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#408 Are they safe? Are you? An easy, reliable, and SECURE way to offload caregiving challenges.

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger
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May 26, 2020 11:36 am

#408 Are they safe? Are you? An easy, reliable, and SECURE way to offload caregiving challenges.

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger

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May 26, 2020 11:36 am

The time is NOW for caregivers to rethink how we give care.

You've seen the headlines. 

These incidents are just from the last week. 

I invited Mark Gray of Constant Companion to come on the show to discuss how their secure, affordable, reliable, and easy to use new product can provide family caregivers the connection, support, and assistance so desperately needed. 

  • Imagine a parent at the end of her rope ...caring for a special needs child, getting a daily phone call from a caring person ...breaking through the isolation and checking in on that stressed mom.  What kind of difference do you think that would make?
  • Imagine going to the grocery store in peace ...while knowing a sentry was on duty for your aging loved one?  Being able to look at them on your phone ...from anywhere?  Talking to them at any time ...from anywhere ...even if the power goes out?
  • Imagine being able to safely monitor your loved one in an assisted facility ...even during the quarantine?
  • Imagine a system that guaranteed your privacy so much, it provides a $1,000,000 guarantee?

These and so much more services are just one click away for you as a caregiver. 

I've tested this out in my home ...and the time is NOW for caregivers to rethink how we give care.  With 92 percent of people stating they want to age in their own home, caregivers face a daunting challenge. As the COVID-19 has made us reevaluate placing loved ones in assisted living, we need to "Care give ...smarter." 

Listen to my conversation with Mark, and check out the website:

Use the PROMO CODE:  Caregiver for a special discount. 


Peter Rosenberger is the host of the nationally syndicated program, HOPE FOR THE CAREGIVER. For more than 34 years, he's cared for his wife, Gracie, who lives with severe disabilities. (80+ surgeries, multiple amputations)

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Hope for the Caregiver
Peter Rosenberger
Hope for the Caregiver
Peter Rosenberger
Hope for the Caregiver
Peter Rosenberger
Hope for the Caregiver
Peter Rosenberger
Hope for the Caregiver
Peter Rosenberger
Hope for the Caregiver
Peter Rosenberger

Christmas gift why not the one she can have a couple of chicken maybe it's not the get for your family but it is the perfect gift for poor family ninja chicken can break the cycle of poverty for poor family yes chicken chickens and provide nourishment for family and they can sell mosaics at the market for income when you donate a chicken or any other gospel for Asia.

1% of what you give goes to the field and get the ball went gospel fundraiser to support family and Jesus family this Christmas and give them 66 when Asian see chickens and camping saw something on the news that you did as well. That was rather disturbing and it involved with possessing several things this weekend that have been very uncomfortable for me and for us. I believe this caregivers to see and to read about in one of the Mississippi in Michigan where this Senior was being assaulted by a worker there and who is now been arrested and the other one was the situation in Florida were a young mother of the child with autism nine years old and turns out she'd killed the child, or child. This is not the first time that sourcing errors happen and certainly in nursing homes.

This is not the first time that this is happening as well and be having gentlemen on the show next weekend to talk about that even further with nursing homes, but I have to ask you was caregivers.

Do you worry about that you can sit are you concerned about what's going on when you can't see your loved one when you can't engage with them. Because of this virus or or just if one for the virus. You can't be there 24 seven. What's the point of them being in assisted living or nursing home.

