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FBI Whistleblower says Conservatives Are Being Targeted.

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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September 30, 2022 5:04 pm

FBI Whistleblower says Conservatives Are Being Targeted.

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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September 30, 2022 5:04 pm

An FBI whistleblower says conservatives are being targeted. Monica Crowley, Danny Huerta, and Colton Dixon join the conversation!

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Todd Starnes

Welcome to the Todd start show sponsored by legacy, precious metals, there's never been a better time to invest in precious metals visit legacy PM that's legacy PM liberty University studio in Memphis Tennessee Charlie since conservative commentary from Weaver numbers all over the place when it comes to the brutalities and went on to speculate. Now what is going wait. Those numbers will come in and will share that information with you later on today as we get that until I want is I've got to start up the show with the craziest story I have seen and it's it's a weird story working together the FBI. I know if you folks follows on the Facebook we your thinking what I thought we are talking of the appeal.

We are talking about the FBI, but I got assure the story with that is probably my favorite story I don't know why Grace Baker smiling unless she knows what I'm about to talk about so grace there. You know it's the fall and so a lot of people from the southern states. They love to take these little trips to New England so they can see the leaves change. I mean it's beautiful up there beautiful that a lot of that on how to cook seafood up there.

Always broil and everything you gotta gotta get some batter and some peanut oil, and then have a go fish fry but other than that it's a beautiful place.

So you want to get calls from our side.

Deep fry that lobster syrup so anyway there was a guy his name is Lieut. Col. Christopher Hartman. He's a member of the Massachusetts Army National Guard. So anyway he's driving around and and what's been happening in Martha's Vineyard, you know, they've been inundated with illegals by inundated but DeSantis and a busload of 50 illegals to Martha's Vineyard and so one of the people.

What did the rich white liberal people do in Martha's Vineyard. They cried, they crossed well yes they cried. They also called the, the military, they said wisely. They call the Gov.'s office get those brown people out of their that's what they said and so light the next day they they brought in the military and they hold everybody over to joint base Cape Cod, which is I guess.

To our knowledge, that's where they're still residing.

But anyway, the rich white liberals unless your unless you're mowing the grass or clean the toilets. They don't want brown people in their community. Staying I don't like our time. It's terrible. So anyway you got this guy Lieut. Col. Christopher Hoffman and he's on the he's on the lookout because it really concerned that there to be sending more illegals busloads of illegals to Cape Cod to Martha's Vineyard so the guy is is he's off-duty. All of a sudden he sees a big bus and on the side of the bus is the word Florida or Flo Rida for you people of Michigan, Florida and he thought I found the he thought he found himself a busload of illegals so he starts tailing the bus now move but the bus drivers very concerned about all of this because all of a sudden there's this guy and he's put he's like literally on the guys bumper and he's flashing his lights and the bus driver started to freak out a little bit in the bus driver doesn't know what the heck is going on here so the bus driver keep speeding up and changing lanes and then the the Lt. Col. in the National Guard does the same thing and people on the bus are starting to freak out that although what's going on. So anyway, long story short, the bus finally gets to his destination, and by the way he's Facebook lighting. All of this is on Facebook live. The got the Lieut. I'll is Facebook lighting every just keeps getting worse as ever is, is that how you say Facebook live yet know you did good. So anyway they they get to the this this nice little hotel and is it foul mouth or foul mouth. It's fall month.

Whatever FHL MOU TH the Admiralty in and suites at the very nice looking hotel that will swimming pool in the middle of the courtyard, I slip, I don't. I guess they give a free breakfast. I don't know that's only at the Hampton so anyway they pull in and then the guy starts.

He jumps out and he starts banging on the door. The bus and he says you have to let me let man in the bus right down the door, bus drivers, freaking out and the guy said I know you have illegal aliens on the bus and this is all of the dark of night. Can you imagine Michael Vaughn is the driver. He is the owner of Mike's limousine.

It is a bus company. They drive you were trying to get a bus to go to Nashville to a party but a party but but I digress so anyway. Hoffman thought that the bus was full of illegals and he wouldn't he wouldn't give up so he would not leave and that Mr. Vaughn says he harassed us to doubt this is the Cape Cod Times story. Everybody was scared to death that I have to imagine show in all of this is being recorded on Facebook so anyway it goes on and on and on.

The police are summoned but before the police can get there. The guy was able to get on the bus and when he did he realized he had made a tactical mistake, and here's what happened. According and I wish we had the video but they've since deleted the video but he told the bus driver, you gotta let me on. He says you're interfering with my tour guide says I want to see what's going on in the bus driver said a sunnier business what's going on and the guy says I have every right as a United States citizen to see what's going on. You know what I'm talking about, as if the guy was smuggling illegals is Martha's Vineyard but Grace Baker. It did not turn out to be illegal aliens that turned out to be a busload of elderly grandmother's black grandmothers from Memphis, Tennessee oh him G and when he got on that bus. They went full blown Madia on his ass was there beautiful I wish that would've been on the Facebook law. They tore into the sky like a Christmas day him.

I mean I they were yelling and screaming and I can tell you he he tried to apologize but they weren't having any of that.

So fortunately, the police were able to get there and pull them out of the bus because those grannies look you don't mess with grannies from the 901. Ain't that the truth.

I'm telling their lucky didn't have a cast iron skillet exactly what I was thinking pencil ideas. I does love this story is wonderful. It is a great just like never ain't never assume they never follow anybody coming, maybe never speculate that ever say that is all I know the facts. By the way, Lieut. Col., if you really think there illegals call the Popo as Madia would say let them handle and let them handle it is not your business to go handle that. I hope this guy realizes he and by the way they say the guy they think something was off so he they think it a mental breakers so he's in the hospital but he's lucky he's not in the hospital for having a big goose egg on as a dog that's a good point. I just the story I load the bus driver was like those uses those old black women were on his aunt.

They tore his asses what they's that's the quote I were talking in the biblical sense.

So don't call letters and emails to comply. But anyway, what a beautiful story therefrom Cape Cod good for you. Grannies are eight 844-747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 I will become backward to jump into some some interesting news coming of the FBI where whistleblowers are now providing more information saying that the FBI and they have evidence that not only is the FBI purging conservative employees, but there also now retaliating against whistleblowers so the jig is up. When it comes to the to the FBI here folks. The jig is up. They know that when the Republicans take control of the house and the Senate. After the midterms that hopefully hopefully the Republicans are going to follow through on their promises and clean house of the FBI and we gotta do that. It's unacceptable they become the state police and they become politicized. This all happened during the Obama restriction and for a number of years now they've been going after conservatives, law-abiding, decent people in his gotta stop to look. We gotta take a break will be right back. My pillow is having their biggest sheet sale of the year. All of help build my polo into an amazing company that it is today. Now, Mike Lindell, our good friend wants to get back exclusively to our listeners. The percale and geezer dream. Bedsheet sets are available in a variety of colors and sizes and they're all on sale for as low as 2998 with our list or promo code you better order now because when they're gone they're gone. Per Kelly Giza dream sheets are breathable and they have a cool crisp feel and they come with a 10 year warranty and a 60 day moneyback guarantee, so don't miss out on this incredible offer. There is a limited supply. So you better order right now.

Call 1-800-986-3994 and use the promo code Starnes. That's 1-800-986-3994 or you can go to my That's my use the promo code. Starnes and radio great to have you with us today for 747-8868. That again is a toll-free telephone number four 747-8868 so I have we been following the school board races all over America allowing County in Virginia of the great work. The other patriotic moms and dads been doing their then down in Florida with just about five of the major school districts in the state now controlled by conservatives and a lot of that is thanks for good friends over at patriot mobile. America's only Christian conservative wireless carrier of they've been very involved in and in going after these far leftist these woke Americans who were on these school board were on the school boards and these individuals who are terrified of this radical mob out there. Well, last night I went to one of the school board that they're having a big job driving a big school board race in Germantown, Tennessee which is the other area that I live in so I thought you know I got to go down there and I get to see what's going on. I want to see how my tax dollars are being Grace Baker. I'll tell you this people there were there were some nervous people.

When I walked into the room. Todd, I was not to say about me as a bodyguard. I should help you know I should have. We could've gotten Merlot with their oh yeah but they were playing hardball is interesting that in a police there at times and I'm sitting there off to the side.

