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"Not Making It Worse Counts As A Win!"

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger
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December 5, 2020 5:36 pm

"Not Making It Worse Counts As A Win!"

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger

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December 5, 2020 5:36 pm

From Hope for the Caregiver's Radio broadcast DECEMBER 5, 2020. Plus callers, and a tricky trivia question! 

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Christmas gift why not the one with the chicken leaving applicable as Christmas gifts chicken maybe it's not the get for your family, but it gives the perfect gift for poor family ninja chicken can break the cycle of poverty for poor family yes chicken chickens and provide food and nourishment for family and they can sell those eggs at the market for income when you donate a chicken or any other gospel for Asia. One percent of what you give goes to the field and get the ball went gospel fundraiser to support family and Jesus family this Christmas and give them six explanation see chickens and camping family radio I Rosenberg this is as a family caregiver drawn on now my 35th year of experience to help bring some insights of word along the way, the hard way got the scars to prove it in the greater great what I say. Great is already why it is Arctic blonde were glad you with us. 888-589-8840 888-589-8840-are you going into the Christmas season we've got turmoil around our country. We got all kinds of craziness going on around the world, coronavirus, and everything else. And on top of that, your caregiver are you doing that's the question we asked for every caregiver the calls in and we want to know how you are feeling and let's talk about that. 888-589-8840. This shows exclusively for the caregiver. If you're not a caregiver. You could get something out but were here for the caregiver we have we have identified this massive population that's at risk, and they need to be able to have a place where they can express how they're feeling with it and understand what's going on with them in the context of the word of God. That's what this show is so important because we bring a biblical focus to this world like any other show and I'm thankful that American family radio seen the value for this and we are we are grateful to be able to have the opportunity to talk to you caregiver struggled with isolationist one of the toughest issues that caregiver struggled with and through this network and all of her affiliates with the Truth Network's radio and some these other fillers have joined along with the show. There's over 200 stations that are carrying the show we are penetrating you that isolation and bringing tangible ways to help you stay strong and healthy as a caregiver are our topic today. This is a I think is a tip of the season for us as caregivers that I want to give you a trivia question to back this up. Alright, so pay attention here topic today is it here's the tip. If you don't make it worse, that counts as a win if you don't make it worse, that counts as a window. Those of you who been doing this a long time understand that in the context of what were Talbot as caregivers go into the Christmas season and it can get a little bit gnarly. There's a lot of stress anyway.

The days are shorter than nights or longer.

There's all kinds of drama goes on where in Canada the Bermuda triangle of holidays for caregivers.

So if you don't make it worse. That counts as a win right now. Let me give you a tribute question of Scripture, the kind of back that up. So somebody who made it worse.

I do remember in first Samuel 31 Saul went out to fight the Philistines was the king and his sons Jonathan a bid that been a dab. Can you say that right of been a dab mall tissue they would out there with. They were all killed. His sons rocket and Saul was badly wounded badly want. They looked at his armor bearer uses draw your sword and thrust me through with it less. These uncircumcised, and thrust me through would mistreat me with his armor bearer wouldn't do it for he feared Great Lakes. Therefore, Saul took his own sword and fell upon Saul killed himself.

Now is the basically and it goes through what happened. Following that, and then we go into second Samuel and now this is worse where David rises to the throne here but but at the beginning of second Samuel, David is at his camp here comes Escada and he gives report that David is a bid that Saul has been killed and Jonathan and his brothers were killed and then David said to this young man will how do you know this, and the young man told him says by chance I happened to be on Mount Gilboa when there was Saul leaning on his spear. Behold, the church, the horsemen were come upon what he looked behind him.

