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The First Thing That God Said Was Not Good

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger
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November 3, 2020 3:30 am

The First Thing That God Said Was Not Good

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger

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November 3, 2020 3:30 am

The first thing that God said wasn't good can be found in Genesis 2:18. In today's episode from our 10/31/20 broadcast discusses how this passage connects to family caregivers. 

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I do show focuses exclusively on those are pushing the wheelchair stating ablated. Neither the hospital rooms. They are cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, trying to hold a job at the same time doing laundry throughout the night and wake up with bleary eyes and the achy bodies and do it all over again the next day.

That's why would you show some of you were hanging your head and your discouraged inuring to spare you frustrated and you don't return to you, don't you know what to ask for really know what health looks like this show is for you and you could be a part of the show if you want to right now. 888-589-8840 888-589-8840 and we'd love to have you as part of the show we we're starting off with a trivia question. If you know the answer.

Give the caregivers a chance. First is the theologians and sons of theologians and so forth gift.

I know love you like to share the knowledge but if you can give it to a caregiver first. But here's a question for this is to be a little bit different. Okay this not just trivia. This is a a concept passage as well, but what is the and I explained that as we talk about can you tell me what the first thing that God said was not good. And then show me the chapter and verse can eat that this will be a tough. The first thing that God said is not good. I about, think, think through what I'm asking here and and why I'm asking because this is what we will talk about today and we want to hear from you. 888-589-8840 888-589-8840. See the phones henceforth putting it up so proud of you all for knowing this, but this is this is a critical component of the journey of a caregiver and and and and and we as caregivers need to understand this concept that God himself sees these things and and actively works in it, and he ultimately is the source of all of her encouragement in this, but I most share with you. Specifically, they why this mean something to us as caregivers right so 888-589-8840 if you want to weigh in on that. The first thing that God said was not good right is this skill interesting? The thing is, I've got a one to you, but some things as you get ready go into the holiday season and so forth. Thanksgiving and Christmas can be brutal for caregivers right this is a November special care awareness month, but it is a tough time. Okay were trying to do a lot of things now that the coronavirus everything else were all running on a deficit here. Anyway, on a good day any caregivers will be running on a deficit. So let's let's commit to each other to pace ourselves in this all right let let's pace ourselves in.

In this journey and not try to overextend keep it simple. It's okay to keep it simple.

It doesn't have to be everything that you wanted to be doesn't have to be everything that you think it should be. It can be what is going to be so would you do would you just think about that as you go into this planning time with with Thanksgiving is going different anyway because of the coronavirus. Keep it simple. Simplify as much as you can and ask yourself do I really need to do this. Do I really need to make this happen. Okay and it's luscious to simply keep them eyes were going to die.

Let's go. Some of the phone lines here and I can't tell this is Joe wouldn't and I think Joan Mississippi Joan Mississippi good morning Joe how you feeling, Joe you with me will come back to Joseph we can get a hold of Joe.

This is Ellen Texas good morning Ellen how you feeling fine thank you you know I'm a little bit bleary-eyed this morning myself but I managed to hold together. What's on your mind. And I did enjoy I'm not a caregiver event I have.

I can count on Shabbat at 900 answer and that I've been noshing on my set answer will you know the incident. The first thing the guys said was not good that mankind around. That was the first thing you do know that you know the Scripture for that. I didn't get you close, that's a you didn't you get horny it is a this is for the bonuses.

This for the big around here you can get the chapter and verse. I Found That, As Is Chapter 2 to Verse 18 and the Lord God Said It Is Not Good That the Man Should Be Alone I Will Make a Helpmeet for Him to Talk about That Today on Why That's Important for Family Caregivers Were to Talk about Why That That's before the Fall Drama That Now That the First Thing That God Said Was Not Good. Everything Else He Said Was Good That He Doubted the This Is before the Fall of Man, and so so God Said This Worked out Well and Thank You so Much for Calling in the Show but I Hope You Have a Fabulous Day Here Okay Okay Thank You Joan Mississippi Joe, Thanks for Calling Back to You.

Don't Do We Get to This Time There Yard and There You Are You Feeling How You Feel.

