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The Greatest Roast of All Time lived up to the billing

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May 6, 2024 2:52 pm

The Greatest Roast of All Time lived up to the billing

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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May 6, 2024 2:52 pm

5/6/24 - Hour 1

Rich opens up the show recapping The Greatest Roast of All Time, the comedy roast of Tom Brady. It also worked as a long overdue psychiatric evaluation for the New England Patriots.

ESPN Senior NBA Writer, Brian Windhorst talks about the rise of Anthony Edwards and the rest of the NBA playoffs.

And between Jerry Seinfeld on SNL and the Brady Roast, Rich is having a moment as an "accessible" host.

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This is The Rich Eisen Show. I'm the best decision your organization has ever made. The Rich Eisen Show. Would you like a massage? Live from The Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles.

When you got a chance to go eight and nine and all it will cost you is your wife and your kids? They suck. Not so easy running the team, is it Tom? Today's guest, ESPN, NBA analyst Brian Wintorse, Cardinals general manager Monty Osenfort, actor Eric Bana, plus latest news and more. And now it's Rich Eisen.

That's right. Welcome to this edition of The Rich Eisen Show where people come and do too much press. 844-204-RICH is the number to dial. We're on the Roku channel. We're on this terrestrial radio affiliate.

Smart enough to have a Sirius XM Odyssey and more. In other words, we're accessible. So check us out all day today. We got fun three hour show in store for you. Brian Wintorse is going to join us in about 20 minutes time to preview round number two that began over the weekend with the Minnesota Timberwolves winning their fifth consecutive playoff game to start these playoffs. Sweeping out the Suns and then coming for a piece of the defending champs in their own building and they got themselves a nice chunk of the Nuggets. A big-time win by the Timberwolves on Saturday and then we had the Cavs beating off, staving off the Orlando Magic for the right to, I guess, rearrange their deck chairs before taking on the Boston Celtics in round number two which begins tonight also on the Eastern Conference with the Pacers and the Knicks. Can't wait for that one.

Game two is tonight between the Timberwolves and the Nuggets and if they win that one to go up 2-0 on the defending champs going back home. Our guest on tomorrow's program is going to really love it. Craig Kilborn's on tomorrow's program. So we're just going to have a fun week again after a dynamite week last week.

Monty Osinforth, the general manager of the Arizona Cardinals will be joining us top of our number two and the actor Eric Banda who I loved in Munich and Black Hawk Down and so many great movies from his filmography. He's here in studio hour number three. Good to see you over there Christopher Brockman. How are you? I'm great. I promise not to spike a shot glass. That's good.

DJ Mikey D is in D's nuts. Good to see you. Good morning, Rich. TJ Jefferson, how are you? The candle's lit over there. Candle's lit.

I'm great. Saw a great roast. Saw some great rest.

Let me tell you something guys. Listen, we're as you know aficionados of comedy on this program. Thrilled that we had Jerry Seinfeld on the program last week and then he gave us a shout out over the weekend on Weekend Update which we'll talk about later on in this program because holy crap. And then Jeffrey Ross has been on this program multiple times and the greatest roast of all time as it was called by Netflix last night. Honored to have delivered the first spoken word live last night. Great job Rich. Inside the forum. Welcoming everybody into that building last night and introducing Kevin Hart who got things started.

Let me just tell you something. That roast on Netflix of Tom Brady was absolutely outstanding. Every single word. Every single syllable.

A couple sets. You know didn't like the flame of the roast but other than that I'll tell you it was just absolutely spectacular. If anybody missed it last night obviously you can check it out on Netflix right here on Roku and it's going to live there forever and man I kind of felt that it was going to be I kind of felt sitting there last night with Suze next to the Grays by the way Jim Gray and his wife across from another Jim Harbaugh next to Kyle Shanahan the 49ers head coach is there as well. It was really a who's who. Quite a bit of who's who last night. I kind of felt like I was watching a long long overdue psychiatric session for the New England Patriots organization. Because you were. I kind of felt like we were inside a safe space a safe haven for the Patriots to get 20 years off their chest. Free.

