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MON HR 1 041122

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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April 11, 2022 11:08 pm

MON HR 1 041122

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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April 11, 2022 11:08 pm

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The following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content.

Portions of the program may be prerecorded by radio broadcast, what's right, what's left is coming out now and welcome to the program. You are not listening to the voice of Bernie Sanders listening to those highly unpaid book, Dr. Joe Larson, Pastor Ernie had a family emergency tonight and it is my honor and pleasure to sit in for him the address for the one night and start the program. We have with social special guest Jim Renée see who is running for governor of Ohio, Jim, are you there I'm here. How are you tonight about the Larson doing well thank you and we help tonight on the board to keep us out of trouble hopefully keep everything running smoothly. The mighty Andrew him there. We need him and Jim.

One wonders after we do the Bible study, add leaders, introduce yourself, I didn't have time to get that information so will restart after Bible study.

I'll just tell you start with your own introduction but for now I want to bring up something terribly important to me saw on the Internet today. They are calling for the last battle of Mel Paul there in Ukraine. The Ukrainian Marines got on the web and said they are totally surrounded by Russian forces. It is going to be deaf for some of us captivity for the rest, and anyone whose limbs are not torn off is ordered to fight the 36 Marine brigade are running out of ammunition. They are almost totally depleted their and the these soldiers of the unit actually have all been killed and they said the battle tonight is being carried out by crooks and clerks, drivers and musicians from their orchestra. They said the night will be the last battle. There is no ammunition and I think what we ought to do. If you would all just play with me for these brave men.

They have put up with the most value fights that I've ever heard in the history of warfare.

They are fighting to defend their country. They have tried to get all their family and the citizens out and this may be the last night, so please just join me in prayer.

Dear heavenly father, I know this for a little beyond my comprehension along history of problems between different countries, but there's always that is the average man and woman who gets the brunt of all problems in the world, the wars, the disasters and that's usually the soldier defending this country and as I hear the story of these brave men. Lord, I would just ask you to be with them the night. I know there are many Christians there are in Ukraine that you would be with these men that you would strengthen them in art. If there is any way to for them to be saved if it be thy will.

You could accomplish this, but as we watch these heroic men stand for their country for their families were just ask Mercy father and the just bless them in any way you Lord I ask this in Jesus precious precious name on the just as a Ernie and I are both veterans and when I heard that night that was just had to do that. That's an incredible story of courage and bravery and so they have a custom of preventing the history books. There Jim, if you have your Bible with you were going to be and the book of Matthew chapter 21 through the story of Palm Sunday and the day of your Bible with your help Renée or not. I did not I apologize oh no problem. Okay normally help. Alright, so if you have any questions along the way jump in your last filtering. This is Jesus triumphal entry into Jerusalem is actually Jesus is offering himself to Israel as their Messiah as the son of David and begins and when they drew nigh under Jerusalem, that's Jesus and there's fossils overcome the Bethphage at the Mount of olives, then sent Jesus two disciples, saying under them going to the village over against you, and straightway you shall find an ass tied in a colt with her loose them and bring them under me and if any man say ought unto you, you shall say the Lord hath need of them.

And straightway he will send them all this was done might be fulfilled which was spoken by the prophet, saying, tell you, the daughter of Zion, behold, by King, D make sitting upon an ass and a colt before the end of the disciples went and did as Jesus commanded them and brought the ass on the colt and put them and put on them their clothes and they stepped him thereon I want to stop there. This is the only place in Scripture in the Gospels that mentions the CS and the colt and receive this back in Zachariah the book of Zechariah chapter 9 verse nine, some 400+ years before the birth of Christ, and Zachariah says rejoice greatly old daughter of Zion, O daughter of Jerusalem. Behold, I can come up under the E is just and having salvation locally in writing upon the now spent upon the colt, the foal of an ass. Several hundred years, and again when there's prophecy prophecy fulfilled exactly how exactly when panel that was given and just for those with tooth fairy will the Bible know the Bible keeps proving itself over and over and over, and all the prophecies fulfilled exactly God when he says something carries it through out two things here as Jesus is coming in when a king went to war. He would ride a white horse. That's why in Revelation you see one. Christ comes back is going to be pictured riding on a white horse or warhorse when a king goes to make peace writer numbness a sign of humility coming in peace and meekness, so this case, Jesus is coming and he's coming. Writing upon this animal. This beast of burden and this piece is carrying the Messiah, the King, the king of the Jews.

