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REShow: Tom Pelissero - Hour 3

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March 23, 2023 3:18 pm

REShow: Tom Pelissero - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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March 23, 2023 3:18 pm

Rich weighs in on the ongoing stalemate between the Jets and Packers in their Aaron Rodgers trade talks, and lists how Rodgers’ trade will impact the NFC quarterback hierarchy among the Vikings’ Kirk Cousins, the Rams’ Matthew Stafford, the Eagles’ Jalen Hurts, the Cowboys’ Dak Prescott, the Saints’ Derek Carr, and the Giant’s Daniel Jones. 

NFL Insider Tom Pelissero and Rich discuss the Carolina Panthers’ decision on drafting Bryce Young or CJ Stroud #1 overall in the NFL Draft and if the Raiders could move up to select a QB, what the Jets will have to concede to the Packers to finalize the Aaron Rodgers trade, and why we should expect the unexpected in the Lamar Jackson-Baltimore Ravens contract stalemate.

Rich debates a caller about whether the Jets or Packers are under more pressure to get the Aaron Rodgers trade done.

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We are very excited to be broadcasting to you live from the Rich Eisen Show Studio in Los Angeles.

These sweet, sweet people. This is the Rich Eisen Show. You are trust fund fans and I think there is a hubris of Packers fans who just say, get them out of here. Rogers is too weird. The Rich Eisen Show. How dare you celebrate that man's departure. Earlier on the show, former NFL general manager Thomas Dimitrov, Packers wide receiver Christian Watson. Still to come NFL network insider Tom Pelissero.

And now it's Rich Eisen. Yes can confirm right here on the Rich Eisen Show channel on the Roku channel. Good to see you everybody on channel 210. If you've been watching, if you have missed any part of it, stay right where you are because this show re-airs as soon as we are done. All three hours every single day. Same thing, by the way, with our Cumulus Podcast Network version of this show.

All three hours. If you miss anything, you can go listen to us whenever you're done well. Please do us a favor and hit us with a subscribe right there to put yourself in the old RSS feed. We appreciate a subscription to follow on our YouTube page as well. slash Rich Eisen Show. It's a great way to keep up with this program.

The Rich Eisen Show collection, which is the way we refer to our video on demand relationship with the Roku channel. That's sitting right there for you if you miss any portion of this program. Like the first hour conversation we had with Thomas Dimitrov, the former general manager of the Atlanta Falcons, or Christian Watson called in from the Green Bay Packers. Big old shrug emoji. It's above my pay grade.

The whole business of what's above my pay grade. The whole Aaron Rodgers Jordan Love thing. Now then, let's kick off hour number three thusly, as Tom Pelissero of the NFL Network is about to be calling into this program. The news that we heard just before we left yesterday is that Michaela Hardman of the Kansas City Chiefs of all those many years there, he's now a New York Jet. The Jets sign him to a one year deal.

And I turn to you and I'm like, okay, so that's him. Now with Allen Lazard, who the Jets just acquired in free agency. Garrett Wilson, your reigning offensive rookie of the year. Corey Davis has been there for the last couple of years. He was a big free agent signing a couple of years ago. And Elijah Moore, who had some brief flashes of productivity in his rookie season as a second round draft choice, the Jets, two years ago, and then disappeared from the scene.

And at one point was reportedly vocal about disappearing from the scene. And the Jets sat him and told him stay at home while we go to Denver and lose Breece Hall and Elijah Veritak in the same game due to injury. And then they come back and Elijah Moore is still back in the fold. And what's going to happen?

And why am I bringing this up? Well, Elijah Moore, after we left here, became a Cleveland Brown. And the Jets traded him to Cleveland. Young receiver with big upside. The Browns now get him and they also get from the Jets a third round draft choice. For their second round pick. And the Jets now have a second round pick, 40 second overall, right in front of their 43rd overall draft choice. They already hold two second round picks in a row. And just when you think, oh, the Jets will be on the clock for two straight picks. Nuh-uh.

Nuh-uh. Those are going to Green Bay. I don't know if they are going to Green Bay, both of them.

At least one is. Remember I told you yesterday Moore should, they should try to get Moore. At least one's going to Green Bay.

Well. And you're like, he's not going anywhere. The Browns got Moore. And now if the Packers want what they got for Moore, have at it. Or if I'm the Jets, I'm trying to give them 43 so they can get to choose whoever they want to have at 42.

