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MON HR 2 041122

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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April 11, 2022 11:58 pm

MON HR 2 041122

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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April 11, 2022 11:58 pm

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Donate and listen to the podcast WR welcome back Dr. Joe Larson sitting in Dr. Ernie Sanders federal family emergency tonight couldn't be here sounds my pleasure to serve in forums and help from you tonight is Randy day of the voiceless. You of her many many times in this program is one of those Turner's assistance and are just for the night.

Jim run a C is running for governor and Jim, I have one final question for you before let you go. One of the things that makes her successful run for an office is the right people to help with the campaign who think like you believe like you and the the resources to find the right people to staff in all our campaign staff quite often turns out to be a lot of people that end up staffing the office of rear years in business give you pretty good selection for people to help you but I will say when you're running against income. But it makes a little more difficult because people are afraid that in many cases to step out and out and out when you're challenging incumbent.

But we do have a lot of good staff and a lot of good people and I think in the end, you know, when you when everybody become your friend and everybody then wants work for you think you're really good answer and I really appreciate your coming in the night and the way thank you and I'm sure from love the way you answered a lot of the questions that I pastor Ernie's going to want to have you back on during this and expose you to hear more people so we just asked in. I'll just say good night and bless you for coming on being a guest in the all the best of you during this campaign Sir will thank you both for not bless you both as well and have a great holy weekends we as we do start them. One of the holiest weekly semi faith Catholic faith this week, so thank you again stress. Thank you, Randy. Younger years I have something I don't know if you've heard her see the Centers for Disease Control has issued a warning about a new role in strain of an old disease you heard the old one but you know maybe they did another necklace I saw one was another Greek alphabet. Like last week know this is a new strain of a very old disease called Ghana reelect him that I see that you say what about the yeah yeah yeah and if it really a crippling disease, crippling a lot of the current population in the country and this disease is contracted throughout high-risk behavior. Keeping your head where the sun didn't shine and listening to liberal media know things like that many people got this back in 2021 they voted for Biden in the liberal progressives, but the sad part about this mood.

This destructive illness is usually cured others a new drug. Coming out a new drug for. Can you guess what the new drug is called that's that's a penicillin bottle out old about like the drug it pronounced about him out to be picked up without a doctor's prescription. You take the first dose immediately, and the next dose.

Of this amount should be taken just before the 220 elections yeah yeah so May 3 should be one day you will submit a second.

I'm sorry for you and why would be May 2 is my Thursday like today. Yeah, I guess you go should be taken and and then after that it's take as needed.

But you know the only more serious note, I have a very good friend who's a physician at Cleveland clinic and I didn't ask him to use his name so I won't, but he said that in San Francisco and in places like that where they have the Lieut. behavior the defecating in light in doorways and that the deer seeing all of the old world diseases come back yet. I mean, they're just you become because of the rampant behavior. Behavior creates a condition that's exactly right.

And NME did you know there seemed diseases they haven't seen in centuries.

You know I the degradation of America. I want to talk to Nyla got a special group of things a lot talk about the first I want to start with this. I should finish for the betterment to start with it. Back in 1984 I was listening to Ronald Reagan and he was talking to the national prayer breakfast in DC and anyway, the story came up that morning and so the story of St. telemarketers and he lived about 400 years 400 A.D. and is a real historical figure analysis.

True story and we know that things were recorded by Bishop Theodoric of Cyprus wrote about them, and that he was a young Catholic priest and studied in Asia minor. And anyway, make a long story short, he was trying to find. In one of those with was running around indulging in the world's pleasure, and in the low overindulging and finally he was converted to Christianity and hid in such a center. He 20 became entered a monastery became a monk now. He was there for years, but he dreamed of going to Rome. It was like he kept thinking as he studied and prayed he was called felt called to go to Rome so in the year 402 A.D. he left the monastery and then went to Rome and there. Rome was the hub of the world, sin, and everything there was a huge crowd and follow the crowd and it was going to the Roman Coliseum and he found himself sitting in the middle of the strike crowd in the Coliseum, and he learned that the Romans are just defeated the Goss and the Emperor commanded his big circus to be held for the celebrating crowd and demo the gladiators lined up down there and they still didn't face the Emperor and they yelled way about to die salute you the typical greeting and gladiators.

