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Grab Your Mask, Dems Won't Let Biden's COVID Go To Waste

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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July 21, 2022 3:12 pm

Grab Your Mask, Dems Won't Let Biden's COVID Go To Waste

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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July 21, 2022 3:12 pm

We already saw those with a political agenda start imposing mask mandates as the 2022 election draws many more will take advantage of the President's diagnosis? Never let a crisis go to waste, you know.

Allen Moro and Dick Morris join the conversation!

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The Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
The Todd Starnes Show
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The Todd Starnes Show
Todd Starnes
The Line of Fire
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7% of women who wear bladder weakness in irritation and incontinence wasn't stressful enough intimate ecology, bikini retention tent on the Internet. I need to try to an intimate pad for your free sample of skin protects like 10 well to the Todd start show sponsored by the legacy precious metals. There's never been a better time to invest in precious metals visit legacy PM investments The legacy PM universities through you in Memphis, Tennessee. George today about about what happened last night on Capitol Hill and the website. So glad to have you and we are always honored and humbled that you would spend three hours of your day hanging out with us on the radio last night. The house of representatives voted to codify same-sex marriage. 47 Republicans voted with the Democrats on this particular issue now.

It's probably not going to pass the Senate. But if it does present a body will sign this bill into law, and it would while the Supreme Court redefined what God defined as marriage. The House of Representatives is going to codify that so that would annihilate the original Defense of marriage act now we have a list of all the Republicans who voted in favor of this on our website. I think it's important for you to see for yourself the individuals who are supportive of gay marriage. One of them happens to be a regular on this program Congressman Scott Perry. He is chairman of the House freedom Caucus and I have to tell you I was a bit surprised to see his name on the list but anyway he voted for it. So guess what his name is on the list. He's a member of leadership, so we pointed out that he was the chairman of the House freedom Caucus a least a phonic.

By the way, who replaced Liz Cheney as chair of the GOP conference also voted in favor, as did Liz Cheney, the daughter of Dick and Adam Kinzer so we got a we got a pretty nasty note in a dressing down from Congressman Perry's office today. How dare you how dare you insult Grace's read this message this morning. This text message and I about what's going on. Did we get the story want to devote no know he did, he voted yes and in his office acknowledges that they were upset with us because they thought that we would just gloss that override gas or that because he comes on this program and we appreciate the Congressman coming on the program. Maybe they thought we were going to just leave his name out will.

That's not what we do all this program, folks, and you know that by now we tell it like it is one way or the other. You may not agree with my opinion but at least you know where I stand and were not going to coddle these Congressman they know what they were doing so we invited the Congressman to come on even though they were very upset with us.

I said grace. Let's invite about the program and will at the Congressman explain himself, and they refused.

They reviewed, and probably not to be here. I would say in the near future there very upset and and you know what, that's fine, they can be upset, but I'd I believe that the American people. The members of the Republican Party deserve some sort of an explanation why the change why the shift on what is probably one of the most important culture war issues of the day.

Aside from the life issue and I've I've been doing some research over the past couple of years working on the new book and I've come to the conclusion and this is really the heart of what I want to chat with you guys about that to kickoff today's program. It's very clear to me that the Republican Party is going through a an evolutionary evolutionary process of metamorphosis that they are shifting on the culture issues of the day. Are you beginning to see this. I want to give you a clue. The clue is Fox News Channel as Fox News goes, so goes the Republican Party no Fox News Channel over the past five or six years made a radical shift to embrace the LGBT movement and to elevate the LGBT movement and so if you if you want to job, but let's just say you go to a Christian school, and you want to be a journalist and you apply for a job at Fox you are probably not going to get that job and the reason is very simple because they have partnerships with the national Association of gay and lesbian journalist. They have associations with other far left journalism organizations and so those organizations are following their people who are not journalist or activist into the newsrooms and the TV shows Fox News Channel and that's why you you see it Fox News and just I want you to step back and think about this. Only one cable news channel has a paid transgender activists on their staff. It is not MSDN see it is not CNN primate road network. Thank you judged around it is not Newsmax it is not what America news it's Fox News to and they celebrate that they celebrate their diversity and that's just the way I live.

I was going to tell you another story, but I think I've made my point here. I'll save that story for another day. So anyway, I think the people at the Republican Party headquarters they see this and they realize that Fox News is sort of the mouthpiece for what was conservatism. I don't think they are now in the Republicans are so you don't. Maybe this is our opportunity.

Now this really has nothing to do with gay marriage.

This has this has to do with the the Christian people and the I use the term evangelicals. Maybe I should just say conservative Christians, but this fight goes all the way back to Jerry Ford and Jerry Ford was a he was quite frankly, a conservative Democrat. Maybe he was a very liberal Republican has wife Betty Ford was a lovely woman and a great lady and a lot of wonderful things but her politics really stunk to high heavens as over politics were to the left of her husband.

She supported the ERA she was outspoken on a lot of the key liberal issues of the day, so much so that Jerry Ford's campaign team when he was running against Jimmy Carter were afraid that the Christian voters within the Republican Party would would move over and vote for Jimmy Carter, which is exactly what happened. There was this fight within the party, and Ronald Reagan emerged. You might remember that Reagan and will end up Ford were going at it, Reagan challenged Ford. It was an ugly thing Reagan came back and when he came back he joined forces with people like Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell and had it not been for those alliances, Ronald Reagan would not have been elected president when he say that again without the alliances of the conservative Christians look the moral majority. If you remember that the term back in the day Reagan went out of one and it was an ugly ugly fight so it was, it's been a marriage between the Republican Party of the that the Chamber of Commerce side of the Republican Party and the evangelicals how to spin up a marriage of convenience so everybody sorted gets what they want, but I don't think that's going to happen much longer and I think we are starting to see the shifter now my question to you Christians conservative persons out there. If the Republican Party decides to jettison all of the culture war issues in the spirit of this big tent party, will you still vote Republican because that's what they're telling what I was talking to some folks from inside the Beltway and their concern.

They they believe that an inherently on this. They believe in announcing the Republicans get to do this, but they believe that if the Republicans woke up one day and said you know what working to be a pro-choice party. They literally believe that you Christians out there would not leave the party because you guys covet the power and the prestige and the prominence of of being a part of a political party. They believe that they truly believe that but but on the issue of, for example of same-sex marriage, they that's why you had 47 Republicans vote with the Democrats because they know that you conservative Christians, you may holler. You may squawk but at the end of the day you're not going anywhere else because there's no other party for you so that is going to do with they wanted to.

It was John McCain and I wrote about this in the two books ago, it was John McCain back years ago when he said people like Jerry Falwell, senior and Pat Robertson were agents of intolerance. That's the mindset of the establishment Republicans that you guys if you are a Christian if you're conservative you're just there to get them votes and I literally had people tell me Starnes you on the local level Stearns you just need to shut up and this is a very nice way but basically what they're saying is you need to shut up. Give us your campaign money your contributions and go vote for us.

Go vote for candidates and it is in and and I'm telling you folks, it is it is a crazy world right now within the Republican Party.

So this is nothing new. The New York Times today said that the the idea of the fact that 47 Republicans join Democrats on marriage equality is remarkable, but it's really not remarkable because the shift has been happening for quite some time.

It sort of surfaced last year during Gay pride month. When Rhonda McDaniel, the chairperson of the RNC, but at that big statement saluting the LGBT community, so I'm not quite sure there's really anything that can be done about this. If you're conservative Christian. I I suspect what's going to happen is that they will that the GOP will basically decide this is no longer an issue for us and we will embrace same-sex marriage and the question is, what will you do as a conservative. If that happens, will you do will you will you still be a part of a part of the Republican Party will you say you don't. That's it for me.

I'm out because they're saying this is a nonissue now that you know what in the Republicans. These 47 Republicans who voted yesterday. Here's what they said we don't care what God define marriage as to how what the Bible that that's what those 47 Republicans did yesterday. That's what that's their right to do that is their right to do and it is all right to have a conversation about here's the headline in politico. The GOP waves the white flag in the same-sex marriage wars 844-747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 coming up I were to be talking with Tony Perkins from family research Council also Dick Morris is going to be here. We been talking a lot about his brand-new blog will be talked about the.

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Good luck. My mother I'm at Christmas.Christian.conservative, you'll raise my kids to part the gay marriage if you were talking about that you know it's wrong.