Now in a very great multitude spread their garments in the way others cut down branches from trees and screwing them in the way. This is where we get home Sunday because it was palm branches that they were cutting downstream in the way and the multitudes that went before, and that followed, cried, saying, hosanna to the son of David, Blessed is he that come up in the name of the Lord.

Hosanna in the highest and when he was coming to Jerusalem, all the city was moved, saying, who is this in the multitudes that this is Jesus the prophet of Nazareth of Galilee. Now when their calling out hosanna hosanna actually is the Hebrew term meaning. Please save or could be read as save us now so son of David and the Messiah was to be what the son of David out of the lineage of David and would come to be what the save your of Israel, so their calling their saying to him as Christ comes. Save us all some of David blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord save us now.

Hosanna. So when you hear that word. That's what it means. Please save or save us now. Then we have Jesus in verse 12 and Jesus went to the temple and cast out them.

Looks old and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the money changers and the seats of them that sold doves. This is the second time the Jesus has gone in and caused trouble with the money changers and will read from the book of John chapter 2, starting in verse 13 Jesus cleanses the Temple and the juice Passover was at hand. And Jesus went up to Jerusalem and found in the temple goals that sold oxen and sheep and doves in the changers of money sitting in when it made a scourge of small cords. They drove them out of the temple and the shape and the auction oxen, and poured out the changers money and overthrew the tables and set under them that sold those take these things. Hence make not my father's house a house of merchandise. This was called righteous anger out recently see this picture all the time. This meet mild Jesus. Everything was about the music and mild Jesus right well it wasn't very meek and mild braided of small scourge, small cords, the rigid braided up wept anyway man and drove out, this was a large group of people, folks, this is big business.

They had the doves in the shape of the lambs and Oxen, and These Tables Were Not Card Tables. These Tables Were Large Stone Tables. The Temple Carved Stone Tables and Very Heavy. They Were Meant to Stay Where They Were Placed by Many Men in the Hospitals around through Them over and Shakes Them out Picture. You Must Have Presented Quite a Presence Because I Figure There Must've Been Any Work from and out to a Dozen or More Men Tables and They Fled from Him and Know Some Temple Guard Must've Just Backed off and Said Well Got Out Of the Way, We Are Allowed to Get Angry. The Lord Tells Us in Scripture. We Are to What Hate the Things That God Hates and Love the Things That God Loves and There Are Times That Jesus Is the Euro Gives Us an Example Here Twice in the Temple We Can Get Angry That He Didn't Hurt People. Putting Blame the Hospital, but He Sure Upset the Temple Money System. The Upset Sadducees, the Pharisees, He Upset the Whole Applecart Righteous Anger and Meet Jesus. No Not Always Meek and Mild. Jesus Was Capable of Anger and Showed Very Clearly That Day and Then in Verse 13 and Set under Them That Is Written, My House Shall Be Called the House of Prayer, but Ye Have Made It a Den of Thieves That We Go to the Book of Isaiah Chapter 56 of the Book of Isaiah and in Verse Seven, Even Them, Will I Bring My Holy Mountain Time, but Bringing People Touring and Make Them Joyful in My House of Prayer. Their Burnt Offerings and Their Sacrifices Shall Be Accepted upon Mine Altar for Mine House Shall Be Called a House of Prayer for All People Agenda Here We Have Prophecy Long before Jesus Talks about Those Who Were Coming There Would Be There. Would Love the Name of the Lord, There Would Be His Servants and Would Keep the Sabbath Keep His Covenant. My House Is a House of Prayer and the Words for All People, Not Just Use You.

It Is Said to Be a House of Prayer for What the Children of Israel Didn't Say the Children of Israel Who Said My House Will Be a House of Prayer for All People and Then We See in Verse 14 and the Blind and the Lame Came to Him in the Temple, and He Healed Them. When the Chief Priests and Scribes Saw the Wonderful Things That He Did and the Children Crying in the Temple, and Saying Hosanna to the Son of David While They Were Sore Displeased.

Yes, Sore Displeased That He Set under Them Herself but These Say and Jesus Saith under Them.

