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Girls Banned From Locker Room to Protect Transgender Teammate

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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October 3, 2022 3:40 pm

Girls Banned From Locker Room to Protect Transgender Teammate

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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October 3, 2022 3:40 pm

An entire girls volleyball team is being forced to change in a single-stall bathroom, while their transgender teammate is given exclusive access to their locker room.

Matt Sharp, Ray Richardson, Scott Perry, and Joe Messina join the conversation. 

See for privacy information.

The Todd Starnes Show
Todd Starnes
The Todd Starnes Show
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The Todd Starnes Show
Todd Starnes
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Welcome to the Todd start show sponsored by legacy, precious metals, there's never been a better time to invest in precious metals visit legacy PM that's legacy PM is universities do you see George so the Todd Stern's radio show happy got a lot of old out in Florida and the Carolinas. After the of the horrible herd. There, and we've got a couple of updates to share with you all I can tell you folks in Florida's thank goodness you've got a governor like Ron DeSantis from event guy just all over the place and it has really done a terrific job in and in dealing with the aftermath of this horrible storm and over and played some great audio. The media's going there go ballistic there they're trying to figure out a way there scheming and and you know you have to imagine somewhere there is title I collective. We've got all of the leaders of the other networks and are there in some sort of date I will put truly spelling back room smoking the dual B's and they're trying to figure out how we get this guy had. We get this DeSantis Had destroyed the sky, how we do and enter try and and and their failing.

It's like roadrunner and Wiley Coyote and of course DeSantis is roadrunner and Binder got the mainstream media, Wiley Coyote every time, every time they think they finally got a giant Acme and ball falls from the sky plop right there on all of the other media.

It's it's it's a beautiful thing anyway I were to get to that stored new survey by the way of this is from for my good and Matthew variety, and that they do a lot of great surveys from convention of the state's nearly 70% of you say skyrocketing food prices are motivating them to vote in the midterms this again from the convention of states they say that a grocery prices are really starting to hit Americans hard, even beyond the initial pinch they been feeling due to inflation and now they're saying that this is going to impact with a vote for the midterm elections is not true. Are you the price of a of a jar of extra crunchy Jif peanut butter is that going to decide who you vote for the midterm elections. I'm curious to know 68.3% according to the survey say that the increase in the prices of groceries is impacting their motivation to vote in the 2022 election.

That said, I'd help there. I have to pay $12 for a jar of skip a peanut butter on it like skipping peanut butter.

It's Monday, but it could be that could be the issue there's always just this 1:38 PM the bonnet as we say on this program of being in the bonnet that drives people to get out there and go vote. I don't care what it is. As long as you vote Republican on election day, but the starting point today is from the state of Vermont. It is a bizarre story and one that we have our website Todd we been covering the transgender movement for quite some time. As a matter fact we were covering it before many of the conservatives. The cool conservatives rather covering the story as a matter fact I remember at Fox News at at the end we were told. Do not say you can't write anything that's going to offend the transgender people can't do it anymore.

Now we believe on this program and I want to set the record straight. We got a lot of new listers out there and I want you to understand. We believe that God made male and female God did that. Now man came up with all these other variations, but we don't abide by that we abide by what does the holy Bible says God made male and female. That's it.

End of story. But that's not the end of story.

When it comes to the culture at large and over the past several years. Now we have seen a very ugly thing happening and this is truly the war against women, biological women and what society is now telling us is that if that that if you are a woman you don't have any rights society is also telling us that men make better women than biological women of events at the essence as the heart of the transgender movement is that men make better gals than the gals do and I only say this because in Pres. Trump.

I thought brilliantly illustrated this in one of his American first rallies or save America rallies a couple of months back when he said look, if he was if he was in the WNBA. Let's say that Pres. Trump owned a WNBA team and he was the coach of that team and he had the ability to hire people like Lebron James and as long as Lebron James identified as a woman he would do it and he said they would.

That he would have. He would have a of women's basketball team, made up entirely of transgender athletes and he would be the world ticket would be the best women's basketball team of all history and he's right.

And why is that will there's a reason why Lebron James is not playing in the NBA.

There's a reason why women are not playing in the NBA is because they know that they are inferior to Lebron James. No, I'm not not Grace Baker, shaking her head over here you're a basketball player Grace Baker and you know that when it comes to sports and athletics men are stronger than women. It's an unfortunate, yes I can train for lines.

I guy could come and you know just eat hamburgers. The cigarette hill right out of their he's get a restart of the bay. That's I say it's unfortunate because the system so I mean so, so here we have a story Grace this girls volleyball team at Randolph high school in Vermont and there's a transgender so there's a boy on the girls team under Vermont state law they can let this guy in the locker room and change literally the girls are disrobing and this kid is in there yet out and so the girls did exactly what you just sat there like know when I went to this no I would never and also I had like a daughter in that like I would never 14-year-old boy no way.

And so anyway there saying hey look were changing.

Can you leave and so the guy just means in the corner and watches them changing this road that's so creepy on so many levels so the girls got you know what we got and I want to play be.

I want to play the local news report here and there and come back and talk about this. I'm very curious to you have a problem with this deal here is that in a nutshell, the girls complained and then they got punished. They were told that state law requires that young man be in this locker room and these girls were taught were kicked out of the locker room and now all of the girls have to change close in a seat in a bathroom that has a single stall. Meanwhile, the transgender the dude.

The boy gets the entire locker room to himself. Now let's play this let's play this local news report from Vermont Vermont education policy says that's can play sports and use whatever locker and corresponds of their gender. But some members of the Randolph girls volleyball team say that they object to having one of the transgender teammates in the room on a chance.

One of the girls.

It's a huge thing everyone is asking. So while you live in the locker room, a high school student Blake Ellen and her teammates are currently barred from using the locker room after some of the girls on the team objected to allowing a transgender player in the girls locker room. My mom wants me to do this anytime you change. Karen says that this is a transit immediate inappropriate comments were members of the volleyball team are getting changed.

She says her issue is not with having the transit on the team for us, but specifically in the locker room biological boys echoing the girls bathroom but never a locker room situation. She said that fellow team members and parents have also raise similar concerns have approached them, they were told that under state law, the transgender student can use whatever locker room. They identified with an email to family, school officials said that the school has plenty of space for students who feel uncomfortable with, the laws may change in privacy.

They want all the girls who feel uncomfortable sipping mustang girls to get change in a single cell bathroom which would take over 30 minutes plan if one person got Beverly conducting an investigation into allegations.

The girls harassed the transgender student. Please employ the coprincipal of Randolph Union high school declined to go on camera but in an email told me that student safety with the district's highest priorities and policies are violating the law will be taken. We also reached out to the state education agency but didn't get a response policy states in part that the use of restrooms and locker rooms by transgender students require schools to consider numerous factors, but the policy goes on to state that a transgender student should not be required to use a locker room for restroom that conflicts with the students gender identity so every girl.

No one sliding locker room. No volleyball girls even during school to get change for gym class allowed from volleyball in the school's decision to close the locker rooms and lines. The investigation should not be seen as judgment on either side of the dispute are continuing to work to create the safest environment possible for all of the students reporting Randolph cannabis channel 3.

Alright, so look, here's the deal. This is nuts. This is absolutely bonkers. But here's the reality of you will do with the LGBT activist tell you to do. That's it. That's why people are terrified to speak out, except for this one brave young girl by the way some other students are speaking out, but they don't want to give their names.

These girls are on the team of the daily signal interviewed a couple of them asked why the girl asked why she took issue with the trends identity student entering the bathroom female student a answered slowly, as if surprised like what's wrong with you people.

She said very clearly it's a dude it's a dude he was born a boy I don't care if he is on my team. He can join any team. I don't care.