The pulled their weapons and started horrible battle now. The crowd was yelling and screaming. There were an ecstasy.

Overall the bloodletting down there and this young monk was second in shock didn't all of a sudden he realized he had to do something so he jumped up and ran toward the wall and screaming in the name of Jesus stop but nobody heard. So, without thinking, he jumped over the wall and into the battle arena. The fighters in the gladiators, stop fighting because they were momentarily kind of surprised sure this tiny little monk yelling at the top of his voice in the name of Jesus stop in the name of Jesus stop all there was silence and then the sounds turn to chuckle and then laughter and one of the gladiators took a swing at him with the sword touring with them cutting close to them trying to scary others began to draw their swords and there were chasing as little monk around the field to the laughter the crowd and I think a lot of people probably thought that he was a clown there for comic relief and he kept yelling for the love of Christ stop and he kept running and dodging and ducking in the same time, louder and louder. He screamed in the name of Jesus stop all eventually the gladiators dental got tired of the game and one on one over stucco sword through children all over silence in the crowd. After what seemed like an eternity.

Someone got up from his seat and started walking out in silence. Then another and another until most people were getting up from their seats. Walking out in silence and disbelief the side of the deadlock in the center of the Coliseum led the Emperor and his guest to stand family stand. They turned and left to after a few minutes the gladiators looking around her, but he left put their swords down and they walked out all the remainder next track Coliseum was the scrawny, lifeless body of this young monk vestry says that this was the very last gladiatorial game in the Coliseum that the last last one you saw.

He did stop. It did stop. Good. Did stop it up and an hour later, the Emperor issued an edict forbidding any future games a war within the Roman Empire and there was no more killing, and the Coliseum. Isn't it amazing the reality can have a story like that and I love my understanding is a true story by the historian Theodoric of Cyprus now the reason I did this first is because as you know Randy Illinois last week Coach and I sat in firm attorney and we talked about what is happening to the children in the public. As the men what is happening to the children as I was working today. All couple headlines school district to pre-k students draw your own transgendered pride flag New York city pride weekend will be June 25 to the 27th out there flying the pride flag along with the black lives matter flag and as a part of the ongoing LGBT Q IA wherever they add to it. There are no Illinois school district is asking all the pre-k students prekindergarten folks identify the colors in the rainbow flag participate in making your own rainbow and trends pride flag pre-gender Garten Illinois and they have there in Evanston, Illinois. They are dedicating a portion of the academic year to equity weeks all all kinds of things equity you will be almost a month and then will have low Latino Heritage month in the organelle black lives matter school leak out those with very little education with all these the issues of the left and then in the they're going to bring in equity month to all pre-k through eighth-graders and explain all this non-binary clear rainbow flags on a monologue such as one knows a bunch of school nurse fired. She spilled the beans on students who are being given humidity blockers. The school nurse in Connecticut suspended and she was fired because she revealed on her own social media page that students she did not give names but said students in her school were being given humidity blockers, apparently without the parents knowledge how this came from the London daily Mail and the S was the Richard J Kinsella magnet school in Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut. She was branded trends phobic and was dismissed.

She wrote on a local mom social media page set investigate the schools system curriculum CT is very socially liberal gender confused state she said as a public school nurse. I have an 11-year-old female student on puberty blockers and a dozen students identified as non-binary all but to keeping this a secret from their parents. With the help of teachers, social workers and school administration. She went on to the teachers in the social workers are spending 37 hours a week influencing your children, not necessarily teaching the children what you think is being taught. She said science tells is that a child's brain continues to form learned of the early 20s ants. We have laws prohibiting alcohol, tobacco, vape in cannabis for children. But it's okay to inject hormones in the confused pre-previous best in children and perform simple meals, mutilation, surgery on adolescents who aren't allowed to have alcohol, tobacco, etc. etc. so she's now fired, but is an amazing pride.

