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Anthony Edwards is coming for you

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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May 7, 2024 1:29 pm

Anthony Edwards is coming for you

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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May 7, 2024 1:29 pm

Rich and the guys react to Anthony Edwards and the Timberwolves utter destruction of the defending NBA champions Denver Nuggets in Game 2 of their series, Jalen Brunson dropping 40 (again) in the Knicks’ Game 1 victory over the Indiana Pacers, and debate if Brockman was being too superstitious when refusing to take a photo with the NBA’s Larry O’Brien championship trophy.

To honor having the Larry O’Brien Trophy on-set, Rich lists his all-time top 10 Larry’s including Larry David, Larry Johnson, Larry Sanders, Larry Hagman and others.

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This is The Rich Eisen Show. So guys, I'm accessible.

Accessible. Live from The Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. We gotta pause this because Jerry Seinfeld has just shouted out your dad on Saturday Night Live. I wasn't on Rich Eisen.

No, you were. I saw it. I like Rich Eisen. I find him accessible. The Rich Eisen Show. Today's guests. Buccaneers head coach, Todd Bowles, host of the life-gorgeous podcast, Craig Kilborn.

Plus your phone calls, latest news, and more. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Oh baby, what a special edition of The Rich Eisen Show. We have right here on the Roku channel because it's very rare that we start the show with an in-studio guest right away.

But for those who are seeing it on the Roku channel, you know what I'm referring to. And to the radio audience, I will basically describe it to you, the first in-studio guest. But of course, who better to introduce the in-studio guest than the crazed owner of the Los Angeles Clippers. Hit it, Mike. It's all about the Larry O.B.

That's correct. That's what this first hour of this show is about. The Larry O'Brien trophy is in fact here on The Rich Eisen Show, right here on my desk. Also to The Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio audience, those listening on Sirius XM, those listening in on Odyssey, streaming it, or our podcast later on, thanks to the Cumulus Podcast Network.

Or if you're already on hold at 844204rich, number to dial. It's a beautiful trophy sitting right here next to me. And it is a piece of Tiffany gold and silver.

It is remade, actually, starting in 2022. They redesigned this trophy right here to my right. Let me see what else I can also describe here.

It is, let me see, my cards are all mixed up. My goodness, 24-karat gold Vermeil, master of real sterling silver that emphasizes the channels of the ball and the net. Look at this right here. Yeah, I love that. It's like the net, you know, and the ball's going through the net. And the ball's got the perfect groove lines. It's spectacular.

It really is. The base here has been reformed to feature two stacked discs. The top disc lists the first 75 NBA champions. And so TJ, you cannot, unfortunately for you, take any tools and etch the names Los Angeles Clippers on the top disc right here. And then starting this year, the name of each NBA champion will be etched on the bottom disc of each new trophy, ensuring that each team is going to receive a one of a kind trophy bearing its name. And so this spot right here next to Larry O'Brien trophy, a perfect spot to etch the New York Knickerbockers right in there one more time.

What do you think about that? And Brockman has much, far different ideas as the Celtics return to the playoff basketball court tonight for game one against the Cleveland Cavaliers in TD Garden. And then we've got the Thunder and the Mavericks having at it. And that second round series in the Western Conference last night, we saw more action in round two. And it's kind of thrilling for me to be looking at this beautiful trophy right here to my right on the desk and ask the question that I think people are kind of asking right now after certainly last night's action on Monday night in round two of the playoffs. The question is, who wants to be Michael Jordan? And there are two people who raised their hands last night and said, I'd like to be Michael Jordan.

As a matter of fact, I don't know, we got to see if they if either if either Anthony Edwards or Jalen Brunson were wearing a little Bow Wow sneakers. You were in that movie. I was indeed. Yes. Nice. Who knows, maybe these residual check envelopes that I have to my right might actually be paying me the 50 cents I earned from Mike.

Please rent them. So Anthony Edwards, let's start with him because the name Michael Jordan, Michael Jordan keeps being associated with him with each passing game. In these NBA playoffs, sweeping out the Suns, stunning the Denver Nuggets in a close one over the weekend in the first game of round two. And then last night, along with Carl Anthony Towns is double double. He just absolutely punked the defending champion Denver Nuggets last night. And there he is flexing.

We're showing that on the screen. He kind of flexed a Hulk Hogan type bicep flex after showing. Caldwell Pope, a thing or two areas on the floor doing that last night. And this is after I guess he nutmegged himself to keep Reggie Jackson from stealing the ball and then broke his ankles, figuratively wound up on the floor. Reggie Jackson didn't as if people didn't notice that Anthony Edwards literally pointed it out. And then here he goes, shooting a three last night and giving the Michael Jordan shrug.

Did you see that one? He shrugged. By the way, the three pointer gave him 23 points on the night at that point in time in the game.

