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Will Biden Dispatch Feds to Arrest Trump Supporters?

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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August 10, 2022 3:34 pm

Will Biden Dispatch Feds to Arrest Trump Supporters?

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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August 10, 2022 3:34 pm

We are living in very dangerous days β€” where government agents are targeting President Trump and his supporters.

Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson, Liz Harrington, Rep. Jim Jordan, and Rev. Frank Pavone join the conversation!

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Presents don't do it yourself okay simple enough just to get in there with my screwdriver.

You mind handing me my Scripture screwdriver. Well, I mean using a weird but yeah look mainly to bundle our home and I with progressive we can save and pay someone to install this for so you don't have to pretend you can. I know my way around the screwdriver is going to go. Philippe said sure.

One biblical little with progressive and use the money to do it yourself comfortable discussing reporting to respond is about a little sticky situations. Welcome to the Todd start show sponsored by the legacy precious metals. There's never been a better time to invest in precious metals visit legacy PM that's legacy PM liberty University studio in Memphis, Tennessee since conservative commentary from people know that I don't like to say I told you so I fell back toward myself a gold star grade you know that you like to say I told you so. America I I am the person I know that. So what is it we came right out of the gate. I mean, as we found out that the FBI dispatched their their Nazi goons the jackbooted thugs tomorrow Lago in the predawn guns drawn raid we knew I right away.

What did I say grace Baker, you said maybe it's not about what they found, but it's about what they planted. It's all about what they plan to right out of the gate.

We were taught and eight and again by my radar went off grace as soon as I heard that the FBI refused to allow Donald Trump's attorneys to observe what they were doing. I knew something was up your Spidey senses were teen something something was tingling. Yes. Grace Baker. It was something was not right.

And of course now now the entire country. At least the political establishment is is embracing my theory here is Rand Paul on Fox news channel people distrust so much the government that we got to the point where, for example, do I know that the boxes of material they took from our lotto that they won't put things in those boxes to entrap them. We know their lawyers were allowed to see the boxes that they want categorize any thousands of documents were taken yeah how do we know that they're going to be honest with us about what's actually in the boxes that we know that was in the box before left the residence of the lawyers were allowed to see everything so you know they've lost a great deal of trust. Yeah, that was Rand Paul on Fox and friends this morning, now president Trump is has decided to embrace my theory that this was not about what they were taking out of more Lago it's what they were putting inside the evidence they were planting inside now the yacht the left-wing media has gone bonkers over this and I'm getting crucified.

I love and I love every single minute of this. I relish this grace Baker but people are going bonkers because I dared suggest that the FBI might be so corrupt as to plant evidence inside tomorrow Lago never they said by the way, we've got a list out of some of the things that were there were 15 boxes and some of the things they are confiscated included cocktail napkins like the kind you get when you you know you patrol peanuts. Tiny, Maryland. The cocktail napkins and also a dinner menus who and apparently they were rummaging through the first lady's personal closets so we don't know is wrong. They were so thorough. Woman's club notes and they they may been trying on the ladies close of the shoes. I don't know know that's kinda creepy. If you're the first lady Bilotti a Trop extremely and you know that these grown men from the federal government are in there touching your private thing out. Anyone think that it is disgusting.

So anyway, all so daily costs is one of them and they called me deranged. I'm trying to find this. This is story here.

This is what we may have to get to it after the break, but this is bread but there literally calling me deranged because I dared to suggest that the FBI was up to no good and sidebar Lago. How dare you how dare you Todd, but you know that's what they did.

Yes. And ladies and gentlemen, if you think if you think for one second that what happened at bar Lago in the early morning hours during the predawn guns drawn raid at bar Lago. If you think that had anything to do with the national archives your smoke and whatever Hunter Biden spoken. This has everything to do with January 6 and I have no doubt, no doubt, ladies and gentlemen that federal government. The federal government agents planted evidence inside more Lago I got note I have no problem even throwing that out there positing that as a theory in the public discourse I got no problem with that because they've done it before you say what what you talk about will you go asked the governor of Michigan how comfortable she feels. Going out for a night on the town with the FBI, those guys tried to try to kidnap her.

They actually staged, plotted and planned to kidnap the governor of Michigan and then blame a bunch of white supremacist. We still don't know how many FBI agents were involved in the planning or the execution of owner happened on January 6 because they refuse to answer those questions.

Nobody wants to know what he wants to answer those questions questions that need to be addressed that you can say what you want to say about the people who stormed the building on that day. My question is what what role did the FBI play and they don't want to answer that question, but it's clear to me going back to the early days of the FBI, but the whole point of the FBI was to target law-abiding American citizens and it's clear to me that the Biden administration and I met St. Joe Biden because he's ambled I'm saying the people controlling Joe Biden that would be Barack Hussein Obama and Susan Rice. Those are the ones that are using the federal government and the Justice Department to declare war on their political enemies. Now let yesterday's Congressman Scott Perry was been a regular guest on this program he and his family on vacation. They were surrounded by government agents and they work. He was ordered to hand over his cell phone, which he did. The Congressman said hey I don't get this. You know why this big public display of of force and aggression when all you had to do was call my lawyer and we would've been more than happy to provide you whatever that whatever you needed whatever you needed whatever you wanted us to provide.

We would've done that but that's not the point.

The point is the political and theatrical spectacle.

The circus of little and that's why they stage this predawn guns drawn raid at bar Lago. Do you understand the importance of the significance of what I just said here folks, a former president of the United States of America whose election was stolen a former president of the United States and they showed up with guns drawn.

Were they expecting a firefight with the Secret Service and by the way, by the way and you to think about this now.

We were talking about this yesterday about how I would.

I was surprised that of truck because if Trump had been there and they knew Trump is knocking to be there that that there is more to this and it will be drawn out and there will be a moment and you mark my words. Here, there will be a moment when president Trump is giving one of his big speeches somewhere in the FBI will stormed the stage they will arrest the president on national television and drag him away. That's how all of this will end up. Mark my words on this. All of this. All of this is meant to embarrass and humiliate Donald Trump and to ensure that he never runs for office again. That's what this is all about and I don't think Congressman Scott Perry is going to be the last time you were talking about the chairman of the house freedom caucus were talking about a very powerful lawmaker up on Capitol Hill. Folks and if they can do that to the president if they can do that to Congressman you better bleeder to do it to the rest of us. I just waiting.

Any moment now for the knock on the the bunker.

The broadcast bunker.

I'm waiting for the knock on the door. I've already got my little I've got it. I have a toothbrush and a little to the travel size toothbrush in a travel size toothpaste just in case I get a hold off to the big house because we are living.

This is our reality right now, folks, this is our reality, where Pres. Biden the Biden administration.

They are having their political enemies rounded up. That's what's going on here and this is just the start. This is just the start of what is going to be a very ugly and very dangerous time in American so don't be surprised if you start seeing conservative lawmakers being harassed, bullied and harangued by FBI agents. That's going to happen. It's it's going to happen. By the way of breaking news out of New York were president Trump is basically telling the Atty. Gen. of New York, who was up of a partisan hack. He's telling her up yours. I'm not testifying president Trump pleading the fifth.

I don't blame him, I would to that is a matter if if they said Mr. Pres., how are you doing. He said it's a lovely day there like you're a liar you're a liar were charging him with lying to the feds are going to prison. They would do that so I don't blame the president one bit. Ladies and gentlemen, not one bit. I gotta take a break here 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number. There's a lot of debate raging right now over whether or not president Trump should immediately declare a run for the White House. What say you about that 844-747-8868 we have a great lineup of folks are coming up in just a little while. Our good friend the president spokesperson Liz Harrington is going to be here.

Congressman Jim Jordan is going to be here as well.

Father Frank Pavone and also you folks in North Carolina.

You better get ready because your lieutenant governor Mark Robinson is good to be here in just a matter of minutes. This is the Todd storage. We are all feeling the pain at the pump and at the grocery store to the market is plunging and Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, but even worst seniors are struggling to survive. It's not time to panic, but it is time to act.

