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Author Terry Warren Discusses THE ART OF CHOICE

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger
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June 7, 2021 3:48 pm

Author Terry Warren Discusses THE ART OF CHOICE

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger

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June 7, 2021 3:48 pm

The Art of Choice: Making Changes that Count in Work and Life offers lessons from business leaders, along with keys for gaining perspective, experiencing clarity, and achieving results whether you are starting out in your career, facing a major life decision, or nearing retirement.  Author Terry Warren is passionate about helping people employ intention and commitment to achieve what they may not have believed was possible.


Rosenberg you as a family. 65 million Americans by mail or taking care of the global level. Baby is aging. Maybe it's a child, especially somebody who lives with results of trauma. My case with little help addiction issues are just so many different kinds that possibly chronicling here is always secured this show is dedicated to help strengthen the family. Help caregivers make better caregivers like to bring on interesting guest who bring a perspective for us is caregivers that I think will enhance our life give us.

Maybe the jumpstart we need maybe the insights we need to make some critical decisions in our lives. One of those is my guess. Today's name is Terry Warner noting for many many years and up more years about either one of us will admit there is a long time, years of executive leadership healthcare industry. The insurance industry's financial industries has been through the ringer when it comes to business decisions and working with teams and leading teams all that above and then it didn't just studies, pursue a real passion for this which is art is a prolific artist, I mean visual artist will be just a look at his paintings and I'm like wow and then on top of that, is that okay I'm going to write a book and it is wonderful combination of things that he's putting this book to offer us his insights so he sit down with a bunch of leaders and executives of people whose weather storms got their stories and compile them to why this could make sense to us as we struggle along in our own journey. Is it okay should we look at pursuing this or what are some insights that I might need to know before starting my own business whenever tears done all these things he's putting in way that makes it simple for the rest of it. He's an executive coach, Warren, executive best caregivers. I think this is part of the problem will jump into this with Terry. We put our life on hold. We put our businesses on hold while you take care of someone thinking okay will do this for several years and will get back to your business will doesn't work that way and I talked to more people who been financially ruined because of this and so I wanted just to pick Terry's brain a little bit today talk about his book talk about his artist passions, faith, all those things to to enhance our life is caregivers to learn from this man who is had this vast about of experience with Terry. Welcome to the show. Thanks Peter glad to be your man goodness.

Is that is that enough of an intro clinic bags talk about this book. What prompted you to do this because I love the idea of just sitting down and listening to these stories of people who have done this a bit who are poor leaders in their field and so forth.

What prompted to to take this on the real thing that started wise through my coaching work which I've been doing out for nine years I noticed something and that was every client who made an intentional choice to make a change make a shift in behavior, whatever it might be and were willing to commit to that and were willing to be held accountable for that. They were 100% successful at you on my map 100% pretty good success rate and I wanted to do is find out if that was true for other people and that started me on this journey of interviewing 21 leaders from all sorts of industry around the country about just tell me about a time in your life where you made a choice that impacted the rest of your life or career and it could be a partial choice of business choice.

It didn't matter and once I have the stories. It was like this needs to be shared because people can relate to stories, and so that really is what pushed me to go to what I think this needs to be shared you something. People relate to stories in that you know a look at the weight. Even Jesus did this to with his executive coaching if you will see Tolstoy fax stories that have stuck around and people of written entire books on just a story that he told. But these things stick with people they make a difference in the and and if you experience is worth a whole lot more than theory and an opinion and so by sitting down with people who've actually done this, who lived this world you're getting the benefit of their experience tell me about the. The combined experience of all the people that you interviewed. Well it counting I guess myself and the 21 people I interviewed, I was looking at that yesterday there is over 600 years of experience and I call that more than just business experience and 600 years alike is a lot of experience that is I think that is caregivers. What happens with us is that we get lost in someone else's story, and we put everything on hold in our life or health or mental health or spiritual journey are our physical health.

