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Paul Scheer: LeBron James Loves Creating A Scene

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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May 14, 2024 3:00 pm

Paul Scheer: LeBron James Loves Creating A Scene

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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May 14, 2024 3:00 pm

5/14/24 - Hour 2

Comedian/actor Paul Scheer joins Rich in-studio to discuss his new book ‘Joyful Recollections of Trauma,’ weighs in on LeBron James bringing a very expensive bottle of wine to his courtside seat at the Cavs-Celtics Game 4, if the Clippers had never traded Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, and shares his favorite stories from FX’s ‘The League’ including a classic involving Marshawn Lynch.

Rich reacts to Jared Goff’s big payday from the Detroit Lions and what it means for other quarterbacks around the NFL, and to Tom Brady’s upcoming NFL on FOX debut. 

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See This is the Rich Eisen Show. Oh, a three-point wedgie! Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Why don't we ascribe to the nuggets what we ascribe to defending champs?

I don't see many people today saying, well, that's the heart of a champion. The Rich Eisen Show. We've got to stop handling the NBA playoffs like it's an NFL season. Earlier on the show, Prime Video Nascar announcer Dale Earnhardt Jr. Coming up, actor, comedian, and author Paul Scheer. NFL Network insider Tom Pelissero. And now, it's Rich Eisen.

Oh, baby, our number two. The Rich Eisen Show is on the air. So much to discuss in the world of the National Football League with the schedule being released tomorrow. I'll be on the air on NFL Network from 8 to 11 Eastern Time talking about paperwork, but it's awesome. That's what we'd love to do. 844204 Rich is the number to dial.

If you're on hold, stay on hold. Tom Pelissero, our number three. We just had a great chat now.

Number one with Dale Earnhardt Jr. But to my right is an actor, but also an author. Wow. I have the book in my hand right here. Joyful recollections of trauma.

The author Paul Scheer is here on the Rich Eisen Show. Good to see you. How are you? Excited to be here. What a good day to be here. Thank you. Did you bring your bottle of Opus One to put down on the floor during this interview?

Did you do that? Like a full LeBron move here or what? LeBron bringing a bottle of Opus One. That's the last thing I want to do at a basketball game, be like pouring out like a little glass of wine.

No matter how expensive it is, it looks lame. I don't know, man. He had me at hello when I saw that one. I mean, look at that. By the way, flanked by two bottles of water. So he's hydrating coffee. Looks like some some caffeine. It is a mixture. It's a witch's brew. For every glass of liquor, you have to drink a glass of water.

No hangover. I mean, what do you think? Does this like to me? This is creating a scene. I mean, this is all LeBron wants to do is just have a scene go on. I mean, this is like he's he's taking up more space. If that was a normal person, they'd be like, sir, you can't have 10 bottles underneath your seat. There's players here.

Like, by the way, here's the two things. Again, I can't get past the Opus One. I would treat the Opus One like Chris Finch treats his surgically repaired leg. You know, I'd be in the first row because I am not going to lose a drop of that thing just because somebody's spilling into the first row. I mean, if somebody got like Opus One all over them, like, you know, like Darius Garland was just covered in Opus One. I can't get this out.

This is a yellow casters. He's going to stay. Is there an official detergent of the NBA? Did we just stumble on a commercial?

I think the LeBron should have opened a new bottle of Opus One every quarter. Only enough for that. Check it out.

Like a flight. Wine tasting. He's just brought a case of wine, put it under the seat, open it up. I love him. I do love LeBron. You can't not love LeBron, but man, oh man, that is a scene.

By the way, now that would have been a scene. He would have been trying to create a scene if he did, in fact, have a flight of wine, one for each quarter. But why can't the man take in an NBA game? What's the point? I'm more concerned that he's drinking that red wine on those white pants. That is a bold choice. LeBron wants people to talk about him, right?

I mean, I think that's it. Like his post game, his post exit interview was like, I don't know if I'm staying in LA. Bronny's coming. We're going back to the Cavs. I think everyone wants him to go back to the Cavs. That would be the best narrative for him to retire in Cleveland. Don't you think? We're going to miss him when he's gone, man. That's what I'm sitting here thinking. Literally, that's just what hit me when I'm thinking. Everyone says he's trying to create a stir.