I didn't want to be like a distraction and I was really there just to get information on what was what was happening and they say at all. Couple of police officers are like come right over to where I'm seated. There was no money out there at the time and like all man I can get but they were very nice.

The police are great and they were just there, but they were discussing strategy in case a got rowdy and the school board thing you know I was so impressed with grace. Our flagship station K WAN is very very powerful and they know the school superintendent there hates what what K WAN does and the reason why is K Wam is the only only media outlet in the entire city that calls out this woke leftist nonsense that they're shoving down the throats of the kids is not Berkeley, it's Memphis, Tennessee, Germantown, Tennessee. So anyway, I was there and heard one of the people running for school board and this is fascinating because you always think another a lot of people right now in New Bern, North Carolina, and there listen to us on the talk station and there think and you know what, there's no way this could happen in our neighborhood. No way. Germantown, by the way, is a very conservative I would say it's conservative-ish agreed but but the people they elect are liberal � which is weird know they're not � their full-blown liberal and they're advancing this stuff and their right out of the Gathright will meet. There's no such thing as CRT being taught in our schools. It's illegal to teach the Arctic.

That's true, but they just call it something else exactly so anyway there's this one guy just to demonstrate just to illustrate how liberal how liberals are trying to take over your school board and they're trying to shop a very disturbing agenda down the throats of your children. I want you to hear from this guy. I'll tell you where to play cut number one and I'll tell you this is untrue. Plug the soundbite to Kumar can biological men become pregnant and give birth, so men can have pregnancies, especially trans men. Okay, my apologies. That's the other wrong soundbite but you will get to.

I will get to the other stuff a little bit later. My apologies. That's on me. That's that was a question that was raised on Capitol Hill. By the way, to someone front.

I know I'm not making this up. This is an individual who actually said men can have pregnancies. So I met the school board meeting or the sub school board. I guess debate and it really wasn't a debate they would even let people like address their opponent and they said if you and they were very strict about all of this and they said at and they said well if you if you say anything about your opponent if you say anything were going to shut you down were just gonna shut you to the reason they did that is because there are conservatives running against liberals for the school board in Germantown, Tennessee, and they wanted to silence the conservatives that's all they try to do better, but it but I don't think it was effective. I do think the conservative candidates for the good job getting their point out but one of the school board. I guys. He is the chorus teacher at Arlington high school, and the question was raised about whether or not he believed that teachers should use preferred pronouns and he said absolutely he said teachers and he said one of the most egregious things is for a is for a teacher to miss gender or miss pronoun a child now this is happening in Germantown, Tennessee.

You better believe it's happening in your town and your community.

I'm just telling you that's that's the way it is and it's pretty sad.

But you better pay very close attention to what's going on in your local school district because of its happening here. It's happening in your neck of the woods as well and we've got to put a stop to this.

Those are conversations for mom and dad.

By the way, this guy goes on to say that actually teachers and parents have a 50-50 a shared responsibility in the child. Do you actually believe that, ladies and gentlemen, do you believe that teachers should have an equal say in how your child is is raised. Jeff Chipman is the school board guys name here. Do you believe that's that's how we should be raising our kids in partnership with the local public school 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Stern show. There is no doubt the nation is facing a financial crisis because of the blighted ministrations economic policies hi this is Todd Starnes and no doubt our economy is in trouble and you need to take steps to protect yourself of all your money is tied up in stocks, bonds, and traditional market you are vulnerable. Gold is one of the best ways to protect your retirement no matter what happens you own your gold. It's real physical always been valuable since the dawn of time, like you see precious metal as the company I investing in gold.

They can help you roll your retirement account into a goal back IRA still own the physical goal also ship precious metal safely and securely to your house. You know $1 million worth of gold can actually fit inside a shoebox call legacy at 866-528-1903 or visit the online legacy PM legacy PM are I love you back to the side surge radio show you what we got this audio now. I want you to know we don't make this stuff up and and I want you to hear with your own ears. My earlobes were tingly yesterday when I heard this at this so school board thing. This is all right.

Let's play the audio here this is this guy running for school board who is all over the whole gender pronoun stuff you community and I am proud of that. I'm proud of the life I have in the life that I've built with my husband and my sons. I'm proud of my friends and others, and that was one at one time, not a possibility.

Today, as you know I will want to say that every child that walks into my classroom needs to feel like they are comfortable that they are cared for, that they are respected and their personal human dignity is respected by everyone in that room and I would say that if a person has an objection then they just don't need to speak to the child because it is never okay to miss gender a trans child. It is never okay to miss pronoun them intentionally because that person is will she is deserving of their own dignity, their own human respect that relationship between child and parent that is being fostered is just as important as that other relationship with the family that maybe sees things differently. All right, so, and what you didn't hear because the first part got chopped off. The guy says he's a member of the LGBT community and that's all well and good but the issue now goes to whether or not he is. He wants to use his position on the school board to advance an agenda where if you don't want to call and you heard him say this, that if you if if you've got little Sally and she says no you gotta call me by he Hammer is easier or blacker doodle this or wacky doodle that I if you don't do that. Then all of a sudden you got the problem and you do not have a right to it.

To address the child. I knew this is nuts. Male female that's it. God chooses not you. Let's go to Germantown, Tennessee Allie listing to us on KW AM Alia you just heard it for yourself. What say you are well. Let's get a yellow schedule. We don't have a lot of time. I would never, ever, and I can't have any doubt that Dr. Mary Kate and somewhere where I'm not here right inherently on hearing. Thank you I hate you. Is there any grade hi there you're wearing your cleaning in their brain in the class. You're trying to converse taking Gail probably never talking why I'm here. I told her that possibly not work where gay like Dr. light me. Like I did hear me out any, myself neatly not healthcare and not play okay in very critical topic.

Now we hang tight because I want to bring into our conversation, Jerry from Milwaukee who I suspect has a different opinion about all of this and Jerry Jerry are on the air with with Allie from Tennessee jury what your take on this yet. Your your are people born throughout the no children noted identical twin studies that one child is younger than the much higher than the average sibling. The other child who would become stronger and there's also no correlation between transgender people.

So it's probably natural transgender people and the way they hurt me. Teachers should comply with the students what Allie what say you Jerry and I I don't like pain and idling and created in love, culture, overcoming Natalie Marley inherently and are scattered. Marley played any library they are going there something I can be feel you are working no child and no child grows up when you're go thing I really wanted people work through, but I understand this because I have a teacher doesn't mean I don't understand the children are, you know not every child is look transgender adults that they knew that they were children that they were different that the work had transgender children as adults. They knew that if you listen to transgender because that's the thing you guys never listen to actually trench under people. I'm not one but you never listen to them it's like a echo chamber and tell any one by that conversation with you now. Never worked with children before kindergarten through 12 direct light on air created especially when you're younger you child and when and I will send this and let me jump in your Allie and Jerry, something is going on of the culture of there was a study from UCLA and they're saying that these the transgender youth population. America has literally doubled in five years there's there's no way that can happen unless the kids are being quite greatly accrued for that gender know that the reason Jerry I really truly believe the reason is that you've got wet again were talking about young people.

Here are the reason why is this is what they're being encouraged to do or consider to do in the classroom.guys we got around we are late for breaker but Jerry Allie appreciate the debate you kept it, you kept it feisty but friendly and we like that here on the Todd Stern's radio program, but overall, according to pew research. I mean they say this may be a stretch about 5% get this now 5% of young adults are transgendered. So it's a step that population is somehow exploding as this becomes an issue in the culture and the music, movies, TV, and so on and so forth. And of course we've all seen the tick-tock videos are at 844-747-8868 really be taking your calls on this a school board says you know what the school board candidates as parents is to be 50-50 with the parents and the teachers and in it and again this this idea that if you miss gender or miss pronoun somebody you should be talking to kids in the classroom during a problem with that. What is intelligent of a problem with those issues being discussed in the classroom or is at the appropriate place for those conversations to be had, 844-747-8868 now as we head into the weekend. I'm asking you for some help here. All this month we are supporting our friends alliance. Defending freedom is the world's largest nonprofit legal organization committed to protecting religious freedom, parental rights, as we been talking about free speech and the sanctity of life.

I want to go to Todd Stern' you will see a banner on the front page alliance defending freedom.