It goes against God's principal day and in our R-value is a very pro-traditional marriage. But you know when the case was decided I get more lift years ago with the court. I mean I'm thinking myself to be. Why should the government even get caught up in all this is working to be a nation of freedom then shouldn't that mean freedom like for all delight to make their that the choices like that and then just let God sort about you. I teach my kids to respect people are different. If there Gay that does make them any less of a person to show them respect, we will have to agree with their lifestyle that were all sinners and fall short of the glory God and just to the treatment they would anyone else so it's almost like why can't rehash it in and I don't know what were your thoughts when my missing here will Gary, first of all I think the big problem and this goes in Roe V Wade plays into this as well and let let me see if I can expect to do my best to explain here.

I believe that marriage should not be a federal issue that is an issue for the churches know if you want to have civil unions or whatever, that's fine, but the federal government has no business being in the marriage business now. Are you should Gary do me a favor turned on your radio because you will get a little bit of a blowback that herself and of that way will be able to happen will be able to converse when you look at Roe V Wade everybody's at all. Roe V Wade therein up there and outlaw abortion. Well Roe V Wade was overturned and guess what, you can still get an abortion in America it is back to the states. The same thing applies with the gay marriage issue. I believe that the Supreme Court overstepped as does Sen. Ted Cruz, and others who study the law that that the Supreme Court overstepped and ultimately this is an issue for for the states to decide. But beyond that, as a person of faith. I believe that marriage should not be a government issue. It is an issue for the church will not agree okay thank you sir appreciate your day Gary, thanks for listing. Appreciate the call and again this has nothing to and and you can't have these rational conversations one-on-one. That's why like to have on the radio because people start screaming at your homophobic no no no no no, this has nothing to do with that.

This has everything to do with the overreach of the federal government, and it troubles me that we had 47 Republicans up on Capitol Hill who could not understand that concept but for, then this is a power move.

This is a power grab. That's what that's what that's really all about. So look where it is to go from here.

Well it's going to have a tough go in the Senate will see.

But if it is a look if it goes to the Senate binds get assigned us because that's all they've got to run on. That's it.

This is in front for the Democrats.

This is nothing at all you gay folks out there.

This has nothing to do with you. They want to rile up their base to get you guys out so you go and vote in November that that's what this is really all about Bullock. I've got an and I know a lot of Christian conservatives music well we shouldn't have the log cabin Republicans in the in the in the party.

Okay, why, why not.

I me to get there there to be fighting for things like fiscal responsibility. Why would you not want people in the party.

I mean it would do what and again I've heard this from from from Christians what we only need Christians in the Republican Party okay but you know what if the Christians are as active in the Republican Party as they are in church on Sunday.

You never know when a race sorry to sorry to offend somebody squirming to the pew, but it's true.

So I don't have a problem with what Ronald Reagan coined the big tent party. The issue I have is throwing the party platform out the window and there is a long-established party platform and some of these big cultural issues that's all that's all I'm trying to say here are a working to get back to it. I got up we got wind of this people to judge things fascinating back story about Pete's dad who was a communist and how that's influencing his son in Washington DC really taken your calls as wealth 844-747-8868.

That is our telephone number.

They had over the website guys working on some great stories.

Todd Stern stuck I will be right back America. There is no doubt the nation is facing a financial crisis because of the blighted ministrations economic policies hi this is Todd start and no doubt our economy is in trouble and you need to take steps to protect yourself of all your money is tied up in stocks, bonds, and traditional market you are vulnerable. Gold is one of the best ways to protect your retirement no matter what happens you own your gold. It's real physical always been valuable since the dawn of time, like to see precious is the company I investing in gold. They can help you roll your retirement account, Wade Goldbach IRA still own the physical goal also ship precious metals safely and securely to your house.

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You can send us a shout out.

You can only do that on our app you say Todd how to get the app how much is it going to cost. That is, is going to take hours to install it takes like five seconds to install it's free of charge and all you have to do is go to Katie Wam radio that's K WAN to win

Click on the app and there you go, you can send us a shout out like a Ricky and Gary just did all right. Welcome back to the Todd Stern's radio show. So glad to have you with us today. Yesterday Pete booty judge was testifying up on Capitol Hill and a lot of people are very concerned about the high price of gasoline. Have you heard about this I mean this is out that it's it's off the charts. People don't understand why why Pres. Mike just doesn't open up our pipelines, our oilfields, why are we going over to Saudi Arabia with a gas can on her hand, asking for a couple gallons again and Mayor Pete or Sec. Pete. He said the quiet part out loud, cut three course the more pain we are all experiencing from the high-priced price of gas more benefit there is for those who can access electric vehicle. It's all about paying ladies and gentlemen, they want you to suffer. This has nothing to do with dropping the price per gallon of gasoline. This has everything to do with raising the cost because they want you to stop driving those gasoline powered cars. They want you to switch over to an electric car those cars that you plug into the side of your your car of your garage. That's what they want, but the problem is most Americans cannot afford those kinds of cars, what, 55, $60,000. Let's play cut number eight.

I think you misspeak your eyes a set of the outset, and Mr. Johnson. Mr. Roy said we think this legislation is unnecessary judge judge, Justice Alito was very clear again and read several times. The Dobbs decision should not be misunderstood or mischaracterized to cast out on precedents that do not concern abortion, the court could have been clear. The Oberg felt decision undid what 35 states have on their law and their and their respective state.

30 the states of the vote of the people. As I said before, but this this is going this this legislation is going to just I guess go after that the decision of of of the respective states, and in it, as I said the voters in the state are clearly that wasn't Pete booty judge, but this is people to judge. I'm still astonished that that some folks and I felt the substance fly in Congress yesterday.

Some folks seem to really struggle to let go of the status quo. So what's going on with this is all about advancing the green you that's that's all this is about. Keep in mind that progressives are running the government. Right now we know it's not true but we know is not, Harris. This is all about AOC and the squad running the show. They have a lot more power than you might imagine behind-the-scenes so you got people to judge in a very very important and very powerful position and Pete booty judge is implementing all the changes and here's their thinking the guy is young, he's cool, he's hip he's gay. He's got he's got good hair. He's got that smile and they think that's going to cover a multitude of evil sins there about two on leash on the American people that he got to go back to the original green new deal. What was that really all about was very simple.

It was about shutting down automobiles. It's about shutting down jetliners. It was about shutting down hamburger joints all for the sake of protecting the environment, and as we all know by now, they always tell us in 10 years.

California is gonna slide off the face of the year in 10 years. All the polar bears are going to die in 10 years there's going to be Penguins Walking Down Bourbon St. in New Orleans and it's always in 10 year increments against what happens 10 years comes 10 years goes and were all still here Penguins doing just fine. That's how this operates. It's the greatest hoax perpetrated on the world global warming. That's what that's all about.

So anyway, why people why Pete booty judge. That's the big question why Pete booty judge want to answer that question for you, then little bit of research, again working on the new book and did a little research about Pete booty judge turns out, his father Joseph wasn't a valid communist and Marxist. As a matter of fact, that was his life's work, his life's work was to pursue and to promote Marxism Joseph booty judge.

This is all very well documented. The Washington Examiner agenda story several years ago and quite frankly became an issue out on the campaign trail. One of the interesting components of Joseph booty judges lessons and his academic work involved the following theory. He believed that you could convert people to the communist way of thinking by infiltrating their culture and the cultural institutions of a nation and either sound familiar. By the way he went on to say of the Washington Examiner piece, which by the way, was verified by, of all people voted judge used his platform to advance Marxist theories in the academic community and in Hollywood and music and films and books any of that sound familiar ladies and gentlemen. Now people voted judge says he was not influenced by his father, but earlier books indicate that Pete booty judge's just soaked up everything. His father ever said and did everything so it's very possible. Ladies and gentlemen that we have a closet communist running the Transportation Department right now and what a vitally important position that is seeing what were having to go through now.

But that's that's the whole point of this they want you they want you to suffer because they believe when you finally had enough you're going to fork over the $55,000 to buy a brand-new electric car that only drives a couple hundred miles and he got a put it in a plug it in and wait, what couple of hours and then drive a couple hundred more miles and then plug it in a way to couple more hours it's gonna ruin travel in America that's within scattered by the way you see the story of St. Petersburg, Florida.