He wants to be talked about. Well, that's great. That's great. I have no problem with it.

It is awesome. One of the greatest of all time. He should be able to go to a game if he wants to go to a game. But I think he's going to a game for a reason. There's no reason that he's in Cleveland. Well, his mom is there and it was Mother's Day on Sunday, Paul.

Like, I'm trying to connect dots. He's a human being is what I'm saying. He drinks wine.

It's very good wine. But his wife is here in LA. And mothers, did he not spend, are we breaking a story? Did LeBron not spend Mother's Day with his wife? She was sitting next to him.

She was right next to him. Okay. All right. So I'm trying to break a story. Tom Cruise go to the movies. He doesn't have to go to the movie theater. No, this is like Tom Cruise. He doesn't need to go to AMC. He's got a theater in his house.

I don't know. I like that LeBron is out. I think that more players should be out. I mean, I feel like that, like, was it, who was just at the, like, I like when players are watching the playoffs. It's fun. It's fun to see them in the crowd. And I think LeBron being there for me gets me excited because I'm like, I would like to see him go to the Cavs, play with Bronny there. I think it's a low pressure place for Bronny to play. I also think it'd be just a great way to end his career.

Start and end in Cleveland. I think so too. I agree. Or a great way would be to do it here in LA and win a championship for the Lakers and then stroll off into the sunset that way. I guess.

I mean, that would be a way to go. But one last thing on LeBron. I mean, don't you think the players last night, if you pulled them, they were jacked up that he was there.

Don't you think? Oh, absolutely. I mean, the fans are jacked up. When LeBron is there, it's like the president is coming to your game.

It's exciting. It's like, and he's going to take that attention and we're going to look at him in a million different ways. But if that was like Benny Blanco with, you know, we would have to say, you know, like the same thing.

Benny Blanco, catch him straight from Paul Scheer is not on our bingo card. But was, was LeBron wearing Air Force once? He was.

Okay. So the president was there. There you go. If you pulled the players, they have to say, oh, it's so cool that LeBron is at the game. No player is going to be like, yeah, I don't care.

I wish he would go away. Wait, let me ask you the real question. They don't. You don't think Tatum was like, I'm going to show them. I'm going to show him. They have to say that you don't think deep down.

He really did think that. I don't think they care. Hmm. I think that look, it's, I feel like there's a camaraderie off the court, but these guys are like, I'm bigger than LeBron.

I want to be better than LeBron on some level. Right. Right. And so I do believe that like, it's fun that he's there, but I think when LeBron goes, it's not like to support, it's also to create a little or around LeBron. It's like, I think it's calculated. I don't think it's bad.

And I think we should have more calculations like this, but I did think it's calculated. It's the same reason why like Luca shows up in a, like a Camaro, a Camaro wrapped in like Jordan sneakers or whatever the hell he's doing. It's insane. It's like, you're like, you want to do it. It's, it's, it's looks, it's Lexus, Lexus looks or whatever.

Like when they're walking down the, uh, the runway there. Yeah. I mean, yeah, right. Didn't SGA show up for the game last night looking like he was in the matrix.

You know what I mean? I love the way SGA dresses and wears his like clothes. He wore those like Mario boots at one point. Those big red Mario boots. It's like, yeah, I like, I like those looks.

This may be an unfair question to ask again, since I said it was unfair to ask to begin with Paul Scheer on the Rich Eisen show. What if Kawhi walked into the Malibu beach house of dock rivers all those years ago and said, I, I have no problem playing with SGA. Oh, it's my greatest regret. I thought that for, for sure. All that they need to do is convince Kawhi to play half a season with Shay.

That's it like, Hey, look, I know you can't find your guy. It's rumored to be that like Kawhi wanted Jimmy Butler, right? And Jimmy Butler wanted to stay in Miami.

So just say, play half a season and have, you know, in the middle of the season, we'll figure out who your number two will be. If you don't like them, all I would have wanted was that. I think that we, I know we put all in and we got that big trade, but man, it would have been, I would have liked that so much more.

