him because I promised my dad I would tell them.

Mom had a nervous breakdown talk to me and said went great to me. I said in a chair in the corner and I watched the family press over mom and mom, Chris, Dave, Dave, Esther, hang onto that thought we better take a little bit of a break. Just a heartbreak and you hold on through the break. This caregiver talk about fathers.

Sometimes it didn't go as well as we'd like will be right back while in the emergency room with my wife as she was struggling with the coping 19 virus for self that I looked at the skin she settled but I've been through worse certainty of mankind's history with uncertain an article by Peter Rosenberger and then as her fever was approaching almost 103 she started singing in Christ alone. I place my trust, glory in the cross.

That's how she has anchored herself in the certainty of Christ through her huge medical journey that is included in these surgeries. Both of her legs doctors 12 and now the coping 19 so when we live with this concept, uncertain Christ alone.

That's the only place we can run to certain to read this article and more five 880 840-858-8040.

If you will be a part of the show were to Esther and Kansas who did not have a positive experience with her father's EU at a young age, and it shows the power of father's Esther, can you get right to the point here because I got a lot of calls give the top your story, but what where did this go after that the groundwork and it was long delay. The point is, I looked for my dad when I turned 19.

I didn't go back to school and everyone is so busy with my mother and my mother was to return if she didn't even notice and a back room and read books and music for three years. I didn't want to go out directly. I surely didn't belong back in bed. Thank God for all the books and thank God for the beautiful music and I always knew God was with me, but where was Danny. And so when I turned 19, I went looking for him and I found it brother in Indianapolis remarried and and and herded the child that she already had. I never I don't think until I was 35 years old I ever went again without crying over daddy, but here's cutting to the chase.

I have had I been so blessed with more opportunity than most people ever get in your lifetime. Just opportunity opportunity.

I like and I would always stop short of taking the greatest opportunity at one time offered the position of president of feature films that MGM studios I was working there another capacities opportunities. Most people never get I stop and I will really walk into a restroom look in the mirror and say you can't do they're going to find out that you're a phony find out all you do is disappoint them and I for Kevin on marriages. I forgot an opportunity is always with an excuse. Another excuse, but I know in my heart of hearts anybody, but I think you I think you know what I if Peter will let me share this that ever how is it I that when you're the person you think most of your life that you admire the whatever their opinion is that people where they leave you would like your opinion you have of yourself to be a grandmother who believes in you are can be whoever whatever they think is right.

You think of yourself until you reach an evolution in yourself where you realize that your opinion of yourself matters to and only then you might be able to cope with it and rise above it and go running to do the best you can never really goes away to remember you're going to be well. The most important opinion of yourself is what it was God think that well and I got up I got a block from the calls.

I will be able to get his apostle. No, it's okay because your story is important. It shows it shows that we don't always have the the father in our life that we would wish, and that the the implications and it reinforces the whole point is that the implication about of a godly father or an ungodly father can have long repercussions and take away from iPhone, we can't do much about circumstances happened area, ran it and print it and it's so important it's difficult to write about it, but we can't use that as an excuse. The rest of our life. There has to be a primary say that the deck I was dealt by thunder.

That was tough, but you know what, God bless him. I don't know what his problem was that was a week Mandy was very young. What were his problems. I don't now so I think God don't picture him in my kitchen. I consider God bless your pup.

I don't know what you went through, but it must've been awful. The point is we have a father who will never leave us.

And the book evidence of God and in the book I talked about no matter what father does to you. No matter when you have a father who will never leave you and you know what my father is his child to my dad will let God sort that out.

He is a father to the fatherless, and that's the whole point of the Psalm that we read today Esther thank you so much for this call for this reminder of the importance of fall and how many are struggling with that concept of daddy and I thank you so much for the calls go to Beth in Alabama Beth good morning, how are you feeling great are actually from Alabama caregiver and I am traveling in a car with a dog and cat and a lot in your mind and you know I like why go on know that I would. I would not about a year and 1/2 ago and going downhill with hell and my mom had ever I about and God made me that I would be coming back primarily my dad and my you know we didn't really want to start showing me all I like.