Everything, and our professional health or business and we throw ourselves into trying to control situation cannot be controlled. While we let everything else slide in our life and one of the things I push of the show is the business component of our life the professional to the vocation know it's it's mighty hard to be a good caregiver for broke you know and yet that it's very difficult to provide things resources don't necessarily make you happier as a caregiver. I know people who have vast amount of money but they are, they get bewildered along the caregiving journey as well, but it does make it easier to make certain decisions and your business does not have to plummet. Just because your caregiver you may have to be creative. You may have to think okay you know I have to be close but I do this in my own life. I have to be close by Gracie and I can't go go work at a 9 to 5 job somewhere outside of this. Otherwise I would have to subsidize me being in the home. Okay, that's a given. But that doesn't mean I can't start a business. This so in your years of coaching folks in your years in the business world when somebody wants to start a business somebody if you were to sit there talking to somebody. Just hypothetically, I don't like to do hypotheticals good realities hard enough and only hope that if you were if somebody give you so you don't Terry, I'd like to start a business and I have some things I'm doing will what would be the first starting point. First question you would ask. Well, you know whether things that I like to talk to people about Peter or I like the use of thought process called here and now to Darren then and the idea of the bear and then is visualizing what you think it would look if you got there so it's nice to have an idea that would like to have a business but the closer you can get to say.

Here's what it would look like if I had an odd live here and have roughly discounted end, I'd be doing whatever that looks like the closer you can get to visualizing what that looks like the more likely you can get there because then you can go I'm here and now, right this is where I am now that's there and then bullets in the gap between what has to happen to move me from here to there job I will.

I like that thought process it. If you're in the situations, I have a caregiver or you just don't feel you can give all your effort to this endeavor. I don't think I should stop. I think there ought to be.

I'm a big believer in baby steps and I remember Peter if you've ever seen the movie what about Bob memorized it. Written movie All my client.

That's exactly what I tell all my clients go rent that movie if you haven't seen them because it's a good laugh, but there's a huge principal in that book that Dr. Marvin has called babies and I believe that the road to anything that you want to do differently has to start with baby steps and I think anybody in any spot can make some baby steps toward whereby one will I agree and and and I've seen this to my own life when a lost of what I'm doing even right now. Talk with you and and I certainly didn't get here easily and and him so that a long ways to go but I just I just started doing and I think this is one of things I want my fellow caregivers to understand is you don't have to wait till you have ideal circumstances, you just do it. If you found that in the same thing translates in the business that you just start doing it.

Yeah, absolutely. And you know I was thinking about Peter. I know one time you we had a conversation you mentioned some about fall and I was thinking about this that there's a house that bear when I like to rent to Glaxo and it's on upon and one day I was sitting there was nothing but blog now been in a canoe across his pond many times and I knew roughly where the center was and how they can let and I was thinking about how you get across. Upon when there's nothing but fall on me. Besides getting a car drive the other side right.

But if you truly want to get across the boat and I see we got to start with something you know and so I but I just go get in the canoe forcible I got get in the canoe I'll never get to the other side. The next thing I know is that there are lily pads right by the that close part of the what the pot so I'll go to that and then I'll head in this general direction because I know that's there and if I get that going to set the direction and eventually by those little steps I'm going in the right direction. It may not be the exact spot. I thought I was going to land on the other side of the bog, but it's pretty close or directionally correct and to me that's an analogy of many times in life or business world fall and how you get out of it but will start going somewhere get the canoe and I think that that applies. Talk about that a lot with the fog of caregivers. The fear obligation and guilt and the fear would probably be the universal thing that keeps people from taking that first step of you know I can do this I can do this. I look you people been successful in business and so forth and I look at the site, you are the just that much smarter than me and I think it's it's not that I think they just decided I'm going to do this I would make it successful and want to keep doing it and keep doing it and keep doing it even if I fail to keep doing it and stick to and caregivers are notorious for being hardheaded, persevere.

Her 70 week we keep showing up into a job that we don't get painful so we could translate that set of skills and that's something I wanted to ask you about as well from the book and just from your own journey of how can people learn to appreciate the skills they're using and then translate them over here into maybe building a business and for example with the caterer this is what my fellow caregivers of said will be but your life is that you show up regularly, consistently, to take care of someone.