But when I'm undressing and there's a male in the girls locker room or in the bathroom with me. I feel very uncomfortable. No ladies and gentlemen, here's the other shoe to drop. Apparently they gave this kid the what four and now the girls are under investigation by the school for discriminating against the transgender guy. Does this make any sense to you. Now my question is where are all of these brave conservative gay people. Why are you out there defending these young girls where is anybody out there in the LGBT community and there I suspect there are couple of reasons. Your first and and I don't know which one is which one it is because I hear from these people all the time. Taught were conservative, but we really just want to speak out because the come after us when you know what, get used to it because they been coming up for us for decades now, but you gotta stand up and do what is right, but the LGBT community, you know, and there apparently a bunch of conservative LGBT folks out there. I they tell me there conservative all the time. Why are you folks out there speaking out about this. Any time someone raises a concern in all these girls are now being accused of being bigots and homophobes know these are just teenage girls that want to be able to dress in the privacy of their locker room without a 14-year-old boy ogling them. Yes I said it, ogling but nobody wants to say anything.

Oh yeah, they'll go after the Biden administration for this and that but where again, where are the rear are the conservatives on this issue, but they don't want to talk about it because are terrified of the LGBT mall which I still contend is a small but very loud and very powerful group of people, but I don't think they represent the entire LGBT movement.

At least I certainly hope not.

So here you have a situation in Vermont were these poor girls. These teenage girls are now forced to cram themselves into a bathroom and grace.

I have to imagine is going to take him. I don't know how long will it take every girl I really got to what 1011 girls on the team yeah install yet that's gonna take a while.

Meanwhile, you got the transgender dude and he's what's up and I will owe Baptist martinis in the girls locker room all by himself. Yeah. Very weird and very uncomfortable. The transgender movement will literally destroy women sports it's over bye-bye well you feminist. Other Bible. That's a good question. Are we to take a break your 844-747-8868 bond at what you do, would you allow would you allow your child, your daughter to dress in a locker room with a boy present me this is happening all over America now champion VT 84474 788 68 that's our toll-free number. You can actually read the story for yourself over to our website.

Todd will be right back.

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That's what's going on here and the only people that are now suffering for this truly the only people that are suffering are in fact biological girls because I suspect biological boys, even those that identify as girls thoroughly enjoy watching young girls undress in the locker room 844-747-8868 that's her telephone number. Let's go to Maryland Vic you're on the phone Victor what's on your mind, well thought I was at the supermarket. Not too long ago and the checker was asking me how my fiancé was doing. I said all she's doing fine she's working now on this idiot and back to me start yelling at me and said I'm use the wrong pronoun in its presence. So I turned to him and I said hey you, I wasn't talking to you free consult but honor my conversation so somebody accuse you of using the wrong pronoun's yes and then he called me Trent phobic and I said how can I be a principal, but when I can't see you what you mean by that. You can't see them. I'm blind 00 dear, so you know all about the races and I say organize erasers when I can't see you.

I mean, I'm not. I am not politically correct at all.

Well good for you Victor and I will not put up with this baloney that that's going on now and I told the neighbor I said tell me how you like it to have somebody watch your daughter undress a look in the dressing room didn't answer me.

Just walked away, Victor. I appreciate your call and you're right, we cannot we cannot tolerate this kind of behavior we just can't do it and and I'm with you I'm tired of being politically correct. I'm tired of of staying silent. We don't stay silent on this program but I know some of you out there are you get frustrated over the stuff. Don't be frustrated, speak out. Speak your mind.

We've got your back working to stand up for you. We got some crazy stories coming down coming down the pike. On today's program and will blow your mind. But we are standing alongside every single one of these individuals, so you speak your mind that's that's the reason why were in the spot we are in right now. Quite frankly, every, every citizen in Randolph, Vermont needs to be at the local school board meeting and and if the school board puts up with this nonsense you need about every single one of about that's what you got it it were dealing with the situation of the town I live in Germantown, Tennessee.

We have a lot of these sex and gender revolutionaries on the school board does know I night right here in conservative Tennessee there all over the place.

It's an infestation and what we do well we go and we vote and we vote about. That's what we did all right will be taking your calls 844-747-8868 did have a problem with boys playing on the girls teams 844-747-8868 this is the Todd surgery.

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This is another example of when the game Mafia goes after your organization. They just wanted to go away and be destroyed. Look what they did to the Boy Scouts. The Boy Scouts are basically no more than just a shell of what they were after the game Mafia went after them doing the same thing with women sports art will thank you Rocco for that comment.

Rocco left us a shout out you say Todd how do you do that a very simple all you have to do is go to our live show blog and click on our app and if you download the app you will be able to send us a shout out like many of you do.

Of course we love free to call in and I have a conversation in real time, but if you're not able to do that well.

You can leave us a shout out and again Todd live it.

Show blog and we encourage you to to download the big gap by the way out violent violent weekend across the fruited play in Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love.

Eight. Temple University students were robbed at gunpoint's matter fact we understand from police reports, three gunmen, one of them literally put a gun to the side of a student's head and threatened to blow their brains out.

If they didn't give if they didn't turn over all their wallets and phones and whatever sub according to the report. The reports they pretty much just took everything away from the college know what's interesting about this is back in 2020. Temple University actually cited with the team from the police movement so their argument was the police are bad police are evil. Police a racist police are intentionally going after black people and we got a defunct and that's what they did they actually stop giving to a big police foundation and there really was this antagonistic relationship between the University of the police department.

Well, guess what's going on now, ladies and gentlemen turns out that Temple University has had a come to Jesus moment and now they're begging, begging the police to come back on campus and protect their kids, you know that the police are going to do it because that's in their DNA there to protect anybody. Even though the lowlifes around Temple University, but part of me says you know what. Sorry folks, you get what you ask for. You want to defund the police. You get what you asked for.

Will Fox News has the big story up on the crime. Chicago rocked by another blood he weekend dozens of people shot in the streets there. By the way, another defund the police city. Another city run by Democrats another city that has some of the toughest gun laws on the books. 34 people shot, including a three-year-old, three-year-old shot dead unbelievable. According to the police. There were other children shot as well. The three-year-old was riding in a car with his mom and three siblings. When gunshots hit the boy. Police say it was a possible instance of road rage, and I don't know about you but if you haven't got yourself a gun. If you haven't gone about whatever you need to do to get yourself a weapon. You need to do that immediately, because the violence is coming to your town. I'm just telling art. I got a play this audio for you. The vice president Kemal Harris. She's out there making a fool of herself once again and you know these Democrats they really really do not like you white people out there. I know what it is. The white people I know are pretty nice and good and decent carried out. Again, the governor in a bottle of wire money is such a problem with white people these days.

Anyway, Harris is out there talking about hurricane relief, and that's a big thing coming. People are homeless they they don't have any power electricity, no water people. No other new entire cities in Florida just completely wiped off the face of the earth. So, Harris is talking about who's going to be getting hurricane relief cut seven. I know we are all thinking about the families in Florida in Puerto Rico with Fiona in and and what we need to do to help them in terms of an immediate response in aid, but also what we need to do to help restore communities and build communities back up in a way that they can be resilience, not to mention adapt to these extreme weather conditions which are part of the future on the plane think you made about disparities. Even when I was back when I was Dist. Atty. San Francisco was elected in 2003 I started one of the first environmental justice units of any DAs office in the country focus on this issue, and in particular on the disparities as you have described rightly which is that it is our lowest income communities in our communities of color that are most impacted by these extreme conditions and and and and impacted by my issues that are not of their own making and Simon absolutely and so we have to address this in a way that is about giving resources based on equity. Understanding that we fight for equality but we also need to fight for equity understanding that everyone starts out at the same place and if we want people to be in an equal pay, sometimes have to take into account those disparities on an end to that work alright so let me cut to the tracer, Harris says that the bite in the ministration is going to prioritize hurricane relief rate.

If you are a black or brown person.

You're going to go to the front of the line all of you white people. You gotta go to the back of the line. That's what, Harris is saying now. She was called out as a matter of trying to couple of reporters, national reporters staked out an event she was speaking at this weekend and specifically asked her to address that and she refused to do so.