I would have been great to see Kawhi and Shay. I heard some, a friend of mine gave me an analogy the other day, and I'm sorry if I'm not remembering who it was, if that person's out there watching or listening right now, equated Paul George to Alan Houston, which is Alan, which is great shot. Yeah. Can light it up and can win a playoff game, can win a playoff series, but to win it all, ain't it, ain't it. And I don't know if that's a fair analogy or not, TJ, you can chime in as well as the other, as the resident Clipper fan here. I mean, Alan Houston is better than Alan Houston. You think?

Yeah. I think that Paul George, I think that Paul George is somebody that I really love. I support him as like a part of the Clippers team. I thought that he had an exceptionally weak playoff appearance this year.

And I thought that all the pieces were there to support him. And I was bummed about how he played in this playoffs. And that was to me, a tough look when you're going to go into free agency, looking for a max contract and what, maybe what, a no trade clause or something like that.

I think that's hard. And I think that people always are going to crap on him, but I also think that his playoff performances are pretty solid. This year it wasn't so good. And I think that he carried the Clippers when Kawhi has been out. So I have nothing but love for PG.

I just was disappointed with this year. Yeah. It was my buddy Tom Losali, who's a fellow Clipper fan as well. He threw that one my way.

And I'm like, huh. Because Alan Houston got the Knicks after Ewing got hurt in 99 to the NBA Finals. He really took care of the Pacers. And so I mean, I guess I'm slandering Paul George by saying, don't slander Alan Houston.

You know what I mean? Paul George, more accomplished, better score, more all stars, more all defensive. But when it comes to the playoffs, I guess they're kind of the same guy.

I mean, and I think that he gets his rep because he has his podcast. He came out on the podcast and he was saying like, oh, we lost because we played too much like ISO ball. We didn't move it.

The youth is here. I think there's a lot of excuses there, but you had Harden, who I think showed up in a major way. No question. I thought it worked out better than I thought it would.

I agree. I think that when they put in Kawhi in game two, the reason why we lost game two is because we put in Kawhi in game two. He wasn't ready for it. And game three, clearly not ready for it. When you saw him hanging on that hoop, he couldn't even land on that knee. I was bummed for Kawhi.

I know he wants to play. I love the Clippers. When I really looked hard at those games, I, I, you know, what I saw when I comes down to it is we didn't score enough points.

You know, it really comes down to it. I was like, we didn't, we didn't score enough points to win those games. Paul Scheer here on the Rich Eisen Show. So the book called Joyful Recollections of Trauma is, are the Clippers mentioned in this book? They are. I actually, I have a special thanks to Steve Ballmer and the Clippers organization. Look, I am a diehard Clippers fan. It's even hard for me to come on here and tell you my honest thoughts about the team because I don't want to publicly crap on the Clippers. I'm disappointed by this season a little bit.

You know, I wonder what we're going to be. I think we are moving into a new situation and I love the Clippers. I'm a diehard fan. I'll always be a Clippers fan. And I thank Steve Ballmer in there. I say thank you to Steve Ballmer and Ty Lue and the entire Clippers organization for making it all worthwhile. And that's the very end. Cause it does, it keeps me going throughout the year.

I love this. I'll tell you what, Ballmer is the, I mean, certainly as the, we're about to see the, the FX version of the story involving Donald Sterling, that's about to hit, I believe top of June, right? We got Ed O'Neill coming in to promote it. I'm bummed out about this. The Clippers can't get under, can't get out from this like terrible cloud.

You have a Laker show called Winning Time. Then you got this show called Clipped. And I'm like, oh man, we just get anything nice. And people come up to me and they're like, oh, what about your Clippers?

What about your Clippers? And I'm like, what about everybody? I mean, come on. Like, no one's like talking about, oh, Luca's playing terrible in this playoffs.

No one talking about that. But I will say that I can't like, people want to crap on the Clippers. They want to. Well, I was saying Ballmer's a perfect owner to turn the page to somebody who is engaged, somebody who is out of his skull in a good way, and somebody who is incredibly well-moneyed and has a sense of competition that probably is second to none, which is why he's got all the money that he has. And, and so you just, and I'd like Ty Lue, obviously you got the, you've got, there's a lot. Ty, I think has, I think the problem is, is like, how do you take this team to the next level?

You have a lot of players health. I mean, that's, and that's our thing that we've been saying for four years, we have the same problem, health, health. And it's like, and, and it sucks. It just sucks. It's like, well, we never get to play a full playoff with Kauai.

