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Greg Olsen: Kelce And Mahomes Can Go Down As The Best Ever

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May 30, 2024 4:12 pm

Greg Olsen: Kelce And Mahomes Can Go Down As The Best Ever

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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May 30, 2024 4:12 pm

5/30/24 - Hour 2

Rich and Mets fan TJ Jefferson react to New York’s “brutal” season that hit a new low when pitcher Jorge Lopez got ejected, threw his glove into the stands, then may or may not have bashed the team in his postgame interview.

FOX Sports’ Greg Olsen and Rich discuss the Kansas City Chiefs’ chances for a Super Bowl three-peat, the latest edition of Tight End University, and his mindset after being replaced by Tom Brady on FOX’s lead broadcast team despite just winning his 2nd Sports Emmy for Outstanding Game Analyst. 

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Check this out. This is the Rich Eisen Show. Let me just get this off my chest too.

Check this out. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Rogers is, we could talk Roger forever. They don't care what he does off the field, we just win.

This stuff that you think is a distraction, players don't care about that stuff. They love this guy as a teammate. Today's gasps, NFL on Fox analyst Greg Olsen, Saints head coach Dennis Allen, Bills head coach Sean McDermott, two-time Emmy award-winning actor Bobby Cannavale. And now it's Rich Eisen. That's right, our number two Rich Eisen Show on the air. Greg Olsen is going to be joining us shortly. We just chatted with Dennis Allen of the Saints Hour 3, Sean McDermott of the Bills, and then one of my favorite actors and friends joining the program, Bobby Cannavale. It'll be a lot of fun.

DJ Mikey Diaz and Deez Nuts and Chris Brockman are in their positions. Good to see TJ Jefferson. The candle is lit. Good to see you over there, sir. What's up, everybody?

I'm doing great. Thanks for asking. I'd like to. You know what?

And I'm sorry to bring this up, but I'm going to have to. What do we got? Because, you know, listen, listen, there are sports teams that we all love for ourselves. We've rooted for certain teams. We've rooted for certain franchises. They represent the city we grew up in, right?

Totally. And then some of these teams have players on them that Spark runs or the teams themselves collectively. You just love watching them play as a unit. Team sports gives that to you, right?

You watch them come together and grow and maybe surprise you. Just as a, for instance, you know, from my hometown of New York City, the Knicks this year. That's one of those teams this year. Rangers together, right? I just saw the Yankees last night. I'm beginning to feel like this could be a very special team.

Yeah, they're balling. I mean, Lucas, I mean, Luis Hill in particular, the young right-handed pitcher for the Yankees who just finished one of the most incredible months of May. First pitcher in the history of the Yankees organization to have over 40 strikeouts and an ERA less than 0.75 in any calendar month in any year in the history of the New York Yankees. And think of the pitchers who have pitched for the Yankees. Luis Hill just completed that in the month of May last night with eight innings of one run ball, nine strikeouts last night.

And again, just you share these moments with your kid, like I was able to do last night with Coop. Those are those teams. And then you got the New York Mets of 2024. Quite the wind up. You should have saw that coming.

You had to have seen that coming, right? I mean, there is a dumpster fire right now. And listen, I want Juan Soto to stay put. He can go anywhere. Steve Cohen has more money than anybody else, I believe, in Major League Baseball to burn and spend and whatever.

And boy, is he spending it. You remember the best team money can buy or the worst team money can buy the Mets had for all those years ago? I mean, we haven't had anybody threatening a reporter yet. We haven't had anything like that yet. But this team is getting there. They're 16 games out of first place, 11 games under 500. And yesterday with their closer out with an impinged shoulder injury, Edwin Diaz is out again. Pete Alonso takes a ball off his hand from the Dodgers coming to town.

He's out. They have just been one miserable moment after another. I mean, you hear Gary Cohen and Ron Darling and Keith Hernandez, a little piece of them like die inside on live SNY television every single inning, it feels.

And you feel for them. They're a terrific broadcast team. And then obviously you've got some championship players that are in that booth and you just hear them like, man, wow, this is it just gets lower each day.

We knew this was going to be a bad season coming into it, but she slipped up to it. I just saw a video of Harrison Bader, their left fielder, right? He was on the Yankees last year. The Mets asked him to name them his New York Mount Rushmore athletes. The first three names out of his mouth were Yankees.