Randy isn't it amazing that you don't hear anything about a parent, father, mother, not a guardian and to me it it just makes me wonder how the NEA for the other teachers organizations can just come in and just say the is this now that that yellow is red and black is white around the square and to disagree with them on any of these fronts is to lose your job or whatever they can do to you, and that's what bothers me is it like where the parents in this. Where are the parents standing up tall this is like everybody standing there with their hands behind their back, afraid yeah I think they're afraid to figure In ignorance of three years of intelligence of the school. Hugo complained about something in the school. The failure of the only parapets complained no other paradigms come and the July estimate that matter. Should that man that like somebody is tell you not telling my my child knows nothing about sex about homosexuality because that's what ends up happening with the rainbow, okay.

So you tell about the rainbow. What is it you say what is it for there you go on the deck again and enter me if I can only shoot mattering dealing with God. Is it did know God and and and and and this is what they want to do, but what bothers me is that I'm not hearing about one parent, not to this school and saying no. One parent team would come up and say plead for that nurse that that nurse did the right thing.

It's it's it's like the whole thing is sickening and it's wrong.

One story here that came from Fox news Virginia parent fighting race-based admissions policy with a legal battle. His case now heads to the Supreme Court there in Fairfax County, Virginia Virginia parent former PTA president who criticized the race-based admissions and all the stuff Dr. Harry Jackson, father and former Naval intelligence officer opposed the policy there at Thomas Jefferson high and Steve discount LA Democratic prosecutor back by billionaire George Soros criminal charges of libel and slander against Jackson over tweets. No calling out what was going on. The school they thought well will go after him dental charges liable and slander and will get him to shut up but he didn't shut up. He accused the them of grooming behavior in children and I got upset but anyway court declared him and they wanted the liberals want to get all the way to the Supreme Court, but they are trying to kill free speech on the right defense attorney for Marina med Megan are representing Dr. Harry Jackson and this turned out to be a huge battle but locally he's the one all the lowercase and the cell he did have the nerve to fight that this is how they silence the parents. They, the sky was threatened with allowable suit and they threatened to bring in what the Department of Justice to go after all parents and have them investigated as they stir up trouble in school board so the government really our government. This is no longer free country like you and I grew up in the rear member in our childhood we are living in a dictatorship.

We are watching a complete revolution communist revolution take place. Randy and too many people of not realized what it is what's going on, that this is the revolution for the heart and soul of this nation and the if the people do not stand and like Dr. of Dr. Harry out of Jackson or he'll lose this nation because whoever controls the children control the future. Is that correct that is absolutely clear that the other thing is that if you will fight for anything contrary anything and then leave. That's more scary than anything is that their people said not here, not under the auspices of our voice they don't vote. They don't react. They don't respond and to sit here and say that it's a shame and do nothing is I think a bigger crime than not know, and that really is the problem that we have people sitting there that they you watching your friends friends get sick and die. From: you watching all of these policies go alone anybody goes to the gas pump to know why this shouldn't be president that we hail because once you raise the price of gas raise the price of everything, everything gets a ride on the truck and even gaskets arrived on the truck and and and to me like if nothing else, the cost of living on to do that and that also determines where we send our kids. You know how we educate our kids fecal in the you know you will give out shelter to our kids. If the that it it it. I think that we will hurt more by the people who do apt salute leak nothing. If you've never written a letter. If you've never cast a vote then you have the problem to an and in you as much a problem is shut Joe Biden in the whole crew.

