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Gracie and Russ Taff on the Show Discussing Their Duet on Gracie's New CD: Resilient

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger
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November 11, 2019 12:21 am

Gracie and Russ Taff on the Show Discussing Their Duet on Gracie's New CD: Resilient

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger

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November 11, 2019 12:21 am

You guys have a laid out a path for everybody else to follow. You have a laid out an example.  And now God is using that to instruct His kids all over the country—all over the world—of, “’When you're up against a struggle,’ Don't turn in fear! —Watch what we do when we follow Christ."  - Russ Taff.


The New CD From Standing With Hope Founder, Gracie Rosenberger


For virtually her entire life, Gracie Rosenberger’s powerful and soaring voice brought crowds to their feet— in stark contrast to her broken body traumatized by a horrific 1983 car accident that led to 80 surgeries and the amputation of both legs.

Yet, the lengthy years of surgeries, pain, infections, and a host of other issues took their toll. In 2010, Gracie’s already compromised health plummeted deeper, and she faced death several times.

The outlook looked bleak, and her voice appeared silenced.

Gracie, however, fought back. Above all, she trusted God with her difficult challenges. Literally singing from her hospital beds, Gracie pushed herself to rise from near certain death to stand …and walk. 

With every step— and every song—Gracie trusts God with her challenges while demonstrating perseverance. Gracie continues to prove that she is…Resilient!

Joining me on the show, Gracie shared her powerful story, and the journey towards making this new CD ...her first in more than a decade. Gospel Music Icon, Russ Taff, called the show as they both shared about their duet on this album (The Joy of the Lord.)

This 14-song CD is an exclusive gift from Standing With Hope for a tax-deductible contribution of any amount. 


About Standing With Hope  “For the Wounded and Those Who Care for Them” Prosthetic Limb Outreach

Following the amputation of her legs, Gracie Rosenberger envisioned a way to assist her fellow amputees with quality prosthetic limbs as a means of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As a result, she launched Standing With Hope. This led to an unique partnership with the Republic of Ghana in 2005. Standing With Hope regularly sends supplies and teams to train and equip local worker to help them build and maintain limbs for their own people.

Inmate Outreach

In addition, inmates at a Tennessee prison volunteer to help disassemble used prosthetic limbs collected by Standing With Hope in order to recycle usable parts.  This prison outreach is one of many faith-based initiatives run by Core Civic at their correctional facilities. As a result, those recycled parts are shipped (along with purchased supplies) to build custom-fitted limbs in Ghana. Furthermore, patients come from as far away as Nigeria to receive prosthetic limbs and treatment.

Family Caregiver Outreach

Standing With Hope expanded the ministry’s scope in 2011 to include an outreach headed by co-founder, Peter Rosenberger. Drawing upon his lengthy journey as Gracie’s caregiver, Peter launched his radio program, HOPE FOR THE CAREGIVER. As a result of Peter’s efforts and the great need of family caregivers, the show has soared to the #1 broadcast show for family caregivers. Hope for the Caregiver is heard LIVE each week on American Family Radio and Sirius XM’s Family Talk Channel (131). 


Hope for the Caregiver
Peter Rosenberger
Hope for the Caregiver
Peter Rosenberger
Hope for the Caregiver
Peter Rosenberger
Hope for the Caregiver
Peter Rosenberger
Hope for the Caregiver
Peter Rosenberger

Program on family talk channel Sirius XM 131 this is Peter Rosenberger. This is the nascent number one show for the family caregiver. We are so glad that you're part of the show today 877-655-6755 if you want to be a part of the show 877-655-6755. Maybe you're taking care of somebody who has Alzheimer's. Maybe you're taking care of somebody who has autism. Maybe you have an addict in your life. Whatever the impairment, there's always a caregiver, and this show is designed to help strengthen that family caregiver in health, safety, and let them catch their breath taken the if you have to and you might even be surprised. You may even laugh a little bit during the show and we were thrilled to have special guest today that I'll tell you, but in just a moment.

But before I introduce that special guest.

We always have to introduce my sidekick use the bearer of the board is Earl of engineering his soul to the sound.

He's the man who still got half of them in daylight savings is not falling asleep count of mighty disco. Everyone is it takes for all that was catch-up with you know what there is there is there is a lot of 19. Absolutely no this is this is a good time year I was out raking leaves, you know, it's a beautiful 60 something degrees here in Tennessee, but from what I understand it's not white. That sort of climate where you yourself right now. Is it started. It actually started off nice this morning and then that the north wind blew in a bunch of snow and it drop pretty significantly.