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Anyone can join, go to a back.US/Starnes. That's a Mac .us/guards and I found it is grace we gotta get visibly. This is from the daily cause is the daily costs daily on… And I there going off on Steve Bannon and the van was right. He says the FBI is the Gestapo and then they are right. However, this take by Todd start's may truly be the most arranged they call me. Fox's taught stars they still think of it, Fox. These people are more clearly they don't do their research clearly evidence this program. However, this take by Todd start's may truly be the most deranged. So thank you very much daily costs. We really appreciate into the circular file. You did you make that shot a trashcan came up a little short on now what her back to the Todd start radio program.

Thank you grace God good to have you back with us 844-747-8868. Do you think that's possible that the, the FBI could in fact could in fact plant evidence inside virological give us a call so Ron Paul you'll a lot of people love to give rent Ron Paul a lot of grief. Ron Paul, the father of Rand Paul, a great political minds Ron Paul years ago. This was back in the 1980s actually sounded the warning bells on the FBI cut number one please fill most of our history. We then didn't have those institutions, the FBI came in that during the first world war and interestingly enough, the one thing that Woodrow Wilson did he use the FBI to spy on American citizens and actually arrests and if they disagree with his foreign policy about going to war in Europe is interesting how recent they used it in the Vietnam era Democrats use their Republicans used the FBI to spy on hundred different groups in this country, including the churches who disagree with the policy in the central America almost looks like the FBI was designed to spy on Americans who might be disagreeing with policy, especially the foreign policy so the FBI although I don't condemn everything they've ever done, because I'm sure some of the investigations and investigation crime has been beneficial, but that could be accomplished through Justice Department with interstates we would reject that portion of it. I think this is the FBI has set Ends continues to keep a lot of records on a lot of individuals. The CIA is only been here since 1947. Their record is lousy. They just think of the CIA used by the Democratic administration to so there you go.

And it goes on and on and on. That was Ron Paul Ron Paul sounding the warning bells that something's not right with the FBI. Look, here's my take folks and I really no secret here. I think we need to defund and dismantle the FBI. I think we need to defund and dismantle the Department of Education and I believe we should defund and dismantle TSA, which by the way, was thrown upon the country by none other than George W. Bush and I what you gotta give the guy credit George W. Here is a guy who told Americans after 9/11. Hey were going to have to take away some of your freedoms were enough to take away some of your rights so that you can be free and were going to call this wording to call this effort. The Patriot Act now who at and going back at the time that this was right after the terrorist attacks you.

If you stood opposed to the Patriot Act. You were a pariah, even within conservative circles if if you stood up and you went after the administration of over the Iraq war.

All of a sudden you were a bad person you are unpatriotic. But every single time I walked through an airport and you have to go through the TSA.

It's almost like I likened it to being on the in the DMZ, and you're here in beautiful Seoul, South Korea.

A bastion of freedom and liberty in commerce, affluence, and then there's the DMZ and then there's North Korea and I genuinely think I know. Maybe it's just me but every time I go to the airport and go through the TSA checkpoint. I feel like I'm I'm going into some sort of a of a foreign country where you have dictators you have communist and you surrender your rights and your watch and go right down the conveyor belt and then you get manhandled and they don't offer you a cigarette. They don't give you flowers. You will get a phone number and unfortunately many of them there hands are very cold and there's nothing you can do about it is have to take their UNICEF to stay in there. It's like being assaulted sexually assaulted in public at the airport, all for the name of patriotism.

That's George W. Bush. By the way this I just want you to. I just want you to understand that 844-747-8860.

I just had a flashback maybe is PTSD. Every time I go to the airport. I get pulled beside I don't know why it is, but I get pulled aside and it drives me bonkers coming up we've got the Lieut. Gov. of North Carolina, but I gotta share the story with you and and this is really for our Memphis audience.

There is a beloved a beloved TV weather guy's name is Joey Sullivan and the guys big time Memphis grizzlies fan and during the playoffs.

Back in May.

We talked about the story he was going after was a dream on green from the Golden State Warriors and called them a knuckle dragger because of his behavioral the court and anybody who's watched dream. I agree knows exactly what Joey Sullivan was talking about and then condemned what he said he wrote next level jackass Rory so anyway all you know what broke loose.

People started about, not people, and reporter for the commercial appeal, which is a failing newspaper here in Memphis accused accused alpaca being a racist which is not he's been on air for decades here and a lot of good in this community.

The networks picked it up. ESPN and the fox he works with the Fox affiliate here, and the Fox affiliate took him off the air, launch an investigation and we now know that he will not be coming back to Fox they surrendered to the cancel culture. Bob and I find it offensive that Fox would do something like this. It seems to me that the management of the Fox station in Memphis.

There, nothing more than a bunch of cowards moral cowards and quite frankly, when I look at the management of Fox 13 in Memphis.

You know what I see I see next level jackass Rory that's what I see 844-747-8868 you folks a Memphis if you want to defend your weatherman. You can do it on national radio.

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It's all right that was the Lieut. Gov. of North Carolina at sea pack in Dallas. My second favorite address was mine of my favorite so was Lieut. Gov.'s and he is on the patriot mobile newsmaker line right now. Lieut. Gov. good to have you back with us in rearguard like very much you know I anybody who listens to your speech at sea pack should not of been surprised by what happened to Mara Lago.

Just the other day what happened to Congressman Scott pair yesterday. Absolutely not. Folks are coming out with everything. They are really trying to make an example out of president of this president from scared the heck out of this guy because of a number tell you, I believe it to be thought is because he show what America can do when you put America first. When you put the globalist agenda you put the American people first and only their energy pain shows what did happen, and it scared the heck out of the global cabal and they want destroyed, will they do and and I think they they they tried to do the same thing with you in North Carolina. I was going back and looking at your history in just a few years ago, a Lieut. Gov. you are a concerned citizen standing before the city Council and saying that you know they needed to defend the Second Amendment of the Constitution and now here you are, did you ever mention this is where you would be right down your life. Never in a million years that I imagine it but I tell you what I felt that all of my story only possible in America. It is only possible with God and of those two things back together cannot be beat. The situation in North Carolina and we have so many listeners from your state. There really concerned about about the direction people moving and bringing their leftist ideals with them North Carolina a red state has gone's somewhat purple in recent elections. How do we make North Carolina great again, but only Kruger a lot of people are walking around your body and to be quite honest with you angry because no one is standing up.

Explain it takes so long to write that Barry finally stand up a point and state the import does not have any close old believe our lives that we are being told when people hear that they go you know, I didn't think that my dinner table in my living room's network.

Driving home in my car thinking that exact same thing and that's the kind of people we need. We need people afraid to tell the truth.

Unfortunately all our political lines.

The bill with a bunch of cowards like we are not getting it. And what's troubling is your the anomaly. You're one of the few willing to stand up and say what needs to be said absolutely, I'm afraid they would need to be good to go.… And I mean this wholeheartedly. When I leave this earth. I do not have the gold standard for the CBS or ABC or Indy field. Editors want to go stand in front of all the ladies political pundit I have to stand with bulldog and given the give an account of what I did on this earth.

And what's right and I'm to spend up what you've given up and be blessed with folks don't like that on the patriot mobile newsmaker line North Carolina's Lieut. Gov. Mark Robinson and just delivered a barnburner of the speech at sea pack in Dallas going back to the situation with president trumped the FBI, the Justice Department, it looks it looks to me like the FBI has been weapon eyes and their targeting conservatives and specifically trump supporters at MI off base here. Absolutely not. It started out with the Obama webinar.

The RF Yaris will again be a weapon 87,000 new acres that he does not come out with folks don't all you don't hold the party line look in communist Russia when the Communists took over the communist and something called "AB do you believe that what it was supposed to be there for the state. It was not there for the state it would bear to Communist Party that is the exact same thing that the Democratic Party is trying to do with the FBI in the DOJ are trying to turn them into their own private of secret police that they can use to destroy their political enemies for the United States of America.

We cannot stand.