Well, that makes sense, dude. Strawberry, Seaver. I mean, I believe their names are probably all on the wall, you know, so eighth inning against the Dodgers. Tied at three against the Dodgers. OK, heading into the eighth inning, the Dodgers wound up putting a six spot up in the eighth inning on three relievers, one of them Shohei Ohtani, it's a three run home run bomb.

OK, there's no off of what you're going to do, you know, off of Jorge Lopez. It's a three and one count on Freddie Freeman. And I'm watching you could see the video of the broadcast.

They're showing a replay of the Ohtani Oppo blast. OK, and Lopez starts arguing or says something to Ramon DeJesus, the third base umpire who ejects him from the game. Out in the middle of the count to Freddie Freeman. See you get out.

Poor fish. And and Lopez, as he's being ejected, takes his glove and throws it over the netting into the stands. I have no problem with this.

He was given the fan's souvenir. What are we talking about for now? Listen, now, listen, what happens next? You need to take into account of two things. First of all, from what I'm reading, Lopez has had his issues on the field and off it as well. And English is a second language for him.

So what happened next is truly something that you just very rarely hear. It sounds like he's calling his team the worst team in baseball. Check it out. Just to clarify what what you said, just because I didn't fully understand. Did you say I'm on the worst team? Is that is that what you had said? Yeah, probably. It looked like.

Then that they were embarrassed by you. Is that what you did? So play the first soundbite first right here.

Here you go. Roll it. Ellis Mendoza said that he understands the emotion, but that that particular action of throwing your glove into the stands is unacceptable. Looking back on it, do you regret doing that? No. No, I don't.

I don't regret it. I think I've been looking the worst team in probably in the whole MLB so you know whatever happened happened so whatever they want to do. I'll be tomorrow here is they want me. You know whatever they want to do so. I'm going to keep doing this thing, you know, so I'm healthy on whatever you know.

And whatever to do, you know, I'm I'm ready to come back tomorrow and they want me be here so I'll be here. Do you think they don't want you to be here? I don't know.