Am I wrong? Unloaded Kevin Hart in the role of Dr. Melfi. I guess so where you know it was just the the the forum turned into one huge couch and one after another after another we saw a patriot lie down on the couch and get off their chest something they really wanted to say to the other and the wild thing is all of the psychology of the Patriots dynasty behind the scenes that we saw on that Apple TV documentary that Belichick also roasted saying it was the 10 part roast of Bill Belichick on Apple TV on the dynasty. It just seemed like they had to get something off their chest to the other and for some reason chose to use the platform of Netflix in front of a live television audience of millions to finally get it off their chest and say it to the person they've been dying to say it to and and they all did it in honor of Tom Brady who I must say putting himself in that position last night to hear it from everybody including comedians I'm sure he'd never heard of prior to being introduced to them by an outstanding writing staff that Sarah Tiano was part of. Who's who's who's roasted she personally produced? Yeah Gronk and Peyton Manning a little bit of Belche. Oh my god those were amazing and so for Brady to put himself in the position is spectacular top-notch move out of him I and he didn't have to he heard about his wife he heard it about his sisters he heard it about his crypto he heard it about his soccer team from Belichick which we'll hear in a second he heard about it and the it is something that he didn't want to hear about over and over and over and over again and I think it's it's it's it's it's over again but it did the most public failures of his life you know it provided the safe space for a therapy session for the Patriots long overdue Drew Bletso first up kicked it off man after Kevin Hart did what all roast masters have to do in charge of a roast is come out and set the tone he was the first one to talk about Tom's ex-wife he was the first one to talk about everything that Brady didn't want to hear about and he did it in the most profane hilarious manner which is the way the first up host of a roast needs to do he's got to clear the field and let the field follow him behind him he's got to set the stage for the dais and then Jeffrey Ross came out as roast Jay Simpson okay with like a bunch of devils around him and then he was the first one to take a shot at Bob Kraft which Brady came up and said to him cut that out and cleaning it up having no idea that after he said would you like a massage that Susie and I would be the subject of the cutaway yeah you guys had no idea okay and so then comes Drew Bletso who had this to say to Tom Brady buddy you know you have more rings than I do but I've experienced a couple things that you will never experience you know the feeling of being the number one overall draft pick in the NFL and the 28th wedding anniversary it was yesterday all right so there's that how many times do you think Bletso want to say to him so okay mr 199 I know you took my job and the rings and all that but I had a pretty quick draft night how about you I'd still take Tom Belichick comes out by the way introduced by Ron Burgundy brilliant to the death star music oh my god and then at this at one point had this to say to Tom Brady I see your soccer team Birmingham city got knocked down to another tier in the English football league so you know for those not familiar with English football and the intricacies to their obscure regulation system just let me say I'll like put it in English for you they suck not so easy running the team is it Tom people said it Tom and I butted heads a lot and in a way that was true but not really it was it was hard to butt heads with Tom because he was so far up Alex Guerrero's ass now is that right there Alex Guerrero in the whole conversation right about Alex Guerrero with Brady warning Alex Guerrero to have an office and Alex Guerrero being his you know body coach his health on the plane and then and then Guerrero had to be apparently Belichick evicted him I mean that's a fault line that nobody ever talked about and then he had that joke to Brady whose joke was it last night saying that good luck getting uh you know going to be on the road Bob Kraft Bob Kraft said you know you're gonna you know good luck owning a piece of the Raiders they've already done for you what you want what you've always wanted one of your favorite things is just getting rid of Jimmy Garoppolo he said that to Brady I mean Edelman said Guerrero the snake oil salesman oh my god well then Edelman but Edelman Gronk we can't replay because he couldn't put three words together that's safe for air okay including the joke that he apparently created himself about the size of Tom Brady's reach yeah okay reach so um wow and and Sarah confirmed on Twitter today he did in fact write that joke when he said I wrote that joke okay and so but Edelman gave up the ghost about this being his therapy session in case you hadn't figured it out by this point of what he said to Bill Belichick because Bill to his credit also stayed on the stage and sat on the dais he sat between Gronk and Randy Moss when he was done he just took a seat can I sit right here he stayed and he was laughing the whole time and kudos to him for staying because he could have because when you sit on the dais you're opening yourself up to slings and arrows other people did not stay oh they did not they did not Ron Burgundy left Peyton Manning and Ben Affleck left and so uh at any rate Edelman gave up the ghost listen to what he said in the middle of his strafing of Bill Belichick you remember when you used to yell at us look kids down at Foxborough high can make that play I've been waiting for this for so long look at old Foxborough high is the only job offer you fucking had I've been waiting for this for so long that was kind of I know that the name of the Tom Brady roast was the greatest roast of all time the groat groat it could be renamed I've been waiting for this for so long just for all these guys to finally take shots at Bill finally take shots at Bill at Tom at Alex Guerrero and Brady to return fire and Belichick having to I mean in all honesty Belichick being there