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June 15, 2022 5:03 pm

Matt Slick Live

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June 15, 2022 5:03 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- Are the 144,000 Jews just from Israel or all over the world---2- Who are -the many- from Matthew 8---3- What does the phrase -do not use the Lord's name in vain- mean---4- Matt discusses the history of the democratic party.--5- Is there room for other religions in politics---6- Given the history of the democratic party, how do they now still have such pull with minorities-


The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mass Y is the founder and president, apologetics and research what is found online or you have questions about my come to the show match look. I met so it wanted McCauley of three open lines 877-207-2276. I hope you have a great weekend.

Busy weekend. As is usually the case, except yesterday yesterday.

Only about half a day is working relaxing at a friend over and not really nice today horrible to be doing is continuing with the calls as you call you and all you gotta do is dial 877-207-2276 and will be good there we go to get the audio fixed. I the audio and I sent to the wrong one. It was felt so rushed so okay for you go long when we just jump on the phones. Let's get to Rudolph from Raleigh, North Carolina. Welcome here is my quick 44 you and okay you will think that question that's a good question.

I'm not sure how to answer that question was assumed it was just Israel was her preaching and teaching in Israel, but just the fact that you that really interesting because for one thing, I've never been asked that question that I can remember, and so that surprises me. Usually I don't anything what's new anymore. This is from every tribe and sons of Israel in Revelation 7, Jude Asher children Jews you know I can check it says so. After this I saw four angels standing the four corners of the earth, holding back the four winds of the earth. The real setting from the rising Sun, having the seal do not harm the earth or seer trees to leave sealed the bond servants of our God on their foreheads. And I heard a number of those were sealed as interesting. The bond servants of our God.

Do not harm the earth or the sea or the trees until we have sealed the bond servants of of our God on their foreheads. And I heard a number of those who were sealed hundred 44,000 from every tribe of Israel, so the bond servants of the hundred 44,000 and the good question.

I don't see anything that it look as the text on talking. I don't see anything that necessitates it only being in Israel so that would be interesting to good question will have a good answer for you I think is possible that you may not maybe someone else knows, maybe some of the study.

This new call up and say here is this is the correct answer.

Because of this verse. No comment.

Let me know. But top top my head that's good question. Okay thank you figure out with front of you fighting you well you stumped me about that you did not have the answer?

Well thank you brother God bless Matt that all right. They focus on what you give me call.

All you have to do is dial 87720722764 lines to make all this go to Glenn from North Carolina.

Glenn welcome your on their a matte black magic like you and Matthew eight is says emotion question again the meaning of the Lord, and negative thinking. When I grant Isaac and Jacob and the children. Eliminating make up their group. Well maybe, maybe not. Let's see, only do this. I'm just for kicks. 11 super busy this weekend except for yesterday took a day off but the mini skirt occurs among the many nations.

The many peoples and Psalm and Isaiah 53 interesting, my servant will justify the mini as he will bear their iniquities will justify the many that is so interesting in the next occurrences in Ezekiel. The many peoples side of the many nations, many okay look at this and Daniel 927 he will make a firm covenant with the many for one week, but in the middle of the week. So we have the mini near the many here okay into the many those who have insight among the people give understanding to the many that could be similar because I've noticed only two ways interesting. What I learned years ago was that God will use a word or pattern of words differently than we do.

For example, the last people does God know everyone else. Of course he does not say no, he doesn't get away from you. I never knew you. And so we see that when he says I never knew you would need to not save you never net relationship with him and that's what he means is not talk about his omniscience in the word all has different meanings in different senses in different contexts, all of Judea was going out to to John the Baptist.

Well, it doesn't mean every individual it means all of the people in that area geographically work were coming in the mean every individual and then all the world was in turmoil and forget work. What is mean every every nation you know and all the people in Australia either of and so there's all who die in Christ that is everybody but it is all who are alive in Christ is not everybody and number is for no those before knew he also predestined Romans 829 problems a 20 and the ones who are foreknown are the same group as a predestined once was a me. Bye for now.