Yeah, Have You Never Read, Out Of the Mouth of Babes and Suckling Thou Hast Perfected Praise. So As We Look at This. We See These Wonderful Things the Blind Delaying Being Healed You to Think a Priest Would Be Happy to See the Healing but There Were You Would've Thought They Would Better to See the Son of David, the Messiah, Healing the Sick or Weak but No, They Were Sore Displeased, Because They Had Important Positions They Had Well They Had Social Status, They Had Nicer Places Than the Others That Had Prestige and They Did Not Want to Lose Any of Those Earthly Things. They Were Not Willing to Rejoice in What They Saw the Miracles. The Blessings so Again There Were Displeased and Jesus Knew Heard and Understood Their Displeasure to Really Go to Psalms Psalms Chapter 8 Verse Two Square Back Psalm of David Wrote Out Of the Mouth of Babes and Sucklings Thou Hast Ordained Strength Because of Thine Enemies, That Thou Might Is Still the Enemy and the Avenger. Jesus Knew the Course Being the One Who Gave All the Old Testament Scripture.

Jesus Was the Angel of the Lord, the Angel of His Presence. Jesus Was One of Their All through the Old Testament and Being the Word Gave the Word to the Prophets, and He Knew That Out Of the Mouth of These Children Was Their Strength and Their Words Because the Enemies, That Thou Might Still the Enemy so He Is Telling Them by Reading Psalm Handle the Wording of the Psalm That Haven't You Heard These Children Praising Him and Crying Wonderful Things. They Are Praising the Messiah, but There Also Is Also Telling Them He Knows They're the Enemy Right There. You Are the Enemy.

Quite Clear and He Left Them and Went Out Of the City to Bethany and He Lodged There. Stayed the Night.

This Was His First Day. The Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem Palm Sunday with Much Much Going on and Announcing to the World That He Was the Son of David, Communism, Messiah Coming Right in the Donkey As King of the Jews Would Be Their Future King and This Is for Everything Now Is Set for That Last Week of His Life. The Enemy Knows Who Is Reclaims to Be. They Are Hateful, They Have To Get Rid of Him and Now Everything Is Set for Well All Holy Week and Ran a Stop There for the Night Are Your Listening to Pastor Joe Larson Sitting in for Pastor Ernie Sanders the Voice of the Christian Resistance and That We Are Here Tonight with Jim Renée C and Jim before the Break, I'd like You to Tell Folks a Little Bit about Who You Are and Why You Are Running for Governor of Ohio Well Generated CII Try and Tell Everybody That's Where Answer to Jim When He Feels the Husband of His High School Sweetheart of 39 Years Is the Father of Three Beautiful Children Here in Ohio Is Also the Son of a 95-year-old Mother Who Has the Tottenham's Catholic Values and He's Now the Grandfather of the 22-month-old Grandson and That's the One of the Reasons Why I Am Running for Governor. We Have a We Have a State That Has Forgotten How Important Life Is When You When You Hire a Pro Abortion, Medical Director That Something That You Should Never Have Been Done. Life Should Depression Sunlight Should Be Something That We We Cherish and and Should Be a Key to Any Governor. So That's One Reason but Our State Is Also Gotten Away from Us As Well. So As That Father Has a Grandfather Now I'm Looking to Hopefully Take Our State Back to a Place That Was 30 Some Years Ago, Which Was a Powerhouse State Something That People Are Proud of the People Employed People Stayed Raised a Family, You Know, Started a Business, All of Those Things I Hope to Be Able to View What Career What Is Been Your Career. Why Can Ohio 39 Years Ago I Started a Business Consulting Business. I Went from One Business I Got from One Business to 60 Businesses Created over 1500 Jobs Employed over 3000 People. I Had Everything from a CPA Firm to Construction Company to a Molly Had a Golf Course. Multiple Nursing Homes. So If Interest Had Multiple Businesses throughout the Entire State but That I've Been Blessed by the Lord of the to Be Successful in the State Gave Me the Opportunity to Live the American Dream.

So a Businessman and Entrepreneur out That's Exactly What We Need. We Have Had My Opinion Always Quote Professional Politicians to Never Grow without a Paycheck.

You Have No Idea about How to Conduct the Business How Hard It Is What It Takes to Be an Entrepreneur Create Jobs to All Actually Build Make Things Do Things and the Other Than Surrounding Give Orders Area Entrepreneur Has To See the Future Has To Budget Has To Have All Kinds of Knowledge, so I Think That Is to Me One of the Best Qualifications. I'm a Man and That Was One of the Things I Liked.

He Was a Businessman Not a Politician so You Just Made Yourself.