That means a heightened sense of responsibility, which is it an incredible valuable asset to the business. I will people who have initiative and responsibility. They don't have to be told to do something you you learn to be creative and flexible as a caregiver. You have to be how important is is is that in the business world of being creative and flexible and so I go through this list of things that they do and and I I want people to understand that they have options you abducted be a trauma surgeon at this point about life of a set realistic options, but I have options as a caregiver to not be locked into woe is me that there is that there is a path to be to develop something we could do things that we never even dreamed of. 30 years ago you could do things and in ways that people just didn't think about when it comes to creating a business. I look at us a picture of a gift measles with Amazon and it was taken back and the like. Make late 90s and it showed a a foldout table in the garage.

I think upstairs and had a handmade banner with the solution of Amazon on it where he started this business of Amazon and Ellsworth hunters of the billion to Noca but he just had an idea that he started and I thought okay, what can we learn from these because of things in these the scads of people who have done this and this is what you going around and you done with what people read this book. What is it that you if the end this book. What is it that you hope that they're going to glean from this that the that the transformation that will be in their life. I had to really ball it down Peter. It would probably just the first let's talk about mind set and that I want your mindset to be regardless of what's behind what's possible now so you can dwell on the past right or you can dwell on the circumstances.

But what's possible because I am where I am today and how can I think differently then maybe I thought before because I think fresh perspectives help you look at things different. So I think it's just if I had to simply boil it down, it would be for someone to look at the book and leave it going there more possibilities for me than I ever thought how important is mindset to success in business. I would say I would say it's everything but I'd say it is huge because you know whether it's caregiving origin a business situation anybody in business.

Get some situations. I may not like or a circumstance, they may not have chosen or they got Passover for something and that's real painful.

It's real, but I can choose whether to live and that are not, and that's what this art of choice thing idea was is that I have a choice about how I think about and so I wanted choose to say I don't like the circumstance right. I don't want to be there but I don't have to live with.

I can find ways to live and thrive despite we talked with Terry worn the art of choice is his new book, Terry's long-term business executive, a sitdown with a whole bunch of others who have journey down Sumer has asked them their thoughts on this and so they put all this into a book. You and I can glean from and learn from and make good decisions as we figure out okay what's next for us where were caregiver sleepwear were hamstrung with a few things. We've lost a little bit of her independence.

But does that mean that we've lost our ability to create a successful business and I don't think we have. I think that there are opportunities like Terry just said that we had dreamed of this Peter Rosenberg of this hope for this Peter Rosenberg in about 3 1/2 decades as a caregiver. I've spent my share of nights in the hospital sleeping and waiting rooms on foldout cots shares even the floor sometimes on sofas and a few times in the doghouse. But let's still talk about that as caregivers we have to sleep it uncomfortable places but we don't have to be miserable. We use pillows for my these things are great.

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When using your promo code caregiver is my promo code caregiver Rosenberger how he's got a hair from the school of hard not by caregiver. Now in my 35th years in caregiver you a lifetime of offer a lifeline as you care for someone who was struggling with some type of chronic impairment. How do we help you stay healthy. What is your path for you, even in the midst of this, and I wrestle with some of these things myself of effectiveness with all of these things was if I of the Wiley Coyote of caregivers. If you could fail at it. I filled it failures a good teacher. And speaking of good teachers I have with me. My longtime friend Terry worn who is bringing a lifetime of insights in the business world and experience that he is going not just from other cities interview for this book from his own life management, executive coaching, he deals with individuals different businesses. He did that does it all is been a great friend for for some time to Gracie and me and his new book is called the art of choice and I'll tell you why that title is important.

As the conversation unfolds with Terry.

We are talking about the mindset is not a simple as a positive attitude where you have just come just to think positive thoughts. I think sometimes that becomes a little bit kind of clich. I think this is a mindset of gaining a perspective what you said and and one of things that your book is able to help us have is that perspective of people just like it.

You would meet flesh and blood people who deal with their own kinds of issues and yet have discovered nuggets of wisdom along the way. That led them into successful business career, whether it is their own small mom-and-pop business or leaving a large corporation you dealt with all of and in so reiterate that perspective, that because I think caregivers are in the situation where you understand I have to be on call the time amended it with somebody you have to monitor all the time or you. I don't get enough sleep, but there's always that you know I get it. That's my life, but that doesn't mean I can't be pursuing things in that that are not just one more bird that I got to do, but it actually unleashes something inside you that it unleashes that creativity that that spark inside you said that is not just drudgery all the time that you actually doing so could address a little bit if I may, I like to share two stories because their opposite ends of that spectrum of thinking.

