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Lessons from a Paper Turkey, Poems, and Christmas Tips for Caregivers

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger
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November 30, 2020 3:30 am

Lessons from a Paper Turkey, Poems, and Christmas Tips for Caregivers

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger

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November 30, 2020 3:30 am

As caregivers, we regularly shake hands with the abnormal.  Yet, are we able to insert “normalcy” in that abnormal. During one holiday event, Gracie’s grandmother provided a teachable moment in a hospital cafeteria.

In addition, this episode features two of our favorite poems while also discussing two gifts caregivers can give to themselves during Christmas.  John and I packed quite a bit into this episode.

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Christmas gift why not electric but one with the chicken even have a couple in chicken maybe it's not the for your family, but it gives the perfect gift for poor family ninja chicken can break the cycle of poverty for poor family yes chicken chickens and provide nourishment for family and they can sell mosaics at the market for income when you donate a chicken or any other gospel for Asian 1% of what you give goes to the field, and basketball went gospel fundraiser to support family. Jesus family this Christmas, give them six explanation see chickens and camping jump box with 65 million American service caregiver for sick or disabled what you want to listen to my print show redneck tendencies really good. What this is our podcast you along with us as we delve into all things speak so you would think by now I would've blurted up in my 35th year. I am Peter Rosenberg bringing you a lifetime of experience to offer a lifeline of help those who are pushing the wheelchair state of like love ones back and forth medical visits name laundry you off. I've often felt that laundries was the biggest task reduced. But through all of that house your heart speaks because your headspace was the sole of the caregiver. What what was going on with that. That's what we talked about on the show because if your heart is squarely placed.

Guess what, it doesn't matter how good you do the laundry this matter.

These other things and so our goal here on the show is to offer insights and things that will help strengthen you from the inside out. And in that way we can dinner our wallets have a fighting chance. Our bodies have a fighting chance or jobs or relationships. Everything else is a fighting chance if our heart spaces in a good place and so we'd love to have you join with this if you watch along on social media. We do stream the podcast level social media through her Facebook page.

Hope for the caregiver and her Facebook group. Hopefully Gary will join that and also through our page of standing with hope, which is the present sponsor of the show. The overall arching ministry that supports what we do and you can follow others laugh and inserted the podcast if you was to buy down the podcast. You know how to get in touch with the podcast is a free podcast, I hope you share with others we are. I think encroaching upon our 500th episode. I think we can pretty close to if not already there and we have a pretty exhaustive library of topics and things we've just just delved into and hope you take advantage of MSA we I don't mean myself in the plural. I mean himself the baron of the board sold to the sale, the Earl of engineering. The man who is lovely to behold, he is John Butler the Celt of mighty disco. Everyone how you doing Peter, thank you so much.

We intro it is lovely to behold your lovely to behold relative the barrel of the dog crate for graded terrible job of know we got a lot to cover your okay I want to ask you a couple questions okay. How was your Thanksgiving. My thinking was fantastic. I roasted a dock. I baked several cheesecakes and I woke up Friday morning and just cut off a slice of fresh-baked bread and dipped in duck fat and that was my breakfast and it was fantastic.

I now know we all thought we talked about the food a lot initially like oh that's what I but I did. I did a lot of cooking but I got to do a lot of cooking with the kids and that was a real treat.

There was joy that they do up to a point obvious to do a lot of cleaning with the kids today enjoy that part of they did not enjoy that part. However, they are on dishwasher duty. So I grew up in a large family and we all had a sadness we had chores, but my dad used to say look your mother is not your made and That was also captured in the Navy and so we asked for bed to be made. He literally wanted to see 1/4 bounce off of it yet and there it was that he meant something very specific when he said I want this bed made as he showed us how to do it. We knew how to do it and then but we each had a night for kitchen duties. Do you still do hospital corners. When you make a one sometimes. Sometimes that's shy sometimes I cut corners that, but I am of my night to do the kitchen was always Wednesday night okay I have four brothers and so we chatted. We pull at it assist her baby sister but we each pull the night in that way. Mom was not stuck with kitchen full of dirty dishes and so you know that was her life, but we had a quite thick-skinned we were going to go down to South Carolina but we did not.