If you have to be there 24 seven to moderate the situation in the circumstances and that, on the flipside, or are you as a caregiver living in such isolation that dark thoughts are overtaking you today. I like to talk about that little bit because this is been the heart and soul of what the show is all about. It is called Hope for the caregiver and it involves inserting practical help technology. Anything we can do to help shore up those areas of the caregivers life that is causing great distress and can lead to some some tragic ends so due to that I've invited a friend of mine on the show's name is Mark Brady and Mark is done in Tampa, Florida. I met Mark a couple years ago I was emceeing a fit for AARP when it showcased a lot of people that were introducing technology and all types of different services and systems for family caregivers and Mark stood out and he has gone even further than that. And we've talked many times enough actually tried some of the things that he's been working on here at our home with Gracie and found them to be incredibly helpful Sammarco what was to be the show how you feel a day Mark hello. Thank her for family on the on the show up for good. I'm I'm doing just fine. It's beginning of summer weather and hopefully only summaries the end of 19 for Florida and everybody sure hope it can we get a break when I believe that you will. We had snow yesterday where I am in Montana this quick quick blast away, but we're a ways away from that summer you've seen these things in the news and you are as troubled, if not more than I am watching it partly because you have solutions for this and so I wanted to have you on the show is so that you would be able to talk about this a little bit of watch these things in. And as I've seen it unfold.

I thought we are.

We are not gonna win this battle with conventional thinking and conventional strategies and conventional technology would going to have to be a little bit smarter about this.

That's where you come in so before I go any further with this odd life.

You just to take a few moments to share you what your background is why you got into this. What are you offering and then let's talk about it and talk about the practical applications of this delightful, thank you for the question. I spent most of my my my professional career. Peter and insecurity old cybersecurity and physical security work for the apartment. Homeland security. The White House at the intelligence community better 500 person company and I sold that business would retire semi-retire at least. But if years ago my mom fell and broke her ankle and was concerned. What if what if that happened again and there was nobody around. No site. I wanted to get her something for peace of mind to keep her safe and so I would like a good son and always looking after my mom so I got one of the know that the pushbutton panic button type devices. The best one out there and into her was excited to have her get it and she said son you.I love you and I'm never going to wear window thanks and so here a while, you know you not been taking care of everybody else. My whole career and I couldn't take care my mom so I went on a search looking for what else was there beside the pushbuttons and I look and look and talk to other people about my same age, probably at that older mom or dad or brother or sister or somebody that might need help and they sent my kinda eye the same problem. My mom trigger my dad would wear one either. Mark let me interject, why wouldn't she wear this guy thought I can get up to say what, why wouldn't she wear it feeling that it makes you look older person or someone who's frail or fragile, and it would be embarrassing and intimate sign around your neck or your assistant AI. I can't take care of myself and look where all human know where all we all want to be the best version of herself that we can be and people just either forget or refuse to wear them take it up to charge you forget to put it back on our you get up in the middle the night. You know you go the restroom or get a drink of water. You think, well, I don't need it just to go 10 steps in. Ago that might be the moment you have a slip and fall at or what have you.

So that she she didn't want to be seen as wearing a badge around the neck that look this is where old so what happened is you look around you got the same. Evidently a lot of people have the same kind of response didn't want to do that.

That is one more thing to keep up with it in one of the old yoke.

So what you do good friend of mine and now I've been combined with it on the top and have it handy how good is this voice technology things like Google assistant or Amazon Alexa.

Is it really secure and reliable enough for life safety and and also to be there 24 seven so that you cut in a connector to make calls in a more socially engaged and that sort of thing. How far along is moist is markets. It's amazing so we got the demonstration would put it in the spaces, did a lot of testing and now we have it out for solution out there for not just for older adults for people with disabilities but really anyone that lives alone or might want and you know a bit of added protection and security in over 200 markets with healthcare partners in the town so it's it's come a long way since we first met about two half years ago we took the voice technology and the person we had to do with all my second problem with mom mom said I'm not been aware anything you got that your checkbox, you don't have to wear anything. It is always available to always plug and it's always charge. We even have battery backup felt the power goes out you can still use it. We did get a couple think mom said when I have a speaker in the house that would be listening to. I what about privacy, who's listening. What about that big brother now. This was something that I knew how to solve a new a canoe so I my team together some of the brightest and cybersecurity. We created a private cloud.

So when you use our speaker system, a constant companion. You anonymize that means if you would like your speaker to know your first name, Peter Fink and said that for you but he won't know your full name, that the know your address doesn't even know what city or state that 100 agreement lockdown and military grade encryption now look, I've been around fiber my whole life and I know that anything can be happy if there's a prize.