And yet, the foreknowledge of God is a slightly different, so I've learned over the years that words and patterns I've learned don't assume anything. Just at just ask how does God use it because we have this great technology. Now we can do searches we can find every instance of something so having said that I could Bible program I could just type in the phrase of the many and put it in print. Whoops on misted up parentheses the many I could find every single instance in the New Testament. Why did that not happen or in the Bible and what I normally will do is I'll take every one of them in all exported to an Excel spreadsheet that I arrange but I do something analyzing. It's a process I go through Hooters 23 verses that have the word thought. In many and see wouldn't take much for me to examine it all right so when it says for the many not exactly sure who it will be because when we go. For example, to get over here we go to Romans 515 a nanny nanny that may well you mean Romans 515 is a novel talking about and Matthew Eric and I say unto you that any children from the start years. Mr. Moore get happening. I think the Lord try many that we get the laser dressed in their I don't know if you are saying phrase anything that none of this project. Don't like it will be going on.

This is because your questions or comments are perfect for what the text is in for learning something new when Scripture seek I say to you that many will come from the East on the West. I don't think it refers to a specific group called the mini because there is a group called the many to different groups called the mini believer not disliked or two different groups called the all that is weird.

Scripture does these things and not many people know about this, don't do the studies like to have been totally busy this weekend and so I haven't had time to stenotic and my wife back when you had that right. You know regarding Curtis and Carrion and they that follows best layout made like lately, people think that that's what it seemed like that's really what it seemed like a wild you it's really distinct text because you know it says in verse 11. I city that many will come from east to the west and reclined at the table with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in the kingdom of heaven. Now that phrase. The maritime reclined with them with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will I don't know to do without, not like to see a prearrest a partial prearrest post millennialist nominalist and a premillennialist giving their interpretations of that verse is it symbolic or literal. That's the first question both so you know what, that's good stuff man.

Actually I got to my buds and I wouldn't be taking a break in a while.

After a couple hours I could bring this up to say tricyclic is a color and a radial level block will talk about. They don't do that okay alright I don't know man get to Colorado where I'm not sure what the answer is that it does happen.

Okay, I arrived and I appreciate… Good stuff. Matthew eight 1230. That's more all right hey three open lines all you do is give me a call at 877-207-2276.

Let's get to Mike from North Carolina. Mike welcome on the air.

Hey Matt, I called you a few weeks back about the current weight is a different question about the what phrase not to use the Lord's name in vain do you mean it means would fit what it doesn't mean I tell people what it should. How we are to use the Lord's name and then if they get it.

So the Lord's name represents him. He is the IM Jesus is IM and flesh, and you to be holy, for I am holy and got in his reference to God, the Jews understood what it meant that you would not use a title of God or the name of God unless it was in reference.

So he was so holy and so vast and so righteous that his name which is mean Bob it means Yahweh, Lord, you know the king holding holy one, all these titles would always be used in a reverential and respectful manner to God.

And so, using his name in vain would be anything at did not do that okay oh right then that basically you write what right track. Okay you another question that the same Jesus name. And they do rent on the radio.

They do it on TV. They do it in movies and its increasing and it said I believe it's a demonic influence in the people want God's name to be used.

That means the unbelievers do that because you have reference for God.

These is limited name and date you nest atheist in the rooms when the use of a mechanical while you do that use Jesus name in vain and ill give it some excuse about very coming on hold my craft. The break okay hey three open lines of you may call 87707765077172276 North Carolina right but you back on that you have really. Oh we have members in our church that when they pray they use the word God, 20, 30, kind and one prayer be like me talking to you saying you know Matt, I have a question for you Matt, would you know that yesterday Matt yeah and I think I think it is using the Lord's name in vain because it it's senseless but that's not how we talk that's not how I talk to God how I'll talk to him away you cool I guess not like that know I stand when people are praying in the praise that way and they use his name constantly Lord and over and over and over.

I don't say anything about it. I don't worry about it is not a concern. The reason is because they're in prayer to God saying his name over and over. I don't see it as being anything vain through dressing him in there, appealing to their calling on him over and over. I okay that helped well magnetic I just met will drive you crazy yet you won't bother me if and when my novels that I've written. There are angels and demons and I write about them. Warning the spiritual realm. And there's a guy who is marketing and some other people and what this one guy praise and during his prayer.

The demons can't attack is not. Sickness is how it is. But it's such a reverential thing that even the demonic forces it in my novel and I took you took little literary license.