I just did not healed up enough for my surgery that I felt like cross-country sitting in a plane so we push that back until after the holidays and they will have little bit more time to be with him is not so crazy because I I'd I do have a large family, and only about 1/3 of got together a multi-wood state therein because a government job just getting but it it's a large framing so it's a little mama dedicate little elderly so it's a little overwhelming when we all come in right and so will have some quality time and then they'll give me a chance to heal up when I go in Christmas to see our new granddaughter Natalie who I have eyes I'm not seeing this young lady if you had if you had physically and I'm proud of you have met also. I bet unfortunate, but probably a good call is the side of the times, but I will be coming sooner so would be up for her. I wanted to share something fully getting about what to talk about today and by the way you get to be shut out already on Facebook from Marianne Marianne. It is a delight to hear from you. Thank you so much and it is my pleasure.

I want to share something that that happened many years and when I wrote Gracie's book. I helped her put her her autobiography together, Gracie, standing with hope and belief about looking directly at you, John. Looking over I got two cameras here and think. Yeah, you know, I know the deal. But I know what I am when I was helping her put together her book.

I'm very Gracie after her accident.

I didn't know when she had her accident and it was until several years later that I met, but when they were at the hospital.

I did a lot of research to help her put all this together that I hope actually pin it says told me of the publisher said no was Wendover stored better than you, so you help you you right. Did you see my grades in English class we got a figure came back with so much red ink on it. The first rabbit that had been stabbed but it's so but there was a a is a talk with the family about you know the events that happen. Gracie was hurt on November 18. But you're right.

Here is a holiday so so she was unconscious for three weeks her hips back that steering wheel pretty hard and she was unconscious for three weeks and and hovering between life and death. They did not know if she was going to live or not. And they were having Thanksgiving her families, her sister and her mother and father and her aunt and her grandmother all came up there. There and they had Thanksgiving in the hospital cafeteria one floor below.

Intensive care were Gracie was in and I know this hospital very well because we had 50+ surgeries at that hospital writer to get so I know I know I know this cafeteria and so the down there and the families trying their hardest to have some kind of meaningful Thanksgiving experience and Gracie's grandmother is going on. She passed away many years ago. She pulled out one of those old paper turkeys that fold out you know that have them yeah yeah and she put it on the table and she inserted a spot of normalcy.

Yeah into a extremely abnormal situation, and I've always thought it would include that in the story and always thought that was an important moment that you know it all and I think it only comes from people who have the kind of perspective that may be you know somebody lived, she said she was know she's older she was elderly at the time she had gone through the depression and help you to world war.

She lost a son who was in the military she she know all the things if she lost her husband so she had a lot of life experiences and not Larson surprise the slave know and and and she also understood the importance of normalcy and abnormal situations affect what this a great lesson for us as caregivers that it's okay even in the midst of crazy sometimes it's just gonna be a fold out paper turkey that you get, you know, at the dollar store whatever it is I don't know what where she got it, but but I always admired her for trying to help orient the families they look were going to get through this and and we do have something to be thankful for and and and Gracie of course lived in and has gone on to achieve great things. Even though she bears in her body.

The scars and the consequences of what happened to her and still has to deal with but for me that was an important symbol that was important symbol is so that I IAI had Thanksgiving dinner here with her parents and and we you know we talked a little bit about that journey and this is our as we give thanks you know III try to imagine how painful that was for her family to have to be sleeping on the floor in a critical care waiting room over Thanksgiving, but by the time they kind of started catching their breath little bit.

That's when her grandmother came up with and also they started to fill the room to stay in and that, Stefan, and because they were from Florida. Gracie was in Tennessee and so for the things that Thanksgiving can be very, very, very difficult for families with special needs and disabilities and so forth and and and it we want to be up for the holidays and have just great time and all that but it's also a time of of deep reflection for a lot of people that there are a lot of thanksgivings that have not been so festive we grace have had Thanksgiving dinner. It was she's been in the hospital bed and and and the church brought a meal to us there so we had a nice Thanksgiving meal that we were in the hospital and so and thanks giving's, like that it gets.

It does call us to think about for what were thankful everything worked out but that can really be like and be this just all positive thing right automaton to be thankful for, but it also you know the light of that can cast a shadow make you think about.

I really need to be thankful for things because of all this other stuff you can beat his fleet deal it is.

It is a bittersweet time for a lot of people I respect that.

One of things I do on the college show on Saturday mornings when I have a some of the colors. John doesn't get up early with me on that agenda.

One since it is contracted, he would not have a lot of on-air broadcast before no attractiveness. There is my Saturday is my one day to sleep in.

