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World Swimming: Dudes Can’t Compete Against Women

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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June 20, 2022 3:12 pm

World Swimming: Dudes Can’t Compete Against Women

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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June 20, 2022 3:12 pm

World Swimming is cracking down on transgender swimmers.

Ed Vitagliano, Joe Pinion, and Harmeet Dhillon join the conversation!

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Presents don't do it yourself okay using a screwdriver trying to get how that was how that fits. It's something of the language to meeting you should bundle our home and on with progressive.

We can save big and pay someone to do for us.

Maybe next 20 Ossian Protestant Tara someone Latin Street one biblical little with progressive and use the money to do it yourself to respond to situations.

Welcome to the Todd start show sponsored by legacy, precious metals, there's never been a better time to invest in precious metals visit legacy PM that's legacy PM universities. Do you see Charlie since conservative coming varies from one 10 America so you get the president from hanging out with those here in the great day, but will actually a president dropped I came to the Midsouth and I just had a great time.

There were I was so proud of our audience.

K WAN the mighty 990 and many of you, I came by to say hello hundreds hundreds of our listeners came by. There are it was a sold-out crowd. By the way, I was part of the organizers, the local media and members there are bunch awoke leftist and that they were they were talking about how old are hardly any people here. They were taking photos of the of the empty seats will yeah because it was early in the morning but by the time Trump showed up the plans that the place was packed to the rafters and it was a great great event and I am curious because the president on Friday was in Nashville speaking at the road to the majority conference which by the way, I had a chance to speak at that was great crowd there. But a lot of our a lot of our listers in Nashville and really all across America at that rally and I'll get to that again. It's a busy weekend, folks. But anyway I tromped at that rally in Nashville and then Trump again in South Haven Mississippi told people hinted very strongly that he's going to be out running for reelection and the crowd went nuts and I I was very impressed with the enthusiasm of the people in that auditorium in that arena in Southaven, Mississippi, because to the person they all want this, they all went down tromped erotica. I mean it's almost as if he is already running for the White House but the president was in a really good mood. I was on here he was on the show. I was it Friday and that thanks to our good friend Tim VanHorn. The morning show host at K WAN. He does a terrific job filling in Don Junior was on the show and that the president was on the show we did a pretaped interview, but he told me so.

Grace Baker. I was gonna make it a leisurely trip to Nashville so I was going to get up at four and so I was good to get up early 4 AM drive and then maybe just kind of lollygag there at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel. It's a great place. It's like it's own little world right you I would discover relaxing Saturday. It has been a very busy week.

Very I spent a lot of time. I think I was doing a two-hour hit with Newsmax on Friday which was technically my day off. I was try to rest. The rest of the way and so no but anyway, the president said hey I I want you to I want to chat with you so will you be in Southaven and I'm going to be in Nashville.

I'm speaking at the event your speaking fees as well. You drop by because I want to chat you got I got a lease I mean you gotta go with.

They know you. I try to be hospitable so we decide everyday totality is not a really got the president in Memphis Tennessee and asking for you so I I, although it's what I drive up there. Get up at 4 o'clock in the morning drive to Nashville deliver my speech do a book signing. Get back in the Cadillac and I will write down 90 x 90 miles an hour trying to make it back to the to the to the arena and Southaven and I made it. I know how much you spend on gas.

Oh my God is not about that for a moment.

It is insanely awful. Someone sent me a photograph I have some friends here in the Memphis area during vacation out West there in death Valley and the gas. There is nine dollars a gallon and nine dollars a gallon so I am I tort got back here and the president very gracious and said a lot of great things about the radio station seven hours. It was all worth it and all that to say he was in a good mood and he did not deliver in Southaven. He did not deliver the typical Trump speech. Yeah, he definitely went off plenty into the culture and we got it. I won't even get until we got I got Jovan falling off his bike will get to that later. He deftly talked about. I talked about that too at the restaurant will get that audio little bit later on as well, but I read he he was clearly in a good mood and he just an and mail and why. Why not you're in the South and the Best Pl., Southaven, MS. We've gone and and he knows that the January 6 Kangaroo Ct. has nothing on him. They know we didn't do anything wrong. We know from the Democrats. There are no criminal referrals that are coming out here so really the path is being cleared for him to run for reelection. I know it's good to compose and at this point, yet is not Liz Cheney. I mean she's got legally blown up her. I mean it's that's just appalling, and shame on Liz Bailey because I like Liz Cheney and I really felt like she could've been something she could have been the next Republican president of these great United States because she is she's actually more conservative than Trump but she is she's become completely infected with Trump derangement syndrome. There is no cure, no cure, no known cure.

It's it's very sad. Maybe we should like to tell if she goes to telephone you how Jerry Lewis does the Telefon that would be pitiful, but she could do it through true. So anyway while out soap so this is fascinating. Trump comes to Memphis and is driving the liberals nuts and you know why Grace Baker I be there. They're complaining about everything you read the progressive city Council in Memphis and they said no security for Donald Trump running to be providing any police and you know that's okay. I think Memphis police would've done a great job but they were even asked her yet. The Southaven police were but they can't. But I mean they had it all mean it was pretty impressive. The security set up ahead but the city Council said we don't want him here.

They said we would provide as a matter fact I called him out on some guy named JB.

:-) He's always got a frown to say it's not a very fitting name G and some guy named Marti BSI what's his face. Nobody cares about his last name is a loser. So anyway you got these two black city Council guys and their bashing Trump saying we don't want to provide him security and so I called about Grace Baker on social media and isobar. Okay fine what what about Obama will of course we would provide security for Obama.

If Obama came to them all I see. So it's about race. All right, I just want to make sure all the record and preserve the crickets. After that, so then you've got the of the local newspaper that nobody reads owned by Jeanette the commercial and is so. But here's how bad it is. You can even come of the a good nickname like the Atlanta Journal-Constitution in Atlanta is the Atlanta urinal constipation. Yeah other Yorks lines with commercial appeal it. So it's really pathetic and it's a pathetic news organization is very sad how the mighty have fallen it. It really is like to be at slice eight pages.

Yeah so anyway the commercial appeal. They're complaining because Trump is is promoting the fact that is to be a Memphis when in fact he wasn't Memphis. He was across the state line in Southaven and they're going nuts about that you had some old Commissioner on some Tammy Sawyer. She's one of these are radical of she's one of these radical feminist blackjacks and man, she's got Abhijit. It's everything is racist or as though she was complaining about all the billboards around yellow writing is about that on her morning commute was probably it.

It's tough, you're stuck in traffic to my 240 like have enough you to try to get shot, but I can look at a Trump billboard 12 it's terror so anyway I'm at the point of getting to the reason why the Libs are so upset that Trump came to Memphis. This is the bluest part of the state of Tennessee really wanted the most progressive cities in America me right up there with New York City and Burke is very liberal and the fact of the matter is they don't like Trump coming here because they know quietly. They all talk about this. They all know that more Blacks and more Hispanics more minorities are actually joining the Republican Party right now.

There actually there actually leaving the Democrat plantation and their horrified now because they see holy crap, Trump is coming to Memphis, Tennessee.

That's like black backup and I will is is our are more people go to convert over and grace. I'm telling you, there are a lot of minorities at the Trump rally on Saturday. They don't want to see how popular he is among small groups is really what they done that's it that they don't understand. Will they do understand they understand their about to their about to lose power and black Americans especially have been sold a bill of goods. They have been lied to for generations by these Democrats and now their chickens are coming home to roost and people are beginning understand you know what Trump asked a simple question. What you have to lose. And now they understand what they had to lose because everybody suffering everybody seven to pay big money at the at the grocery store everybody some to fork over big box at the gas station. Everybody's home to change their vacation plans because I live anybody because I Joe Biden in the Democrat finance daughters I column.

Meanwhile, you've got a you got a Southern Baptist convention leader. All this is crazy I mean crazy.

It's popcorn out things Southern Baptist convention leader is now accusing all of you Trump supporters of basically whoring your selves out. This is the quote from a major Southern Baptist leader who says Southern Baptist bent over and were horrors for Trump later pastor said that some guy named Kevin Smith and he is African-American leader up in. I believe Marilyn's and this guy former state convention executive, and he was speaking of some sort of a religious gathering and he said Southern Baptist lost their minds. When Barack Obama was elected and that some Southern Baptist bent over and became political horrors over Donald Trump. It's crazy. That's disgusting. I mean, it's amazing to hear pastor say such things. It's like wait a minute you think this with somebody on CNN, but no it's a Southern Baptist preacher what all this is I love this. I love Donald Trump. You know why because he's exposing all these grifters he's exposing all of these liberal foulmouthed liberal woke evangelical's in the southern Baptist convention.