We know that Kauai can be lethal. We know the quiet PG and James Harden had that like little run there where they were lethal. But when you look at ant and you look at the team in Minnesota, you look at OKC, you're like, oh, youth is here. And we're an older team. And I love people like Terrence Mann. I like Brandon Boston.

I like, you know, I like bones. I like that youth core that we have, but I think for us to make a move into the future, we're going to have to, I think we have to find that youth, that, that younger thing. Cause we do have a lot of older players. It's like how many more years all these guys have Russ, Harden, PG. It's like, they're all kind of on the tail end.

And that, while it's a great construction of a team, it's just a team that doesn't play that much. Let's talk about your book, Paul Scheer. Why, why did you undertake this? So for the last 14 years on how did this get made, I've been telling stories about my childhood and every time I do, they seem to shock my co-host, one of which is my wife, June Diane Rayfield, and the other one, Jason Mantzoukas. I'll be like, oh yeah, my grandma would tell me that story about like, you know, the butcher who, if you answered the door when no one at home would take you and chop you up in the chop meat. And they're like, wait, what? It's like, yeah, you know, everyone knows about the, the, the butcher and, and, and, and I would tell that story about like the mom buying chop meat and putting together a burger. And then the burger looks up at the mom and goes, mommy, you know, and they're like, what, what are you talking about?

That is, that is horrific. And I'm like, oh, that was just like a fun story my grandma told me. And so years of doing these kinds of stories that just came up organically. I, people are like, you should write a book. And so yeah, it's this kind of joyful recollections of trauma looking back at these kind of like very pivotal, crazy moments in my life. And I think that there's a lot of stories you might know or think, you know, but for the first time, kind of telling a bigger, bigger story. I love it.

We're all books are sold to check it out. You got a good story from any cameo from the league from back in the day, your favorite story, NFL player showing up behind the scenes, anything we don't know. I think the thing to me for me was that NFL players always came on and they were better than some actors that we had on the show.

Cause I think they approach it like a game. Like he was like, all right, this is what you have to do. You have to react like yourself.

And you know like JJ watt was great, came on, figured out what he was going to do. Had to leave set in the middle of shooting. Like literally we're doing a scene. He's like, got to go guys. We're like, wait, where are you going? He's like, got to go work out. So I never had done that before where in the middle of a scene, a player was like, God, I got to go find a local gym and got to go.

Did his alarm go off? It was just like, we were like, where, where's he going? It's like, yeah, he's got to get, he's got to get that pump on. And you know, he couldn't wait for an hour until the end of the shoot, but you know, talking about LeBron, this is what I hear about LeBron. Like LeBron, an alarm goes off. He's like, he's eating, he's got to go do something. It's like, you got to get in there and and just, and just go, you know?

So but every player that we had was was really, I'm trying to think of Terrell Suggs, my favorite guy that we had on the show. T Sizzle comes on the show and it's like early on in the show and they don't want to tell them what the scene is. They basically say, Terrell, you just react to Paul. He's throwing a party. He's going to tell you what the party is and you just react as yourself. Now I'm freaked out because my first year on the show and the premise of the bit is I'm throwing a white party, very similar to, you know, what they had goes on in the Hamptons or what the, the owner of the Clippers used to do. So a white party, right? So you have to be dressed in white. So Terrell Suggs comes, he's not in white. I'm like, Hey, you can't come in.

It's a, it's a white only party. And, and so that was the way that we had to start this scene with Terrell Suggs, right? And, and, and you saw his eyes go kunk and then he figured out and he was hilarious.

And we had this like big long scene. I loved improvising with him. He just got it right away. And Terrell Suggs is the only player who's like, Hey, can I come back and just shoot more?

We're like, yeah, what do you want to do? We put him in promos because he was just down to have fun. How about that? What was Marshawn Lynch like? Did Marshawn?

Okay. Marshawn Lynch probably is the most infamous cameo in the league history because we shoot this whole show and we have this bit for Marshawn. Can't get in touch with Marshawn.

Marshawn's not going to happen. We wrap the show. I am getting ready to get on a plane. I'm going to Europe with my wife.

We're taking a break after the shooting of the show. I get a call the night before Marshawn's in, we have to shoot with Marshawn tomorrow. I'm like, I'm leaving to go to Europe tomorrow. And they're like, we're going to get it done in the morning.