I don't know you looking person so you know it's their faces. I'm proud to be here every day so is the worst thing to be out. But you know. I don't care. I don't care. I don't care. I just about look so again English is a second language for him and it sure sounded like he he called the Mets the worst effing team in baseball but he says it's you know I think I've been looking like I think I've been looking like I'm the worst and folks were then saying it sounds like he's saying I'm the worst teammate yeah and you can also hear him say you know you look they're embarrassed on their faces it sounds like in that light they're embarrassed watching him and he feels bad and he's just like you know I don't know if they even want me here anymore and so and the argument that occurred on Twitter all night back and forth turned this into like the whole sort of like sports soundbite version of Laurel and Yanny like you had a you had to like hear what what are you hearing I hear one thing you hear another thing but it's really the same soundbite you know and but um Steve Gelbs of Sportsnet New York did ask him a follow-up like point blank to be clear listen this this is what he asked him just to clarify what you said just because I didn't fully understand did you say I'm on the worst team is that is that what you had said yeah probably it looked like and that they were embarrassed by you is that what you yeah they do so you're saying both yeah I said I'm on the worst team and you're saying they're embarrassed by you he's like yeah so you know it's very difficult to pick up what he's saying but Francisco Lindor held a 30-minute players only meeting after all of this that's because it is hard to argue the Marlins have a worse record than the Mets 20 and 37 the worst record in Major League Baseball belongs to the White Sox they're 15 and 42 they're bad okay but you can't argue with the statement that the Mets are one of the worst teams in Major League Baseball right now they're injured they are broken they are a team that is lost 16 games behind the Phillies right now they still have leads against the Dodgers I understand but you know bad teams blow leads at the end and then they start steamrolling and what have you but you know apparently the Mets are DFAing Lopez that hasn't been made official yet but that was the word is that which means they've got seven days to trade himself down just looking or just cut him yeah it is brutal what is happening right now there and I just want to be fair here because it does sound like he's saying I'm the worst teammate and that they're you know if I'm the Mets I get an interpreter immediately to stand to stand next to him and and have the full-on like let him speak in his own native tongue to describe his feelings unless they have just seen enough and they know enough and this is enough and they'll just send him packing and give him a fresh start somewhere else it's tough man I honestly you know Mets had a nice stretch for like two weeks where it looked like they were turning things around and then it just hit south again and I'll tell you what man the and I'm not saying this because I'm you know rooting for the team on the other side of town who is suddenly no longer the biggest spender in town but why in the hell would Juan Soto want to join something like this why in the hell would anybody want to join something like this question why would anybody want any piece of this at all and why wouldn't the Mets right now start calling people up with Alonzo out and Diaz out and this guy being DFA'd and Lindor having players only meetings and whatever why wouldn't they start knocking on other doors and just burn it down and start from scratch if you're Steve Cohen you're spending 300 million dollars and this is what we're talking about today yeah like I said by all accounts at the end of last year this year was going to be a train wreck and it is living up I'll tell you what dude this is what's really even crazier okay the Mets have again a 22 and 33 record a winning percentage of 400 which is a worse winning percentage than the team whose owner is moving the franchise to Sacramento removing any team location from the name of the team and is saying can't wait to bring everybody to a minor league stadium to watch other team stars homer here and make this a destination for people to come and hang out with 9 000 of their best friends they're worse than that franchise just by a game dude and vibes and vibes too I mean I mean the A's have one of the most exciting pictures of all of baseball Mason Miller I mean he's a must watch what is exciting about the Mets Mason Miller is one of the best pitchers in baseball I've heard people talk about that he should start the all-star game oh start the all-star game I don't know man why not why not why not well it's just because he's not a starter but in this day and age of baseball who cares we're just calling him an all-star opener exactly but he's that good he is that but imagine him facing bets Otani Friedman to start the all-star game and that's the whole thing too is this this team's in New York City and that's why we're talking about it in a way right now baseball has so many young stud stars oh man I mean when I was driving home and I'll be honest with you too I'm always shooting you straight here man and I try to stay on top of as much as possible and I do love baseball we talk more baseball on this show than I think many other shows okay and I and we don't usually even say that sort of thing but Coop was driving home last night from from from Anaheim last night from from from Anaheim and he was on the MLB app and we were going down the he was saying to me the position rank rating in our fantasy league that we're in right now of which player he was like guess which player is like the 15th position rank you know overall and I'm like I'm like I don't know man he goes I'm like give me a hint and he goes NL East and I start naming a couple players and then he goes no and he names a player hadn't heard of the guy's name and I'm straight I'm straight up with you I'm straight up with you and I need to learn more about that sort of stuff because I do love baseball yeah but baseball has got that and I don't mean to make the Mets a larger issue of baseball but there are tons of young studs in this sport and and the Mets man I feel for you dude