On the other end like $1 million or billion-dollar state secrets or something if it's worth spending a lot of money hacking anything can be hacked when a step further and removed shopping in anything that would have your credit card or bank account connected none of that in their and we ensure that with Lloyd's of London for $1 million per customer. So if anything happens for any reason why you are a client of constant companion where your personal information is his access door. Your conversations are revealed anything like that at all will issue up to $1 million in reimbursements and and money to cover repairs or expenses so that really gave my mom and a lot of other people's moms and dads. Peace of mind that that was helpful, so if insured for privacy and number two.

Nothing else you cannot get anywhere else that unique us is our call for help feature if you ask Alexa or Google to call 911 will say sorry I can't do that contacting emergency services itself correctly will give her laying on the floor and you got it you had a fall you're having chest pains eight years having at any kind of a problem whatsoever. All year somebody rather than the door late night and you don't know your phone is, or you can get that's not helpful. So with our solution from any room in your house at any time you can take call for help and be instantly connected by two-way voice to our urgent response agents there highly trained all of them are US-based and there there are 24 seven in multiple centers around the country got you covered in an emergency and therapeutic to provide a lot of peace of mind.

I know for for me and a lot of families and other caregivers. They just want to be able to go out for dinner or go to the grocery store are not have to worry if they lead them for a few minutes that their loved one is really by themselves.

Another connected Jalisco little bit deeper because I am first about a backup just clarify one thing so would somebody is a part of the system. This military grade encryption likes of you worked at the White House you you got all kinds of stuff with military over the years and and with with the high-level encryption you you assign a unique identifier to that individual.

But you strip away all the personal information stored in the cloud so that if anybody on the off chance that the even possibly could hack it, they wouldn't know what they were hacking because it's a unique identifier to that individual that is that that's so that you're not dealing with credit cards are not deal with all that comes stuff and it even like you said, they don't know what state that the person is in. That's how that's how will you guys. If you have barricaded the personal information of the client that I did. I properly relay that you got it exactly right.

And in fact this is the way we communicate with our embassies overseas, unless she got the same physical hardware in the same encryptor that were running on there is no way you never access it and that person is a very complicated numbers and strings and on the Internet so you can enjoy a smart speaker with the music call friends and family, but you can have fun online asking riddles and children. No questions from the web, but you as a user are completely anonymous online and going a step further with that to have that kind of peace of mind with the million dollars of insurance we we understand that privacy is a big deal. I think that we've all got an unhealthy relationship with our technology companies in America. I love America I love freedom but also love privacy and whether it's the phone company or your Internet service provider or Facebook and Google and Amazon. You know they promise not to sell our data. Peter but as I felt sorry sorry didn't mean to do that will fix it.

And when you're you see those new no user agreement that are 40 pages long little tiny print ago one of my really tiny herein.

Whatever reason and that's how they make their money and get that they're not charging for something they feel your product so they're going to sell your information and even when they are charging you for service and they promise not to sometimes your information doubt there so I I'm I look forward to being of service to families like I was for my mom where not only can she be safe not have to wear something they can be more connected, engaged, protected but not just protected in an emergency that your that your personal information is protected.

Will the three eyes that every trigger deals with the we talk about this on the sill a lot. Every character, without exception, will deal with isolation, loss of identity and loss of independence and I believe in my heart of hearts that I'm convinced this this is 34 years as a caregiver. I understand this world.

I get it that we can never replace the human connection, but we can all float some of the strain onto technology and this is what what intrigued me about what you're doing and so when I look at things like what's going on in this nursing home and there's a whole. This is not an isolated event you're seeing elder abuse going on a regular basis. We are all weird. We are almost no and it it it it cripples families by the way, went with family see what they with a habit that they live with tremendous guilt. Oh my gosh I had no idea this was going on in and their father or their mother or or special needs love, one was put there. Karen for safekeeping and it turns out they're just being horribly abused like we just saw on the news this is happening it is happening on a on a nightmarish equality of the cycle here of what's going on, and so I was think about okay so what can we do with tech. So with the system that you have. For example if somebody has a love letter nursing home. What can they do to feel a little bit more secure knowing that that love what is being cared for will will we do provider systems, and assisted living facilities engineering the pandemic that Peter more and more Peter are the people in family directly bringing mom or dad home, but they may need some help being able to provide that 24 seven level of care and when our solution with a smart speaker in every room including the master bathroom with most falls occur care is always there and you can do a lot to stay engaged. Our speakers acted in a two-way intercom so you can literally drop in and communicate back and forth from your house to mom's house on 24 seven.