Know the southern Baptist worrying is not only were these people are buddies exposing what they called one of the leaders. A nasty guy. He's right, he exposed him. He's exposing the rhino and the Republican Party. He's exposing the deep state. That's why really hates this guy, this is for everybody and Washington hates I will Trump is a cop. He's calling them out. He knows who they are. He knows the game they're playing. People don't like when you speak the truth. They do not know what the truth will set you free, and were about this were about to see how all this plays out. So anyway, working out of bones I'm curious are Memphis and Nashville listers if you went to the speech of your heard Donald Trump what to take away are you are you energized you think that he's going to be the guy for 2024. Every time I see him speak.

I keep thinking he's gonna run and he's going to win and he is going to win in big numbers 844-747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 this is the Todd storage.

Happy new year friends, 20, 22 is going to be a critical year for America and for a bank Association of mature American citizens along with her nearly 2 million members like me fight to stop out-of-control spending of the presidents built fact that her scheme is far from over.

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Your value go to a Mac .us/time again that a Mac .us/become a member now.

I mean really you know this from bicycle was abided by business is pretty brilliant so Biden's riding his bicycle in Delaware and what gets me is when I I was about to get up to give a speech what I heard Havey heard people were talking about back of the agreement had you heard about� What happened. I thought maybe somebody hello baby Jill had crashed into Biden. I didn't know what was going on, baby, like dented T-bone but it turns out that he had actually stopped the bicycle and was trying to get off the bicycle when it all went you know what I would tell you know what, and that he's okay yes I like you, he's fine. He does not bruise the gold but a scum like this guy Woody University always has trouble walking up the stairs.

He's never thought I mean if he fell down the stairs. It would be like job that would not be going that would not be good because he does keep tumbling. I think you would tumble all the way down, but how many times is it two or three times he's I had trouble climbing the stairs maneuvering the stairs on in Air Force One and now the poor guy fell down. He could get up. It was terrible so you so you don't wonder at what point at what point do somebody stepping about Mr. Pres., you got a call today I read this seriously. I mean, what happened over the weekend as a metaphor for this guy's entire presidency coming but the whole country is a region dumpster fire. The borders completely overrun were fighting a proxy war with the Russians, not to mention our respect on the world stage is just it's gone. It's in shambles and the economy is an absolute mess. Never seen anything like paying all this money for gasoline nine dollars a gallon in death Valley almost 5 dollars a gallon across bolt between Memphis Tennessee and Nashville. I can tell you it's a lot of money to fill up your gas tank and now people are struggling to put food on the table as a matter fact I want you all pleasant to save this audio for little bit later but there there are farmers out there and I know if you saw this this video over the weekend more than 10,000 towels.

Now here's what the mainstream media one should avoid more than 10,000 camels just drop dead in Kansas just all in one swoop. We had the video up on Todd it's the craziest thing is like just row after row after row of Chick-fil-A couch with her leg sticking straight up in the air and they just drop dead. Nobody knows nobody knows what happened. Now you got the mainstream media. Others think of. They just got hot okay I okay but you know what it's hot all the time.

That's what counts.

Cows live in the heat and you're trying to tell me that the heat and humidity just killed 10,000 towels all at one time know we have been talking about this. A lot of this radio program, but I've been seeing the reports.

Or maybe you have two of all these food processing centers.

These food distribution centers that have gone up in smoke, they burn down. You got all these dead and this cattle situation they're saying is 10,000. It may be more than 10,000, and now you got these farmers out there. There's never the American farmer and he was on the news saying hey you better pay attention. We got big trouble, when you say there's going to be seen.

Shortages are we talking about things like what we see from Venezuela or from Cuba or from Russia where if you go to the grocery store is it that they're out of honey and Cheerios are they out of all serial was most people know: for instance, is in cornflakes and corn syrup us would be answering all sorts of products or that wind up in you grocery stores.

Also, when you don't have enough call me don't have enough wheat we don't have enough soybeans those things those major items that we need to make all all of these other products are not going to be in your local grocery stores like we been used for so long prepared and enjoyed no lots of food in this country.

So remember every first of food shortage and I think that's coming in the coming months of the bond administration that I've been urging to take more swift action still hasn't taken the action. This I believe this needed so there you have it folks. You got a farmer and he's not the only one there a lot of farmers that have been going on news programs across the country saying hey America better wake up.

We have got food shortages on the way and and so when you hear that kind of news you wonder. Okay, what's the point of it was very simple.

The government they want you reliant upon them for everything they want you reaching out to the government for for healthcare for gas money for a paycheck. And yes, even for food. Now are you buying what they're selling when it comes to these food shortages and the plants going up in smoke in the cows just dropping dead or do you think there's something else going on 844-747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone number Todd certain that God is our website will be right back. There is no doubt the nation is facing a financial crisis because of the Biden ministrations economic policies hi this is Todd start and no doubt our economy is in trouble and you need to take steps to protect yourself of all your money is tied up in stocks, bonds, and traditional market you are vulnerable. Gold is one of the best ways to protect your retirement no matter what happens you own your goal. It's real physical always been valuable since the dawn of time, like you see precious metal as the company I investing in gold. They can help you hold your retirement account into a goal back IRA still own the physical goal also ship precious metal safely and securely to your house. You know $1 million worth of gold can actually fit inside a shoebox called legacy at 866-528-1903 or visit them online legacy PM legacy PM is the most urgent tasks facing the next Republican president I went to thank you and my lead.

Like Adam Kinzer I said is drying is hard to believe it's real.

Would anybody like me to run for president tell you they don't want religion in our country are present, they don't. Folks after after seeing the response to this president in Nashville and then in Southaven, Mississippi, the Memphis Tennessee area. I have come to the conclusion that not only will trump Ron for the White House again, but he will crush whoever the Democrats put up against and is going to be, maybe, here's my my money would be on Michelle Obama. That's right put my money.

I think Michelle Obama's going to be the go to for 2024 because I got nobody else over there with Democrat nobody nobody but Donald Trump has. He has really connected with people and especially the religious community. Now I'm curious. I know, especially with our natural and our Memphis audience. I'm curious if you went to the rally. Did you pick up on that. Did you pick up on the enthusiasm and is he going to be your guy 844-747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868. By the way the president still no big fan of Fox news channel and up before we get to the presidents audio so Melissa Francis, a friend of a friend of mine from back in the fog stays.

She left under weird circumstances and that she was short so she filed a lawsuit and settle out of court for like what millions of dollars. I believe what $13 million. I I've heard from 13 $18 million because over at Fox they were paying the men more than they were.

The women and she says that's not right. And I sure enough the of the settlement is a pretty spectacular, as a matter fact during the conversations and I really can't go into great detail because of some of my issues with Fox, but I can say this the person she negotiated the contract with I it's allegedly told her look. Men get paid more than women.

And that's the way it's gotta be so anyway. Fox I just had to fork over a lot of cash anyway. I trust very upset with the Fox News Ct. of the World Cup number four Bill Maher right everyone in Belmont for example is a radical left maniac with modest television ratings minus and as soon as he says something that's a little bit modest with temperate Fox and others put them on to explain all love Omar lefty Bill Myers saying wonderful things. They play right into the hand of the enemy.

It's amazing. I'm sure he laughs like hell and how stupid they their kissing Dias of the enemy. And in that case is asked is not particularly pretty little bit was proposed and I don't know well good for you, Mr. Pres. again.

You guys been in a great mood lately and I I think that he sees how all this is playing out. I he sees that CNN is in turmoil right now you've got the new leadership over there and there get their cleaning house. They know that what they been doing it. Not only is it not working it's going to implode the entire company and that's why they're making changes and look so here's what's gonna be fascinating to watch CNN will be moderating itself over the next couple of years so other words, they their going to be bringing CNN back from the brink of the leftist Fox news channel. On the other hand, is moving its network.

Centerleft hoping that you don't see the difference. But let's get real.