for Brady is something that obviously in 2019 2020 we didn't think would be possible by 2024 okay and then it might even be too soon Kevin Hart bringing up Belichick and Kraft for a shot together you know and and Bill like had it kind of looked like there was some reluctance to be straight up even though Bill was a great sport on every front last night but he did it he got up got up there and he did it Susie and I were looking like did he take did he drink he eventually eventually did he was the last one Bob and Kevin slammed right away Bill kind of paused I mean did it holy cow we saw a therapy session on Netflix last night including which we'll discuss later on the program Brady seemingly saying he no longer pleads the fifth he deflated footballs and flat out listen it's a joke come on hey man you know my two cents on it there's always some truth in the joke it doesn't matter I plead the fifth no I plead the fifth no longer he did not write the joke later on in the show we'll hit that but my goodness gracious was that phenomenal it was great to be there it was an honor to start it it was a night to remember we need more roasts we need more folks to do this and apparently Brady and and Jeff Ross are in business together I think Brady owns this growth yeah now right they now co-own the roast right and so they're gonna do this again and again and again and maybe not for just sports people like whoever's the greatest of all time in their endeavor and for Brady to do it I don't know of another another person of his status and his standing and his reputation out there certainly in the sports world that would subject himself to this would Jeter do it I don't know man I don't know a lot of gift basket jokes dude I'm telling you like it's clearly all on the table yeah when you do that and he knew it and I saw him Susie and I ran into him underneath the stage about 15-20 minutes before air I've never seen him look like that he looked and he even said I don't nervous he basically said a paraphrasing I don't know what I got myself into yeah and you could see it right away Kevin Hart coming out like you said set the tone made a giselle joke at like the two-minute mark and you can see the look on Tom's face why did I go right right right why did I say yes and then and then about an hour in he's he'd heard it pretty much all of it he had a few you know right he heard pretty much all of it and at that point in time you know he knew with each passing roaster Mickey Glaser was phenomenal Tony Hinchcliffe was brilliant with each passing roaster last night he was getting closer to his rebuttal which he crushed what a night cannot stress to all folks out there enough check it out on Netflix right here on the Roku portal and make sure the kids are tucked away yes ear muffs if they're anywhere near the television oh my god was that amazing 844-204 rich is the number to dial here on the program when we come back we turn our attention to the association playoffs and the Lakers coaching search that is running at the same time could they be looking at the Clippers head coach now that the Clippers are out what is going on Brian Winhorst as always will provide the information we're off and running on this Monday program hey folks it's time for the NFL draft which means for me I need a good night's sleep because if I don't have one just not myself you know the deal you know exactly how important it is to have quality sleep it's a game changer for all of us so sleep number helps me my sleep number setting is 60 my wife's setting is 70 we both get a great night's sleep because we could adjust the firmness of our mattress on each side improve your quality sleep because sleep number learns how you sleep thanks to their smart beds and provide personalized insights to help you sleep better jd power ranks sleep number number one in customer satisfaction 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redeem my code rich for twenty dollars off your first purchase download game time today last minute tickets lowest price guaranteed so you know I'm thrilled that Belichick did that roast last night man and that he did all of it and the guy that you see at this roast joking and having fun and being part of the mix is sort of the guy that I saw at the NFL 100 and that people will say oh this is what Bill's like behind the scenes and you know you saw it a little bit on on patch draft show and I guess you're gonna see it on the Manning cast he's gonna do stuff on the Manning cast yeah Peyton kind of by the way let me tell you this man like because the Manning cast in my mind is at its best when they have somebody on who is equally as into the football x's and o's to watch the game as it unfolds in real time and zeroing in on the conversation necessary to be had because of the play-by-play missing on that broadcast and Belichick's going to be phenomenal at that phenomenal because I and especially because I remember the pro bowls years ago when NFL network was at it and I was there for them there was one that Belichick coached and he and Peyton Manning sat at a table by themselves at the pool bar that only a few people dared approach and I sat there thinking I would love to know what that conversation is you're about to get it on the Manning cast I guarantee you that those two guys at the pool bar were talking ball and the two of them talking ball together with Eli in the mix when Peyton said that last night in his in his roast delivery that Belichick's gonna be part of the Manning cast phenomenal Bill is crushing the off-season and it's only been like three weeks back on the Rich Eisen show radio network I'm sitting at the Rich Eisen show desk furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry Grainger has the right product for you call click or just stop by thrilled that he's stopping by he's our favorite to talk to when we're talking association he is Brian Winhorst of the worldwide leader in sports great to see you Brian how are you sir I'm good Rich how are you I'm great man oh put in perspective what are we witnessing with Anthony Edwards's performance through the first five games of these playoffs what do you think well he's first off in today's day and age it's it's okay so