The kids know it will guide up real early with a lawyer that put out that I am, I asked people to give something that there thankful for and I had to edit drill down with this because the first couple colors all of thankful for God and and and his son Jesus Christ did at our site list. I get that we all get real.

I get it wrong know what you think. But I want you to drill down to get something very specific that your thankful for and and I think the more specific you get. I think the more connection you have to it, the more if it was sort of like and for while it's more pertinent you know or you know it it's it's more crystalline in your mind. If you really have your you can think about are and I'm I'm thankful for the love of my family. Well, that's you know is not specific enough. If you want to say I am really thankful for the love of my only child, Ryan. I doubt I will tell you one for me is that I not. I know this to be a heartbreak for a lot of guys because I thought to but I am very very thankful that I never have to spend a minute looking over my shoulder, wondering if my father loves and approves of me.

I know I'm not one minute I die.

I have no doubt that my dad truly loves me and approves of me another did not always approve everything I did complete approves of me as as does my mother and and you know I that this is a little bit personal, but every time I'm with them I leave them I talked to the throughout the week. After almost every day but when I'm with them personally. I look at them and I consider elderly and I say look. Nothing needs to be said and nothing needs to be unsaid in an area in this just something up and I'm very thankful that I have that kind of relationship because none of the board.

Older I get, the more I realized how few people have that you and it is not. It's something to be treasured and I do treasure this is this is something that it started going off on a little bit of the high-traffic bike fits us to live yeah yeah put that sort of attitude that that feeling that you have that you don't ever have to worry about does my dad love and cherish me it's it's it's makes me think about the ruckus a lot this week, and there are people who really don't have that about themselves.

They don't have the confidence in their own ability. They don't love themselves in a way that allows them to be confident in certain situations or allows them to be yelled socialist socially adept as they might want to because uncomfortable with that I hearing.

I have one less thing to offer and I wouldn't be very bold on this one John. I am thankful that your two children will never have to look over their shoulder and wonder if there dad loves it, approves of them because I know the 55 thankful for that. The model that you are to those kids.

This is over the caregiver so I would get a little bit emotional. There, but that you know what being a caregiver is emotional state Roseburg logo. I will be right you ever struggled to trust God when things happen to you.

I'm Gracie Rosenberger in 1983 I experienced a horrific car accident leading 80 surgeries in both legs and became I questioned why God allowed something so brutal to happen to me. But over time the questions changed and I discovered courage to trust God that understanding along with an appreciation for quality prosthetic limbs led me to establish standing with help more than a dozen years we been working with the government of Ghana and West Africa, equipping and training local workers to build and maintain quality prosthetic limbs for their own people on a regular basis.

We purchased ship equipment and supplies and with the help of inmates in a Tennessee prison.

We also recycle parts from donated lambs is to point others to Christ. The source of my help and strength, please visit standing with to learn more and participate in lifting others that standing

I'm Gracie. I am staining with help the caregiver. I am Peter Rosen as a family caregiver to help stronger and healthier. Indira said it even a little more joyful as we deal with often very difficult circumstances but we don't have to collapse under the strain of bad storms make for good sailors and that's kind of our our our whole thing here where we're not asking that necessarily the storms will take away because we know that we they will be it in some storms and last a lifetime, but may we be stronger in it and so were glad to have you with us, which we all met last week actually just that I don't I don't want I want that the road to be easy.

I did want to be strong for railroad areas yeah and and it's it's well it's it speaks for itself.

There's a letter lawyers use. I can't remember what it is you should know know Qui Bono (though some said if the synthesis of jolly fragments.

I don't know something but anyway so that's I don't know how your Thanksgiving went for further who listen the show regularly. You know, our our our sensitivity to how difficult holidays can be for caregivers and those year-long publishers know that my my favorite holiday of course is Arbor Day is underground, no muss, no fuss was that you know a thing about April Fools' Day people. But on Arbor Day.

There's no mustard, no fuss, no parade, not no drama you just three water and say a prayer walk away that circuit but but I recognize how difficult it is for for caregivers holidays times because you had this unwieldy burden of making it special and also with that sense of dread that oh my, oh my goodness, this may be the last one thing yeah and and and that's a hard way to live and so we want to do things on the show that are going to speak to that in a way that you are strengthened and encouraged by this you you don't have to have it perfect you know we all want the courier knives or the Norman Rockwell UU beverage training for Thanksgiving normal okay. There is no way that that not Sam.