They can go in front of the line in front of Green Bay because Green Bay doesn't have all the leverage. As I've mentioned, while we wait for Aaron Rodgers. Oh, by the way, Rodgers is still not a Jet. As we have our new graphic, courtesy of Smitch, The Rich Eyes and Show.

Sorry folks, Aaron Rodgers is still not on the Jets. Sorry folks. Is that it? Is that the clip? Of course it is. Sorry folks. Yep. Good job. Standing outside the Wally's world that's known as Jets headquarters. Sorry folks.

Not there yet. But as you can see, Joe Douglas working it. The it being, hey, if Elijah Moore can get us a second and all it does is cost us a third. So what we do is get a pick that we can give to Rodgers. It costs us a third round pick for Rodgers. And of course we lose a very talented kid, but that's it.

So we lose a kid that we weren't planning on using anyway, and didn't want to be here anymore apparently. And we'll just take a third round pick. And so even though they're going to give a second to Rodgers, all it did was cost them a third.

I say that's what's called a win. If Green Bay is going to give Rodgers, which they're going to do to the Jets, there you go. And they could still maybe hold onto their second and their first. And next year, in next year's draft, cough up another draft choice that's a sliding scale. If Rodgers makes the playoffs or plays a second year for him, kind of like it. Because it ain't going to be a one.

No. Joe Douglas working the board. And the first round draft choice for the Jets belongs to New York. The Packers can go pound sand and sit around and play this game of chicken till their 60 million dollar bill comes due.

So now that we have established again that Aaron Rodgers will be a Jet, you have been saying TJ, this has been all over the map. And normally we don't do what's all over the map on The Rich Eyes. We try not to. We stand out. You know, we try to, you know, create the path.

There is an I in Rich and Eisen. I'm looking at it. It's right behind you. Thank you.

Top five NFC quarterbacks. Yeah. When Aaron Rodgers gets traded to the Jets. There's no if here.

That's the difference. When? Everyone else is saying if. Round these parts is when, when he gets traded to the Jets. All right, let's go.

Hit it. Here we go. When Aaron Rodgers gets traded to the Jets, there will be a new pecking order in the NFC amongst the quarterbacks, because, as you know, it's very heavy in the AFC. Just look at the AFC West in particular. Was Rodgers one this whole time in the NFC after Brady retired?

I mean, I don't know. He won back to back MVPs, Christopher. Yeah, he only should have got one of those.

He won back to back MVPs, Christopher. So yes, the answer is yes. Okay. I mean, Brady should have had one of those. But we're focused on the when. Also assuming Tom's retired, right? That's an argument that's no longer germane, Chris, because he won't be in the NFC this fall.

Okay. He might not be in the NFC this spring. He shouldn't be in the NFC right now.

But I understand what I want and what happens sometimes doesn't mesh. Number five on this list is Kirk Cousins. I was thinking of leaving him off the list, but he's Kirk Cousins.

No, no, no. He's five on the list. He's Kirk.

He's still wearing purple. And boy, do you hear a lot about the Vikings being in on a quarterbacks this year? Clearly, they're not moving up to go get one of the top ones. We'll see if they shock the world and try and move into a spot like, say, third overall to go get Anthony Richardson if they love him so much. They stay put where they are and snag Hendon Hooker and get a fifth year of contractual control of him once they're sitting there 24th overall.

That's for another day. But for the moment, Kirk Cousins has to be on the top five list of NFC quarterbacks when Aaron Rodgers is gone. Number four on the list is a new arrival. He's the guy who is now the king of New Orleans. I'm putting Derek Carr, number four on this list.

There he is. Look at that beautiful family sitting there in New Orleans, getting ready to eat all sorts of gumbo. One of those children is going to look at Derek Carr and say, Daddy, did they really eat turtles here?

They put them in soup? What? Welcome to New Orleans.

The Carr family. I thought you were going to go beignet. That's not a surprise. A kid will say, I want a beignet. Somebody's going to have to explain to these sweet children, they eat turtles here.

A turtle in a soup. Is that wrong? It's a delicacy. It's a truth. Don't shy away from it and don't shy away from how good a quarterback Derek Carr is. I agree with you. And he is on this list of the top quarterbacks in the NFC, even though he hasn't had taken a single NFC snap of his life.

That changes soon when Aaron Rodgers is gone from the NFC. Number three on the list is your guy. I mean, it had to be. Cooper Rush is on the note.

Hey, damn it. It's Dak Prescott. And his new leg sleeve. And his new what?

She's got a full leg tattoo that just got debuted. Okay, good. May it work for him? Tony Pollard signed his franchise tag today. Speaking of ladies. He's got Brandon Cook. He's got Brandon Cook's cooking. Cee Lamb now in his second year of being the number one receiver. About to get D hop, huh?