we don't uh we'll get back to them in a second right here okay I thought he was gonna he was doing yeah he's gonna look around okay and do the thing we'll get back on it okay um I use the word witnessing because that is the proper word the conversation you see you're hearing about Anthony Edwards right now and we talked about it last week we're using the m and j word it's you know you see it dangerous territory yeah I can't Michael Jordan I know but it's you know his his again the sound bite that of him telling Carl Anthony Towns in front of the media to stop effing Fallon to me was as close to Jordan as I've I've seen him because it's not just the play that you need to see you need to see the defense you need to see the gumption the I don't know I don't know I don't know I don't know the gumption the attack ability at the rim yes and the the highlights the cutting your heart out and showed it to you pumping now if he takes out the nuggets now we're talking now well we're talking we're talking national I mean like you watched no you watch week pass every night listen to NBA podcast you know the wolves have been rising and as a budding superstar but if you know they play a lot in a city and midwest like not a lot of people are watching T-wolves basketball on a nightly basis they're just getting introduced to this guy well this number five is pretty good uh yeah he's 22 years old he's doing things where it's him and Kobe Bryant are the two guys correct in the category and you know we're seeing a guy take over now and if he takes out the defending champs and the probable three-time MVP look out that's where he'll be placed on the national map but the Jordan stuff he's got to do it six times okay sure and he's got to do it for a decade and a half Mike didn't do it until he was 26 right and defensive player of the year so the Jordan stuff he's 22 I know but it's exciting to see it's exciting that's why I use the word witnessed what are we witnessing with Anthony with Anthony Edwards is uh is Brian Windhorst back okay he's not back yet okay he's not yet that's what I mean by yeah what are we seeing what's unfolding here for him because sweeping out the Suns was you expected them to beat the Suns based on their season-long performance the Suns coming in the Suns as they were constituted and um we thought I don't think I don't think I think a sweep was not I think we were all thinking probably six games that's still Kevin Durant that's still Devin Booker and you know we thought Bradley was gonna not be more than Bradley Beal but it's KD man it's book they were just in the finals a few years ago and then now they took out the 43 points for him oh baby in that game one victory and now it's house money tonight yeah they've already they've already shifted this series they have the home court advantage and tomorrow guess who's coming in tomorrow our in-studio guest first hour the Larry O'Brien trophy is going to be here we're going to complete the Rich Eisen show trophy EGOT we had the commissioner's trophy of Major League Baseball in Kansas City at the Big Slick a few years ago and then in studio we've had the Lombardi Trophy the other day the Stanley Cup and tomorrow we complete the EGOT Larry OB you know Chris just enough sports trophies we've got him back on the on the uh on the program uh we've got uh our friend Brian Winhorse back here you there Brian I'm sorry Rich I relocated to a hopefully a better area terrific so just to repeat I I asked you what we're witnessing um with Anthony Edwards and I chose that word purposefully because it does appear that we're we're seeing something um special unfold Brian it's extremely rare for a player who's this young age 22 I know he's in his fourth season but he's still really young to um care this much about both ends of the court or be this talented at both ends of the court you sometimes see guys who are very talented defensively um and they're not talented offensively he is obviously extremely talented offensively he could have the highlight of the night any night in the NBA and this guy who cares so much about defense and I think it's because he's been raised on a team that cares about defense and finding two-way stars it's hard and finding two-way stars that are this engaging and who are this competitive and who want it and frankly do it with a smile now I'm not saying he won't play with an edge or won't scowl every now and then but he's a very electric personality with an electric game and you know he's somebody that is going to be on your television on Christmas day and in the spring I think for many years to come so what did we see on Saturday that you think is repeatable here for them in this series so they had a very interesting game plan and they're more equipped to do this than other teams are before I talk about it but I think it's important to realize that Chris Finch and Mike Inouye who is the lead assistant both used to coach in Denver and so it's not like there's any secrets about the Nuggets but these guys have been thinking about this series for a long time and remember last year they obviously went out in six games but they didn't have Jayden McDaniels who's one of the best perimeter defenders in the lead because he punched the wall the last night of the season and broke his hand they didn't have Nas Reed who's that third seven-footer that gives them all those options on Jokic he was out with injury too now they got their full hand their game plan really had two facets defensively or actually overall one they attacked Jamal Murray on defense and put him in something like 60 or so pick and rolls and the guy that they brought up to screen every single time was whoever Jokic was guarding so Jokic and Jamal Murray were forced to defend something like 60 plus pick and rolls which meant they had to work and and expend energy on the defensive end and also Murray's dealing with Murray's dealing with a leg injury so they challenged him there the second thing is defensively they treated Jokic like a guard because he has a guard in a lot of ways so repeatedly not the whole game but you know seven or eight times they pressured him in the back court or picked him up full court with their big men now you don't