What a weird story so this family goes out of buys one of these singles afford one of Ford's electric. The Ford focus electric as well as they got a pretty good deal $11,000 was an older model used car and so their drive along the things good and doing okay. I guess for what six months and then all of a sudden it goes kaput. So they taken down to the Ford dealership, and the like. Oh yeah, the batteries gone bad. You gotta get a new battery, so the car cost $11,000. The battery cost $14,000 so the battery cost 3000 more dollars than it cost to buy the car the first place. And of course the family. There were not we can pay that we did.

We just spent $11,000 and you're telling me the $11,000 car needs a $14,000 battery. What are you people bonkers so they ended up water story short, they ended up selling the car back to the dealership for $500 a complete loss. Unbelievable. So this is why whenever I tell these all electric car people I hear from all the time. They're kinda like the gluten-free folks, you know, it's kind of like a idle condescending attitude and I don't mean to be that to be mean way, but you know is like I'm seated an icing this in a restaurant.

I brought my own.

I brought my own plate. I brought my own fork. I brought my okay what is this going to stay home and I brought my own food okay will I need this day all I don't get that anyway. But is that attitude of oh you drive a gasoline powered car I is the same attitude I get when I go to end of the of the independent bookstore. They had a look down on the conservatives is kind of an attitude. Anyway, what I you hear stories like this and this is why and I do this in a very polite way, but I have to tell the electric car people is to blow it out the tailpipe. Gotta take a break 844-747-8868. I don't want to hear from the gluten-free people.

I was just making appointments 844-747-8860, and I'm not in the mood today.

This is the time is a process. Don't do it yourself okay simple enough just to get in there with my screwdriver. You mind handing me my Scripture, screwdriver, well I'm in your Senate. Weird. But yeah luck, mainly Sabina my home and I with progress as we can save and pay someone to install this for so you don't have to pretend you can. I know my way around the screwdriver is going to get the leaves have Fisher when bundling a little with progressive and use the money to pedal do-it-yourself comfortable discussing reporting to respond is about a little sticky situations is done by is able to manipulate Google maps and remember Joe Biden. The tumble when he was on his bicycle seriousness, the child's hair so they actually label that Brandon falls, as if it was some sort of a place and then just coincidentally we've got a brand-new sponsor of the program. Let's take a listen.

It was super sick family day falls on America's summertime destination like your way through the heart of Delaware characters are Brandon falls like hello Peter's room smelled tight enjoying south of the border to go Brandon falls later for your free word so full of knives and get the birthday hold. Plan your trip. A fun vacation destination like someplace I'd like to go, let's go to the phones Connor Boston of wind gone, or if you're looking for a vacation spot. There you go.

Brandon falls well.

Sorry what's going on, nobody will buy what you are not are you really I really I bye-bye it would bio would like to start or are about the legal privilege. Yeah, I think there is not really know if you have a golf cart cart by other really about electric car on a dog or literally lock the car.

Love it all, we got a bad phone signal, but I think we got the gist of what you're saying you get back to charging and I will chat with you later. Let's go to Louisiana Corky on KR OFR great affiliate down in Lafayette. Hey Corky what's going on.

Well, we were talking about the good it did and I will kill you both. You great big I woke up in turn, John and I want to say you know there was a bridge to nowhere in yellow bridge to somewhere. I appreciate it so much and where I met electric cars everybody in the United States but electric car will be due, with all the cars we already have. They want to burn coal to redo them what they put them in the Grand Canyon and covered up Corky it's you I was reading report yesterday about all the solar the solar panel farms and they're saying that you would literally have to destroy acres and acres of trees and forests just to build enough to accommodate the power grid is just you people are thinking these things through known or not. And you know what I wanted. I got two young men here with me.

Document booted to influence by his father and about have different families but they don't believe in God.

11 think they come in helping me because I got up or operation schedule and I was trying to show him the other path that you follow most of the ball it path that parents show and whether you they tell you're not. You just see it. So that's what you think is supposed to be and I'm trying to jump more path than that and one of his really negative. The heart and the other was Donna holding off, but listening to you and get that Christian attitude mean more and thank you for being there and sharing that with us. Well, your kinda say that Corky and that you take care of your good self and keep us updated on on your situation down there. I know we got a lot of lot of folks offering thoughts and prayers your way as you go through the use of these upcoming surgery so I can keep us updated and that you take care of yourself are eight folks 844-747-8868 that's her telephone number. That's 844-747-8868. All I gotta tell you about life change to the they are having a huge summer sale buy three get one free life change the I've been drinking for about a month two months now and is just amazing. It's all natural. I drink a glass every single day and feel."

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I got this if you plug in my promo code Todd tender to give you an additional $10 off plus the free shipping. I love the free shipping. That's that's worth the price right there by the way, were talking $50 in use the discount code. Todd and the number 10 are I coming up. We have some great guest are good friend Tony Perkins is going to drop by.

Also Dick Morris wrote an amazing book and he says that Trump is running at 2024.

He also predicts Hillary Clinton is going to be the Democrat party's nominee, and it's going to be a colossal rematch of all political rematches.

Sorry to be asking him questions about vetting will be about have an opportunity to ask your questions as well. You just have to write down our telephone number 844-747-8868 a one final look before you run off to break here and just a reminder Todd Stern' download our podcast in our newsletter. These are some great resources we send out breaking news alerts whenever breaking news happens and we also send out an afternoon newsletter that includes all of our major stories of the day. We just want you guys to be informed and again we don't charge you. We don't share your information with anybody else. This is just a way for us to reach out to you and say hey these stories are important to us. Alright folks stick around and if you are anywhere in the southern states or the Midwest or the UK crank up that air conditioning.

It's a hot one out there. America galaxies. He flipped for all these new tracks it might not like he's at the park I found in flax mountain capture hands-free text from multiple angles.

For sure training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for its compact and fit perfectly in my pocket galaxies. He flipped for Liberty University studio in Memphis Tennessee is conservative doors never cries me when the lunacy of the lab.

Hello everybody.

Welcome to the talk surge radio program and we've got we got a lot to go through the and you know I was having a conversation just the other day with with someone years ago when I first bought TWA of our flagship radio station in Memphis Tennessee when I first bought the radio station we had a couple of well we have more than a couple way a lot a leftist who worked in the building and I've got nothing against the leftist. I got nothing against liberals in the media as a matter of fact when I worked at Fox news channel night someone told me once, maybe .5% of the people who worked at Fox news and what actually consider themselves to be conservative so another words the mainstream media is is predominately overwhelmingly liberal, it's leftist, and that is it's no surprise we see it every day and that's one of the reasons but by the way, the reason why Fox news channel for so many years was conservative was actually fair and balanced is that the people in charge. The people calling the shots the people producing the shows were in fact conservative. That was the .5%, but how many of those people have been fired little or like or whatever, but I'm not talking about Fox's items will use that as an example and and especially in the in the public welfare journalism sector I'm talking about PBS and NPR to organizations that cannot afford to pay their bills and that's why they require tax dollars and I've heard. I know I knows it's only 2% Todd only to pop. I don't care if it's a penny.

I don't care if it's a penny it's still our tax dollars and, as a radio station owner.

It bothers me that the prophets that the taxes that I have to pay from my very successful radio station have to prop up the failing public radio station here in Memphis, Tennessee. It bothers me, but that's not what I want to talk so anyway, when I first started here, people were very long. Just that that's tyrants. He's a conservative he's just a big meaning he's going to shut down all of us.

And the reality is I did not, as a matter of fact, early on I knew we had a couple of on-air talent that were that were far leftist, but they put out a pretty good product and job they had a pretty good program and I said you know what I really keep the show as long as it's getting ratings as long as you know, the ads are flowing in what what do I care as long as it's entertaining because that's what radio was supposed to be ladies and gentlemen you a lot of these Rush Limbaugh wannabes that are out there and there are some as a matter fact, there are couple radio host were proclaiming themselves as the second coming of Rush Limbaugh. While that's a lot of hubris because there's only rush there's only one Rush Limbaugh and he is in glory right now. He returned his talent that was on loan from God, but you got all these talk radio guys out there there the next Rush Limbaugh and what they do and you heard the shows you know that was what you've heard the shelves right all they do is scream at you for three hours. That's not what Rush Limbaugh did. Rush Limbaugh was an entertainer as well. As an informer he educated a generation of American citizens. So all that to say there's just a lot of noise out there, a lot of people are just confused about what is entertaining on the radio. So for me it is about being being challenged and I does what I want to hear what that person is going to say next so well. One day the leftist loon who had the show called up and said I'm no longer going to work for you and I might well alright, why not what happened and I was I was really intrigued and it turned out that this individual was offended by something I said all my national radio show and she you're just intolerant.