They will even go near it has a reverential thing and if it and I just had that that attitude is what prayer is. So if someone is bringing then you know in these Lord's name over and over again. That's fine.

We don't between them and God and are not out there cussing and swearing there in prayer, there you go. Good enough a lot than the don't you know that's okay right perspective is a devout spray gun and what do you want one more point. My called on it a few weeks ago. We do have a diverse major in our pocket that the US dollar look at prices are going all over the place all life, and that because the government is printed to much money and I want write more about the main cause of ventilation and I think is going out much, much worse is called regulation economy shrinking. It is the Dems are doing there. They hate America, etc., not the Constitution and believe in the economy, their socialist deal come November they idly think the change if they don't, because the voting doesn't seem to manifest for somehow vendors can be some real problems because I think people pretty much fed up and are waiting patiently for November because there are conservatives rising up all over the place and the polls are negative for every demographic of the Democrats social discouraging you so is what it is what I get what we Christians should have in our prayers. I hope we don't have one of those oboe book moment where people say that it and get the pitchforks out. I hope not but if they come for our guns that may happen because virtually people in America who won't give them up and currently get to come to grinder dead cold hands kind of a thing and you know right or wrong that's that's what's going on and so I'm with you. You know what the thing is, I've noticed that there are people who are conservatives who said I've had enough of this and are getting into school boards are getting into the low level just in the city that are living in on on board something like this to moving in. I know a guy who left a pastoring in order to gain the politics.

Praise God made man that's right we don't bring that it is happening and when it does happen. Things will get better. Things will get better.

Okay, it reminded me of the Bible. But if my people who are called by my name will repent then I will heal their land. And you didn't say if the people of the land will repent and he said if my people will repent and that's what we need to do because we have been out of the fight many years. I grill and get back in the fight people getting in and their site and realize what needs to happen and leave more and more preachers are getting work now are actually speaking about these kinds of things from the pulpit took from the pulpit into a political rally but they are not shying away and this is the kind of thing that needs to happen more and more so praise God we Christians needed to unite all tell you something.

Those leftists you know they they they want to seek January 6 people walked in. Some people broke a few things in the in the capital and the police so they can commit. That's called an insurrection right and so people are standing outside and picketing outside the Supreme Court's house. People knew the judges, which is in intimidation and a threat to make sure the law passes a certain way that is insurrection.

And yet nothing is done about you and so we have people in government who are hypocrites who have been way too long with needs to happen is they need to get you out of that of the Republican or Democrat, but they did get people in and then they need to vote in and establish at least I think like 38 states are necessary and get term limits on the Senators and these congressmen term limits to two terms max get out because they get entrenched and they have power and they manipulate the get insider trading and stuff and so we see these things so we have an opportunity in November to begin a change okay well they are coming after one of our weapons with freedom of speech because they shut people down over the place. They have been doing it large experience that guy got all the time we get there. Talk about where the there's been talk get rid of the Second Amendment will when that happens, then look at where the first because it within our Constitution is undone, and this matter, we won't have any power I won't have any freedom to express and will become a police state like China is with the all the stuff but many people to run a credit card.

I'm sorry what you the Democratic Party, as is very much aware of what a police state is like because going Jim Crow.

That's exactly what was the police state. People don't know how bad a Democrat I has been because it's the party of racism and slavery, Jim Crow, KKK, it is, and the documentation of the website and what an effective than they they opposed the women's right to vote no such liars. You know the thing they do these bad things and then they trying to take credit for what other people do in a good way and then they blame others for the problems they cause nobody.

Okay, I say folks for the lines. Five of the hour what you call 8772072276507 back to the show want to give me a call. We talk about everything. That's what politics gives us a Christian theological apologetics kind of thing that you want to talk to the Bible, Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses, Christian science unity behind Islam.