I'm good so to make up for it later on in this hour I'll show you pictures of Intuit Dome because Susie took a hard hat tour of it for your Clippers oh another that's gonna be sweet no seriously man be disappointed much like no no no but you're gonna uh again we'll talk about it it's gonna be sweet and it's gonna be yours all right yeah that's where the Mets are right now though we'll take a break Greg Olsen's gonna join us later on in this hour uh I will uh let you know uh also my thoughts on some positivity glass half full for all NFC South teams their best case that met story could have used some of that play dude I don't know what to do for you it's just wild it's crazy and it's not even June Greg Olsen coming up let's talk sleep number 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up on a million dollars a year it is far less likely than it is on thirty thousand dollars a year right i would meet wonderful people that were struggling with a budget that was super tight it was a hundred percent you need to make more money make smarter choices and build a better life afford anything wherever you listen rich eisen show radio network i'm sitting at the rich eisen show desk furnished by granger with supplies and solutions for every industry granger is the right product for you call click or just stop by greg olson's about to join us derek and missouri will take your call as greg is logging in what's up derek hey rich it's been a minute it has called in i just got back in town for uh the nd 500 the last couple of weeks and i gotta tell you guys if there's one thing you want to experience in your lifetime at least once the nd 500 is that event there's no question about it and i it was my 19 500 and it gets better every year wow 19 of them that's pretty cool what's on your mind so i got a question for uh brockman oh what um yeah i know it's a little bit of a uh twist and turn today a little bit but uh i'll say brockman so i gotta ask the uh celtics with uh what they have coming in front of them what do you like your chances whoever regardless if it's dallas from minnesota and having this uh extended amount of time of rest does it help your chances or does it decrease them because it could go either way you think about it well the finals are starting on june 6 no matter what but i a week from tomorrow yeah i do like all the time especially for you know get porzingis back to being 100 i don't really think it matters who they play they match up really well against both teams um obviously the luca factor this guy can take over at any point we know he can make any shot and you know we know he's not afraid of the big moment and neither is kyrie um it doesn't really matter to me i think it's gonna be a great you just want here and thanks to call back i just want banner 18 no matter what no i i think you just want a game six is is is the least you can like one more minnesota home one more minnesota win tonight let's let's stretch that to a game six game six keep it going because even if even if that means dallas dallas would be done on sunday of that right that's that's five days they'll still have enough time to rest themselves up sure but then we're coming off nine i mean i know right one more minnesota win plus you know i just i i would like it to go to game seven for a couple reasons one it's game seven two it would allow us to have at least on monday or tuesday the uh annual rest versus rust argument those are great which of course those are just those are some of my favorites i'm just waiting to see how the national media not us can uh disparage the celtics and and tatum and brown national media that's what we are good job guys this man is uh one of the leaders of tight end university he is also the reigning emmy award winner for best game analyst he is our friend greg olson back here on the rich isin show what's up greg how are you doing great rich what's happening man where's the emmy right now greg where is it oh well if i turned off the screen it's right behind me oh really oh but you oh you're branding i didn't mean i didn't mean i'm trying to make sure that way i don't have to sit here and read off the button you know i can keep the interview natural you know what i mean no i get it by the way this is a very nice sort of cartoon like who's it's really good look at the titan university t-shirts hats and backgrounds with the sponsors in the back sponsors we got rich stone we got charmin obviously the charmin berry's right behind my head we got them all in there rich we're professionals at t that's greg olson shameless at this we gotta pay the bar bill you know we get kelsey and kiddel and all these guys in town and down you know going down to downtown uh nashville somebody's gotta pay the bar bill you know bar bill well i mean kelsey can just pick that thing up let's be honest now right i mean he's a game show host kelsey's gonna be game show host like he's giving away cash and prizes what the hell's going on with the tight end group man unbelievable emmy awards calling super bowls daton daton worldwide um you know famous people uh game show hosts kittles kittle i mean there we go there we go back to the screen that was amazing of all the sponsors look at you i don't even know who you are anymore that's impressive stunt no no but seriously congratulations you are outstanding at the craft you work at it you're great at it that has to be immensely satisfying for you greg congrats for you i appreciate it it's been fun it's been really cool you know it's it's the next best thing to plan studying it continuing to see the trends where the game's going you know i've told a bunch of coaches now you know being able to have you know production meetings with sean mcveigh and bill belicheck and you know up and down defensive coordinators offensive play callers you know a lot of guys that maybe when i was playing i saw the game from an offensive perspective and i studied you know my role and what on defense per date you know maybe i wasn't studying all the defensive line stunts and how gap can you know all the different elements maybe that now when i'm having these conversations with defensive coordinators secondary coaches offensive line coaches like my my kind of expansive knowledge about the game of football is probably even better now from just being exposed to the people i can talk to and pick