It Was a Big Plus Were Just about Ready to Come to a Break of Andrew Murray Close Enough. All Right, Let's Take a Break and Will Be Right Back. Folks Don't Go Anywhere by Me and Ray and Was a Welcome Back to Your Listening to Joe Larson What's Right What's Left Ministry. The Voice of the Christian Resistance and We Have a Special Guest for This Jim Renée C Running for Governor Ohio and Just Got to the Studio. All of Voice That Most of You Will Know the Voice Community Says Hi Randy Gay Want to Pastor Ernie's the Assistance with People That Tries to Keep Them Out Of Trouble on Track Bigger Job Than You May Think I Welcome Randy You Very Much. We Have a Distinguished Guest Tonight Unless I Followed His Career in the I like Reading about Unity Suddenly Somebody Who Definitely Bears Consideration When You Vote. Not like Allow Those of You the Nazi Other Acid Bills.

Those Are the People Who Are so We Say Not Not to Be Considered. I Welcome the Welcome to the Show.

I Do Not Appreciate You and Jack Take It If You're like A Lot Of People You've Been Watching the World Collapse Been Watching the Crime Very Attack on the Children.

The Attack on Life. The Corruption in Government of the Border Problems All This What What Was the Turning Point. Choose to Be.

Instead of Being a Successful Businessman, Having Time with Your Family and Enjoying Your the Things That You Created and Built What Was a Turning Point for You Will Come Set. I've Got to Go Run for Office and Do Something This Great State Has Been Really Been a Blessing to Be 1939 Years Ago Started out with Just a Couple Hundred Dollars in Bank and As I Said Earlier.

Just One from One Business to 60 Businesses Created so Many Jobs Employed so Many People, but at the Same Time. Always Believe You Have To Go Back to Everyone When You're Blessed You Need to Give Back.

I Was Concerned about Our Stratum Concerns the Direction of Taking I Was Concerned about Our Federal Government. I Believe Our Federal Government Is Broken. I Believe the Only Way to Fix the Problems We Have of the Federal Government Is Really Have Strong Governors Who Believe in Life but Also Believe in Family and Freedom and Faith and It Was One of the Reasons Why I Decided That the Best Way to Fix Our Country Is Really Right Here in Our State Level and If You Look We Have All Those Problems We Have Illegal Immigrants Are Coming Not Only to the Border of Mexico but Find Their Way to Ohio Where Work or Will You Know We Are Spending Tremendous Amount of Money in That Direction, but How about Our Homeless and Homeless Veterans Unit We Should Take Care Of Ohioans at the Same Time You Know Worship Were War Losing so Much Money Because of Mismanagement in Ohio When We Have the Unemployment System Failing and We Have the Unemployment System and the Medicaid System. Fraud Is Wroth with Fraud and yet We Don't Have Business Leaders Who Can Fix That. So I Continue to Look at Some of the Statistics and Am Concerned for My Children and Grandchildren. I'm Hoping That We Can Change the State around Today with the Seventh of Most Left Stately Country People Are Leaving More Really Need to Have Is a State That We Can Proud of the State That I Came Here 39 Years Ago to Which Was a Powerhouse for Families and and You Know You Could Do to Raise a Family.

Build a Business Have Success and Stay Here or Not Leave so I Just Got to Point Will I Saw a Governor Who Also Decided to Take Our Rights Away from Us, and in One of the Biggest Things He Did Know He Will Say He Didn't Do This, but You Know When You Start to Put the Fear in Churches That We Start Chose Closing Charges down Because of a Pandemic. That Is One Thing That Should Never Have Been Touch That's Sacred. It's the First Amendment We Should've Had the Right to Continue to Leave Churches (We Left Walmart so We Left Targets Open We Close Small Businesses and We Put the Fear of God in Many Ways and People That Made Them Fair Going to Church and That Was Really a Turning Point for Me. I Failed Care Of the State Have To Argue That Our Current State.Sure Got If They Had Fear of God.

The Real Fear of God That He Told the Government Work, but It Bluntly, but Was Trumping Inspiration, Being a Businessman. Did You See the Way Trump Approach Things and Said, Hey, We've Got a Problem, Instead of Printing out the Political Ramifications. The Problem, How to Resolve the Problem. How Do We Get Results. You Sound like You're Are All Results Oriented Personality. Not Many Businesses. Your Goal Is You Find a Need. You Fulfill the Need, You Find a Problem to Find a Solution to Fix the Problem. I Take It Your Approach to Government Would Be Much the Same. Absolutely I Am a Big Supporter of the Policies. The Problem Also.