And mom doesn't have to go to a phone run to the phone or find you just saved is not just ticketed with you mom. Otis will make sure you're okay you are right. Mom and that is just that easy right, it's just that easy and it means the world to both both for you to be a good son or daughter. And for them to hear your voice means the will and it just takes second to do another thing that you can do set reminders you can set reminder for medication for your favorite TV shows from Neil for anything that you'd like to come and people love getting kind of a schedule and a rhythm to life, especially if they're starting to have a little bit of memory issues as many people in all of us probably relatively as we age. So having a little reminders and touch points are really valuable and they they get so attached to their smart speaker. They say Avenue and had multiple people comment.

It's almost like they got a little roommate.

I think somebody moved in with him and it's not the same as a son or daughter or a good friend but it is company and activate their 24 seven respondent two seconds it's always there, and it can call your son or daughter.

You don't have to remember the phone number you to stay call Peter a call my son, daughter, calls for you.

If the phone rings. No more running for the phone to say answer there you go out on speakerphone. Every rent but my favorite part of it. From a security perspective is it eliminates 100% of Keller's telemarketing and global calls and we had some sons and daughters that were in of my age group you know baby boomer 40s and 50s, early 60s, a I'm trying to get one of those for my house just for that telemarketing thing that drives me nuts. Well I think about all the things that all the scams that are going on there for elder people that are falling prey to these things in the call up and you get all have your extended car warranty, or the so security of the stresses put out a war for your arrest. I'll be there so many of these things going on out there and this this is could set out you don't have to worry about that, for spam calls. You don't have to worry about your phone not being charged or charged up those of the cover things that I'm hearing you say that become a huge help and it doesn't require that your loved one be an expert in technology that rightly another thing we do and and and I love what you said Peter about those scams targeting senior we had a client sign up last week was mom at that exact thing happen and they got her for a couple of thousand dollars and she didn't have a couple of thousand.

Colucci was a lot of money to and you just hate to see it and they may or may not ever get it back in and admitted they'd shared make should mad as all get out for anyone to have that happen, but especially someone who's more vulnerable but that you're actually right. You don't need to be a technology person at all the preprogram and set up and customize all of the speakers for you with a white glove service. We do that before it arrived comes in a beautiful box. You just take it out. Just plug it in.

If you if you can plug up according to an outlet. You can set up constant companion that and then you call our toll-free number and one of our boys advisors are very friendly. They'll stay with you on the phone and walking through getting started with your system and we have a plan. We have a program, a 30 day program that helps anybody get started, including a little little fun flipchart. Delete. Keep on the coffee table by your speaker you Peter is read a couple words in big bold letters you're an expert with Alexa in no time and if you're a hope for the caregiver radio show protected you get 20% off your first year of the service that you get something very special. There were only doing for hope for the caregiver because we really are a fan of the show and work a big fan of family caregivers during this program and any repeat of it.

Not only will you get a 20% discount off the first full year of service ever how you choose to pay monthly waivers just fine and no long-term contract to pay month to month, but we can give a free smart speaker for the son or daughter who's helping mom or dad get set up so that you can while your feet on all that is as far indicate not get better. We believe you wouldn't buy a house without checking it out.

First, you probably wouldn't buy a car without one of the these days you can buy them online and not do the I'm kind of old school.

I wanted do the test drive to make sure it's the right one for me, so anyone who gets constant companion as an 8 Week Test Dr. it for any reason is just not for you. We think you're gonna love it with think you can absolutely think it's fantastic.