That's what this person said you're just intolerant you're a mean person how Terry you know what I see you told it was. It was during the George Floyd stuff and I dare to say that that all lives matter, and as I pointed out in Memphis Tennessee. Clearly all lives do not matter because people are getting slaughtered all over the place and nobody cares.

But in this particular instance I just pointed out that I believe as an outpouring of my Christian faith that every single life is important in every single life matters and not one life is more important than someone else's like that that's what set this personal so anyway it was as soon as hung up the five digit she was just very upset. How dear you have to argue what he will be to do so. This individual quit right on the spot and then wrote this nasty note on social media saying that I was in intolerant person and that really struck a chord in me because I'm anything but an intolerant person. As a matter fact, if you want to talk about intolerance.

This individual who stormed off in a huff was the intolerant person because this person had a platform on a radio station owned by a rocksolid conservative now on this radio station. I was like on your local radio station, but we have guest of all different persuasions that come onto this radio station KWIC, the mighty 990 celebrating 75 years will we have Republicans we have Democrats as a matter fact we have more Democrats begging to be on the show.

Then the Republicans and trust me in Memphis Tennessee. There's not much difference between those two parties and why is it the Democrats want to come on a conservative talk radio station.

Why is that because first of all, they know they are to be asked the tough questions, but they know were to be fair and were to be balanced.

We don't do the catch is stuff here and people appreciate that.

So we have a platform on a conservative radio station, a conservative radio station that is open for everyone no matter what their ideology is we just ask one thing can you be entertaining like we like a snooze fest here. This is NPR we have breaking news today the sun came out and we need your money when you give $25 for a totebag was to hear that crap. No wonder we got a fork over our tax dollars to keep those people employed and off the unemployment line. I mean she's a low so anyway it just it really struck me that all of these people out there they're saying the conservatives are intolerant when in fact were pretty open-minded people pretty open-minded guy. We have all sorts of opinions on this radio station and all this radio program. Guess what happens. Ladies and gentlemen, if you disagree with me what happened, you go right to the top-of-the-line because we like the debate we like to have the conversations you ever see that on NPR you ever see that on PBS you ever see that old any of the local TV stations in your market. I don't see that but you know what you see it here and at what that's what makes us unique and we take pride about a conservative radio station that is open-minded. All that to say in Indianapolis, Indiana. They got a bunch a leftist of the media and I got a story to share with you in the aftermath of what could have been a massacre at the mall in Greenwood, Indiana, and it's a crazy story but it's one you need to be aware of. So there is a CVS traffic report and this guy claims to be a devout Christian he claims to be an Eagle Scout. Yada yada yada. His name is Justin Kohler and he is the traffic reporter at the CBS affiliate in Indianapolis. So anyway, we all know now the name of the hero of the good Samaritan who stopped the shooter inside the food court at that shopping mall of the guys name is Elisha taken a weird spelling I will. I don't know what the nationality is but the it's Elisha but it's got a J and an extra S in the day anyway. Regardless, Elisha taken is the hero 22 years old. He had a handgun with that guy started shooting in the Food Ct., Mister Dixon, instead of running away and hiding took out his legal weapon, so he had a concealed carry took it out and immediately shot the gunman in the gunman stumbles into the bathroom and drops dead. The mayor and police chief Congressman Jim Banks, anybody who is breathing and Indiana says without a doubt, that guy stopped the gunman from committing a massacre and is a good Samaritan. So that's that phrase set off the traffic reporter and so the traffic reporter went on social media and he's all upset and you can tell he's one of these woke Angelica's you can just see them coming from a mile away the hair with half of the hair is there. The other half is shaved off. It is just a weird block man all weird look but I digress. So here's what he wrote the term good Samaritan came from a Bible passage of a man from Samaria who stopped on the side of the road to help a man who was injured and ignored. I cannot believe we live in a world where the term can be equally applied to someone killing someone by God in us, or you profess to be a Christian man and yet you use God's name in Osler, there might want to repent of their so he's all upset because he doesn't believe you can call this man, this hero a good Samaritan and he's not the only one people are part now people are piling on. It's the anti-gun crowd and the woke evangelical's these woke never truck Christian people and they're all attacking this poor guy and they they believe the better option would have been for there to be a massacre in the vault. Folks see this. It parallels our politics of the day because these are the same people these never truck burners and the woke evangelical's and the anti-gun crown. All these people were saying you can't vote for Trump even if he save the unborn babies, you Big they they say they seem to believe that the better course of action would've for Roe V Wade to remain the law of that's the parallel so anyway this Kohler guy goes back I mean people are are piling on and in the top now the blue checkmark crowd. They're all in with this guy, but the regular folk there like are you a lunatic what are you saying here so Mr. Koehler later came back and here's what he wrote, let me be clear, my thoughts are not meant to discredit the heroic lifesaving action and individual took in stopping the shooter that's exactly what it is you moron stopped stepping gasoline goes on to say I I'm no biblical scholar, then you know what maybe ought to just stay in your free complaints or maybe that's what yardage is now. I am not a theologian.

But I can tell you this. I believe that what that man did was noble and honorable and I believe he was in fact and is a good Samaritan. Now if you go through and read your Bible, you can see plenty of stories about God's people in trouble and what are they do, they pray out to God and ask for help and what happens. Well, if you read the Bible. There are plenty of stories about armies of angels lashing were rushing to the defense of those in need and I want you to think about this for a moment, just maybe, as there were families terrified families huddling under chairs in front of the closed Chick-fil-A on a Sunday trying to protect their loved ones from the gunman. Maybe, just maybe a few of those folks actually prayed out to God for help. And guess what the. The Army showed up God's angel showed up and he happened to be a 22-year-old kid from Indiana arm with a handgun.

Anybody thought about that. So what were to take a break but I'm curious to hear your thoughts on this. Do you have a problem calling this young man a good Samaritan 844-747-8868. That is our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 this is the Todd start show process. Don't do it yourself okay fix the water heater. He's a peaceful scene. I secure the testing time, 60 seconds doable to the pressure tip How do that is interesting as any other things that look just underlie hung out with progressive and pay someone to do it for us. That's cool. The stools Ross is anyway safe when biblical little with progressive and use the money to pedal do-it-yourself coverage for prescription reporting to respond is about a little sticky situations you and Lauren and now the great that that was Ed from Texas and he loved us a shout out and you can do that. So if you want to call in and talk live on the year. You can actually leave me a message on our awesome app you say all right, how do I get the app is very simple.

Go to IK Wam and download the app and you'll be able to listen to the show. Send us a shout out just like Ed from Texas did art.

Let's get on the phone zero 844-747-8868 Salem Oregon Ron listing to us on KY K Enron what's going on, what's on your mind, that black redneck safety in Salem. It's good, it's so Ron it's going to be a lot of fun.

And for those of you may not be aware. I'm heading out to Salem for a couple of big events coming up Thursday and Friday and we would love to see you there sponsored by the Marion County Republican Party and KY Cayenne go to KY Canyon's website and all the information is there and we would love to see you just like Ron said it's good to be a lot of fun. Ron can't wait to meet you in person right now is a great example of this turned over in his grave Separated from My brother eat the person sending good Samaritan excuse me I have a couple little good Samaritan is on 91st known evidence was empty when Maxine Waters trip. Let catch and release everything else Dr. Mike City Councilman south-central Ostend Northside which was middle-class and I was blessed to have good Samaritan stop the that we lose Ron. I think we lost Ron sorry about that, my friends, because we will will try to get back to you and if not we will see you Friday. But to Ron's point look when you log this reporter from the CBS affiliate the traffic reporter. This guy would have you believe that I guess were not even allowed to have militaries anymore. So if you're Christian you can't serve in the military. But the idea the idea that if you shoot somebody you can't be a good Samaritan. That's the that's the most moronic thing I have heard shameful just absolutely shameful. So I say this I with Ed from Texas. He's not a good Samaritan.