She completely ignored the questions and or security team pushed aside the reporters, but the reality here is this what commonly Harris just said is actually illegal. It's unconstitutional federal law says you cannot discriminate when it comes to to relief aid. So if you are black or brown or white it doesn't matter. You should all be treated equally, but commonly Harris out there saying we're going to be allocating that hurricane relief so just I want you to think about this for let's say that your all your a white guy what's a good white guy named Larry all right, let's say Larry, you lost your house over in Sanibel Island and you're standing along line in your like you been standing in line and all of a sudden it's your turn to get a jug of water and some some bread and cheese. What there to do if this is a federal if this is a federal operation there to say Larry were sorry but you're a white guy you've gotta go to the back of the line. We can't help you right now and you can't tell me that critical race theory is not having an impact on federal policies can't can't do that anymore.

Ladies and gentlemen, but this is not only is this against the wall.

Not only is this discrimination, but this ladies and gentlemen, this ladies and gentlemen is un-American. This idea that Whitey has to go to the back of the bus. That should offend all of us imagine for just about that.

Just imagine, and you really don't have to imagine let's just say Pres. Trump back when he was president had gone out and said well you know where the jigger of all the rich white folks first thought you black and brown folks you you got a patron. Can you imagine Washington DC would've been burned to the ground, but because this administration and this goes back to Barack Hussein Obama by the police to hold events that were not where white people were not allowed to attend. I write about this in my bed in my book culture jihadist matter.

There was a moment when Obama held a series of meetings for men who are unemployed and the only unemployed people who were allowed to attend were people that were black and then also brown, but predominately Blacks in my contention is why would you not want to have everybody white. Why would you exclude one race of people. Why would you do that is that for payback. I mean, what again where do you draw the line here and it bears repeating. Because you know you have a narrative it's an odd narrative these days because the kids are growing up in their thinking that folks back in the 70s 80s actually owned slaves, and that people were literally picking cotton and living in shotgun shacks back in the 1970s and 80s. Now I just say I want to go on the record here and I know this might trouble and trigger some leftist out there but there is no human being alive today. That was a either a slave or be owned slaves. I just want to posit that information out there for not a single person, contrary to what you're hearing on television are, let's go to the phone zero 844-747-8868, Connor and Boston. Now Connor for the record, we did not answer your skin color before coming on you to sample to be the next person in line on the program so I call her illegal alien know why but I which is your right under under critical race theory.

My friend really were Connor. Imagine being in Florida and being told you're not eligible for aid because Europe because of your skin color your white early writing lowball early the color not naming up your buddy, not a regal. Not all leader about what ritually yeah I stopped at this, but they're very open about it that they don't mind telling people you know that you and again there are many universities around the country that are hosting events that intentionally exclude people who happen to be of the hunky crackers allowed. If you will and and for the record accountable for what you get any hate hate mail as a white person I am allowed to use that particular language so minorities cannot call us crackers, but because we are. I think that's the rule right right Connor okay yeah so that's right were salting Americans so only you ever everybody has the on their own language. Now that only their skin color is allowed to use so the point being is that it's perfectly okay to discriminate now against whites in America.

That's what commonly Harris was saying you are not right arm and not worry about all well said. Connor got a run precede the call 844-747-8868 that's her telephone. This is just unbelievable but this is the reality of where we live in America.

This is the Todd Stern show artwork of Ashley Scott Stern's radio show start Grace Mike's headphones fell. It's one of those day Monday. All I gotta read the story. There's not much to the story.

I do see is fascinating and again is just the lack of outrage is what gets me is righteous indignation is lacking here. Here is the headline. So there's apparently a new movie and this was not on the top of my gotta go see list but apparently it's a popular movie and if I can get my computer to work here, the, the movie came out one over that we can call the woman King and it's about up a group of all-female black warriors protecting some African kingdom. I'm sure it's a fine from Wakonda forever. Anyway, here's the story, a black Memphis firefighter is reportedly under investigation.

After posting a message about the movie and this is what he said.

That's gotta melt a little bit of hot water quote. I hope there are some white folks killed so that anyway. Nothing to see here folks is move right along. Let's go to Wayne and Georgette listing to us on W GUN Duane what's on your mind you wanted to make out you're really on people like that when she was saying about the little one so you know what she meant. Duane yet to tell called because I'm not overly I actually I'm actually an African-American bed head. I was white Irish blood in my blood being Cherokee Indian running through my blood. So I'm deftly not only but I do know about the political world because I spent a little time and what she was basically a is because all off United would go in the political world the money to fund better coming in from the state always goes upper-class first deal. Here you to do their streets. I'm not talking to measure proof of that is your proof of that's why not talking about people what people told me. Now look at this. Where is your proof. Now it is you check all you have to do is look know know you're calling on the program, making the accusation. Where's the proof I'm telling you, with appropriate everything looked at who did up to.

Did everything go that money did not come from the rich people Crockett it came from Pat Ayers pocket and what what the old that are holding gold. They want to make sure that there building up no problem. They want to make good building. Night.

With those fun and a lot of the war income. They do not 20. Did you even looked at did you even look at Fort Myers and me. That was the most devastated area. Most of the homes.

Most of the homes there. People were living in trailers that doesn't screen a superrich to me know you're talking about one no sir I'm talking about. Most of South Florida and by the way you want to talk about disparities 23% of the population. Fort Myers is is black so there commonly Harris is out there saying that they're gonna put people of color ahead of everybody else. And I think that's wrong yet that's exactly what she said I had to Wayne that she was asked to clarify and she did not clarify. She took a pass because people like you really want to keep going. People like being told there or yeah okay are you call me a racist Wayne so therefore you put out there this thing going knows or knows or is important because if Donald Trump had said white people first black people. Second, Duane Bentley desired he would've been human fired up and all of DC would've been burned there never and that where we just played it for you. According to her in week people line and when there we go. We had set up not go away, sir. I'm not to let you come to my radio program and insult my audience. My audience is not weak. We got one of the smartest audiences in all of talk radio art. Gotta take a break here 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Sergio universities. Do you see Charlie since conservative commentary from show our two underway on this busy Monday day addition of the program stick around were to be getting your because a lot of people really riled up over Duane from Georgia who called all of our listeners week because we stand up and recall how provided administration and their nine cents 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868. Now the Supreme Court opens its fall session today all our lives as they say trained on their deliberations on free speech cases.

In particular, Lori Smith.

She was on the show a few weeks ago.

She owns 303. Creative a website design company and she's being defended by allies defending freedom against overreach from Colorado's human rights commission. They're trying to force Lori to promote so-called same sex marriage in violation of her deeply held Christian faith.

Now, if you'd like to help in this headline making case which is going before the Supreme Court.

This session, I need you to go right out of Todd Click on the allies defending freedom banner to make a generous tax-deductible donation. So the question is why. Why do we. Why did they need our cash flows very simple small Christian businesses like the flower shop owned and operated by Beryl Stutzman of Washington state are constantly under attack by the forces of progressive activist talking about pulling into doing something that is against my faith. I can't do that I can get rid of me that the counterfeit there's not a price on thing that I can't find my freedom and if it tomorrow. It's anything you think I went right that was barren. L. Stutzman, a longtime friend of this program. I want you to understand something allies defending freedom that they never charge anybody you don't mind Beryl Stutzman, Lori know they they're not being charged a dime is because their legal costs are defrayed by your generous tax-deductible donations. So I want you to go to Todd Click on the allies defending freedom banner. Now get this your first gift to ADF is going to be matched 100% to give $100 is good to be $200 so Jen Todd Click on the allies defending freedom banner and your first gift is going to be doubled on the spot were raising $50,000 for ADF and we need your help.

Want to go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line right now. A good friend of this program from allies defending freedom of their senior senior counsel Matt Sharp Matt good to have you with us today mailing so a lot going on. We got an alert from ADF earlier this morning and the latest case that you guys are bringing to everyone's attention involves a substitute teacher from Georgia who got fired. I want you to tell our listeners what happened here when the bar was a longtime teacher and then had become a substitute teacher and school district outside of Savannah, Georgia, and she also had three children enrolled in the district there and Lindsay recently found out that the librarian with you to be reading the book to all of the kid and in the book it depicted same-sex couples and raising a family and things like that and is apparent. Lindsay had some concerns about that had concerns at the school was going to be indoctrinating her kids in a series of beliefs that they violate her Christian belief that she very respectfully went to that of the principal and expressed her concerns about this and that she liked her children to be excused from sitting in on this. Next thing you know that she gets fired barred from being a substitute teacher not only in elementary school but anywhere in the district simply for expressing her concerns to the parent about the ideas the school with indoctrinating inter-children so this is Savannah, the Savannah area, McAllister elementary school and this book was in the library and read out loud of the book called all are welcome and as you pointed out, it contains several illustrations about same-sex couples parenting and expecting children. Matt you guys now representing understand a federal lawsuit is been filed is not right.