We have got to put people in all the rest of this cabal and get those all goals all the back doing what they're supposed to do which is protect all of the people of this country not protect and fight for the Democratic Party. Gotta give him credit though Mr. Lt. Gov. because they they tested us and I think that we the people fail that test during the early days the pandemic they went after our civil liberties and we said here take them away from us. We just want to be safe and now people seem surprised that many of our churches sit empty on Sundays, and many of the large mega churches have disengaged from the political discourse we got what we we got what we asked for a large degree right a dog date that you fear calls people to give up the right. There are a lot of people out there back then who you are afraid to speak up we have got to get those people engaged. We have got to get them is that we are not going to put up with this anymore. We built Fort once but were not little full-court again. Everything within our power to make sure these types of things never happen again because I can kill you. This right and what happened during the pandemic is one of the worst things that ever happened in this country delivered liberties that were violated the way the economy was born the way our Constitution was violated by governors by mayors, but also all the people in high places. It would be great got examined that and we got a getting dates until "you're going to be that type of representative we are going to vote throughout all good people in not Google thing I have to tell folks the first time you and I bet it was and wasn't Mount airy North Carolina Mayberry and there was there was a big gathering and so you are out there delivering this barnburner of a message I mean the crowd was going bonkers and then it was like now. Welcome Todd Stern's I thought all geez a little I can follow Mark Robinson that's that's a tough act to follow, either Lt. Gov. where you are you from a lot of people. But you know I bought my model of dollars speak. I love it all in this together and we all have stuff to add and and where of some folks got it maybe got something to my speech. I'm sure that you came in right behind me and gave them something else that they could and and and and and use one of the hold no more freedoms that we are all in this together, and every part count no part is greater than you well well said, and I will say this very fond of a new restaurant chain. You guys have run North Carolina biscuit pill that makes North Carolina even a little bit more pleasant. Yes sir. All right, Lieut. Gov., thank you for taking time out of your schedule one final question I were getting this on our social media feeds.

I just just off the chain. They say you would make a great vice presidential running mate. If the president trumped called, would you accept about that, but that's not even on my right all right now. But it you know that that called Kmart.

That's something I would deftly consider but I don't blow a lot of for all that I think that we can be pretty amazing all right will keep you won't most states will stay focused on that one would to the governor. God bless you and thank you again right like you so much for Mark Robinson, the Lieut. Gov. of North Carolina and just just a powerfully look the way he's able to take these issues and explain them and talk about them to to an audience is really phenomenal and if you are at sea pack, you know exactly what I'm talking about here. Hey, let's go to the phones before we move we have to take a break 844-747-8868 Phil in Alabama. Phil what's on your mind. Good morning to you and thanks for having the Lieut. Gov. great interview thank you very much and I would agree with you completely with what you are talking about at the beginning of the program going to the airport. You really feel like you're going through your Third World gums country will people with machine-gunned it out of machine guns, but I feel exactly the same way you lose your freedom and when they called at the patriot act in. I agree exactly with what you were saying, and I also want to let you know doubt that you're not the only one who's out there saying this morning that the they think at some point they're going to arrest drug volleys making a speech. Michael Barry, who is a major talk show in Houston, Texas made that very same statement at the beginning of this program this morning and I saw her guessing daughter says that from five things that the rate they were actually planning something at Myla ago. So you're on the right track at well, you're not the NU not the only one saying that were not were not afraid to speak the truth on this program. Phil that's my list. Can you imagine what would happen if they were at a Trump rally, and they tried to arrest. If you think it affect and encourage other be a civil war. My friends, that would be the start of the Civil War right there. It will surely fill appreciate the call.

Thank you sir and we appreciate all the great folks over in Alabama except during football season goat go big orange look to Phil's point yet that they're not stupid enough to do that they would not arrest trumpet. One of his big save America rallies because there would be it would be a civil war. And if you're not careful. That's exactly what Joe Biden is going to is the launch of this country. Now conservatives are peaceful, law-abiding people, but there comes a point where you can only be shoved. You can only be pushed you can only be poked and prodded too far.

The gotta watch out for that. All right. Let's go to Gainesville, Georgia Janice on the line hi Janice, what's on your mind how to: how are we are right on bank account, but Mike and I can't multitask, thanking arrest form of crown I come down turn older woman got me and so you've reached that point, there are certainly hard and you know, America is gonna be first began one way. Janice and I certainly hope that the people in Washington are hearing your voice because there are many others out there that feel the exact same way and you're not the kind of folks that are going on to the streets and burning down the cities and we've seen all this play out before with NT 4.0 and black lives matter, and the Democrat party at large, but the majority of this country has been silent and my concern is what happens when the silent majority says that's it. We've had it. It's time to have a come to Jesus moment, Janice thanks for the call appreciate that we we do have to take a break, folks, you heard from Janet.

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This is true without talking times lately you know my opinion with you to dissolve. If the department patient department energy Department of Labor is the EPA, the National Labor Relations Board may need to clean house and the CIA and the DOJ and they need to get rid of the patriot, but that's just my opinion and if I was Donald Trump. I would leave the field to describe the setting, that's all. In front of the all right. Thank you James that he was using our shout back function that we have over on the app you say how can I get that app well first of all it's free. You don't have to buy and you can download K Wam and Gallipolis not only my show, which will be able to listen to 24 hours of conservative talk radio and you will be able to send us some shout out like a James Justin or let's go to the phones here Sheila North Carolina WSI see our great radio station. What say you Sheila hero of the United States of America and take back our country so you calling for everyone.

Please get together on their so you agree with this lady who called in just a few moments again. Yet it's week we are heading into a very precarious position Sheila because II think the average taxpayers the foot of the silent majority their sick and tired of this yet all right passionately.

She liked God bless you and thank you for the call of folks bring to hang tight with really I want to get him after the of the break. Here he was to weigh on this Memphis weather guy and and again going back to that met the story.

Thousands of people called in and said hey this guy is a good and decent weather guy. He's not a racist, bought out by the way a lot of black Memphians were steaming up for this guy but you know what, there's this woke Bob out there and they will take you down. They will destroy you. Quite frankly, every person who owns a subscription to the commercial appeal, which is what 75 people usually cancel your subscription give them a taste of their own medicine and put that jerk out of business. That's really audited and I still stand by the fact that the management at Fox 13 WH PQ of those people are are a bunch of cowards. They don't have the courage to stand up and defend longtime employees as pathetic and as I said and I we got a piece up on the website about this. It really is next level.

Jack Ansari I hang tight everybody we got Liz Harrington coming up. Jim Jordan is going to be here. Plus your calls 844-747-8868 we do, let's take a quick break, though this is the Todd start radio show University studio in Memphis Tennessee.

All right, welcome to the Todd start those glad to hang with us, noon to three Eastern and that we can't we can't name specifics, but I will say this, that in many markets around the country. We are now number one for talk radio in the noon to three hour and I just want to say thank you and we greatly appreciate your support and of being a part of our national show just a few seconds after Mara Longo was invaded was rated in a pre-drawn guns drawn invasion by government agents. I posited a theory on social media that what we ought to be concerned about is not what they were taking out about Rolando, but it was what we were what they were planting inside and now just seconds ago Marjorie Taylor Green has weighed in on that Pres. Trump has as well as Rand Paul, many others across the conservative spectrum are now beginning to weigh in and wonder what exactly was going on inside. Mara Longo want to go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line are good friend of Pres. spokesperson Liz Harrington joins us. Liz good to have you with us and I want to start by asking about the very latest.

What can you tell us about Trump world in response to what happened to Mara Longo but I think it might like the reaction of the country and what country are you living now their oral so beyond the pale and crossing the Rubicon that I had never been crossed before and everyone is looking at this saying this is not the way a kind, Republic behave and quite frankly I think it's because it is not. It no longer being taken and the American people are not that I die and let it be taken. We respond in a way that I think there acting which the thing in date to do that. Take this step, which is making is the third world country. For in any man. The greatest president in our lifetime far beyond you done nothing wrong at you had been under political persecution for seven years now, and in all different jurisdictions and venues that they cannot find any heat totally in all he ever demonstrate that a country that not again just can, but against the powerful political movement. I think they're miscalculating because this is breaking even more people to secretly add take back their country email through transparency, through righteous indignation, true holding their elected officials accountable to make sure this correction gets rooted out because make no make a correction at the high level so illegitimate there's no way you can even do this legally. I had to go to the magistrate judge totally phony and fraudulent.

No crying, no probable cause. Liz will be jumping here on this judge.