I want you to click on that and I want you to make a generous tax-deductible donation and this is why your support is so urgently needed. I want you to listen to Lori Smith.

She's the owner of 303. Creative in Colorado or state government is trying to force Lori into designing websites promoting same-sex marriages Christian there. I tell stories of marriage, stereotypes, lands and lands that says that between Colorado and is forcing me to my deeply held beliefs to message contrary to that the Lori's case is going to be heard before the Supreme Court.

We had Lori on the show a couple weeks ago, the Supreme Court will hear her case in their new session that opens next Monday and here's what's at stake. The right of every American to say what you believe without fear of government punishment, Lori Smith, like all client supplies.

Defending freedom is not being charged a dime for their legal help their fighting all the way to the Supreme Court is going to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. And folks, that's were we can help them out.

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Again, Todd Stern' Click on the alliance defending freedom banner and give them a help give them a helping hand.

Today will be right back. Our right to pay for four 747-8868 20 folks fired up to parents need to share responsibility with their with the school teachers for their kids.

844-747-8860 8V Mike from Chattanooga.

Mike you you officially are like the Ohio State it's the Mike from Chattanooga will love you so I think were missing as usual. The entire point for 45 years or more. I've been promoting the evolution of all government public schools can't fix anything much to agree on definition definition of education. All physical and intellectual instruction. Since they took out of the schools.

Morals are not being taught. We also must understand the definition socialism, which is government control of the production and distribution. It always fails. So we have an immoral government system of low learning that's based on socialism.

You can't fix it. The only way the problem with not take a breath, and second, the Republicans and Democrats are socialist and no, I was it many times to help with these issues a public school city. Thanks, socialism, competition is what works. Give an example in Hamilton County, Tennessee. They steal $500 million a year in property taxes. That money should go to private education is petitions. Let's create 50 or 100 to determine where your child goes to school. So now you have 50 different new schools based on the money they stole the property taxes because they believe the need to educate the children their way. But now it's competitive and parents will send their children to those schools that best suit their needs. Maybe the transgender school okay maybe it's against school. Maybe it's a Christian whatever it is the parents have the choice you don't have choice your Todd and you know you read the book.

I'm sure Johnny why Johnny can't read. We know why they're doing this I was in seventh grade and I detected in ninth grade I made a campaign to abolish these freaks. That's what they are. There's a lot of good teachers, but the people on top are freaks and all you have to do Mike is just check out the the tick-tock.

I mean lips of tick-tock they've got a twitter feed and every day there just turning out teacher after teacher who are not only turning their classrooms into these LGBT indoctrination centers about their openly defying school rules so they they clearly have an agenda and they're going up.

They are hell-bent on shoving that agenda down the throats of the children and I have a problem if you read some of the books they have in the schools middle pornography you. You are not imprisoned and even the what they did over the weekend or why isn't the sheriff arresting them. I love government sentences that if you pull that you can't do that. Especially we serve liquor and I and I was trying to tell people this is not about a man dressing as a woman, a man dressing as a man could not do that in an establishment gyrate spread his legs as a little kid touching given dollar bill. It's been seen by the Supreme Court and no one is worthless if not enforced. Mike, let me say real quick here. I'm just shocked that happen and chatted on you guys have a lot you guys have a lot of liberals in leadership, but there a lot of conservatives out there as well. And you're right I'm surprise law enforcement did not get involved with the videos coming out of that brewery that that hosted and by the way, defendant did hosting this very pornographic perverse event for children liquor control Board should shut them down.

Yet here is I did not been here now taught over 10 years and I can tell you this, it appears that since the will to prevent southern independence and I hate to say this.

A lot of Southerners have been neutered and are silent and are afraid to speak out and how can you claim to be the Bible Belt and allowed this is a test and they notice that that so-called community knows that they can get away with it here and get anywhere in the country because Chattanooga is a test I by not whistling Dixie must appreciate the call bite from the radio are great and powerful Jones affiliate in that part of East Tennessee.

Let's go real quick to Salem, Oregon Maria on KY cayenne great radio station. Ari Maria got about 90 seconds. What's up I beginning to wonder why did you that I go to the carrying church here in and they LGBT community. We have a new stair got up and not couple defending will go on to point out and have been doing what they're going back going. I mean there shouldn't be doing that each of the writing the word of God, not God value that he and there are a lot of teenagers and can't plan my church, and you know they're hearing that don't mean I only needed school trying to find a nonliberal church and state on high that there are that I back you may have liberal churches there, but I can tell you the churches here I live. Nobody wants to say anything there, terrified. Terrified of of the, the LGBT activist there, terrified of the black lives matter crowd. Nobody wants to offend anybody and that's why a lot of the stuff is happening but again folks it's about the school. Mom, dad, you got a responsibility to raise your kids train up your you got it you cannot abdicate that authority to the government are eight 844-747-8868 that's her phone number. This is the Todd surgery is universities do you in Memphis, Tennessee since conservative commentary from radio show Friday wherever you live for today. We got a lot going on this hour of the program was a brief in yesterday just seconds. But I want to hear somebody is with you are coming from. Coming from Ukraine where Ukraine is now has now applied for emergency membership into NATO. This information just now coming out and as Congressman Thomas Massey pointed out, we are now spending more money in Ukraine, then we are for roads and bridges and other things here in the United States of America. So things are beginning to heat up in Ukraine and we need to be paying very close attention because abide administration seems hell-bent on getting us into a shooting war with Russia. This emergency application by the way comes after after Russia's annexation bid we go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line, our good friend she has one of the best top podcast in all of America Monica Crowley on the patriot mobile newsmaker line Monica good to have you with us today for having me back.

So Monica just real quick hear the breaking news coming from a Newsmax and is looking pretty crazy. Now with Ukraine wanting emergency membership into NATO has exercised his control over their export territory.

Ukraine, claiming that rhetoric and fingers territory. The British government today that UK phone ever recognized export territory question. They will always be Ukrainian territory. According to UK government.

I'm assuming the divine administration is going to make luck. Nobody here at defending Vladimir could okay by people in the black grilling clad find receiving for lunch and chomping at the back to get the United States and the black in the middle that conflict that's basically an entrance closet intra-flyback conflict between Russia and Ukraine classes been so desperate to interject our ourselves to get conflict in a whole variety of ways, but I think they were really hoping that the thing would escalate to the point where we would just have no choice but to intervene militarily that we have spent a lot of money I got 1,000,000,005. According to the went he currently in Ukraine $16 billion to ensure the territorial integrity of Ukraine Ukrainian Russian border.

When our own border is wide open to God on I think actually get even a little just completed the ruling class has been disappointed that the conflict and has not escalated to the point where it became inevitable track intervene militarily and got that's why they're constantly provoking. It collated even further. Now you got a situation where Kuhn is claiming annexation and Zielinski says no negotiation that we want to merge membership just talk a lot because that conflict could overflow United States could be ever more deeply involved beyond just sending going to tell us that we don't have an and Monica again.

Thomas Massey makes a great point. We have literally spent more money on Ukraine that we have roads and bridges here in the United States, and I think as a taxpayer you are looking at the the tens of billions of dollars going over there.

You got military personnel that are being told by the Pentagon. Hey, if you can't make ends meet, you can always get food stamps. I think a lot of people are asking some pretty legitimate questions why are we funding all of this. Well, it's pretty clear that this is what America lasted all about God on unit when when Pres. Trump spoke about America First Amendment. The American people in America's interest first before anybody else like I was not elected to be president. I would like to be president of the United States and the American people. Current president does put America last for a whole variety of written not leave it at the left believe that the United States is not worthy of superpowers that we are morally inferior and therefore don't and therefore all of their policies are geared towards destroying us here at home and taking down a notch or two or 10 on the world that were not a superpower not exceptional on the world stage were not a force for good weather moral good military good diplomatic good. Their objective so you know the other part of this equation and date you want us in the middle of that conflict between Russia and Ukraine because there like a black dog calculation in the middle of some international conflict that's going to drag on and on and on that no real end to it or or no real successful and that this is because it's a distraction against the American people distracted on some shiny thing over on the Russian Ukraine border by the dead what's happening here and that's exactly what they want because their destruction here and in this country is 100% deliberate. Don't want you focused on it. They know the American people are really ticked off heading into November's election. With our failing economy skyrocketing inflation and gas prices climbed, making it even collapsed wide-open border and all that entails. They know that they're not good condition. They want a shiny object to distract us not to work.