And Joe Well, Okay, but I Legally We May Be Bumping up against the Break so Hold on to the Right, without the Go Ahead and Jump into It.

Okay Well I Want a Caregiver for My Mother Several Years until Our Family Program, Nursing Home by Got Worse More War and so I Did That I Want to Caregiver Now I'm Gonna Lead Caregiving so Late in the Lead Roles Are Reversed so That Will Not Likely Settle Things Easily Take Care Of Youth, but Your Humility Is Not Your Role Is for Sure but Anyway Adhere Doll Now but Anyway I Want to Caregiver You Even in a Nursing Home.

I Made Sure He Got Her Husband May Be Patient and I'll Let And Made Sure That He Got What He Was Supposed to Have Will Tell You What's Going on with You Today Okay Well I'm Older and Have Healthy Issues and so That I Do Have Some Health Issues and I'm the One That Should Go on and Needing Care and Not Needing a Caregiver.

And I'm Going to Have It Want to Get Things Straightened out. My Son and Now Allow Him Most Said They Want to Be My Caregiver so I'm Going Let Him Do It. That's Okay Let Him Do It.

It's All Right. That's Why You That's What You Have Family around to Help You with the Sort of Things and That the Best Thing You Can Do Is Make Sure That You Provide As Much Is a Way of Resources for Them so That They Can Do This Job Well, and I Did Not Become Such a Difficult Burden for Them. It May End up Being That You Have Done Your Homework to Prepare, Because You Know the Journey He Did for Your Mother. Okay You Know What You Are Feeling Now You Can Better Speak to What Your Son and Daughter Are Going to Be Feeling As I Do This with You. I That's a Good Way to Start.

Joe, Thank You so Much for the Call to Rosemary.

This Is 589-8458 Nine. Firstly, God Said Was Right over the Caregiver Here on American Family Radio. We Are Glad to Have You with Us and We Are Thrilled That You're Part of the Show. 888-589-8840 888-589-8840 If You Would Be a Part of the Show, Some That Are Watching on Facebook Lab Street Initial Facebook Laugh and Those You Regulus Is to the Show Know That I Have This Running Argument with Facebook on the Feed from the Board to Facebook Laugh to Do This Sometimes You Can't Hear the Music of the Breaks of the Callers and so Forth. And I'm Terribly Sorry for That.

I Have No Explanation I Have Worked to This Point to My Hair Is White and Literally.

It Is Those You Watching See Which You Can Hear Me but You Can't Hear the Callers and so Forth. I Don't Know Why, so I Will Continue to Work on This in Figure out What Is Going on with This and I May Have To Sign off on Back on or Something on about Something. Who Knows, You Get a Congressional Committee Involved in This and I Will Try Again. I Would Talk Today about Genesis 218 and the Lord God Said That It Is Not Good for Man to Be Alone. Why Is That Important for Us. Why Is It Important for Us As Family Caregivers to Understand This Concept and the Reason Were Talking about This Is Because so Many Caregivers Are Isolated. That Is One of the Toughest Battles That We Fight Is Caregivers Is the Isolation That We Live with. We Struggle in the Loneliness and EE and and I've Said This Often in You Back Me up. Tell Me If This Is Something You Felt That Caregivers Can Feel Isolated in a Crowded Room and Caregivers Can Even Feel Isolated on a Crowded Pew and Now We Can't Even Really Go to Church like Normal. And Now, in This Age of the Coronavirus. We Are Even Further Isolated and This This Strikes to the Very Core of Our Design Is to Be in Fellowship. And Here We Are Struggling with This and It Is It Is Deeply Troubling for Any Family Caregiver. If You Have Any Experience at This at All Is a Caregiver. You Understand This in the Loneliness and Isolation so Want to Start off with That Passage First in the List Just Build from There.

Okay, It Genesis 218 and the Lord God Said It Is Not Good That Man Should Be Alone. This Is before the Fall of Man.

Now I Don't Know the Fall before the Fall of the Meter. Certainly Satan Is Already Fallen from Heaven at This Point from from Everything I Can Extrapolate from Scripture, but That's Will Get Theologians Involved in That.