We got the smallest smartest audience and all talk radio and you guys see exactly what's going on.

You see exactly what's happening over and Fox news channel right now. What's going to happen is the tour going to meet in the middle, and end at that point. There's really knocking to be much of a difference between CNN and Fox news channel that's just the way it is. So there you go. 844-747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868.

Now there is an interesting story up on our website. Of course, all this month. It is a gay pride, gay pride month and now we've got Juneteenth so you've got to conflicting identity card holidays going on, and the question is what trumps what right. That's what I don't understand. So do we have to take a break now from gay pride month to celebrate Juneteenth orgy is an all-in-one and I don't think it's all in one eye. But if you go out there and asked people on the streets. I don't think they will agree that you can celebrate both holidays at the same time so Juneteenth is an I warned you folks when they announce that we are creating a brand-new holiday or Independence Day that that this holiday was going to divide the nation because now you have black Independence Day and then you've got regular Independence Day and the two are very different.

So over at Arizona State University. They have the Meijer Boulevard right through the center of campus and they have the flags on the other light post. It's very beautiful, you just drive down the board. You have all the swags now for Memorial Day. They had old glory so they had you driving down the center of campus at Arizona State University and you have these beautiful red white and blue flights will now they took down the flags and that they were telling turning point USA a student said you're not gonna believe this, they took down the American flags and they replace the American flags with the rainbow flags and the Juneteenth flag and gray speaker. I had no idea that Juneteenth actually had its own flag know it's got everything its own anthem its own flag. Only thing and then you got pride month so it's like which one do I concentrate on yeah and in which they have a song.

I will of course they got us that got us out of song played that song many times they're coming for your children buddy I got was it's raining men, but that can't be because you know then it's men, and then you've got the trends and you got the gals the lesbians yeah and confusing and had Father's Day on the same day as Juneteenth that created a whole another conundrum. No, no, you did you notice it's like nobody knew Father's Day. Exhausted.

Did you notice I had was really bad. He was like Juneteenth filters but no Father's Day.

The dads don't count anymore, but really Google didn't have the Snapchat. It was mainly like here's Juneteenth O is Father's Day happening today to we didn't know completely. They got the shaft Father's Day.

You guys got hosed.

We celebrated my dad. It's pretty pathetic.

I mean, it really is very sad. So anyway they replaced all the all the flags and and looks of the gaping the gay crowd the active as they want you to bow down and worship the rainbow flags. He got a pledge early just about like Juneteenth actually has two different flags one has like was it red, green and black and the other is sort of red white and blue, but it's a different version is not the stuffy American flag and so now there's a lot of controversy within the black community because they're saying that no fact that's too much like the American flag.

We want the red, black and green flag. I'm telling you the whole point of Juneteenth is to divide the nation. That's all.

That's the only point of that holiday.

Now don't get me wrong, I have no issue at all with commemorating Juneteenth, but to make it a federal holiday.

I don't understand why if you want to have a federal holiday. Let's do that on the day that Abraham Lincoln, the Republican president signed the Emancipation Proclamation and if you don't know the history of the Juneteenth holiday that was a day June 19 when federal troops came to Galveston Texas and told told the black slaves they had been free. That was two years after the Emancipation Proclamation had been signed by the Republican president and for the record, though slaves were liberated.

Those slaves were freed not under the red black and whatever they were freed under the red white and blue, just, and again I know I know everybody has her own truth, but these are the facts. This is the history and history automatic, but the whole point here is to divide this nation because they want you to think that July 4, Independence Day is not meant for everybody. You better believe it folks. They are going to try and divide this country and we got to be there and we gotta stop this nonsense from happening are eight 844-747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone number that's 844747 Edie 868 all do I have to tell you about our friends over at Newsmax Greta Van Susteren back on cable news. A last regret is new show launched on Newsmax, America's fastest-growing cable news channel.

Every night greatest proving that people want real news without the media spin. Her show is called the record with Greta Van Susteren.

Everybody's talking about it. You can watch 6 o'clock tonight, Eastern is Greta broadcast from Washington with real news giving you the facts you need to know. By the way, if you would like more information on Greta show all you need to do is text the word Greta to 39, 747 that's Greta the 30 9747 switch to Newsmax today. Ladies and gentlemen it's real news for real people. If you are looking for my fellow you will not find it in the big box stores and the reason why it's pretty awful my fellows being canceled by the canceled culture Bob. That's why Michael Odell wants to sell directly to you and that comes with some great savings to get the lowest price of the history of my fellow for their classic standard normally 6998 now only 1998 with the promo code*five fellow does more than just fellows have over 150 product where the slippers even and human my\start, that's my\the promo code or call 800-544-8939 that's my\start or call one 800-5939. The promo code*I was walking back to the surgery. We try to get the president enjoy some dry rub barbecue, I was that a dry rub ribs, but maybe next time really getting back to play golf to all of our golf courses at her but unfortunately is like 300� and that's unpleasant. Nobody wants to be golfing out. By the way, we've got some great video up on the website Beaux-Arts video actually what happened in Washington DC last I've had the big Juneteenth celebration.

Gunfire breaks out. One teenager killed three adults, including a police officer shot.

Turns out that the police chief was like well we confiscated all these illegal guns.

Every single one of them handguns. By the way, and and what's shocking about this.

Washington DC has the strictest gun laws in all of America and it turns out that this party they're having a big outdoor concert motel is what they call the motel and iodide according to the reports via people were not even allowed to do it so is an illegal concert.

Nobody got any permits so yet hundreds of people just spontaneously showing up on the street for a concert.

What a mess that is all right. Let's go to the phones here Charles North Carolina WSI see what's on your mind Charles wanted to wait celebration that everybody's talking about. And just like you, I think it's very divisive but not only that, but not even the correct it's not even the correct day save the country, and that's what did I mention I think it needs to be the date that we need to be celebrating December 6, 1860, and a people say what days that go into the background so you after the battle of Antietam, Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation, which freed slaves in states that are in rebellion against the union beginning on January 1, 1863. So for the next two years and even up to the end of the Civil War and slavery still existed in states that were not in rebellion, Kansas, Missouri, Delaware, Kentucky, Maryland a lot of states that were not in rebellion so the Civil War did not insulate and it took a constitutional amendment to do that. That amendment was proposed in January 1865 and it wasn't until December 6, 1865 the 27th state of the 36 state unit ratified that amendment. So to celebrate June 16 two Juneteenth is a day of freedom. Emancipation is totally incorrect and yeah I just think that they're going to have holidays that are as civil rights name. Why not just roll them all in one Martin Luther King holiday Juneteenth December 6, 1865 enter college civil rights instead of giving every every ethnic group.

Separate holiday because I think that divide is not you know and and this especially was meant to divide being so close to Independence Day and and you've heard the stories we talked about this were now you have some of these activist in the black community single. This is the this is our Independence Day.

You know what this is United States of America, and by golly, you were granted your freedom as a result of the red white and blue and it bears a mind repeating a Republican president that correct. It was the Republican Party did not only slaves but they all also ratified the 14th amendment, which defines the ship and the 15th amendment, which gave Blacks the right to vote, so I just wish the Republican Party would do a better job of reminding minorities of that not the Democratic Party to set them free at the Democratic Party that started slave plantation and continues to be the modern-day slave plantation Charles not want to know you're right.

I would encourage people to watch a great HBO movie and I thought Brian Cranston did an amazing job all the way with LBJ and it tells the story of the passage of the civil rights act and when you see it was Democrats Democrats who were trying to stop who was who were trying to stop the civil rights movement. People need to see it, then they need to understand the real history and you're right.

The Republicans need to do a better job of explaining a Charles. Gotta run. Great stuff as always grace I've you know I my heart is troubled. Well Todd, I'm here to get on his shoulder to cry on to tell me I'm a sensitive soul. I know, and that sometimes the hyperbole sometimes the political rhetoric gives little hot here on the program and I think I've done Pres. Biden wrong. Oh, how I should. I have mock the man for not knowing how to ride a bicycle. I have marked the man for his inability to climate stairs is okay so I want to do something want to make it right and I think your audience is getting on this. I think there can appreciate this. I think we need to raise money held the tonsure and radio program to bind the president some training wheels for his bicycle so he does not to worry about falling over and over very generous gesture time and also I've been online and I think I'm going to order this through Amazon. I am to send this to the White House. But I want to send Pres. Biden a chairlift that and and will have it painted like the same colors as Air Force One so we could just sit there and he doesn't have to climb up the stairs right to disc. No risk, have a seat Mr. Pres., have a seat initial seatbelt with the emblem there on the that's is my way of handling wetware with you, Mr. Pres. will be right back. I need galaxies. He flipped for all these new taxes might not like the part I found it in fact not capture hands-free tax from multiple angles.