We never get him back.

People just love them.

But if you feel you want to return it for any reason in the first eight weeks full refund. No questions asked. Will even send you the prepaid shipping label to return it. It's just that simple and well that is her credible mark this incredible gift. And I think that we talk with Margrave constant companion asked to be on the show today I there are some things that are going on in the news just in the last 48 hours that have just the just heartbreak and we can we can address these things with tech we can help families deal with this with the other families are having to look at levels through windows and that they don't know what they're being treated well there somebody different things. Fraud is it is rampant, all these kinds of things in order to talk about this more double way. We got more to go.

This is Margrave from constant companion. If you will be part of the show 877-655-6755 877-655-6755 you know what, let's help offload some of that stress will use a caregiver to technology. Not all of it but just enough of this code did you chance everything will be better will be right Larry, I caregiver earlier and you're not with your back to hope for the caregiver here own family talk to answer six 131. We are live.

I am Peter Rosenberg 877-655-6755 if you will be a part of the show. This boys grace units from her new record resiliently like a copy of that book to hope for the caregiver.calm just click a little tethers picture for CD cover and if for any donation of this ministry of what were trying to do here was a tax-deductible gift. You know it will send a copy of whatever's on your heart will send you copies and its hope for the the. The record is resilient and she is indeed resilient and she just finished fighting off the Cove and 19th chief. She whipped it and so that's that's pretty impressive given the fact that she's had 80 surgeries both of her legs amputated hundred doctors of trader will different hospitals so here's each.

She's tough until she's different train smoke I were talking with Mark Gray and he is with constant companion and I saw some things on the news this week that just broke my heart and I thought okay we we got it we got address this with Debbie smart about this two different events just in the last 48 hours.

One of them was a soul report where a nursing home attended in Michigan was beating up an elderly patient coming in and posted a video of themselves doing and posted themselves on social media. I would to brag about. It was just it was ridiculously horrific and did us all of the woman who said that her nine-year-old child with autism rental and it turns out, in reality she had killed the child. These are why do the show for this type of reason because this is what's happening to families out there and went. When people are struggling to care for love of the ticket care 40 more, but they feel guilty because the level is locked away. The place that they hope there could be safe. How do we know that in that isolation the caregivers. Every caregiver deals with you feel so out of control at times, dark thoughts come at you and I thought how do we connect these people remember Tigger suffer from three as we become isolated, we lose our identity and then we lose our independence and you can't be at the nursing home 2470 did you may not be able to take care of that person because they make me 24 seven CNA type care nursing care and so forth. And you can't do it. A lot of people are bringing love. Once home because they are scared to leave them in a place where the that the virus can run rampant and it is not this versatile be something else.

The service of show the data show that 92% of people age their own home.

Was I going to be possible without crushing family caregivers. That's what invited Mark Grayling today because there is a way to do this. There is a path that it involves offloading some of that stress that we have from that loss of independence onto technology and it also has a way of being able to offload the heartbreak of isolation through technology were were checking on somebody we were connecting with people were not being so removed from people now there's a service on on this program that he does. And I've tested this on myself a bit of exit tested this with Gracie we been doing this now for several weeks and you can program timeframe in or you will get a call and use a caregiver can set up with the script is going to be if you need to do that to walk you through that process.

I tested this with Gracie. So Gracie gets a call once a week just to check on just say okay, Gracie, how are you doing what is anything going on with your meds. It you need to be ghetto engage with today orders or doctors for the coming up whatever it is we want to say that have a conversation and gracious like what have you done to be who these people because grace just try. She's really excited to be very health levels of these conversation she said is just a very pleasant conversation that she gets to have someone that I thought about this woman with this child with autism.

If somebody was calling her once a week to three times a week, five days a week just to say you don't hate.

Are you okay we just will check in with you just are you okay I has your heart today.

Do you need the need to talk to someone. Anybody that can penetrate that isolation with with with meaningful phrases and dialogues and questions that will help point them to safety.