One seems like it's nothing gathers a big deal.

Mom is my story when I started coaching I wanted to work with top level executive but I went as my wife would tell you despite what people would think I go through a crisis accomplish frequently that maybe I'm not capable. Whatever, but I hired a coach my own coach and we had a conversation one day. Let's just say in the course of that conversation. One hour he totally changed my self-confidence and my wife Beverly said wait a minute, 30 year I've been telling you that you should be confident you have a conversation with a guy in an hour. You got a whole different mindset. What happened, and I said it's real simple.

As a coach. I was thinking about what a coach does and I was measuring on each called my performance as a coach, that's what I'm supposed to do but that's what my mind was doing, how well that help the client that the coach help me change that mindset and after a discussion he said what if you just thought of it as serving clients wherever they are at any given moment that you're talking and I said serving as some but I know how to do and it just shifted the whole way I think about and now I don't get anxious about the calls I don't worry about my performance. I just try to be very present and show up for what they need when they need it and it is just that simple. Seemed like a little ship and mindset right.

It was career changing and life changing for me that simple. Thinking about was second on the other show the short one is I have a client who during the pandemic is stuck in an apartment in Chicago and the day's work in life seem to just keep me in business Come together right there didn't seem to be any separation and I said if you get yourself to do something that you consider an achievement would be a good reward. What did you celebrate. She said if I could just go across the street and get an Italian ice that would be great. So okay go try that which layer of talking to her and she said I celebrated said you did what you do just that I want to cross got Italian ice and she said what's important is I've done that forever. The difference is I chose to start thinking about it as a reward, and it was thought well said. I would imagine this will be did not feel guilty about going over there get an Italian ice and yet we feel guilty if we reward ourselves for something and I would imagine that again that guilt or that fear or that sense of obligation that fog of caregivers fear obligation guilt is paralyzing to folks just in the business world. I can't do this on. I'm not qualified to do this coming times if you heard that in your life will not. I'm not qualified to do this thought about that little bit of I couldn't tell you how many times I've heard that or the other thing I've heard from people at the same idea.

I coached a woman who was suddenly given a very big role follow someone else that person she followed had been very charismatic and was one of those leaders you know that could stand up and speak well and she knew she didn't have those characteristics.

What we had to talk about was how do you lead from authentically who you what if you don't need to be somebody else. What if you just are you what might attract people to follow you and just the idea you know I'm saying you you your track record says you have all the capabilities but you think you can only do it if you're like somebody else. I think let's look at how you could do it out of who you actually are.

I love that tear because I think sometimes we feel like if we don't have this kind of resume.

We don't have this kind of degree that we can do it. We may not technically know how to do certain things, but if we know who to call and how to engage the right person for that how delegation is a huge stumbling block for my caregivers.

We don't know how to delegate something out and in business. That is one of the most important things you can learn in leadership places how to delegate not do everything yourself. How many people get stuck in that root of thinking that they gotta be able to everything themselves.

How many people have you encountered like what you say to watch two things on that bigger one is I want to make sure that we would say that that your listeners what is there in business are not in business where they have interest in business or not. Were talking about things that are applicable to life.

So that's what we're really talking about but you know I find that a lot of let's calm emerging leaders get stock because they can't delegate or won't delegate and part of a mind shift that they have to make here we are back at this mind shift thing again.

You can tell important, I think it is right part of their mind shift has to be a couple things. One is if you're a leader and you have people that you lead. If you are not delegating you're not developing you're not developing future leaders. If you're doing it all. So that's one aspect of the other is that I think your may not be making the highest and best use of what you do know and you know there's a book I love and I can on particular memory authors name right now. It's called essentialism and it's not a religion but it's the idea of thinking about what's most essential, and if you take into that individual leader individual personal level like you and me. What's the emotional the most essential thing we can all and then let me find a way to get stop. It's not essential done by somebody because we will get further that way because were focused on what most essential again. Whether it's in your home life or in your business. I had a lady called and actually have a lot of people calling about this particular topic essential.

What is most essential in their things well and try to make mom happy. That's not the most essential things is the essential thing is to create a healthier environment. As you take care of your love. If spent all my time try to make Gracie happy but at my expense.