You'll still make your flight. Marshawn is coming. So this whole crew, we've all been shut down for a week because the season was over. We rebuild the entire show. We get a whole set ready to go from Marshawn. We're on set waiting.

It's super early. And then we found out Marshawn didn't leave his hotel in Seattle. We're like, what? What do you mean? He's like, yeah, no, he, his agent is freaking out. He can't get in touch with him. He's still in Seattle. Like, what do you mean?

And, uh, and then this like Ferrari or some fancy car that I'll never be able to afford comes driving in and who is it? It's Marshawn. And he was playing a joke on his manager. He told his manager, oh, I'm still in Seattle. Like he made it.

He was on time on the flight, but he just was pranking his manager that he did not, he did not get up that morning. Oh my God. Then came and then killed it. It was absolutely amazing.

My, my favorite players of all time, but it was like, everyone was in such a panic and his manager, like, like when that car pulled up and he got out, Hey, I got you money. That was funny, right? That was funny. And it was like, it was, it was the, it was the best prank I've ever seen. So you for a split moment thought I just pushed my, my plans or my, I might not make my European vacation flight with my wife. Yeah.

And also I'm like, and for nothing to sit in a parking lot in Van Nuys, like to shoot that scene with like taco. I will tell you, uh, and this is a, you know, we were talking about bomber before and I just, I was shooting Serge Ibaka's cooking show. Yeah.

You heard that right? Serge Ibaka's cooking and interview show. Um, and, um, and my favorite moment from that was we have Steve bomber on the show and, uh, Serge Ibaka is about to, to start the interview and he goes, picks up his card and he goes, Steve, tell me about Microsoft. And Steve was like, what? He's like, Microsoft, what is Microsoft?

And that to me, I was like, this is the owner of your team. It's Microsoft. And then I was like, Serge, it's Microsoft. He's like, yeah, you wrote it weird. It looks like Microsoft. I'm like, yeah, it does.

It does technically look like Microsoft all of a sudden became like that, uh, that college graduation. Did you see that clip of the mispronunciations at the college? Yeah. It was like a key and peels. It was like I thought it was, it was a joke. It was not a joke. I saw that.

Did you see this clip? People are coming up and getting their diplomas and their name is Thomas Michael. And they're like, they're like Thomas C. It's like, it's not, it's nothing. Adele Dazeem was getting a diploma. All the names were the most straight down the middle names.

There were nothing confusing. And this school was like Thomas Jefferson school. And this guy's name was Thomas Michael.

And she couldn't even get that right. It's insane. That is so, so how did bomber respond? He's like, well, I'll tell you about it. It's the reason why I own your team.

It was not, was not a great one with the follow-ups. We did say, Hey, Serge, here's a question. Who's better to work for Lawrence Frank or Bill Gates. And he's like, Oh, Lawrence Frank, a hundred percent.

I mean, Bill Gates is insane. Then bomber back. You go to clubs like, no, you got to follow up that.

You got to follow up that question. But that was fun. Oh my God. Paul, this is a delight.

Thanks for coming brother. Joyful recollections of trauma where all books are sold out next week. We can pre-order right now. You can get it. The audio book, anything you want.

You can get it right now. Did you do the audio book and it has a bunch of extra clips on it, uh, stuff for my home videos and then stuff from, uh, how did this get made? Oh, fantastic. Good stuff, brother. Thanks for coming in. Come in anytime when I would love it. Yeah. Let's just chop it up whenever you want to, please. That would be great. And I'll just take this bottle. Yeah.

I usually have a bottle of premium wine. What if LeBron is there to recruit Spider Mitchell to come to the Lakers? See like, why can't he just go to mother's day and then say, think that he just showed up. I think he's in Ohio for mother's day and it's just like, I want to go to the end.

Who wants to go to game time and see the last second? He couldn't have gotten them more like he came in on the first time out. Of course he wanted everyone to know he was there. He didn't sneak in.

Come on. How many Cavs games does he go to? He could have played the Imperial. He could afford the Cavaliers, Quirkage fee. He's bringing his own wine. Apparently Dan Gilbert hooked the whole thing up.

I'm sure he did. You guys are ruining our fun. Yeah. And by the way, we need something to talk about. We want him to go to Cleveland.