The judge is is a is a donor to both Jeb Bush and Barack Hussein Obama thousands of dollars in donations. There are also reports out there that the judge has written anti-Trump screeds on his social media pages, which are now under lock and key. Does I mean does that sound fair to you would put their name on their rear noun being run is not intended to govern it. Run by a cartel is being run by a mild and good people aiming people are waking not ending like we've never seen before. They've gone too far and it will absolutely shameful and disgusting. I totally error but okay. Are you kidding presidential record never used any present term standing first initial state sure send anybody and after that's true, I mean lampshades anything know that Ashley had a U-Haul. They pulled up and they were loading up White House furniture. They had to get back. It was most craziest thing I've ever seen that carriage three that he would violate people way people got that all he died its fight on behalf of to get it the beginning they know that they cannot abide by their corrupt power much longer. I'm lack date really go after anybody standing in their way to get a person standing in their way is the leader of the most popular political movement in American history. The one that is growing ever by that gap all about stopping people today can you know they're going for the gun we've seen a corrupt cabal in Washington signing off the unconstitutionally place and now there adding all the direct agent. I mean that they are hacking the core of the country. They've already attacked the border attacked the dollar.

It attacked our energy there tracking our military air procedure on the world but down in Afghanistan giving it away all these different things are at the heart they're trying to do.

Roy, our country, but the problem is too many patriotic American to love it though and are not there and they did okay working at and where standing in the way Liz a couple questions here have have the Trump attorneys have the received anything any correspondence from the from the FBI from the Justice Department. Have they been able to see the warrant yet so I can't think that I not. I know that it went. It drags it down so corrupt and I know that no one was really even there until I can't mediate phone calls were made, but there is no need for even a warrant for all totally illegitimate product that because there's no probable cause anything eat United State presidential record, there is record all thank they were negotiating back and forth with the national archive. Would normally be a totally mundane crop that, but like everything now get weapon I can click it right and work can make you angry, throughout the rest against Chan at least talked about the impeachment host number one number two everything they tried to deal with with the truth twice the law at to work on their and then they get themselves into this ridiculous position.

I'm going after the presidential record deck which is never been used before flying here. Just like there is no Logan act violation area are no far violation.

You use these arcane product that he too stressed out and polish up the godly tactic. Just put a suit on, when I think back what what it is really Liz. Liz will be jumping because our time is is a bit limited.

Here, there are cans I have concerns that they're going to try and and embarrass the president at one of these rallies are one of the speaking engagements are there concerns that you might have FBI agents storming the stage and taking the president into custody in a public setting. Again, just to humiliate and embarrass the president. I don't put anything past the people they are brave and their air, but there also everything that you backfired, and it backfired in a way that they don't think it will, and they might want to try to call you know reaction to certain way and we have to be you know why the serpent then harm. We have to be bold and speaking the truth, but we can't find it.

Whatever you now machinations that kind cannot we just have to keep doing what we're doing with it letting our country fighting for every single day and doing it. I was righteous indignation. That's what we have we have the truth on our side so we can really be worried about the games they're playing in the distinct and machinations. We just have to be worried about what we can do each of us need every single day to further the cause of freedom and our conscious are public interest survey because that's at that date. We can, therefore country.

We cannot let it A correction continue to leave it there. Liz appreciate the insight and the information and thanks for for hop on the program today think that art Liz Harrington the president spokesperson insane is the whole thing is just insane folks, and this judge and we have the we have the Intel of our website. Todd you can see for yourself. This judge has given money to Jeb Bush thousand dollars gave $1000 to Barack Hussein Obama wrote very nasty things about Pres. Trump on social media and you're telling me this is a fair and impartial process. Yet, I don't think so or real quick before you go to break. I wanted to go to Perry and Iowa and he wants to weigh in on the of the FBI agents and. We understand that they went after and rummage through malanga trumps clothing yeah well I've heard rumor that it was operating across and that they were really after Malani is close to know today at Gore was a little banner like that so maybe they should continue down for five to date they made Marlatt Marbach then filed on well yes, no doubt about that.

No doubt about that. I guarantee you Mara Lago is bogged right now all yeah they did it, Trump Towers, so they continued air but thanks for your show all right. God bless you always, always get wise words of the heartland are we going to take a break going right to the phones we have Vicki in North Carolina couple of lines up about 844-747-8868 you think this is over, folks, or do you think the FBI's going to try to embarrass and humiliate the president 844-747-8860 80 can I tell you about our friends at patriot mobile Americas only Christian conservative wireless carrier patriot mobile they're fighting for our freedom every single day and they're providing some incredible cell phone service the best in America. That's right folks patriot mobile has broad nationwide coverage.

They use the same Towers.

The other guys use and they have plans to fit any budget. No matter how big or how small. And if you're a veteran if you're a first responder. They're going to hook you up with even more discounts go to patriot That's patriot be sure to use my promo code Todd there to give you free premier activation and a special discount that's patriot or call 972 patriot. That's 972 patriot did you tell Jim Jordan to please the new Atty. Gen. right please please ahead of the FPI all right well you know what will ask Jim Jim Jordan when he's on the program coming up in just a little while. I think you Ricky from Arkansas. A lot of folks from Arkansas using UBS outback function and you can as well. It is a special part of our free app which you can download it.

K Wam radio K WAN or you can get it wherever you get your apps is good in the app store search for the app and you'll be able to find let's go to the phones here 844-747-8868 Vicki from W. HK. North Carolina hi Vicki, what's on your mind today you think you going there. Regarding the Civil War coming.

I totally agree think it inevitable.

All the things that are happening leading up to late and the bad news is it'll be just as terrible as any other war that had but the good news is it'll be over in about five minutes because we have people all over the country, millions of on the T and ready we will have the police on our side, both present and former will have the national God on my side and probably most of the military, so it won't take long, and let's be honest, I think every grandmother who was a conservative is armed to the teeth so you got to where he met the pistol packing greenies to x-ray our site is armed and with Lee on the silent majority that you said and and we are a peace and we are peaceful and law-abiding people Vicki but there comes a point when when the civil liberties are violated when the Constitution is thrown in the trash. That's when it's time to stand up and say you know what when I can go down that path right in and keep it in their frozen water bottle and I can go very far know they will not you got that right right Vicki received the call. God bless you. Let's go to Reese in Gainesville, Georgia hi Reese, what's on your mind, a new member and I love your show leaving everything every day and thank you for that.I have neglected the ball with FBI raid helped out with the thinkers there. The mistaken are they a branch of the FBI, or at least affiliated with the FBI compel so the Secret Service is actually a part of the Treasury Department, the FBI, a part of the Justice Department. So, separate government entities, and it sort of in uncharted waters here with all of this, but my understanding is Reese that the Secret Service were notified. So it wasn't like the FBI came in with the flash grenades are they actually let the Secret Service know in advance that they have these warrants.

Now the question is what would happen if you know if Trump is arrested with the Secret Service allow that to happen.

And again, we will know the answer to that question completely gray water all day. I found out my dad, my name is Tom. I read down the law. Trump started bacon that's one thing that he will get rid of all get rid of not going to do now like you all that negative background like any input on that is the yes I do and how I may have to hold my answer to your question until after the break your lease, but it's a it's a very interesting and important observation because again when all these kinds of things happen you need to keep your eye on the White House because it's just like a squirrel with a shiny object that the mainstream media. They ghosts that they will scurry after the shiny object when in fact the real story is happening at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. so I'll try to answer that coming up back after the break I think you though and welcome aboard were always honored to have a new listers 844-747-8868 coming up our good friend Congressman Jim Jordan. This is the Todd Stern's radio show everybody this is the son Stern's radio show were broadcasting our flagship radio station PWA M the mighty 990, by the way, celebrating 75 and Grace rammed a big sending what next next Thursday coming up quick, highfalutin hotel on the Mississippi River. Yeah I'm excited a very nice rooftop good food would have a live band.

Do you dance Grace or you can answer this wacko can't dance well I danced yes. Can I dance no applicable Baptist martinis. I can do the boots were booking their ego but anyway I one of the things we been trying to do for our Memphis audience because we do this radio station and is that they want the they want local listers to come and join in celebrating VIP treatment and so if you are in the Midsouth of your key Wam listener and you give us a call. What color was a caller number two if from the Memphis area you're in a win VIP tickets to the big shindig coming up next Thursday but number to call 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 in order to hook you up with some of VIP tickets. Let's go to the phones Oregon Pat listing to us on KY cayenne that we had one heck of a big shindig in Salem that couple weeks ago.