It's okay to cry. Okay, okay, my really I can't wait. I know my great work and and work and my really there are more and don't want you and I know all God. Now, the other really beautiful thing about my dad know and don't worry, you need to call your dad right now I gotta go. I called dad right now and I called my dad got I really know that I have in your that I'll be able to greet you and your holy, all I know that you got your heart you. You might know I need to know your heart you know you. You okay what happened all right now that might happen all will appreciate that. That is, that is a beautiful story and it reminds me of thank you bye-bye with thank you so much for the call.

I do appreciate that very much afraid my why do caregiver support group at hearing for the mind said this quote the other day.

We live in the moment, but as believers we have perspective and eternity and that gives meaning to the month some moments when we live in. We we obsess in a we we freak out in, but as believers we have the perspective of eternity that gives meaning to the moment and so as we struggle with the things that we struggle with today.

This week do the things that we do let us keep in mind the perspective of eternity.

And that's why want to do this him today eternal father strong to save whose arm hath bound the restless wave. Of course this is the maybe him and a lot of this is in the context of of the Navy and being on the sea, and so forth. But think the perspective of of what this was about whose arm hath bound the restless wave happened to you all have a restless wave in your life who bids the muddy ocean deep its own appointed limits keep O hear us when we carotid the for those in peril on the sea that there is that there is this broad statement of faith. Broad statement of understanding God and his sovereignty over all of these things even as Esther talked about her father.

That left her and did a terrible thing AAAA was a wicked thing but God is sovereign over that his arm bounced that restless wave to and he is the father to the fatherless and he is a champion of widows and he does make a home for the loan. That is our God our father is Peter Rosenberg will be right. This Peter Rosenberg never helped somebody walk for the first time I've had that privilege many times through our organization. Standing with hope when my wife Gracie gave up both of her legs follow this horrible Rick that she had as a teenager and she try to save them for years and if it just wouldn't work out. And finally she relinquished him and thought wow this is that I'm now heavy legs. The more what can God do with that and then she had this vision for use in prosthetic limbs as a means of sharing the gospel to put legs on her fellow amputees and that's what we been doing now since 2005 was standing with hope. We work in the West African country of Ghana and you can be a part of that through supplies through supporting team members through supporting the work that we're doing over there. You could designate a limb. There's all kinds of ways that you can be a part of giving the gift that keeps on walking and standing with would you take a moment ago understanding with and see how you can give they go walking and leaping and praising God. You could be a part of This is the show for you as a family caregiver with us if you like what you hear on the show. If the show was meaningful to you which you get involved with. You can go out and be a part of the prosthetic limb ministry.

The Gracie found when she lost her legs forth to show whatever you wanted to go out the hope of the today will send you copy recent CD for any amount that you will support with and if you still get ready to ship out some stuff this week to Ghana talk to the prison and the inmates have it all boxed up and were ready to go all these limbs that we recycled and if you still will be a part of helping to ship all these things over to West Africa for one-time gift $250 will send you my book Gracie CD and my CD songs for the carrier will be glad to send you those just as a gift just thank you for that and we hope you be a part of. So if you find out with. If you find what this is that what what were doing here is meaningful to you would be glad to have you and welcome your help in supporting we talk about father said I did the maybe him today and I did that for a reason, because that my father is in the Navy for 30 to say he is. He's retired but but I think what you been in the Navy for 30+ years, you're still in the Navy's effect on his at his office go to does office of the house is this Capt.'s quarters and that's a Chaplain, longtime ministers well for 60 years and he called into my show today, so we end up the show today with my father and said that thank you for calling Michelle.

Glad you listen to the show.

Did you have a good time listening this morning I have.

Thank you.

What a great tribute man on. Thank you for what and what you're doing. The body of Christ. God will will you help train me and I'll give up throw that back at you did that him this morning for you that I know that's what is your favorite hymns eternal father strong to say, did you sing it while employed.

I think I I'm I'm overwhelmed remain there what you're doing God's people enter yes you could you've heard some of the calls that he and some of the stories about fathers were not that great and did you your long ministry you've been passed down from more than 60 years, you've seen the devastating impact when a father is not present in the home and talk a little bit about that and how you've worked with people through the one of the greatest thing that bothered began to take his place.

His role in the family structure and be able to speak with authority but also in compassion and love. I think the father that the prodigal son had an enormous impact on how this played out in the family and I thank you for giving opportunity for people to know.

Being a father really is in the moment that we have an how it passed on.