So we got snow coming down right now it looks like in Dallas did not follow.

Sorry. Routing 70 okay. Well, welcome to the show we are.

We are literally doing the show from around the country and I'm glad. Have you that voice you hear his voice, and I've heard often in my sleep in my dreams today my nightmares. It is John and you sleeping as though I don't hear John in my sleep, but I do hear you and that is my wife, Gracie, she's joining us for special show today. Well, if you want to follow along on video we do in the show on Facebook laugh for the caregiver you will be a part of the show were to do some special things here with Gracie today. Later on in the show Russ Taft gospel icon recording on settings like 11 Grammies and 18 Dove awards he's going to join us because Gracie's get a new duet that's off of her brand-new record is called resilient and they're going to fix that here in just a few minutes ago to hear that Saul Gracie be ready by way welcome to the sugar she's is the first time on on the on the series show is my first time on the actual's I've been on pregame show not only because I was afraid you were frail we still are. John is not afraid he's never frame. We are still is. It is a always a wise decision to be wary of force of nature, so well for me introduce my wife Gracie to you she's laughing hysterically.

She left like a dry morning here just a few moments to get a really wound up with. She had a a terrible terrible car exit back in 1983 it was 30 is its cost is 36 years ago next week. The tent on 18 November, 36 years ago next week. She fell asleep at the wheel when she was 17 years old.

She's driving me to friend and slammed into a concrete abutment. It's pretty intense story and you can read about in her book if you want skull Gracie standing with hope. 80 surgeries. Both legs amputated hundred doctors, 12 hospitals seven different insurance companies $11 million hundred 50 smaller procedures that we can count on when I get rich ridiculously contrived ballpark of these things because it's too much, and it keeps going and I met her about a couple years after her wreck, she returned to college. She was a vocal performance major and I just saw this beautiful woman and an inner cartridge so she would leave me alone. She just stopped me and it was just Uncomfortable. I went to the Dean. I asked for some help. You listed really this is but I had no clue, no clue what it was like to be in relationship with someone who hurt and had the coming challenges she had and we were young and you know and I was dumb in a box of hammers, but we we clearly I was to yell you think that ship sailed. But it's we knew there was something special about our relationship and 4/5 get me wrong that's that's what it's got a cell 33 years later of marriage and we've been through a lot of hard hard realities couple years ago Gracie's health plummeted.

Even worse, we thought it was the end of the week.

We just didn't think make and infections in all kinds of things didn't think she ever sing again. It was really heartbreaking and and then switch flipped for her and executing a good quote yesterday Gracie of something you were saved in the hospital bed when you do this and you knew something was just something's not right. What you said you meant what you said yesterday leave the expletives down yes please show grace. I figured that I don't now, some just kidding while I only ready thanks anyway that's non-radiant.

Hopefully I just was lying near and I was in hospital. It was farther away from our house and I just thought not dying like this. Note this is not this is not how I this is not how this is going to end is not gonna honor God for this day.

In this way and and I just I just started thinking of songs and scriptures and purpose, and you know no matter how much Peter told me I was dying. I can tell you I said I am not and I'm glad you have my power of attorney politically. That's at section Valley with learners that he was the attitude trying to get across here that there was a resilient and that's what we name the record that I was really concerned she would be able to sing the first couple years like I could hurt her.

Her voice and everything was just really trash and singings been part of her life since she was three and then I got Chris Latham to come over to the house he brought over some recording year we went to college.

Gracie's Grammy award-winning engineer and we just tried out some things and it was looked at Chris and she saying this thing live to track any just big tears roll not lied to track live recording you in. Yeah, we had a name and me in the bedroom standing on my knees and the whale will in my gay own.

Well, that was how this went down and it was it was so amazing and we knew that okay and she had a lot of work to do to get her voice back in shape, but she did and so we can put together a lot of stuff and then she put together this this new record started singing more and more and more and and then this new record unit was birthed from that. It is called resilient and this is a special gift.