That's just neither here nor there. Dak, just let's cut down on the picks this year a little bit. Just a little bit. I agree.

A little bit. And then get that run game going. Ronald Jones has arrived. Look, Dak Prescott's number three on this list. Number two on this list, everybody's forgotten about him. Everybody's forgotten about him.

Oh, I know who you are. Number two on this list. Let us not forget.

Come on. He went from being talked about as all he needs is just to win here right now. And he's got a chance to be on a path to the Hall of Fame. And all he's got to do is maybe win one more. And he's in the Hall of Fame based on the statistics that he has accrued.

Matthew Stafford is the second best quarterback in the NFC once when Aaron Rodgers is gone. Make all those wince looks you wish to have. I don't know about that.

Who would you put it to, then? You know what? Everybody keeps sleeping on the Rams. You keep sleeping on them. They're tanking. The Rams are tanking.

You cannot tank with this manager quarterback and Aaron Donald and Cooper Cupp. All right, we'll see. Get out of here with that talk. They're going to be in the bottom eight.

No, no, no. You know what they're doing? They're going through some things. The bottom eight. A Christian Watson growth spurt.

They're going through some things. And they will emerge with the second best quarterback in the NFC when Aaron Rodgers is traded. Number one is a no brainer. You know it.

I know it. He is now the king of NFC quarterbacks when Aaron Rodgers is traded. And he might've even been number one, even if in some way, shape or form, Aaron Rodgers somehow stays put past the draft.

Jalen Hurts is your number one quarterback in the NFC. This is his conference to rule for time to come. It's his conference right now.

We're paying rent in it. You and I all know that if you, I don't know if there's a betting favorite on, on anybody being on the cover of Madden this fall. Oh, oh, he for sure is over, right? Over. Yeah.

Put them on there and get over. He's going to be a top five pick in your fantasy league this year. Jalen Hurts, Jalen Hurts, 13 touchdowns on the ground, 13 this past year.

You know, it's amazing. He had almost 800 yards rushing too. He almost had a thousand yard rushing season for Philadelphia. And they, and you know, everyone else was running the ball. Miles Sanders at 1,269 rush yards.

And he almost ran for a thousand too. He's the number one on this list. Period. End of story. And it's going to be a while until anybody knocks him off that spot.

I will give you one more. And this almost, this guy was almost number five and I did this just to piss off Chris Brockman. It's not Albert Einstein. It's Daniel Jones.

Brilliant. He was, I almost put him fifth on this list because he beat Kirk Cousins in a playoff game. He won a playoff game. Kirk Cousins did not last year. This guy is a two-way threat. Kirk Cousins is not, nor is Derek Carr.

This guy is a two-way threat and his ability to repeat his performance last year and surpass it is going to be a storyline that I'm looking forward to watch play out in the NFL this fall, because once you have been paid in New York, it's amazing. All we New York fans want is for players to do well enough to get paid. That's all we want. It's not my, it's not my money.

Forget about it. Let this guy walk. Let the Steinbrenners have 50 cents, you know, in the couch cushion, right? All I got to do is lift up the couch and there's the Franklin Mints under there from the Steinbrenners. You know what I'm saying?

Steve Cohen, that frigging guy. Well, we're saving. They don't have to save anything. We're sitting up for Otani right now.

You'll get Otani and have all this left over. You know, I'm a Mets fan. I couldn't rub two cents together for about 50 years.

Now I'm thinking everybody should be bought. You know what I mean? Thanks to Steve Cohen. Forget about it.

That's all, that's what New York fans are. But once you get paid and you don't perform well. Oh man. Free lunch. Free lunch. Chum in the water.

You need a bigger boat to use the phrase. Yes. Of one of your favorite movies. Yes. Daniel Jones. Interesting. What a season he's going to have to have. Yeah. Certainly.

And if he has the season that I hope he has, he will be off the one more. He'll be on the top five list and Chris Brockman will owe somebody an apology letter. And a nice steak dinner.

Evan from, who is it? No, it's just an apology letter. I get the steak dinner.

Oh, you get the steak dinner. From who? Again? Evan in Portland. Evan in Portland. Why would you just bet a letter for a steak? Because Evan understands. Evan in Portland, I don't know him, but I'm just, he struck me as a very smart man. Evan in Portland understands a steak dinner is consumed and then forgotten.

Like half an hour. A letter can be framed and lives forever. And a letter from Chris Brockman of apology. A letter of apology. Have you ever written a letter of apology? In your life? No.