don't typically want your big man pressuring in the back court but when you have three that you can rotate in that's you know just it forced him to work a little harder and again you're working on wearing him out and then they didn't really put Gobert you you know go tomorrow Gobert is probably going to win his fourth defensive player of the year award and so you'd say well you got Gobert you put him on Jokic but they didn't really what they did was they would put one of the other big men on him and there were times when Gobert did guard him but they put one of the other defensive center seven footers on him and the reason was because they wanted Gobert back there to defend the rim to defend those lobs for Aaron Gordon and as a result they had size on Jokic that he had to deal with and they had they took away that that play at the rim you add it all up and it ends up being a pretty effective game plan now I think there will be counters that the that the Nuggets will run um and they'll they'll look to to do some other stuff with their role players especially Michael Porter who I think is playing well enough to merit more than 13 shots but the game plan that they have is got some merit that that could cause them some problems over the course of the series Brian Windhorst of ESPN here on the Rich Eisen show uh the Knicks and the Pacers begin tonight and um you know Knicks fans are feeling it they're feeling it Brian and then you're also seeing um stories out there that they're not only back but back on the map as a destination for other players that want to be there because they're seeing what's cooking there um is there any you know fire behind that smoke right now do you think Brian well there there's two there's kind of two types of teams in the playoffs there's teams in the playoffs that have sort of expended their resources and adding talent you look at something like you know Minnesota for example Minnesota's traded all of its picks and pick swaps that they're allowed to trade going forward you know if if there was a player that did today declared I'm a superstar get me to Minnesota it'd be hard to trade for them and then you have um you know Cleveland's another example of that uh Boston has traded not everything but they've traded a lot um and you have a team like New York which has seven tradable first round picks and 11 overall over the next seven years um tradable salary that they have and um you know the ability to to has really be upwardly mobile and the thing about it is rich I have thought that somebody was going to want to be in New York for years now and I was thinking that back in 2019-20 because it's so wide open to come and have a moment and by the way someone's taken it that that person is Jalen Brunson Jalen Brunson has used New York the way that I thought other star players would want to do it Jalen has just become a star in the role um whereas I thought other stars would want to be here I'm still a little bit amazed that Kevin Durant didn't want to play in New York and he wanted to play in Brooklyn he's articulated it he has his reasons whatever but um so you're asking me do I think it could happen yeah but I thought it would happen three four years ago um yeah so the one thing I'll say about this team is they are very much calibrated for Tibbs this team is almost designed perfectly to play for Tibbs so I think they have to be careful obviously if you can get one of the top 10 players in the league or 15 or whatever he says he wants to play there you're definitely going to do it but they got something good going here and they need to they need to have patience uh on what they want to do with this roster well it's interesting you mentioned Durant because I don't know of many people that kind of believe Matt Ishby is saying we're gonna we're gonna we we're we're the team to beat essentially you know like we're gonna we're gonna stick and stay a lot of folks think that uh they're gonna have to get rid of either Durant or Booker is that true Brian do people in the league say that yes they do I talk to multiple people who think that's what they're going to have to do do the suns say that no they do not I think the sun's intention is to keep all three of these star players um tweak the roster tweak some of their systems and their processes and and try to be better next year and Durant not that he is you know sworn to telling the whole truth all the time Durant when he left basically said I think continuity is valuable he was looking at the Timberwolves team that uh had basically brought their entire team back from last year and he's like that continuity is pretty important there that said in a player like Durant's case um that's not up to them that's up to the team it's up to the player it's always up to the player and so if Durant had a change of heart which we've seen in the past then that would potentially be on the table but he doesn't he didn't say that he didn't sound like that and it doesn't sound like that's what the team wants and if your point is that you don't think they're going to be able to materially change their roster without doing something like that I'm not disagreeing with you but I don't think it's something that they're as we sit here in the first week of May not saying that's something that we should expect Brian Windhorst here on the Rich Eisen show interpret Joel Embiid's post game comments after being eliminated talking about how we we we we have these players here for one year and gone what what did he I assume he was referring to Harden if not Jimmy Butler before that but I'll give you the floor on interpreting those comments Brian well the yeah the the best thing about what Philly has going for them is that they have discovered their second star and so when the Harden I don't know if you want to call it an experiment because it was kind of a marriage when that failed it looked like the Sixers may be in trouble because how are they going to replace that player well they have found a new star player and that is what's most important when you consider what's going on with the you know with the 76ers they also have 60 million dollars in cap space but they are not going to be under pressure to go out and get a player