It's it's it's it's it's a terrible thing and then you sit here and you wonder what's happening to your kids. You have to go out this time. You nonemergent deal Ohioans on the you see what happened. You see out the wine, flipped, so you need to do magic got a chance to do something about it which comes once every four years and and and that's all I'm saying is it think about it, and if nothing else of your insured and read about because most of my loan but you don't really you need to read both sides of the argument and then come up with your own opinion, and if your opinions different than mine.

Then at least you you came up with your opinion and and in these of the things that really have have handcuffed our our state and our nation to unite say that you're not part of the solution you are part of the problem you are absolutely and people get very angry when I have been saying that for years. I believe it to be totally true because it's lack of people fighting back that allows the enemy to win it though. I got my example the enemy is put a football team out there on the field and the world that all these are bad people, Christians, you shouldn't get involved in this bloodsport of politics, so don't go put a team on the field more than you're letting the enemy win by default so if you're not part of the solution to fix the problem you are part of the problem because your silence says you are condoning what the left is doing your condoning what they're doing and the scrolls are condoning what they're doing on the border are condoning the corruption in the government itself belies the distortion you are then condoning evil and if your condoning evil then you are part evil.

You are indeed part of party you sure that that that's exactly right. I've got one big story, save it for a minute but I just want to read a couple headlines you J kids will be killed if teachers are allowed to teach about sex and gender education system usurping the role of parents out of the Western Journal of his book of the British A's husband is a teacher been a critic of what's going on in Florida.

You know, and they're basically saying that the adult and allow children to learn about sex and gender. These young children that you could kill them well. We had a doctor in the program early. I don't know reading of the doctor but we read the put a piece that he did out and he recited 8090% of these kids that are confused about their gender.

If you just leave them alone. The problem fixes itself with a few years ago Ron confused a little bit but eventually come around and problem solved admin most of the rest with a little help from a good professional of they grow out of it. It's only a very very small percentage of these children really are gender to support report to the point of there really desperately ill. So what they're doing again is there telling you the opposite of whatever he says is the opposite of the truth, then we have New Jersey. They got a wholesome sample lesson plans are in New Jersey for a first graders up through fifth graders and the they could be taught that children as young as 10. Probity blockers are acceptable way to manage your probity that masturbating several times a day as a healthy waiter relieves stress and on and on and on all the books and the things are bringing in all kinds of movies all kinds of books and now they know the kids like video, so they're bringing in the video ones through group called maze probity and transgendered give several others of what is love. Anyway, all these things, the title and they bring in all kinds of things about sodomy and whatever but you know what you admits about Ginger dysphoric and the truth is they only want to get a hold of them when they're in Ginger dysphoric because now you've messed them up for the rest of their lives exactly what the real you need, you know, solicit with only one around for a few years while the gender dysphoric. Well that's it. You've messed them up for the rest of the left life and they know that and so that's there. The remains will call that the window of opportunity because that's exactly what to use it like I recall childhood heiresses because it takes a while for these children define themselves by their supposed to be protected and nurtured and Say, but instead of that they want the opposite.

They want to shove everything out them when most of them are trying to figure out how to tie shoes and still trying to get all yet, but the other thing that they do is if they want to make it seem like you every body goes to some type of sexual misidentification or you know it you know what I'm saying. My point is, that's not true that's not true. Everybody.

Everybody is pro-abortion.

That's right.

Life goes absolutely bonkers. There always tell me all women want abortion.

All women should I just get so mad at people saying how I think because I feel what I want then you know her friends and they bill get upset because that's what liberals do.

Everybody wants this. Everybody wants to murder babies.

Everybody wants to indoctrinate children.