This is not the first time that this is happened where a parent has become overwhelmed with the special needs child, and that if made a horrific decision and so that's why wanted to have more, talk but this of Mark delve into those things because that's the heart and soul of what we try to do on the show is to be able to point caregivers to safety. And I know that they get into real trouble in those isolated places so let me start with that part of it first. Of just the the set up where you have somebody that's calling him somebody disengaging how that works. What that can do for for individuals for not just for the patients of the levels but for the caregivers themselves that critically talk about that little bit.

That's really the heart of it, with constant companion. The family caregiver you no longer in this alone anymore. You got teammate in our entire professional staff, most of them if not hundred percent of them have been both family caregivers and professional Garrett caregivers registered nurse working in assisted living in home care, they get Dave. Dave walked maybe not your exact mile, but they walk their mile with their family members and they care about so our advisors are friendly voice on the other and that phone at first talk and listen and hear.

How are you doing today is a caregiver and connect with you and you really will listen number two they can help you deliver or develop credit care plan and then number three. We can use some automation and a little bit of technology voice technology is really easy to use. You don't have to work a computer. If you've never used a computer or smart phone you be just fine.

He does talk to it like a friend and it can as you said Peter Aiken, automated here start to see with you in Gracie. You can automate some of those everyday little little light touches but they need a lot. It's the little things and it's always there and then number two. Those daycare calls and we have clients that have and seven days a week. We have some that get them twice today. Sometimes in the morning to make sure you have everything you had a good night sleep and you gotta cocaine you have in your breakfast and you feed fluffy the cat.

By the way, but they think you're awesome and make they think you will get the same care coordinator calling you Monday through Friday everyday. It's the same person they get to know you personally on the weekend will also get a week in person and there just fantastic people we recruit the very, very, most talented of folks to make those calls because you not just inviting us to put some equipment in your house you're inviting is a year home and into your life and we want to make a difference in our mission is to make people's lives better and that what you find. And if you scroll down and look at the story. We have lots of little short videos from caregivers on family caregivers professional caregivers to use from the end-users who are just death with your and your favorite music again. They used to try to find it on the radio. It is certain, day can't find that show anymore and they can hear story audiobooks for their favorite music. Whether you like Elvis or Sinatra. You'll even get anything you want on 24 seven and its holder for the computer.

That's companion 247 companion 24 seven companion 24 seven and I want to go check this out today and see this because these are real-life solutions that will we were seeing the news were seeing the families that are so crushed and hurt by what's going on and they don't know what's going on behind those walls behind that class for a lot of their loved ones they don't know and and then we also see these caregivers that are after the end of the rope and nobody's called death. That's well on the show. The first question I asked with any color because it is how are you feeling when I got to speak to people or see them just around town. How are you feeling I want to know how a caregiver is feeling. Can you imagine how how wonderful that would be to hear that carefree single day from someone who really does want to know how you're feeling and can be there for you to point you to safety every single day. If you need to hear it.

Just a quick phone call just to check in with you. How are you feeling in the special-needs parents that have children that are incredibly challenging to deal with at times in these parents get into the rope there isolated and all suddenly get a phone call said hey are you feeling while. Imagine the difference it can make it a match type letters.

I had a chance to talk to medium on the phone and and I don't know I'm the owner of the CEO. I just on market customer care and I check in on you and and is it. It is amazing what happens after about eight weeks. You can just hear the difference in people's voices is they been lift and their jokes that they heard their laughing more, how power user this past month is 82 years old. His first name is Apollo not going to say any more information because we believe in privacy Virginia and he talks to his smart speaker 72 times a day that on average that the average he said we don't know what he's talking about or what he listened to. We can see that the activity is 8072 times a day. Now this particular individual, ugly, bedbound, and died in notes open to turning lights off and on TV off and on. I can even lock and unlock the door for a caregiver got a more advanced version of the tools, but that's just amazing and most advanced power user age wise is 101 years old and there love it and so that just shows you, we can use voice technology. No matter what generation we grubbing.