their brain than maybe it was when i was even a player so like for me it's just like a football junkie is somebody who just loves the game and loves learning it and it's been so cool for me to just continue to study and follow where the game's going and try to be on the you know kind of the leading edge of that and present the game in a way that people find interesting i i've just really enjoyed it and um hope to keep doing it highly successful at it and we'll we'll return to that subject matter in a minute what are you willing to share of what kelsey might say to you about mahomes and their relationship because i'm trying to crack that code here man they they've reached otherworldly status they've reached the status of you know we talked about marino and clayton and duper when i was a kid right um and you know um obviously manning to marvin harrison and and montana to rice they they are now in that in that pantheon greg they really are 100 oh yeah they could go down as the best ever and and obviously all the guys you just mentioned i mean more in more recent terms obviously what bronc and brady did there's there's a lot of really good tandems you know you know especially if you focus on just like tight end quarterback relationship but you know they when it's all said and done you know if they can continue to do what they've shown no signs of slowing down doing it they could go down as the best group and you know the way the way i look at it and the reason that i appreciate it so much is because i the style in which they play was like a style that again i'm not saying i was kelsey and me and cam but like that was our that was cam and i's kind of style where you couldn't really draw the line on a piece of paper the route might look a little bit different each time you know kelsey one time will run it at eight yards nine yards 12 yards and if you asked him like hey why did you run your route like that he'd be like well because that's how i could get open like that's i just run where the defense is not and that trusts me and throws me the ball like that relationship you can't coach you can't have all of your tight ends run their routes like that you could only ask guys who had a really close understanding they see the game through the same set of eyes as their quarterback and when that's happening in real time nothing that travis is doing is catching mahomes by surprise and vice versa like that comes with years that comes with experience that comes with spending a lot of time together talking things through and it's really hard for defenses to defend it like the way i try to explain it rich is like all week in practice somebody's wearing an 87 jersey and it's like this is kelsey we need to guard him we know he's you know one of the best guys in the league and then it comes into the game and it's like well what's no one trying to guard them well yet the route on wednesday's practice that the scout team guy ran on that piece of paper card that the coach held up said run 14 yards make a left and catch a dig route well when kelsey does it he could run out in stop twirl and run his route at nine yards based on whatever the defense is doing and just get himself open like you can't practice against that you can't prepare for that like they are literally improvising to a degree on every single route he runs all within the confines of the concept to not miss you know disrupt everybody else's routes that i can't stress to you like how special that is how hard it is to emulate and recreate that and defenses just have a really hard time defending optionality right just a lot of variance between routes and concepts and end spots like you just can't defend every blade of grass and they are of all time they're in that mix as far as the best that have ever done it and that's saying a lot yeah i know and we're here on the cusp of june um so it's difficult to to give an answer the question i'm about to ask but you know the the lane in which we're we're currently uh residing sports talk radio and uh everybody has pretty much put their rosters together i mean here and there we might see a change but you pretty much post draft know who's where so the biggest obstacle to a three-peat for the chiefs would be what or which team greg right now man i'll tell you it seems like every time we leave them for dead you know we we call that we've had the pleasure of calling a bunch of their games over the last couple years and you know halfway through the season last year and ever and the media the narrative was they're done they can't block their offensive line hasn't come together like they thought their offensive weapons mahomes cannot carry them again with just travis kelsey they never should have let tyrico two years ago like all of the even though they won the super bowl right away right away like last year those narratives were starting to creep back like you can't just rely on mahomes to be a magician he can't do it all himself and andy reid can only create so much and then as the year went on they got a little bit better a little bit better and then they found their groove so i think the only thing stopping them is them right i think as long as their best players are heavily engaged which they show no signs of not continuing to be committed to doing things at a high level committed to being professionals committing to being feared like as long as they got mahomes and kelsey and chris jones and that i mean that young defense is off the charts i mean that we can go on a whole segment on just their ability to weather the defensive turnover win the super bowl with all those rookies two years ago and then all those guys in year two with spags arguably were the best defense in the league you know maybe in the top handful like for them to be able to do that so quickly and whether the storm was because of andy reid because they had mahomes and he's like the ultimate eraser so like they have things that everyone else does doesn't have so they can kind of weather the ups and the downs as long as mahomes is there as long as andy reid is there as long as kelsey's there and as long as that defense stays young and active and spagnola's blitzing guys from all over the place come next year in the afc doesn't matter who the fun team is who the story when it comes down until proven otherwise the afc goes through kansas city and it's