What I want people to think about is the president and former president Trump in the rated by the FBI what's going to happen to our freedoms of speech and expression.

If we know already that our privacy can't be protected on the web, let alone our free speech rallies or in the opinion pages of the paper. When the IRS hires 87,000 you agent and they're going to tear all of us. Anyone that's what's going to happen with answer.

That's why the next election coming up in November is so important that this is why every election is important mean it's it's just insane. What the government's doing, and when people don't go out they don't vote, they don't engage the political process very very bad things happen through me. Our freedom is at stake in this next election.

Yes sir, it is Pat, you're absolutely right, and I'm so honored that you guys have of folks there in in Salem, Oregon.

Conservatives are fighting the good fight you're not afraid to stand up and and say what needs to be said and at the same time you sharing those conservative ideals with the next generation. I mean that's it's all part of it. Thank you and good work. Well thanks Pat tell everybody on KY cayenne land that we said hello.

We will all right thanks for calling and Pat are eight 844-747-8868. I let's go to the phones here Rick and Cordova, Tennessee hi Rick how are you today doing great already.

I got some good news for you I were about to make your day a little brighter because you are one of the winners of a pair of tickets to the big VIP gala next week.

Great love to go well. Congratulations on working to put you on hold and I Grace is going to to get all of your details. So hang tight.

Don't go anywhere and we've also God's David in Memphis, Tennessee listing to us on KWIC M David, how are you today hey Todd, I'm excited about that will congratulations David where I'm always excited to meet our listeners and were to put you on hold urine when a pair of tickets to our big gala event next week celebrating 75 years of KWIC M and the five-year anniversary of the Todd Stern's radio show. So hang tight and I don't go anywhere and folks, we have got to take a quick break here 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 this is the Todd start show. All right hello America I say something rough on the well not really to conserve the Republic and I want to give a shout out to a guy he is and Republican leadership in the state of Tennessee. His name was sex, so let me explain what happened and I just got this item from our news guy at PWA M a binge eater, great, great journalist parent balance little makeup like that these days, so I anyway we just elected a radical George Soros district attorney in this guys he says he's not to be prosecuting crimes he's going to be taking care of defending the criminals is got his name was Prof. Steve Mulroy and I anyway. The Mr. Sexton who is with the end the Tennessee state house is the house. What is the of the speaker of the house. He's the speaker of the house. Thank you very much Mr. Dieter so you got that that the speaker of the house. Alyssa won't want you to do with this guy refuses to prosecute crimes. What are you going to do and the guy says they look he's either going to prosecute the criminals. Are you going to go write his butts good to be back in the classroom so there to play hardball with this guy. I suspect that mere moments after he starts his job. The recall petitions are to start, much like they did in San Francisco.

So there you there you go for that 844-747-8868 that's her telephone number. I would love to ask Grace Baker and will you know what were to hold the story because I'm trying to figure out why Street women like to spend their bachelorette parties at the gay bars that's apparently a thing and I had, it's it it is a big thing and that there's a story in the about this in word and I will talk to Grace about this.

You just got married so she kind of knows about these kinds of things, but it means I don't go to the patriot bubble newsmaker line.

There's really was and is an awkward transition. What can I say it happens. Our good friend the great American patriot from Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan joins us. Congressman, thanks for coming on the program well thought I could do it again so look I love about you I'm I'm kinda concerned about the feds just picking up trump supporters and especially those of us in the media. I traveled around with a small toothbrush and some toothpaste just in case my butt gets thrown into a federal lockup knowledge Jokingly but but it it's really frightening when you think about what we need and get to the day, but you last last fall. It was that we we learned the Justice Department using the patriot act against parent unite to go we we had the Senate passed legislation can unleash 7000 IRS agent on on on American harass them about their taxes and then of course is what happened to the private residence of the former president of the United States and likely Republican candidate for president in the in the upcoming present, a rate and then of course is followed up by taking the phone of a sitting member of Congress, Thornburg retired Army Gen. This is Gary stop and yet who's next is probably the right question to ask and it is scary to think about it is Congressman but you were warning us about this all along and I know that you guys got a lot of blowback in the media, but we're in a really unprecedented time in American history. What concerns you have.

Now that we know, for example, Congressman Scott. The chairman of the house freedom caucus got stopped little vacation with his family with his weight on vacation with his wife and two daughters, wonderful family, retired Army Gen. served in the Congress freedom caucus chair and they come up and take it out, unite and look at it.I don't think I don't like to get phone but that that they should now to the and then that but got even how he wanted bulbul turn it over. We think it's long, but will turn it over, but the fix come with a warrant and take it from me while you make it make no sense, and you viewed in context. Remember what we already know we already know they're willing to alter evidence. Kevin Kleinschmidt was a lawyer in the Justice Department have altered an email offered evidence that was taken to the fight. The court when they started to cold this whole thing going after presidential so we already had quite a likable slap on the wrist they've already proven they're willing to change evidence to go after the political opposition.

We caught the January think committee on eight different false statements they have made, and we don't get to the transcript we don't get to be in the depositions we don't get to see the document we culminate my only other fall think they're telling us to look at that really what you think about it that even makes it more scary and it's a fair question asking and I were I wrote this on twitter just about 30 seconds after the word Lisa about the about the rain it's that we ought to be concerned not with what they took out of our log about what may have been planted inside and out and you say that, but here we are great insight yeah I mean you know and with what now there's report out that they took napkins and golf ball yeah like okay so what were the they classified golf balls with a top-secret app to let me know what went cool but it what you hear felt. I don't get it. I don't the country get to that.

Like I called for two nights ago I said to Chris Ray and they're going to be in front of the House Judiciary Committee this Friday were to be back there, debating and voting on this this ridiculous tactic that The rate people affected, exacerbate the already 41 your high inflation rate they need to be in front of the district committee answering the question that the American people have and I don't but they could of the petri bubble newsmaker liner different Congressman Jim Jordan and Congressman as horrifying as this is an and I do suspect more more people are going to be targeted. We got 87,000 more IRS agents that are about to be boots on the ground and I can only imagine the horrors they're going to inflict on the American people yet to come after working-class and middle-class people that you deal outside of the going to use your tax money to come harass you, the taxpayer.

We know they're going to target small business owner out there running the landscape company, small manufacturing plant.

The farmer on it.

That's who they're going to come after him in the worst of it. It can be 87,000 people, most of them with a leftward event in their political beliefs and they're all going to be working remote from Northern Virginia drinking their fancy coffee harassing people who can't work remotely left to plow the field plant the crop building and it houses to work at the Natick action plan. A plan or drive a truck to deliver the goods that we need to make our country go back to. They're going to be harassment that that's the part that kicked me off about Congressman, have you had a chance to speak to the president.

Since all of this came out with the with the rate I have. I get into detail the current date. I would edit great spirit EEE understand how wrong this is just like the most of America.and he was a great spirit, but the immunity of the present you that you can optimistic go get them. Kinda guy to my liking so much and and Frank by wanting to run again get back in the Oval Office. I can imagine when you step back and just as a casual observer, I I don't know how I would be able to stand up to that much attack day after day after your year after year after year. Take a special kind of guy that like that's what he was such an effective president because he got more done it more what he said he would do any president we've ever had any did it with every Democrat in that town to get any dinner with everyone. The mainstream media get you did with Republican to get any dinner with all the bureaucracy against the wicked lighting maybe the most amazing thing and he got it done. I tell this article to start a group I was speaking to Todd early in the ministration were in the West Wing. In one of the offices there's beckoned like number 2070 had a big white board and on the whiteboard. They had written every single campaign promise is something made to the American people in the 2016 campaign and they were literally checking them off as they were getting them done in Jerusalem out of the Iran deal out of the current climate or check check check every conservatives on the court cutting check that that's what they were doing checking them up. That's how you're supposed to govern doing that you would do and no one did better than then-President, that's all right. Congressman could have anyone appreciate all the insight that think about take care of our that's Congressman Jim Jordan everybody a good friend of this program and he says it's a fair question to be asking who's next who's going to be next grace I got a spare toothbrush downstairs.

That's good.