He saw many call to be and I answered, here I am the said to be who are you and the guy told who he was and he said times to stand beside me and kill me for my anguish. He sees me in my life, yet still lingers and so I stood beside him and I killed him because I was sure that he could not live after he had fallen and I took the crown that was on his head in the arm that was on his armor, brought it to you, my Lord, that's what this guy told Dave that he's thinking that David is going to reward because he knew that Saul didn't like David and he's thinking he's got something going here and David just wasn't anguish just tore his clothes and had this guy killed. He said what made you think that you could touch the Lord's anointed, that a guy didn't kill Saul.

He lied about it. He took a bad situation if he made it worse and David had killed now by trivia question is do you know what nationality this guy was night that's a little heart is little obscure so but you probably couldn't Google it, but do you know 888-589-8840 888-589-8840 if you know what nationality that guy was and I may even just give the winner of this trivia question. A copy of my CV cells for the caregiver is that it's a calling, CDs, great hymns on the greatest things about half of love just instrumental about the piano playing on some things that I think will meaningful to you and if you know it may give that out today about promising see how well you know the answer but I wanted to see if if you knew who this guy was an here's a situation where this guy saw an opportunity. The king was dead and he thought, he's going to go in there and get into the good graces of the next key. He took a bad situation and he made it worse. Now how many of you all as a caregiver have been in that situation where you it it's going bad and then you make it worse, it often times it's because we open our mouths.

You know it you don't often have to make amends for something you didn't say, but when you take a bad situation that's going down a bad path and you make it worse. That's where it becomes even increasingly harder for us to scared that I am guilty of that you were tired or stressed out and then we just lose our cookies and and we ended up saying things are I'll end up saying things are two things I just deeply regret I took a bad situation made it worse. But if you don't make it worse.

Do you count that as a win and I'm saying to you that yet you can bet to win. It doesn't have to be better for it to be a win for you.

It could be, not worse. I know that may sound a little bit different but I really would would would like you to think about that little bit as it is a caregiver. Some of the situations we live with are not going to get better, but they don't have to get worse certainly by something that we do. We can't control what's going on with our loved one.

We can't control the vast amount of things going on. The really the only thing we can control or our thoughts, our words and our deeds, so are your thoughts are your words are your deeds make the situation worse. If they're not making it worse. Take a moment to just say give yourself about a boy and a girl when you go do not make it worse, that counts as a win. Right now we as caregivers could use a few lives could we you're doing something extraordinary or volunteering every single day.

Whether you do it remotely with you doing financially with you doing physically are all the above you're there doing something every single day to advance the ball of caring for this love one and it's costing you on every level, and if you don't make it worse. That's a win that's a win. Do you feel that way. 888-589-8840 888-589-8840 if you know the nationality of that guy who ended up kill as saying that he killed Saul you really didn't but he said he did just get in good graces with David and he took a bad situation made it worse. And David said it's on your head because you said about that 885-8988 40 dispute arose murder. This is hopefully caregiver healthy caregivers make better caregivers and a hero in this show we got a trivia question here and I tip of the day the tip of the season is if you don't make it worse. That killed his widow were talking about a situation regarding Scripture made it worse. It was, it would in baseball be called an unforced error to eat. He took advantage of a situation he sold King Saul killed himself and he wanted to get in good graces with David. He knew David was going to be the king, and so he went and took some trophies from that and solved in fighting the Philistines and he went to David he said hey I killed.

He asked me to give my new owner/I went and killed with David just said he went ballistic with and he said it's on your head.

You said it, and he had that got killed and what was the nationality of that guy and I've got a lot of people want is a lot of third saying that the not caregivers but they want to answer it. So the real test their knowledge on Scripture here the skill with Johnny in Pennsylvania. Johnny good morning are you feeling I'm right right you are you well you know I think I'm doing okay and I did a mental inventory.

Most of these here alright so what I asked out.

It was this guy I bike about it. I'm not your back. :-) Her cropped buddy. I will live a more specific Scripture verse to him and he identifies himself as a note, I know you got back I brought like I which was the nation of one knowing I couldn't Google it while you drive it I know it is small. You close your close you really close you are about you get your getting very specific on the king's name from the old days, and there is a tie and that but but but this guy identified himself as an a for my note but I do appreciate you call and check on that. Let me let you go to Linden, Texas, Linda Linda says she knows this is Linda. I don't think I can print out right now.