Roughly, there is no way that that little old lady can hold up that bird the way that she told right you see her. She's leaving on the table and this bird is bigger than her and told it like a block and tackle yeah well you think you hold anything right away it is, and we pain ourselves though into these these terrible corners of of that are hard to shake because we've got to make it like it was unrealistic standards that we think are our our standards when in fact they are, they aren't there, you know that we made him up and and and it's the society that made him up.

It's not your neighbor that made about at the end of the day it's you that made and you can just change anything. You're the one this chest shackled to it yet yet you're the one is married to Bill's for example, everybody's having turkey you had duck. Oh yeah, last year I had beef Wellington, but I remember that resident older with Bugs Bunny and Daffy duck duck season referencing the fits all and of can really enjoy the traditional things and and and want to do that and do everything right. The things that are really important to me and I can't say what's important everybody else, but I would humbly submit that the things that are really important is not whether you get the whole being for the whole the whole Barry or just the jelly cranberry stuff in the camp. I would submit that it is not you know it did mama make the stuffing this year that ship that I really like.

I would submit that it is there some really much more important things like teachers: grandma now there are well said. And those things are fine. Don't get me wrong you can you can hyperbolic we complain about things, but you can head and edit, but it is sometimes you have to have a Thanksgiving in a hospital room and sometimes after wave through a window because you can't get in to see them, and sometimes it's just the paperwork that's in sometimes to paper turkey in the hospital cafeteria and if it is what it is, as we shift gears next segment will we come back from the break above the elbow to go into some stuff getting ready for Christmas because that's another one that becomes very difficult. But last week we read a point from one of our listeners who said it and it and I referenced this point is what it's it may be my favorite poet of all time. Maybe there there's is a simple point, but for some reason it spoke to me know of connoisseur of the arts by any stretch of the imagination, but this didn't don't don't you have a composition degree, will I do, but is music composition and let you and I wanted to read this right well history of art, but I I'm not like some people are just like what you called of the guy that knows how all the great wines sommelier with similar small yeah yeah or your you are you aren't you now is that the other part of our day. No party eighth of but this one I love and I think this speaks to me as a caregiver, because it think that I think about all the things that turning that I must do a bus to a must do and that pulled last week we read from the list was an X out of a podcast if you want to go. Please take a page that it's a beautiful poem she did remind me of this with this is mine. This is what I have those moments and it's by Robert Frost stopping by Woods on a snowy evening and I live in Montana live out here next to the forest and we have snow evidence. This is, I live in Narnia and this is six months out of the year, but it's I would read it to you before you go to break whose woods these are I think I know his houses in the village though he will not see me stopping here to watch his woods fill up with snow my little horse must think it queer to stop without a farmhouse near between the woods and frozen lake the darkest evening of the year he gives his harness bells a shake to ask if there is some mistake the only other sounds the sweep of easy wind and downy flake.

These woods are lovely, dark and deep but I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep as a caregiver that make that chokes me up every time because I there places that are so pristine really beautiful or peaceful, whether it's in the moment just closing your ass, or whether it is physically going outside, but I see the horse that through the window here to see the horses out here. The snow and and but I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep and I think that's that's the tension for us as caregivers is that we find these places of beauty, but were the tension is that we know we have we have a lot to do and how do we resolve that tension in a way that doesn't compromise our abilities to be healthier people and to to appreciate the beauty and talk a little bit about that more.

The next segment but and I have miles to go before I sleep. This is Peter over this open caregiver here with John Butler and we are so glad that you with the stove away will be right back in the speed. Rosenberger never helped somebody walk for the first time I've had that privilege many times through our organization.

Standing with hope when my wife Gracie gave up both of her legs follow this horrible Rick that she had as a teenager and she try to save them for years and if it just wouldn't work out. And finally she relinquished him and that while this is that I'm not heavy legs anymore. What can God do with that and then she had this vision for using prosthetic limbs as a means of sharing the gospel to put legs on her fellow amputees and that's what we been doing now since 2005 was standing with hope. We work in the West African country of Ghana and you can be a part of that through supplies through supporting team members through supporting the work that were doing over there. You could designate a limb. There's all kinds of ways that you could be a part of giving the gift that keeps on walking and standing with would you take a moment ago understanding with and see how you can give they go walking and leaping and praising God. You could be a part of as a caregiver. Think about all the legal documents you need power of attorney will, living wills, and so many more than about such things as disputes about medical bills. What if instead of shelling out hefty fees for a few days of legal help paid a monthly membership and got a law firm for life. Well, we're taking legal representation and making some revisions in the form of accessible, affordable, full-service coverage. Finally, you can live life know you have a lawyer in your back pocket who at the same time is an empty it's called legal shield and its practical, affordable and a must for the family caregiver visit caregiver that's caregiver