Monica Crowley is on the patriot mobile newsmaker like today folks. A host of the Monica Crowley podcast about another story that you been talking about on on social media. This horrific barbaric stabbing of a of a first responder in New York City. Lieut. Allison Russo Ellie. She was about six months away from retirement.

We understand she was standing outside the of the fire station. The EMS station when some guy comes over and it's all on video and unfortunately, we do have this on our website.

It's incredibly graphic but the guy stamps are 20 times in broad daylight. Monica I'm invoking to American cities right it's not just New York but so many urban areas now are just collapsing. We skyrocketing crime really dangerous situation for the American people, and others to want to comment on whether Tabitha New York City. Todd and I got jewelry for my birthday and I needed to exchange at a very nice jewelry store and well-known jewelry store and I exchanged it for a different woman came out after the exchange transaction with my knee. And she did it to me instead of the story payment back in a clean white paper and I looked at her and she said I can't pin you out on the New York with your piece of jewelry in our back because she was afraid of getting That Is Where We Are in New York City but Also Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Washington DC, Chicago, You Admit the American People Cannot Walk down the Street in Broad Daylight and Feel Safe. This Is Absolutely Outrageous. Again, It All by Design like One of the First Things Coming at You and Me Take over Any Country Empty Details and Gels of All Violent Criminals.

Why Because They Need Violent Mayhem in Order to Distract You and Have You Living in Fear That They Can Plan. They're Either There Will Agenda and so If You Are Constantly Worried about Your Own Thinking and Security. You're Not Paying Attention to What the Coming Is There Doing Is Exactly What's Going on Here with All of the Dora EA with the Turnstile Just Criminals Coming Back out on the Streets in a Couple of Hours. We Need Change and I Mentioned New York New York Is a Gubernatorial Race with My Friend Leased out Then the Republican Candidate Must Win If Working to Save New York but Everything across the Country.

If You Got Gubernatorial Race That Generate Congressional Races.

It Doesn't Matter. I Think My Podcast Today Hi I Don't Care That Only Office on the Ballot in Your Community Dog Catcher.

You Vote Republican Dogcatcher You Vote Republican All the Way down and Only Way Right Now Were Going to Start to Turn the Ship of State around. I Think You're Right, Monica, and Again When You When You Look at These Sorrows DAs and What They Did in New York City.

Especially When You Can Literally Hit Somebody over the Head with a Baseball Bat. There I Back out on the Street You're Not Going to Have To Post Any Bail of This Cashless Bond and This Is Happening in Other Cities. Memphis Just Elected a Soros DA and That's the First Thing on His Agenda, Not Tackling the Crime It's Going after Bail Reform and This Is Happening in Every Single City and You're Right, We Got a Vote Republican.

That's the That's the Only Way Our Tell Us What's on the What's on the Big Podcast All Week. My Contract All Week Has Been Really Great so I Recommend Everybody Go Back on Monday Actually Go Back and Listen to All of That Which I Would Laugh, but This Week I Do It Monday Wednesday Friday Time This Week. I Really Really Important Stuff.

I Had Miranda Combine on Nine on Monday and Have Been Talking about All of That Concern All of Us. I Julie Kelly on Wednesday Talking about the January Fixed Committee in the January Fix Defendant Because She's Done Such Great Work in Exposing the Ducted Correction at the DOJ J EI I Don't Know Really Working with It.January Fix Defendant to I Really, but Happenstance Has Been Unconstitutional and Appalling.

We Are Human Right.

She Says Miranda Divine Julie Kelly K I'm Talking about How We Are Leaderless in America with a Confidently Senile Vice President. He Was in a Constant State of Nervous Breakdown, but How Governor Bonded throughout This Hurricane Is Atrocious at the Hurricane Lies When My Conduct All That Our Leaders Are There to Protect, Defend and Serve Here There to Make Our Lives That Are Not Worth What a Powerful Reminder Going into November.

Paint Touch up Basically but We've Lost Sight of That Leaders Are There to Make Our Life That Are Not Worth on That and Then I Got along a Very Funny and Important to You with the Top Editor at the Babylon D Nation's Greatest Satire Site Kaiser Conservative Christian Believers and of Course They Been Lied about Bended and Canceled All over the Place but I Have Got on My Shelf for an Extended Interview and You Love It so Much Fun I Monica Crowley and We Have a Direct Link to the Podcast on a Live Suboxone Function to Check It out There. Monica Always Good Having All the Show. Have a Great Weekend.

Always a Pleasure Card. Thank You. All Right There You Go Folks I Meet. It Is Dangerous out There and Monica Was Was Not Kidding about These Sorrows DAs, but the Story of New York City Were This This Lieut. and by the Way, She Was on the Job, Forge a Number of Years. She Was at 9/11. She Was One of the First Responders. She Survived the Attacks. She's a Mother and a Grandmother and the Story Was. She Was Just Going to Get Lunch Came Back and She's Right out There in Front of the Fire Station and Some Guy Literally Comes around the Corner, Takes out a Knife She She Didn't Even See It Coming and by Then It Was Too Late.

Just Started Stabbing over and over and over and I Counted about 20 Times and in Fort We Do Have the Video and It's Incredibly Graphic Bods of a Roster to Mount Sinai Hospital Here in Queens, New York, and That There Were Not Able to. There Were Not Able to Save Her Life, but This Is the Reality in These Cities That Are Controlled by Democrats and and You've You've Heard Me Talk about the Experiences That I've Seen in the Stories Here Happening in Memphis and You Have Them in Your Towns As Well. So We All Share That One Issue Where Democrats Were Ever Democrats Control the City. There Is Mayhem and Monica Is Right That This Is Part of the Plan to Bring Socialism into America.

First, You Gotta Empty the Prisons and We Have Seen This Happen over and over and over Again Were People Who Are Arrested They Should Be in Jail. There Let out and They Commit Even Worse Atrocities 844-747-8868 That's Our Phone Number 844-747-8868 This Is the Todd Stern Show Big Football Weekend Everybody College Football like Tennessee Volunteers.

By the Way, Right Number Eight the Nation Really Good about Alabama. I Think What I Think of Alternative Will Take Your Business. Don't Mess with Rocky Top Recovered for Rechargeable.

I Let's Go to the Phones Ellijay, Georgia. Our Good Friend Joe Hey Joe What's Going on Everybody Republican Book Talking about Football That Required a Coach. We Got a New Stage in Pittsburgh Tomorrow, but Everybody Needs the Vote Republican and I Want to Pay Tribute. You Have Two Huge Band That Ellijay and the Blue Winner of the Famous Oscar Group Were Celebrating Her 90th Birthday Tomorrow with Barbecue and and Martha Wheeler's Work with Me for 53 Years Radiating Yesterday. I Asked Her If She Would Work to 100 Days, That Good Really Fired up Were Going the Midterm Thought and in Your Great Show Is Not a Day That That Somebody Doesn't Come up to Me and Play a Joke. We Love the Todd Starnes Natural Radio Show. Well Joe, You're Always Trying to Say That Happy Birthday and so Did She Agree to Work till She Is a Hunter, Whereas He Can Retire and Enter. I Think They Will Really Help If You Got Got the Best Work at the Den America I'm Invoiced the Work That It Is I Don't Have To Do on the Playground. Jesus Got That Incredible Burning Desire to Work Great Concert If You Love Are Today. The Great Deal of Nonprofit Right concerning the Luxury Joe Well I'm Glad to Hear That Universe Bakers.That Work Ethic, so Grace Would You Would You Work till You're 100 Years Old for Me to Listen If I Can Still Hear the Radio Being in the Radio Industry and to Lose My Hearing. By the Time of 50 but You Know You Get a Letter. I Know I Know She's a Keeper. All Right, Joe, Good Hearing from You Take Care Now You Are until You're Eaten.

She's 88, Joe Says Can You Continue to Say, Don't Tell Your Bad Yeah I Don't Know If I Work till I'm Still on Hundred I Mean Hey Keeps Active, Keep Your Mind Right or Busy. What You Just Said around Usually Bow the Grants. I Guess I Did Strange. Yeah, I Know Some People Out Of Work.

That Is, They Say, You Know What I like to Return to the Work till I Drop Them of Everyone's Different. I Don't Know. I Think If I Didn't Have a Formal 9-To-5 Job.