Shrugged. It's his world right now. And here's the thing, too, that's pretty amazing about and this is the team effort as well. Certainly doing this without Rudy Gobert and their head coach sitting in the first row because he can't sit where he normally is or stand where he normally stands because he's got to protect his surgically repaired leg in Chris Finch. They are playing lights out defense, which by the way, which by the way, now that's what puts you in Jordan's category as well or in the in the galaxy, because truly, you got to lift this trophy to my right six times to be, you know, in the same sentence as him legitimately.

Thirty four point nine percent Denver scored last night, 19 turnovers. Michael Malone went directly in the face of the official, one of the officials last night, who had remarkable restraint to not tee the coach of the Denver Nuggets up on the spot. That was amazing. And then we look at the vein in his neck. I mean, the team for that, well, he went right in the face.

I mean, you could read his lips. I mean, it's shocking. And then, you know, Jamal Murray, the Lakers have got to be like sitting down the street from a shake in their head, like against us. It's a heat check against the Timberwolves.

It's a heat pack. Check. Nice.

Well done. You know what I mean? Like he's out of his skull on the bench doing out of his skull things. And we'll talk about that later on. 19 turnovers, the Timberwolves created this thing. Was toast. It was over early.

Second quarter, this game's over. And so after the game, Anthony Edwards was asked about what he does on the court and what it gives him. The flexing, shrugging, pointing, or in that one night, one moment that I saw that went viral last night, I forget who he was backing down. Was it Caldwell Pope? He was backing down and Kevin Harlan's call was banging, hitting, spinning, doubling, and he makes the shot. Yeah.

Kevin Harlan was on one. Well, I mean, so is Anthony Edwards. So is this Timberwolves team that is halfway home, heading home to dethroning the Denver Nuggets or giving a new set of fingerprints on this trophy. By the way, the Larry O'Brien trophy's on my desk. I don't know if you're aware of this. I mean, I'm not even listening to you, to be honest. I'm just staring at the trophy and imagining it on a duck boat in six weeks. By the way, it's very shiny, which adds to the extra shine here, you know, on my head.

But any rate, I'm sorry, where was I? Oh yeah. Anthony Edwards was asked after the game what everything that he does on the court, as Marv would call extracurricular, gives him. What it do for me?

It definitely gives me energy. But it's I feel like I've always done that no matter what stage is on, if it's in a regular season, the preseason, if I do something nice, I'm gone. I got to let it be known. If I get it in one, I got to flex, make somebody fall, I'm going to point at them. So you know, and it brings excitement to the game. So hopefully someone tries to like come back and score on me or something like that. So that's probably that's why I do it. You guys get anything out of that? Hell nah. Let me put it like this, when Ant's out there talking and I know that we in for a good night.

That's amazing. Listen, I know it's Tuesday, it's not an overreaction Monday, but you just got to get the sense here that we're in some sort of honeymoon getting to meet you phase with Anthony Edwards. And if he does, continues to do what he does, and he does it over and over again, and season to season, a lot of people in the NBA community and fandom are going to start to really hate him. Do you know how that goes? They're going to hate on him.

Yeah. They are because he is coming for you. We love you going nowhere. We love you at first, and then we hate you. Ask the Chiefs. Ask Steph Curry, too. Even some people are like sick and tired of him biting on his mouth guard and killing you with his smile and his three pointers. You know how that goes.

First they love you, then they hate you, then they love you again. But we're just six games into the playoffs for the Timberwolves. They're 6-0. And the Denver Nuggets are heading to Minnesota. By the way, their next game is on Friday.

And you got to wonder if they're going to have Jamal Murray. We'll talk about that later on. Get familiar with Ann Edwards, America. Get familiar. Well.

He's going to be in your lives for a while. I'll tell you one community that's familiar with him outside of Minnesota. Phoenix. Got it.

All right. So Denver has now got to personally eyeball him at 52-80, and he crushed it. So who wants to be Michael Jordan? We just talked about Anthony Edwards, who is being associated with Michael Jordan. How about Jalen Brunson potentially raising his hand in Madison Square Garden? How about Jalen Brunson with another 40 piece for the New York Knickerbockers last night?

How about them apples for him? And let me make sure I get this right, 21 in the fourth quarter, 21 of his 43 in the fourth quarter. And that gives him not one, not two, not three, but four consecutive 40-point games in the playoffs. And you know how I keep saying how I never thought there'd be another Nick who makes me feel like the Knicks, like Bernard King did. And that is not a slide on Patrick Ewing. Kind of sounds like it. No, let me explain myself here, because there's a lot of Ewing slander that's happening right now. So much so to the point where even Brockman has a problem with it.

Yeah, even I was like, whoa, calm down. So when Bernard King was doing Bernard King things, I was a teenager, I was a kid. Jalen Brunson makes me feel like a teenager, like a kid again.