Caregiver be better for me to write somebody out after this it it says you were a caregiver for a short while making hearing hard talk about it because it my best friend.

Nothing might get best friend in the Lord that I am right we get everything together with family. Now they want to talk to me and blaming me for it. Time to get out and they had only been about a year and about a year and felt And I might help me before we get into the trivia question here.

What are the diet of her and blaming me for cancer. He went to go yet chemical wrap with it came out when the right thing. He went to grout my file that I had been the one but they're not okay to say that it's your fault for not getting the treatment that they fell again out okay and was he was he in any way delusional or not. Leave a little now know when it got me court like starting to get all time. I really like doing everything holistically doing when he made the decision to go holistically was get out some of it when it hello Sigg, when he made the decision to go holistically was his mind slipping out fine. They had not been diagnosed with any kind of dementia of any kind and I can now count Alpine well then then you can tell his family that he was a grown man he made his own grown man decisions and if he was if he was not in his right mind, they may have a conversation with you say hey you use you took somebody what is right by.

But if he was not suffered from dementia you look at the families he was a grown man he made his own grown man decisions is that an accurate statement. Well then, be at peace with that and let the family stew in the romance. If you don't make it worse, that counts as a wind member that's our tip so you don't have no one there and get into a big fight with these people just don't make it worse. Sometimes you sometimes you bite your tongue and learn to like the taste of blood he ever heard that before. Now at very know it's it's better than having to go back and make amends. Now let's talk about this trip. You think you got the answer given to what he identified himself as High. It's Amalekite was Amalekite Amalekite AMA Ellie K IDE Amalekite right now.

It's Amalekite at 9 AM and like I and commitment your arm. David said to him, who are you and the guy answered.

I am in Amalekite Amalekite was of the truck that didn't come from a gag in the Johnny from Pennsylvania was right. He did come from a gag but that here's the bonus question who was charged with killing a gag and didn't do it. You know that one really what who yahoo who was supposed to kill a gag who was of the Amalekites and he didn't do it. What I remember the high pain well looking looking at going on and maybe somebody knows out 888-589-8840 he made a bad situation worse and it came back to haunt Israel for many many years they'll but here's but here's my last word to you you again the character tip of the season is if you don't make it worse, that counts as a win.

If the family didn't want to talk to you then you know what don't talk to you. Just keep your side of the street clean.

How about that and praying for me, ran if they do they do if they don't they don't, but but you know if he was not of any kind of mental impairment. When he made this decision he made a grown man decision. Okay, and he knew he this is how old was he really five background sound that still well.

We just we just got a guy that may be elected president of that 78 I don't know how feeble his mind is but the point is is that instead. If you could run for president, 78 years old. You could certainly make your own decisions about cancer. If you have no diagnoses of mental impairment.

So you just let the family be don't make it worse. Let sleeping dogs lie with that family. You can go on and live your life in and give them some space about that kind of like helping wine that I really hurt. We went Thanksgiving. Craig quickly get off trying to think with the family together and all the pain really heart that I understand the and and well. I understand that with their other their other relationships out there you can build and build a bond on a better situation than what you had with this family.

Now, but you know they're going to blame somebody the goodbyes will blame you. But you know, unless Unless you talk this guy into doing it. I wouldn't I would spend a lot of time worried about okay collecting docket that will know again and I let him blame the holistic doctor given the doctor's name letter. Blame the holistic doctor about that yet you go live your life, your people to comment all the content there for you I you I'm at night. You know every week and everything else going all the time for family will appreciate that very much.

And you can also get the podcast we put our podcasts out there for free headset hopefully you can see more about that and that we got almost 500 episodes of things I put up bonus stuff of the put up another song from Gracie. That's a bonus thing for the podcast to put that out next week.