This record that were doing for standing with hope stay with hope is the outreach that she envisioned after she gave up both of her legs to help her fellow amputees and this is a means of sharing the gospel and we provide prosthetic limb parts and supplies, and training to the country of Ghana in West Africa since 2005 and it is all done to help share the gospel. We have a prosthetic limb recycling program where limbs come in from all over the country and they go to a prison in Tennessee where inmates will disassemble and will take those parts and send them over there traffic is you can recycle feet needs pile of screws, adapters, conductors, all kinds of stuff.

It is giving you everything in its edition extraordinary is an extraordinary ministry that she envisioned and that we have two programmers is for the wounded and those who care for them in this show was a part of it in the CDS is designed to help sponsor that so for any gift to standing with hope. Instead, with will send you the CD and we thought we debut feature song from that we can do today and it is the us on the Twila piercing many many many many years ago that's working to get Twila on the show today for this, but we could make that happen. Schedule was, but the the man who sang it with residue. It will be joining us at the bottom of the hour.

That's Russ Taft gospel icon Russ Taft, but I thought we go ahead and just play the already here at everybody right here is on Facebook around the country.

This is the joy of the Lord must have. I now know a job on your and is in is my wife Gracie Russ Taft joy of the Lord is a you know what I listen to that great. I knew that what I want to see that you sing that many, many years ago and I never forgot it was such an amazing performance that you did and and I thought I really want to hear you cut this in a really wanted Russ to sing it with you, and he'll be joining us like that years ago know it was different. It was just a different arrangement of it and we worked out this razor some great musicians in Nashville to help pull all this together and following rest and then Russ Echopass Russ excited ask a big kid. It was kind of embarrassing, but I asked Messenger because it felt like his voice would just what historian what he and Tori have been through and things that that was just the right right mix when you hear that and just we just got a few minutes for the barley out here but when you hear those lyrics. The joy of the Lord is your strength. You know and and people that know you and of her distorting Gracie. No kid you've been through the ringer. What does that mean to you to hear that that the joy of the Lord is your strength. I think sometimes we confuse joy with happiness. And that's not what you're singing.

You can see the happiness of the Lord is my strength of the joy of the Lord. What does that mean to you when you sing those lyrics when you hear the welcoming the joy of the Lord is talked about a lot in the New Testament that it's specifically I won't get into some, not that I could teach a Bible lesson on it that is talking a lot about specifically in the Old Testament, and I when I would say you know something I've clung to it is that when you eat if you let things the Psalms that David wrote he went through the lamenting of the Lord poured out his cell and his questions and his heart ache, but then it always he always came back around to encouraging himself in the Lord had encouraged himself.

The more we encourage himself in the Lord.

Based on what Scripture says my going back through as King David. But before he was King David when he was out in the fields with the seat going through all of the Scriptures.

He had committed to memory that was. He encouraged himself, the Lord, he would go back and say all of those trees that we now know we have the beautiful benefit of having them written down for us to be able to go and go.

This is where I can stand but then he just had the scrolls and he learned them as a young child and that was just word-of-mouth yes and so and for me when I think of that Russ and I doing it and we talked about this before we started singing and cutting any tracks when you are in any kind of pain, whether it's emotional or physical or marital he or whatever kind of pain. It is if it's bad enough you want to get out of it and you want to get out of it in any way possible for me. I think for anybody that's experienced that level of pain you come to the point where you saying that I want to put a bullet in my head or do I want to know what David named what he said you know why even though like Job said EA. All of this is that what's happening yet I still will trust.

I still will praise and you know I came back to that meeting many times I got tired of hearing sermons about Job from people that came to the hospital. That's the way that's Butler's favorite what I think it is. It's a great John Michalak it because you look at how he handled it and I daresay if we had to handle what he handled. I don't know. I mean, where obviously that's conjecture on my part thinking about that that I can say that but I can't say I've been through things and you know I'm in pain all the time. Unfortunately, no more pain pump and very little, very little. Anything else but the but. But the good side of that is is that I with my conscious mind can say no.

This is why I trust this is why I hope this is why I have a future. This is why I know that if God is with me I can do this, you know, I remember people asking me after file is not hearing me saying after this period of time because they I coded a lot in the inch of that huge tube down my throat. You know John and they had hurt my vocal cords and so at that point they don't really care if they're scraping your vocal cords.

A small ET live, which I'm grateful for living but I remember good friend of ours in Nashville asking me that.

And I looked at her and I start crying because I never try to sing him just what the congregation out the congregation and my voice cracked, just trying to sing the hymn, and I thought if I keep saying that's how I encourage myself in the Lord. That's how that's what he gave me since I was before.