That's right, we just filed a lawsuit after width into demand letter to the school trying to resolve this. They ignored I would file this lawsuit because teachers should not be fired simply because they expressed concern of what's being taught in the school and that's doubly so when this teacher is a parent who has a parent is concerned about what's being taught, and the impact it can have on our kids, our Constitution protects the right of parents, teachers and others to speak out on issues like this and express their concerns in the school district was wrong to fire Lindsay as a substitute teacher for this mat what's at stake here. I you guys are to be taking a Lori's case is before the Supreme Court. It will be heard this fall session what's at stake here in this particular story will rethink this repeated pattern with it.

Lori the case or this one where people faith are censored are punished because of their belief. Whether it Lori being threatened by Colorado or Lindsay losing her job simply because she's a pressing concern over this indoctrination of her kids of them. The school district pushing ideas that violate her beliefs about marriage in human sexuality people of faith are finding themselves being sidelined and punished for that. And so that's why were so honored to stand with individuals like this with Lindsay saying enough is enough.

You can't punish people. You can't fire people for simply speaking out when they have concerns about what's being pushed on kids. All right, our good friend Matt Sharp from allies defending freedom of the patriot mobile newsmaker line.

Matt I know that you guys have really been active in defending female athletes and we had this crazy story out of Vermont were the high school girls volleyball team. All of the girls have been told they have to dress in a single stall bathroom because there is a transgender player on the team others a lot of controversy there and it was interesting because the girls seem to be making more sense than the grown-ups there in Vermont. It's one of the recurring themes were single female athletes speaking out about the concerns about male competing unmet women's teams taking their spot. And yes, even entering into locker rooms, restrooms and other places that violate these young women's right to privacy. One of the reason we got an ongoing lawsuit in Connecticut over there policy that allows men to take spot on women team because it is a showing.

It not only raises fairness concerns our clients in Connecticut lost opportunities to win championships. They lost opportunities to advance to the next round of competition, but this is a safety concern. If you got a male coming into the sport like soccer, volleyball, or sometimes there's physical contact that can be harmful to a girl, and least, not least of which you point out there are incredibly sensitive privacy concerns.

When these young women are changing at the mall is allowed to come in there that violates the young women's right to privacy and I'm I'm encouraged to see more and more young women like this, speaking out into think this is wrong. This is inappropriate and were not going to tolerate it all right will again Matt all this month we are doing our part to help raise funds to you guys can keep fighting these cases, and I mean it really is important, and again to reaffirm that you guys don't charge these folks a single penny to represent them in court. Not at all. Everything we do it pro bono into whether it that a demand letter or a lawsuit that like Lori goes all the way to the US Supreme Court. We are to stand with people that are fighting for free speech for religious liberty and for the right of parents to direct the upbringing of their children. We we love it and you guys do it so well.

What I really appreciate is you do it in the in the spirit of of the Bible, the good book and that you give these these districts an opportunity to make things right before filing a lawsuit. I think that says a lot about really where the heart of the character of ADF is so so we appreciate you guys doing that well alien it and honor to do it and they were really just so incredibly honored to serve these incredible men and women, young women, teachers, others speaking outstanding for every American's right to live out their faith without fear of government censorship of punishment, Matt Sharp, ladies and gentlemen allies defending freedom. Matt, thank you.

And folks to be able to go right now to our website. Todd you will see the allies defending freedom banner on right there at the top of the page. I want you to click on and if you believe that religious liberty matters. If you believe that free speech and privacy matters. If you believe that biological girls should be able to have privacy in their locker rooms, then you need to donate to allies defending freedom on the were in a battle every single day. The number of stories that come our way that we can even get all the air I mean is just unbelievable what's happening. More importantly, I get your kid out of the public school if you can never fully got a break. I want to go to earth, who lives in Germantown, Tennessee. Listing two is our flagship station K WAN number if I understand the same thing happened to you as a teacher I can prove it 100%*but this is the layout of been substituted a localized school here in the GMS D for the past plus year got a little concerned about CRT and social and emotional learning is expressed through a group of got involved with monster liberty and their mothers who have kids in GMS. They're concerned about it. What is GMS what is that for our listeners outside of this area. Germantown, you will screw down John. John and dropped in on a couple school board meetings.

Toward the end of last brings the master and come the middle of June. I get a note from Kelly services are subject to saying you have been removed from the substitute list at a certain high school within the general jumped on visible skilled panels will set about it. Very good about it and have a lot of friends there and talk to some people and they said I should pursue it legally.

But feel like it did not work that note I think it is worth that. I would think that we would benefit by having someone like you in the in the classroom that you talk to how many years did you teach and how long were you substitute was 22 years in the classroom at Germantown beltline Bennett 2014 at Collierville and then I moved to Houston and in the GMS D said I will need to our Kelly Services. And then I got booked up now with the title Bible school district been there. Just about all God I get 10 called but but you're so you're telling me everything is really great. You started speaking out against CRT critical race theory. Some of these other issues, and then you get the he foe. I wasn't really adamant about that question. Sure and that way I don't have any. We don't have any kids in the school district anymore, but where stakeholder in a taxpayer in the Germantown public active, healthy though we're gonna if the school district is to put this sort of curriculum into action. Then, Yours truly, another grandparent or have a look at and answer questions about it because based on my experience and it serves very little purpose other than to continue the hyphenated American and educate people to a point where we can get along Murph. There laying the foundation brick by brick for a race war in America that that's what this is all about, and this will completely destabilize our nation. We are raised were raising a generation. Right now in public schools kindergarten through 12th grade you're looking at what 1213 years that white kids are being told there the oppressors. They should be ashamed. Black kids are the oppressed and and and they should blame the white person for whatever their lot in life is that will only lead to very bad things of this country and the left knows this. They know it and go ahead. You know that that was where the United States of America what they ought go a bit. Great people have to remember it was done by a human being. Human beings are fallible, but wherever there's great government are great passion or great event. There's always great error and we talk about this in class that we make date yeah for the dates wrong yet that we tried the past 150 years directed by the state by all.

Me and yet Murph and let me jump in because were coming up against a break Murph but but the reality is now if you ask kids they will say that race relations are worse off now than they were before the Civil War. That's were added America and we just can't let that happen and it's happening in our school classrooms.

Maria look into that. I can't believe it.

Mercer great guy. Great history teacher and of the allegation is that the Germantown schools said yet you're to be a substitute teacher anymore because you raise questions about critical race theory. That's bonkers. 844-747-8868 that's her phone number will be right back are there's a lot of weeping and gnashing of teeth and Holly so there's a new movie Grace Baker I'm I'm not a big fan of these of folks Billy Heitner is the guys name. I don't know who that is. He is a gay comedian director something anyway. You made a big announcement at the VMA's go back and play this this report.

Here cut number 12 300 you are with you Billy where we will in turn that all of those homophobes. Grace Baker might like to go to the movies, but they don't like JD one of the column day round's I meant that comedy. I guess I saw this movie did horrible all it was a late lock. There's a creepy movie called smile that came out that be that that was like some horror movie about smiling on.

Even so, the name of the movie is called, which is misleading. It is misleading and he's upset. So now Billy Heitner. He just you know this was back whenever the awards work and he was accusing all all you Christians all you street people being homophobes right so if if somebody is calling me a homophobe or a bigot. I'm probably not to go see the movie. This is very true but but again, that aside, Matt dear, I just saved us according to the mainstream media. 90% of the countries now K identifies a string of this rightly where I guess I don't like going to the movie so I don't think you can blame the snow. I just asked a crappy movie and I don't think you can blame this on on the street people. I got more to say about who you are right we this is not our 844-747-8068. That's her telephone number. This is the Todd Stern alright so what time got away from you to finish up this story.