that is an MVP type candidate they can potentially break that up into several different things they don't have to sign players with it either they can they can use it in trades there's other ways to use cap space than in signing players and they got some assets in that hardened tray they got a couple extra draft picks that they can use in deals so I think what Embiid's looking at is let's start to construct a core and let's do that with this off season and the Sixers are equipped to do that and I would you know if I was a player who was interested in moving teams whether it's by free agency or by trade you're looking at what Maxey is doing and you know what Joel can do and you're saying hey I can go and be that sort of supporting star that could really fit there so there's a couple of teams that are in that spot they're going to have competition but they have the tools to improve their roster and so that's I promise you Daryl Morey is working every single day on that between now and July to get that done. Brian Windhorst here on the Rich Eisen Show our studios are just up the road from the Lakers facility what's going on in that building right now Brian? Well I know that they probably would have loved to have gotten their hands on Tai Lu but it sounds like Tai Lu is you know I don't know I don't think they'd started the negotiation as of the end of last week so I don't want to say like you know it's all stick and span but it sounded to me like the Clippers want to extend him and that he is you know for the most part wants to be there so he's off the board and so now you're looking at finding a coach for a team that they've had a coach every two or three years they're playing an incredibly competitive situation in the Western Conference with teams in front of them that I don't necessarily see flying back at them and teams behind them gaining on them with an older roster you know the one thing that they do have they have three first round picks and some players they potentially could use and trade I do think that they can be a player in the market to try to upgrade their roster but they also have a you know a tendency to not want to go to the wall when it comes to paying coaches and you know we're in a situation where coaches top coaches are now getting eight figures a year and you know the Lakers I don't know if they're prepared for that type of commitment maybe they are but you know like Mike Budenholzer is a name that is often is being associated with them a lot well first off Mike Budenholzer coaches some of the same systems that Darvin Ham does because they Darvin came from Budenholzer's staff in Milwaukee secondly I'm watching what the coaches with a championship on their resume have gotten paid over the last year Steve Kirk got 17 Alex Bolstra got 15 um you know Amonti Williams who doesn't even have a championship got 12 12 or 13 whatever that was uh I you know Mike Budenholzer's a championship coach so you better be ready to open up that checkbook and maybe the Lakers will but they're going to be deep into the tax next year so um there's a lot of things at play when you consider it's not just going to get the best available coach there's a lot of different things at play we also don't even know all the jobs they're going to be open yet uh there's still some situations we got to keep an eye on so um it's going to be hard and whenever you fire a coach who's had some success and Darvin had some success you can you can quibble with anything that you want about his rotations or some of his decisions or what happened in that series with the Nuggets he had some success and if you're going to remove a coach who's had some success you were under immense pressure as an organization to upgrade and it can be hard and you know part of the reason significant part of the reason why the Lakers uh are out in the first round this year is because their roster had flaws some of the reason that Darvin was making some of the decisions he was was he was playing whack-a-mole a lot of times trying to fix certain things that were popping up so it's a very hard job it's there's some challenges with it and it's not maybe the glamour job that people outside may assume that it is well i mean and obviously it's all a big question about what LeBron wants to do right how long does he want to stay uh does he want to stay um who's the coach that he would he would definitely say yeah let's bring that guy in for my last couple years of my career um that i'm now willing to stay in los angeles to do what about his son i mean don't you think that that is essentially a large part of this equation too brian kinda like i'm not sure lebron has made a free agency decision in his career based on the coach um i don't he didn't care about david black when he came to cleveland he didn't care about our exposure when he went to miami he didn't care about luke walton when he went to to the lakers it wasn't like when he was you know when he left cleveland he was leaving ty lue the guy he would probably love to have back i mean i mean i don't i think lebron just assumes that the organization is he's gonna give his opinion and the organization's either gonna do it or not i i i i i you know if if i were you know the lakers i i you know you're looking for a coach who has a vision for how to use the players that you've got or how to acquire the players that can help you you know lebron's gonna do what lebron's gonna do i mean i've described being the coach of the lakers right now like being vice president because you're gonna be third or fourth in charge at best it's a it's a great sounding job and you get to fly in a nice plane but and you get great hotel restaurant reservations but you're not paid that much relatively and you often get blamed for stuff it's you know it's obviously a coach make a big difference in the nba i'm not downplaying that but it's it's it sounds like a better job than it actually is and if you don't believe me ask the last three or four guys or five or six guys who've been in it before i let you uh before i let you go brian did you see the brady roast last night i did i saw i've just seen clips okay do you think there's any nba star that would subject himself to sitting in