Okay. I'm sure in grade school, he had to do something. Did you ever write, I'm sorry, a letter that said, I'm sorry to somebody? Ever?

In your life. This is going to be your first, right? It's gotta be. I don't know.

I can't imagine. Fantastic. Daniel Jones.

Let's go. According to fantasy rankings, the top 10 NFC quarterbacks, fantasy projections heading into next year. Jalen Hurts. Hurts is number one.

Through the roof. Fields, Justin Fields is number two. Talking fantasy night. This is fantasy.

I know that. That's why, that's why he's not on this list. Dak Prescott. Number three, Kirk cousins for Daniel Jones is number five. Geno Smith.

Not on your list. Six. Jared Goff. Seven.

Trey Lance. Eight. Kyler Murray.

Nine. Matthew Stafford. Dude, a guy that's going to be a bad, bad take.

Excuse me. That's the Stafford number two says a man who just read off that somebody's ranked higher coming off of a knee surgery might not even play this year. He's got better fantasy rankings than Matthew Stafford. And Derek Carr's not even on the list at all. Dumbass list. D-A-L. Derek Carr 11th, right behind Matthew Stafford. Is that an S-Z-A song?

Dumbass list? Somebody on her next album. I know it's SZA. Just saying. In case you've just joined us, I'm going to see SZA tonight.

Don't disrespect Rich like that. All right. Let's take a break. Tom Pelissero is going to join us. Tommy P. Tommy. It's our guy. Yeah. It's our guy. TPS.

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Grainger is the right product for you. Call or just stop by. Tom Pelissero, frequent Rich Eisen Show guest host back here on the show as Rich Eisen Show guest period from the NFL media group from New York City where he's doing a very good job on the Good Morning Football Breakfast Table. How are you Tom Pelissero? What's going on? Doing fantastic Rich.

What's up to the boys in the studio? Tommy V. What's up baby? This is my guy. Were you expecting him to do that?

Well it was 50-50 to be honest. Why? He's a good man. Again all business when it comes on. I had a problem with Tom earlier. You weren't here last time.

He never speaks to us. You know he keeps it very professional so we told him before he called show us some love and then last time he did and now we weren't sure if he was going to continue Tom. Well done. It's our guy. Well done. Thank you Tom. Uh oh.

I know the important people to keep happy there. I thought he hung up. I thought you hung up on us. Tom's like this was a mistake. All right Bryce Young's throwing right now. Bryce Young's throwing right now. Just in case you're wondering he looks good doing it. Tom he looks good doing it so I'm giving you information. What he got for me on the latest here with all these pro days?