Her so anyway there's a lot of outrage in Hollywood because, straight white or straight Christian be blown was a skin coloration, buddy. Whether upset because street Christians did not go and see an all day J comedy you that you think you I haven't heard from a grunt in a long time is that Greta Thorne what's her face death on what surveys she's an adult now so nobody pays attention okay so anyway the storyline here is an and I got it I got the guy who started the movie and created the movie Billy I he's very upset all you people and he went on a Twitter tirade, Rolling Stone already has pros on the list of the best comedies of the 21st century. What's also true at one point, a theater chain called universal pulled the trailer because of the gay content that shows the world we live in. Unfortunately, even with glowing reviews.

Great Rotten Tomatoes scores in a cinema score straight people, especially in certain parts of the country just didn't show up for Brose and that's disappointing. But it is what it is what I I hate to break this to you Billy Heitner but but maybe just maybe people don't like having an agenda, shoved down their throats at the movie theater, maybe the only thing they want to do is go to the movie theater and enjoy a wonderful night of escaping from the hardships of life and the only thing they want to be stuffing down their throat is a big old thing up popcorn with theater powder Heitner goes on to say everyone who isn't homophobic weirdo should go see Brose tonight you will have a blast and it's special and uniquely powerful to see the story on a big screen especially for queer folks who don't get this opportunity. Are you kidding me that I'll get the opportunity every every night every show every channel.

Somebody is smooching on somebody else of the same-sex variety so I know what this guys talking about there you go shave all all of you Christian hetero foams are homophobes you start you know what I'm writing for four 747-8868 did you go see the movie. Maybe your audience is responsible. Maybe that's what he's talking about let's go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line as promised, our good friend Ray Richardson from WL obeyed the big lobster joins us rated to go see Brose over the weekend I know you homophobe you find.

I know I know you need people slobbering all over each other. I don't character heterosexually or yeah I don't care. You know, great. The reason I stopped going to the movie theater is because of all the heterosexual sex going on.

I mean, people were making out in the theaters. You can watch the movie with all the slobbering and the hollering going on the boundaries of Arkansas. Heidi had forever been a great rate by Fred.

It's true, and I will say this, and I know people like Billy Heitner. They they will disagree with me here, but at least for now. We still have a choice when it comes to what movies we want to go in and watch them there may come a day when were going to have to be forced to watch all this nonsense, but at least right now. We still have a choice directly right also crazy. I mean, how long will that choice lacks a really good question. It look Ray, they're just shoving it down our throats and I know that's why we wanted to come on there's a crazy story coming from Bonnie Eagle high school in Buxton Main regarding a book debate. I want you to tell our listeners what's going on there in your in your neck of the woods thought about my friend.

I have not November I wrote on the morning show for 19 year I had never had a more uncomfortable 30 minutes than I did this morning at 7:38 AM Eastern, and I will tell you, you night and I've been praying a lot about how to handle this. Thankfully I was in church yesterday morning. Our Pastor Willie clearly I'm happening here is yet another debatable point in our society should not Chrissy be a part of the public education and became a debatable point in our society the book called gender queer on Amazon if that's clearly 18 year plot they they recognize the book adult children and I don't care how old the child in every public school their child. The child a lot of the stuff goes on Todd because parents don't know how I'll get the truth I dropped the ball on the many things going on when this first came to my attention. I didn't get involved with it because you know there's only 24 hours in the day and I'm usually awake for 20 of them and I just didn't have time and money spent the excerpt of the book last Friday and I was appalled and I won't say what I saw the camping most likely do I want my audience for not even that I was going to graphically tell them what it was saying in this book was is a created cartoon but their cartoon of people do not Bonnie Yosemite Sam, these are cartoon people engaging in very graphic sexual gratification politely that there that's pretty fair. You keep going. I will let you know if we have to jump out. I understand that all and so basically and some of the pictures.

It was why guide was clearly depicted as a man with a beard and a younger boy and I don't how young the boy was supposed to be that he was a boy. The guy was clearly a man there stripped-down young cartoon pictures of naked genitals are around one ball. We got we got the picture here okay clearly not and I don't understand it, think about a person's journey. I'm fine, but you know you don't have to going to graphic details of your personal life.and you don't have to take the second grade class at the local elementary school along on the journey… To be fair, you know, these are for older bookings and the older kids library. Although sixth-graders of the way I found out about it. It looks great parent from the school district came to me and sent me what was going on. My child has access to this and so what they tried to do this is what they always do.

They want to make this about public phobia about your aunt. I get a load of malarkey II don't believe that's perspective on the I raise my rates work as they were all 12 at 120. I don't want my 12-year-old begins back and they were straight. If I had a child who is gay. I would want my gay child involved in sex at 12 years old and six great. I don't believe parents who have gay children want their children exposed to this skill, and it's just built and there's no other way around that it is shockingly filthy Ray Richardson. The morning show host at WL OB affiliate in Portland Maine joins us on the patriot mobile newsmaker line today. Ray the clock just like I suspected Memphis Tennessee where I own K WAN the local radio station is becoming the platform where parents and others can come and express their concerns because they been shut out everywhere else. Well I think that that's true. Here's what I encourage people to go out you don't live in the spirit. I don't perspective will let you speak, but I'd encourage people to matter where they live in Maine to come to the school district tonight for politely solidarity with these parents were willing to speak up we don't use anger on the eye this morning on the air. There were 11 members of the school board typically incomprehensible that some of them are not Christian and I asked one of the parents to question to get up and say it being made here.

What if this was Jesus standing before you, how do you like this spell because I think the question so the school meeting is tonight. What time Ray in case people want it.

Want to get down there. It's at 6 PM and 94 Main St. in Buxton Main which is a wonderful a lot of people know of it. If you watch the movie Shawshank redemption, that beautiful rock wall that was Buxton made a wonderful town. I don't know what's going on here. I don't understand why they want to do makes no it makes no sense at all. Ray other than the fact that the sex and gender revolutionaries control many of our public schools, taxpayer-funded schools, and we got we got to stop that and we got a root that out. So tonight the way to do that in Buxton Main is for everybody listening to this program to get over there and and let your voice be heard right.

Appreciate you always in the great work you're doing there in Portland yeah no likely given me a few moments here critical parent and I don't believe the majority of parents agree with but they standdown we get single people have to show up even if you are comfortable speaking in public. If you just show up in solidarity the eight dollars and anger will not do anything here that will become the story to the actual story.

Why do they have pornography in the school and and yeah I think that God nationwide speaker got up with this garbage into the school, audit, justify why you think pornography for the schoolchildren is okay Ray I could not have said it better. And it is a question that needs to be answered by that by that school board again were not talking about banning books here were talking about age-appropriate material that's what were talking about all right Ray word let you get back at it always good hearing from you sir, I agree. Thank you, Ray Richardson, everybody, WL OB are great radio station and I'm curious you people listening in Maine. Your tax dollars are funding this 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 according to take a break when we come back on unit share with you a bizarre story from Millington, Tennessee. The local Walmart says they refused to sell products to a pro-life ministry and we've got the story exclusively will say more about it coming up here about changing lot from the Arizona Cardinals. What a crazy story so somebody threatened out the poor guy. No, not that he's that's not what I meant. He's was dealing with some sort of a medical issue that turned out so I and so we had to go up on social media, and he wanted to beat beat whoever was gonna break the story you know I will say this, and I don't mean to paint with a broad brush her but there's some pretty sleazy people writing in sports journalism these days as well throw that out anyway. JJ Watt had some sort of a heart issue had to have his heart shocked back in the rhythm is able to play everything but anyway what got me about the story he is fully vaccinated this and it was a big deal at the time he he was when I third announced he was fully vaccinated. Now he's got this heart problem, and I wondering how many other athletes out there are now dealing with sudden and unusual heart related issues. The one common denominator.

All these people are fully vaccinated.

Now here's my question. Can JJ Watt and I certainly hope this is just a one off but let's just say JJ Watt does have a heart condition that will end his NFL career. At that point does he get a chance to sue the NFL because they forced him to get the vaccine in order to play football. We had a story here in the Memphis area.