For sure training sessions for his father. I simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for compact and fit perfectly in my pocket galaxies. He flipped for the University studio in Memphis Tennessee. All right hello every body and have you share with you now. I can't tell you how we obtain this information, but you can probably guess, but we have a lot of sources within the White House itself and some of them were boots on the ground in in Delaware and their very they're big fans of the show. I've already said too much. I can't hide I don't want you guys to guess where sources are, but yes, there was video of Pres. Biden falling off of his bicycle yesterday over the weekend about we, there's more to it and we actually have the audio of what really went down what really happened, as Joe Biden was pedaling towards the press corps and these people that were standing around in Delaware.

Let's take a listen to the exclusive video hope by sounds like you took out the entire press corps there while you know I feel bad I feel bad for for Pres. Biden and Grace Baker were to play one more time you want to hear what part-time Grace Baker right. Let's go back and listen.

All right well alright so we won't will reset that I grace what is going on over there. It's just where all dying laughing here about Joe Biden on the bike add I just cannot believe that you obtain that exclusive body. I didn't know we had fans of the White House link.well died.

I don't I don't want to say much more. I don't say much more� Listen again. We had the people I know I I will get up now there's like Snyder cut of the justice league.

This was like them. The Biden cut of the bicycle so so light-colored. I guess EPT pressed the button you press the button and it works. Thank God he's a devout Catholic know the people where the cross around her neck.

He's got the life got the life alert and you just push the button and enter the common and that yeah they said nine modules. They dispatch the first responders we just think he is okay. We were pretty sure he's not okay he's all touched in the head, but this is all I can say is that Grace Baker we made this announcement in the last hour of the show we hear of the Todd Stearns radio program.

We want to help.

We want to help the principal. We are we are a generous people and is very clear. He's having trouble maneuvering the stairs on Air Force One, he cannot ride his bicycle so working out working to raise money and we know if I will you know what if if we don't raise the money I will pay for it myself to send to the White House, a organist and some training wheels for the bicycle so that way he won't have that issue. The bipolar map right will you know my eight-year-old brother has unison training Realty finished with about a couple years ago. I think we still have line around we can just give up.

So you are telling me you will donate yet training wheels from your eight-year-old brothers bicycle exactly. I just think that is a noble thing to leisure God, that's all. You are your very safe while life of an effort because I was facing the stairwell and these things are little pricey yet accounting inflation but you got it.

That's right, ended up at a paint job because we don't want it to class with the colors of Air Force One. So we're going to buy the president a stair lift and will ship this to the White House 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., Everett is a courtesy of the Todd surge radio program and the working to buy him a chairlift they can install on Air Force One, so the president doesn't have to worry about falling up or down the stairs and I think that would save our country. I really do well, quite frankly Workmen's Comp. yeah sure just to say I wonder who in her audience would like to become a part of that to go fund me.

We get like Barry Manilow tied to a special song would you like a telephone on the on the radio. I love this Liz. I little that lives on the line 844-747-8860.

It is our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 Outlook Pres. from way down on the transgender triggers a fascinating story that's that's coming out of world swimming where there cracking down on these dudes were put in on the bikinis and swimming with the girls and there's now they're saying you know what we gotta put a stop to this nonsense and there there taking a they're taking a hard hard approach to this, so the world of swimming, the international governing body for swimmers has now decided they're not going to allow men who identify as women to compete with the women and their catching all sorts of you know what the gender inclusion policy will only permit swimmers who transitioned before the age of 12, to compete in women's sports. The world body voted 71.5% in favor of the new policies. There was also a proposal for a new open competition policy. The organization said it was in a company working group and then a look at all of that. Why not just have a separate transgender category. I don't know why that's such a big problem, but Pres. Tromp put all of this into perspective, so he was talking to a group in Southaven, Mississippi of our great listeners down there on Kate W a.m. and the president was pointing out that look this is a big problem, however.

However, he thinks that what you know if they're going to go forward with this then you would be foolish not to take full advantage of the fact that you can have men who identify as women playing basketball teams cut number 10 looks left looks right that she seizes person like holy man Guyana wings that is Thomas. It was the longest human being like this arms and went down to the floor but did you see the look she's looking to hold you know what you said when she saw to herself, but I won't say this because I don't want to get a camera. She looked at him. She said holy I'm in trouble and you know is very sad because she was seriously injured during the race. You know what injured when burn she got by the wind, he would buy her so fast, never recovered.

When burn so he broke so I could buy 38 seconds it's so unfair to women so unfair to women. I'm in if I were a basketball coach I know who I'd be going.

I don't want to get involved.

But I'd be hiring IP I have the greatest desk I have the greatest women's basketball team of all time. I can't stand Lebron James but I would say Lebron would you think about going woman as if you did, I'd like to put you on my team says a guy like that. I'd like to have a mighty basketball team. He would be the captain of my women's basketball team. We lose them again.

It's true, folks. This is why this is why we love president drop because you know you're all thinking I just think about this. All you have to do is self identified and prove all you want to be a woman find your woman that's up that's how society this evening Hillary Rodham Clinton over the weekend. Hillary Clinton was like you guys gotta cut this crap out so Hillary and her heart is a pragmatist and this is it's fascinating to watch her operate. Hillary Clinton over the weekend was warning the Democrats that the transgender movement is not behold, I and she's warning Democrats that hey look, this is this is not going to work for you, then Jones over at CNN actually went out. Pardon me, and then Jones was say hey look, if you excuse got choked up their grace. But then Jones is out there and he's saying hello anybody out there who's calling each other. Latina X note I don't know but I heard Disney, plus a recently they said Latina X and I like your imagination. Disney that's it know it's true. So Hillary and she look she's not stupid she's she's a very brilliant strategist library calculated very calculated, and in this is the thing you need to know about the Democrats because what Hillary did here was give us a little bit of a glimpse inside the demented mind of the Democrats, they don't care about you people, blanks gaze is bent don't care about you is all about power. And if you're hurting them, then you're gone that you are dead to that's what Hillary is basically trying to say exactly and and she's not wrong. I will say this. The problem is that the AOC and receded to leaves Anil Hunt Omar's of the Democrat party. The ones were actually controlling this party right yet so Hillary really has does not have a lot of power and neither does Nancy Pelosi know, but I will say when Nancy Pelosi wants something done.

She does kind of put the squad in their place.

I feel like it says you're good about this way you're going to be in trouble. That's the way it feels like to me like she's the mom and there. The kids and she's I know you go stand over there in the corner and she's made AOC Christ is it time for debuts. It is time lives in Sullivan J news across the fruit and play the game nationally.

I agree Harry style.

I so he's the guy that wears the end and the dresses make a bit more like grandmother close okay so he's wearing he's wearing women's clothes. Yeah, so is he like to see identified here or what's the deal you know me starting in some movie that he's in a play gated apparently you know all the ladies love them but I have a feeling he swings both ways, but I've only seen him date with so anyway he's running around on stage he was with the subgroup. What is it one voice, one direction X one direction of the right ballpark jumps and Simon Cowell found the guys I like America's Got Talent written much talent that's always been hired, so I anyway Harry styles now out on his own and this is what happened. I guess during recent performance cut to place you think that is physically what was encouraging his crowd to come out. Please have the rainbow flag in his room and he's like as soon as this passes over your day, but that's very weird it's very weird but the inside because he is extremely popular among people my age are I don't get so well all right good luck to you that you think there's also another big controversy.

This is the state of Texas and the Republicans are having their big gathering over the weekend or state convention and the log cabin Republicans were shut out as matter fact, the Texas Republican Party voted to shut out the log cabin Republicans know that is a gay Republican organization and the Texas Republican Party went, so went so far as to adopt a platform that refers to homosexuality is abnormal and opposes all efforts to validate transgender identity is a 40 page platform and so now you got a bunch of gay conservatives were very upset over all of this now I am curious we got to go to a breaker but you have a problem with gaze and the Republican Party.