Everybody wants social development. That's what the left always does, they never say what God wants and and they never say what's right everybody does want that exactly evident here this this is what really got me gender sake comes out and the she issued a threat to those of us who want to protect children from this transgendered night mare. She staked out a take no prisoners attitude regarding the Biden administration demands that everyone adhere to its social sexual agenda and I want to quote her and she said across the country. As we talked about a big your Republican elected officials are engaging and disturbing cynical trend of attacking vulnerable transgendered kid for purely kids for purely partisan political reasons right and she same Republican lawmakers in the debating legislation among many things with target trends use the tactics that threaten the put pediatricians in prison if they provide medically necessity necessary lifesaving healthcare lifesaving healthcare. I think if people want to mutilate their bodies and change things. Well, it's a free country bitterly start to be a legal age legal age to vote legal age to go in the military. They want to do it when they're that age find that they should keep it away from the children. Anyway, she came out and basically said that these people are working to put them on notice by the Department of Justice, the part of health Department of Health and Human Services that laws and policies preventing healthcare and health professionals recommend may violate the Constitution and federal law. To be clear.

Every major medical Association.

Here we go getting everyone agreed say Jill was coming up on the way are you like within 10 seconds right back a lot more overcrowding is always the way you lay down now we know why they got crime overtaken our city gangs taken over as the pain is now more and more will bear the leak and seems to me there. What we called the radiation is the nation's goal.

The home is how we only powerful the family. Now you know the know and see you in the in and you're welcome back what's right with the ministry of the voice of the Christian resistance there listening to Pastor Joe Larson, I'm sitting in for about Ernie Sanders at little family emergency and was unable to make it tonight and with me around again.

You'll know his voice when he heard and got a distinct voice is one of best Ernie's assistance there helping run the ministry and we are back and Randy. When I did that story of the monk. The telemarketers that in the name of Christ, stop in the name of Jesus. I have three stories that each one. I hope people will think and think that they need to run out and start yelling in the name of Jesus.

Amen, amen. We we need more that in someone this is Easter week.

We really need to do.

I really do because I've done on this program many times I looked at the word of the Lord gives us. They are all action verbs from Testify exhort storm the gates of hell expose the work of darkness save those that are being led the slaughter drawn to death. Review crew true in all visit the sick stand in the dam end of the battle preach the gospel testify, witness, obey me on anon anon anon anon active verbs right one of them absolutely not passive, not just sit around and pray were to pray or to do other things that all these things that he says are active and here are the three stories I want you to comment. The first one comes from the daily caller news Maryland is going to be spending $3.5 million every year to train people who want medical doctors to perform abortions after lawmakers overturned Republican Gov. Larry hogans Friday till last Friday. He vetoed this bill that would spend 3 1/2 million dollars to train nurse practitioners, midwives, nurse midwives, physicians assistants will be allowed to perform abortions in Maryland starting in July 1 they passed House Bill 937 Marilyn, the one that has to tort you can Jill now 28 days after their born.

I think that might be the state.

I think it is Marilyn. I'm not sure now not saying that I'm sure, but one state now has wrapped 28 days after you've been born herself like this one because they're allowing the abortion to be done by just think of midwife nurse midwives capable of. They've given permission to train people to commit abortions and you been with Ernie long enough to know how many times have ambulances been in and out of the facility houses a death their own blood Alley 12000 Shaker Ave., Dale L. He and over the years that I've been on the radio. Pastor Ernie I've heard stories so many many many many times. Botched abortions and and that's with the doctor doing that what is going to happen. Randy, when you have midwives, nurse midwives, nurse practitioners doing abortions will come when you go from the abortion to this you that's what I'm afraid of that procedures are little more complicated. I mean, you're actually taking a life and quite often there is no people of that even the Pillsbury abortions. The death till people are having to go to the hospital rushing to the hospital after they've taken the pill the RU-486 and the number of emergency visits guesses rising all over the country. But the story went on to say, the state lawmaker who supported the best of this legislation is necessary. It's an unfortunate reflection on the undue political influence we've seen in our public health policy. Yes since covered 19 public health officials have become political targets. Maryland is one of several states are expanding abortion access, including Colorado, which recently legalized abortion up to Berthold Colorado, right up to five minutes before birth. You can do an abortion in Colorado that specific. In the name of Jesus stopped stop stop second-story Joe Biden this. I want everyone out there to hear this. Joe Biden wants to force Christian hospitals to kill babies in abortions or Scott down.