Eventually, I'm not going to be able to sustain that at the time to collapse the lever without a caregiver. So the essential thing cannot be to just make somebody happy, essential thing is to create a healthier environment. How many workplaces have suffered because of this toxicity of an unhealthy work environment and then we dedicate I love what you said this is what were taught about here is universal to the human condition. So just because were putting it in the business context or the caregiver context.

It's it's still the human condition and the human condition means that were going to have to work through issues like this of our own and then dealing with others who bring the same cause issues to the table and working with them and deal with that in creating a healthier environment and and sometimes the help the most unhealthy environment is the one we have one more look in the mirror that goes back to what you say with mindset and I love that because if we can help people start to have a healthy relationship with themselves then that's going to translate into health relations with other people and ultimately that comes from our healthy relationship with God. Understanding who we are in Christ. With this in that I one of bring to get into this in the next segment and talk about some of those because of principles because all of this is rooted in that relationship. It extends from there right back with us without Harry Warner's new book is called the art of choice making changes to help work and life dispute arose over this hope for the caregiver will be right down.

I walked for the first time in two prosthetic legs.

I saw firsthand how important quality prosthetic limbs are 20 PT this understanding compelled me to establish standing without more than a dozen years we've been working with the government of Ghana in West Africa, equipping and training local workers to build and maintain quality prosthetic limbs for their own people on a regular basis we purchase and ship equipment and supplies and with the help and inmates in a Tennessee prison. We also recycle parts from donated lambs. All of this is to point others to Christ. The source of my help and strength, please visit standing to learn more and participate in lifting others out that standing with

I'm Gracie and I'm standing with help and I and I try to go if this elusive thing of I will be happy you will be happy happy dismay over to keep it healthy.

This is a better choice healthy in your personal life in your emotional life your physical life, your fiscal life, spiritual life, all your relationships and that brings me back to my conversation with having material worn his new book is called the art of choice making changes.

The Celt in work and life before which the brig were talking about some of these issues, and NIE wanted to circle back to go to jump right into that that I want to take you to some other areas of Terry's life that I have really profoundly affected me as well that this is simply this last week I use a tool with my new clients is called the judgment index that looks at how people make judgments on what they call the work side and the south side knowing those two are not distinct and separate functions.

I relate to jerk this young man had fabulous judgment measures on the work side his self side was the worst I have seen yet and basically the conversation we had the habit is you and I and our coaching relationship.

We gotta focus on you before we focus on the work because what you are now doing is not sustainable and it will derail a promising career. I'm not telling you that might I'm telling you, if you don't change this. It will be right your career and so that's where were going to start working start on healthcare and self-criticism and stories she's telling himself later will get around to some business stuff, but this will make his business stuff stronger.

Indeed, in this last segment.

I'd like to introduce something to you because you've taken on this and I don't know when you start this you have to tell me that, but I've watched you take on fine art and you you are a wonderful visual artist of the not just doing this as a hobby you're actually selling doing galleries and so for the reviewed you.

You're the real deal of watched you explore this and this was the side of you that I did not know until.

Also, one day you just started poop just showed up on the sleeves, and here's what I'm doing. How long this is been inside you to do visual art like this in paintings and and then what was the thing that kinda triggered to go to the next level thing that actually started.

It was actually in 1980 war and I was living in Australia and I took a drawing course to give a present to a friend who had all kinds of stuff and what I discovered about it is that art was my escape. That was my happy place where I could forget everything else around me and and a culture mind later called it creative alone time, meaning I what just I wanted to be alone and sit down and take a breath. I wanted to be alone and create something because even if I felt drained.

It was my recharging station. It gave me back energy and then deal with all the things I had to do it and I believe people of.

Gotta find a way different for different people art for me recharges me.

It brings out a different component of my brain actually helps my we talk about perspective earlier. That's what art did for me. Did that and then for years in my corporate life I paint three hours on a Sunday afternoon so got a little better and had breakfast.

But I really just felt like regardless of my age that I wanted to get to a new level when actual did this with you as a prolific print Peter and he did this he said I had a lit part of my brain cool off from running the world and just zone out to do this and so sounds very much. Very similar to what you experience itchy. It's exactly that and I think frankly I what I've learned and the reason it's intentionally call the art of choice is I think art informs life and life forms art. They are there for me interconnected, and the idea taking it to the next level was just that I've never been to satisfied with where I am.