Big Supporter in the Way. Gov. DeSantis Handles Florida. It's the Same Way We We Need to Have Our Freedoms but at the Same Time You Know We Have To Prioritize We Have To Make Sure That Were Giving People the Constitutional Rights but like a Business You Have To See the Problems Fix the Problems, Prioritize the Problems Too Often Politicians Do Not Prevent Another Word I Take It You're Not One of Those People Will Put Your Little Finger up in the Wind.

See Which Way the Wind Blowing You Know What's Right and What's Wrong and Your Job Is Governors to Do What Is Right for the People of Ohio.

Is That a Fair Statement Absolutely Why It Is to Make Ohio That Place Again People Want to Stay Here Lived Here Raise a Family and and Do What's Right. You Cannot Worry You Can. If You Do What's Right Even Though You Can Make Some People Mad. In the End, That's All That Matters. If You Lose an Election Because You've Done What's Right That Should Be All That Matters. Too Often These Current Politicians Are More Worried As You Said, Putting Her Finger up near and Hoping They Can Do Now. What's Right but What's Best for Them to Get Reelected in and I Met up Point in My Life Was Not about Getting Reelected Is about the Next Generation Say Jim and Ohio and Also Will Ask You One Question Makes All of Them to Follow Mike the Wind from I Live in Cincinnati.

It's Time Watching Change and Seems like They All It Is There. One Reason Why. Pretty Much All of Them to Well I Think in Most Because I Want to Be Liked and They Want to Get Reelected Every Nose of the Two Reasons Politicians Give up Many Times Their Values and Principles Because They Want to Be Liked by the Majority. At the Same Time You Want to Get Reelected and I See It Time and Time Again. It's Sad Because That Always Is a Key Nobody Wants to Lose an Election, but You Know If You Just Do What's Right. I Believe You Won't Lose an Election.

You Write Usually See This Too Often. Do You Think Will Also an Error without Being Liked and Wanting to Be Reelected.

I See A Lot Of These People. They Don't Have a Faith of Strong Faith and They Succumb to the Lust of Power. While There Are Some Successful People That Went into Politics but There Was They Wanted More and More Power.

And I Think That's the Downfall Would You Agree with This I Will in the Lust of Power, of Course, Is Another Piece to It, but the Lust of Power Is by Getting Reelected. If You Run and Lose, You Lose That Powers the Lust of Power Is the Reason Why You Work to Get Reelected and Rather Than Right and to Offer You Lose Your Principles and Values Them in the Best Example Might Wind Appointing a Pro-Abortion, Medical Director yet Claiming That His Pro-Life II Was Just Tonight at a Speechwriter Said Mike Why Cannot Hold the Mantle Pro-Life Anymore Because You Can't Fire, Medical Director, Whose Pro-Abortion and Then When She Steps down in Yankton You Actually Point Another Pro-Abortion, Medical Director and Then He Steps down, You Know, A Few Weeks Later. So in the End That This Is That This Is the Value and Principle of the Rubble of the Republican Party, but Also of a Christian of the Christian Faith and I'm Not Sure You Know How We Can Ever Look Back and Say I'm Still Pro-Life for so Many so Hard to Do That.

Because There Are so Many People That Had High Hopes for Him One Question I Had It on the Schools. I Was Just Looking at an Article That Came down the Department Of Education under Biden Waging War on Charter Schools, Bringing in New Regulations.

New Proposed Rules That Are Gonna Make It Harder to Obtain Startup Grants Harder to Maintain a School and Then They Are Going to Put in a Bunch Little Things like the Rest of the Surveys and Things and They Have To Be at This School.

The Current School System Have To Be Able to Show That They Don't Have Room for the Students That Another School Is Needed to Take the Overflow All the Students Are Wanted to Have an Education Located in the School and on I Heard That I Thought of, like Saying No Is a Grocery Store in Town. Then Another Store Can't Command and Bring Competition. Another Grocery Store to Bring down Prices for the Community and Their Say No. You've Got to Prove That That Grocery Store Can't Handle the groceries for the community that there must be another store in the store that is very one existed the existing store gets to make rules for competition in that, what the public school out there doing their then by the government.

short shorts, it is indoctrination coming from the federal government is one of the reasons i said that the best way to fix our country is to have strong strength to say no more. one of things i would do is gov. revamp and overhaul our entire education system. we need to eliminate crt. we need to eliminate social emotional learning.