Yes Christian conservative organizations raise the line this week about a new pro-abortion mandate from the Biden administration that could shut down Christian healthcare throughout the entire nation Catholic news service reports of people discovered the plans for the new radical legislate. Read your regulations buried in a legal memorandum from the pro-abortion leadership conference and a US Department of Health and Human Services announcement. This came from United States Department of Health and Human Services announcement they found it. It's crafted to look like an anti-sex discrimination provision in the affordable care act, but the regulation would force Catholic and Christian hospitals, doctors and other medical workers and insurance companies to provide abortions, transgender surgeries and other procedures with no religious exemptions crafted under an anti-sex discrimination act in the affordable care. This new regulation will force any Christian Catholic hospital. Dr. medical workers and insurance companies to provide abortions, transgender surgeries and all these procedures with no read no religious exemptions and the general public has no idea what may be coming.

According to Doug Wilson who was CEO of the Catholic benefits Association and this is been written to and Catholic healthcare Christian healthcare should read horses from groups now planning some potential lawsuits. If Biden does implement this they discovered the plan in November and the 74 Page Ct. filing and began trying to spread the word. Well, I just heard of this and you know Randy, I do research all the time for this ministry to the radio programs and I had not seen this yet. So if I'm not aware most people in general public have no idea. All that this is coming and this document that they got a hold of revealed that Health and Human Services is promised to revise its mandates on health plan coverage and performance to include surgical abortion cross sex hormone gender transition surgeries gender affirming cosmetic surgeries, voice modification, along with a host of expanded services dealing with fertility treatments contraception the border for sterilizations and Analysis of board of locations. I've seen the word.

I just can't think out a pronouncement of mortification anywhere chemical abortions. Oh my goodness. And you know what else we have a mission and I use it. Doug Miss Brown were Mrs. Brown who ever see is it just got on the Supreme Court, along with John Roberts may do us in another way on the Supreme Court dealt well with this guy and I mean born you know this is this is getting ridiculous now, here's the deal.

This was supposed to go through a public comment process. Well, nobody's heard about the public comment process and if enough people call their Congress creditors centers start complaining about this new change in the Health and Human Services that will force abortions transgender surgeries all the stuff. Maybe we can get the public comment.

To be announced and we actually have a chance to do something, but just think this proposed regulation change would apply to Louisiana as part of this affordable care act and would include a pro prohibit discrimination based on sex. That's with the using state did in all your discriminated against women. Your description. All this, it will likely apply to all healthcare providers, clinics, nursing homes, hospitals, group health insurance and third party administrators of self-funded plans.

This is big, big news that is no news at all because they have This quiet under the rug and the this could end Christian medicine in America and lead us down the path to the even more wrath of God and in the name of Christ, stop, and it's hard for me to even think of what to say. I mean, these people are so sneaky, so deceitful, they just can't shut enough innocent blood candy Randy and they cheat coming back and you know so everything is done in secret, and then without political in all public comment of the oven or anything about this and this group found that there kinda ways the alarm now and I'll bet money it hasn't got on the Facebook twitter any of those places right, but they keep coming back and when you knock him down one ladies come back on the other side and they keep coming back and your rights in this like deal of the relentless in their pursuit. We must collect the right people that's exactly right and and especially this time we've got to get risk To be like crazy pro-death.