What he got for me? It's one of the interesting trends here and I didn't really realize this Rich was guys are doing shorter pro day throwing sessions this year. It used to be it'd be 60 to 70 throws and it'd be these lengthy events. Bryce Young I talked to his quarterback coach who's running at Taylor Kelly yesterday and he said their plan their script is like 45 to 50 throws. So it's going to start out you know or did already start out with him just kind of doing some on the run type of stuff. They want to see him do some some under center plant stuff which he didn't do a lot in Alabama's offense and then they want to get them into some of those throw off show off throws which is you know as much as I think that everybody watched Alabama knows Bryce Young can get the football down the field there's always something that scouts and coaches are looking for in terms of when they see somebody live when they see him in person how does the ball come out of their hands and you're looking at a guy who's five ten and an eight he was 204 at the combine he played like at 186. What does it look like when he's checking the ball down the field and so as much as you're not answering maybe some of the questions about tape when it comes to throwing in person there are some of those things the teams try to pick up on and so Bryce Young obviously being below the line in terms of height below the line in terms of his scream and his weight is gonna try to show today that he's well above the line in terms of how he throws that ball. Well a month ago Tom it was Bryce Young who was going to be the first overall pick as we were heading into the combine and even with him not throwing at the combine that gave you the sense that he's the first overall pick that's what first overall picks do is they don't throw at the combine and then CJ Stroud threw at the combine and then all of a sudden Carolina trades up for the pick and we're like well that's the prototype for Frank Reich is CJ Stroud more than the height weight conversation surrounding Bryce Young is that the general sense of things or does Young flip the script with a nice pro day that we all expect what do you think? Well I'll say this for the Panthers they're doing the same process with everybody they came into Columbus with the whole crew intact you know David Tepper his wife uh he's got their Frank Reich, Thomas Brown, Josh McCown they brought everybody on that thing had dinner with CJ Stroud went to his workout they're going to bring him into Charlotte for a private meeting prior to the draft and then last night they went to Tuscaloosa the same thing with Bryce Young I'm told they're going to bring him in for private meeting before the draft too in other words whatever ideas they have going into this they're trying to be open-minded go through the process make sure that they're they're making the right decisions I mean it really comes down to the entire package with these guys it's not just the size and the arm strength it's the intangible it's how they are in the room and they're getting a lot of personal time with them away from the field I think that at this point it would be a big surprise if Anthony Richardson somehow ends up being the number one pick I think at this point it would be a surprise if Will Levis ends up being the number one pick that rarely narrows it to two players but again things can change over the coming month here in the weeks and especially with the owner and the GM and the head coach all in the room and a completely new staff it's a fascinating type of a dynamic here knowing that there's there's four quarterbacks who quite possibly are going to be first round picks top 10 top 20 type of uh type of picks here and it also has that trickle-down effect where you got Houston at two you got the Colts at four you got other teams like the Raiders that potentially at some point could draft one if the price is right all these parts are interconnected and it's also going to impact you know can the Cardinals put number three up for bid at some point is there going to be a market to come up and get another one of these guys it's the whole league it's not just the Panthers they just happen to be sitting at the top of the board so if air Tepper doesn't make a stop tonight in Lexington to take Will Levis to dinner then we know Levis is out of the running is that the way we got it for for for tonight you want to you want us to start calling around steak houses to see if the Teppers have a party of 20 somewhere for for a steakhouse I'm pretty sure we'll know by tonight that they're going out to dinner with Will Levis they're again they're trying to to make this process the same for everybody um but sure I mean I think that all that stuff matters I mean there's been times in past years too where somebody would go to every pro day except the guy that they're going to draft so there's not as many smoke screens when you're sitting there at number one but I fully anticipate all these guys are going to go through the car wash which also by the way they did this last year too the Panthers brought in all the quarterbacks last year I want to say they had like been stick pick six or nine that long as it was six and they still did this they brought everybody in right spend extra time with them they didn't end up taking one up there they waited until the third round it took Matt Corral but they wanted to fully bet everybody in case and that comes from you know Scott Figaro was with John Snyder in Seattle Snyder for years even when he's had Russell Wilson or when he was in Green Bay with Aaron Rodgers right far he he's always gone to every top quarterback throwing session just because you want to know what plays in the league because you want to know if all sudden there becomes a possibility three years later that Drew Locke's available in the trade and you want to think back to what you thought of them at that time and I think that it's kind of of that same mold of you fully examine everything but right now I think it's you know the difference is it's pretty obvious you're taking a quarterback yeah and number one we just don't 100% know who it is yeah the Panthers took Iki Iquano in last year's draft sixth overall for their offensive line he's going to end up protecting whoever they draft this year the Raiders at seven had a pre-pro day workout chat with Bryce Young I mean walk me through the thought process there is that is that due diligence in case Young could be possibly available third overall after the Texans choose second and then they can make a trade-up to go get him like walk me through why something like that happens as reported by our colleague Mike Garofalo this morning I heard the Raiders were also doing extra work with with CJ Stroud I think that they're another team that's in that position of wanting to make sure that they go through