So Ewing, I was a GM, a grown ass man. It's a different feeling. You're absolutely right. It's a different feeling.

A different feeling. And the last Nick to score 40 points in a playoff game four straight times is named Bernard King. The last individual to do it, period. Forty point games, four straight times in the playoffs is named Michael Jordan. Who wants to be Michael Jordan? Jalen Brunson's like, I'll do it. The record is six in a row by Jerry West.

So you're either the logo, the greatest player ever, or the greatest Nick ever. Take your pick. A time to have the Larry O'Brien trophy on the desk. It's incredible.

Talk about this stuff, right? It's wild, man. By the way, and in the other game Brunson only had 39. So he's kind of on one.

He's killing it. And what a dynamite playoff basketball game that was in Madison Square Garden last night. This thing is going to go deep. It's going to go deeper than the next series with the Sixers, I believe, which means seven. It feels like, I mean, it's a pace that Indiana wants to play. Certainly if the Knicks are playing just seven people.

Sort of. I mean, it's six and a half. Precious Achiuah played four minutes last night as the eighth man in for the Knicks. It looks like a six and a half man rotation, all due respect to Deuce McBride, because he's not going to get on the court with the way Brunson is lighting it up. And then Josh Hart, my God, Josh Hart, have a playoffs. You said before the before the show, ask the question you asked before before the show to all of us here. When did Josh Hart turn into Dennis Rodman?

Bingo. With, by the way, a lot more scoring ability, with all due respect to Rodman. I said he looks like Prime Barkley, like you look at Barkley's MVP season. That's what Josh Hart's been doing this playoffs with the scoring and the rebounding. Oh, by the way, he had eight assists last night. He almost had a triple double.

And the big ragu, DiVincenzo with the big three, to put him in front, and the Nova Knicks are for real, for real. This is what Brunson had to say last night, typical of him. He talked about teamwork. I don't know. We just find a way, no matter what it is, now we just give each other confidence to make sure we can get the job done.

So there's nothing in particular, it's just a group of guys that we have, we all just give each other confidence and move forward together. All right. Who wants to be Michael Jordan? Not Michael B. Jordan.

By the way, I- A lot of people want to be him, too. No, I know that. I know that. I know that.

No longer. By the way, I just, I'm rewatching The Wire. I know. It's great to see him as a kid, killing it and acting in season one. Right.

It's weird to go back and it's like, wow, he's 12. I know. Who wants to be Michael Jordan? And again, even if either one of these two guys lifts this beautiful piece of Tiffany hardware, to my right, they'll still be five shy of matching Michael, and obviously they're ascending in their careers. One being a superstar that many first overall picks in a draft don't. Right?

Correct? A lot of misses at number one overall. And not this kid, pal, right? And then you got a guy who everybody in New York City is like, really? We're going to give him all this money? This is the big free agent ad? When Knicks fans are all waiting for the big star to say, I'll come back to New York or I'll come to New York and put the Knicks back on a pedestal, I'll be the one?

To lead the way when nobody's coming because nobody saw anything there? I mean, Durant played for the Nets. I cannot tell everybody enough what an absolute wake up call, smell the coffee for a New York sports fan, a New York Knick fan sitting there in Manhattan or wherever they are in the five boroughs and have truly one of the greats of all time and certainly at the time prime of his career decide, I will play for the Nets, with all due respect to Kyrie saying he dreamt of it while watching Drossen light it up in Brendan Byrne Arena, whatever. Listen, when he goes to the Nets, it's just like, who's coming?

Will anybody ever come? Would LeBron dare to do it? And Brunson's like, I'll do it. And he's a superstar. And he comes to New York and so many guys also flop when they get a nine figure contract and go to New York City and nobody expects anything of him and what he's turned himself into. And now you're already here when Devin Booker wants a piece, maybe Durant wants a piece. Yeah, because the Knicks are good and they want to ride coattails. Maybe.

That's fine with me, Betty. Also Brunson's contract is now the biggest bargain in sports. Maybe so.

Here's a question that he tried to renegotiate for a little bit more scratch. Hey, hey, hey, hey. You just stick with figuring out who's coming to the Philadelphia 76ers. I got all summer for that guy. OK.

I got all summer. And what Steve Ballmer is going to figure out. But in the meantime. I'm here to throw monkey wrenches in the place. That's how we're going full circle.

Start it up. Speaking about Steve Ballmer, this show is. It's all about the Larry O.B. Certainly in hour number one. Todd Bowles is going to join us in hour number two. The Larry O'Brien trophy is just here for the first hour, which means the man in our third hour is going to be disappointed.

He's going to miss it. But Craig Kilborn is coming in, my longtime colleague from long ago, from the worldwide leader in sports. Just so everyone understands, I kind of cultivated this caper last week when the Timberwolves swept out the Suns. I figured out when's a good time for Craig to come in. And then, you know, I chose today because, as you pointed out, Game three isn't until Friday. Right.