This guy Elisha Dicken is a great Samaritan and he illustrated a very important point that the left would prefer you not know that by and large, overwhelmingly 99% of law-abiding gun owners in America only own a gun to protect themselves and their families that they may be hunters, they may be marksmen but primarily people own guns to protect their families and thank God that Indiana's concealed carry law went into effect. Otherwise we would've been talking about a massacre and you would've given more ammo for the left to go after an all-out gun grab which is apparently coming, possibly as early as this week. I look we gotta take a break or we got so many stories took to drop by you today. Folks a lot happening. We love your calls 844-747-8868 that is her telephone number. By the way the website Todd and I want you to go and look at the front front picture and I ask you a question, are those dudes ladies will talk about that, something you probably do know progressive cannot only offer you a great price. We buy the home and auto around-the-clock protection something you probably don't know about including the base weighs around 400 something you probably do know there's a whistle something you probably don't know. That's about tipping over the roof like a can opener your home and auto with progressive and get more than a great price, around-the-clock protection, something you know the things you don't know progressive casualty insurance of the affiliates of third-party insurers excited about terms but in the middle of the two situations are welcome back to the Todd start radio so I hope you are having a pleasant wherever you are across the country, not getting ready for the Delta Air Lines flight and what@flying first class out there and so they you get to you got to order food so they serve you at dinner and I will say this about Delta Air Lines and I only fly Delta if Delta doesn't go there, then I don't and there's a couple reasons why Delta is the airline that I actually hate the least. Out of all the airlines out there but they do a pretty good job of getting me from Bob from point a to point B. So anyway, I got an email last night saying I had to select my meal for the up for the trip and I was kind of put off by the by the recommendation so is like one is is a protein free meal that's with her calling another is like a vegetarian is like a vegetarian burrito and the other is some sort of a Vietnamese salad with chicken allegedly and be happy other was a beef dish but the problem was it was on this lima beans, succotash, and I'm like okay what about a good light chicken sandwich or something that we not do that. I have Chick-fil-A. I was very hot. Anyway I'm saving my appetite for I get to Salem because I understand the food. The food seen in Salem Oregon is is out of this world. All right, we gotta talk about a story out of and by the way Congressman Ronnie Jackson's coming of the next hour. And that's why were not talking about Biden's cognitive decline just yet because he is the expert on this, as former Pres. Obama's Dr. Arnel Congressman Ronnie Jackson of Texas roster to be talking to the mother of a female swimmer who had to go up against Leah Thomas of marshy marshy Smith is with icons and shall be her little bit later on the program. We got a story up our website.

Todd to bring to your attention. You need to understand what's happening on your college and university campuses in America, there's something very dangerous afoot.

Now many public universities, public schools have a student Government Association and its just like God just like your local or state or federal government, you have senators or representatives of the student Supreme Court so you have it's it's basically a student version of of what we do in real life and politics.

But here's the problem. It really is a microcosm of of the problems were facing in big government because a lot of these kids are coming up with very dangerous ideas on their college and university campuses and their implementing these policies in the school itself, and that's where we start with via little she is a black student at the University of Houston. She is a Christian and she was hoping to become the first black woman elected to the student Supreme Court at the University of Houston so she goes before her.

Her peers, her classmates, and she's giving her speech and she's explaining why she deserves to be named to the Supreme Court at the University of Houston and she quotes a Bible verse. During her remarks and it triggered the student politicians almost immediately, and they decided to go to a closed-door session and they voted and they rejected her because of her religious beliefs. And they said that they had to be very sensitive about appointing Christians to positions within the government. In the aftermath of Roe V Wade, now the daily cougar is the University's newspaper and they been covering the story and they say that this little because she is a Christian has something called latent bias. I am anointed with that and they were especially troubled by the Bible verse. This little in an interview with the student newspaper and by the way, kudos to the student newspaper for reaching out to getting her side of the story. She said I read a Bible verse months ago. It really inspired me and maybe realize that the world to me and in my eyes is made out of love. Okay what's wrong with that is not like she read some sort of asylum tomorrow verse about God smiting people. I it was not. It was a verse about love and who doesn't appreciate a good Bible verse about love.

She did have one supporter on the state Senate on the student Senate, a guy by the name of Nolan Scholz. He said quote I think with record level crime disparity in poverty. We need more Christ in government cannot leave but I'm surprised they didn't teach that guy quote I need to go on the record saying I bring Christ anywhere I go wow again, kudos to the student newspaper. Forget both sides of the story, the daily cougar you better watch it there and impeach that God will be on the story. If they do not. You might remember this a couple years and maybe was last year there was a kid at Auburn University is a white guy and he's he was a conservative, he still white and he still conservative. He was the most qualified individual. For the Supreme Court there at Auburn University and they rejected him because he was not diverse enough.

What is that even me while day what it means cookies per species. No yes is a white guy that had no apologies on the Supreme Court at Auburn. I know that might fit people but that's the that's the truth. So, look, here's the deal, folks. You need to pay attention to this nonsense because what's happening on your college campus eventually happens in real life. And if you don't believe me, what is to go out there and asked somebody what their preferred pronoun. So here is my again. Here's my take on this. We need to crack down and cracked down hard because this is against the law with her doing to reject somebody from position because of their skin color or because of their religious beliefs. That's against the law and if Congress will not do anything about it. We need to get new people up on Capitol Hill. I am a very simple solution to all of this D fund any University public or private that refuses to protect civil liberties. It's very simple.

You're either to support civil liberties. I can get our tax money you need understand something.

There are there are a growing number of people that are being taught in public school that Christians and white people are no longer qualified to serve in public office, pay very close attention event that I believe that we ought to be electing people based on the content of their character. I know that is a foreign concept these days but that's what I believe very troubling story out of out of University of Houston as well as Auburn University was over the phone zero 844-747-8868. Philip is listing to us from Havelock, North Carolina, was the way it on that good Samaritan story all right Philip what's on your mind.1st of all, thank you very much I forgot colored and I really appreciate you taking my call.

Let me just make one comment about Auburn University because I was born and raised in Alabama and what we call Auburn is a very good school to go to if you can't afford to go to a very good school with us. Well, there you go. I get together that by the Tennessee fan, so I don't I've already got a dog in the fight their own problems legislated a retired Marine 24 expert marksmanship awards in the Marine Corps and I'm a Christian man I'm an older white man considerably older than you and let me just say that in the county that I live in. North Carolina there are more concealed carry holders you can shake a stick at it if somebody wants to pull out a gun and start shooting people is going to get way down by a crowd of armed people as well. It should be developed and and I think the bad guys understand that you know when they when they know that hey look, there's a pretty good chance. People here are packing heat, or if a homeowner is is packing heat and is well protected. You think you think the bad guys are to think twice before they knock in that front door that exactly right that the entire point of the second amended we will protect ourselves and we will protect those around us. Philip is interesting about this right in and we are honoring this young man were praising this young man and a large part of that is to help him because he didn't even show up at the mall, thinking he was going to have to take out a terrorist. It's just something that he was prepared to do, but he didn't want to have to do that and I don't know about his religious nature status, but I have to imagine that he's going through a heck of a lot emotionally. Right now, knowing that he he had to take somebody's life to save others. That's a big thing for anybody in American, what kind of emotional turmoil one would go through if a cookout someone's life but what recent that's right. And that's why we have to have this affirmation and it's really appalling to see these these reporters coming out in attacking this young man and really casting dispersions on him. He did the right thing and and we've got to honor that and and let people know this is how you behave in that sort of the situation and agree more Philip.

First I have to tell you did a great job as a first time caller, and second, I just want to say thank you for serving our great nation and you could give us a call back. One of these days will you do that you are I will leave all right yet yet so now you'll be a veteran caller so Philip from North Carolina.

God bless you, sir, and thank you for your service are good people down to that part of the country. By the way a lot of military veterans live in that part of North Carolina and listen to us over on the talk station as the Brandon over there. Are we going to take a break your lines open 844-747-8868 what you think we all do with these colleges.

These universities that want to crack down on Christians and people because of the color of their skin 844-747-8868. That is our telephone number. By the way, famed political strategist Dick Morris.