Think you guys like and so just go out and take a look at its free and appreciate you calling Linda and you behave yourself a Merry Christmas and happy Hanukkah yes it does.

And I thank you for saying that John and North Dakota John how you feeling all right wanted your caregiver to your wife.

What's going on with that all well now she's gone through a lot of stuff when she was younger out there.

Marriage is an amazing woman you know we both love the Lord what she is suffering from. Well she would like a child. I know she didn't have didn't know who her father was her mother was addicted to drugs and and she was elected from her family. I think they're all because you don't talk a lot because it brings up a lot of it trigger how would you how you been a caregiver for others it just me and a husband to which is no small task of you dealing with a lot of emotional baggage with this. You specifically need caregiving well. She dedicated her neck injury.

We constantly got pictures that the doctor not now.

She has five herniated Internet because her husband Carol. He was doing yeah yeah list were going to break your can you very quickly tell me what was the name who was supposed to feel that you name it without harming their know who was supposed to kill leaders Amalekite was supposed to kill him and he didn't doing thought we got a go to break this rosary. This hopefully caregiver will be like this is the show for you as a family caregiver 888-589-8888 eight 589-8840. I'm testing your knowledge today on your Old Testament knowledge of Israel's ancient enemies and this young guy, I was young guy but this guy happened upon the battlefield and Saul. Saul heard that Saul was dead and he said he's going to make it up to me of this thing, and he went to David today. I killed he was already mortally wounded. He Wenger survived, he has to kill him so I did that Saul did ask his armor bearer to do it. His armor bearer wouldn't do it. But this guy said he did it but he didn't hook us all what had fell on his own sword and killed himself.

We want to get some kind of payback from David and he got payback just off the county want to because David was incensed with that and he had killed for touching the Lord's anointed guy identified himself as Amalekite now somebody was supposed to go out and kill a gag. The king of the Amalekites and wipe them all out, who didn't do it. I would with for the bonus question on that and always have a reason for doing this for a reason. Here takes bad situation makes it worse and assist caregivers. If you don't make it worse, that counts as a win. Don't make it worse, sometimes is just bad. We don't have to get involved or we don't want to say anything to exacerbated in the put all the tension on us. We had a call just a little bit ago called hidden and Yoshi was blamed by the family for convincing this guy to go into a holistic treatment for cancer instead of going through radiation or chemo like the family wanted to this cabinet assumpsit situation but evidently she became injected in the story as the blame for back away.

Let it make his own grown man decision. If he's not feebleminded. Then he make his own grown man decisions. I'm a big fan let people make their own decisions in dealing with so I that that's my tip for us is caregiver for me to if it's that don't make it worse make it worse, that counts as a win. Okay, we can always fix everything we can make everything right, but we'll have to make it more wrong. That's a better way to live for us is caregiver's dawn in Arkansas is been on the phone for well.I feel I am doing pretty good and had a good night sleep and that's always helpful. That is always hope. And thank you Michael, you're quite welcome. Thanks, Melissa was on the moon. Well I'll tell you as soon as you asked that question. I knew the answer because I did a big study on the spirit of the Amalekite.

Saul was supposed to wipe out the Amalekites. He didn't do it and make adequate.

The only one left and so the question is okay if he was the last of the Amalekite when Amon come from, and a Jewish legend has it that a gag rate for Jewish girl who served him his last meal, and she carried on the Amalekite personage and the characteristic of Amalekite is the thing out. They murder they hate Jews and they have sex before they are killed and hello hello go back to go back even further.

Then you find that way back when the Israelites were either addressing them when their ugly God has a long memory does all you last one at the Amalekite spirit was Adolf Hitler will. I will let outlet you another folks sort that out. My point was today's to say here's a guy that made this worse. The credit for something didn't do to try to get something was a horrible situation. He made it work and and Saul took a situation where it was supposed wipe them out.