So there's lots of time for whatever we talk about today to age well or poorly or what have you. And so I I texted Craig, hey, you free next Tuesday 11 a.m. to come in and hang fresh off of Game two versus Nuggets. He wrote right in the middle of another wolves sweep.

Yes, that works. A martini glass, a wolf and a fist pound emoji. Well, well, well, speaking of Wolf, you know, it was over at halftime, right? When TNT went to break and they played the NWL Wolfpack theme was like, this game is a rat.

It's well, it better be after that, when they had 30 in Denver at 35 at halftime and you're like, geez. Lord Kilby is a seer and he's also got a top five of himself. Oh, yes.

Top five favorite athletes in Craig Kilborn's life. I wonder, I wonder, like, yes. Ant is on the list. Well, no, no. I'm going to like poo. I thought you were poo.

Too like poo. Oh, is it like that? Okay. It's a bonus.

Would they crack the list? Is he going to really just like keep it within the rails? I don't know. I don't know. He's not my fetus. He's our fetus. Pooh Richardson. Pooh. That was great.

Too like poo. Oh, my gosh. Will this be his actual favorites or his sports center favorites? That's what I mean. I don't know. I'm going actual.

I think actual. 844-204-rich. Number to dial. We're hanging with Larry O'Brien here in the studio. The new beautiful trophy that, by the way, has its own Instagram X TikTok and Facebook page at NBA Finals Trophy.

As it should. All the exploits of the Larry O'Brien trophy, which was at the Brady Roast, by the way, on Sunday night, missed it on the red carpet. Nice. So when we come back, I have a power rankings. The top 10 Larry's.

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Call or just stop by. Just like the Larry O'Brien trophy. Again, when it came out of its crate with its blue Tiffany bag, which by the way, the Lombardi trophy also rests in because Tiffany makes a Lombardi trophy. That's all silver. This is mostly gold with silver and not out. Is the silver called Adam? Is that what it is? I'm looking at our NBA friends. That's a dad joke I'm making to my new NBA friends.

A Adam silver and gold. You see what I mean? Not yet. Got him.

I rose this two days ago. You got him. At any rate, I'd have been booed off the stage with that joke.

That's an Aflac joke. But at any rate, the trophy comes out and just like the Stanley Cup, it had its own case. Just like all the trophies have their own cases. Oh yeah. Perfect.

So it comes out of the case and in order to touch it, put the white felt gloves on. Just like all the other trophies that have come here, right? Unlike all the other trophies that have come here though, one person would not take a photograph with it. Now our friend is in the studio unlike the last time. Our director, Mr. Monaco, would not take a photograph with the Stanley Cup because the Rangers are in it and the Rangers are the president's cup winners.

Wouldn't take a picture with it. And the Rangers haven't lost yet. So I gave him relentless amounts of grief.

Like when is the Stanley Cup going to be back here? What are we going to do? It was warranted. Don't you think?

I think you need to apologize. No, I don't. Because the fact that John Monaco took a photograph with the Stanley Cup has nothing to do with the way the Rangers are playing hockey.

Exactly. How do you know? What do you mean how do I know? I can say with 100 percent certainty. No, you absolutely cannot say with 100 percent. Maybe 99 percent.

Yeah, you can do the Jordan 99.9. Monaco doesn't have a chance to speak for himself here. Hoskins, who can't speak to him over the table in our control room, Hoskins asked Monaco if he or anybody in his family has any direct contact with anybody who plays for the New York Rangers. I can already say I don't need to hear the answer. The answer is no. The answer is no. That's a no.

It's confirmed from the control room. It's emotional, Rich. You know how that works.

Chris Brockman would not take a photograph with the Larry O'Brien trophy. What's up with that? What's the matter with you?

He stayed about five feet away from it. What's going on? I don't think there's anything. There's nothing going on and there's nothing the matter with me. I have right here. You're scared. I have right here on the card.

We're a historically great team. Excuse me. In six weeks, this is going to be on a duck boat.

And Paul Pierce is going to throw it to, you know, Jason Tatum. So then why, if you're that confident, why wouldn't you take a photo? Exactly. Because I'm just going to wait. But you're not going to be here again. But you're not going to be on the duck boat, though, OK? Yeah.

I'm not going to be on the duck boat. I have this information on the card that I've been provided of information. There were two teams that made the playoff field this year. That had a chance, if they win it all, to be the franchise that has won the championship more than any other in the history of the NBA because they're tied at 17 apiece. Well, the Los Angeles Lakers got a little Lakers have 12. The Minneapolis Lakers have a lot of people in here hate accuracy and facts these days. But it's Minneapolis five.

I do see men like Los Angeles. I do see them in Lakers on this trophy. Austin has 17. You know, so we got a five. All right. The Rams really have won in the Boston Celtics have won 17 of these and and they did it without you ever taking a picture with this trophy.