But This Is Just Man Just He's Just in the Garden and Then God Brings the Woman to Him As a Helpmeet and As a Helper and They Have Fellowship with Themselves and with God. And That's the Whole Point of This the of the Beauty of This and so God Is Already Put His Stamp of Approval on Fellowship on Relationship.

If so, How Does That Apply to Us Is Caregivers When so Many Are Struggling with This in the Those Those Isolating Life Events, and in This Is Why Did the Show. When I Went to American Family Radio Initially Been on the Air Now for over Eight Years and I Went to American Family Radio Couple Years Ago to Sit.

This Is What I'm Doing. This Is Why I'm Doing and Immediately Understood It Because This Is Why They Do Everything They Do on This Network of the Truth Network Cares to Show His Radio Carriers to Show All of Them That Carry the Show Understand That This Is a Way to Penetrate into That Isolation That so Many People Have That Loneliness That That Discouraged Place of of Solitude Weathered in Your Mind or Physically As Well and Eat You. You When You Cut Somebody off from Fellowship. The They Don't Know How to Respond. Normally in Situations When When Grace and I Go to Africa for Example, We Have Work That We Do with Prosthetic Lives That We Can't Go There Right Now. I Just Sent over Some Some Resident to There to Help with Weed.

For We Treat Amputees.

We Make Artificial Legs over There. We Work with a Good Ghana Health Service to Build and Create Maintained Prosthetic Limbs for Their Own People. We Provide Them with Equipment and Training and and Materials and so Forth.

We Also Recycle Looms at That at a Prison in Arizona That That the Parts Are Are Recycled off of It like a Foot or in the Pylon or Screw Word after We Said All That Stuff over There. But When We Go on Trips over There.

I'm Always Amazed When You Would You Do with the Moment You Land during the Airport There in Accra and the Hustle and Bustle You Try to Get to the Hotel and All That Come Stuff Everybody Speaking in These Different Dialects and You Get All Kinds of Folks That Are Coming There for from All of the World and You See Folks from You, Asia, Europe and Everywhere. South America and in the Course. The People There in Ghana and They All Have Their Own Different Dialect.

But When You Hear Somebody Speaking a Dialect That You Understand Particularly You Know If Being from America I Hear Somebody Speak with an American Dialect or My Case a Southern Dialect. If I Hear the Word Y'all in the Accra Catholic Kyoto Airport of My Ear Perks up Because I Hear Somebody That I Can Understand That Understands Me and Were Immediately Drawn to That to Each Other and We Stress You Went Way from and and I've Met People over There That That You Don't Regroup in the Same Area and and Here We Are in Ghana, but We Heard Each Other Speak. We Recognize the Sounds of Our Voices That Were It Was a Common Language That We Had and We Are Able to Dialogue and and and and Become Friends and and Have Fellowship As We Understood Each Other. That's Why Do the Show, so Would You Tune into the Show.

Some of You Turning in for the First Time We Have a Pretty Large Audience.

Some of You Been Listening Regular You Hear Things Spoken about Your Hearing Something in Your Own Language As a Caregiver Because You Hearing from Somebody. Now in His 35th Year's a Caregiver Who Understands the Fatigue the Strain the Despair of the Range.

The Resentment, the Heartache, the Loneliness and the Walk at All the Sudden You're Not Quite As Alone As You Were before the Show Came on Your Why Do the Show and I Want to Hear from You As Well Because You Speak My Language and Together We Can Then Communicate and Bang out Ideas Talk about Things Discussed Things That Strengthen Us Both for the Journey. We Should Not Be Doing This Alone Caregiving Is Is Brutal.

It's Impossible to Do It by Yourself. That's What We Need to Have Others around Us Who Get That Who Speak That Who Who Who Understand the Journey That Can Speak to Us at Eight You Know What Was Ill Free Time. A Kind Word in a Timely Manner. A a a a a Word of Encouragement in Those Places That Need to Be A Lot We'll Need to Say. Often A Lot Of Things like Acidify Here the Word Y'all in a Foreign Country I Know Where That First Thrust of Coffee and I Don't Either from and and and They Say All Y'all. I Really Know There from. And so That's Why the Show Exist so That You Walk in Here. Someone Who Speaks Your Language in These Moments of Solitude That Help the Show Airs Live on Saturday Mornings and Then It's Replaced Several Times throughout the Weekend and the Peoples of the Podcasts but the Same Principle Plasma Right Now. Early on a Saturday Morning.