God bless you will thank you very much and thank you for going you know when mom and dad was mushroom audience doubles same for you. Lately listed there in South Carolina and the happy Father's Day dad. By the way, did you did you have anything good to eat this morning yet or you do still digging in the water since you know right there on the counter waiting for the way that I will tell you what I said about father, but but with when you get to be 86 years old.

There's only so many shirts and ties. You could buy for Father's Day, so I try to be creative in sitting things that are little bit more tasty but that is a been a huge part of my life in St. Louis anymore shirts today though I don't want to city washers in mind that you give will listen that it's it's small you I did, I did send a gift one, but I got so fun.

I did so to get my half-full brothers and sister, and there's a there's an awful lot of joshing that goes on when you have a family as big as ours and a set of a put together a blanket for them. Some years ago and I was able to go get pictures of all the family at the time another families growth since then.

Mom and dad have 17 grandchildren and 20 great-grandchildren.

So they got caught it's it's quite a tribe that we have, but that's in a blanket. It had pictures of all six children and their spouses that all the grandchildren at the time and their spouses, and then whatever great-grandchildren we had an moment that seemed like that a lot.

It was is very meaningful to you but I told all my brothers and my sister said look I would favor child of the day-to-day and that I think they they you glumly conceded but that was only for one day.

Then he goes to Richard that we could put that blanket around and really I having a family that cared away all of you connected and we are right where people can see it when I come right in the door will think the biggest estimate to you guys is that we have you know we have a large family and we all get along well like you just in this just that I think that is a huge gift to me that you and mama provided a place where we get along and I was taught to all my brothers and my sister throughout the week and I were scattered around the country, but we still spent a lot of time with each other and look forward to being with you. It's hard to get us all together.

You know, but it's the pits quite a quite a tribe you have, but only weed we pop in on you periodically. But dad, thank you very much for calling and thank you for just be an amazing figure my life eternal father strong to save his arm housebound the restless way. Who bids the muddy ocean deep its own opponent limits keep coherence when we credit the for those in peril on the sea.

How many services is your role it as chaplain.

Have you presided over United States Navy when you've heard that him that wonderful him and I think I've been in a lot of account number time and with the rain and you know why they put 1/5 verse in that for the Marines or for that.

Well enough of the range for the for the for the pilots.

I did know that.

Did you know that it will Lord guarding God the one to fly through the great spaces in the sky. Be with them always in the air and darkening storms or sunlight. Fear and thought that was a nice versus dotted a lot of the hymnals but it is something that they put out there for so because the hymn was written many many years ago, before we had pilots and so forth, but dad, thank you so much for calling and just being there for you always take my call. And that's the good news you take my call and I'm very grateful for and you just bask in the great weekend. I wish I could be there with you but I'll be there soon. I promise very grateful. Thanks dad loves my father and I'm very grateful that he's in my life in. I watched his ministry over the years and now he's connected with people. I've also watched him share with folks the importance of fatherhood and help young men who were struggling step into that role as father watched them do it.

We had callers today that you know particular one that was it was not a good situation with her father left a lifetime of scars and implications for her and there are a lot of young men out there who are overwhelmed in the role was father and I would say to those young men that yes, it is overwhelming. It's it's very frightening we've all been there for those of the summer have all been there and feel woefully unprepared and unqualified, but we have one who does prepares dust qualifies, we draw on his strength and his love is that reference the prodigal son you know really that whole thing is not about the prodigal son. It's about father. He had one son that despised and took his inheritance and went off and squandered. We had another son that despised him for being extravagant with the sun leaking back. It was all about the love of the father and that is the nature of our father in heaven. We don't get a vote vote on who are fathers but we do have agency when it comes to trusting God in those dark times were we can't see some of you right now taking care of your father at end-of-life issues with end-of-life issues and you have unresolved issues in that some of you are abused by father and understand that and I know how you must weep. Hot tears on a day like today when we talk about fathers but I would ask you to prayerfully consider that you do have a father to the fathers, a champion of widows, one who makes the home for the homeless. When Jesus taught us to pray the first two words in that prayer our father, our father. This is Lord how we break the sit our father hang onto that throughout the day and there is that wonderful him. This is my father's world, but let me never forget that the end of the one versus this Jesus who died will be satisfied. Heaven and earth will be one.

All of these things that you've heard callers who struggling with fathers and so forth. All of that is being redeemed right in front of us. He who began a good work is faithful to complete and he is healing and will heal and can those places in your life that are broken as funerals were this is hope for the caregiver will see you next

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