So well, to be fair, 11 of them, there were only eight teams in the league. I get the superstition. Right. Right.

Thank you, Mike. I get the superstition. Is that right?

There are only eight of them? I didn't touch an Emmy until I won one. See?

Brockman knows you don't touch an Emmy until you win one. Oh, I told you it's been a long time. That's dumb. But it's dumb. We haven't had a team this dumb in a long time.

So I'm just, you know, OK, so I like this. Are you still are you still concerned about your Game 7 TD Garden appearance? Years ago, LeBron was in there and you wound up being the cooler. Are you? I mean, are you still scarred by that experience?

I was actually reading some stuff about that the other day, the other night. Yeah. So that was Game 7, 2018, 17, 18 playoffs. Big lead.

God, Terry Rozier was so bad in that game. Yeah. No, I am a little bit scarred from that, to be honest. OK, I get it. Well, that's right.

From that, I'm not against this problem. I like cut a short I cut short a trip home to visit my family. Yeah, it was like, oh, Game 7's tomorrow. Yeah, yeah.

We're going to go to the game. Yeah, exactly. And it did not go well. I get it. I get it. I had like the scary Terry shirt on. Oh, man.

I just don't understand this whole thing. TJ, do not look at the Lombardi trophy. I used to be so as a kid, you know, in the Bernard King era of my life, I used to be so superstitious. Did you have your socks pulled up to you in these like Michael Ray's?

No, no, no, no. I had to sit in a certain. I had if I was listening on the radio in my room, I had I had I had to sit on the edge of my bed in a certain spot. And if I moved this, it was going to be a problem.

Oh, yeah. This goes back to playing like baseball growing up and like, you know, you didn't wash your uniform or you set it out a certain way, but you did your glove thing and then like me prepping my clothes. It goes back to like being a kid.

You prepping your clothes. I also really, really care about like, you know, the Pats and I'm such a Fairweather Bruins fan. The Pats thing is really played up for the show. I'm being really honest. Like the Pats thing is a little bit played up.

Yes. But like the Red Sox and Celtics is what I really, really care about. OK, so then let me ask you this question at how close do you fear to be from this trophy? Because you're about. This is good. I got I got I got about 10 feet away earlier.

I got a picture on the floor, put the gloves on and walk it over the trophy and walked it over to you. It's kind of like the it's kind of like the cliffhanger game. You know, we could do the yodeling from, you know, we're we're on the cliffhanger, walking up, walking up the mountain, getting closer and then you have to scream stop. I think I was on the desk. It would be a little too close. So like two feet, like, like, you know, like it's a restraining order that you're like, is there like some sort of it's weird in the room.

You're looking right at it, which is cool. Yeah. Remember your elementary school when you were a boy, you thought the girls had cooties and they'd come by you and like cooties run, would you like run?

So when I went to elementary school, I went to a bunch of elementary schools in Alaska one year. You had brought one of those like twenty five foot pythons. Let me tell you, I'm not going to say just like sitting on the stage in the gym.

No. And it was like we all got to like go and touch it. That was so that was like if I picked it up and walked it over, you'd have a problem. I mean, I don't really want it on the desk.

I don't really want it close by, like in my airspace. Rich, I get he wants a buffer like the Godfather. He needs a buffer.

He's got a lot of buffers. Okay. Again, I'm just waiting for the duck boat. Oh, the battery's ordered.

Yeah. Just waiting for the duck. Now I really want the batteries. Now I really want the Knicks to win because I took pictures with it. It's sitting right on the desk. I could see my reflection.

It looks fantastic. Huh? Yeah. Because that's with all this. Whatever. Whatever. It's so stupid. It's dumb. It's dumb.

What if the Pacers take the next four in the only possible explanation. I will tell you this. I will tell you this, as somebody who spent many nights as a teenager, as a kid, losing his mind over superstition about where I was on a couch, what I had eaten, what I was doing, what I was thinking, and it was all wasted, dumb ass energy.

Superstitions are dumb. Oh, you see, I do not believe that at all. No, no, no. Rich. 100%.

Rich. That's terrible. That's terrible.

All your terrible takes. That is the worst. No, no, no, no. Excuse me. I won't say that. I won't say this in front of my two new friends from the NBA and the Larry O'Brien trophy. My worst take in the history of this show was that the Miami Heat should not trade for Giannis. Yeah, that, guys, you missed that. That was bad. That was really bad. I'm glad you weren't here for that. They might actually take the trophy off my desk and leave early. We've gotten years of great content out of that. Terrible idea.

That's still a bad take. Come on. The Heat would be three-time superstition. Honestly.

I would love for people to call in. Who's superstitious? Who's not? I just put on a poll. And you are. And you are, right? I just put on a poll. Oh, yeah.