It's easy, it's fun and if you're struggling as a caregiver. If your families facing those tough questions of what we going to do you know how are we gonna solve this for mom and she doesn't want to leave home and go to a nursing home, especially right now when you steal it from the news 30 to 40% of all the desk where Karen nursing home, the killing fields of her calling it in the paper. People want to stay at home. They wanted they were their life memories are where they raised kids where delays to patients. They are they are more apt to tooth exacerbate that dementia by going to let him in a unfamiliar environment and if they stay in their own homes.

We can do this, but that's not possible, it's gonna crushed family caregivers. Here's a way that this is more possible for four people for families to make this decision to use this and it's it it secure it's safe, it's reliable you don't have to you can you can cut out so much of the so many of the pitfalls that happen when people start using tech because I don't know what to do. This is all integrated to do this to make it a smart home for people and and this is a this is to me this is just an extraordinary solution belt. Let me ask you this. What about video monitoring to make sure that there there safe they could take it on video without disrupting privacy but at the same time be able to do that.

What can we do have three platforms standard plus and premium premium comes with a video screen that is voice-activated so mom can call her son or daughter and video chat. I just had my tonight. I do video chat with my mom and dad every single Sunday.

Been doing it for over year.

They can't wait there, sitting by the video screen with their tears, or copy waiting for that call. We talked for about an hour every Sunday and it's like a little miniature visit.

You know the average family lived hundred miles apart. These days, Peter revolved migrated moved a bit around the country and is nothing wrong with that but as we age likability. See each other and it sure is a lot less expensive and less dangerous right now probably been getting on a plane and flying home to visit so you can have those video chat anytime you want, you can do it every morning I don't have to wear a mask and so my my mom can be on her video device that we provide and she can call me and whether I'm at home or on the go. You can download the free app and have a video chat with your mom or your dad or your loved one right from your smart phone so they don't have to learn anything fancy right they call Peter at and there is a video conference going right away so I love that and we get loads and loads of comments and notes about that about video and what if you have a caregiver in the home taking care of mom or dad and you like. Not unlike having a babysitter or nanny when you got a little one at home. You might want to have a video monitor to drop in and see how things are going and you know what their best behavior when you know your check in on well. Reagan said trust but verify. You know, and I think I think that's it. That's a good model to live by, so you could put this even if even if they are in assisted living.

You can still put this in there and you could check with Rod on your phone just to make sure that all is okay and and because this individual that was arrested this week for four salting this man in the in the nursing home. He wasn't doing it like in the restroom behind closed doors and retribution) of the guest bed right there in room and you could 24 seven and two seconds, you can be connected either by voice or by video, whichever platform you prefer just to summarize for their listeners that they just going to show were talking about voice technology has 100% cybersecurity to protect your identity and your family members are completely anonymized that is backed by a million-dollar guarantee that we will take care of any expenses. If you ever have your privacy invaded up to $1 million on our system there that secure back by Lloyd's of London. It arrives in a beautiful package is already programmed everything is done for you. All you have to do is plug it in and we offer a white glove service to help families get started and really a 30 day program will be due a little step each day to learn more and more about what's possible to offload some of the stress and worries good reminders with communication with access to so many free tools that come with the system make it easy to get started. You have eight weeks to return with a complete refund.

And there's no long-term contract. She didn't pay monthly month-to-month. No equipment to buy.

In fact, even if you don't have Internet.

We have advanced systems when the Internet, cellular, Wi-Fi high-speed is built right in. It's all taken care of. I gotta do is decide we want to move forward and we want to take care of her family and we want to be able to age in place at home with dignity, security, and moments of joy. We should put some fun back into caregiving. Peter well if you don't know what to get for someone. Maybe you you seeing someone on the other in your circle that is W Markham some of the listeners for blisters that are seen summoning her circle that are struggling that have no special needs family member so forth. And they feel, cut off if you want to get a gift for somebody like that.

This is a great gift to give because it allows them to know that that they're going to be connected now that they're knocking to be doing this alone. They're not going to be struggling and and fill it there. We list the shoulders to the wheel and they're the only ones pushing this thing there.