I think I can read or talk is strong and and I just I asked him I said if it since you're asking. Could you prayed that I would be able if the Lord doesn't this side of heaven instantaneously will heal me or even over time. I'll take whatever he wants to give me, if he would just restore my voice because I was vocalizing was doing all the things I need to do and it just was not happening. It was not coming back and and you know she started praying for me and you know them talk amount. I'll call her out of the hat and I love that woman.

She started praying, and she had some of the friends of mine that know we closely prayed in the same thing and I know if it was gonna work.I know there's gonna work when Chris Layton came over and set up all of his stuff there. I was very nervous about all my goodness, what happens if nothing comes out, you know.

And that's kind of how the infancy of how this whole new CD started and thank God for critters like them and people like you John and people that People Peter saying well and Peter saying on the interstate, along how much a safe functional folks to get here early.

We music is been is such a huge part of our life together.

We boasted music professionally both in places where kids and is the. Even when we could even speak sometimes we would just sit at the parts of the cattle employee needs sing photos as do that just to forgive me for doing this from Beltsville Baptist Church in Ennis, Montana where they'll service the music director and or do the show from hereunder over renovating small Kevin will will do it all sounds so quiet, it is courier knives and fight very English countryside English because Western tigers is that my Dickensian awesome rights when I but we and 30,000. Even still scanning just thing yet still we couldn't we could speak sometimes what we could do music in the what I thought resequencing to get this just but then she did and she kept singing she kept singing and I was watching her you, Gracie, and we put this the last trek on the CD is the old him breathe on me, breath of God, and we put that on the because my mother was in intensive care last year and she was really hovering this door and Gracie said the same thing to my mother that she said to herself and my mother couldn't catch her breath was having congestive heart failure. She couldn't breathe very well and Gracie did not know this, yeah, but my mother asked for breathe on me, breath of God answer. Gracie learned from her mother and I could hear her singing this him all throughout intensive care, as you say it in nurses stop and listen to it and was just a cappella. So we put that on their celestial because of the sport.

Every one of the songs that you do has a story behind it. There's a meaning behind it. I never heard I never heard of you before you.

You don't really trace any that may make Taylor not read there in front of your monitors are, you learned that you did it well and have been the very last song she and her been a good that would've been on the beat put that on me which you been okay with it and and I think this is the whole purpose of this record is to communicate that there's something more, something that stronger that sustains us, even in the worst moments and I can say you've had more worse moments than most and you been doing this for long time, and yet here you are you laughing your cutlet with Butler making fun of me wishes I understand that but you know what you're not miserable in the joy of the Lord is your strength. I love that tune from you and Russ will be with us here at the bottom of the hour. Don't know when this is hope for the caregiver, hope for the dispute arose over the nation's number one show from the family care here with my wife Gracie cared for for life right. Have you ever struggled to trust God when lousy things happen to you. I'm Gracie Rosenberger in 1983 I experienced a horrific car accident leading 80 surgeries in both legs and became I questioned why God allowed something so brutal to happen to me. But over time the questions changed and I discovered courage to trust God that understanding along with an appreciation for quality prosthetic limbs led me to establish standing with help more than a dozen years we been working with the government of Ghana and West Africa, equipping and training local workers to build and maintain quality prosthetic limbs for their own people on a regular basis. We purchased ship equipment and supplies and with the help of inmates in a Tennessee prison.

We also recycle parts from donated lambs. All of this is to point others to Christ.

The source of my hope and strength. These visit standing with to learn more and participate in lifting others that standing I'm Gracie. I am staining with help caregivers about curators hosted by caregiver. This is Peter Rosenberger. This is the nation's double the family caregiver. I am Peter Rosenberger, loving, caring for this woman at my side right now for a lifetime. Wife Gracie just heard her coming in from the break of that. So let's offer for new CD resilient and last segment we debuted the new duet she had with gospel recording. I called Russ Taft who is on the line with this right now and Russ. I want to thank you for taking the time to call in the show. It means a lot.

I just love the songs you and Gracie to love just having the opportunity just to hang out with you, when recorded, how you feel today Russ, I'm doing great. I'm doing wonderful. Say hello to Gracie and you could hear your voice. I love you. Thank you so will rust when we did this song and I started think about some stuff I wanted to do with this record of hers, and I thought about you specifically because I knew that you and touring your family had walked through some deep waters and you don't you ever get to the point where you just not comfortable hanging around people that haven't walk through deep waters because you don't really heavy think it comes with yeah and and you know most of the time and let you've had your legs, you know your your head beat down and you walk your travel time. You don't have a lot to talk about with these people because I gave her always said you had walked to Stuff.