I Would Definitely Still You Know How I Would Have To Have a Schedule CI Wanted II Just I Love Working. I Was to the States.

There's No Way You're a Tiring Haven't Taken a Vacation Actual Vacation Is When You Take off Work You're Doing More Work on the Staff Wanted. I Was Illegal.

Vacation Is You Can Bring Your Laptop and You Can Bring Your Phone Yelled As I Leave It behind. I Can't Do It. I Can't Do It, but I Am Thinking about Taking a Little Vacation You Deserve It Treats All Sale. I Was Going to Naples, but I Can't Do That Will Either Way It's a Powerful Place Beautiful Beautiful by the Way Charleston Now Flooding and Is Not Even High Tide yet so There Beautiful Town You Folks in the Carolinas Pay Very Close Attention to Your Radios. Lotta Bad Weather Moving in Your Direction. 844-747-8868 Heyne Type. We Got Open Wide Friday Coming up on the Todd Starnes Radio so Whatever You Want to Talk about. Give Us a Call so Try to Get My Head Wrapped around the Solon Virgin Atlantic Airlines Story. We Briefly Test This Yesterday so Here's the Story Virgin Atlantic Doug Going through Something of an Identity Crisis out There Announcing That Mail That Male Employees and Female Employees Are to Be Able to Wear Clothing That May or May Not Be Suited for Their Gender. Crewmembers Are Also to Be Given Pronoun Badges He Had Known She Her Dog Bird Porpoise Virgin Atlantic Says That They're the Most Inclusive Airline in the World and in That Spirit, They Plan to Conduct These Mandatory Training Sessions for All the Workers to Make Sure That All the LGBT Customers Feel Comfortable Really.

Is It Possible to Make Them Feel Comfortable Just by Maybe Offering Them a Beverage, Something Nice and Frosty. Maybe an Adult Beverage or Some Cran Apple Juice I'm a Ginger Ale.

Got Myself Love the Ginger Ale, Not the Canadian Stuff the Other. The American Version. Anyway, Virgin Atlantic Says That This Is about Equality and Nothing Says Inequality like a Hairy Legged Dude and Culottes Serving You Pretzels at 30,000 Feet Right Not Taking This up Grace. I'm Telling so Virgin Atlantic Says the Reason There'd There's a Reason Why You're Doing All the so They Say They Believe That Men Should Be Able to Wear Dresses and Women Should Be Able to Bear Man Suits to Express Their True Identity like You Know Hillary Clinton Artie Wore That That's Been Done before Man Suits. Oh Yeah, the, the Polyester Pants Are Yeah Exactly. I Don't Think That's a New Thing. There You Go.

She Doesn't Wear That Well, but Not Not Not Her Best� Not Project Runway Anyway. I Fly Delta. I Know They May Lose My Luggage, but by Golly, They They Sold Other Programs, That's True. God Help Us All. 844-747-8868 Let's Go to Central Arkansas Steve on the Live They See What He Want to Talk about Today You Started to Read the Very Bitter Rivalry on Its Open Line Friday.

Steve You Talk about Whatever You Want to Talk about It Really Bothered Me the Reporting from the Mainstream Media Birthday. How Their Tribe and over Backwards to Grab Their Scale up into the Hundreds and in All the Waking They're Doing to Make It Climate Changes. I Think We Need a New Definition in Our Social Vocabulary and That's the Definition of Climate Change Disaster Versus Natural. This Hurricane Was a Natural Disaster Been Going out with Having Hurricanes This Time I Am Happy No Control over Morale. What They Do, but an Example of Climate Change Disaster Was the Winter Thousand 21 I Believe That Winter Storm That Went through Taxes That Ended up Killing over to around 250 People That Mainly Because Her Power Will in Our Power Went out to a Climate Changes. Lastly, Idiots in the Government Leaders of the Utility Companies Use Some Stuff That Decided to Start Mucking around with Her Generation Plants to Get Better Minute Situation but I Couldn't Love Electricity Will Acclimate to Conceive You and I Hear You're Talking about Here and and A Lot Of Folks like to Talk about This Aspect, but This Is Important When You Look at When You Look at Where A Lot Of These Deaths Occurred and Look If You Want to Live on the Beach Man That Your God-Given Right As a United States Citizen You Can You Can to That of the Problem Is up, Our Forefathers Would Not Have Done That They Knew Not to Build a House on the Side of a Mountain Because You Might Have Landslides or Mudslides in Your House Might Slide off into Oblivion. They Knew Not to Build Homes Right on the Beach Because of Storms or Hurricanes. They Do Not to Build in Floodplains Because the Floods Would Come, but Americans They Had This Idea That That Doesn't Really Matter That They're Willing to Take the Chance and They're Willing to Really Put Their Lives on the Line so to Have a Great View of the Sun Setting over the Gulf Of Mexico, or Watching the Sunrise in the in the Mountain Somewhere Where You Got People Believing We Can Control the Weather 11 You Think We Have Levees on the Mississippi River, the Whole Reason They Actually Created the Via Chapel Aya Basin Was to Control the Direction of the Mississippi River.

So Again, and People Seem Surprised When These Man-Made Levees and Other Things Failed. New Orleans Is below Sea Level Who Builds an Entire City below Sea Level on Them Were Shocked When a Hurricane Comes the Levees Break and the Place Floods and People Die of the Reality Is We Bear A Lot Of This Responsibility Is Not Climate Change Were Actually Doing Things That We Should Not Do.

Were Building a Places We Should Not Be Building and When Disasters Strike Well. We Should Not Be All That Surprised. I Agree 100, but You're Right, This Is This Has Nothing to Do with Climate Change Depreciate the Call Somehow Was Once I Was Reading Something on Twitter This Morning and Wanted These Leftist Wacko Doodles Actually Said That the All the Water Was Sucked Out Of Tampa Bay Because of Climate Change. No, That's Not What Happened.

It Was the Wind, You Moron. The Water Came Back to Steve's Point Though All Open on Friday When You Look Back at History the Deadliest Hurricanes Happened a Very Long Time and We Yes We Hurricane Katrina, but That Really Wasn't Because of the Hurricane Katrina Was Because of the Levees That Were Not Maintained and They Broke Galveston Hurricane in 1900 More Than 10,000 People Left Homeless. 8000 Deaths, 8000 People Died 1928 the Sand of Fully Pay Oak Okeechobee Hurricane More Than 2000 People Dead. 1935, Florida Keys 400 People Dead, Most Recently and Were Talking the Stretcher You Got Hurricane Andrew in 1992 and You Had What 15 Deaths Hurricane Katrina and Again That Can't Be Blamed on the Hurricane As Much As It Was the Flooding Because of the Levees but yet A Lot Of People Died More Than 1800 People Died, Not Just in Louisiana but Also Mississippi and Then of Course You Had Hurricane Sandy, Which Went Which Went Right up the Eastern Seaboard in New York City and I Happen to Be Working in New York City 75 People Died Here Looking at Me. When You Look Again at Hurricanes and Hurricane Prep. I Would Say That We've Done a Pretty Darn Good Job Based on the Massive Numbers of Deaths That They Had in Years past. In Centuries past I Have Played This Audio for You Nancy Pelosi. This Woman Is Flat Crazy. They Say She Doesn't Drink Alcohol and I Will Oh That's True or Not. So That's the Case If in Fact She's a Teetotaler and She Was Sober When She Said This, We've Got Big Problems America Hears Pelosi Talking about Picking Cotton down South. We Have a Responsibility to Secure Apple or We Also Have a Responsibility Recognize the Importance of Newcomers to Our Nation Right Now � Think That We Can Do Our Economy Is Have Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

Shortage of Workers in a Country and You See Even in Florida. Some of the Farmers in the Dweller Saying Why Are You Shipping These Immigrants What We Need Them Tops down Here.