Do you do you have a problem with people who identify as LGBT or queue being a part of the Republican Party. Should they be kicked out of the Republican Party.

Would you rather than vote for a for a Democrat Amina for that matter, what about atheist would you have a problem with atheist joining the Republican figure.

Because of this 844-747-8868. Do you agree with the Texas Republicans for booting gaze out of the party. 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Stern show someone who's not working no chill. Trust me, that used me but then I found galaxy full four which allows me to do more things at once. Much now I think you caused my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy.

See full four and was part of the Pope. By the way, is a far leftist I mean it. It's borderline fascist with this guy but no doubt that the Pope is done just what the southern Baptist leaders have done. Are they really trying to the Pope is tried is not so much neutralize the Catholic Church from the culture wars but the Pope has taken a radical leftist approach. Southern Baptists have just decided to sort it all out but the out the reporting and this is coming from TMC that the Pope may be getting ready to call it a day. Your thoughts on that 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 we go back to this audio that we played earlier of this farmer, the president of the black farmers Association is warning Americans that we got big problems coming up. Cut number one place when you say there's anything shortages are we talking about things like what we see from Venezuela or from Cuba or from Russia where did you go to the grocery store is it that they're out of honey and Cheerios are they out of all serial. Most people don't know: for instances and conflicts in corn syrup us would be answering all sorts of products or that wind up in you grocery stores. Also, when you don't have enough call me don't have enough we don't have enough soybeans those things those major items that we need to make all all of these other products are not going to be in your local grocery stores like you been used to for so long. Enjoy you know, lots of food in this country. So remember ever faced a food shortage and I think that's coming in the coming months of the bond administration that I've been urging to take more swift action still hasn't taken the Exodus, I believe this needed I agree with him, and again my concern were hearing reports from all over America of food processing centers food plants manufacturing places that have just gone up in smoke of their they're burning down and people are saying that this is not coincidental that there's something much bigger going on here that this is a man made man caused food shortage that were about to suffer.

Here in America you you find any truth in that 844-747-8860 record of the phones coming up. This is the Todd Stern's radio show someone who's not working no chill. Trust me, that used me but then I found galaxy full for which allows me to do more things at once. Much now I think you caused my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen.

Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy. See full four parties so Don Trump Junior is his way out of this big story out of taxes over the weekend where the log cabin Republicans. They Republicans were banned from being a part of the Texas Republican Party and John Junior is saying that he is accusing the Texas Republican Party of canceling gay Republicans by excluding them from the convention and others are saying what they ought to be doing. They ought to be focused more on removing the rhinos instead of attacking gay conservatives. This is what Doug Donald Trump Junior says, and many others agree with Don Junior and some somebody symbol okay. Abandon gaze from the Republican Party. What about the atheist.

What about all the divorcees becoming of European origin. If you gone out there and you've got a divorce would. Should you be allowed to be a part of the Republican Party at where do you draw the line. The look, here's my take on this antilock let's go the phones Rocha County go to Terry and Georgia W.

Do you Terry. I think the controversy here is how big that the Republic content ought to be. I got totally agree with Don Trump Junior on their Republican Party and to franchise and show voters.

You don't have it you have a lien to interstate you should hear how much money they see Abram spending on advertising down here in Georgia and you know the party really needs to get back together were hoping for a big red when and November, but you gotta take the right action. There's not going to happen. Look, I I completely understand why some people have a problem with the LGBT agenda. I get that.

But the reality is the Republican Party is not a religious organization.

It is a political party, and if if they want to go down that path and I know who's running that the Texas Republican Party, but they want up if they want to have some for the litmus test their selections of events is the reality here and have to build a coalition that is.

Let me know what you don't have to agree with everything but were not talking about revising the party platform and if you can agree on the basics.

I think you can find agreement to work to win elections to protect all of her rights are hundred percent correct on that yeah you have to agree with me on 100% of you know my platform or majority. Been lying there in the slippery slope at the end of your criterion is thank you for the call of the patriot newsmaker line very excited to have a good friend of this program. He is the Executive Vice President of the American family Association just a great broadcaster in his own right. And honestly I think this should have been the argument from from the Texans is this issue of transgender is Ed Battaglia and Battaglia auto joins us on the patriot newsmaker line at Hope you're doing good today doing great God that crappy you know edit coming out just a little while ago you had the world's swimming governing body is saying you were not going to let when I get to let men compete with women in the swimming races and it was refreshing to hear somebody weigh in with a with a dose of common sense on this issue absolutely and you know in November last year the international Olympic Committee kind upon it a little bit and what they did what they said that the kind of global bodies overreached or need to make the final decision on the transgender issue and the peanut seems to be the first one I haven't heard any of the others coming out, but its members voted almost 72% in favor of making this change where there saying listen unless a swimmer began the transition process before age 12. That is before puberty they can't compete and biological males cannot compete in women's event and that just makes so much that and it was by such a large margin. My normally pessimistic nature of these kinds of things. I'm thinking maybe they'll stick to it because there to get blasted well and again even Hillary Clinton. She was doing an interview over the weekend and she said, look, this is not the whole Donald you know going out there and calling you JK Rowling to be the author of the Harry Potter series. A fascist because she believes that men are men and women are women. She says that's not a winning formula. So even people as far left as Hillary Clinton understand the issue here yeah will Todd I think the problem for the Democratic Party is you have established establishment types like obviously Hillary Clinton who take a more pragmatic approach to politics and someone like Hillary Clinton is going to say what is going to work in terms of the next election so we can get in and do what we believe is best for the country and I disagree with Hillary Clinton. I'm probably just about everything, but I agree with her on the transgender movement represent such a tiny fraction of the American people yet is such a dramatic departure from what a lot of people view with comments that I think she's exactly right. The problem for is that her party.

I will say is completely taken over by the pro-trends kind of activist, but I think she's going to get and other establishment types for the Democratic Party are going to get a lot of pushback from those who are committed to this issue and aren't going to take pragmatic iterations into account and I'm curious what you guys are hearing from from your constituents, the listeners of American family radio because it seems as though this movement. This transgender movement is really being birthed and grown within the public school system starting in and preschool well yeah it really is and I think this part of the part of the radical left movement in trying to completely overturn our founded foundational principles there willing of course to work with adult and fight those battles on college and university campuses. You know on PBS or what have you, but they also have an eye to the future and I think it is clear with issues like transgender movement, critical race theory and some of these others that they intend to change the next generations of young people so that they become adults that they can count on to be supportive of their agenda and we kinda saw this in the dustup over the Florida law. I think most Americans want to be compassionate towards people who are struggling with their gender parents have rights to, especially when it comes to their own children, and that's why you're getting all this pushback. If there was a silver lining in the old covert shutdown it, it clearly seems to be that parents maybe for the first time looking over their kids shoulders as their kids were learning remotely started figuring out what their kids are being taught in this pushback is not to go away either. So you have transgender activist who were going to continue to push hard in our public schools, but parents are beginning to fight back. I don't think that bites going away either.

Battaglia auto is on our patriot newsmaker line. He is vice president Executive Vice President American family Association and this is no doubt a this is the culture war battle right here and you're dealing with kids you're dealing with.

And if we are to believe the numbers I think a survey came out last week and we were talking about the program where an overwhelming majority of the people who identify as transgender are under the age of 18, which again tells me this is about indoctrination. This is about grooming, how are you guys at AFR deal with this issue. It's very sensitive.

But at the same time. You gotta speak truth into the culture. So we start with the with the presupposition that a biological boy. For example, his belief about his gender. Is it may be what that individual think about it it's not reality.

At the same time and this is one of the reasons why we are opposed to corporate woke pandering and virtue signaling is because there really are people who are struggling with their identity and feel lost.

The answer isn't doing courage them to continue. You know, kind of wandering aimlessly in the darkness of their delusion that will only prolong their suffering. So you know where Christian organization. We believe that the answer is the gospel in the love of God and that the light that is going up help these lost individuals kinda find their way home and find the peace they desire.

We made in the release in 2020, a movie called in his image.

People can watch it for free in his and it is our attempt to bring a biblical perspective on this very critical issue and it's done compassionately because these people you know they they deserve to have the knee and support of people who do not want to see them harmed, but at the same time. What a person thinks in his or her mind is not necessarily reality to everyone else and people who disagree have a right to express their opinion. You see, and I'm so glad that you framed it like that because we know that the mainstream media.