Isn't it about time someone started advocating for you on independent associate. Welcome back to hope caregiver that's Gracie from her CD, resilient know what you want for Christmas gift great Christmas gift. You can go out to be a part of what were doing and hope for the you see versus donate any amount. Any amount will send you That CD and you can send it on to some put it in the stocking for someone or whatever it's it's a great CD that she's done of sounds and just lift you up. Touch your heart. She ends up with a beautiful rendition of an old hymn: breathe on me, breath of God, and she doesn't a cappella and the reason she did you know that him but my mother was in intensive care with congestive heart failure.

She could bring her memory she had. She had tubes of ventilator treatment if she was she was a pretty bad shape and and she pointed out she wanted Gracie to sing that to her progression know I got to him before, and I listen to Gracie. I helped her learn it and then but I listen to her as is common in the hallway she was in the intensive care and I could hear her voice echoing all the way down throughout the quarter, and nurses were stopping to listen. Gracie was thinking. Breathe on me, breath of God, and it was like it I thought okay were put that on the wreck that was like yeah it why would Chris Latham and I did that. We were just bawling in the control room.

She was okay. So real quick aside question because I do have a poem by the a lot and I like your fly like it I like your ear for poetry. What you do crazy. We are taught to grown men talk about poetry on the Seattle ivory but like I have written poetry my entire life. There is no there is no greater creative force that a young man trying to get a young lady well said beside the point. Beside the point bites.

I do have a quick question for you go before before I give you poem's spirit is not bearded free yeah yeah what is do you have a review of hospitals based on the acoustics like you actually II was I gotta tell you that the agreement Memorial Hospital agreement South Carolina where her Gracie seeking that sticks were so good there, but at least we're the icy use of the was a lot of carpet right there with that.

Now most hospital rooms don't have carpet but a lot of the hallways will have carpet and so I remember St. Thomas the putting carpet so didn't do it that the rooms itself are kind of noisy but the hallways will be quiet or they had that kind of that flooring that was, sound absorbent. It was dark it it almost like he kinda gave a little bit Vanderbilt there's no acoustics will help Vanderbilt in Nashville is just it is it is a cacophony of of sounds at Vanderbilt to be just is just the noise nonstop and Summit.

I don't member a whole lot about their acoustics.

Henderson Memorial and it is okay out here at this little hospital here in Ennis. It's okay a lot of carpet in the hallways. My point is is that no one got paid well I did I just give you a list of six hospitals exactly but that wouldn't want to grieve it with my mother was the best of right so one of my favorite programs is from Arthur O'Shaughnessy and it's just owed and agreed to let you know the opening so we are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams Willy Wonka standing by Levine monitors and sitting by desolate streams, world losers and world force acres on whom the pale moon gleams but we are the movers and shakers of the world forever it seems.

With wonderful deathless ditties we build up the world's great cities, and out of a fabulous story we fashion an empire's glory. One man at pleasure, shall go forth and conquer a crown and three with a new song's measure can trample an empire down. We in the ages lying in the buried past of the earth, built Nineveh with our sighing, and Babel itself with our mirth and work through them with prophesies into the old of the new world's worth for each age is a dream that is dying, or one that is coming to birth meant that you I can do a whole. I do a whole CD of John reading poetry. I just realized that this is you should be set. Why does it speak to well I a little bit because of Thanksgiving. Each age is a dream that is dying, or one that is coming to birth. It's especially in this year we've got a really weird set of circumstances going on and we always feel like were on the brink of something terrible but that's every day. That's we we and and and we, as humans, we we built this wonderful time.

We built this city on yeah it's definitely we built Nineveh with our sighing, and Babel with our mirth and then we overthrew them because we found something that works better. And that's your account that the it's it's just a little bit about Chai think you wrote that about you document what was some some terrible war hero but just like hey yeah things are weird things are things are are are strange, but change the Gracie sits on the other day that a lot of people been posted on social media.