That Doesn't Mean That We Don't Recognize Our Moral Responsibility As Well Run for President, Former All Right Wow so Is Pelosi Advocating for Slavery Here Is That Is That What She's Doing That We Don't Want about North We Need to Ship Him down South so They Can Pick Pick Crops a Cup Why Thank You, Thank You, a Plantation Owner Pelosi Ms. Pelosi Ms. Nancy Wilde Thank You She's Kind of like the Scarlet O'Hara of the North That Would Nancy Pelosi Also Says That We Love It If We'll Have Enough Workers You People You Americans You Lazy Americans. You Don't Want to Work Is Untrue and I Know It's Hard to Find People That Want to Work but We Got a Point Now or We Have To Bring in the Though Slave Labor from and We Have To Move on from up North. You Know That Is Pelosi Doesn't Want What We Talked about Earlier of the Program, and a People. People Are Horrified When I Say This, but It Stroke the Rich White Liberals Don't Want to Have Anything to Do with Black and Brown People. I'm Just Telling You Just Heard Nancy Pelosi Explain Why We Can't Have Them about Those Venue I Say Say We Have To Have We Have To Have Those Folks down South in Dixie. They Got up They Think They Gotta Pick the Okra They Got up.

They Gotta Pick the Greens Say Say Maybe She's Eaten Bourbon Ice Cream Grace.

But Maybe the Answer Honestly. That Makes Sense, but She Is. I Think Just That Crazy.

I Think She Sober. I Need Hose I Get My Word Right, It's Terrible. I'm Telling You, I Need a Shirley Temple Right Now Will You Know the Problem Here Graces They Don't Hide Their Racism. It's Just Right out There for Everybody to See Her Say Why People Don't like Those See It Just in General, the Really Good I like Tricking People That I Want to See That That's Their We Are to Take a Break or Open on Friday. What Is That Meda Means You Can Ask Her Talk about Whatever You Want to Talk about.

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All right, let's get to the phones here on open line Friday whatever you want to talk about 844-747-8868 Greg, Salem, Oregon KY cayenne are great station out there hey Greg what's up barbecuing and got your book out good. We were facing today. We have the crime is failing to tap into the public sentiment. With the popularity of the duty.

As relevant today as they want to go.

I think that got to make a movie like that today it would be really, really popular it will hungering for and with the popularity of new top� That's exactly my point of, but they basically stayed true to the boy� Popular and same thing would happen with good likability to commit and think they're all going on going on now now but the think about that for a long time Greg had set opening scene of the of the first dirty movie. It's just incredible that big shoot out. And you're right nothing.

People really respond to that kind of stuff top law and order die and that really established Clint Eastwood as a as a really worldwide superstar every time you want to make you feel good that we have a little bit more about the one on the crooked politics and the corruption with them and give me a label of the bad guys.

Even with them within the police department on the got what administrators I got with politics and work with judges and it was here, but you're right. I mean, when you when you look back at back in the 1970s when there were some fierce culture war battles going on and and the only reason Ronald Reagan got elected is because of of Christians organizing to vote. You might remember Jerry Falwell, Senior and Pat Robertson, Jerry have the Jerry had the moral majority and they mobilized Christian voters all over America and that was the first the very first time that you had evangelical Christians making an impact in a presidential election.

That's the reason why Ronald Reagan got elected. If you look at and if you look at one another great leader that is a great movie. Here's a great leader and what we want them to stand up to get the job done. You know when you get the left out of your mouth you really care about how we talk you look good you want you want to get the job done what we want word whether dirty Harry get the job done. Greg appreciate the call. Have a great weekend and we appreciate all of her friends out there in Oregon and this is why I'm very concerned about our churches nowadays being marginalized because when that happens and and there's a lot of Soros money that's flooding into a lot of church houses across America and that they're basically convincing these ministers that they should not be engaged in politics that there's that there's something wrong with them. If it if they engage in the political process and I just that it's a lie.

It's a lie from the pit of hell. Ladies and gentlemen going back to the 1970s.

The only reason we have.

Ronald Reagan is because Christians got engaged in the political process and when that happened.

One of the greatest presence of all time was elected.

I think in again when if Christians want to change the direction of this nation.

They have the power they have the ability. Here's the problem they've just allow themselves to be neutralized.

So, gotta get back engaged in the process and if you belong to one of those churches. We've got a preacher who say yeah you know Christians should be involved in politics you need to find another church or another preacher. I did take a break here it's open line at Friday's. That means whatever you want to talk about. We will take your call today 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 hours. Three got up, ladies and gentlemen as universities. Do you see all right� Today down there in Florida were thoroughly thinking about you and they are still trying to get into some of those areas on town the way the horrible millions of without power so many folks if they are listening to the radio, doing so in their cars were on a transistor radio. Now we understand that flooding is already underway in Charleston, South Carolina, and it could be impacting you even our friends at liberty University at our beautiful studios there so folks so just pay very close attention. Listen to your radio have some AA batteries handy just in case you need him and over to get through this. So just be very very careful out there. It is open line Friday you say what is that mean that means you can call in and you can talk about whatever you want to talk about. You get your calls momentarily 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868. There is an interesting event coming up but we've we've talked a lot about our schools and how important it is to get faith back into our school classrooms and Focus on the Family is doing something about that. They are sponsoring a big event called bring your Bible to school day Denny work that is the vice president for pant parenting and youth at Focus on the Family and he is on the patriot mobile newsmaker.

Like any good to have you with us today. All right will tell us all about.

Bring your Bible school day, yet exciting day started back and it first Thursday in October every year.

This is October 6 and basically it's a day for kids to be able to live live out their faith in 1 Very Particular Way, that is to stand up and say I believe in God's word and share with others by bringing the Bible to school putting on their death showing others that they maybe date they organize a Bible study time or credit time to bring their Bibles that they intentionally escorted everywhere with her at home, school, Christian school private school public school and parents encourage you to do the same. Take your Bible work and and then just great ideas to engage with God's word but also to open up conversation potential conversations with people around units. The student led movement where you're not being disruptive in school rather you're being life-giving bringing hope to a world that right now need to message of hope and really are at practicing your your religious liberties by taking it you can first Second Amendment do this and as long as you're not being disruptive in its student led, you can bring your Bible and organize participation with your friends and reading the Bible together, my daughter, my son both both teenagers have done this throughout the years and have enjoyed gathering of friends before school and at lunchtime, reading their favorite scriptures together and then encouraging one another in their faith and pray for one another during that time inviting other students in that conversation so Jeannie I'm sure a lot of the parents are wondering, is it legal arcana can kids bring a Bible into a public school classroom, they can they can indeed anywhere in the United States you can bring your Bible to school into the classroom and that the caveat is as long as you're not being disruptive to what is happening in the classroom that is your standing up in the middle class and reading of verse when it's not related happening. You can bring your Bible, you can set it on your desk that number at a young man that started this beleaguered junior high school and participated in bring your Bible school that year. Put it on his death, and they continue to do it every day all the way into college and continue to take his Bible every single day practicing that freedom and then also opening up the opportunity for people to ask him questions about his faith in Christ and and he shared some of those a while back � year we had 590,000 households of the projected amount of people participated in bring about a school and this year we have surpassed our numbers from last year in production projecting close to 700,000 were hoping to have a million households participate in bring about the school that's tremendous and it needs to be a lot more than that. I think this is a terrific idea.

I'm curious.

So what is the point of you bring your Bible school you got there on the desk. What is the what is that to brilliant and in my mind. It provides an invitation you're coming in in your inviting people and something that you believe is true and can be life-giving, bringing an invitation you're letting other people not been invited into something into relationship with Christ and I want to invite you into that as well and it creates a momentum of conversation with others around you. It also reminds you of how you're living out your faith throughout your the other day you're there. It's not just about reading the Bible, but it's a reminder to you that you are representative of those beliefs and, in that we hope that people sign up for living challenges and we've had over 2000 registrants every month. Come on. New registrants come onto the livid living challenges and bring your Bible school days. One of those challenges.

We have a monthly challenge for families and students to take on and encourage one another through social media to live out your faith now that you proclaim, you say had believed in Jesus Christ.

Now you get to show that through life-giving activities like encouraging words and doing things that are challenges life-giving challenges that you get to participate in all year long in such an exciting way to have a starting point for many different things. Negative Bible study in your and in your school. Maybe it's a prayer group that you start the week week count October 6 at the great day to stand and to begin a momentum and your inviting people into something that you believe is amazingly life-giving. All right. Will Denny really was there a great project. Great idea, folks. You cannot go to our website. Todd we got the link to a Focus on the Family or you go to and get the sign up there and Denny. Thank you again for your time.I just wanted to share some issues with being being able to bring the Bible school makes you go to bring your we have information on all the that the freedoms you have all the legal rights that you got it in case you need some some details on that. We also have a line 1 800 tell ADF and and on that you can speak with a lawyer about how you can just protect those rights as you're walking in. It's a great day to have a reminder of the freedoms that we get to enjoy here America. Sorry. Thanks so much.I appreciate that and again folks, we are supporting allies defending freedom of this program. All this coming month.