the entire process I'd be surprised if the Raiders end up taking one at the top of the draft because if you look at the details on Jimmy Garoppolo's contract it really locks them in for two years here now you could also say that if year one doesn't go great and if you happen to have the right quarterback fall into your lap and you could move on from Jimmy somebody else will pay him that money so all those things are are possible here but you know I don't think that you look at Jimmy Garoppolo either and say well we've got the quarterback for the next 10 years the reality of his career is he's won a lot when he's been out there but there have been plenty times he's not been out there because he's had injuries so to you know continue to look to add to the room again I don't know if they're going to take one at number seven and all these guys might be gone by seven and I also think that there's there's also some gamesmanship that plays along the way too where you want people thinking maybe you're a threat to take a quarterback even if you're not taking one just to try to make sure let's say the Raiders don't want a quarterback here the best case scenario for you is four of them go off the board and the six picks ahead of you and one of those premier non-qbs drops into your lap. Tom Pelissero joining me here on the Rich Eisen show from New York where he's been expertly sitting at the breakfast table on good morning football all week long yesterday in New York or the New Jersey New York New Jersey area Jets made news by signing Nicole Hardman and then flipping Elijah Moore their second round choice from two drafts ago who last year had some gear grinding I think with the Jets he is now a Cleveland Brown and it cost the Browns a second round choice the Jets also flipped a third to them the reason why I the reason why I bring all this up in such long-winded fashion is that the Jets are clearly making moves right here with a second round pick that's now in their arsenal to go along with the the other one that they have in succession it looks like they're they're they're putting some capital together to give to Green Bay at some point to end all this that we know is going to happen where do things stand right now between Jets and Packers and Aaron Rodgers what do you got for me Tom? I think that at minimum Rich adding that extra second round pick gives you more options there's more different types of packages which is something Joe Douglas historically has done in trade talks but you say hey here's two or three different options I'll do one of these which one do you want to work off of the Packers and Jets conversations go back weeks now prior to permission being granted for Rodgers to talk to the Jets there was the you know those initial conversations they would have liked the Packers would have liked to get the trade compensation locked in before granting permission but the sides were not quite on the same page in terms of what that looked like the clock was ticking and Aaron Rodgers had not declared his intentions at that point to anyone saying that he wanted to play for the Packers the Jets or not play at all so what the Packers ultimately had to do was kind of make the decision okay we need to get Aaron to decide something here we can't delay these conversations so let's let the Jets have that talk figure it out and then if Aaron decides he wants to move on then we'll work out the conversation after they're not far rich from my understanding but they're not close either in other words it's not as if the Packers are saying we want two first round picks and Jets are saying we'll give you a fourth it's not like that they're substantially closer than that Packers are not trying to get two ones the Jets I certainly do not believe intend to give up this year's number one which is the 13th overall pick and so then you're into different combinations of either conditional picks or second round picks and you know at some point they've got to figure out can they actually work this thing out usually you know there's pressure points that force action in a lot of these cases I do anticipate that with Brian Gooda Kunst and Joe Douglas both at the NFL meeting to begin this weekend in Phoenix they'll probably sit down face to face and have this conversation but if you know nothing can get done now which well let's face it there's not like a lot of urgency necessarily to get it done right now then your next pressure point is really prior to the NFL draft and if the Packers want to pick in the 2023 draft they have to do it by Thursday or late Friday of draft week if you get beyond that then now you're into kind of nebulous territory here where it doesn't really matter to the Jets if Rogers is on the team prior to you know anytime before training camp because he can he can fly everybody out in June just fly out all the skill guys work out with them in California that's not a big deal it really comes down in training camp and as you get close to the regular season you need them on the roster and the Packers are going to have to make the decision here do you you know run that risk you're going beyond the draft and getting draft capital out into 2024 I wouldn't think the Jets would want 2025 picks because for all they know Aaron Rogers won't even be a member of the team in 2024 so you've got all these different types of moving parts there's different options you can do in terms of putting conditions on the picks where if you have a certain level of personal or team success it could be a higher pick there's probably a path forward in that regard but I think there's a lot of regard but I certainly also understand that the Packers sitting there and saying this is Aaron Rogers a four-time NFL MVP a guy who one year ago we paid on a contract that we thought made him a Packer for life we didn't intend to be in this position we're not letting go of this guy unless we're assured that we have a first round pick that's the kind of stuff you've got to be able to work through here and a lot of times it's the best trades are the ones where nobody's really happy this is probably going to be one of those situations where everybody's going to have to give us something in order to make this thing work prior to late April. I'm I don't know a little surprised that how is this not hammered out before they even get on a plane to go see Aaron Rogers I mean look I understand what what is said publicly but Rogers came out of of his retreat knowing he was returning he went through his workouts and knowing he was returning he made his intentions he wanted to play for the Jets the Jets had already you know flown out to see him just by before even getting on the plane how is this not hammered out right I mean we're just like if we're going to do this this is the only way that we're going to do it and we know you know he doesn't want to