Hang on, it'll come, but you know it. It song is so powerful for me that and by the way, had a great time. The studio with you and Gracie. That was one of the best recording app affairs I've ever been in excess of the rust space something you know it was it had purpose.

It had meaning and you know not just thing on somebody else's record but you got your ministry has been so powerful for the years of reaching out and be an encouragement to people that have walked through great thing great thing and so it was a joy for me to be to contribute my little part.

You got your ministry. It was more that tell us little guys Gracie. The last segment what it meant to seeing the joy of the Lord is restricted and see the happiness of the Lords of the joy of the Lord what she same question, what does that mean to you when you hear that phrase because you been to that place where you had no place else to go.

This is the name of the Lord is a strong tower. Those who run into her safe. You've been in that place where there is nothing else but Christ to cling to what does that mean to you to sing that well at you guys know the main battle is in your mind.

And that's where so much of the battle fought because you're going to have voices all the time. Good, bad, down, in and out but when you hear your cell praising God and saying to yourself, no matter what the circumstance. He will work in my behalf and he will see me through it for me when I prayed and I worship it, you know, Tim, if I kite it goes up to glory it passes through the throne room and then he sent it right. Background with power and grace and mercy and strength. What you annual cycle of bending it up and he's bringing him back down to look at full of himself, of what he is in our lives, but when you say, what does it mean to pray. I go back to that that battle within your mind and you know I watched people like Gracie, you know. And if you have a positive day God will work with me.

God will help me God will see me through.

You have a choice to make, either you will likely have a plaque at our house.

It says trust God or go crazy and you both yeah but I love to surround myself with people that are walking through. I have walk through.

But I you know I have a did I have a choice every day while I grumble and complain and about my situation in my life are well. I trust God and keep myself added to the praise because when we played were saying you are alive, you are real you are working in our lives and I will not let any kind other negative voices in and if you are having them deposited me about you don't talk to me.

Just stay away from me because I found myself with people that are focused on God and and you know continually reminding ourselves that his joy joy is our strength and we have the capacity to stay there, but you have to work at it you know you can't wake up and be tossed to and fro. You know your mind. I don't know if I can make it and I don't know what's going on and you can get up in the morning and say Lord I turn this all over to you.

I can't handle this but but with your strength I can walk through anything, even though I walk to the valley of shadow would be there. He will be there but you have to stay positive and pray you have to stay focused on your chart and I know for me I have for the day that the month in the weeks I have gratitude meeting in my head and I've been there and I will go through things that happen through that day for the last week of the last month of things that he has walked with me through and and I began to feel this gratitude come over me like I can trust him and I feel this gratitude and and and and my mind came from Bromley and complaining and fearful and afraid to everything will be all right. Everything will be all right. Even in deathly man you know it, but for me to praise and worship and singing that song it just reminding out who God and that we can be can't contact, contact with him all through the day, all night the next day and the next day the next day and waiting for him to part the Red Sea and so if he's good at the Red Sea and pay not yet.

I hope God. That's something I know I'm not still in the glory of God. You keep your mouth shut.

Negative about a situation. No need to praise you know there's no need to reach out for joy of the Lord because we are focused on destruction. We are focused on failure and we got her fingers crossed hoping that something good will happen, but we stay in a situation in our mind. Like I don't know if he's not doing anything in my situation is so bad and nobody is hurt as bad as I look at you see people out there with great great great pain and and and her and found survive, and some don't. But yet the one who stayed focused stay in God's presence.

Worship him and praise him and keep that attitude of my God is alive and real and somehow someway through the situation, but for me I don't focus on that my mind will take me somewhere else that cooled me down makes me afraid and felt like my mind is a dangerous place to go into unaccompanied and I did that I know Gracie will assess your question, but I will be forward.

Forgive turn it over to her on this when you saying that which is now become one of most signature songs out there. In particular, for you and praise the Lord he can work to those who praise and praise the Lord. Now that would you, so that song now for 40 years or close to it right right but but it's it's different now.