Some of You Driving to Work Semi-Just Him Getting up Your Your You Know You're Fussing around in the Kitchen Try to Get Some Things Going and I'll Sit Here Show for Caregivers You Somebody Speaking to You in Your Voice and Your Language in Indy and How This Works for You and I Just Wanted You to Understand As It Is Much As I Passion about This and I You.

God Is Even More Passionate about. And the Lord God Said One of the First of Who's He Saying It to. He Was Saying It to Himself to the Father-Son Holy Spirit That Trinity Was Saying to Himself His Own Counsel, He Took It He Said It Is Not Good That the Man Should Be Alone. I'll Do Something about, and I Don't Think That I Am Adding to Scripture. I Don't Think I Am in Any Way It Appropriately.

Interpreting This, but I Would Sit Suggest You That the Lord God Also Feels That Way about You Was a Caregiver That It Is Not Good That Your Little and You Will Feel Alone and You May Not Have Anyone around You Who Could Help You but He Helps You Have To Understand That Was the Whole Message of the Holy Spirit, Jesus That I Got a Leave so the Comfortable Come the Disciples Didn't Quite Get That until the Holy Spirit Came There so He of This Is the Comforter Ship, the Comforter Should Come Comforter Is Come, and That's What He Does.

Any Uses Even Goofy Foolish People like Me to Get on the Airwaves to Speak to Fellow Caregivers Who Are Struggling Who Are Truly Struggling and Feeling so Discouraged Solo to Say to You That He Sees This and He Has Not Abandoned You in This and the Road Is Very Difficult. I Get It. I Don't When You Do This As Long As I Have What I've Done It through You Get It, but I Want You to Imagine Right Now You're at an International Airport and You Are in a Crowd of People That the Signs Are All the Different Languages in Your Your in a Crowd of People You're Overseas Your Long Way from Home and Hear Voice That Speaks in Your Language That's What Were Doing Here.

That's Why We Do the Show so That in the Midst of That Disorientation That You Feel in the Midst of All the Discouragement That You're Feeling You Would Hear Somebody That Speaks in Your Language. Somebody Who Speaks in a Way That You Can Understand to Let You Know. You Know What You Go down This Way, Here's Here's the Path Here's the Direction Here's the Way We Go Still to This Privilege to Help Do It for You Okay to Be Alone.

This Is over the Character. 888-589-8840 888-589-8040 Graduate Right While in the Emergency Room with My Wife As She Was Struggling with the Cove at 19 Fires Herself and I Looked at Us and Are You Scared She Said of What I've Been through Worse Certainty of Mankind's History with Uncertain an Article by Peter Rosenberger and Then As Her Fever Was Approaching Almost 103 She Started Singing in Christ to Place My Trust in Some Glory in the Cross and Asked How She Has Anchored Herself in the Certain Medical Journey That Is Included in the Surgeries Both of Her Legs Hundred Dollars Now the Cove at Night so Sometimes the Answer Is 589-8840 888-589-8840 If You Will Be a Part of the Show.

I Think I Got by the Way, the Streaming Facebook Fixed You Let Me Know If You're Watching on Facebook Love Just Type in Things They Look a Watch If You Want to Watch It Set out for the Caregiver on Facebook and I Think I Got It Fixed. During the Break I Just Want You to Be Impressed That I'm Doing This All While Doing a Live Radio Show Would Try to Do This Early in the Morning so I'd I Just Wanted You to Be Impressed. Are You Impressed You Better Be. I'm Just Kidding. I Would Talk Today about the Isolation of Caregivers. It Is, It Is One of the Toughest Things I Talked about the Three Eyes That Every Caregiver Basis. The Three Eyes. The Loss of Identity, the Loss of Independence in the Isolation and My Biblical Launching Point for This Is God Himself Said It Was Not Good for Man to Be Alone. Okay, so God Himself Is Already Weighed into This Whatever God Says Whatever He Utters Whatever He Speaks Whatever He Communicates to Himself That That Is Our Foundation. That's Everything.