come back to play for you anymore you don't want them we could use them before we get on a plane before we even go down this road this is what we're willing to do I'm kind of surprised that wasn't hashed out now it's a whole long drawn out process where we're wondering who's got leverage Tom you know well and like I said Rich they did have those conversations the Packers ideally would have liked the compensation to be locked in prior to the deal being done I'm not sure the Jets would have too but they just they weren't there and now all of a sudden it's the first week of March and if you say no you can't talk until we work out the trade and at that time you're kind of in a you know a standoff of sorts then what do you do you don't let them talk to Aaron for weeks then Aaron says okay fine if I have to make it through now I'm retiring three weeks from now it's like Brett Favre but now he wants to come back and it's an entirely different type of a mess I don't know if there was a really clean solution here again I would just emphasize they're not on completely different pages it's not as if you've got totally disparate offers you're just you're trying to hammer down what does this actually look like what is the final compensation and so the Jets getting that extra second round pick yesterday maybe that does give them you know a little bit more flexibility in terms of what they're they're willing to do maybe there's a package here to make sense that was not possible previously but you know again I don't believe I mean just my opinion I don't believe that the Packers want to walk away from this without a hard first round pick if they don't get that at some point you know do you just take the best offer before the draft to make sure you get picks now or do you kind of go into crazy town after the draft where then it's you know very much hey we're gonna hold on to the guy we're gonna mess up your season if we don't get the type of compensation that we want to and then there's not really a clear end date other than before the start of the regular season when they have to pull the trigger on that option bonus tom pelissiere a couple minutes left with my colleague from the nfl media group here on the rich isin show has lamar gotten any offer sheets anyone coming i know that's two questions but what's the latest there it is a challenging situation to read at present rich because of all the all the various tentacles this that we've discussed on this show and on nfl network in terms of the you know two first round picks and over 20 percent of your salary cap 50 million dollars a year a fully or nearly fully guaranteed contract for a a guy whose greatest skill is probably a depreciating asset it's a lot to ask i do know the teams have you know explored it in terms of having those conversations at minimum internally you've also got you know the dynamic of some of the teams that you potentially would have in the mix might have very high draft picks in other words if you're the colts which has been you know written some about even though it does not seem like that's advanced very far colts right now the number four pick if one of the two first rounders you're giving up is number four that is way way different than giving up let's say number 20 and number 25 over a couple of years so if the colts again this is all hypothetical if the colts wanted to be involved in it you'd think they'd probably be looking to trade down before they'd be willing to entertain uh doing an offer sheet it's you know it depends on so many different factors right now and with lamar i mean he just in terms of his we'll see what happens in that interview or whatever that's coming out but he's you know in terms of his social media posts and whatnot he seems decidedly unbothered which makes sense because he was willing to play for 1.7 million and 23 million over the past two years that no agent would have ever told him to go do so you know you're gonna have on one hand yes you would think that if you want the player you're gonna want to put the wheels in motion sooner than later and make the ravens make a decision because they'll have five days on the calendar to match any offer sheet but if you're sitting there on a high pick and you're thinking we need to get a good player now to help out this team if you kick the can down the road do that offer sheet after the draft he can go all the way until at least the tuesday after week 10 rich that's how long lamar can string the cell you can sign an offer sheet that late and then at that point if nothing happens and in the world where he's like you know what after playing for 32 million over the last two years i'll give up 20 million dollars just to sit until mid-november here then you've got a choice does he come back at all does he try to play the down the stretch of the season or just continue sitting out give up the other 12 million and try this all again in 2024 i don't know if there's a great history for players sitting on an entire season whether it's sean watson or a different position lady on bell and coming back and playing well football does not generally lend itself to that type of layoff one thing we know about lamar jackson is he is not going to be boxed into doing the conventional thing literally everything that he has done everything that he is doing is unconventional and i would expect negotiations if any with the other 31 teams to be just as unconventional as we move forward hey man next week's uh annual meeting the owner's meeting is going to be lit i mean with this the last two conversation topics with all three of them on the table front and center with the owners and the general managers and and and and coaches all there i mean that's going to be something else next week well and when the question about the washington's ownership and rule changes that's quite a bit i look forward rule changes rule changes will be a big deal too and i believe the competition committee rule change proposals should be coming out in the next 24 hours here we'll see in terms of the the review stuff which they have never liked to do the suggestion of automatic injections for certain personal fouls which they definitely don't want to do uh yeah there's a lot to you know the rookie and the passer stuff there's a lot to uh to dig into and that's definitely going to be one of the the driving storylines next monday and tuesday well look for my call tom we'll get you back on if you're so willing appreciate the time thanks rich yeah the fellas say hey thanks tom later brother that's tom that's tom palisara everybody right there there you go on our program next week will the commanders be up for sale what rule changes are going to be had lamar jackson hey eric dicosta are you freak for a quick chat hey uh coach arbol you know as you know the afc and nfc coaches have press conference availabilities