going to be that way as long as all those guys are still wearing chief's uniforms and obviously still playing at a high level you may be right greg because um i mean in terms of narratives you're already hearing the creep in about um uh also uh who who is mahomes going to throw to this year and in terms of stopping themselves i mean rishi rice needed to stop himself from speeding right or whatever's going on with him in his life to be honest with you with you and now it's hollywood brown in that spot can he be that guy uh they if rishi rice is not going to be available even for parts of the season um what about their new rookie that they drafted in zavier worthy right i mean we're already in that mode right now um and distractions things of that nature harris and butger being clearly one of them these are the things you're already talking about but we're not playing games games start you look at their schedule i mean holy crap right ravens at home bangles at home you want to talk about teams that could potentially mess up their three-peat those are two that right off the bat then they're at atlanta at the chargers you know harbaugh's back in the mix here they've got home for new orleans a buy at san francisco vegas loves would love to basically say hey we picked up your confetti here in this building but it's a whole new world right baker denver at buffalo so on and so forth uh and then you got the whole concept of all those short weeks they play on every day of the week except tuesday this coming year yeah it's going to be something it really is going to be something greg yeah and remember the fact that they have had the success that they've had right when you talk about especially in recent years right the patriots the chiefs like in in this era of football when these teams put on this prolonged period of success yes they are doing it in spite of every single rule and every single institution of the nfl they are doing it in spite of everything that's in place right you are not supposed to win for a long period of time because you're supposed to lose all your good players to free agency you're not supposed to keep your coordinators because they're going to get head coaches because the more success you have the more attrition your coaching staff has the better you are you play all the division winners from the previous year in your in your division in your you know out of division games so you play a harder schedule you play more playoff teams right like every you get the lower draft picks i mean across the board everything in the nfl is designed for the really successful teams to fall back to the meat to the middle and for the really bad teams to climb themselves up and just put everybody in that middle tier so for them to continue to overcome all of those processes put in place and just continue to win in spite of turnover at the offensive weapons every single year you know mostly at wideout in spite of two years ago when they won the soup bowl against philly doing it with like seven rookie starters on defense who then oh my god in year two these guys are flat out stars and their defense is now carrying the team while the offense kind of found their way there in the middle of the season when they were struggling like they are able to weather things that most teams cannot because they have continuity at the most important spots head coach and quarterback when those two spots are stable consistent and and obviously elite at what they do you have a lot more freedom and flexibility to struggle on offense because the defense can pick you up and struggle on defense and break in some new guys like not every team has the ability to weather those storms that's why you see teams good and then fall off the face of the earth and then a team that was bad have a real flash in the pan make a run to the playoffs and then the next year they fall out like the nfl is designed for that so the fact that the chiefs can continue to weather all these obstacles storylines prime time games every week different days different schedules during is only because of the people we've talked about this whole interview and that's the advantage that they have that's inherent that the other teams don't have for sure greg olson here on the rich eyes and show all right in the few minutes we have left here tight end university year four three day event nashville tennessee june 17th through the 20th how many guys you're expecting to come to teu yeah so last year we had about 85 so i would say we're going to be give or take in that same 80s range that's probably about the most we can handle and you know i think the coolest thing about the weekend is you know we put the whole event on i know we joked before about the sponsors but again in all seriousness if it's not for bridgestone and and charmin and bud light and like we wouldn't be able to host 85 nfl players bus them to practice put them up in a nice hotel feed them get them physical therapy training bring in speakers flights like we wouldn't be able to do all of do all of this at a high level to make guys continue to come back at the levels that they do right to get 85 nfl players to do anything all is is of itself so it speaks to the event and it speaks to the level in which we've tried to build this event that these guys have a level of expectation coming in but what i think the super cool part is you have the kelsey's the kittles you know the the stars right the star of stars of the positions and then you got young guys that are undrafted free agents or maybe they were on the practice squad last year as a rookie and they're now trying to make the active roster like everybody there and we say this we say guys the goal of this little three-day camp is whatever that next bar for you to climb whether it's just make an nfl roster maybe it's make a practice squad maybe it's become a starter be a pro bowler make another pro bowl be a hall of famer like whatever that next rung of the ladder is for you hopefully you take something out of this camp to take that next step and like that's the cool part because everybody's sitting in these seats taking in travis kelsey's route running tape or george kittles run blocking tape or dallas clark coming back to talk and these veterans you know these legends and all everybody takes back what relates to them and what's good for their career