A young man I believe it was tracker golf I dirt there are two stories involving high school athletes and both of them had heart attacks perfectly healthy young men and you wonder okay. Anybody want to sit back and talk about how the vaccines are literally killing people in America can we had that conversation just want to throw that out there. I was go to the phone zero 844-747-8868 Nancy and George up Nancy. What's on your mind today are holding the line at County Highway thinking about why I'm writing along on now I don't think it occurred to people and kind, poor eating why people are poor and needy people of color, pointing to a lot of people like her parents were living in trailers but there are people should think body contribute to our our culture and another thing, if you want to talk about a quality equal lack like that color regardless regardless of anything when you're other people very important in our culture can light on time but never great anyone. I don't carry okay I don't want anyone but you. I want into into a block from me and and I don't appreciate it when heterosexual are probably going and I doubt they talk to me like any something that people have an agenda to try to contact you by Nancy. These are very thoughtful you I appreciate you thought all of this out and you thought this through and and it's look hot right there.

There are gay bars out there. I don't think back when I lived in Brooklyn at a gay bar in the neighborhood and not once did I ever think about walking in there and telling them all you got a hold of church service in here or you gotta stop doing x-rays know if you disagree with what's happening inside that part don't go to the bar, there's what, why would so why would you come in and and tell people and now they're going after the churches is a you gotta stop teaching expires. The look if you disagree with the Church's theology don't go to the church. I really anyway, I got in our country was not there very few years ago we will email my civil rights were here and every opportunity to gain 90 think full alignment people, but their viewpoint. It's a great point Nancy were coming up on you I hear you, and that means you are a wise wise lady and I want you to give us a call back. One of these days because we need to hear from you. Unfortunately were coming up on the bottom of the top of the hour I will say this is one other thing just to think about this whole day Ron, movie here.

Is it possible, just possible that maybe the actual LGBT population in America is not as large as they want us to believe it is, is that possible just throwing that out there or it could be that Billy Wagner just produces some people will be right back as universities do you see legal system. Words with you want Republicans that anybody started the killing probably was running down my Democrat driver killing the teenager simply because he was a Republican. Hearing this, again, since I think McCain for the unborn cleared freedom loving American men in any state or country and declared warfare on the great country that was Marjorie Taylor over the weekend a president from rally in Michigan you choose not she's not lying your folks. I mean there have been number of attacks on pro-life agencies, churches, especially Catholic churches. There have been attacks on people.

Of course the young man who was killed because of his political beliefs as Republican political beliefs, so there is something to what Marjorie Taylor Green is warning the nation about what of the Todd Stern's radio show good to have you with us today to write to the patriot bubble newsmaker liner good friend, is chairman of the house freedom caucus Congressman Scott Perry, Congressman, Hope you're doing well today I am doing well God thanks for the concern for the country remains in the course. We just got done in Washington DC continually to fund a government that is out of control whether the spending or whether the country out of control and we we should not Republican should not be voting to fund that we should use the leverage that we have with that boat to make sure that start fixing things what we can. Unfortunately that didn't happen.

And so that's how lucky I am blessed to have a wonderful family are helping you live in America and we have been blessed to be counted every day, but we can be doing better and we should be.

We ought to be. I will say this for the border crisis is only getting worse on Fox news reporting and they're the only folks that have been down there on a consistent basis of the numbers rehearing 599,000 got away illegals in the fiscal year 2022. These are the ones that we don't know about that we are to be really concerned about at 599,000 that big number each one is an individual that ran away from border patrol sought to evade law enforcement and so what are their intentions, and of course we know that some countries are disgorging their present that's been done in the past. We know that that we found people on the terrorist watch. We caught those folks and many of those folks, haven't we caught what are they doing in the United States. What are they doing in your community and what is your federal government, which has the sole responsibility for immigration doing about a new course that you arty know the answer.

This administration is doing nothing but aiding and abetting. That's true, Congressman, and I suspect we're going to see some demographic shifts in the midterm elections there are.

There's polling data out there, showing that a number of Hispanic Americans are really turned off by this that they want to secure border. They see jobs being taken away from law-abiding American citizens. Telemundo had one of their anchors on the Sunday shows, and he saying that there there hearing the exact same thing from their audience of this could be good news for the Republican Party. Well, it should be and I will as a person. My mother is Colombian and so you know some people would refuse to acknowledge it background in my lineage and get a look. People are people, whether regardless of what their background if they wanted they want to say Street they want opportunity for themselves and their children.

You know, and they want to be prosperous and so the Hispanic community. Like every other single community is looking at the prospects for their life right now in America to go to the Republican Party in Maine, whether it's my opponent will probably just about anybody on the Democrat ticket. They have consistently abate being consistently been against law, local law enforcement against it. So for the person that lives in here to get in in their community that puts on the uniform every day and goes out and then pledges their life to keep their community faith.

These are the very people that wish to be elected and then make sure that that the person that pledges of life are light is on. Fade out there or is not actually even on the job and whether Hispanic or not that's not that's not the world you live in, especially people have escaped the country full of violent.

They subtly don't want to come to America to to revisit the same violence they just escaped Congressman Scott. It is our patriot bubble newsmaker line I Congressman I'm I'm I'm curious to hear your take on this commitment to America that was rolled out and there was a people are you supportive of it, but it's not like John Hall and I think a lot of people, including Tucker Carlson from Fox News wanting some more specifics. I know house freedom caucus. You guys are supporting this. What assurances can you give our audience because again everybody. It's kind of a lukewarm embrace of this. So what can you tell settled get folks jazzed up about what Outlook course work for it because the things that we generally agree with Craig we wanted. We want to help the economy. We want to say Street there's no one that disagrees with that but we would like to have seen more meat on the bones and quite honestly, I would like to see a time commitment.

If you say you're going to do something without saying do it by this date.

It's kind of a carte blanche to never get it done. And as we know in Congress. There's a lot of things that ever get done. I think that Americans in particular are sick of the rhetoric there stick of the lipservice percent okay to do this. Show me how and tell me by when. So I know whether you've lived up to your words to your promises are not so freedom caucus. We essentially have 100 day plan that we would like to link to this to this commitment to me from talking to the leader and the leadership about that we don't necessarily have body and yet from them and that you know but the point is that I think it's any Republican think that were going to just go when the majority and then it's going to be business as usual went and got a rough road to hoe with her. Certainly with the electorate at not to mention members of the freedom caucus just simply not going to allow that to ask if we have the ability to not let that happen. Good.

I'm glad to hear you say that because again we want to give McCarthy every benefit of the doubt here but at this stage of the game.

I think were looking for and by we I mean conservatives are looking for action, not words exactly like me and you know that your audience knows that the country cannot withstand another two years of wait and see client faith. Let's wait we get the get the presidency. Let's wait we elect one more senator that that's simply not going to work while the left, the hard-core left of the radical Democrats are dismantling our country piece by piece. We don't have that we don't have two years we don't have two minutes so we get the majority you gotta take action to save the Republic on I'm I'm liking what I'm hearing here Congressman were to let you go thank you for coming on the program appreciate you all the great work you guys are doing up in Washington. Thank you very much God. God bless you and God bless you are Congressman Scott Perry from Pennsylvania also chairman of the house freedom caucus and I'm glad to hear him say that that third not a lot of meat on those bones can like go down to rendezvous with the rib joint in Memphis popular with the tourist, but not not a lot of meat on those bones you want to know you. We just need more. We need more, and McCarthy knows that all right.

I promise you I was getting into the story. In the last hour and I did not and I want to share this with you because it's it's just blowing my mind of there is a great pro-life organization here in the Memphis Tennessee area called confidential care ministries. I was invited to a be at their banquet on Friday night and they asked me to introduce the keynote speaker star park and we had a great time about 400 people turned out, and in the course of the conversation we were told that Walmart discriminated against this pro-life organization, the Walmart in Millington, Tennessee. What confidential care as a mobile ministry.