we need to eliminate comprehensive sex education that's being pushed down from the federal government, and in many ways, from the divine administration so that these children are getting sex education in kindergarten, first second third grade that's that's terrible, but this is what happens when you have a leader like the one who doesn't say no with a look at what's going on in florida. we have a gov. desantis who says we are not going allow the summer school systems in ohio we have a government line who says nothing but if it's the mandates are being pushed down by the federal government, and that's why we need leadership in our in our state and our governor's position so we can stop the sale thing you touched on is i believe education should follow the check of the money should follow the child powerful for now edition if that's the best thing ever used so far that money should follow that what character the student. the parents and the student. if the parents and students, i decided to go to this school. they should be able to go to any school they want to bring competition. these public schools from always saying it our way.

if it's a problem with them.

the money should follow the student and should be a decision of the parent and the student well, so another words i don't think you're expecting the big vote for the teachers union in ohio want to get that in the primary to most teachers are not republicans but you know the end i i do believe that i'm in to get the vote of ohioans who believe we can have a much better state. and that's going to be my goal. it's not about a republican or democrat. it's really about making our state. one of the best states in the country for families for growth for business for all of those things that should be the key issue. the other thing you talking about monday following the child to my knowledge and just washing it, why is it that they never sent all the money with the child while part of the problem is it is about the money for the school districts want to keep as much as they can because they have overhead it out and in the business world. you have to be able to compete with the money you have, or that you raise or that you and yourself.

all those things, but in in school districts they want to keep it all to themselves upon the reasons why the student who wants to go potato vo-tech educational program, and many times they say will there's not enough slots for the reasons not enough slots is because the school district does not want to lose the dollars that have to go to the vo-tech education because they have overhead to cover as well.

so what we really need to do is take a look at the schools. one thing that's interesting in ohio and annex over the next 10 years will have the least amount of 18-year-old ever in the history of ohio. we have still the same amount of school districts the same amount college is the same amount of universities have less students to go and at some point in time. a government is going to have to look at this and say we need to start bringing our overhead down.

we don't have enough students to fill the buildings anymore and that's also going to be a big issue and you know someday for ohioans are going to have to especially those that you love their university know people say while i went to the university of akron. i want akron to disappear. i went to one of the other schools i want the school to disappear. i get it, but at some point time we don't have enough students to get go into those schools, you can't have to do something about the overhead that each one of those schools produces route well i just thought with the current rate of abortion in america. i look at the reproduction rate were far below what it takes to maintain the population night would imagine ohioans like many other states were far below that rate and the population is getting older. we have fewer and fewer young people. all the colleges and universities.

they are trying to get more more foreign students because that that's their solution to the problem, but there in ohio you're bringing up your your bringing up a real important point.

the population isn't reproducing or fewer children to be going to enter the school system and that's going be a future problem for ohioans is the people get older than the activity. the younger people to support an older population hundred percent agree. and that's one of the things business leaders and governors in every state need to be looking at things that need to be addressed in ohio. we look at these issues and take them head-on today. not just worried about getting reelected right you know government alignment in a state of the state address talked about seven issues. all of the more more spending and we because again he wants to be like you want to be reelected at the real truth is we got a start looking at ways to reduce spending in the state and prepare as our state ages.

we have the last 18-year-old unless people at actually going out and killing the people the truth that i can tell you're not a politician because you started off work… tell the truth that then we have to see what we have to work with, so confronting the truth is one of the things and you're more willing to do them. most the people i've interviewed jim was the only way to fix things. again, you have to you have to tell people we have a problem we can fix it. ohio can be one of the greatest states again in the country, but we first have to address our problems before we can get back to that point, a vendor that you will talk to john sosa and jim is a section like down by my dining where they have all these unfulfilled skilled jobs like welding and that sort of thing what it was at one time while you know it's interesting all across the state. we have that we have more job openings and we have people to fill the jobs will and and and these are likely at $60,000 a year jobs that pay benefits as will is that right emmett is pretty much the way the exactly we've got enough jobs can be filled but the problem is we have we have something called medicaid expansion of unemployment that that's gone rampant and rapid and and we've lost billions and billions of dollars because of mismanagement by the current governor that people don't feel the need to go to work, they may find other means whether the unemployment system whether it's medicaid expansion and we have taken away the ability and some of the welfare programs as well to really need a real need to go get a job say you have many trade schools there in ohio.