When you sing it is absolutely but it turned into a song that I set it up now when I talk about it before I thing it's like what you do in the meantime you know what you do when you're waiting to hear back from the doctor what he what you do when things are falling apart around you are or what when you're waiting to hear back from a buyout. What you do love this song. Praise the Lord tells you he works to those who praise him, you know, don't get there in fear and be around people that not enough. You make it or not I make it or not, but being with people being with Jesus and and keep yourself positive, keep yourself positive friend of ours with your breast cancer and after surgery years ago that the doctor came out and she told keep her positive keep her positive because those that are positive have a much greater chance of getting well than those that don't stay positive and when you have a medical doctor telling you, you know. Surround yourself with true surround yourself with light you surround yourself with Jesus and stay positive. Your cancers are so much greater of things happening for your for your good you know and then you get me talk about that.

I get so fired up well to the counseling, the power lies in death is in the time it literally in the time and so you're going to mean something can make them sit outside once people literally make themselves physically sick by just saying I think I'm getting sick. I think I want to go please say you know I mean because I think it's it's not just a mental saying God clearly, at least in the Bible that I'm reading and read he he. There's there is a whole Lotta spiritual realm around what goes on with our tongue or else it wouldn't take. That's the hardest thing attain.

Maybe this found out about body, but is the hardest thing attain absolutely and and that's what I go back to what that doctor said day positive day positive keep her positive and and you know in the spirit world you know and the power of our tongue, and God is standing there saying I'm ready on here.

I love you I love you. You were standing there said oh I don't know if your computer or not, you know, I just don't know if I can get through this one, you know, I may be to my fellow caregivers because so many of us are in our loudest voice to the one who was suffering and and if were not speak in life to these individuals who were they going to listen to and if were not having life spoken to us who are we listening to and I had a caller: one time and you said you wanted to try to get the victory I said that I stopped mustard. The victories already there. You've already got the victory it happened at the cross had nothing to do with you rested it, rested, and in this is what concerns me about what's going on so many people were looking at medically assisted deathknell at all these things are going on because the world is just keeps offering death and as believers we have a responsibility to offer life and speak that and and that's why what I when I went up with the two of you together for the song I thought here to people who have faced hard things in their life. I mean, hard things who have faced it with eyes wide open, looked at it and held on to Jesus with all that you have and I often say you know we we accept the fact that he's holding onto her scared hand with his scarred and right in and what I put you two in one of the things that I love about your voice in Gracie's voice and the songs that both of you saying that your son for lifetime. It's always earthy. It's not flowery it's not this little cotton candy stuff. It's if you're struggling I'm going to hear it in your song. If she struggling, I'm going here to enter. So it's real and people want to hear and participate in something that's real and you guys no other artist Russ affects either one of us like you have with us for the years and there's just it's just it's real and what you would touring your family gone through and you've you've opened up your chest and and shared it with the world and so you know what this is real.

This is who we are but more importantly, this is this is an example of what Christ can do with lives that are willing to trust minute and that Toledo and so when you got out and I was watching the studio together with you and in you came in together on the on the third verse you I will walk by faith of the resistance this this it was it was you could just tell you this role with both of you declaration yeah yeah I got we got a caller for that was just a common real quick. Can you can you hang with the trust while we just let I think she will say some to probably you and Gracie can you hang on just cannot make one more comment.

Russ now with me. There is nothing more believable for me than my own voice and I learned early on my what we walked through that that I every day I would write the joy of the Lord is my strength and I can do all things through Christ and I would say it out loud to myself, no matter what the situation look like because me. Hearing my voice make a positive confession.

Somehow it it it it made alive in your other people that come from the outside country outside in yourself standing looking at that mirror with that slogan every day saying to myself, my faith, it becomes stronger and stronger because I'm sanded out loud in my own brain. Hearing me say it. My body is here. You say it.

I can do all things through Christ and keep focus but anyway going bring the caller about this is Bonnie who wants a body or on the line with Gracie and Russ in the course and John Butler but I don't know who you want to talk to but were glad to have your how you feeling you will, say hello and thank you for your ministry and it has been a lifeline for me as a caregiver very meaningful. Bonnie, thank you and thank you for listening to take the time to call on this.

I by the way, if you want to find out more about Russ is Russ are you SST Russ where you were you next playing and singing.

Well I don't pay a lot of I work tell me four days before. Okay, you're going to Nadi this weekend. Okay. And you know I prepare what I need, but I don't spend a lot of time looking at my calendar because I don't like to sit in my mind starts playing know if you make this month but I look at it I expected.