What they do is they counsel women that that otherwise would have aborted their babies and at this at this annual event. They bring up onto the stage. Many of the moms who made that decision to give birth to their child and the mother and the baby are there and it's a beautiful moment and they honor these women and they give them a gift card and one of the other things that this ministry is doing is that their care does not stop after the baby is born there working with these moms to get them housing to get them jobs you helping these mobs not just say okay, you've had your baby that said but going going the X is really letting the extra mile. There doing what a person of faith. A Christian would do which is to help walk alongside the small so anyway. The Executive Director goes to the Walmart in Millington, Tennessee to be saying those two words quite a bit, Walmart, Millington, Tennessee. She's that the executive director is buying these gift cards and you know how it is.

If you go to the Walmart or anywhere nearby gift card. There's it takes a while because it they have to type in the dollar amount they got up they can activate the card and I know they were getting 15 or 20 cards so I guess the cashier made some small talk about what you meant what you get all these cards and the Executive Director said well you were pro-life group and were giving these cards to moms who have just had babies well another stamper.

We believe it to be an assistant manager overheard the conversation and said wait a second note, I'm uncomfortable with this were not going to sell you those gift cards and cancel the transactions and the woman was still in Jesus what you mean he was. You were not comfortable selling anything to a pro-life agency and at that moment, the Executive Director civil wait a second, you got this is your job at Walmart, you can't. You can't sit you can decide who you are going to sell items to and who we are not, you will get to make that choice.

He demanded to speak to the manager. The manager wasn't there, so she's very smart. This lady she took a picture of the guy who the guy who refused to sell her the product and then she called corporate Walmart corporate in Benton, Arkansas and corporate told this lady yeah that is really not an issue that were interested in and addressing and hung up on and so there you go. Walmart says and is defending apparently and we reach out to Walmart and never returned our messages. It's been 48 hours, you think they would return messages by now but as it now stands. Walmart says that they have a right to refuse service to a pro-life ministry Walmart in Millington, Tennessee. I would encourage you grace. Let's put the telephone number of let's make it easy for people to call the Walmart in Millington Tennessee so that our listeners can let them know how displeased they are that they would turn out a pro-life ministry trying to honor moms with newborn children that is appalling. Ladies and gentlemen, it's also something called discrimination of the good news is there's a Kroger nearby. She walked into the Kroger said hey I want to buy some gift cards. I was listening to the interview this morning on Cato you I have wake up Memphis with Tim VanHorn.

I thought it was funny. She bought the gift cards and then she told the people in Kroger about the gift cards report she did want to get turned down again.

Good for you ma'am confidential care ministries will post a link, let's post a link to their pages well so you can find up the great work. Those folks are doing pretty despicable. 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868. By the way, when you call the Walmart in Millington, Tennessee. I want you to call us and let us know what they had to say will be right back. I walking back to the time surgery is so good to have… The Loki. I truly believe that the folks at Walmart in Millington, Tennessee. Would love to hear from you and here's their telephone number to make a very simple 901-872-6100.

That's 901-872-6100 and we like to know why they discriminated against, for confidential care ministries and when you when you get through. When you talk to somebody I want you to call us and let us know because Walmart is there. They're not talking us they're not talking about us all right this is a fascinating story Mississippi State football coach Mike Leach died, and I will say this about Mississippi State. I not a big thing is the cowbells, that's all.

It's the cowbells very painful to listen to.

But anyway, Coach Leach has always offer some advice you know the guy has no expresses no emotion right after the football game at one of the one of the SEC reporters was asking about a wedding advice, because that's what he does.

That's a big thing for him and I here's what Coach Licia had to say cut number three strong thoughts on wedding. I'm in the middle anyone right now is for me. Mary, his name is Trevor 12 LF to set up a meeting and I'll talk doing okay so forever from Florida. What is Trevor do for a living as well really well.

I don't know whatever you Trevor was probably pointing to set for a few days will be over, and then you know you cruise along. Have a happy marriage. Have a happy life along the message things Trevor… Crazy is totally on my side drizzly on this trip have the sense to do that because I mean he needs to do dress like solo. My kids will give you $10,000 extra pillow. So far they haven't done it but I will call you for sure. Now I can say that I eloped and I go to see development. There were like 30 people that insisted on being there and I'm very glad they came.

There were 30 people, but it was very low-key in the mountains. It was an element.

It was a beautiful wedding dress. It was great and my parents were like this is so much less stress.

I'm curious to know from audience would you recommend would you follow the coaches advice would you recommend the your kids elope and save money. Now I have a friend he's like planning a wedding right now and she was like grace I should've eloped. She's like I should've done it should've a lot of really nasty taxis in the middle of it elope I thought was a fascinating conversation. I'm just wondering what that had to do with the football game that's that's my only thing I mean it. I don't maybe I'm maybe I'm quibbling here. I am curious ladies and gentlemen out. What would you recommend for your child.

Elopement as opposed to spending all this money on a big wedding 844-747-8868 Sverige advice from Coach Leach at Mississippi State. That's 844-747-8868 this is the time surgery. So it turns out there's actually been a survey done on this great speaker and you are not alone when it comes to young people. Jen's ears decided to do the elopement Hells Berg diamonds of the jewelry place so that in a survey and there's an ulterior motive to Bess about on hello you on the diamond companies apart, but they did a survey, 62% of people who are currently engaged say they would consider eloping and what I find shocking about this 69% of females so the brides are the ones that are saying we would rather elope and here's a reason why the average wedding cost up to $33,000 average. Yes, I work we gotta schedule everything else in your day.

Yes guys to show up gets really expensive really so Hells Berg. This is why there's an ulterior motive, so they now have a theme where ever the at and and every Helzberg store there was at least one ordained sales associate and they will marry you right there in the store. There is more money on that. I know for sure when it's actually I want to go out on the stanza, but I'll just say alternative stones are also coming into Stiles my shiny pilot Patty in North Carolina agrees with you grace Patty, I would say you about this eloping mile, you will greatly know why am I making that happen to get married on the Atlanta grill.

Oh yeah, you know, 50, $60,000" wind you want. Take $7000 manager asking if they don't last that lets up your point so you get the money. But anyway grace smart and I'm sure you had beautiful wedding and everything, but I if you want to have it in the backyard will have a boom box on you know that's interesting because you could literally take that money that's a down payment for house you completed Patty this is wise advice, we appreciate you calling folks. What say you, would you rather elope and say that body, maybe use that money to buy a house or a car, something 844-747-8868 I want to go to the patriot mobile newsmaker life were honored to have on the program Joe Mussina who is an incredible nationally syndicated radio host based out of Santa Clarita, California KH TS is our great affiliate there now Joe I were not what you want on the show to talk about the subject, but I want you away anywhere while I got a question for graceful really great you really want a man who planned the wedding following a disaster.

And I love my husband but he is a procrastinator. He would've waited to the less last-second to do everything. But what happened with that but that like a subway. I want a foot-long Subway sandwich bag job and be a tailgate party right when you going to church and have it on the parking lot. That way right my purse with my first wedding theme, ATK probably about 30 years ago that left about seven years we had white bread rings and the whole 9 yards. My wonderful lovely wife now remarried to be 21 year cost is less than $3000 and I think we still have the statement we got married. There were less than 200 bucks. So how you know it yet. It's not the money you know that if not all the pop and circumvented it sure that your commitment to God is your commitment to your spouse. That's what makes it different. So the reason we had you on I want to make sure we get to the story.

I was someone sent this to me of a few days ago and I've always second this is the story is happening right and in the backyard of Joe Mussina, the local high school there at Saugus high school and that they have been honoring police hello how are you been doing this but the pregame football festivities. The high school football team comes running running out of the field and they had the American flag and they also have a thin blue line flag and they they just want to honor the police. I understand you guys have a lot of police that live in that community.

And now it's become a big controversy and and again to set the story up. You also happen to be the president of the local school board.

Oh yeah, I look at you don't know two years ago our peers back in 2019 Is Were Shooting Took Pl. on campus and we lost three young lives that day.

We have a large police community and the beauty was that right around the corner. The policeman and just as dropping off some of their kids. They heard shots fired. He turned around and many off-duty police officers run campus in a matter minutes so it started.