They hate you guys the leftist hate you guys and they they miss.

They misconstrue what American family Association is really all about and it's I think the approach that you guys have to these very important issues is not only admirable, but I think it's also biblical and it's filled with compassion and love for people and and I just really appreciate that Ed we've let you go but I got a brag on the brand-new building of the facilities there American family Association are beautiful and I know you guys have to be excited about the growth of the expansion. After all these years. We are the building got finished. We are all moved in.

What most of us. We still have a little bit of renovation going on in one of our older buildings, but the 40 years building across the street served us but we have all kinds of leaks and part of the building was about all of the gully behind it. So it was time to gotta build for the next 40 years and were grateful to God for his help in doing that and the I like you Todd, we have a heart for this nation and its people and were just to do what we can to speak the truth in love, and more importantly how's the AC isn't holding up well yeah he is working working fine here and listen with all due respect to my forefathers. I don't care if they think I am a weenie.

I love air conditioning, and it is really important know our ancestors know, birthed this nation out of the Eaton with the sweat of their brow, but I'm grateful greatly. Well said all right. Ed will always fun having you on and we got gets about to spend way too long and we appreciate the great work and the partnership we have with American family radio grateful for you to thought anytime you need me on will work it out all right. Ed Battaglia auto is the executive VP over American family Association and God bless and stay cool down there in Tupelo, Mississippi. All right, good people really good people and their you know what they are so careful and mindful of the ministry dollars they receive.

Of that there is a nonprofit and they they just have a wonderful track record and honest-to-goodness eye when I first drove down there about 10 years ago I'm like wow you normally do have a lot of these Christian ministries have these palatial things but man it was very frugal and because their input. It's not about them it's about the ministry is about the message and I appreciate that the phones here Jeff in Georgia W GUN wants to weigh in on this controversy over in Texas hey Jeff what's up what's on your mind taking my call. I just overheard what you talking about, and I've been voting Republican all my life ever since Reagan's and I will not vote Republican Republican party bring down the homosexual agenda with the big Kent Daniels and get about this country over this country would be over. We would've compromised everything that we believe that if the Republican Party would like to do that over to my Jeff. I don't think that's what they're doing that.

This is where I'm confused. It would be one thing if you have the log cabin Republicans going in and saying okay to make the following changes to your platform to accommodate our beliefs. That's not what they're doing.

Instead, the Republican Party down in Texas a site you don't regularly what were going to go ahead and put into our platform. The following language that we believe homosexual homosexuality as a deviant behavior. So it's really the other way around.

In my contention here. Jeff is and I may be no and if I'm wrong, you guys can call me out on this, but if were going to go down that path. Okay what about the atheist do. Is it okay for an atheist to be a part of the Republican Party. What about.

I mean if you you could. What about personally, who's been divorced a time or two. Are they allowed to be apart and again you have to be careful out internal political organization into a religious organization. Well, this country was founded on that made its greatest Christianity. Now the atheist you know in the marriage and thing like that you know God not destroy Gomorrah because he destroyed those cities because the homosexuality know what days of the Republican Party at absolutely not connected to a critical race theory engenders all that is all ballooning out of this agenda. Jeff I got a run, we are late for a break, folks. Jeff, thanks for the call. Jeff says he doesn't want days in the Republican Party six 844-747-8860 agree or disagree, 844-747-8868 this is the Todd start with someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full support which allows me to do more things at once.

Much now I think you caused my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take you to list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxies evil for shame on you. Shame on you. They said that the Republican Party is for Christians only, no X, no atheist, no days. I guess no Muslim sentiments of Muslims.

I just didn't have any conservative Muslims you know, folks. If you have that mentality fine, that's fine. You're not gonna win in elections, you're just not me that's the reality of it.

So good luck you know and again if if anybody had a problem it should be the Republican establishment because back in the 1980s. It was the great, the late great Jerry Falwell senior who launched the Moral Majority and quite frankly, that was when the evangelicals swooped in and actually laid the groundwork to take over the Republican Party so I mean what would've happened if back in the day the establishment Republicans would've had that mentality they could've said yet we don't want your kind here in our party and our political party. What you do in your church or denomination that is that is your business but when you become part of a political organization, and you start making those kinds of edicts. Guess what, you're not going to win elections to be effective, and I Todd start and very I'm pretty darn comfortable saying I would rather have a gun toting Bible clinging, flag-waving, conservative J Republican that one of these rhinos who will lie to your face and they go to Capitol Hill and vote with the Democrats and take away your guns and for that matter, all you. We just have the caller from Georgia.

So what that person is saying is yet we don't want people like Donald Trump associated with the Republican Party because Donald Trump is probably the most pro-gay president we've had so you can go down that path.

If you want to go down that path. But I say let's all work together for the common good and the Republican Party, not the church has the Republican Party for political parties. All right 844-747-8868 fence or toll-free telephone number viable on vehicle galaxies. He flipped for all these new taxes might not like I found it in fact not capture hands-free tax from multiple angles capture training sessions for his father simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for contract and fit perfectly good to be there to get your galaxies.

He flipped for universities.

Do you see why your programmer so that you are with. By the way you be jumping into this big story about Ashley by her father just a little while for me.

Dylan is going to be here to weigh in on a really shocking and disgusting story about the president of the United States and a little bit later on. Also, Eric brightens the Senate candidate for Missouri coming out of the land and burden up like this it's going bonkers trending right now on social media. The basic what will play little bit later you just hang tight with I do right now though want to go to our patriot news maker line of very honored to have with us Joe Penny and he is running against Chuckie Schumer wants to be the next senator from New York, Joe.

Welcome to the program thought I would bring Blackbeard you Joe course, you've got your own show on Newsmax TV and were always excited to be a part of the great agenda over at Newsmax Joe. What is it that's going to move the needle for you and that this would be the mother of all upsets of rebel take out Chuckie will look I think for me I would step down a new Mac to take this on full time and I did it not with my mother to wear the scarlet letter of having a 38-year-old unemployed start and I did it because our nation is in a crisis. I did it because the Republic that we love is on the brink of becoming unrecognizable and I believe that we will be successful.

Come election day because not enough New Yorkers have their eyes open into the untold story of New York that Syracuse New York is the epithet that the child poverty in the nation per capita in Rochester New York is top five most dangerous places to live in the country. Per capita more dangerous to live in Rochester New York that it is to live in Chicago Illinois.

He's not Republican talking points. This is a real pain and suffering.

I that New Yorkers have been experiencing over the 42 years Chuck Schumer has been in Congress 24 and extended it.

Why we lead the nation in outward migration 19 million and shrinking 1 million of our neighbors have left locking restless feet. As a result, and I think this is finally the year from the story. Cost of gas to the unattainable cost of chicken that New Yorkers are going to finally say enough is enough. I would hope so. And worse, were seeing the same thing happened in Memphis Tennessee my home town I we are a majority minority city and it's been very encouraging to see so many in the minority communities embracing the Republicans in the Republican agenda. I think people have finally said enough is enough and they realize the Democrats aren't doing anything for them while looking at my grandfather told me a long time ago.

The road yet often include a meeting and I don't naturally think that everybody lived in New York, who is a former Democrat is going to run for the exit and register with the Republican Party, but I do think that we can go and tell them you have a real chance to have a real choice. You believe that we are better off today than we were 24 years ago if you don't, you cannot keep sending Chuck Schumer down to DC on our back at the rock campaign has been quite clear. If you're unhappy with the world as it is today. Stop voting for the architect who built it.

Chuck Schumer is the preeminent architect in American politics today in many ways, more so than Joseph Robinette Biden himself and what you left the British standard.

Whether you're right of Donald Trump what you done in the name of New Yorkers impact everything will American and what Americans are drinking right now from the open sesame policies on the southern border that led Sentinel to become the leading cause of death for people age 18 to 45 I in this nation. Chinese gangsters are teamed up with Mexican gangsters to bring death to the doorsteps of urban, suburban and rural mothers. I like black brown out white and everywhere in between. I this is not a party to fight. This is certainly not a left versus right it is a right versus wrong struggle will battle for the soul of this nation.