She said yelled out with when they were saved got to wait for 20/20 to be overly go out on New Year's Eve and give the finger to 2020. It always comes out. I and she said never wished anything away because there are countless others who would give one more day even in 2020, exactly, and that's a little better liquidity with a review of pertinent yeah yeah and and so you know I look at the people that we've lost this year.just of the coronavirus, but other things and I look at it. The things that were lost to people lost the ability to do and so forth and so it was just it was a very was a splash of cold water on me from Gracie to say hey really think through this don't wish anything away because bike as we all know people who would give all they have for one more day with the cherished loved one. That kind of thing so you know, and I think that one of anybody can say it's Gracie and I think so and I think that we we we sometimes donate unrefuted this about what I'm doing eight column every week in the local community paper out here on caregiver corners Colette dear Abby's dear Peter sure her hand and and I'm a mom I'm hoping to syndicated you know, just like have done with the radio show, but do with this yet. I was told I have a face for radio and a voice for print, but one of the questions that I got was dear Peter, would you do it again, and this is the answer will back as caregivers, we struggle enough with reality so living in the hypotheticals never recommended in the note. I went into explain my thoughts on this because I don't like to live in the hypothetical think we we could live list, don't live in the wood could, should, or if only sometimes we romanticize or regret the past or we fantasize and or or or rate of the future anyway were not living in the pot and the present, and that's the hardest thing for us as caregivers and for you to take that point in just pounded in his okay here's the breath of of this and you say here's our moment in time to wrap her arms around this and and I love that so nobody think of an idea of a Mac from everybody. Should we do a full record of John doing poetry alive. So I know I did. Well I do a weird like Facebook live broadcast my friends sort of field are getting too far into it but one of the rewards for for watching long enough, is all taking what I'll do a cold read vote for your favorite phone at me and I'll I'll read it right off the bat just happy to do it. I love it because it really in the same way that you asked somebody. Do you have a favorite song do you know like, what's what. Something that really speaks to you or what something that you would ask him to what their favorite moments or even like how they take their hashbrowns waffle house, but something personal change that now that I conducted at Western Montana scattered tilted and branded know well I have to make my own, though I don't so bad for a waffle house, you have no idea of man. I look at a pivot just to hear because I will surely at least two of these in as we get up to Christmas these things that caregivers what can we do for ourselves as caregivers for Christmas or what, exactly, what can you do for love of the more portly that the security report reported for yourself what can you do some job picked to the stuff about yeah yeah yeah okay so I've got a white seven or eight of these that are your your general deals that I and I love all one thing that I that really leaps out at me is this is it's it's it sounds like the most mundane one or the one that is like oh why would why would you why would you lead with this one, but I feel like it might be the most important and do something physical, it's not something physical, yeah it's it's getting out and and especially now I can do because that can it it touches on a lot of the other things that you talk about, but it's even just like he said walking to the back of the house and back or or are you note. I find that's out with the kids and either doing distance learning right now where cooped up an awful lot and I have to really make the decision to go out and say hey let's go ride the bikes around the block or let's walk down to the field and throw the frisbee or the you're in charge of a recess I'm in charge. Recess absolutely, so I have to be on. Otherwise they don't get out and do anything and it's really really important, especially in the waning rest of summer and fall, but it can, it can, it touches on a lot of the other things like writing a card for yourself or for you know getting out to to break that isolation even though were were stuck in this weird because I quarantine situation getting out and even just waiting at people on the road this out but I'm I'm coming at this from a gentleman who lives in the southern United States of America. So we waited before we leave it it animals out here for you will pack up on anything you put two googly eyes on the rumba.

I may commit my friend and giving it a name right next door. Googly eyes. I get out of doing physical therapy with my knee and of listen to a physical therapist talk about the importance of what needs to happen you know and I can see the difference in my left leg in my right leg. Because a loss of muscle mass in my left leg and I got to work on strengthening that up and she said that'll come with walking, but you gotta get a you budget 30 minutes of something you know and and that's important and and so we caregivers tend to be a it's it's real easy to become sedentary and through time, putting out fires all day. You know and well and I went know what you go ahead you're you're putting out fires all day. It's easy to neglect those habits of get up and going to Jim about your thing or you go you go. My mother used to go for a swim every morning and that was that was her thing and that was her way of kind of getting a little bit of mindfulness or meditation or something where it was a habit that she was in, but then she was put out fires because she was raising my brother and I by herself and two boys make it very easy. Well, I realize how much I miss this, but I was there with my leg because I would get out all of the horse. I would be out of the property you are doing something in and and I am starting to get back in the swing of it now and push myself to walk and to try to walk better but you're right. If David that that that's a great gift that we give ourselves to the holidays because we would also it's darker, there's more darkness.