Everything Is on That I Was Kind of Immerse Myself This Week in Watching A Lot Of Documentaries and in Some Movies. I Went Back and Look to Some Stuff with Reformation Work Were Here at All Saints Day Last Sunday with Reformation Sunday but but in Reality, Here We Are This Weekend. And What Does That Mean to Us Will What What Happened Was Is the Reason Why This Thing Broke Wide Open.

During the Reformation Was That the Church and the State Were so Intertwined and They Were Dictating to People What to Believe and They Were Using the Latin Translation of the Bible of the Vulgate, and an 85 to 90% of People Were Illiterate That They Didn't Even Know Can Read Latin, and so Whatever the Priest Said Whatever the Pope Said That Was It and and They Did Have a Choice and and Then When When When He Started Putting the Word of God in the Hands of the Common Man. I Me That It Just Was a Appalling the People Will Be People Burned at the Stake for Translating Scripture and and Then They Started Adding All These Things These Indulgences That Martin Luther Was Just Aghast at of of How People Were Being Told That Their Sins Were Forgiven by Something They Could Buyer Do and and and I and Then They Have That They Place They Came Out Of the Strong Convictions They Know It Is by the Word of God Alone. In the Discussion and Working to Make That Word Available to People so You Have Access to This Word. It's Not Me Telling You This. Here's What It Says You Can Read It in Your Own Language You Don't Dear, Thank God for People Who Translated the Scripture into Your Language so That You Could Understand It. God Bless Us Folks at Wycliffe and These Other Individuals Who Have Translated the Word of God's That You Can Understand and Look at It for Yourself and Some Translations Are Going to Be a Little Bit More Accurate or Detailed Others, and That's What's Important You Cross-Reference and Lick the Six You Really Understand Them If You Really Want Unsteady to Go Back and Look at the Hebrew, the Greek Will Is Caregiver Swelling Can I Just Say Studying Hebrew and Greek May Be a Bit of a Challenge for Us Right Now but but There Is Enough out There. There's so Much out There. There's No Secret Thing That We Have To Do That. There Is No Hidden Thing to Christianity. It's They Are Right out There in Front and God Says in Chapter 2 of Genesis Verse 18 It Is Not Good for Man to Be Alone and so He Was a Family Caregiver Right Now Who Are Watching This through through through the Streaming We Got to or Listen to It over the Air Who Listen to the Podcast Later on I'm Just II Understand That Loneliness. I Understand That Aloneness It Is.

If I Can't a Flow of Sinful Man like Me. How Much More Does Our Savior Understand How Much More and Seek. This Is the Message of the Gospel When He Was on the Cross He Cried out One of You Forsaken Me. He Understood That One As He Took That Isolation. He Took That Loneliness That That Were All Destined for without Him If He Had Not Been Done What He Did on the Cross We Would've Had Her Minute Isolation from God, but He Took That and so in Those Dark Moments That We All Have. I Want You to Picture That That He Bore All of That so That Even during the Seasons Were We Feel so Disconnected. We Are Never Disconnected from Him. If Our Faith Is Put in Him the Do You Grasp What I'm Talking about Are You Are You. I Understand What I'm Saying Here Because There Could Be Times As a Caregiver That You Can Wake up in the Middle of the Night, or Maybe You Had Even Got to Sleep yet and You Just Gotta Be so Discouraging You Can Be Somewhat Low. I Want You to Understand That God Himself Gets This in Ways We Can't Even Possibly Understand Eddie's Made a Provision for You. It Is Promised to Speak into That for You and Never Leave You.

Yay Though I Walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death I Will Fear What No Evil for Thou Art What with Me That the Valley of the Shadow of Death May Be a Very Long Valley for Us As Caregivers, We Get That No I Mean You Are Living with the Specter in the End, the, the, the Grimness of Death for a Long Time. Some of You Are. I Get That.