We believe that getting the word out there programs like yours patriot all across the country to send a message on November 8 that is undeniable or has done this nation is unacceptable and we the people of come to take our country back to see I just I love this message and and Joe for people who do not live in New York State. They need to understand that outside of Manhattan. It is just as conservative, by and large, as all get out. I mean it's a it's a pretty rural state outside of Manhattan. Absolutely look across the state.

Most the time unelected date map is Ruby red. The only place that is not Ruby red is the heart of New York City and so I think again I we don't have to win New York City if I was running for mayor of New York outdated might be a fool's errand. But to tell people all across the country. They can go to joking induct and help us out because again, Chuck humored at the impact all of us equally and if we can get the 30% out of New York City we need. We have the opportunity to go to places like Rochester, like Derek, you go to places like Staten Island go to places like Long Island where there are people who still believe in common sense principles we do not believe that we should have school to start teaching four and five and six-year-old about masturbation when they're much too young to even know about the nature of Macbeth, the mechanics of it.

So this is distraught with it working today to tell people that we are not going to continue to go down this rabbit all where everything we know to be right is called wrong everything we know to be wrong is called right going to be a nation that remembers that our rights do not come from government they come from God. No man or government can take those rights away their inalienable for reason and if you remember those back if you understand that we are a constitutional republic that I found it intended to be free from the tyranny of a king as brief an attorney of all government joy not because help us build a uncommon coalition of the police officer that inspired the nurses week euros a year ago and now can't get a job.

These other people were going to help us overcome the and help send this nation in the direction it is finally recognizable to all of us. Well good luck to you Joe I will get you back on. Between now and election day Joe that's Joe gambling to the live cellblock Joe good luck out there on the campaign trail� You not talk it all right thank you Joe. I like Joe pinion. This guy went to Colgate University. He was a two year varsity letterman and was an incredible a football player and is just an incredible American patriot and I I am so encouraged to see young African-Americans millennial's rising up within the party conservatives one at all and say you know what working to take back working to take back our country working to stand up for freedom and liberty in America. So I would would be great if Chuckie Schumer got upset by Japan. So you folks listen to us in New York.

You know what you gotta do there. I want to go by before we run the break I would go to the phones here. Allie has been on hold for a while Germantown, Tennessee on listening to us on our great flagship station, Kate W.

A.m. Allie, welcome to the show. What's on your mind.

Running back and outlining their complete rate) Carolina starting to think that all gay people are people that are right. I know you not like people to remember your neighbor outlining how and Republican Party right here for like I want to get early the late night wanting a red light where we doubt there aren't related but not political remembering where when we grade agree on I like how you live your life like what you know. Allie looked I saw this up close and personal. When I first started at Fox and they sent me out cover the annual March for life back in the early 2000's. By and large, and by large I mean like 80% of the people marching all Roman Catholics. There were no Baptist. There were no Protestants marching was predominantly a Catholic event and and I'm sitting here going. Oh why is that what you and I know why because a lot of evangelicals don't want to do anything with Catholics and vice versa.

Okay fine I get that but you think we can set aside our theological differences to stand together and defend the unborn. And guess what Allie somebody got that message and now there are just about 50-50 and were able to make some big changes in defending the unborn in this country. So again, if were talking about church that's one thing but were talking about a political party and and Brandt to be is something very different country every line in the impound unkind kind people out. We don't like my little Allie and Ellie. I'm so glad you mentioned something else here. You're right, this is a I think this is a small group but very loud and vocal group they control a lot of the media and they're able to get their voice out there, but by and large, there I would say that most people who identify as gay in America want to live their lives and be under the radar. You know they would be out of the public they don't want you or me to affirm anything that is want to live their life how they would live their life and I say under the United States Constitution that is your constitutional right. And that's the way it ought to be great. I believe that everything going on at work.

Well, I went on children are impressionable, personal, Christian, very mindful everything that everything that I wore a part number in block stumbling block, I never like I ever went there like we ever we are now now now I did not and never like you I get back like you looking where, why, everything break my heart out having children are taking up on what it's it's it's frightening and Allie, we sure the stats were a majority, an overwhelming majority of those who now identify as transgender are under the age of 18.

What is that tell you is a schoolteacher.

Well I got anymore. I believe it, like their lack what they're walking. I went Allie looked at them here at home will Allie leave it there. We are late for a break, but I like your I like your way of thinking what you give us a call back and it's great insight. You have as a as a former schoolteacher retired schoolteacher of thanks for listing to us folks we do need to take a break your 844-747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone number 844-747-8868. Have you tried this incredible new iced tea that I've been telling you guys about life change T this stuff is unbelievable. And it's also good for you either have a huge summer sale buy three get one free life change.

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He flipped for one of the reasons I was not here on Friday with prime time trying to take Fridays off in the summer is traditionally I'm always working. Yeah. Doesn't work out that well, but I was given an award by the southern gospel music promoters associate neither your singing ring that he wanted to sing, but they they gave me a lovely plaque and had a very nice event in downtown Memphis at the Sheraton Hotel part of the beautiful you are.

Convention center complex.

It was very nice nice so thank you very much for that very nice people.

Let's go to the phones here 844-747-8868 Collierville, Tennessee.

Torres listing to us on K WAN Teresa, how are you I'm great time. Are you Teresa I'm doing well.

I'm bracing for the massive heat wave that is about to befall us. I every morning starting my day about 530. Good for you to let you know. And my friend Allie called.

I recognized I let that girl that very careful and had a great warrior.

I wanted to try Nan on the con man at out the log cabin Republican is the dictation made by check, and I do not think that the Republican Party should be a party that it on and Donald and in last night and often we are departing at live and that means that we must embrace that if you don't think like I and Mike the Democrat and I happen to know many people who are gay and the one thing that I can say about been if there kind. Scrimmage interact in a very charitable and their law-abiding minded on wonderful quality that we just have to sort through our minds that on different things that we should not Teresa well said well, but we got it going to take a break. That's what the music is going to cut us off so thanks for all things for us to give us a call back again folks. Politics and church in the party platform clearly says that marriage between one man one woman that still the party platform that hasn't seen I'm not sure while the whole of galaxies. He flipped for all these new taxes might not like best selfies of insects not capture hands-free text from multiple angles capture training sessions for his followers wave my hand to start recording video clip for contract and fits perfectly galaxies. He flipped for the first is Joe my knowing was with his own family.

Is this way should be in charge of anybody else. His behavior as a father is truly dark even by modern standard I should explain immediately why he inappropriately showered with his own daughter. He should be asked that his next press availability is Chief of Staff Ron claim, who runs the country should be asked to work for a man who showered with his own daughter and by her own account, distorted the rest of her life because he did you feel about that at that point, Joe Biden should resign and severely spend the rest of his life trying to repair his own children who need it badly in the second point to make is that Biden is using the FBI as his personal secret police dispatching them forward to crash and intimidate and prosecute people who get in his way or his family's way.

Maybe it's not surprising from the time spent his entire life living off taxpayers. He believes he owns the Department of Justice, but he doesn't. In fact, is behaving as if he does is scary as hell. We cannot let the FBI become enforcers for politicians and their families.

If we allow that if the end of everything that was Tucker Carlson weighing in on Ashley Biden's diary.

This is a crazy story, but the diary was found.

I guess she left it behind. She was doing a stint in rehab down in Florida apparently forgot she put her diary under the bed. A woman named Amy Harris found the diary 39 years old and showed it to the show.

The diary at a Republican fund raising event allegedly sold it allegedly to project Veritas again. Allegedly, this is the reporting of the daily mail and so now she's under FBI investigation. I can imagine she did anything wrong here. Project Veritas under investigation and on the patriot mobile newsmaker line. We have really one of the best attorneys in America. She's representing project Veritas our good friend Harvey telling her me good to have you back with us. This is an insane story and I'm not sure it it seems to me like they're just trying to shut up.

Project Veritas and anybody who's read this diary while they are never live for the investigation and that you're getting your predawn light team rained on multiple journalism for gathering over 200,000 emails along the project Veritas dating back to the year before they ever got possession of the diary and now continuing to persecute down even when they know and story from the daily mail revealed they are fully aware that the diary was abandoned by Ashley Biden was never stolen me a time that the president using the federal United States department of justice and FBI as a personal belief to protect his wayward children. The first and stop the diary itself, and these allegations that she showered with her father, now president of the United States is Tucker Carlson said if the any of these things are true. He needs to resign from his office, but it certainly does explain why the kids are so messed up they were growing up in that sort of a household environment, family dynamic, but I think we can all relate that they can't� I mean, you know two children with drug problems. That's really sad actually.