He says Donald Trump is running for president. Few people know Trump better than Dick Morris. He's been his top advisor for years and Dick Morris has a great bestseller out this week. It's called the return and it reveals trump secret plan for 2024 and the real reason that he is running. Dick says Trump is still facing three big threats. But Biden can never be read elected. Already a number one bestseller on Amazon. You gotta get a copy of the return.

Here's what I want you to do.

We got a free offer from the dispatcher to save almost $28 go to the return that's the return the return will be right back galaxies. He slept for all these new taxes might not like bestseller fees at the park I found in flax not and capture hands-free text from multiple angles.

For sure training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video disease look for is compact and fit perfectly in my pocket to be galaxies.

He flipped for by the way Morris is projecting that 20, 24 ways is going to be Donald from Hillary Clinton that this is going to be one of the greatest political rematches. It's going to be like rock is pretty epic so anyway will will keep tabs on that in the Dick Morris is a realtor so I believe later this week or possibly next week.

Let's get to the phone zero 844-747-8868 Keith from Maysville, North Carolina hi Keith what's going on now. Over there and all my goodness, Keith, it's there telling us over the heat index is like 115 you could smoke a pork, but outside the base myself a barbecue sauce. My friends go on a number for a dip in the cold, but I would add that there was an airline with British Airways Splenda London on the way to go well is then right yeah yeah well I will say this is as we got off on this tangent. When I flew out to Israel. A couple of years ago we did Virgin Virgin Atlantic and man. It was it was top-notch. They actually played the theme song the shack as they took off and landed which was a little weird, but that you know it worked.

It was divine goal. All right, let's talk about college diversity quite they wanted to divert the Gutenberg alder basketball and football game. Everyone I met debatable or but more like guys on them and I'm thought about darting like they're not even if you're not good Internet logo and put them on there because were going to be a part easier to get me in trouble or what I mean, that's a fair point, you know, because again, like the enemy, especially professional sports you MBA NFL in the special be MBA. It's overwhelmingly nonwhite, and you don't hear anybody talking about diversity except complaining there are too many white coaches so I will.

I guess maybe they just don't you.

Here's my take on it.

Keep for the record, and you know you know we got all these leftists that are assigned to this program and they'd write down everything I say so officially I believe that you want the best person the best qualified athlete for your team. However well and will be only put in a caveat here so if you're a female basketball coach you want every trans gender basketball player on your team, she'll be able to beat the girls. That being said, if, if, in fact were to be ruled by diversity and the quota system then what you just said. Keith is pretty accurate. If you're going to have Juergen have to have an equal number of black players and white players on the team and his manner that works any way alongside Dale. They want of course and then slid and that's the way it ought to be for everything you want to talk about diversity hires.

Take a look at the White House Press Secretary right now she cannot she can answer a question it's it's it's been the reason why is because she was not hired for her ability to communicate. She was hired because she is a black legal emigrant lesbian and or something else in there that I'm missing but she's she was a diversity higher.

And that's Hillary and and that's the problem they're not hiring the best of the best there hiring diversity people keep God bless you and thank you for the food recommendation. Appreciate that so far eight 844-747-8868 that's our telephone number. That's 844-747-8868 all right cutting up our good friend of this program. Congressman Ronnie Jackson's going to be here a weighing in on Pres. Biden's cognitive decline.

He is a medical doctor. He is a very well qualified medical doctor.

He was Pres. Obama's doctor in the White House and now he is up on Capitol Hill. He is sounding the alarm's and I got a question for you, ladies and gentlemen, do you believe it is time for the Biden the Biden cabinet to invoke the 25th amendment really talk about that with the Congressman also targets and burial out of her skin to be here talk about the border crisis a little bit later on as well 844-747-8868 toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 now is also a great time for all of our new listeners and Youngstown, Ohio, WY ACL to head over to our website.

We have some great free resources for you there, including our podcast enter newsletter and if you call it of the program. All this week you make it on the air were to hook you up with a free prize package just our way of saying welcome to the neighborhood all right posted around our two coming up next galaxies.

He flipped for all these new taxes might not like bestseller fees at the park. I found it in flax not capture hands-free text from multiple angles.

For sure training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for is compact and fit perfectly in my pocket to be galaxies. He flipped for universities to really move his Tennessee doing well. Have a story to share with you race what are you doing are you dancing while you dancing in the studio. I will understand now in a good mood on a day off yesterday back today well there's nothing wrong with dancing.

I was just I really haven't seen you dance before wild because I'm not very good will and burial with this white girl can dance so I have a question before I forgot to ask this question of Kyle's Euclid is asking were to play this wrap video did we believe the language in the rabbit. I saw this because I was like that is the worst wrap I've ever heard in my life. Well, I may have the second worse because you're right, I thought I was the worst white rapper in America because I did try my hand at doing the wrap didn't beat boxing know you said you think actually boots boots and cats and Jemison's and cats in boots and cats and I don't understand why say centric to make yourself.

Have I would be a rat so continue your flake Masters is running for the Senate in Arizona and he is a young fella is not very old, and I guess years ago was a 2000 what 2007, 2008. He he recorded a rap video. Now this is no East 35 while so he should've known better.

Anyway, he was. I don't think he's in trouble for the Ford for ramping, but he what he had Indian warpaint on and apparently that's a big no-no. Nowadays, I had no idea. But apparently that's a big no-no. So if you don't normally live in a TP or if you're not related to Tonto from the Lone Ranger, then you're not allowed to wear warpaint so anyway he's he's running for the Senate.

He did this video when he was younger and now it's causing big problems. Let's take a listen to Mr. Masters Barack Obama today that the press is having the day they didn't know that I like what's going on was what it was.

It's a sad day 5 to 10 people through his policies, but he's not a sexist everybodylikes his work. While we talk about the way I looked. Everybody knows that stuff warpaint on as you can see that what I got closer to 50 now this is having fun. Don't blame me I the one where yeah that's right okay address.

I think in you and you don't like into the political correct these for you in jail like Mesa rockfish on the everybody knows that I can't eat His round on my.super nervous to be stacked up with him but sometimes he got as far as the day they got done thawing job. I keep on wrap but you know I'll go down and no need to love the hell is any way that my freestyle going on a liquid now. Hope you enjoy specialty. I was derived. Love you see that dogs and cats, dogs and cats don't think boots and canned foods, dogs and cats in boots and what is that mean is that freestyle yet supposed to give you like a beat noise so they're saying this is going to destroy his candidacy.

I don't think you will like it might destroy is straight CRED Yana never go to him for this sort of thing. I know that your super fly but it's even know where it is, why does he have the warpaint not. I just wanted to like the reason because there is like. I guess he just wanted to make fun of cultural but he was sort of defending Barack Obama and just as he called a waitress sweetie or something and so I got a sexist right so I I think he was defending a BH Obama. I got in the rapids. The problem is that culture (i.e., for a white guy yeah I did I got in trouble at Fox because I wrapped now.

Was it because you are very good at it, why thought it was pretty good at it was the theme song to the Beverly hillbillies in which know it is, listen to my story about a man named Jed a little mountaineer barely kept his family.

Okay, fair, and anyway it is what it is you know I think we ought to do crime news across America keeping you up to crimes sweeping across the face is the starting my rap music was a crime. Dateline Florida is always Florida St. Petersburg heavily intoxicated Florida man arrested Saturday night for calling 911. He reported that his girlfriend wish to eat sour patch kids are delicious. Well, he was probably drunk and thought she was actually wanting to eat children when asked about the call by a sheriff deputy Larson smiled and walked away his name Joshua Larson, age 37. Bad here. Do crime. Mr. Larson allegedly struggled with deputies as they sought to place her in handcuffs and electronic control weapon was eventually a Taser see they should've used it on tape at home and tell you anyway. Larson was Larson was ordered by a judge not to consume alcohol. It has been outfitted with an alcohol monitoring device or sour patch kids.

Apparently he gets silo triggered next story police in Pennsylvania pursue a parochial bill for her flight.

A burglar broke into a Pennsylvania home and stole a bag of pierogies the pierogies valued at $10. What is a parochial, is it like it is like a dumpling is like a Polish dumpling.

I believe that somebody should call us and explain the one of pierogies is the suspect burglarize the apartment of Tyler White, who lives in Trout run. The thieves made off with a 5 pound bag of Mrs. T's brand pierogies but also those of Kroger here. In addition to stealing the frozen pierogies. The burglar caused minor damage to drywall in the homes kitchen to the breakthrough like the Kool-Aid man at the definition we had about this particular yes please help it filled dumpling made by wrapping the dough around the savory or sweet filling and cooking a bold water in its originally from China.