Your preaching or listening to Bible studies. You go to things that happen within pastors and elders all kinds of stuff. Baptism is necessary for salvation is Roman Catholicism, Christian incidentally no it's not, and is bent is necessary for salvation know it's not own it reminds me of theirs I would just begin today to try and get a debate going with them, a Mormon in Ogden, Utah in a few months on is is works necessary for salvation. So were going to see. I'm hoping it comes to past and looking like a for those you might be interested about this month of this out at you. Okay, if you're interested in context of people in Japan and they want me to come over and and preach and teach and so your construct a few Christian churches, but it costs money. You know the flights the hotels and all the stuff this one guy owns a travel agency and what they can do this a great idea is have a 10 day travel tour like were going to go to Israel in February next year to attend a travel tour in Japan and the guys tell me there's some incredible sites there things to see these cards to hang in this that all the stuff and I guess this is interesting and then go to a different church, places, and I would preach and teach a be like a preaching teaching kind of combo tour thing for people who might want to go who work harm Heights who might want to go to Japan and the speed bus time and talking time hotels Mulliken stuff and have phone one or two interpreters that are developing American guys and that is not the one who Japanese graphics between English fertility got it yesterday so that's in the works that that sounds interesting gimmick in August commit emails glad sounds interesting.

I think this could be like $3500 to 4000 for the whole thing. That was a surreal rough number of Japan's and may be in November issues were talking about it. That sounds interesting, real early read preliminary test with my contact me at you know what I said was fourth in lines and are still forth in lines. If you want to give me a call 877-207-2276 Rebecca from North Carolina was gonna get a line here talk about something with that of the road to Emmaus. Luke 24 and we have nobody waiting if you want to give me a call. All you do is dial 877-207-2276. All right this just because with a guy was saying.

And because we need to be encouraged of what's going on in our country. There are a lot of bad things are going on but people are waking up and that is good that is very good. God often uses bad things to get the people of God moving, so I got a list of stuff on the read to you because some cousin time right now totaling give me a call 877-207-2276.

I have a history of the Democratic Party, to read that your Democrat listen say is this the party you want to be part of. In 1829 the Democratic Party is founded on a platform of individual rights.

State sovereignty and proslavery in 1830 Democratic Pres. Andrew Jackson creates the Indian removal act that forced indigenous people to leave their homeland in 1854 the Republican Party is founded on an anti-slavery platform. If you 57, in a case of Scott versus Sanford. The court ruled that slaves aren't citizens their property. The seven justices boarding voting in favor were Democrats. The two who dissented were Republicans 18 6011 slave states secede from the union Democrats start the Civil War in 1863, Republican Pres. Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation at sea move along 1865, Republicans passed the 13th amendment that permanently outlaw slavery 1865 Democrats established black codes a state and local there were state local statute statutes intended to marginalize Blacks and keep them in indentured servitude, poll taxes and literacy tests prevented them from boat voting 1865 Confederate veterans founded the KKK to pose Republican Party's integration of Blacks its first grand wizard was a Democrat named Nathan Bedford Forrest 1868, Republicans passed the 14th amendment giving Blacks citizenship was opposed by the Democrats and also the Republicans passed the 15th amendment giving Blacks right to vote no Democrats supported it in 1860. Again, it KKK grand wizard is honored at the Democratic national convention, 1869 reconstruction ended, Democrats reestablished white supremacy in the South with Jim Crow laws that legalized segregation that would take another hundred years to abolish. In 1872. Republicans elect the first African-American senators and representatives 1870 Republican Sen. Aaron Sgt. introduces 1/19 amendment to give women the right to vote. The Democrat controlled Congress voted it out 1911 Democrat president Woodrow Wilson stuffs his cabinet with Dixiecrat's powerful southern Democrats and setback cause of civil rights for decades 1918 KK the KKK is reestablished targeting immigrants, Jews and Catholics. In addition, a Blacks 1919 Republican Congress passed the 19th amendment guaranteeing women the right to vote 1922 Democrats tried to keep the lynching legal by creating a filibuster in the Senate in 1949 Republican octave Jan, though there is so low becomes the first Mexican-American Sen. in 1929. Again, Republican Charles Curtis becomes the first Native American VP, about 1939 Democrat and KKK cover girl Margaret Sanger created the Negro project and Planned Parenthood to call the black population 1954 Republican lawmakers outlawed segregation in public schools opposed by state Democrats, Republican Pres. Eisenhower sent in for sent in federal troops to enforce the law got three more dates or the caller 1959 first Republican Asian center Hiram Fong is elected 1964 Pres. Johnson successfully runs an ad titled confessions of a Republican Democrats learned that by accusing Republicans of racism, even without evidence they can gain political power in 1964 the Republican co-controlled Congress passes the 1964 Civil Rights Act as an extension of the Republicans, 1957 and 1960s civil rights act Democratic Senators filibuster the bill for record 75 days to try to stop that. I thought the stock is 54. I'm sure there's a lot more and I've seen this kind of stuff before and and what gets me is how the news media favors Democrats of the Democrats accuse everybody else of racism. The matter what it is and yet their party is the party of Jim Crow of slavery of the KKK of opposing women's rights rabbinic voting all kinds of stuff they posed mixing Blacks browns and lights. They want that to happen, and then they could they come off like they're the part of the people folks don't be duped okay.