That's a bad situation but he made it worse by not following what God did in Samuel. At that point is his leg lulled him Saul that this is the cost. Your kingdom you got a son with cerebral palsy understand you, how you doing with all this, I'd say probably doing pretty good. We have some help with them during the day, still nursing at night and in a couple of days he will. We will celebrate 28th birthday 20 C live at home with you. That is correct. I see how functional is easy able to get up I not dysfunctional at all like 100% disabled doesn't talk and he has a trach and he is on event at night and during the day. We have given these support professionals come into help us take care of them and their few and far between. Because I guess that's not lucrative employment.

I think she's holding up pretty good and I try to tell her no, I do not feel guilty, you have the greatest excuse for not getting things done well it all runs this you feel guilty at times yeah about what well I guess not taking good enough care of our son and she has won several patient advocate awards and and I would say that she's doing an outstanding job and where the student where the awards write about the computer in our living room. You have a track light spotlights on at night you can afford them about about how every time she feels guilty just sunlight running toward okay I would do that and you let her know that you know what she's doing something extraordinary. Oh yeah, and guilt is one of the hardest things we deal with his caregivers as part of the fear obligation guilt. I call it the fog of caregivers and you know we caregivers judge yourselves without mercy on our performance and what you tell her this. Okay then I will put this on podcast you listen to.

So tell me her name Jeannie I Jeannie this just for you. We caregivers judge yourselves without mercy on her job performance okay and I get that.

So I would ask you to be fair I want you to judge yourself on your job performance. I want you to also judge yourself on your attendance record. Know what your attendance record. Jeannie and I would guess that it's 100% because you still doing it so you have an attendance record of 100% of an impossible situation.

If you judge yourself on your performance record I should just be fair and look at your attendance record you keep showing up and that's worth something that means something that says something of you. You're not going to get it right going to make mistakes. You gotta make a lot of mistakes but you keep showing up okay.

That's the deal.

And so take a deep breath and look at all those awards to got an and dogs is to get track lighting and put it all on their spotlight right over the mantle right on.

That's a great Christmas gift a dog I just given Christmas ideas right now.

Jeannie don't listen to spark case.does this for Christmas, but that's a great Christmas gift to let her know that okay and and keep keep affirming to her that you know she keeps showing extraordinary my brother and my brother and sister-in-law have a child with.

She's 32, pretty much the same way as your son and they they are extraordinary. I got my dear first cousin and her husband have a daughter very similar situation. You know what the keep showing up and they would tell they would echo the same thing to you and Jeannie keep showing up an electronic version sermon illustration, perseverance, the only way to stalemated to the ark. That's a good one right there. That is a good one with Don, thank you so very much for the call on this.

I think what you know what dawn since you had the back history of all that you tied it in the Heyman I'm to send you copy by CD.

How about that I'm a let you on the gifts that is nobody else tie that into Heyman and that was that was actually for the bonus round of the bonus round and so hang tight on that end and we go to get your information I will put you on hold will get your information right Bob and Oklahoma Bob are you feeling, Bob you with this. I'm sorry I didn't figure out my pocket with. That's the first time ever that, but that's all right how you feel about writing a grosser underwater head cell phone in my pocket so I could start her and stuff and I did not get so quick well better not deserve well you say that the Dave Ramsey show your caregiver to your wife. Was going on with. She has COPD and I want to shout out.