October we officially start. We want to get a head start and start raising money for our radios on our goal is $50,000. That's how much we want to raise to help allies defending freedom fight these cases, heaven forbid, you got a child that shows up at school with the Bible and are told they cannot bring that Bible on the school property lines. Defending freedom is going to be there to defend that child and that child's family. The only way they can do that is with our help I and your tax-deductible gift is going to go a long way you can again give to the when you get to our website you will see the banner. The allies defending freedom banner click on that and it'll take you to the donation page and by the way folks every donation you make is automatically doubled, thanks to a generous allies defending freedom support.

All right, here's the deal open wide Friday work in a go right to the phones we gotta take a break first 844-747-8868 whatever you want to talk about its Friday with how to let our hair down little bit. Grace Baker maybe even doing some dance and you never know what's good. Okay, maybe not dancing but you never know what's gonna happen.

Here are eight 844-747-8868 will be right back America email from our good friend Martha Zoller WT UN.

Her flagship answer yes to pass along some information here. This is about applying island down in Florida and this is the message you regard as she received as homeowners on Pine Island. We been in contact with full-time residents who chose to remain in their homes during the storm. These people are desperate for help. As this island is being overlooked.

With all the attention being focused on Sanibel and Captiva Islands Pine Island is the largest of Florida's barrier islands when the last authentic fishing villages the site of a former Colusa Indian village and home to many elderly retirees, as well as hundreds of seasonal residents were getting word, all power is out on the entire island. There is no water. The island is an accessible by road.

One of the bridges and about a thousand feet of roadway washed away the island is accessible only by boat or helicopter, according to people still on the island. There have been no visible signs of any police presence.

Martial law has reportedly been, and acted on the island and neighbors have been hearing gunfire at night and looters are coming in by boat of people sheltered employees are running out of water, hygiene products and first aid supplies and are desperate for help and so they're trying to get the word out so we will pass along Grace, let's pass on that information to our contacts over at the governor's office. Rhonda Sanchez want to reach out to his comms people and that we will try to get that information to them. Pine Island. So if you guys have any Intel on that give us a call and we will pass that information along to our contacts over at the Florida governor's office. Terrible situation and I suspect is going to get worse art.

Let's go to the phones here. Let's talk to Marcin listing to us on the Nevada talk network hi Martin, what's on your mind.

Well I got telling Grace. I'm a Catholic and telling her also that while I was in school in San Jose. The nuns used to come to teach Catholic catechism latch line up to a point. Then it ended rather suddenly in 1919 oh 45 or something like that.

I was just a child and I remember that distinctly non-which it was a very beautiful woman but you taught us Catholic catechism for non-hell, I'm serious. Okay well I tried to forget that my first contact with the beautiful blue but I kiss my part was that though I wasn't funny. Later they were it was disbanded and I could not understand why, but the public school system is already turning against the church is I believe in the 40s and then you met this guy comes on the radio just a minute ago talking about soliciting for the for the. The lawyers that he represented the you know that that bring your Bible school exactly and that's ridiculous. The Protestant hold on the public public school system was never designed for religion in the first place. I was telling Grace. It was reading, writing and arithmetic and get the hell out. And that's all it was ever designed for was for education, not not not not to religious education but you know your normal ABCs and and what he's saying is that you know to bring the Bible. That's fine if he was in about your school or a Catholic school or Methodist college where I went to in Pennsylvania.

You do not bring the Bible to a school that's teaching you the ABC just don't get it didn't make any sense. Why not God occurred before. This is an old story?

I now know why. Why not, but it interferes with the curriculum that's going on. For God's sake know you have you bring a Bible and all of a sudden the kids the same way, why is he bringing the Bible do not Catholic the Protestant and not anything. Sometimes there just on LBJ something other.

And you know so you don't know what the situation is in the school in the first place, so he 1880 actually putting the kids on the spot by bringing the Bible in a school that doesn't even recognize religion for that matter.

That's the public school system.

In general, that's why Martin II want to offer this this to you and and I do this in the spirit of just I'm writing a new book and I writing about this issue in my new book and the reality is that our public schools were actually meant to be religious in nature, and this goes all the way back to the founding. The early colonial days of of America United's before we were the United States. Every single school was religious.

They they read from the Bible. They prayed, I even the state funded public schools in the early days of Massachusetts. They had they had devotions. They had Bible readings. They had prayers I when you look at Harvard and Yale which were not public. Those were private institutions, but the. The whole reason they created Harvard and Yale was to literally train up ministers of of the gospel so far and I think an argument could be made that the problem is we have strayed away from the original intent of the founding fathers when it came to education here to tell you it's never going to go back to date there on their honor roll and roll. The less you put a kid in the school of the Bible that everybody else affected.

Ignoring you put that kid on the spot. I would never do that if I was to tell anybody or to go to about your school, go to the Methodist college in Pennsylvania go anywhere where there is the biblical connection. Here's my take on Martin, I appreciate like IV.II's.

I completely disagree with your assessment here, but I will say this there and let the kids way below rainbow flags the by golly, there let those kids walking to the school of the Bible.

That's what I say Martin got a run. Appreciate the call 844-747-8868 let's go to Pastor Bob in North Carolina.

Pastor Bob are you down at the Home Depot. Get yourself some duct tape and are you got everything hunkered down well I have that and gasoline for the generator.

Nancy and I got super paired this one expecting it to be pretty bad, but it looks like it's going to miss Carteret County and not cause much damage to things. One your guy about the Bible I graduated from high school in 1960 and we had a Bible club in our school and nobody picked on.

The guy that was the president because he was the captain of the heavyweight wrestling team and so that worked out good and they can call you a Bible thumper. All they want but the day they need prayer there, and over and asking you to pray for their mom, dad, brother, sister, whatever the other thing I wanted to say is you had earlier guessed, talking about Clint Eastwood. I think the funniest thing ever saw him do. Was it the Mitt Romney convention when he spoke to that chair thinking that that chair was Obama and he just went on and on and on.

I can't tell him that and but sad to say I think we have a whole bunch of politicians today are not smarter than that chair.

Well, that's about right empty chairs, empty suits and the pastor, I was actually there for that speech I was working at Fox News and with the time and an II remember that that moment and it was really one of those great Clint Eastwood Eastwood moments I hate to do this, Pastor. We gotta take a break here. God bless you, though. Glad you guys are safe there in the Morehead city, North Carolina area. Certainly not the case in other parts of the Carolinas, especially SC 84474 788 68 open line Friday, Martin says, keep the Bibles keep the religion out of schools so you America will be right back with an extra 30% by late father right all the friends you love to find anything I can get 15% less subspecialist now for Monday at Macy's content free curbside pickup details at Macy' regulates anything as basic exclusions apply.

It is the latest hit single from our good friend Grace Baker know your big Colton Dixon yeah man American Idol along right there back in the day back in the day when the show is good him and dating okay well you have a cold. I would Colton Dixon did he go to school but I got to hear the great hairdo. Cecil called the Dixons on the patriot mobile newsmaker line that's been a long time ago, though Colton hope you're doing good. Good. Thanks for having me. Danny said that no grace Baker, and Grace was talking about your hair which is you got great hair. I let's be honest, you know, it is it is the salute. This is, this interview has already gone off the rails. I don't know what to Colton, this is this is a great song and now there is a music video that has been premiered by We have a link to it on our on our website but I'm what you tell us this is an incredible story behind this this video and I want to tell our listeners about yeah thank you so much to partner with an amazing organization called her to sit and for those who don't know I Mercy ship literally built ship and convert them in the hospital take them to Third World countries that men, women, women and children who don't have access to healthcare were everyday surgeries like we do get the health care that they need and the music video got tell the story of actually a couple twin.twin boys.

I'm not attracted a name that would butcher it but they're just the sweetest little kids you had both legs and we might not realize is when you have a deformity and that civilization like that you cannot shunt and you're not allowed to do everyday activities of the fact that Mercy ship came in and straightened her legs really gave them a shot at a normal life in the community.