I receive it and and I turn it all over to God that I know I know that the 22nd. I'm going to be in Danville, Illinois I'm in Danville, West Virginia, and then the week after that we can wear, but you know it. It I like that because every weekend is a challenge that something new there's something great and if I look at that date three weeks before that I thought formulated in my mind a certain thing I want to see happen instead of just showing up there. I never done the same program twice in 15 years will Butler and I would say the same thing about this is why why you get nervous.

Gracie you you sung the song. I still just get the same amount nervous and maybe that's why I was told to break away and take it off and throw it at you like that rise. That's really interesting. He said that because I just had to do that last night I wrote down. It took me about four hours and I just went through. I mean barely touch on scriptures that I have said to myself outlet written down pasted all over the place on the mirrors on the walls, you know, in written is largest I could ride him in his brighter colors I could ride him and set amount wound because there is power in that and I think there there are singers that I hear, and this may be not, why am migrate to you that you can. I want you to feel comfortable to tell us the truth you online you know, not urgent, but my small back and when I worship when I make a conscious decision to say no buying guide literally. I will Christ.

I will praise I will thank him. I sometimes when I get up in the morning I make myself go. Thank you Lord for that day.

Some people might not get that because I Megan that's really ridiculous to me why she is such a sometimes I get up and I'm in still so much pain I keep thinking maybe if I lie there just a little bit longer.

It'll go away. But it doesn't and so I get I sit up and I say out loud. Thank you for this day. Thank you that I woke up alive that I had air in my lines that I have purpose and when I sing my question for you is when you saying does it try and not when I say transport. I'm not talking we transcend visit friends in your physical situation. Your physical and emotional feelings and all that's going on at absolutely I tell you, there's something about gospel music that connects us to the eternal, I mean rock 'n' roll can't do that country can't do that for fresh Christians and were singing Scripture were saying things that are that are powerful in people's lives and in our lives. And it goes to another level. I mean when I thing you know, twist and shout or if I think praise the Lord, you can work to those who praise him praise the Lord. There is some eternal thing happening in the spirit world inside me out outside of me that you know bit, but I hope concert on praying the Lord that you know there's certain songs that you always have to do. You got your hips and stuff that you have to do, but I I am praying through the whole thing. You know what's next what he want me to do. I don't be so so formulated in what I do I can't hear the voice of the Lord and that's why for me. I I don't put down. I cut down.

I got those eight songs that I people want to hear. Other than that every crowd different. You know you will not get the same message over and over and over again, but you got a risk you gotta step out there and let me say one more time, got the limit just a few moments good. I Gracie and Peter you guys are carrying the banner of people that this could've taken out that this could've crippled you for life and that you you had a right to be angry and mad. It got a lot of people are that you saw the value of worshiping and you're like me, Gracie, the praise and worship did not start in concert to start in our hotel room but three in the afternoon and you know we quickly get that going and going.

There is something supernatural in our own words say to ourselves powerful.

It's very, very powerful and I watch you guys. You know, fight and grow and fight and grow to the point.

This web address came out fine, just perfect. You know what I lightly dislike Paul and Silas in prison after being beaten yet or singing hymns and something that midnight they were singing hymns you know and I'm thinking there's some deference for the snow that he owed Satan. Sometimes they did. I mean seriously that night when I mean that I'm about a more focused on what it estimate to glorify God. Now I know that for me. I like the fact that I don't mind.

I don't mind if it takes them off. It's kind of the bonus will not know what what is wonderful in all of that. You guys have laid out a path for everybody else to follow and you have laid out an example and now God is using that to instruct his kids all over the country and all over the world when you're up against the struggle. Don't turn in fear, but watch what we do as we follow Christ in God's created platform after platform for you guys to continue to share this message, and the Holy Spirit is behind this is behind it and tell my kids I love them tell my kids to worship me.

I'm there with him.

Tell my kids that they can get through this because you're an example on traffic and set up their it out loud, but when you have somebody that you look at, and you hear them in their life scattered by tragedy and how they are following Christ letting him every day. But anyway I came in this were out of time and I want to thank you so much. Must have the record is resilient. It's Gracie's new record with this you can go see more about it and hope for the There's a big picture grace record click on picture listen John, thank you for being a part of this little hope for the Russ very grateful will hopefully see you soon grace

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