And That's What It Scripture Means That the Because He Said He's with This Fee. He Came to Us Because He Knew That's What Was Going to Take. There's No Way We Could Do It. Otherwise It so That's Why I'm so Grateful That I Get to Come on the Air Here and Say These Things to You Is a Caregiver in a Way That You Can Understand That I Would Never Presume to Think That I Could Even Come Close to What These Reformers Did, but What I Want to Do Is Be Able to Help You Understand the Gospel in This in Your Own Language Is a Caregiver Because Somebody Help Me Do This and and and This Is Why We Do This Because We Know How Alone That You and I This Fee.

Rosenberger Never Helped Somebody Walk for the First Time I've Had That Privilege Many Times through Our Organization. Standing with When My Wife Gracie Gave up Both of Her Legs Follow This Horrible Rick That She Had As a Teenager and Should Try to Save Them for Years and If It Just Wouldn't Work out.

And Finally She Relinquished Him and Thought about This Is That I'm Not Happy Legs Anymore. What Can God Do with That and Then She Had This Vision for Using Prosthetic Limbs As a Means of Sharing the Gospel to Put Legs on Her Fellow Amputees and That's What We Been Doing Now since 2005 Was Standing with Hope and Working West African Country of Ghana and You Can Be a Part of That through Supplies through Supporting Team Members through Supporting the Work That Were Doing over There, You Can Designate a Limb All Kinds of Ways That You Can Be a Part of Giving the Gift That Keeps on Walking and Standing Would You Take a Moment Ago Understanding and See How You Can Give They Go Walking and Leaping and Praising God. You Can Be a Part of and by what you heard her story. We just purchased a bunch of risen that were sitting over we cannot go in person to Ghana to do work on his prosthetic limbs, but we could sit supplies.

We can send more equipment we could sponsor patients and you could be part of that.

If you wish to do so and also part of the show and you go, what to standing stating and if you'd like Gracie's music will send you a copy of her CD and by the way, there was grace will be to say that there was a lady last week who called in and I cannot member her name right off the top of my head and I'm so sorry. She said how much she loved Gracie's music Gracie's quantities that are covered by CD like I'm sorry Gracie I will do that so I but we, we, if you give any mountain to stay with hope to help sponsor the show or the prosthetic limb outreach for the wounded or those who care for the best service or mission and if you sponsor with any amount will set you copy of of of Gracie CD that I promise you it is called resilient and here's the songs the lot of that year on the bumpers coming back and I love that some of my staff in the imperials with their English get a duet with Russ Taft on that CD that you love as well. I really go through the calls, quickly here because with the last segment Gemma North Dakota good morning Jim how are you feeling Jim well Riordan revolver and I'm telling Ron but I have held by itself. If I have an elder or all. I hope you feeling nauseous because I hope you are feeling nauseous because you're listening to my show. It's always nicely call or not the First Lady's is a listing to your salad.

I feel nauseous but I have a pill so that said that since Truax note of encouragement to start off with Jim. What's going on with you and your friend that you would assess you had legal ties with for over 30 years I've gotten no I okay you had no legal test with alright so you're not legally obligated to take care of this person. Is that correct correct guys what what your issue today that I'll be going in and grabbing eventually and I have probably will. Does he have our resources to take care of himself other than you okay for then you could rest assured that he's good to be okay and you think you make sure you take care of you.

Jim okay, you make sure that you are safe. I've been called grad, but it will make bad and I almost didn't hear because I have the live over 30 years.

You, my bad, red for all the years and while you I would keep my brother about well III appreciate that and I respect that and I understand that it is said we grieve with you. You have done a great service to this man you been friends with them for a long time. You guys have had great fellowship and if you have to go to a place where they can better take care of you. That's good. Of this, make it hard, but at the same time he's going to be okay and I know you feel guilty about that, but he's going to be okay. Jim and and so will you do make sure that you are a good place and I don't want you to be nauseous on my show so that's I'm glad you're here. You got a pill there beside you in case you feel nauseous that's that's the first one by the way, with some of the calls of the first thing to say is I feel nauseous that they could without okay I'll try to make a better show but Jim I do appreciate the call very much make the decision Jim to care for you to make sure that your strong and healthy. Okay, the friendship can still continue over the phone.