I might need that thing you know to know you never know I made it to be prepared yet that's right we don't have Secret Service protection. So that's Marlowe Barlow, and we've got that we got her chief engineer Chuck the engineer. This is true, maybe he could distract them so we could get away unto him about Star Trek, but he said especially these that one of the take away classified golf balls or top-secret after know exactly what you write some notes on the napkins. Have you ever done that. I got an alert or whatever and you know I you know I called her straight and then I come pick him up and they got and I'm like well as I go this graffiti. I'm tagging be the folders you owe by by the way of Pres. Biden says Roku before you get ready to ask you about this okay. Pres. Biden says we have 0% inflation in the month of July.

So just remember that when you go to the grocery store that is good to know, and 0% inflation almost of Oreos cost 20 bodies feel that way that we had percent. It does not grace.

This is from the blaze and I want to ask you about this because you just got married back to university educators warned readers of the Boston Globe that bachelorette parties in Provincetown, Massachusetts, are asserting their privilege in local gay safe spaces. Now they're accusing mostly white women of attempting to escape their heterosexual world by attending local gay bars and ranchers during their festivities. Interesting said that is not like a thing with with like the bachelorettes, not anybody that I know personally but the only thing when I hear that statement I just think you know, maybe these women who are getting married to a dude they think oh I'm not going to go to a traditional light strip club, but I feel less guilty going to a gay bar because it's a bunch of dudes that are actually interested in me quote the women are displaced by rape culture and seek refuge in queer spaces, but the queers are faced with tolerating the heterosexual gaze or not showing up at all. Wow, what is that even I don't know what that means but here's the thing that I get that I like its business right like they come in they buy drinks they paid. Again, whatever its business. I don't know why people are complaining. According to the according to the story here in the blaze. The women suffer from a will and grace complex that that's an old TV show Saraceno that it was like to straight women, and then began, but one of the gay dude was actually played by a straight guy in real life.

So that would not be allowed to not at all and I'm I I'm waiting for the creators of that program do apologize yet just like friends did got to Dr. they think they can all shout share lyrics and yell yes Queen what is that how does I don't gain squeaky clean yeah well I can't do any hey hey hey because they are welcomed in the gay culture about this but the weather going after the bachelorettes and their say stay out of the gay bars wow okay okay me.

I just also suggested they stay out of Nashville. Have you been to Nashville lately yeah and I would never ever ever move their they had these massive bicycles.

I guess you quit like a party, bicycle buses or whatever yes and the and the women are Udo scantily clad drunk out of the room yes throw at me. They got the feather ball is in their throw their closing of the street, literally. And this is a real thing. It is one of the bachelorette capitals of the world. Fascinating. It really is all places and is like that and it's a very religious place national so used to be on the country music stars move Sodom and Gomorrah with a southern accent is like holy cow what is going on here I Nashville Memphis has its own problems. Nashville scholars trying to get to the grand old Opry.

I see abroad go flying through the air. The name of Dolly Parton is going on here. I hate our three coming up next.

This is the Todd start's radios from liberty University studio in Memphis Tennessee. I want you to talk to the past. What is your encouragement from elections.

One of the church people to we have the word of God we have the grace of Christ. We are born again, proclaim the gospel. That gospel is already victorious. I say to my brothers and sisters were pastors. We are not just working for victory. We are working from victory. We start with victory because Jesus Christ is risen from the dead has conquered sin has conquered falsehood.

He is alive and with us I think you got some Baptist and your father for our youth. That was a little bit of the panel discussion we had at sea pack. Justo was last week. Last Friday I welcome everybody. This is our three of the Todd Stern's radios so good to have you with us of father Frank Pavone is one of the nation's top pro-life leaders. He was national cochair of pro-life voices for Trop director of priest for life and he is on our patriot mobile newsmaker line father, Frank, how's it going today all great God is so good to be with you. I was ready to be with the pack and think about grabbing me on today.

Oh, absolutely. And father Frank. I love to get your your take on what's been happening this persecution of the present as matter fact that's the word Franklin Graham used, to describe what's happening with Pres. Trump right now and conservatives persecution in America. Why, you know, when he was with it the other day couple of days before this happened. He said he has been saying a lot of his rallies recently.

You know a friend of mine told me on the most persecuted resident in history. Maybe the most American in history as I can as I started think about that. I thought it might be true.

I'm sure it's true and and and it brings to mind another thing he says to us that I constantly remind my followers. It reads like the look. They're coming after him because they're coming after all about what we stand for the values we hold, whether it pro-life freedom of the right of parents think their children all the various issues day. The radical left are coming after us and that's one of the reasons Todd is you and I discussed on that panel that the churches cannot be neutral anymore. You can make a case that churches should be neutral when it comes to no policy differences that people of goodwill could equally hold or disagree on, but not when it comes to violations of principle. There is no room for neutrality.

When you have a party that is acting freedom of the citizen security of the nation or weapon. I think the structures of government. You see, I am so glad to hear you say that father Frank because I I know that here in this part of the country in the Midsouth.

A lot of the mega churches have disengaged from the culture fight. They are not involved in politics and I think that's one of the reasons and let me know if I'm off base here, but I think that's one of the reasons were facing such chaos in the culture right now. Well, you know it when we were when we were party to the battle a few years ago over the contraceptive mandate, the so-called HHS mandate. I said to the pastors you know so many of you have not wanted to go to get them get involved in the battle in politics were facing a fierce enemy and you know so you want to take the battle out into the public square. So now they took the battle, you have to understand the Democratic Party. They look at you look at their platform and some of their other writing ego if it isn't the problem in the party thought about this or that of any date or bite and/or harass the stomach to the party where they look at religious freedom as discrimination.

That's exactly how they describe it, and so they are going to they want to snuff out the voice of the church and that's one of the reasons that the step up to the plate and and get engaged. I also say the past that you might think for example that registering voters in your church is a political activity. I say to them it's a pastoral activity. Why is it pastoral because you're equipping the people of God to go out into society and make a different way, the Lord Jesus commands us to do. You direct them to not telling a register with this party or that are you telling them register take part in the public process, informed by the word of God and can make a change in the world that the pastor like that's not primarily a political activity on the patriot mobile newsmaker line father Frank Pavone father when you you look at at where we are now in in the country and and we talk about religion and of course I'm a Baptist you're Catholic but there are some Catholic churches that are still giving communion to the president of the United States, and the speaker of the house and outrage.

It really is because you look here at our president is Catholic, Baptist or whatever denomination I want the person occupying that office to respect his or her faith enough not to abuse it just for political purposes and this is where we see what we see these people do you know Todd Biden was acting closely with that very well.

What about the Catholic bishop saying you know maybe really should be receiving communion and and you know their responses that while you know that the personal private matter and they private so my argument with that is within. Why do you keep bringing up publicly your devout Catholic identity, Pelosi was asked many times in Prescott bulldog this or that, like legislation and instead of giving an answer about legislation she goes into I'm a devout Catholic, you know it either as private or public, will make up your mind and stick to it that the problem is there in the want to get the votes of those that that that our Catholic identity politics other version of identity politics with a religious guard then they throw the teachings of the state out the window and offensive to the American by the tens of millions for making sacrifices every day to live out their faith, their baking sacrifice to be a limit. Look at these people who are just throwing teaching about the window I was looking at your your twitter feed earlier today father Frank you had a great video and the question is very simple question. What I want to ask you on our program is United States. Now a Banana Republic.

Yet we know this was so outraged the other night looking at the pictures and listening to this unprecedented action on president from Samara log go home and just the fruition of something the other side. As we all know, has been doing for years and years and years taking for example impeachment process, which are constantly provides for rare circumstances and and and recognizing and using it as a pop artist and truly the first partisan impeachment in American history, And this is just the outgrowth of the past they've been on for a while now and I think of anybody at any doubt. Up to this point that that the radical left was putting America of just becoming like the Third World countries will doubt should be removed now, and therefore it now for real action. People have not been speaking up.

Need to speak up people of not been voting need to get in there and vote these people out of office. Thank God we have the best and to correct the situation peacefully.

Patriotically, we have the mechanisms to do it but we gotta use it while we still do have them otherwise are going to be an even deeper trouble.

It's it's a great point and father working at the end that there where can people go through to get more information about the great ministries that that you I had up well on social media are Frank Pavone, my handle on the platforms and on the website and abortion.US abortion .us and thank you God so very much for having the time and I will say this again father Frank. You kinda preach like a Baptist there so I love you I father good. That will get you back on suit.