Do your research you do classify lines easy will be duped to your research.

Look at the Jamaal from North Carolina. Jamaal welcome buddy. You're on the air Max will cope you go out of their usual good evangelist by the show myself over the goods on. I'm glad to hear that you're doing you are on call. I feel compelled to go. They were all you live there have not like Macpherson if you don't mind sure. Okay. Got a look toward you. You will considering that you think that Christians should be involved in politics you think they are.

There is room for religion and politics. Yes, there is room there because the Constitution permits it, and took a fair.

They have the right to run for office as well and they have the right to be represented by their voters and they have the right to do what they want atheist as well. I support everybody's right to run for office and let the population decide how to be a problem with that and questions need to be involved with the rent for office just like everybody else can go good for you are hopeful Noel.

There's a music break so perfect timing will get to the second one. Originally everybody hold on a second Three open line 720765077 back to the show. All right look back on your hair with mouse their theater go back to Jamaal a you back on your buddy question lift you how are you will why that they wore mom mother, because they been smarter than they been smarter than the Republicans of the conservatives because the conservatives don't believe in lying and misrepresentation. They believe in honesty and integrity is not above the Democrats to do that and asked him to save her Democrats a liar and a deceiver is not the case. But we do know that they made a good many of their very honorable, but the thing is that we know that when they are of the people who support abortion support homosexuality, they don't have any moral anchor they have what they think is moral propriety, but they don't have it for the Democrats do in order to get votes is they get into power. They start saying things people want to hear their dear ticklers, we will help you in your studies. We will help you get this will help you get free that more this more that and I think is 12 Democratic run cities were to completely run by Democrats.

The crime data control to drug use is out of control, etc. the facts are there that when Democratic to get the Democrats get in control of things.

It is really bad bad bad and Anish the Nash Desousa data saying what was it charter member and he talked about how the slavery is still in place in with a lot of Democrats because what they do.

They keep the people oppressed. They promise them minimum of healthcare provisions, they don't give them what they really need. They don't give them an opportunity to really excel in he laid out five things is very good. I can get those.

I remember reckless desert repeat them.

Give him a credit and is a catch right that's right that's right because in slave mentality the slaveholders they don't want the people have power.

They want to think they're okay and free in on slave slavery. They're not. And in the idea of these inner cities you keep them you keep them under control and the way to do that is through poverty and you can let drugs get in there and I think about it where it was most violence it's into the place with the most gun control.

It's ridiculous so there's all kind of stuff. I am not even articulate in this area, but that the statistics are there. The facts are there when the Democrats get control of cities, things go downhill. It's just the way it is and then they get on the news and promised us and promise that and people just believe them because they're used to watching TV. Here's an experiment to sit in front of your TV, literally sit in front of your team and just watch your TV and watch and count 1000 1000 2003 before the angle changes on the camera before it slips a new angle and you'll see that the angle it stated I didn't before. Expect every two seconds and some shows longer because of the nature of the show like you could sign Feldene they had a lot more lengthy. We watched a movie last night to a go for broke about the Japanese regiment for 42 in World War II and how great they were.

And so there were longer seems to greatly stuff the best but you do nothing 51 but call go for broke any rate so we can see the difference in how things are presented in reason bring this up is because what it does is it causes a lack of long ability to concentrate and trains the brain to for short entertainment, short things, so any real level of research and been paying attention for long thick long for the time is not something that were used to doing and so I suspect that that's part of the problem to me. I used to go to self hypnosis. This is no joke. Self hypnosis I be studying so hard I would actually send my wife to be studying to be going in deep and that meant don't come up to me too much think that's a good so deep, it's likely an error and was one she told me that she was standing there for a minute before I can if I looked up and said yeah, go into this will this little bit of autism thing I got for normal people. They like entertainment and you watched commercials you watch TV you watch you'll see it's very quick for equipment.