is that something that you see a need for more more trade schools know we actually have enough trade schools will be needed to make sure that our students in the high schools get the opportunity to go to the trade schools, and i think what should happen in high schools is is our young adult should see as opportunities other than going to college you go to the military or you can go to a trade school you can be a welder making 80,000 100,000 depending on welding techniques are so many ways to live the american dream and the state. the problem is 10 years ago. 50 years ago. the governor then gov. casey decided that everybody should get a college education. i think that was a mistake we already have college educations.

we need qualified individuals remember so many skills out there that are lacking while i was reading something or they had so many of these truck drivers out there have college degrees but they like the running their own business. the their independent truckers. so here they had a college degree that they found wasn't worth much, and they went and started their own business. so, and nowadays more more liberal these colleges and universities are the less and less education. you're getting you don't have to have $100,000 in student loan debt to go through one of those trade schools like you said even out here in the middle of where i live in the ozarks very very rural engineers, electricians, plumbers still make a real good living and have nice and all have nice homes in the other very happy with what they're doing college education really all the jobs and feels people go to college. i think there wouldn't be enough jobs anyway. well i think if we started in ninth or 10th grade and we showed our young adults for all the opportunities and the pay scales and think of a truck driver who went to college basically wasted four years of their life because now that but yet you that college degrees not needed.

to the left. they could've gone right from high school gotten there. you know, there their life in student to dry rot yesterday and then in 40 years. they could've made 60 or 70,000 a year versus paying 30 or 40,000 a year for college education made it made. sometimes i call that indoctrination are mostly schools that have nowadays is not education its indoctrination and some of the young college people i've talked to ray sure didn't get much of an education.

at least a dozen showing their speech, their knowledge of anything like history, math, science, constitution of that's the other thing i was thinking as governor do you think you would want to put back of ideas like teaching the constitution having a top school having some of study to be about the founding fathers and the vi.

the principles and ideals were put into the constitution. i think that was taken out long ago and i'm looking for people who want to put setback and educate our children in the real important. what makes america great way.

what is so great about our constitution, our nation, our founding and i think that is totally totally lacking was that something that you would agree and think can be done from the governor's position will absolutely do expect what i said earlier, we need to eliminate crt. we need to eliminate social emotional learning occurs when we need to eliminate comprehensive sex education. when you get back to reading, writing, arithmetic and civics all of those things that really make you a better a better prepared for the future.

also, i would be an advocate of that and i think that's something we should be doing articles on the other. i guess the big thing right now is all these drugs are coming over the border all the spent law almost daily to hear about the border patrols coming up of a large stash of sentinel enough to wipe out a city for states that it just seems like a never-ending that we don't seem to be wishing to be going after some of lower level, we don't seem to be putting real drug dealers or traffickers in jail, keeping them in jail, making it the really the penalty not workability profit. what you think about the state of ohio today is number one in corruption. it's also number one in drug overdose addiction – and so we yes so we really do. and by the way number three in human trafficking. so ohio has some statistics that are not good. we do not want to be in the top five in those three categories.

yet in the bottom 15 in business and in and out tax and all those other things so absolutely we we have a whole another issue when it comes to to ohio and and human trafficking and and drives your number one and what drug use. well were number one in corruption is is is state corruption but also number one in drug overdose. addiction death. i mean, that is a not a good statistic and that and then were number three or four in human trafficking. so the three categories that do not make ohio and by the way, we have five of the 50 most dangerous cities in the entire country. some terrifying taxes. i did not know quickly and from missouri but that should really wake up. i'm hoping the listeners out there, especially all those in ohio are hearing what you just said about everyone in corruption drug overdose – number three in human trafficking, and you have five of the 50 most dangerous cities.

did you say dangerous or deadliest shot deadliest cities.

they actually per capita homicide. five of the most dangerous per capita homicide. while i can see why is the father, husband, grandfather you want running clean house and the you sound like you have the knowledge of how to actually with the business background go in and actually do it. do you have enough context people you know in the state that only got just a few minutes or of any still register couple minutes after the break. your right we have just a few more seconds. you're listening to what's right with left radio ministry were going to take a short break. be right back don't go away. thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the christian resistance to support this ministry and to wr that you are mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spirit Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program.

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The once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministries voice of the Christian resistance. Stay tuned. The second hour is coming up next

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