a roast chair like brady did last night it is an absolutely great question thank you um i don't think i'd be stunned if lebron did um jordan would jordan ever sit down for something like that oh god no are you kidding me he'd be up there be a fist fight um i mean maybe steph because steph is so well liked that and it would all be sort of good-natured um but can i say that yes i do as you said before i came on yes i do find this version of belicheck absolutely fascinating i was on the edge of my seat during the mccaffee broadcast or in the draft of the way he was analyzing stuff because he opened the door to that ridiculous display that he gave us every week at the podium he opened the door and showed why he is the visionary and great guy that he is and i am here for all of it me too if he's coached his last game which i would be surprised about so be it but if this is the the last act of bill belicheck give it to him give it all to me i i couldn't be more interested in him showing the world exactly what kind of person he is because um it potentially could change the way people look at him i know that sounds wild uh maybe not obviously not going to change the way they judge his his accomplishments but you could change the way people evaluate him as a person and i mean he should lean into it first off he'd make a lot of money doing it maybe not as much as coaching but i mean i that was my favorite part of it i loved it and um i can't wait to my first order business will be to watch all of his um routine is or whatever it was great he was great at it man i love it you say there'd be a fist fight if jordan ever was the uh roasty is that what you're saying within 15 minutes maybe less i mean you know he he doesn't put up with that stuff forget about i mean he he's he's documented punched teammates in practice and i promise you steve curry did not insult him uh or anything like that or you know can you imagine just from the bobcats years the materials i mean you're the bottom no zero first off the guy's a billionaire he is brady's close to it i mean that's why i mean he he subjected himself i'm no idea so there's no idea why so it's curry i don't know if curry's roastable though you know what i mean like there's nothing yeah everybody likes him you know what i mean like there's gotta have you gotta have a hook draymond that's not there'd be a long there'd be a draymond might throw a punch too but i think there'd be a long line of people be happy to be on that roaster that's not a bad one brian okay i'll forward we're gonna we're gonna run that up a flagpole thanks for the time as always and always look for my calls texts and and requests for your time you're awesome thanks brother take care guys have a good week at winhorst espn check them out hey buddy follow the draymond wouldn't be a bad one there's a lot to roast them on curry's like what are you gonna roast them on yeah shack has been roasted hasn't he didn't shack get roasted i think he did i don't know if it was like an official you know not like an affair but we want one of these with shack yeah that wouldn't be bad match johnson i ain't gonna be there i don't think he will either all right we'll take a break 844-204-rich number to dial here on the rich isin show what a fun weekend we've had man lots to talk about live from monday afford anything talks about how to avoid common pitfalls how to refine your mental models and how to think about how to think paula well certainly you can mess up on a million dollars a year it is far less likely than it is on thirty thousand dollars a year right i would meet wonderful people that were struggling with a budget that was super tight it was a hundred percent you need to make more money make smarter choices and build a better life afford anything wherever you listen what's up everyone it's reality steve your number one source for all things bachelor nation and reality tv every day i'm giving you the behind the scenes juice and your info on all your bachelor nation stories and also interviewing some of your favorite reality stars my name has been synonymous with spoilers but i'm so much more than that give me a listen the reality steve podcast part of the believe network just search b-l-e-a-v on youtube or wherever you listen philadelphia eagles we have that to talk yes yes as i'm draped you are eagles paraphernalia now that's that's like your gut so you got the green hoodie yeah i went green hoodie and then i went satin black jacket i just noticed the black eagle on it this is subtle this is subtle i didn't want to i didn't want to come here and be you know blatant with it this is a subtle yeah i didn't notice it it's sort of like a watermark sort of situation that you have right then you get up close and you're like whoa he really is an eagles fan he's got a lot yes he's got a lot of eagle stuff on i'm wearing a jersey to the super bowl with the jerome brown patch that's what you're going to do yes you got the random cunningham jersey but my jersey has jerome brown patch what what will it say on the back let's say heart will it say your name it's gonna say cunningham it's a real jersey okay i can't make it say heart i'm no longer authentic if i make it say heart it's gotta be a real jersey this is a real moment understand it's a big moment for me man this is it it's a big game what do you think what do you mean what do i think the score will be 80 83 to 6 i called it i put my prediction out there a long time ago okay i had a dream i saw it and how many to that so how many touchdowns then for nick foals then out of that is going to go for 32 touchdowns it's going to be a grinding game and foals is going into this game with so much confidence after the last game he's got so much confidence i don't care what you say you can't beat confidence you know how much confidence i have you can't beat my confidence i don't care what you tell me i'm so confident i'm so confident foals has confidence our defense has confidence we are here this is what we said we will be in the beginning of the season and we got here that's confidence they're used to being here that's cocky that's that's a little nonchalant shoulder shrug yeah we'll do it again it's not the same type of