I don't want to dwell on their suffering dad and I'll take get the help they need. But when your father is not only in the public eye that is actually enabling your behavior makes it that much worse and I divided five abuse of other people and committing video evidence from the laptop in this case young lady is speculating that that her father behavior may have contributed to her early sexualization and ultimately all the problems she suffering right now so like you know they're there, family problems, there unique to that nation become America's problems and they should not become the problems of attracting journalists in America. I will tell you that you know the project Veritas great client. I love working with and I love the First Amendment.

We don't always see journalists organization reporters committee for Freedom of the press, the American Civil Liberties Union weighing in on our side because of the politics of the work that they do abandon them both played in our side on this case in court seeking disclosure from the court. The search warrant affidavit which will show exactly what needs DOJ official told the judge's to get warrants that cover the other segments on Tucker show but what we learned recently is that the DOJ basically shock warrants around to multiple different franchises in the district of New York and is not even clear that the main judge on the case to federal district judge not the magistrate judge who has a hold that the DOJ had been surveilling project Veritas online without know why we went to court to get the DOJ try to get the federal judge to order that special master review our privileged communications attorney-client privilege financial documents with our donors and journalistic privilege to know. At that time about all the right violation has been perpetrated on American journalists have a chilling effect. Another journal is very clear about that time with you that I think the key word there is chilling and they want any journalist is looking into this, to know they could is not even the knock on the door. It's the battering ram in the middle of the night coming in and terrorizing these journals and that's why think they were doing the project Veritas they were terrorizing these guys and gals under which I can imagine that it would be appropriate for the DOJ to do a predawn raid kicking off by the lead in your time American journalists who had already offered to cooperate and we were already aware, based on other search warrant that have been executed and by the time James O'Keefe was what was the target of such array in touch with the DOJ offered to them. Find out what they needed and cooperate project Veritas is law-abiding. They don't want to hide from the DOJ and I want to explain the evidence they have about that.

I think that's a shocking, likely saw and in another case that the DOJ is using its power. The New York Times is by the way is our litigation opponent in a different case and generally making a show trial. I'm critics of the regime and grinder in a rush-hour or other countries not in America not expectable which is why liberal journalists organization that will permeate before we have to let you go here couple more questions on this.

Again, the, the allegation in which the warrant is that this was this diary was stolen but as the facts are laid out about daily mail story that is simply not the case. Has anybody been charged with theft high that later evolved clear to me that there was ever any contemporaneous claimant. The knee diary was stolen. What probably emanated from Ashley Glenn Biden, the lawyer anyone who is to indicate diarrhea or indication of the diary and as I mentioned on the show every federal mentioned in the search warrant involved: property. Thinking traffic to cross that line. It fell in possession of it.

There is no stolen property.

There is no case there is no stolen property here so I think this is now at this point in the NJ bank, the pants down and probably try to figure out a way to get out of the by prosecuting somebody for that. I just don't see any federal crime here whatsoever, all right permeates great work here now. Where are now where are we in all of this. I know you're representing project Veritas how quickly you think were to get a resolution lawyer main criminal defense lawyer for project Veritas with a guy named call Callie right now is Paul's permit filed papers with the federal court to get back our clients property that the DOJ still has, to disclose those affidavit and at the end of this process. We want is a debt is a statement from the DOJ that our client never committed any wrongdoing and never should have been prosecuted for that money either in the government around the government both lied to get the search warrant like a federal judge in. We intend to make sure they're held accountable. But first things first. Investigation into and probably needs to be returned an accounting need to be had and then we need to start figuring out what to do about it right violation all right for me to stay on top of this. Thank you for the great work and thanks for taking good care of our friends over project Veritas my pleasure anytime Todd, thanks for having me. All right, her meet Dylan and it's an incredibly disturbing case and in a heartbeat. I mean she's a class act so she's not getting get into the what was in the diary but we are because this is another important component if one Ashley Biden was writing about diary is true, then we must call for the immediate resignation of Job like there's no way no way that guy deserves to be in the White House and quite frankly, once the Republicans regain control of Congress. There should be investigations launched into the contents of this diary where she is alleged to have taken showers with her father, which she says her words were probably not appropriate. She also detailed her drug and sex addiction addiction.

And when you look at what's happening to her brother Hunter. By the way, this is the daughter. This is a child she had with I had with Jill so this is Jill's daughter and then you've got the two adopted sons from his first marriage. The diary contains shocking and sensitive information, details about her chronic drug abuse, sex addition and being hyper sexualized in her youth, she says, quote I remember having sex with friends at a young age. Showers with my dad probably not appropriate. That is an item that she wrote an entry in her journal in January 2019. But that would really explain what I mean. There's no doubt about it. These got me there all grown adults. Now they're responsible for their actions, but clearly they had a screwed up childhood, no doubt about 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 Jubilee Biden. This should disqualify Biden from serving in the White House the look you just heard heartbeat telling of the patriot newsmaker line. We are huge fans of patriot bowl. America's only Christian conservative wireless carrier. They share our beliefs and they do something about it by making sure they donate to causes we care about religious liberty. The First Amendment and that's why I want you to consider making the switch to patriot there some incredible deals for our listeners. They have plans to fit any budget and great discounts if you're a veteran or first responder.

By the way if you switch right now use my promo code Todd there to give you free activation and a free gift the make it super easy. All you have to do is go to That's or call 972 patriot. That's 972 patriot and use the promo code. Todd galaxies.

He slept for all these new taxes might not like I just did in fact not capture hands-free text from multiple angles capture training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for compact and fits perfectly galaxies.

He flipped for now. The stores would've exploding on social media. We have a web, a prominent Southern Baptist leader saying that Southern Baptist Johnston. I quoting here just bent over and became political horrors with this whole Trump stuff. Not a single one of these woke pro-CRT Southern Baptist leaders is condemning nobody but they do believe I'm telling Southern Baptist convention.

You guys have been overrun by the woke leftist and you don't even know it.

Catholics after they know it. They're trying to do something about it.

So good luck there. Let's go to the phones 844-747-8868 North Carolina Jim WS ICR great affiliate hey Jim what's up I well thank you for asking about Kino open name only. While yeah I think we got some some Baptist life that we jalapenos Baptist public yet I Jim I really don't.

Here again it's it's not as if the party platform is changing nothing of yet, that I would have a problem with the party platform change, but it seems to me if if they want to agree on a lot of the fiscal stuff in taxes and whatnot. I got no problem with that. I can go back and an economy right order taking care of it.

Yeah, right down and he comes in off down the pipe but can you tell me anything, it's a great point but I'm telling you Jim look this this oil issue. This is about.

This is about an attack on fossil fuels. This is about forcing us to convert to these battery-powered cars. That's all this is, and that the they they want high gas prices, they want you to suffer. So you will switch over and and sell your gas powered car. That's what that that's what they want. Jim got a run here because I gotta throw some audio and I promise you this if is Eric brightens running for the U.S. Senate. He's he's armed with with with a gun and there are SWAT team members take a listen to what happened. I'm Eric brightens Navy seal and today were going rhino rhino corruption is marked by the strengths of our rhino hunting.

There's no bagging limit, no tagging limited. It doesn't expire until we save our country illegally quiet I'm hunting one.

That last part wasn't part of the commercial but I I want to go back to the commercial itself I mean grace when you hear that commercial does it sound like they want to actually go out and physically shoot rhinos. It's Terrifying when you name it was a baguette and tagged it.

I was you know not my kind of tactics. The Republicans don't be stupid what you know what you know how people react to this is that is making headlines for all the wrong reasons guys hope he's advocating for us to go out there with guns and shoot Republicans in name only. That's the old. There was all right. I didn't see rhinoceroses know this was open season all right you know what, I just don't understand the Republicans are going to they just shoot themselves in the foot, especially Eric brightens but you know what good luck if you think that's how you know when. Good luck to you. Are we. We had a hat out of your post is all of tomorrow. This is the time serve as radios galaxies.

He flipped for all these new taxes might not like it. In fact not capture hands-free text from multiple angles capture training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for contract and fits perfectly galaxies. He flipped for

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