Are superstitions dumb? Yeah. And I'm sure people on X will be completely level-headed about that. I will lose that 90 to 10. One vote is in and it's 100%.

I want reasonable people to call the number. Yeah. But a poll goes against me on X. It's perfect. You think Kilborn is superstitious? Yes. He's 100%.

No way. He was a baller. He grew up playing ball. He's superstitious. He is.

Sports guys really are. Lord Kilby's... Lord Kilby's on a... I bet he tied his shoes the right way. He had socks a certain way. Lord Kilby is on a higher level and plane of living than most of us, you know, right now. He does not bother himself with his positioning on a couch while the Timberwolves are dominating right now.

Well, he may now, bro. Yes. He probably uses the same glass for his martinis. Same martini glass. Excuse me.

Wars it the same way. You see, if he was superstitious, he would never set foot in the studio talking about the Timberwolves amidst a playoff run. What do you mean? He predicted that they were going to be midway to a sweep. I know because he doesn't care about typing it because, you know, superstitions are dumb. He's just going to root for his team and let the chips fall. Oh.

Rich. Take a picture with the trophy. Take a picture is what I'm saying.

It bothers me. Now I'm not doing it. Now I'm definitely not doing it because you want to do it so badly. He's trying to mush you. I'm not trying to mush you. He's mushing himself. He's not.

He doesn't want to go near it. I get it. I get it. Hold on a minute. I'm watching my stuff.

What do you know? What if the Celtics wind up losing because you didn't take a picture with the trophy? How about that?

Not possible. How about the Larry O'Brien trophy is offended by your silliness right now. If we lose it, it'll have nothing to do with me. It'll be it'll be Tatum settling for fadeaway jump shots.

OK. Which has nothing to do with you taking a picture with the trophy. It'll be Porzingis doesn't come back.

It'll be Joe Mazzola chokes under the big like I know all the reasons why they won't win, bro. But all those things won't happen because you didn't take a picture with the trophy. So stupid. That's dumb. You believe in things you don't understand, then you suffer. So superstitious. You're a religious man.

The religion is superstition. Oh, now, wait a minute. Careful. Careful. I hate to be the bearer of breaking news. No, no, no, no. Oh, my God.

That just fell off the mountain there. All right. Let's take a break. My God. In front of God and the Larry O'Brien trophy. What is the matter with you?

The audacity. All right. Let's take a break. Superstition. Take a picture with the damn trophy.

I'm still in rose mode. Afford Anything talks about how to avoid common pitfalls, how to refine your mental models and how to think about how to think. Paula, while certainly you can mess up on a million dollars a year, it is far less likely than it is on $30,000 a year. I would meet wonderful people that were struggling with a budget that was super tight.

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Just search B L E A V on YouTube or wherever you listen. Mike here in the rich eyes and show Mike in Orlando, Florida wants to talk about superstitions while we're on the subject matter. What's up, Mike? How are you? How we doing guys? I'm great. Thank you.

What do you got? So I got a great story for you. Well, and this is why superstitions are real 2001 world series. I'm a diehard Yankee fan. We're going for four in a row, as you know, and we lose in seven. Yes. My I'm my bro. I sat in the same spot for the three games we won at Yankee stadium or three, three games at Yankee stadium, my brother goes to sleep early. The first six games of that series, he's a Mets fan. Yeah.

Seven rolls around. I'm staying up the full game. I'm like, go to bed. The Yankees are going to win. Go to bed.

Sorry. I want to hit the home run. I'm like, go to bed, go to bed, go to bed. He's like, he stays up. We all know it happens.

It's real. Yeah. But wait a minute. So your brother slept through the game six ass kicking. The Yankees got, you know what I mean? So what does that matter?

The Yankees? Well, he went to bed early for that one. It didn't matter. But that's what I'm saying, though.

Is it? But he also went to bed early. He didn't see the Tino home run. He didn't see the brochures home run. He didn't see Jeter become Mr. November, but he also didn't see, he also didn't see the fact that the Yankees lost games in the world. Some of the games, the Yankees lost, they lost every game in Arizona.

So you didn't see those either. That's what I'm saying. Why does it matter? Like, you know what I mean? Like you're just wondering why. So your brother was awake.

So that's why they brought the infield in with Mariano on the mound. I had no idea. I was wondering, what's up with that? And then I had no idea.

I had no idea that that Luis Gonzalez was able to get that seeing eyeball through the infield because your brother was awake. My bad, Mike. I've been wondering. Thank you, by the way, Mike, for calling in and solving that mystery like it was honestly like, thank you for the call, Mike.

I don't know. Listen, in search of remember that move, that show, right, Leonard Nimoy, search of Noah's Ark was my favorite. And so I've been in search of the answer for twenty three years and I finally got it. Mike and Orlando's brother was up. Oh, tell me, tell me how superstitious that's what I'm at this moment. I'm sitting there and I'm wondering, why is this happening?