confidence it's not the same type of hunger it's a different level of hunger and these dogs got to eat get it because they just call us under yeah i know love kevin hart brilliant last night absolutely brilliant back on the rich eisen show okay so um you see i've earned this role of best dad ever right um did you earn that or did someone just give it to you harder okay but it was given to me but father's day years ago whatever so uh sues is up uh about an hour plus away at a bar mitzvah with coop for his friend ryan nice great bar mitzvah um i could not make it because i was home because zan had a uh uh a get-together with his friends in high school and there was a sleepover that you might not want to do whatever i i'm in town so it's just taylor and i oh okay take her to dinner favorite pizza spot then bennett's ice cream here in los angeles got to go visit everybody was this friday or saturday saturday then we go home and we watch kung fu panda she had not seen excuse me she'd seen everyone from reverse 432 she had not yet seen the original oh so we're checking that box it's all great uh amidst kung fu panda my phone starts going nuts crazy and i'm trying to be present yeah you're spending time with your baby girl movie night at this point now i have to see what the hell's going on and uh first time i've ever said to taylor we gotta pause this because jerry seinfeld has just shouted out your dad on saturday night live am i getting texts i'm like what yeah so jerry as you know was here on thursday as part of his press tour for unfrosted a great film that's number one on netflix right now and uh apparently that appearance stuck with him as he showed up on the uh weekend update as the um man who did too much press did it i gotta i gotta stop yeah yeah you've kind of been everywhere i mean i've seen you you've been i even saw you on rich eisen i wasn't on rich i wasn't on rich eisen no you were i saw it i i like rich eisen i find him accessible yeah yeah it's a sports show yeah i know i know that now i know that now so guys i'm accessible accessible the door's always open that's kind of true 8 4 4 2 0 4 rich number to dial just replace that best dad ever with access i'm accessible he called me a sports comforter when he was here that was great too and now i'm accessible i'm an accessible sports comforter it's right there when you need them oh my gosh last night you were the opener yeah that was guys i'm gonna go play the powerball who wants a piece you you'll tell us anything man i know the show starts i mean i i knew he was doing it but you know i got that call from jeff ross um just a couple days ago yeah and he's like do you want to open the show i'm like what yeah sure it was perfect i'm in i'm waiting and then this happened on saturday night jerry seinfeld i have a screen grab that i will now live forever where the because i saw i got people sending me tik toks instagram because snl put it out on twitter youtube all i got i mean because jerry seinfeld's showing up on saturday night live as the man who did too much press and um so there's a on the tik tok video with the the caption i there's a screen grab i like rich eisen okay so there's that okay okay so no so here's the thing um personally i feel there's no such thing as too much press certainly if we're part of the press tour right we're a place that you can come and be enveloped by a nice comforter and then shout us out somewhere else yeah well like saturday night live for instance no big deal sure i like which eyes that i find him accessible that's a very good drop it's an instant drop good thank you jerry by the way which eyes that i find him accessible that appearance here as well we cut up the uh i'll put on our reel on instagram the uh bob einstein story over the weekend another classic jerry was here he told some great stories if you missed it that's on our youtube page and try and find out the exact moment he did too much press maybe it happened in the middle of our interview our number one is in the books yeah we were at the dolby because sarah performed at the netflix as a joke with daniel tosh and all of a sudden she gets a text from one of our neighbors hey uh you just got a shout out on saturday christmas show got a shout out on saturday night live we were like what that's when i texted you i was like i think something just happened something just you were one of the people my phone kept buzzing and buzzing and buzzing and buzzing until i finally i'm like oh it's up because taylor absolutely notices when you're on your phone yes and she will call me out she'll call susie out if we're on the phone too much my 10 year old daughter will say hey why are you on your phone and it's good for them you know she will say that so i'm trying i don't want to get i don't want to get uh called out yeah but when my phone is but i'm like all right i'm gonna take a look and it's just like jerry just said this you're on you know you're on the weekend update he gave you a shout out i'm like i'm under what possible terms and circumstances would he shout us out on saturday night live also he was just in l.a immediately back there it is i think that is hilarious you want to make a t-shirt today right i do want to make a t-shirt okay yeah yes i do fantastic so i'm like and then we paused it because we watch snl clips all the time in the house so she knows exactly who colin jost is and michael che and the weekend update and then we watched it she's like wow and then pause i'm gonna turn back kung fu panda back on here like okay dad back to what a weekend that and the roast monnie austin fort the gm of the arizona cardinals coming up on this accessible show john brings his skewed sense of humor jeff brings tips to cut strokes off your next round together it's those weekend golf guys they'll pay a lot of money to pxg and tylus and calloway and on and on and on right how many yards you think you're gonna pick up with that extra i think i can get an extra five to ten what if i give you 15 to 20 you pay me more just my teachers on a sliding scale those weekend golf guys the podcast part of the believe network just search bl eav on youtube or wherever you listen
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