and every guy in that seat has a different journey every guy in that seats going back to a different role responsibility and place on their given team and that's the beauty of it all it's not just bringing a bunch of hall of fame pro bowlers in to just tell each other how good they are no it's the sharing of knowledge the growth of the position the evolution of the position that we've all reaped the benefits of and we think it's super cool to kind of pay that pay that forward to the guys that are going to be the next generation of really good players and it's fun to see you know kyle pitts two years ago as a rookie come and dalton kincaid last year and you know hopefully this year with bowers like just each year that next guy that next class of you know highly sought after guys are you going to be the next kelsey are you going to be the next kiddo well it doesn't just happen let's tell you firsthand what goes into these guys having the success that they do and then the question is are you willing to do it yeah sam la porta too right obviously last year i mean there's so he was at our camp last year we can go on and it's just a really cool collection of guys yeah no doubt about it uh for sure and again that's it coming up uh later on uh next month 17th through 20th of june levis and gatorade are some of your other sponsors i don't want you to leave them out as well i mean thank you they're on there dude you're like a nascar hood right now i mean that's what you look like uh but it's all good it's all good there you go now perfect perfect timing though no no leave it leave it for this moment with your emmys behind you because i i do want to get to your broadcasting career a little bit so you're with joe davis's crew coming up this fall yep the joe davis so it'll be you and joe davis is it just the two of you or is it the third man or in the booth or what's the plan just the two you yeah plan's just the two of us obviously pam oliver legend is our sideline reporter so this was the crew that i was with with burkhart um back in 20 21 my first year doing it 2021 so prima cheska and already my producer director director pam was our sideline it was me and burkhart in the booth together um and then obviously we when we moved up um joe worked with darrell so i've worked with joe before when yeah again probably too much information but when they go do baseball when burkhart would have to go do baseball back in 21 um they would have to like rotate guys to fill his seat because he went and did the world series sure so i did a couple games with joe so i know joe i've worked with joe he's obviously awesome at what he does whether it's baseball world series or playoff games or calling nfl games he's just good at everything he does so i have a good rapport with joe he's a guy that i've worked with firsthand so um excited to get back with that crew of course you know and and i'm but i'm glad you did get that deep there greg because i want people to understand the our business because clearly you know doing the if you will a game and calling super bowls that is what we all ascribe to do if we're being an announcer and the idea that you're not doing that because tom brady is doing that now with burkhart and you're with this crew having this conversation of like your thoughts on not doing those assignments anymore after having just won the emmy for it is infused with potentially uh insulting the people you just talked about you know what i mean like you're you're you work with people you work with people you adore and love and have known and whatever who work their asses off to make these games as good as anything else they don't care about a game b game c game uh honestly but you know that is the conversation that is that that is surrounding you is that you're now with this crew having done the games that are seen in front of most of the country and i'm wondering what goes through your mind right now certainly having won the emmy you have reached the pinnacle greg yeah so there's i think you're spot on right there there's two separate elements to this and i and i'm always i always make sure that i'm very clear with like how i present it just out of respect everything you just said is spot on like my excitement to go call games with joe davis and and pam oliver and heat and arty in the truck and our entire crew like this is a world-class crew like on paper you know obviously every headline is olson's demoted olson loses like on on paper i don't care about any of that like this is a world-class nfl production crew they've been doing this for way longer than i've been doing it they've been doing this longer than before i was even in the nfl at all right so like i don't look at this as like i'm going to an inferior crew it is that couldn't be further from the truth right that's one element of this and and i've had great conversations with them making plans for the season then the other element of that is completely separate from everything you want to call super bowls you want to be on the a crew you want to be a crew top crew whatever the hell we call it you want to call super bowls i want to call nfc championships with 60 million people i want to call super bowls with 112 million people i want those spotlight games i want to present the only game on television you're tuning in and my voice our crew's voice is laying out how this game's going to unfold the scenarios the possibilities the trends hey here's how they're going to come in what are the adjustments like unpacking a live nfl game is about as fun i mean you know firsthand it's about as fun as it gets right the the unpredictability and the excitement and the thinking on the fly and having to do it in a relatively seamless way to present to the country i've really enjoyed that challenge so yes do i want to call super bowls a hundred percent do i am i content just being a part of the show and i've said this before like i'm not just happy to be a part of my thankful for my job yes am i thankful to be with an amazing crew this year of course this has nothing to do with them my aspirations have never changed just because now that i've done it for the last two years and called the top game my aspirations are even more clear like i want to call top games i want to call super bowls i want to call the game where the entire country tunes in like no different than as