There is nurse specific ways that people can engage and and likes it. Offload some of the stress that we have so that we can breathe a little bit easier. We can be little doubt it have anything like this so many times that I felt.

What would Grace was recovering from surgeries and so forth that that I could leave her very well have somebody there with her because I did pedal at or she would fall in and think, such as that if she was semitruck if she could get to the phone or or whatever and in this is this is a godsend for those of us who have lived with anybody with a mobility impairment anybody that is dealing with all types of postsurgical things and so forth to be up that needs extra monitoring what about with with telemedicine is this did talk about the integration with this with telemedicine because that's a big thing though because taking somebody to the doctor comes with its own will is big.

It's been coming with risk if you estimate with mobility impairments you taken to the doctor that itself is just a headache. He had to take a lot of work to get up, get out of the house where there's a fall risk telemedicine now is it all that for just something like a sinus infection or whatever, but for telemedicine. This can be a huge help. Tell me how that works just a payment is only good if you will drink only 19 when you have even more risk going to the doctor if you don't have a problem before you go, you might pick one up in the waiting limits by the doctors don't want you coming and if you got anything symptoms likely 19 but yet we absolutely offer upgrade any of our system where you can add an 8 inch video screen that is specially built for secure, encrypted all that is in it simple to use it. One touch your connected to your doctor is a video house call Anderson, there is one where you connect your regular doctor your regular doctor that you've been saying for years.

You can make an appointment during the day to do that and see them by video we can support it all the way and number two what if it's ninth week, and that your doctor is not open you can have a virtual quick care visit backup walk-in clinic for you know not major emergency room things like a broken leg or a heart attack but that something minor to medium-range.

You can have a virtual quick care walk-in clinic visit on video chat and it's 100% covered by Medicaid or Medicare both insurance and are awaiting all of the deductibles because there trying to encourage the make it easy.

You can rent those devices with your system. Month-to-month Finkel good night beloved keep it forever include the high-speed cellular and at once again were there today for you and help anytime you toll-free taken a toll free our advisors of the nicest people that are not pressure sales folks there to help you. Got a question give us a call on its companion 24 seven companion 24 last question, I let you go. What about about this telemedicine will that it also involves mental health counseling visits as well. Can you do it that way is that part of it it it is a huge push Peter the Great question is the future for mental health care because we need to build a connect with people we need to build have instant access when it matters most and help is on the way.

Latoya helped telemedicine if you're struggling. If you feel dark thoughts were you that I give suicide because your mind or you're just depressed or you're just feeling isolated or lonely, are always there. One touch one call one click away and and that's one of the great things about our system and the great thing about part of our future and were glad to be a small part of it, open your listeners get started with a little bit of equipment and in some empathy.

I fumbled well. This is why this you coming it's it's providing real-life solutions for folks that can help them get to a place of safety.

I understand the crushing burdens of being a caregiver in ways that I hope many don't ever have to even though I know that there are so many that are struggling even now as we talk about this is something that I feel is the way of the future for us as caregivers that we can navigate this journey a little bit easier so silly things are pulling at us they were stretched so thin. We've got to have some practical help.

This is the way to do it. This is a way to keep families a little bit more engaged in the care of their loved one instead of feel like they got to shuttle back and forth to assisted-living's and so forth are a lot of different things we can do now and it'll never replace the human touch. But there's a human touch in this and it helps did provide a mechanism for us as caregivers to do this Mark great of constant companion website is companion 24 seven companion 247 companion 247 go and check it out. Just look around, see you got nothing to lose and you got a whole lot to gain by doing this companion Betty Mark got a run, but thank you so much for taking the time to call with us today. Okay. Thanks for having it on the show and don't forget the manager listeners using the code caregiver for special 20% down and a gift from us permitting a list on your show will thank you very much for that.

That is a very generous offer that you did come to the code is caregiver putting that promo code caregiver companion Mark Gray from constant companion. Thank you so much Mark for being part of the show. It really means a lot

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