You know I just I want to be a better version of whatever that is.

And to me to do that then as a co-talk about it will go find somebody that knew a thousand times more than me who I could never emulate.

But if they could help me see things differently again get a new perspective. I think you've seen Peter that this this this guy named Lauderdale Brown. I don't mind talking about. Roger is a master artist and what he help me do is his way teaching that my way of thinking so he crafted to me and made me want to just more love this country stories.

How important is that in any cut and not just in just of the business world but just in life for folks to find that spark in themselves to do that. How important would you recommend that you got, you know, mindset, and then that spark of creativity that unleashes that creative power when it was that rank well it to me it's way up there because again I think many but I can't tell you the truth, whether to church or whatever people will say while having tell not true.

You know God created each one of us uniquely. He gifted us with something and what what my gift or gifts, and other people are there not the same. And that's okay. He didn't greet me to be somebody else but I think the idea that you gotta understand there is some my wife would tell you she can't draw a stick man but she has a heart for elderly people, and especially when and she would say that's not created. Sure is just she looks for ideas of how to go. Maybe I can make them an extra meal or maybe if I just went over and spent 30 minutes with that's created. It's just not the same creative that I do, but it still is legit and still real.

I have lots the various ways people express themselves ahead of us think when you do this, Graham cares, but almost so he was.

The world was the galloping door girl babies become a friend of friend of the family for many years and the way he approached food cooking. Some people enjoyed being creative in the kitchen and that by by daughter-in-law is spectacular and has placed in the nationals with dog agility. She trains dogs for those hope, agility, things you see on ESPN and supports use to study it endlessly and that she does. This is extraordinary what she does with dogs and I don't think you do that with cats but it's a complete cats are cancer a weird animal, but it's downloadable to get letters from cat lovers. But I love you with horses with I got a guy out here rancher down the road impressed with a some years ago just a great friend in the winter times when things were slow and ranch work was a little bit slow with heavy winners. He would take the hair from horses that he would collect off of the above references and so forth. And he would break them and make jewelry out of horsehair extraordinary talent and I look around at the DD the abilities we have as human beings to create introduced things a bit, and that is that is from our Creator. That is, from our father, who created us.

This way were meant to be ingenious creators to eat of Adam's first job was to name the animals. That's pretty could have the names of the and lastly, you're an elder in I still is still my home church there nationally with I live in Montana now and your approach to ministry.

How is this changed through all the things you're learning through it through the coaching world to the art world through all your business experience. What if you see that ties all that together because I don't believe that were meant to be segmented people. I think all of this should be intersecting every part of her life at any given point. How is it works for you. What is that look like and where does your faith drive you in in in extending all at yourself into the all these different areas that you do.

Wow, that's a lot of livestock. One question I would say a quick answer and then again another illustration I like stories right and the quick thing is that I think again I worked with a lot of ministries for. I can't tell you how many years in Ukraine in particular since about 2005 and it's really a matter of helping them get new perspectives right helping them realize that it is diminished lot of ministry leaders and you would sure appreciate this brought out and helping ministries focus on the idea. You gotta take care of you as well or the ministry won't go anywhere.

So it's the mindset for me and that is not really any different than it is at best. How can I serve in such a way that it helps people who are called by God to do for people ministry servers do that.

Even better, and take care of themselves talk, and they I think I can help facilitate that. That's what I try to do, but I'm also reminded when you said that of the story and I will say anything about. I'll try to be very vague in a sense about this, but you are talking way back early in the program about something and there's someone that I was talking with who had a ministry and was struggling to find the ministry, but also had as talent and something they could do that generated income and basically we had to have a discussion around go away and think about what is the most essential thing is that we are with the central again once the most essential thing that you need that ministry to be successful. Two weeks later they came back and said I need to earn enough money to fund it.