Thank you Grace make founded in 1952 Mrs. T's pierogies is the largest provider of pierogies in the country, offering many new flavor combinations as well as the original classics.

This is on the police report. Up till pierogies are equally amazing, boiled, baked, sauted, grilled, air, fried or tossed in a slow cooker. There you go next door. I'm saving the strippers for last. No, this from the smoking gun, a teenage driver was watching stranger things on her phone when her car drifted in the oncoming lane and collided with a semi. This happened in Minnesota, near Minneapolis police say the teenager escaped with minor injuries of the rollover crash what they say about strange things that strange.

It's very upside down.

Like you I have no idea what you're talking about search and the civilized driver swerved to the road shoulder avoiding a head on collision with a stranger things man and likely save the teenager's life during police questioning the driver initially denied being on her phone at the time of the crash. However, deputies noted the autos Bluetooth system was still streaming the audit things on Netflix busted the teenager admitted to watching Netflix while driving. She was cited for watching a video on her phone. Why cannot you do that, go ahead and confess ma'am is it true you're watching stranger things I would do such a thing ma'am we have evidence that you don't ma'am, we know you are watching. Stranger things you don't, ma'am, can you tell us what happened last night on stranger things all yes will so-and-so did this to that, but don't say Bo Dreher to you anyway.

I moving along.

This is for Breitbart, a strip club was robbed of $22,000 in one dollar bills while this happened in Providence, Rhode Island, a strip club. There, the Cadillac lounge. You know I drive a Phone know what I don't think you should take never been the backgrounds, the Cadillac lounge was robbed of a huge amount of money. This is from Breitbart and CBS Boston man entered pointed a gun at the manager's head and said this is a robbery that he snatch $3500 out of the guys hands. He also demanded he opened a safe holding $22,000 in one dollar bills like trips back and forth. He took all the ones I could hear them stacking them in the big bag he had the manager said the suspect now faces charges of armed robbery.

His name is John Tague food that's his name. The manager said, quote I thought it was a joke. This can't be about that guy just say this must not be one of the upscale euros. Strip clubs. Why do you say this is dollar bills spotlight five stood your 20s master anyone. All right, that's well there you go.

That's the that's the crime news for today.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is what it is I we are to take a break. There will be right back 844-747-8868 this is the top search process. Don't do it yourself okay fix the water heater is to secure the casting time 60 seconds difficult and appreciative that that is interesting as any other things that we should just underlie hung out with progressive and pay someone to do it for us. That's cool. The stools Ross is anyway safe when bubbling a little with progressive and use the money to do it yourself coverage for prescription reporting to respond is about a little sticky situations.

Grace Baker, we are the only conservative talk radio program in America with her own world. He corresponded yeah I don't think anyone else can claim such a thing is like a battlefield promotion for our intern Alan Moore who adjoins and so Alan, you heard us talking about the pierogies and that's like apparently a thing.

It's a huge thing where you're from, yet so I'm from Ohio but very eastern edge of Ohio. I'm like 45 minutes from Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh. I mean it has to be the parochial capital of America pierogies are huge deal and everyone loves him and Pittsburgh have like a parochial festival every year in downtown Pittsburgh. Is that right so so Pittsburgh is where the pierogies were pilfered so this could be this could be a big story there. I guess I guess so yeah have you had a probe all yet we would have them all the time his kids and actually until I went to college I didn't realize that everyone didn't have pierogies all the time and I would like I mentioned pierogies one time and my friends like what's that I was like oh my goodness. And I realize that just because of the area I'm from there pretty prominent so when I went down to Texas for the first time many many years ago someone offered me a Colossae, and when they said would you like a call or do you have would you like a clot yes or no.

I have my shots as a child I just I thought that all is I did realize was a delicious pastry.

I actually try to Colossae for the first time this past semester, my boss at school lived in Texas before and his wife made them for an awesome well I'll be so ended their savory and sweet like the pierogies they are what you hang tight.

Now I want to bring in Ernie from Morehead city, North Carolina, and Ernie wants to weigh in on pierogies as well. Ernie earlier with our great intern Alan Morrow.

Thank you so much.

I don't want to agree with your last dollar I find it hard to believe that Bergen capital Roby world really. So where would you say pierogies are what's the capital that's all I can get here so I am not knocking him but it okay is a fresh mate and I came from central New Jersey where I have a Hungarian, Polish and German background and I gotta tell you, there are still people in the area where I moved from 20 years ago where and down from mother to daughter and made Roby now.

I do not want to correct user but we have gone we've gone to the dictionary's we've gone to the Interplay's and sure enough Pittsburgh is in fact famous for the pierogies well well well and I'm sure your wonderful route that I got it still people out there that will publish dissent where the minor daughter had a hand Roby and and I long for the I have relatives up there bringing down here, however they're not as good as fresh and Lotta people like them with sour cream. Some people like sauerkraut, Jenny is nothing like a handrolled jump in here Ernie, Your Honor, I think we need to do next year. You need to come to the fruity festival in Pittsburgh and try them out for yourself and see if Pittsburgh can actually can claim its right to being famous for Perrone. I like to take you up on that. There I love it is the Ernie we do the same thing with barbecue here in Memphis we always tell people what they're what they're doing up in St. Louis and Kansas City just sucks.

It's not real barbecue well get away. North Carolina barbecue is not that it's unfortunate that's what all the hype about Ernie.

I've tried brother. I have tried to enjoy the North Carolina vinegar-based barbecue. It is an acquired taste much like lima beans. All right, Ernie, good hearing from you. Ernie from Morehead city are Carolina. However you know a Grace Baker working out really do a trivia question here and this is going to be a weird one but yes Pittsburgh is in fact famous for the pierogies but it is not the parochial capital of America. So if you can tell us what what city in America is the parochial capital of America were to give you a book are not pierogies but top a book 844-747-8860 Effexor toll-free telephone number.

The parochial capital of America, 844-747-8868. Do you know the answer to this, Alan. I don't know the answer but I'm just shocked it's not Pittsburgh.if you go to Pittsburgh and you go to professional baseball game the Pirates game.

They actually have a parochial race around the field during every game. People dressed up like pierogies race and they all wear different hats and you get to pick which one you think that a win really so ascetic. I like the start you know I was some simple Cisco giants. I was out there at the candlestick Park and they they were doing the they had sausages running in the outfield.

I think it's the same deal.

It's just whatever's famous for magic city so enhance. It's pierogies last time I went to her game. I got a free T-shirt that pierogies on. I wanted to do as of doing that here in Memphis it would have to be like a rib or something I think so for crime title.

I think you Alan Morrow are parochial corresponded back to the newsroom, sir. This is the constant arts radios will know someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full fork which allows me to do more things at once. Much now you caused my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxies evil for all right coming up tomorrow I'll be in Oregon wouldn't be doing something event rate of filling out there KY cayenne like is a website info than my day speaking at the Marion County Republican shindig barbecue. It's good to be a blast and you can get all your tickets all the information over on their website KY and then coming up in a couple weeks I'll be a speaking down to see Paxil. Hope to see you guys out there. I want to go right out of the patriot mobile newsmaker line very excited to have one of the the best in the business. Dick Morris has a brand-new book out of her to be talking about that call. The return Dick.

Welcome to the Todd start show you my favorite think political combat 2024 and it is going to be big and you've got the inside scoop here I Dick and I want you to tell us you you been out there saying that the president is in fact going to run and he's going to face. Hillary tells the back story.

There many years now. My father actually lawyer and in book I really talk about what went on 2020 and a mate think we get right. But more importantly I will explain it better in 24 and beginning with the election fraud. There is a lawsuit that I think will solve the problem, not being adequately covered on the media it called more up to date, North Carolina Kate where the public and to get a Green Ct., Republican and thinking that the governor and state court date decorative date of note and all over how like that malevolent date they collect. They do grow like Beto and that's because article 3 section 4 that I like man.