This is really weird. And I had no idea Mike and Orlando's brother was awake if I had known that, because I'm just pointing out how silly superstitions. I mean, you're not superstitious, maybe you were the most in that game. I was at the most. Oh, in the evening when Mariano was striking out the side in the eighth inning, I was the mush. Right. By the way, Nick Turturro, one of your favorite people, is one of the most superstitious Yankees fans you've ever met.

And I love Nick Turturro. And I will say this with love. How rational does he come across? Well, maybe not my best witness. I see what you're saying. You know what I mean? I get it.

Just saying. I have a power rankings, guys, with the Larry O'Brien here. Let's go. I'm here for it. I have my top 10 Larry's power ranked.

Hit it. Power rankings. There are many like it, but this one is mine. Power rankings. All right. I've got my power rankings, my Larry power rankings with the Larry O'Brien trophy right here. Let's go. I want to say this with all respect to all the Larry's that don't make the list.

I still love you. Number 10 on the list. Are we making Larry's anymore?

Number 10 on the list, OK? He was one of my favorites sitting down and watching a major big time bout on HBO. I love this guy. His commentary during the fight in the ring sitting next to Jim Lampley, OK? And then after he would ask a bunch of fighters some questions that they really didn't want to answer. His name is Larry Merchant.

And I don't forget what this was about, but it's one of my favorite drops in the history of this show. Larry Merchant once said this. Who is he saying this to? I'm pretty sure it's the Floyd Mayweather. Is it Floyd Mayweather? Hit it.

I wish I was 50 years younger and I'd kick your ass. How do you not put Larry Merchant on a Larry power ranking? May he rest in peace. We had him on the show. I love I miss you, Larry Merchant.

Number 10. He's still with us. Oh, is he really? Yeah. Oh, my God. I quickly looked that up. Oh, my God. I'm so sorry. He's 93. That's it.

I wish I was 50 years younger and I'd kick your ass. He just said that to you, Rich. I know. By the way, Stuart Scott once killed off Richard Pryor on SportsCenter. I was sitting at home watching it and he's called the Richard Pryor, the late, great Richard Pryor. And I'm like, wait a minute. I called the control room.

I'm like, did Richard Pryor die? They're like, no, we're going to have to fix this later on. All right. Sorry, Larry. But you made my power ranking.

So that's the silver lining. Number nine. Just like the three of you guys. Oh, whoa. Okay.

Whoa. Just like the three of you guys. We're all superstitious.

I know this one. And you in particular, Chris, we're not taking a picture with this trophy. You're all stooges.

Okay. You, sir, TJ, you're Mo. You're Curly, Mike.

You, sir. You're Larry. Larry Fine, number nine on the list of the three stooges of the power rankings. Larry Fine, the great Larry. In between Mo and Curly, there he is on the right.

What a head of hair he had. On the sides. Okay. Hey.

Okay. Speaking of which, that's a little foreshadowing. Number eight on this list. I thought he was going to win me one of these. I thought he was going to bring this to Madison Square Garden. LJ, Larry Johnson, his four point play is one of the greatest shots in the history of Madison Square Garden and not just shots being made and won, but just that shot, a wide camera shot they have.

I'm getting goosebumps from up top that they shot at Madison Square Garden when he had a three point and one. Grandmama, Larry Johnson is number eight on this list. Number seven on this list. He was in this show studio years and years and years ago, a legendary voice in the broadcasting world from Miami when he was doing games, the Dolphins with a Hank Goldberg back in the day.

Larry King is on this list and we still have a bunch of his drops right from back in the day when he was here. What else we got? What else? Good point. What else?

The caller makes a good point. Okay. Consider it once. I'll say it again.

The Patriots are fascist. Don't too far away. Don't too far. You're listening to DJ Mike D eight wheels, no brakes. We actually made Larry King read that Mike. All right.

Now you can use the R.I.P. because Larry can't, but that's number six. Perhaps the greatest, the greatest TV show in the history of TV shows. I'm telling you, man, he, he is, this show is one of my favorites and I need to start rewatching it. One of the greatest late night talk show hosts ever. Larry Sanders is on this list played by Gary Shanling. There he is. Hank Kingsley. Hey, now my gosh, I miss the Larry Sanders show.

Larry Sanders on this list. All right, here we go. Top five, top five.

We're going back to the world of television. Very few people can play a major on I dream of Jeannie and then J.R. Ewing, Larry Hagman on this list. Everybody top five of my Larry power rankings, by the way, I dreamt of Jeannie my entire freaking life.

All right. Barbara Eden. I, I, I, should I say rest in peace as well there, but J.R. Ewing did not die. I do remember when J.R. Ewing got shot and that, that got, that happened.