Then the line flag started flying.

Then they were thinking of police officers for what they did. It was an act of love it. With respect had nothing to do. Applying the above black lives matter, anything with this picture of this young man is good on the paper pretty much every week last few years and recently one of those hard-core left-wing socialist that we can't have this. This makes certain people feel uncomfortable. We can't be habited for the football game.

I will, I will lodge a complaint with the AG. I will do this I will do that in the bottom line with it was the certain members of the district caved and said yeah we will have the flag anymore and I was livid about it. I saw the video but II gave a speech at the board about the slap in the face of our men and women in uniform that that would give up their lives to protect these kids and yet were backing down because of the small group of people I owe. I did see the know and we posted this on our website over the weekend and so I really appreciate you brought up an interesting point because the argument was, and correct me if I'm wrong here is that all well that that that flag is offensive to BLM that flag represents white supremacy and you raise a series of very important questions about while nobody ever asked the court you really think that these young people set out to show that there white supremacist you really think that when I went out on the field they want to take a look at us. You know that that that basically the bottom lines were better than you and and in Europe. Now that was not their goal all from the heart. They wanted to honor to be police officers and and we blush that number so caught up in the argument that we want that but I gotta tell you, Todd community is a great community out here. They've risen up and on Friday night to be over 500 people in the Indo stands with blue line shirts on blue line flags and it will be a blueline night at the stadium. I think this is terrific and this is what a great response to whoever was offended and in the community and it's it's sad that it had to come to a point where they actually told the kids you can't.

You can't bring that flag on the football field but now I sound like everybody in the stands is waving that flight from all outright.

I got a very good friend of yours and mine bread to justice and he signaled to the freedom of speech issue and it should be handled as such. So were going for it so it's a terrible lesson to teach young people coming up through life that if you if one or two people are bothered by what you're doing just stop go hide you stop and that's not what we should be teaching them.

We should be teaching them how to how to work with people explain to people what they're doing and stand up for their own rights and not be afraid to exercise their own rights. I was watching a lot of the local coverage and I was so impressed with the young people, teenagers that were standing up and saying hey, wait a second word is honoring the people that put their lives on the line to protect us and to save us. Why would we not want to do that only beautiful local news sources here in northern Venezuela. They call it new start with what were expecting the kid to say yeah I bad thing at the Baltimore interfering the kids that were shocked to be made a mistake and do not live because you're right, the young people going, don't find a respect is the regional over the football team should be able to carry that like the total opposite response that there were expecting the R&R good friend Joe Mussina nationally syndicated talk radio host at our great affiliate there in Santa Clarita that would be the hometown station, Katie HTS and I were just excited to be a part of the line of their Joanne is really a conservative. There are a lot of conservatives in that part of California generated which one of the last Republican bastion in the Southern California as a whole. And you're right, but we are getting more purple. We made the same think that some other people maybe work it around to go complacent and that is what I like with a fat dumb and happy, and we were enjoying life. The school board's role conservative. We lost one whole school board in two election cycles only progressive now, my board went from 50 conservative to know what I say 3 1/2 to conservative and the bottom line, we don't pay attention you give people listening right now in smaller areas. If you don't pay attention to who's on your school board you don't support real conservative Republicans. I'm a proud conservative Christian Republican and I'm not afraid to speak to that you will lose the schools and when you lose the schools you lose the kids, and that's a heck of a fight, they have to have well it is and gets her back on and we appreciate the great work you're doing a congratulations on your great success and radio and also in in politics and the economy. One heck of a site there Friday night at the football field and a picture file. Please.

I will have me on our Joe Mussina ladies and Solomon, one of the good guys in our business and a really good so back on grace as I like to know he's a good guy denying to Sally's genuine kind of got all he really is and we had a chance to get together. We had we shared a meal.

I was out in Santa Clarita couple was a couple of months back and got a chance to be the owners of the radio station had a great meal with Joe and we just had a good time just a regular guy. What kind of food you go there like huge steak people okay. I was really impressed when you food every time I go to California I prepare myself in advance so for example the layover is either in Atlanta or Salt Lake City. Of course, and so I make sure that I eat meat before I actually landed in California to the vegans are never know. You just never know when to get you know in a possible burger. It typed its true costs. All right 844-747-8868. Do you agree with Grace Baker that eloping is better 844-747-8868 may I tell you about our friends at patriot mobile.

They are America's only Christian conservative wireless carrier and we were talking of the school board races patriot mobile's been supporting a lot of conservative Christian candidates for school board and the only reason they're able to do that is because of your support. Patriot mobile is an incredible wireless company. They use the same towers that the major carriers use so that means you're gonna get great coverage. If you have a question about that. You go to their website. Patriot and you can click on the check coverage tab and it'll bring up all the information you need. They have plans for your home for your business. If you're a veteran or a first responder there to give you an additional discount and every body. Everybody gets free premier activation and a free gift when you use my promo code Todd so patriot use the promo code. Todd will be right back barring is director of confidential care ministries. She was on TWA.

Wake up Memphis with Jim VanHorn earlier this morning in Memphis and she was explaining about this Walmart assistant manager Walmart employee who refused to sell her gift cards cut number 50 and you're not can it tell me to get card because I'm pro-life and he said yes. I'm not comfortable with that so she she calls corporate headquarters and they give her the brushoff and that's why we have decided to post the Walmart Walmart in Millington, Tennessee. Their telephone number on our live show blog cut number 16. I gave him a business card template and the store manager to call me and he said ma'am. I'm just doing my job and I said will master your job is to sell the items that Walmart dots on a shelf to its customers and I think he just violated my rights by refusing to sell something to me that's pretty pathetic pretty pathetic. Could you imagine if Walmart had refused to sell something to Billy Heister, the guy who came up with the Brose movie. I mean it would be all you know what to say. I'm just saying oh I nearly forgot this Grace Baker so Mike Leach know he'd like to the sky like a theme with habits is it says something trademark where he just offers nonfootball advice, and he was also waiting on his favorite Halloween candy.

Let's take a listen to me and I completely worn when I was a killer gummy bears and see repairs for sure. There the other thing I like is late as late as well.

Everything and then the clusters which is probably all enjoy so I'll understand why he doesn't like the community that's actually a good. I mean, it's not my favorite but it's not horrible, horrible, but is not my favorite is not like those that have the nerve clusters are really good. I had endured good and typically that's called engineering school. Very nice.but I but again I mean it's not like it's the those pale orange circus peanuts which are really marshmallows will discuss is weird to think my like I just think like Styrofoam and the teeny tiny pumpkin candies are hard candies. You know the candy corn, but none of their pumpkins.

Oh, I like that art clusters I like the gummy bears, chocolates always a good you see the worst thing you could get it we got it we have to do a whole segment on this because we got past the best Halloween candy ever and it's gotta be. I will decide what's not on my list reasons don't know and also that what was it like a wax some kind of wax, and he had to whack it was like wax and then when you broke through the wax coverage. It is like a liquid inside think the candy cigarettes that was like eating chalk. I never could understand that not my thing. I also didn't love it. I mean you give me a piece of fruit you like really appropriate you. You throw it back in the apples are cool but it's like a pain to deal with in the moment you know you're like I just this is not the time of the place for the care plan.

I will say this, we had an employee. Here we will not name names but our first following the health department shut down following so recent forget that Morgan had the kids, trick-or-treat at our radio station and so we sent an employee of the chemic about this healthy food. I so what are you trying to get us rolled.

Come on, we gotta have yet have the full size Snickers and not a fun side about the fun size… Other Todd Stern's radio program. Only the full-size candy will divert to do that again this year. We gotta get on Reese's peanut butter cups, almond Joy, that's what I'm talking about. We gotta get outta here. Todd started psychologies zone.

A lot of great material free to check out their pain side were to be with you tomorrow. Sorry to operate a vehicle. Talk to you too can see it's my sons on the topic to anything. I'm not a miracle worker, Sheila researching trade to save the lives of large inter-recreational vehicles, which is definitely a real profession when you're progressive has you covered. See if you could save the leader in RV insurance storms

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