in the morning they sit at a table around coffee right a little coffee little eggs there we go is garoppolo gonna supply the eggs from now on with all the chickens different stories sir different eggs all right we'll take a break 844-204 rich number two dials we hit the road right here on this uh thursday edition of the rich eyes and show march madness tonight and a friday show to get to tomorrow back here on the rich eyes and show we just uh we just had a fun stroll down memory lane involving brunt musburger who was dynamite with sues and you guys yeah last week all the stories that he told 844-204 rich being the number to dial here on the program uh richard in tucson arizona let's sneak your phone call in before we hit out the door what's up richard hey rich thanks so much for taking my call you got it man hey i've been listening to your you know your stance on your position on who has leverage um with the packers and the jets yeah and the thing that that i think needs to be factored in is is the fan base and the ownership pressure green bay doesn't have an owner green bay doesn't have an owner and the fan base in green bay is so strong that there's 130 000 people on a waiting list to get tickets to go to lambo and and i look at that compared to the jets i mean the jets haven't been to the super bowl since namath number three after the first two with with green bay and and you know everyone i would i just think there's a lot of pressure from the fan base in new york to want to get this done i think green bay has a little bit more more wiggle room and and the the attitude of the midwest you know we're all at roger fatigue i don't have anything against him but he hasn't been able to deliver in postseason it's like great player but you know we have we've had 32 consecutive years of first out hall of fame quarterbacks and don't have the rings to show for it so it's time to move on and i think that gives the packers a little bit more leverage room here well no a couple things first you have one ring i guess you said rings plural uh also the fact that you say the packers don't have a real owner it's it's terrible that you would insult mike del tufo that way how many how many how many how many shares of the packers do you own two two okay so there's your there's your real owner yeah um and and and uh richard look you want to talk about pressure points there's different pressure points there's a pressure point for the packers to get this deal done before the draft because if you're gonna you're going you aaron rogers will not be on this team on september 2nd or september 1st when they have to pay him 60 million dollars he will not be there okay that's not going to happen so the you might as well get something for him right now when you know he's not going to be there for you with you this fall you might as well get something right now and hammer out what you're going to get in future years right now because the jets would like to get something done right now but they would also like to use their first round draft choice and other draft choices if if it doesn't happen right now and the jets get to use both second round draft choices in a row in a very deep draft knowing that they're eventually going to get rogers anyway then then go for it if that's the game of chicken gudekunst wants to use the reason why tom pelissero just used the phrase crazy town if the packers let it go past this year's draft is that's when the the leverage would be most to their benefit to be very honest is the crazy town would be um would let down in the whole question of what will the jets do if rogers isn't there by training camp that's the that's the leverage point that the the packers have mostly over the jets is that they would really wreck the jet season if rogers can't get total training camp practice time in with his guys and the first time he actually faces real action with his teammates is week one when you know they'll put them in some spot that's going to be on national television so the crazy town was that would also invite ann rogers to show up in wisconsin in may because spring is a beautiful time of the year to just show up in wisconsin so i i i will say you know thank you for the call richard my whole point is is is there's different leverage points and fan bases let's do this chris put on at rich isin show poll question okay for packers fans only i know we can't vet all right twitter's not the greatest at vetting but um i know we can't vet for packers fans only do you want the packers trade rogers for the best they can get before the draft demand of first round pick from the jets no matter what that's it and i i don't think i'm i'm um i'm um i i'm i'm fudging the language to to i guess uh you know influence the jury here but what would you i i think packers fans most packers fans i speak to say love rogers god what an incredible run that was yes we totally know that we're we're running the risk that jordan love doesn't turn into a third consecutive generationally brilliant quarterback i totally get it but kind of have to move on here like enough is enough let him go somewhere else i root for him hopefully you'll come back and wave to the fans in lambeau field forevermore because he's welcome there you know what i mean but i i i think they they want this done and over with get to jordan love let's move let's move on together let's all get in the same boat get the best deal you can for from uh from the jets and and and do it before the draft or hold out for that first round pick we want the value for rogers that you think you can get hold out for it even though that might let this thing roll on into the summer however you can put that together in a poll question let's do that and see what comes up it's out let's see what happens because the fans are the true owners of the team that's why mike del tufo is an owner of the team even though you're not really a fan of the packers no which is i guess richard's point on the problem with ownership of the pack i'm surprised we're not putting more heat on del tufo for getting this he's right in front of you i mean you guys could be able to work this out i have a feeling he just doesn't have the juice no offense i'll wrap it up for this edition of the rich eisen show we'll chat again on friday no one in the wrestling business has experienced the trials and tribulations along with redemptions and longevity quite like jeff jarrett come along for the ride on the my world with jeff jarrett podcast they didn't really brand belts in the heyday of boxing you know muhammad ali sugary leonard i mean they had them but along comes sports entertainment professional wrestling and now it is truly a part of pop culture they've just branded what it looks like to be a champion my world with jeff jarrett wherever you listen
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