And then the, the reveal is who shot J.R. by the way, cliffhanger and still with us. Oh my God. 92. Okay. I met Larry Hagman. Okay. Great. Larry Hagman. Yes. Damn it. I like which eyes that I find him accessible. All right.

Thank you. Larry Hagman is my top is in my Larry power rankings. Top five right here. Uh, and by the way, the who shot J.R. thing, biggest cliffhanger ever.

Let me tell you something. My parents, they even turned off, uh, eight 80 radio. They even turned 10, 10 wins. They didn't get news on the eighth. They four went traffic and weather together for an entire day because they didn't want it revealed. Cause, uh, the folks in UK saw Dallas, that episode of Dallas before it came to the United States.

Oh, so I mean, we were not going to have that thing, um, spoiled when we had the VCR on timer. Okay. Number four, one of my favorites that I've gotten to meet and cover in the national football league. First future first ballot hall, famous Larry Fitzgerald is number three on this list. Number three on this list, homage to you, sir, and homage to this trophy to my right. Uh, Larry bird, Larry legend, number three on this list in terms of shooting and playing and trash talking.

Well done. Larry bird on this list. Aboard it. I hate him. The number of times that I thought this trophy would be in Madison square garden, but wasn't because of him.

Oh my God. One of my top five hated players as a Nick fan. Um, and by the way, number one is going to be in Madison square garden too. Oh, not number one. Number two in a Reggie Miller is going to be in Madison square garden for TNT on a Wednesday night.

So he said, he said the boogeyman's coming. All right. All right. He doesn't make, he doesn't make my Reggie power rankings. Number two, my favorite guests, one of my favorite guests in the history of this program, the great Larry David is number two on this list.

Uh, and LD, thank you very much. Look, I love that picture of him. It's just everything about this man just speaks to my fiber of my being okay. Everything he's number two on this list. And number one, in honor of this trophy being on my desk is the Larry OB. But not just the Larry OB, it's the Larry O'Brien trophy in Madison square garden. That's a specific location.

Well, I would have said, you know, the, the DNC, the democratic national committee, but that's for you to Google about who Larry O'Brien was before he was a commissioner, not to give everyone a history lesson, but the Larry O'Brien in Madison square garden. Got it. Is a top. My Larry power rankings. I deliver it to you here on the rich guys in Madison square garden.

That's a good job. There you go. That's my power rankings of top, top Larry's of all time. I can only think of one Larry that you left off and that you're killing me, Larry.

No, that's too local. That's number one, I believe. And then number two is I, I don't want to do that because I didn't mean to kill off two people during my power. By the way, words I've never said in conjunction with each other, my apologies to Larry merchant and Barbara.

I think we're all shocked that they're still alive and to the NBA, my disassociation with their association with us, knock on wood, knock on wood. Now that's a superstition. It's a phrase. Nope.

Superstition. Got it. You'd be quiet. Our number one in the books, the bucks coming up. We're still here. Oh boy. I'm going to miss this trophy being on my desk.

This was a great hour. Normally. I just have my mug. It's pretty cool. It's bigger than, it's definitely bigger than, than you think.

Yeah. Let's see, do we have the height here? How tall is this? It's gotta be two and a half feet at least. How big? We're on the air.

They don't think we're talking to them on the air. How tall is it? How tall is it?

What is it? Uh, I think it's almost three feet. It's almost three feet. Okay.

Oh my goodness gracious. I thought the ball was regulation size. You asked. Like if they lose a ball, they just take it off the trophy and start playing with it? It's the ball regulation size. And you want to be my latex salesman. 25 and a half inches.

It's 29 pounds. Thank you, sir. And just all Clippers fans, I took a picture holding up a Clippers jersey next to it because unfortunately I feel like that's the closest we're going to get to it, but if you want it, let me know. And you took a Sixers picture with it. If you put up a Sixers jersey, the exact antithesis of this guy won't even put his mug behind it.

You put your face and the jerseys of your favorite teams. So it's not really applicable. And both of his teams have zero chance of ever winning. Oh, so you don't think somebody this self-assured would be so, like that's not, you're not superstitious about saying that? You know what, I'm putting it. Some things are just facts, Rich Eisen.

The Phillies will not win this year because there's a man named Ant and Woods existing on earth. All right, say goodbye to Larry. Bye. Bye. Thanks for coming in, Larry. Thanks for stopping by, Larry. We'll see you in New York. We'll miss you.

This would be great for you. Welcome to Talkville, the Ultimate Smallville Rewatch Podcast guest star, Sara Carter as Alicia Baker. Although I didn't really work with her a lot, but Tom did and they had some real big smoochie scenes. Yeah. Should we talk about that? Could there be any more sex? What was the three page make out scene that just kept going? Good Lord. We get it. They have chemistry. Jump in now or catch up on any of the past seasons of Talkville on YouTube or wherever you listen.
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