It tends to dampen our hearts and our souls a little bit now and so I think it's really important for us to get outside, move ourselves around just to get those endorphins going because what happens is we do everything to start piling on us it emotionally and physically and we start getting further down and then we put on the you know the holiday 15 pounds. That kind of thing whatever you and an end and it just kind of works against us, we have to understand it's working against is that the only way we can push back one of the best ways we can push back as a caregiver to give ourselves a Christmas gift is to do something physical, that's good we do get time before we go to the break Mr. one more. John okay okay so this one is actually my favorite police are these really the only of the Christmastime of these are gifts that you can give yourself is a caregiver yeah and I didn't ask my favorite but I want to leave with Canada, preaching one of the goat got get up get up Look out bites.

The other one that this one. I really like I feel is very important is to do something that brings you joy and some activity doesn't necessarily need to be physical. I like to do calligraphy. That's not really high heart rate sport dragons a little bit. He not only does calligraphy but he's been doing music, scoring a been watching that the pricing idea and I took that enclave music school and you are quite good at that young man will thank you that that little post actually got me about four or five commissions which with employment being a little bit fuzzy these days. That was really nice so I got commissions from well for Christmas gifts. You will some of my posts of get before five commit commitments and enjoy things to break right you were coming up on we are going to bring these things. These are great Christmas gifts we can give to ourselves as a caregiver and what are some things that could do for yourself. Cost a lot of money but we do talk about this and every week will add some more to it by the time Christmas gets here you're not floundering a little bit you been embracing who you are in caring for who you are, this is Peter Rosenberg.

This is over caregiver living right. Have you ever struggled to trust God when lousy things happen to you.

I'm Gracie Rosenberger, 1983 I experienced a horrific car accident leading 80 surgeries in both legs and became I questioned why God allowed something so brutal to happen to me.

But over time the questions changed and I discovered courage to trust God that understanding along with an appreciation for quality prosthetic limbs led me to establish standing without more than a dozen years we been working with the government of Ghana and West Africa, equipping and training local workers to build and maintain quality prosthetic limbs for their own people on a regular basis.

We purchased ship equipment and supplies and with the help of inmates in a Tennessee prison. We also recycle parts from donated lambs is to point others to Christ. The source of my help and strength these visits standing to learn more and participate in lifting others standing I'm Gracie.

I am standing without, and hopefully caregiver. This is Peter Rosenberg. This is the show for you as a family caregiver does the joy of the Lord serves your strength and it does for my wife indeed and then she is Gracie with rust half and I just loved it just loveless nursing.

I did something that brought joy to talk about things that you can do Christmas gift for yourself now to build up your heart and to to strengthen you and all the schedule things and John is going to the list we have here commit to doing something that brings joy to your heart. I did something on Thanksgiving day because I didn't. We didn't travel so we had the open day we had Thanksgiving meal at dinner time, so I had the afternoon and I lay down, let let my leg propped up a little bit and I listen to almost all of Handel's Messiah and that we every have Alexa so I just tell Alexis just play the whole thing and there was couple the arias are skipped we just returned to bed early on to this. There's a lot of it's it's a 3 1/2 hour ordeal yeah but it brought. I Handel's Messiah.

Those Those Core Choral Pieces.

I Have the Son These Things in Every Voice As I Started off Signet When I Was in Grade School As a Spring. Oh Yeah, It Is My Voice Changed. It Just Went Further, Having Just Further down the Usual Tragic Failure to Face so I Was I Would Salvage the Same Base in It, but I Knew All the Parts We Get to These These Fabulous Courses Including the Hallelujah Chorus Which Is Not the Ending of the Messiah.

By the Way Love You That's Not the Ending Is Worthy Is the Lamb.

But When You Get to the and One of My Favorites.

That Was, and Glory, the Glory of the House at the Ducting and Music School, so I'm Laying There and I've Conducted This and Have Seen in My Mind Just Orchestra in the Choir and Appoint All the Parts to Come in and I Just Tears Filled My Eyes of the Sixes It It's It's Such an Exquisitely Beautiful Piece. He Composed All That 24 Days Really, You Know That Four Days That Will He Was. That's What He Brought Joy to Me That This I Can't Tell You What It Did for Me Personally, Just to Just to Lift My Soul and Martin Luther Used To Say There's Nothing like Me a Second to the Word of God.

Music List the Soul Is Not Just Delete Shortcut to All Parts of Our Psyche.