The friendship can still continue through letters and emails and so forth. But it's not gonna do much good if both of you are sick and unable to care for yourself and I thank you so much for the call Jim. I really do. This is surely in Mississippi. Shirley good morning Shirley how you feeling right now because only known about it for less than a year, but but, hospice tear down You have a radio on. Oh yeah, I do. But yes, ma'am it be best if we turn at it's all here you go there. I could hear email okay have often thought about Colin but never have. But this person that is over the hospice that I work with, which of course now is very hard to do because you can't get in any place because the piano situation, but he himself. Now Hassan has a problem, not a problem because it's his life and he loves her but she has more problems than have ever imagined she'd just got a fade and to put in yesterday. She's already had surgery on her on her time. She has cancer and she's in the midst of all of these different things and he has adopted and are you taking care of her know she's all right right now. I talked to her last night, but she's getting ready to go into 230 episodes of of treatment and and that requires a lot of well you know almost so I was just house is connected to you that what is this what is the and I knew about your service, but I did not mean about him no but say he wasn't able to come so I thought well okay I'm gonna count today, but but I know about being a caregiver may not my heart. We were married 57 years and my husband died of Alzheimer's. After six years of that measurable plan, but I took care of him the whole time. No one else took care of him so I do know about caregiving, but she didn't. At this point this isn't what she she needs really, but information might me. I don't know because she's like a sigh next week she's going into these treatments for you know but farther to try the well. The name she's the cat will be at bay right now there are lots different support groups that she could participate with the cancer but what about him. Well, that's what he does for a live in Maine he's at the head of the hospice and and I have to be real careful because hospice is very careful about what is said about them.

You know well that so he has access to people who could care for him. Well he detonated any care accepted BNL more decent visa caregiver. He needs care now. Yeah, yeah, that. But I'm going to get him to call you but he just couldn't do it today with you living. Call me anytime he wants and and certainly can listen to the podcast 24 seven. We got where the world's largest podcast out there for caregivers as well.

We got 500 something episodes I think are close to it and eat the resources out there but if visa caregiver.

He definitely needs care if his wife is getting to go to this thing even if he is the head of the hospice organization. He may know all those things but is still like a said to hear a voice who speaks in his own language. In those lonely moments and that's why we do the show and and Shirley.

I do appreciate you calling on his behalf and appreciate what you went through with your husband you understand the journey and it is it's it's very endearing to hear somebody with such a rich marriage and then you faithfully cared for your husband all the way to the end and now you're caring for other people. Hospice that's a wonderful thing. Shirley and thank you for listening and thank you for being a part of the show.

I will take one more quick call but I'll run out of here. Joseph and Virginia Joseph Carr Mary to her will enter you talking about God, guarantor Brandon be alone but I want to find a passage of Scripture and dear. Courts are not a passage a little more later on when I found in South into the temple, my glory humanity call. I am on John you I do remember I need to get right to it. Joseph still be telling others to commit your mind.

Well come to all those who will caregiver to Eurobond on video alone and to remember that human variance show will return loss return should be behind us now.

My future cancer in my yard and I got there Matata Marianne and I don't miss anything. But there's a lot of planning but somebody can tell me I'm not afraid you are on another caregiver can tell me why my vocabulary have been married and I am God, and those of us who are caregivers in employer down on and Sherry will always and made lineage and recognize who we are not alone and not trying to Psalm and Lisa are nearing the church. He promised to never leave me no matter all of it.

God is always where you always recognize his blood had gross charms when we alone remain eternal, and the moment I worship work with people who church showing her pastoral work.

Somebody or new congregation will call and your sorry. I wanted to touch base with you guys planning to and I know Joseph. I appreciate those good words, we are out of time and I thank you for that we are not alone and thank you for what you doing for those friends that you're reaching out to this is over the caregiver. This is Rose murder.

We've reached the end of the show go and that was an interesting concept. Some of the side of the head miss a thing. You know, chickens, and only animal I think. Don't die of natural causes like chicken. You never seem to get laid by the side of the room and so they missed that one. We're glad that you enjoyed with is that that was just a bizarre piece of information I just want to throw it for the Hopefully help the caregivers but better caregiver will see the

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