There was smoke please stop right now. You don't know how bad your partner so she smoke room for many many many many years and she's reaping the clinical benefits of it and it's just a prescriber for a while they put her on steroids and apparently it caused her quarters all output to stop or slow down drastically and now she has problems with her quarters all is just been a snowball in this just got worse and worse. Now what's an average day with you like this is your caregiver well. I get up to my work at home but anyway I try to get her start the triangular nation Magi spends a good portion of the time in bed just to have any energy. Should this can hardly get up and try to do so you do not getting in the laundry and everything else. Well I I will give her coming when she feels that she gets up and she does something she does not want. She didn't want me to do everything like that and I certainly don't think she she does quite a bit concerning considering her for help and how she feels it is lying on the envelope with his covert junk in your right just break my this is hoping to get this dealing with the topic today is season. Don't make it worse that counts is I 888-589-8888 58. Have you ever struggled to trust God when things happen to you. I'm Gracie Rosenberger in 1983 I experienced a horrific car accident leading 80 surgeries in both legs and became it. I questioned why God allowed something so brittle to happen to me. But over time I questions changed and I discovered courage to trust God that understanding along with an appreciation for quality prosthetic limbs led me to establish standing with help more than a dozen years we been working with the government of Ghana and West Africa, equipping and training local workers to build and maintain quality prosthetic limbs for their own people on a regular basis. We purchased ship equipment and supplies and with the help of inmates in a Tennessee prison.

We also recycle parts from donated lambs. All of this is to point others to Christ. The source of my help and strength, please visit standing with to learn more and participate in lifting I'm Gracie and I am staining with help caregiver here. American family radio this Rosenberger this is the nation's number 12 as a family. Pray for you own 888-589-8840 888-589-8840 were talking with Bob in Oklahoma State gives what you see you smoked and has limited abilities stressing the best you can with what she has bobbled me ask you this.

If there's one issue that kind of nags at your heart. What would it be God, I guess. Well I guess I am. I guess angry with her because because she would not would not quit smoking and I used to smoke myself many years ago I quit I been smoking Josh 20 years or more. But anyway, I tried to encourage her to smoke to not smoke and and trying to do everything I could never would quit and I'm I'm angry with her because she's she's Jesus cheated herself and seven and her family out of a lot of good times out of a big portion of life and I say that the only answer here. This is how you feel. This is how you feel it's it's however ugly it may look or or whatever and it is though it is what it is so we do that anger. Bob, I probably more than anything, just stuff it and go on their working 40 hours, sometimes good sometimes than ever talk to somebody about it. Probably not not to this extent.

I guess well and sometimes it just takes you know takes one caregiver to another. Just ask your baby the question in a way this could make sense to you a bit. I speak fluent caregiver so I get it.

Anger is is part of what we live with in it and it stems from a lot of hurt. It stems from the law would win one.

A wound is angry. It's red in his flame that at the core of it is still alone it's it's something that hurts this hurt she and because you hurt your angry when you get fearful we get angry.

This is one of our our go to defense mechanisms.

We get angry because it makes us feel of the more powerful and feels feel pretty powerless when you deal with situation critically when someone did something self-inflicted and I found that most of our challenges we live with our self-inflicted on some level. Our sin is self-inflicted and so it it but it's something that needs to be addressed honestly with with maybe a trained professional. Bob, have you considered maybe to sit down with somebody who's got some good sense about a been around the block a bit to be at seven professional counselor. Maybe some wise pastor somebody that you can trust to go in and just don't cut up, let them hold you here what you puke a bit. I know this is graphic, but that would have to has to happen in Metairie.

I had to hold it but you got, you know some somebody they could look at look at it splattered all over the table and not be freaked out about and give you some insights. You obviously have some understanding of Scripture, but sometimes it takes somebody that to walk through to could see it from a little different viewpoint and that might be good Christmas present a gift to yourself and your wife is for you to go to someone else. A trained professional of some kind and maybe sit down and have a conversation about your anger and how you can better process that out and work that through particularly the in the context of Scripture and in the grace of Christ that that value. Now drive I will I will think about that. I will consider consider that I want to thank you. I never heard your programs first time that I keyed in on the caregiver part will.

This is interesting. I listen to AFR all the time that I had never heard your program and I guess God put me here and turn the radio on this morning in motion. And I appreciate it will very grateful that you did. And this is what we do the show because you never know who's listening. You never know who's out there caregivers by just as as a rule, are usually often overlooked and we if if you were the first person if you were the first caregiver this ever stuffed your anger. I would be concerned. Bob but you're not. You're not the first person is done this you not the first caregiver the status you not the first caregiving husband.