Thank you for being a great voice out there for the unborn and four conservative values welcome and thank you for doing all right. That's father Frank Pavone.

He was one of the panels I was hosting over at sea pack last week and I will I get him back on just a delightful guy we sent backstage and laughed and carried on for it was sub had a sure to Baptist Martini which overall you Lutherans out there that's of a Diet Coke with a wedge limit are now working to open up the phone lines are coming back from this break 844-747-8868 that's a toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 may I tell you about our good friend Mike Lindell. He is been so good to the audience of this radio program. We have a special page and micas got some great back-to-school specials going on. Thanks to thanks to your great support. My

That's my not get this every single product. Mike has is on sale right now my Pelosi.

Gotta get going to college. You gotta get about one of those beautiful my pillows for their dorm room, 1998. My fellow sandals 29 €98 bill to say 50% of the bipolar mattresses and of course you gotta send the kids to college with some towels to be able to get a great deal of Mike Lindell's six piece towel set That's my to activate the special discounts gotta use my last name Starnes will be right back are may I say this about the Republicans up on Capitol Hill. I remember when Pres. Trump was first elected and the Republicans promised to these massive investigations going after they said the red go after the FBI for for trying to sabotage Pres. Trump's election the right to go after the rent going to go after Hillary the Russian dossier the Obama ministration because we all know and no one really likes to talk about this. Even I don't want the event will mark Logan. He is fearless eat. He will they call in the great one for Reese and Hannity will outside of that, and that they going to talk about this, but folks, everything goes back to Barack Hussein Obama.

Everything just remember the man who promised to fundamentally change America that's him and that's what he's doing now, but the Republicans they they talked a good talk, but when it came time to actually doing the investigations and holding people accountable. We got Jack squat. I mean, we really did and I remember having a lot of these guys on my show. Back when I was at Fox News.

They were coming to the studio they would look at me in my face and they would say people are going to be brought to justice nobody's in jail.

No one of consequence is in jail. So when I hear Kevin McCarthy say there to be holding Merrick Garland and Chris Ray accountable. Okay good, but you're going to have to do more than that. And maybe it's just me. Maybe it is just me but I believe in the process of trusting, but verifying. I trust you but until you actually do it on Homo. I'm hopeful there to do it, but they never have and that goes for the ultraconservatives out there to. It's one thing to go on Fox news Channel or Newsmax and spew your talking points, but it's another to crack down and we need a crackdown I love about you but I don't have to live in fear of walking down the street and being tackled by FBI agents throwing me in jail because I said something about the president of the United States, Joe Biden on the radio.

I don't want to live my life like that. I have to imagine that many of you out there want to be able go down to your local school board and give him a piece of your mind without having to face an FBI investigation by doing those 87,000 IRS agents are coming to the southern states the coming to the Midwest. That's where they're going. That's where most of the audits are taking place nobody wants to live like that and it's going to keep happening until the Republicans on Capitol Hill. Every single one of them get a backbone stand up and do what needs to be done. Follow through. That's all I'm saying is that too much to ask. 844-747-8868 that's a toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 and there's a story and I think this is a heartwarming story but it's blown up and people are.

There are two very distinct sides here on this issue. It happened at the Little League World Series. Southwest regional championship. You might've seen the video.

We will put up on the alive show block yet of you had a picture maintained in Sheldon and that he was pitching for Texas East. I'll think that's important.

But anyway, where he played anyway the pitcher through a pitch and it nailed the poor kid in the batter's box.

It was, but but he was fine, and so the picture so obviously he took first first base and so then the picture is just really mortified by me and the kids right there kits and the kid breaks down and starts to cry on the pitcher's mound know I know there's no crying in baseball but is a CAD for goodness sakes, have a little bit of mercy is that Ken so anyway, the poor kids. There is coach comes over he was like it's okay, you didn't kill anybody you meet its sensitive soul.

So then the poor kid. He's weeping on the mythologies lost control, but he's really upset about all this. So the kitty hit the kid on first base runs over the pitcher's mound and gives that gives the opposing pitcher a hug and tells you it's Oates it's okay. I think this is a heartwarming moment and just American life and you yeah I get it. It's a baseball so anyway people are really upset that the the kid on first base was not thrown out because you one of the pictures bound and left first base and their people are really upset about this.

There saying that was was unsportsmanlike for the for the batter to go up and hug the picture during the Little League game. Do you have a problem with this. I am III just don't see the problem here but there are some diehard baseball fans who are saying that this is the worst thing they've ever seen at a baseball game really is that where we are as a country right now or you can't show a little bit of his time and sportsmanship. It's just compassionate humanity.

I idled up where is it you know Dylan and Kyle are our board opposite out but Dylan Dandridge is is running our board today were family. By the way, sister, and you're also baseball player yet. Do you have a problem with what this Debbie was there a cardinal sin here was a rule broken know this makes no sense. This is pure compassion serve like you're saying like the kid got hit in the head and he's like a man. It's okay.

I all so I will admit I hit somebody in heaven. I was a picture driver. I think they cried and I was like I thought, criterion, or whatever, but know that there's nothing wrong with the situation here today to us that people are upset about it. Thank you, don't you see there was a reason you are on the on the show today. It was for this story for such a time as this.

But there's no crying in baseball.

That's what they say. It just seems to me that these diehard baseball fans are making a mountain out of a bowl.

I just don't see what the problem is honestly my hat is off to the young guy, the batter, he did the right thing. The poor kid. The picture got a couple more rotations. Gotta get that pitch walked out there pal are eight 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8860 able to throw the kids up to never play baseball ever again.

There are back to the concert radio program delighted to have with us today.

Let's go to the phone 084-4747 before we do that grace I knew. I'm I supposed to be doing something and saying something right now and I cannot remember for the life of me what I was. I'll try to help your member type and if I remember you had to know what was. But just remind me just that but told her the magic word old word twitter twitter day but were here and I don't I want and wait for me because of my forgetfulness and enjoyed scope welcome to the show tonight.

Eight point how anyone could believe that the current generation had no idea or at the current thing.

Biden felt that now had About the narrow lab.

Okay, lie our citizens yet, but my blanket might why do you like you wanted to do have a thought on that plan. Because you Exactly right at me.

I'm thinking I shall get a data guy from the guy from on candidate. Now it looks like a docket flat back.great night out. So, very thin, I think until we get down is that you get trying think it's great contrite about my Republican but if he for any reason is indicted for air anything.

I think that we can get together we can now revolution what affect did not have to stop writing right there in front of our faith. I lifting carrying out Republican like you said before, I'm going to get his campaign when he announced, I think, kind gets wrong. It gets wrong and I don't I don't know what happened on January 6 to find out because nobody really wants us to know, but I do know this. What happened on January 6.

That was not the silent majority when the if if Donald Trump goes to jail if they come and arrest Donald Trump on trumped up charges they and item. Whatever. I think the silent majority is going to rise up and it will's done since Don, the Democrats and the mainstream media, and they will not know what to do at that point Trent and we had what are they going to go.people out there.

We gotta get it. We have to stop talking and giving thanks know you're right about that and appreciate the call and it's it's a great sentiment and and a severe question. Are they going to come after the Santos next.

I know Liz Cheney is not a big fan of the Santos she's considering him to be an enemy of the Republican Party's where you draw the line all right codeword there. Thank you, grace. This is you, I need a vacation. When I haven't really taken a vacation. Now you have anything on your doing my one yeah it's not like you're actually relaxed.

We got I got to separate speaking events in Atlanta coming up to be out on the West Coast for about a week gathering events and we're doing a Wichita event and so we had a busy final election are you doing are you looking for a job. People pay attention. The Internal Revenue Service has posted a job description.

Here are the major duties. If you want to work for the IRS. You have to adhere to the highest standards of conduct, especially in maintaining honesty and integrity. Well of course we would want that you have to work a minimum grace bakery ready for this. I would ever hear any complaints ready.

You have to work a minimum of 50 hours a week be on call 24 seven, including holidays and weekends you have to maintain a level of fitness necessary to effectively respond to life-threatening situations on the job. This is the IRS 511 to say I forgot to be able to get that first-aid real quick like.