So it's really cool what they do honor to be a part of that and yeah I had a lot of fun doing it music video was it take to go in and hear the story and then put a song together. Take it, take us through that process.

Yeah, I was fired by the story of Noah.

I would take a genius to figure that out now.

I was so encouraged by the story because I feel Hollywood traded certain way for so many years of this big struggle between God and Noah and you know what say you got the wrong guy wanted to let you know you are not right now.


But the Bible said God asked Noah to build an ark and gave him all the details of how to build it and then it said no.

Did exactly as documented, that no and I was the simple and beautiful and challenged me in my own life that to rise to the occasion when God asked you to step out and crazy. I think that we would be at school cannot trust God with our future because his plans are prosperous not to harm us to get that hope in the future so I met with the funds all about faith and faith is what precedes a miracle. I encourage you to do it.

Something about that other miracle part of that. I mean you and your Wi-Fi you have twins, and there was a pretty big health scare for you guys back in 2020. Yeah, that was our first one out of the womb with little David.

Your and she had started the birthing process already. We had to switch to C-section last minute and she wasn't breathing did have a pulse really scary but we had a choice to make believers we choose faith or fear. And I'm so thankful that my wife and I are on the same page.

We chose that to have faith and kind of a grim situation, but we we were literally speaking my daughter's name over her earning a means to live.

We were speaking her name over her head and just believing that God was still a God miracle you know. I've seen them come through time and time again I believe you can do it again so I'm whether he's reached down and touched little do your first hand or work to the doctors and nurses.

We have two happy, healthy little girl who just turned two years old.

About a month ago wow time just flies doesn't live in were told that all the time, but seeing it happen firsthand while so are you thinking you know, again, you talk about global domination, Christian music, but like the Dixon family singers are men that would be so much fun like today. I think the first step is to get them out of the road with me in some capacity. My wife used to travel with me full-time before kid and that when man that would be a lot on the road. Currently, were taken our time on figure that out yet. They both loved think all three. My wife included, they loved think that would be really fun. Monday Colton, I just think this is a great project and it's really helping bring attention to an incredible charity that's doing just amazing work out there and course mercy ship so they been around since 119 78 and they got I think there there newest ship global mercy.

They can actually fit up to 200 patients about things so they're doing some incredible work out there and I agree with long before the song ever came out in accordance with that with the song coming out perfect fit so honored that they would partner with what were doing well got to sit down with actually one of the engineers to design the global mercy and that sobering conversation amazing to hear the heart behind what they do and really great organization. You should deftly check them out and we have links to everybody and everything over on our live show blonde ladies and gentlemen, so if you want to check out Colton's new music video. You can do that. Also, if you'd like to get information on mercy mercy ships.

You can find that information as well and I thought it would be great as we head out to break your wallet folks.

So listen to this incredible song build a boat so Colton hope you have a great weekend. Good hearing from you. And you gotta make it down the Memphis. One of these days then we left last time out there with great neck that they should be a lot of fun and right down the street from Central barbecue so will get you some ribs to yeah all right.

Colton Dixon ladies the development Colton.

Thank you. This is filled about all the Todd Stern's radio show and iron's radio show" what do talk to America and by the way it's open line Friday so we got a few moments.

If you want to jump in and you can talk about whatever you want to talk about 844-747-8868 Amanda in Tennessee. What's on your mind Amanda Martin had to say what are Bible and bells are people and what's wrong with this country. Now you know Chris and that for our belief and whether were in school or private school error in a secular job where you know our belief that Christian and taking it out and back lightweight yeah I hear you and II do believe that kids teachers should be allowed to carry their Bibles have a Bible on their desk if they want to have a quiet time during a free moment whenever I think teachers should be provided an opportunity.

I remember years ago in Florida, where some teachers were actually threatened with jail because they were caught reading their Bible and of all places a closet because that was they were allowed to actually read it in public. In view of of the children and that flies in the face of of what public education was meant to be in this country and and I share that with Martin and I don't think you you know I I see where Martin is going with all of this, but I think the reason why public education is so screwed up. Now is because we took God. We took morality out of out of public schools out of the out of the education process and that's not what our founding fathers meant that to be sure anger three huggers air you believing guy got me able to derive the world that were not that powerful. He created it and only God can destroy you know that is that is very true. Amanda and I remember a certain congressman from Georgia who was very concerned about putting more military personnel on the island of Guam, Hank Johnson, the guys name. He still up there on Capitol Hill. He's from Georgia and he actually was concerned that having more soldiers on Guam would tip the islands over you to make this stuff up. God help us. Our Amanda appreciate the call. Thanks for listening to us 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 want to share this information from the New York post Miranda divine, and she's been on this program. A number of times that line 30 X FBI agent stand up to support whistleblower who expose agencies political bias so you got all these FBI agents including a number of retired agents and they are defending Stephen friend Stephen friend was suspended labeled a whistleblower by the FBI, Ernie Tebaldi, a retired agent from San Francisco says it's time to stop the FBI from being the enforcer of a political parties ideology. This guys from San Francisco and he saved us, we need to reestablish the FBI as the apolitical and independent law enforcement entity that it has always been many former agents hey old friend who was a SWAT team member in Florida as a hero after he was punished for receipt.

Refusing to participate in what he regarded as unnecessarily heavy-handed SWAT raids over J6. In his complaint to the Department of Justice Inspector General friend alleged.

The FBI has been manipulating case file management in order to falsely inflate the threat of domestic terrorism. He also was accusing the FBI of using unconstitutional excessive force against political dissenters sought other words, he's confirming what we we have long suspected that a lot of these cases are fairly innocuous but the FBI is going on there and they're making it seem like there is more to the story, when in fact there's not gotta pay attention.

The stuff folks by the way, patriot

That's patriot lot of you been wondering okay what can we do about our phone service were tired of all of our money funding these leftist clauses will that's why I made the switch to patriot because patriot mobile is America's only conservative Christian wireless carrier and there out there doing something to support our values to support the organizations we care about and they got a long list of organizations that they provide funding for.

By the way allies defending freedom.

One of them.

So if you switch to patriot mobile. Right now you're going to use my promo code in there to give you free premier activation and a free gift of your veteran first responders there to give you an additional discount. All you have to do is go to patriot there to get you hooked up right away. Oh, I cannot believe this to be true. We gotta go back to the lines, our good buddy from the great state of Maine, Ray Richardson from WI will be the big lobster and right. You are the big lobster housing go through. Although I'm left big drop 54 so far while secure like a shrimp now and I lobster you're like a shrub. So I just I heard you guys talk about Bible school. The whatever and I thought to myself that I'm old. I graduated in 1980 from Leesburg Florida high school. Great great school had a wonderful experience in the never guess what part of our graduation gift from the school like God was a lobster hold on Florida we we we have great okay orange, I know you'll be shocked everyone gets what led me to set it up. No mass murderers out of our school and you believe it, so the school gave us as part of our graduating gift they gave us the New Testament plus proper and gone, and it would be great with our name and the date of our graduation on it that came from the school is a public school absolutely went Leesburg high school you say please my daddy played. My daddy played football there 20 years before. Absolutely Ray I can. I can only imagine what what school did that today in America. Well you know it's really interesting. We traded the Bible for book called gender queer and Monday night and Bonnie Eagle high school in Standish Vandenberg I have a showdown over this. This is the most explicit book you've ever seen, and they have it available to sixth-graders.we traded the Bible for gender queer the book Ray not believe the graphic nature of it all Ray. Trust me, I I can.

You know what we wanted you grace. Let's get Ray back on the show Monday and maybe we can spend some time talking about this and let people know and they can show up in and help fight back. It's insane, but sadly you're right, they have replaced the Bible with a lot of pornography, and in many American public schools. And that's just not right right you know how this business goes rubber just replicas the end of the show my friends. I had to call you. I mean, you talk about the call I love you thought they love you. More importantly, we love great big what it's always about grace. What can I say it's she's amazing how could I not be there with there you go.

Verily, verily, Ray Richardson loses all of that is going to wrap up today's show in our broadcast week working to do this all over again on Monday day.

In the meantime had over the Todd get those durations into allies defending freedom with a grace Dylan filling in for Kyle folks. You have a great Friday and whatever you do, be sure to go to church this weekend America

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