I am the crash test dummy of caregivers. Bob you could if you could fail at it. I failed at okay and you know, but it's not healthy for you to do this. Healthy caregivers write better caregivers a part of being healthy is listless deal with this. Okay so start with your pastor maybe can recommend somebody that you can talk to that would be of person not somebody right out of school will be somebody's been around the block a little bit okay and have an sit down with that. Maybe there's a support group that you can go and just listen how other people do there a lot of twelve-step groups out there for people who live with people with afflictions and that you can learn what you can and cannot control you wife made her own grown woman decisions that you can be better better mad at her, or you can learn to make peace with the fact that this is hurts decision and you're going to do the best you can to to live a life of healthiness in the midst of it and reflect the grace of Christ that is extended to you as you make your own self-inflicted decisions right and that's that's kind of the way we have to look at it.

I think for us to be able to navigate this little bit more peacefully be given a shot and might be a great Christmas present to give to yourself. I got try to sit through a lot of the phones as best as I can and the Bob I thank you for listen hope you keep listen very, very much.

Margaret all right out. Don't don't put the phone back in your pocket losing okay all right, but it also your lady Sheila and South Dakota Sheila how you feeling well what can I talk about with you this morning I find a common and tell you I get happen.

Check your program and down. My husband Five years ago and I would not caregiver for like seven years and am pretty much at the Mayo Clinic all that time but I wish I would've known of your program, then to the morning around a lot of feeling before and and I'm glad you're there for the people.

Now that I need you and I just want to tell you that.

But thank you very much. I know I started this program out to give a place for caregivers to to hear something in their own language in a way they can understand it's got a tug at your ear because of speaking a language that you as a caregiver. No, and I am just very grateful that that AFR decided to put this on and you can thank the God that is engineering the show today. He is the program director for the whole network and he saw value in this, his name is Jim Stanley and he so value what were doing and he's got and answered your phone or or his wife didn't and he saw value in this and that that there's a great population of people who are floundering and they're so busy sometimes getting their loved one to Jesus.

They don't recognize a need Jesus just as much and I and and that that's our journey.

Yeah like a weekly form had been passed down large so that what he did today. That's been five I'm wandering know I'm a I'm a farmer and what harm you grown with farm crop monitoring well I's crops.

I was hoping it was marijuana but I figured it was a lot I don't know what happened there no way out when your car and being barley, alfalfa, wheat, and you running this with two by yourself for what, no, no, I have to Sons and I like, I mean I'm to go for now will that's okay. I love farmers grew up in a rural community in South Carolina now live way out in the even more rural community in Montana and I don't think we do enough in our country for farmers because you know eating is from last I heard, eating is important and radio. I'm grateful for what you do you enjoy just getting out in the farm and doing stuff you have some livestock as well as just crops we have about 500 head of cattle and then after my husband passed. We got rid of him. So we don't have any cattle right now I am quicker and in other kind. My hobby yeah there in about with the culvert. Now you can go anywhere, you know, South Dakota HotBot to fill yeah you know what, I don't think you transferred to a horse and I think, vice versa know and what I feed the horses in the winter here in Montana and will start doing that probably next week we got Arctic blast think it's gonna come in and out of yourself will thereby brother-in-law's and I feed him during wintertime okay and I read about your full-time best of the local rancher down the road. She said you know I love to feed the cattle in the horses because there always excited to see me.

Is it always somebody was excited to see me so go out there love upon the horses today.

Churchill used to say to something about the outset of the horses gets good for the inside of a man or woman and you would concur with that would be glad you felt the show. I hope you keep you keep listening and I hope you stay with us. We gotta go with the show but thank you so much for taking the time this is over. The caregiver hopefully will see you next week. Thanks much

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