What is your brain just pay attention.

The next thing the next thing the next thing the next thing and you don't take time to process to review all exactly and so what are they doing the Democrats in this in the news they give you these soundbites and you. For example, I've watched some of the leftist programming and L say so-and-so because he did. He doesn't want gun control is a racist because he does want gun control. He's a racist and oh so because it is not for what was it for one registration to it for identification for your voting.

Let's racist. What how the racist. They just accuse an excuse and accuse and minorities as they all so the Republicans are races why because we hear that they are it works. That's all that goes on but they're not because I don't do any critical thinking, not taught, in fact, we have a going buddy. I was talking to my friend a couple, three days we are going since 1980. We got talking and I told him that back in high school I graduated in 1975.

Way back in the dark ages. I remember back then. I remember never that teaching is anything the only place I learned anything was in mathematics and science class and everything else was nothing no critical thinking was required.

None actually remember thinking they're teaching us how to be stupid.

I took all the hard classes on purpose. I did and I took trig I took algebra I took geometry.

I took physics, chemistry I took all the stuff I wanted to be challenged as I knew I needed education, but most people care and so when they get out the vote.

They take that attitude with them and you know it happens or click the good. A lot of people that narrative and I am officially taboo about they go two years ago officially unaffiliated them on the because I do vote the way you like me to go there. Don't really subscribe to Cardinal because if the lot party person said I out and Martin you way up on important law. I'm not beholden to follow rate if you follow jerky you want it out and buy whatever I felt a bit late. Unfortunately, all because I ought not going to one black you all the dust that up for you guys don't actually environment but I'm an apartment you not put God first, but people first, I'm not the green where you can't block 20 that the rebuild of bamboo watching Malcolm but with plaintiff then there lift up that I would've been about you have a simple question like that you attack after requesting that we get a look at that point but you got so good. The cubicle question social media question, but will work election 001 of the drought but not if they are out there. The question you go like like that you know you truly, truly objective bit make you question what you think folks a bit X1 to confirm. Therefore, they might not agree with you but they will fight for your bike you want to get back pretty much forgotten judge of all, if we have any open houses that are on for sale will unite with them. My neighborhood you are all right the pop-up note while calling it out, what people follow the direction they will all guided. I know God bless you and let you know I will. By God's grace and only by his grace.

On the other color just dropped off so just you and me right now you are.

You said something in your mind because I got some Yum online I got friends online and some of them are black guys and they've told me they said manic and be careful what they say. The inner family or friends in the community and the mayor of the black community because of the tote that the party line.

There ostracize and Mike are you kidding you don't need all you have a series of bad as I was like if it seemed nothing of your bladder that you either are you. I guess you are. You like them terrible thing. Part of my shock you rightly like I will related yesterday have been a lifelong great deal of my family, my back got a big Democrats so you know is not like I not been a part of your camp like I don't know this is not you know not going to follow behind one person not mean that you got a good idea because I'm not not all audit weight collectors talk to prostitute thought called the enemy.

In fact, I see I was a Republican I gave that up umpteen years ago, the scheduling that they meet the Democrats and the Democratic Party in my opinion is anti-American and Republicans have 1 foot in with them in one footing with their normal people render people and even then it is rhinos and so I consider myself a constitutionalist but also independent, not loyal to any party disliking on that little if any denomination. I wonder what the facts are give it to me a minute I'm knocking to be vote for anything.

This could be pro-homosexual or pro-socialism. I'm not doing excited what history does with it. I know how it goes. No and killing babies come on abortion is horrible threatening to do and it's killing their killing them. I got a couple of right now the party because of the block.

We talk about things like this. My going out.

He is a constitutionalist will frequent visitor by the name of Dr. Chris McMasters. She is a little major. She specializes in the Constitution only in our group so you can't will expect a lot about Alec God made you know I should call up some time to talk all of you and interviewers of my dad wanted something with everybody ago. Sorry buddy but you make it out all right all right of left side they folks that we go read time the Lord bless you by his grace with clear tomorrow and have a pretty another program powered by the Truth Network

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