Holding elected Sen. Condit shall be determined by state legislature, not the government is not the date that out, but only by the lake, but still important is that there are five date when they wear the Republican state legislature. At that perfect election look for blood, no dropbox, no note that validdaily state. Requiring photo ID and all that but the Democratic government note date of the Kelly bill and let them of that beat that with all right and the legislature can act on the doubt states, Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and North Carolina State, and I believe this will eliminate ballot because the state can Add a clause like they have a narrow down that Florida and Georgia. And I think that we can be sure been on election with this new decision, the court hasn't decided yet but for Dragon to dictate which begins here. Which means that probably get back probably ecstatically majority. There's been some rumblings out there. Teresa days Nikki Haley putting a lot of distance between herself and Pres. Trop Mike pence visiting South Carolina setting up shop there and in New Hampshire, but during an interview over a Newsmax use predictive or you suggested that there's probably not going to be a primary is probably going to get it by acclamation. You believe that the natural polling. Trumpet libel nine. Those kind of marking of the people are not going until 28 or in the unlikely event that run and told me that none yet and they want to be in condition that back in and let me say that those day I'd like from quality but I don't like it. Malady. Let me ask you this week look like kind against like Gen. George Patton's army in World War II think that would work if you try to change them into a kinder gentler. I'm not can be able to link government, government, because he's able to force everybody delete want by power affect the and example linking going on. I have a button I can describe the kind your country that I think of button and you do can back down again comp administration and trumpet the only leader that can do that think the other point that I make in the book of that.

I feel that that won't happen, but family challenge really note that attacking Democrats clear the great inflation gets great, but the incumbent part is when they come back they know you can solve the problem become back. The only one had that I did, I did it with no inflation under me get great low board to deal directly didn't school around. I did it I can do it again. That advantage that you know what the candidate Dick Morris is on the patriot mobile newsmaker line with us today. He is a New York Times best-selling author or the best political consultants in the business. Brand-new book out. The return trumps big 2024 come back to Cody alike for his running mate in 2024 well and I don't think I don't think that I think it'll be somebody like Barnett had to get his name anybody but let's talk about you Hillary yeah I think what happened is that when Democrats wait by not running 24 in question is that our law and the floodgates open the and I think the early lead going to go to Bernie and maybe even a state. I think the left wing of the party will dominate the polling and all the establishment candidate like having many people ejecting update will score single digit that looks at update at the Democratic National Committee, it will be so great about the ability of moving further to the left and they will then stay at Lily Clinton to come in and save them from the ultraleft just like they did in 2016 when they nominated Hillary because your candidate is pretty standard and I think this is going be a real Hillary net income to win by a much larger margin that I can't even imagine what the country is going to look like economically and culturally. A couple of years from now.

It's already a dumpster fire well economically and the only way to fight because it is a set duty like the goat that got back I I'd like that. Okay, let's take a look like it'll take a look like that and that the theory below the meat down new ways that employment can make it that by out. I buy a car production throughout my employment, so it had no inflation in the country at that you have no inflation that back to the Dighton economic legacy and that's what's coming up to be fascinating to watch and the Dick were so glad that you're on Newsmax see all the time. You look great. Congratulations on this great new book tonight. I really enjoyed it really written it down about he wanted everyone to know what you 24. Get elected beyond what folks you can get yourself a copy of your favor. We have a direct link over Entente and the live show blog Dick Morris.

You can watch them on Newsmax and you gotta read the new book the return trumps big 2024 come back decoratively with their God bless thank you.

Thank you. All right there you go. That's for now. That's fascinating, he believes, and he's been talking to the president and he's got great. He's got the great inside inside track their he says it's going to be Trop versus Hillary and Trump is going on is going to clean her clock that my question is who do you like is that as the running mate and I don't think it's going to be DeSantis.

I think DeSantis is going to stick around in Florida and he's going to finish out his his second term. But who would you like us trumps BP 844-747-8868 Fetzer toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 we got a trivia question this outstanding we would need to know the parochial capital of America. Let's go to Portland, Maine Cindy W. Yellow be all right Cindy what is your guess at Rhode Island. Oh Cindy my follow: community and that's the only place that I hadn't had friends that family laminate bring them back with delicious missing out. Cindy highlight not know about the pierogies you live in the right place clearly clear contract. I say Tim Scott and Trump all I like that. Tim Scott so you have a Trump Scott taken I love it all right Cindy, thank you. 844-747-8868. The question still out there. The parochial capital of America. We had a great low price package. Review the answer will be right back. Gen. insurance presents shower valid/everyone does something in the shower and it turns out generally is a quality insurance company saving people money for newly 60 years regularly six years of quality, rhetorical general insurance services, Inc. insurance agency Nashville, Tennessee summer sections apply back to the surgery is weird. I let's go to the potency or bike.

It's North Carolina WSI C. All right Mike were looking for the parochial capital of America are probably green color would not tell Google what like your intern. Our manager is in saying that anyplace but Pittsburgh is not the parochial capital 47 I lived in Pittsburgh 47 years born ready, and I could go on and on and yet therefore mascots and pierogies that have a rake around every part game turkeys galore. The evidence growing up. Oh, there is a national brand that makes Rosenberg.

They are there.

They are far then file substitute for the real deal.

You know what I just figured out. I did like I just pulled a this is the place we get the best fried chicken America. This is what I have done I have stepped into it today. Well, but overall the record by your saying it in Pittsburgh and we gotta do this by kids. That is like the rules of the show. Oh what what is going by that.

We appreciate that. Let's go to Mike in Eads Tennessee on TWA of our flagship all right my gotta help us out here with what is the parochial capital of America. Are you doing down from Chicago and I would parochial be careful of America don't go anywhere.

Mike I want to talk I'm sorry that's not correct it's shocking, but I had welcome to Memphis and we hope you enjoy the area yes and the gunfire. It's a Lovely Pl., Xmas but we have good hospitals.

So go get you patched right up bike all right give us a call back.

One of these days will make good on it grades what is going on here in this and understand this is that it's us it's head surrender line I would know I let's go to Georgia really will somebody from Georgia know about pierogies. That's my question here. Let's go to Eileen WT UNR great affiliate. Now Eileen. I will say this W DU and out of all of our affiliates, and I I'm willing to say this on the record.

You guys know your trivia at W-2 UN.

I'm right in New York yet that's right highly what roads and pierogies. Of course Mike I might let like the other day make them run them like pavement butter and onion and they're really good to make a lip lock And have a crowd though it's a good deal can I say that I wanted to get Mark Robinson as VP.

Now he would be: correct me if I'm wrong, the Lieut. Gov. of North Carolina that is correct, that man is a firebrand passionate conservative care and he's a very he's got strong leadership quality. Though I like him a lot.

Well TV like I did the dark wars like nobody really knows about them so much but he is a powerhouse, you know, I know I know Mark. We've we've spoken together several times and events and the just a good solid unit just down to earth guy and man can he deliver a barnburner of a speech shortcut and I know he believed every word he said. And it's not like you know you people could talk pretty but what counts is what they do, but he could talk. As we find out. But anyway so I'm apprised I'm going to give it to Mme.

I already have your book that you have a T-shirt. We will get you taken care of so just hang tight, really great to get your info Eileen and we always enjoy hearing from you Eileen. Have fun making the pierogies art. Hang tight. Don't go anywhere. While this was this was a weird weird trivia day. This is kind of a weird day.

Let me take what's happening tomorrow. Our good buddy Jeff Stein is good to be here. Jeff Katz from WR VA is going to be here on Friday I will be on the road on my way to Salem Oregon so looking forward to seeing all of her great friends in KY Canyon country and will be doing a couple of events there. I'll be back in the anchor chair on Monday and then it's off to see pack in about a week after that sort of sobering to be busy out there on the road meeting all of our over great great listeners all right 844-747-8868 that is her toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868. There is a very bizarre story of that I wanted to share with you and my computer just for going on with the computer geez Anyway, there is a bizarre story out of the Northeast and Massachusetts were a school district is now teaching kids and I'm not making this up there literally teaching kids that it's okay to become violent during protest ready to put the story up on our website. Todd it's the craziest thing of this is actually happening in Boston at a high school where their teaching new emigrant students, and this is for class about learning how to speak English that physical violence and political assassinations are legitimate forms of resisting oppression. So we got that story You can read it on believable all right folks get out there. You enjoy your day. In the meantime, our newsletter coming out in just a few moments you still have time to sign up over the website.

This is the time surgery is

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