I Don't Not That This Is Not a Scratch That, Dale.

Yeah I Know That's the First to Complete for Oh It's It's Yeah It's It's a Chico or Whatever You Want to Call It Bites. This Is Not This Is Probably a Dig on Myself but I Don't Often I Cry at Weddings Really Bad Bites like in the Middle of the Day or Something like That.

It Is Not It's Not I'm I'm Not Not like That and That's Okay. It's Not a Big Deal but If You Get Me on a Particular Night, and There There Are a Couple of Songs That Reach into Me and Just I Know Another One of Which One.

No One, Hallelujah. Oh, That's a Good One Yeah That's a Good One That Went: He Did a Really Good It's It for Five Cords Is Nothing, Nothing Is More Progression Ever Man but Is A Lot a Money Farm. Also, the, the End of the UBM about That Futurama Episode with the Dog across the Court to Quell Side but You Know There's There's a Couple Songs That Really Short-Circuit Everything about Us Sometimes and It Might Be Because We Heard Them up Your Time or Because They're Just Constructed in a Way That Is Incredibly Moving, but There Is Something about the Human Soul That Responds to This in Ways That Are There There Unintentional. There There There outside of Our Our Ability to Yell. We Can't Contain It.

We Can't Yeah It Just Comes Right out and and I for Me. I like All Kinds of Music. I Was Music Major and and This Is Bit I Have. I Don't. I Really Don't Remember a Time When One Desires in a Flat Minor Hurt That Her but It's I Learned to Appreciate All All Kinds of Things.

But When I Sit on It and I Just Said I Want to Hear the Messiah and I Thought Back to All the Courses That I Sang in with the Orchestras and and Everything Else and There Is Nothing like Doing This with a Full Orchestra and a Full Choir. I Did Not Know There's a Little Research on It Did Not Know This about the Messiah, but It Was It Was Really Written for Smaller Group of 20 Singers in a Small Ensemble with the Harpsichord and in Couple Volunteer like a Chamber Thing Yeah Once Was to Have It but That Is a Good Popularity. People Thought It Needed to Be Bigger Make It Bigger Make You Know Edgar Will Get Guests Who Re-Orchestrated A Lot Of This to Make It Big with the Beethoven Sort Mozart Okay Mozart Then It Is Swell to the Point He Got to One Point Where They Had 600+ Choir Members Singing and Then They Realize We Got to Follow What Venue There Is No Room for Your It It It Just Is Just Nuts and so but That This Was I Was Listen to at the University. Oxford University over London. I Guess Where It Is. Cambridge (Somewhere in England and That They Were Doing and Then Scale It down but It Was Exquisite, and It Just It It It It It Immediately Took Me Back to All the Squires the First Time I Heard This Piece without Seeing This, and Because of Son. All Four Parts of This I Knew Were All the Parts Came in Right Right I Right That Was That Was Really Just Sit There in Just Just like I Just I Could Just Picture the Choir, I Could Pitch the Orchestra and I Knew When the Trumpets Were Forced to Commit a New with the Tiffany Came in a New Altos Would Come in and I Was to Get in My Mind and Time Flew out the Window and This Is Not Going to Be As a Caregiver Right and That's the Reason We Talk about All This, by the Way, I Will Couple Couple of Pieces That If If If I Want to Mention before We Get into This. I Wake up Every Day to Moonlight Sonata. All Three Movements. It's a Really Good Wake up Because It Starts Very Chill and Then Builds for a Little Bit and Some Craziness, but Also Rhapsody in Blue Love Now You and I Know Ellie. I Know Every Note to That like like You Could Requite It and Just like All of the Mass but I Know When You Know That That Leonard Bernstein Version Just I Know Every Piece of It and This Is Something It Brings Me Joy. Mass Were Really Talking about to Give Yourself a Guess As a Caregiver. It's Really Important to Convene Experience Can Be a Little Bit of Time, It Can Be Now Doing a Piece of Art for Yourself.

It Can Be Gardening They Can Beat What Hank L1 Said I Don't Know Why Anybody Is Going to Cut Grass That Is Ardently Leave You with This. Did the Show That Is Our Challenge to US Caregivers. Find Something This Season and beyond the Brings You Joy. Joy Lifts Your Heart Have To Be an Oratorio like the Messiah Could Be Just Listen to Crazy Terry, but I Think This Is Something That Brings You Joy. This Is Hopefully Caregiver Will See You Next Week. Hopefully

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