People who want and people need to understand that it starts in May not in November may you got to get rid of people not in November and her last one and this one just about very disturbing that I want to tell it came from live-action news to read the headline and then I'll tie the story truly disturbing energy company accused of incinerating babies bodies for electricity aborted babies have been burned to keep your house warm. This one no again, it's funny they did. This is been going on for some time, but the Tuesday morning pro-life activists from the progressive antiabortion uprising called TAA you held the group press conference regarding the recovery of five aborted children from Washington surgery center and abortion facility owned and operated by abortionist Caesar sent the Jell-O and Washington DC's Mel, the director of this progressive antiabortion uprising, and Lauren, the handy director of activism stated that they were given a box of medical waste containing the remains of aborted children by a Curtis Bay energy driver okay I'll think about this. These two people. The Teresa buck over the neck, the founder and the director of act of activism. Warren handy caught wind of what was going on and they talk to this Curtis Bay energy driver. He gave them this box of medical waste. Well, the medical waste was aborted babies okay aborted babies, and he's from Curtis Bay energy now Curtis Bay energy is burning those bodies along with medical waste to create energy for Baltimore city of Baltimore. This means tragically that they received transfer burn the corpses of aborted babies to make electricity for the households and businesses in the Baltimore area that Missy Smith, one of the speakers and she said if you live in Baltimore you must know that the aborted babies have been burned to keep your lights on in your house warm and we: Curtis Bay energy and this barbaric practice and confirm what they have been doing and I is a lot more to the story but that's the big crux of it and all I could think was that story of telemarketers in the name of Jesus sovereignty stops.

We don't treat people would treat their animals that way. How upset would people be of their cherished cat or dog that had to be put down for euthanasia should be in jail before you got to the end of the street and that's affect lighting right yet if extended aborted child only minutes left to have Randy we got like Doug about 3 1/2.

Randy would you like to do the honor and the eye contact and I can do the invitation. You said you are invitation I like to call in an altar call Al Qaeda altar call you Heidi. I called that sometimes to recall the most important part of our program. Everyone listened because what we heard.

We need Christ. Now more than ever, and we need more born-again believers and because we need Christ. We need to come to the altar. Everybody here if you cannot see and don't come. We know that everybody has seen God save for all the sin and come short of the glory of God. But God is made a provision for that with his son, his son Jesus Christ. This Sunday we commemorate the death, burial and resurrection of his son called Resurrection Sunday and the proof that God approved of Jesus Christ as a sacrifice as an off and as an offering was that he was resurrected and that and and because God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever should believe in him should not perish but have everlasting life. So if that's you, and you believe in it if you would confess with God confess, I was your mouth the Lord Jesus Christ and believe that God has raised him from the dead did you shall be in your shall be saved and is really as simple as that. God's on the work God do the. The living the dying, the burial of the resurrection. He now offers with open arms and an open hands for you to come for you to come to him and live forever in paradise in Jesus Christ. So I'm asking you now if you would confess with your mouth, whatever your sin is whatever you need to do that the Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the father and you will be saved. It is as simple as that and believe on Jesus Christ as a perfect sacrifice to your sins and I all offer and ask everybody to do that whether you done it or not. If you done that then bless you you're welcome into the kingdom of Lord Jesus Christ and and you know whether or not you done that so many of you to do it in sincerity and you don't have to do it now that we want you to do it anytime you want, but please do it quickly because you don't know when the hour is in with that.

It's as simple as that. And Jesus remember the repentant repentant heart. Amen. That's right. Amen. Amen. And I think it's approaching that time were we tell the folks out there much time left, Sam government just over a minute just over but I don't remember were flying blind here. I get a call from Ernie yeah emergency 40 minutes for folks, especially during this week holy week. The most important thing is to remember that this is the week that Messiah Jesus the son of God went to the cross took your place my place. Randy's place. They did a substitutionary death for our sins and unfortunately it's one of those Sundays that the more people know about the Easter Bunny than Jesus called Easter Bunny did not die sins is not rise from the dead okay Bunny will not bring salvation.

Only the Lord Jesus Christ print out so that it was okay with word 15 Joe alright so this time we want to say good night night all of you. Thanks for listening and we want to say good night last and always, always keep fighting, fighting the fight. Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance was right.

What's left posted by Pastor Ernie send their to learn more about our ministry. Please visit us online at www.WWM please tune in next time for another edition of what's right what's left preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content

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