a player those are the ones you live for those are the ones that you want that pressure you want that magnifying glass you want twitter going bananas hopefully good if not you know not disaster but like i love that like that's what you strive for and i'm committed to that path now more than ever i understand the situation that i'm in i'm not going to sit here and say i'm thrilled and i'm like doing jumping jacks over it but i'm a grown man like i understand what i signed up for i understand the world that we live in and some things don't necessarily always go your way but i'm confident that if i can just keep doing what i've been doing i have a great crew to do it with who continue to make me look better than i am can i get back there one day i absolutely and when that is where that is on what time frame who knows but i'm more committed to making that a reality now than at any point in my early career of doing this and you've got the you've got the want to the can do and then just if you need any sort of uh actual material bauble to point it out the winged lady behind you uh is is definitely proof of that greg uh and i couldn't be happier for you truly you're one of my favorites man i appreciate it you are one of my favorites no same same here and i've got joe davis coming in next month to all be chatting with him about this very subject matter and so much more and i appreciate the time uh say hi to all my friends at tight end university sir will do thanks so much man it's always great to be on do you want do you want to put your background up one more time get in you know just there we go okay there it is hey now they've got graphics sponsors we got it all toilet paper beer they got it all man class look at them tires good lord uh take care of greg thanks for the time man i appreciate it thanks great greg olson here on the rich eyes and show we got to beat it down the line let's take a break we'll be back here on the rich eyes and show in two shakes of the proverbial lamb's tail what's up everyone it's reality steve your number one source for all things bachelor nation and reality tv every day i'm giving you the behind the scenes juice and your info on all your bachelor nation stories and also interviewing some of your favorite reality stars my name has been synonymous with spoilers but i'm so much more than that give me a listen the reality steve podcast part of the believe network just search b-l-e-a-v on youtube or wherever you listen hey everybody fill the grill and fire up the party get the weber sear wood pellet grill smoke roast and sear on the same grill go from low and slow on smoke boost mode at 180 degrees all the way to the high heat sear at 600 degrees it's got a full great sear zone so you could put more food on the flame and food will taste as good as it looks listen this grill is hot in 15 minutes and it cleans up easy you'll cook on two levels at the same time so you can make enough for everybody and you can even add a heavy duty rotisserie or rust resistant griddle insert get fired up right now for your new weber sear wood pellet grill you were nodding your head sir uh as he was talking about the crew he works for uh greg olson where he's gonna work with they're amazing machesky and arty of like i mean i've worked in both of those i mean they're just pros but you and you know again crews uh that you work with for football games are are it's like family you you hang with them all year long you fly with them you sit in hotel rooms you sit on buses you sit around you go to dinner you go to do this you have meetings and and and you have to be a team you gotta you gotta get on the same page so to keep asking greg olson hey man you're like the drew bledsoe of broadcasting you know uh i should have asked him if he was was he invited to the roast greg olson i don't know okay you know i mean so and hey you know brady's taking your gig just as he's won the award for best in class you yeah that's and the people he beat are are all a-listers and a games and all that business that's so for him to to do that and and have to answer questions and and i'm appreciating being honest with with with me and us on this subject matter which is like hey two separate issues love this crew worked with this crew know this crew lucky to be with this crew lucky to have this crew but the crew that calls the a games i was with them that's what i want to do i want to call super bowls i've called one i want to call nfc championship games i've called them and well enough to win the emmy award for it yeah that's the thing so it's very difficult for you because if you say that then you're kind of potentially inferring to your colleagues wouldn't want to don't want to be with you and that's a very difficult spot for him and i think he's threading this needle expertly and i think everyone should should hopefully understand this about him and i understand we're talking broadcasting and it's not rocket science and it's not you know saving lives it's enhancing lives that's what i always like to say here it's not brain surgery what we do here we're not saving a life but we're hopefully enhancing your life right by is either escaping what you want to escape or being enlightened about things that we want to enlighten you on and entertain you you know and he's right calling games there's really nothing like it but i also have a different perspective on it because everything i've done in my career is either talk about a game before it happens or talk about a game after it happens so to be able to talk about a game as it's happening and describing to you and being being the individual whose job it is to describe it as it happens there's nothing like it i love it now and you kill it rich i appreciate you saying that i mean that you know i and i appreciate you saying that it's okay john brings his skewed sense of humor jeff brings tips to cut strokes off your next round together it's those weekend golf guys they'll pay a lot of money to pxg and tylus and calloway and how many yards you think you're gonna pick up with that extra i think i can get an extra five to ten what if i give you 15 to 20 you pay me more jeff smith teaches on the sliding scale those weekend golf guys the podcast part of the believe network just search bl eav on youtube or wherever you listen you
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