Here's the next you have to be able to carry a firearm and be willing to use deadly force if necessary. Doing the IRS that's known and you have to be willing to be able to participate in arrest and execution of search warrants and other dangerous assignment. I thought it was more like, you know, getting a fingerprint from typing and answering the phones so Adam Baldwin are good buddy Adam Baldwin share this on his twitter feed got a screenshot with a link to the IRS page so I clicked on the IRS page and now that page is been taken down so your single time.

Can you verify the authenticity know, but I can tell you that there's a screenshot here in the pages linked to has now been taken down by the IRS. Very suspicious. It's very odd, very unusual.

All right, let's go to the phones here 844-747-8860 8J and George W GUN are great affiliate hey Jay, what's on your mind that you don't like, I can, like you abandoned in the oh so exclusive J says no no vacations start know you I love you but you really Terry people up.

I love thank you but I presented. I like the site selection is so important that if we don't, that if we don't stand up and do something about it that the persecution it's going at it is going to be so bad that I don't believe America, we thought you have the charts. People on their end persecution by the chart you know the Democrats. I chart and then you will see the real the real revival happened.

The but I just wanted to comment on that and you keep on fighting because what I really enjoy the program. J. I appreciate those kind words and I'll try not to try to persevere, but I sure could use a couple of days off. JI just I just tell of May belt is going assignment.

There we go. I appreciate the call, you know, Jay's got a point, though, as much as they hate the Christians they hate the Jews even more retarded about the Democrats. I will never forget. I'm writing a chapter of my book on this about how Bill de Blasio who was a communist. By the way a lot of people forget that, but Bill de Blasio is in fact a communist and the communist hate the Jews. They don't like the Christians they hate the Jews, but they want to destroy all of us. That's why we identified in this together. So anyway, during the of the pandemic. You might recall, they allow BLM and NT for the protest in March of the street that was perfectly okay but the Jews were not allowed to congregate. The Jews were not allowed to bury their dead in New York City and you might remember the story we got up on our website, you can Google it, where DiMaggio dispatch the police to break up funerals and some of the Orthodox Jewish communities.

We don't forget the stuff folks we do not forget. There a lot of people out there that forget we don't forget we gotta stand alongside our our our Jewish countrymen because were all in this fight together, they will crackdown on the Muslims deserve scared of the Muslims, but they'll come after the Christians of the Jews. They will and 1/2 all right 844-747-8868 let's go to Iowa. Folks from Iowa today.

Joe on the line I Joe earlier and talk about an Afghan man who was killed, allegedly killed the Phoenix one of the candies that we brought over station fully guided joke that is a fascinating story and it was getting national attention until they figured out who the suspect was and then all of a sudden they took it they took it off the TV screen yet. Look, I heard it was he Afghan I heard he was Somali but he may have been Afghan regardless of the question you raise is one of the more important questions. How did this guy get of the country right right government to keep year well are they doing that not doing very well. It's it's it's insane. Here they are at and you have to wonder how many how much resource how many resources to be allocated to reading Mara Longo while our border has been completely overrun. Just think about that aren't Joe appreciate the call. Thank you for listening.

By the way, Joe downloaded the K WAN map K Wam K-1

Click on the app not only can you get the app free of charge, but you'll also be able to send us a shout out signal to come on the radio live. You can leave a recorded message. We play those throughout the program art.

We gotta take a quick break.

Going back to your calls. 844-747-8868 toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 this is the time search all right. Welcome back to the side surge radio show. Hope you're having a great day America will bit of fun around these 844-747-8868 is her telephone number. Let's go to the great state of Mississippi, the Magnolia State. Brian on the line listing to us on TWA hey Brian what's going on my call first one is, you know, we can listen on the other lift our group were there your keep on planning unit.

No one is above the law will evidently but lost the Internet via what one question for you were hearing a lot of theories about the political part of out of the theories are you looking for five… Yada yada yada. Has anybody followed thought that maybe had an ugly matter, they thought that mother.but something embarrassing to the Bidens or something else not uncovered, i.e. does anybody know where your body's daughter's diarrhea. Thank you.well, those are all great questions and again there is one set of there is one tear of justice for the rich and the famous, and just look at Paul Pelosi.

Nancy Pelosi's husband called for DUI had drugs in his system. The guy I entered somebody in that crash back.

I was let was let go. They did release initially released the mug shot at that event. Anybody else all of that information would've been out there so that I'm it's it's a valid point you raise and I do wonder I'm with you that this has this has nothing to do with the national archives Brian that there's more to this and you have to step back and wait and see. Pres. Trump I was texting with his office. Dunbar Longo force the presidents of New York doing the giving the deposition right now so he's unavailable.

Hopefully we can check in with the president and he might give us some insight on why yet you got all right.

Thanks for listening and thanks for calling in today. Always good to hear our hometown folk out there and we got a lot of this radio station has just exploded around but it's just unbelievable around the Midsouth Howdy people are listening to the mighty 990 K WAN and we appreciate all of her great listeners revenues story up on the website. Todds Fargo, North Dakota. What are you people in North Dakota doing here, the school board in North Dakota canceled the Pledge of Allegiance, why, why, pray tell, that they canceled the Pledge of Allegiance. While the Fargo school board in a 7 to 2 votes said that the Pledge of Allegiance was not diverse enough so there was a lack of diversity in the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance.

One of the board member Seth Holden said the pledge quote is not diverse enough, given that the word God in the text of the Pledge of Allegiance is capitalized. The text is clearly referring to the Judeo-Christian God and therefore it does not include any other face such as Islam and Hinduism, Buddhism, all of which are practiced by our staff and students at the Fargo public schools. Well I gotta tell you this this one right here. This holding guy all he's he's all brains. This one will, of course, God is capitalized, because America is a Christian nation. Ladies and gentlemen and we are in fact one nation under God, the God of the holy Bible. Another school board member by Ronnie die says quote we live in a diverse community and that is what matters.

No mammal or sirloin of your pronoun is. It is not what matters is that we are a nation that was founded under the Christian value system Judeo-Christian value system. We don't throw people off buildings because of who they go to bed with an American.

They do that in some Middle Eastern countries.

You can Google it. Other school board members said they voted against the pledge because it was divisive.

Okay, let's talk about that for a moment and by the way you people that listen to TWA him every morning, six, seven, 8 o'clock every hour starts off with a citizen of Memphis reciting the Pledge of Allegiance every day at noon on TWA him a beautiful choir sings the national anthem and we invite the entire city to stop what they're doing, take off their hats, hand over heart and respect the nationally of but apparently that is divisive and Fargo, North Dakota. The school's website says education is better where schools are composed of students, teachers, and families drawn from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds, cultures, races and ethnicities, religions, and sexual orientations to people just be people you know that baseball player and we talked about the Little League story.

I did the banner go over and ask you know or are you a Christian or a Muslim are you are you gay or straight. Now we want over and show love and compassion over the humanity, but there's no room for that in public schools these days anyway. Of the 1776 project. They posted the they posted the story on their website. This is a group by the way that's that's dedicated to electing school board members that will abolish critical race theory for my classroom assessment. This is really all about. This is nothing to do with the Pledge of Allegiance. This is about destroying America that that's what this is really all about.

And little by little folks there chipping away at our freedoms.

Little by little they're chipping away at who we are as as Americans, and we've got to stop it. We've got to be willing to stand up we've got to be willing to fight back.

Gotta start supporting candidates for office were going to fight for us it's not good enough that third they just have an R after their name.

There's more to it than that.

We gotta make sure we are putting people in office that enough fight fight fight for us.

By the way, cut number six only explain why Pres. Trump is not going to testify. He's pleading the fifth cut number 60 ways to challenge the president is feeling so right now is Trump events the New York Atty. Gen. Leticia James, I'd plead the fifth two been my drink got to go back to smoking. Have a great one America will be back tomorrow. This is the Todds turns radio as it presents don't do it yourself okay simple enough just to get in there with my screwdriver. You mind handing me my Scripture, screwdriver, well I mean you said weird but yeah look mainly Sabina my home and I with progress as we can save and pay someone to install this for so you don't have to pretend you can. I know my way around the screwdriver is going to get the leaves had Fisher dwindling a little with progressive and use the money to do it yourself to respond is about a little sticky situations

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