So what if, for a while, your focus is on earning the money with the purpose of meeting to ultimately have the ministry, but let's get the order straight and basically that's the direction they went in there ministry is still going is not going at this at the scale but would like, but it still there because of what we talked about the day I would be I would be remiss if I don't lay people with the challenge and the challenge is to think about what is one thing one baby step that you could take this week that would feel like it's a moment for you. I'm thinking one for myself and so that's what caused because of that of taking on that challenge and I'm going and I want that to to resonate with with all my fellow caregivers. What is that one thing that would be a moment for you last year that there's okay last thought is what you are saying is you know the Bible talks about seeking first the kingdom of God and all these things, you know will be added to you. But it also talks about if I got my priorities right right so if I'm seeking him first. That's a caveat. He actually puts things in my heart that are his desires and I think they're not. But it's got to be in that sequence. It's got to start with. I gotta seek him first. Then these things are was the most essential thing could seek you first give God a 633 seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things. It doesn't mean that would often have tears and struggles and travails along the way because anybody tells you that allow about other things but it does mean that you go to be healthier and stronger to look at those things with perspective.

That's the whole point of this is hope for the caregiver is that conviction that we asked characters can live a, healthier, and dare I say the more joyful life. While we deal with challenges and brutal realities we all deal with and that's the human condition, but we don't have to be miserable in it and this is what Terry has been talking about in your business.

Your business dreams are are important, they are important things they are not to be discarded away. They may have to modify they may have to be flexible.

There's an old business axiom.

That you may have heard, Blessed are the flexible for they shall not be been out of state to study Scripture but but but it's a true statement you you flexibility is a huge issue it in any type of organization and in life.

And so I hope these principles will seek in an and as Terry said, what's a moment for you this week. Just something moment for you did. Don't don't don't feel this obligation make it grandiose, just a moment for you. That is, is sold charging energizing. Yes, we have to look at heartbreaking realities. I get I do. That's part of our life as caregivers, but life is still to be enjoyable.

It is beautiful. Even today, right now in the midst of this, and you can see the fingerprints of God. If you look closely you can hear the whisper if you listen closely and see that the these inviting you to go down into a deeper journey of relationship with him and see him moving these things in those desires in your heart if you're seeking him and his righteousness those desires in your heart just boarding therefore to God and at night. I thank Terry for me with the book is called the art of choice making changes in work and life. I have appreciate you being here with Terry. I and we thank you for doing so, we gotta go. This is hope caregiver hope the caregiver.this is John Butler and I produce hope for the caregiver with Peter Rosenberger.

Some of you know the remarkable story of Peter's wife Gracie and recently Peter talk to Gracie about all the wonderful things that have emerged from her difficult journey. Take a listen Gracie.

When you envision doing a prosthetic limb outreach. Did you ever think the inmates would help you do that, not in a million years. When you go to the facility run by core civic and you see the faces of these inmates that are working on prosthetic limbs that you have helped collect from all of the country that you put out the plea for and their disassembly sell these legs like what you have your own prosody and arms and arms everything when you see all this.

What is the duty makes me cry because I see the smiles on their faces and I know I know what it is to me like someplace where you can't get out without somebody else allowing you to get out course, being in the hospital so much and so long and so that these men are so glad that they get to be doing as as one man said something good family with my hands. Did you know before you became an amputee that parts of prosthetic limbs could be recycled now had no idea and I thought a peg leg. I thought of wooden legs. I never thought of titanium and carbon lags and flex the sea legs and all that. I never thought about that as you watch these inmates participate in something like this, knowing that there there helping other people don't walk there, providing the means for the supplies to get over there. What is it do to you.

Just on the heart level.

I wish I could explain to the world. What I see in here and I wish that I could be able to go and say the this guy right here Denise go to Africa with that. I never not feel that way out every time you know you always make me have to leave. I don't want to leave them. II feel like I'm at home with them and I feel like we have a common bond that would've never expected that only God could put together. Now that you've had experience with it what you think of the faith-based programs. The core civic offers. I think they're just absolutely awesome and I think every prison out there should have faith-based programs like this because the return rate of the man that are involved in this particular faith-based program and other ones like it, but I know that this one are.

It is just an amazingly low rate compared to those who don't happen and I think that that says so much that has anything to do with me just has something to do with God using somebody broken to help other broken people. If people want to donate or use prosthetic limbs, whether from a loved one who passed away or you know somebody well groomed. You've donated some of your own for them to have it, how they do that now. Please go to standing with staining with Thanks, Gracie

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