That'd be great. But like I said, he doesn't have to do this to, it's not a power play. But I think the power play is everyone is talking today about that and not about how the Mavs blew it and not about how the Celtics look soft. By the way, and I love the Celtics, but they're looking a little bit like, we just do the same stuff every year. By the way, the only power play was like, I'm going to show up in the middle of the first quarter time out and I'm going to have a bottle of Opus One wine wearing white pants and white Air Force Ones. And that is a power play. One spill and then it looks silly.

Then he does. Right. Again, joyful recollections of trauma out next week.

Pre-order it right now. Paul Scheer, good to see you. Thank you so much. You got it.

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You see this? Yeah, here we go. Here we go. It's going to be fun. Just hope it doesn't come down in your head. I can't do it because the way it's just set up to put down the microphone, dude, I can't.

This is the worst reveal ever. Take down. Just put the microphone down.

This is good. He's going to bring down the whole thing. Yes.

Pull both of the boards. No, we cannot have this as the reveal. He does not be the reveal. He does audio.

He does not do manual labor. It's the way it's lit. It's messed up up there. I can't look. I can't. Walk up the stairs. Don't you vote me. Okay.

The not revealed. He's going to walk up the stairs because I can't climb to where that is. You can. That's up.

No, you can't. It's you got to have a table. You guys don't know OSHA rules. See, they screwed me. They did this on purpose. I'm convinced.

Yeah. It's against you, Mike. I'm telling you. Delta phone. Just tell everyone out there.

You don't have any change for them. Just pull it. Get up.

Good Jersey. Pull. Put them down and pull it. You're a big man. Yank it. This is so much.

All right. Come back in here and screw off the audio. Oh boy. Marshall Fogg. Laughing his ass off. He's crying.

He's crying. Fun stuff, brother. Back on the Rich Eisen Show radio network, sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry. Grainger has the right product for you.

Call or just stop by. Folks have been hanging on for a while. There's a lot of fun conversations right there with Dale Jr. and with Paul Scheer.

I just couldn't disagree with Paul Scheer about these clips. Yeah, I know, right? Thomas in Cincinnati has been hanging on since jump. What's up, Thomas? How's it going? Hey, thanks for pronouncing my name right.

A little bit better than Thomas Jefferson. Everyone should check out that video. It is wild. I thought it was a tub like like I was ready for for Keegan-Michael Key to just jump out. It was horrible.

What's up, Thomas? Yeah, I couldn't believe it. So I want to still keep on defending Joe Burrows being the second best quarterback. I know it was talked about yesterday, but I really believe this is going to be his best year. I mean, everyone keeps on worrying about injuries, but I mean, Joe Montana had 56 injuries. Shout out Kay Adams for that fact.

But I thought that was great. And also he's got weapons that he hasn't had before around him this year. I mean, Jermaine Burton's looking great in camp and then having what's the tight end again? Gosh, I'm blanking. What, for the for the Cincinnati Bengals you're talking about? Listen, yeah. Listen, Thomas, here's, you know, I'm with you. And thanks for the call.

Greatly appreciate it. Thanks for holding on as long as you did. Well, I mean, he's he's he's new to the team. Listen, I believe Joe Burrow, when healthy, is the second best quarterback in the National Football League. Period. End of story.

That is a fact. You have to say when healthy. When healthy because the kid blew his knee out in his first season and then last year had a calf injury in training camp that looked like an Achilles injury and thank goodness was not and then clearly wasn't ready to start the season when he did and then finally got his figurative sea legs under him only to have some sort of freak wrist injury happen when he's felt when he when he fell down on the ground. So will we find out like that's this year is a big year for Joe Burrow in terms of that. Also, because I believe the Bengals are going to do the Mike Brown thing and hold their ground with with the two guys that want trades. Trey Hendrickson and T Higgins aren't going anywhere and they're going to have to stare down a holdout if that's what they want to do. And I don't think holdouts work anymore.

I don't think they really did back in the day either. I mean one of the more famous holdouts that actually worked was Emmett but that was in a totally different era of free agency and franchise tags and whatever. So I think this is a big year for Burrow because he's this is probably the last year he's going to have Higgins and Chase.

So you know and I hope for his sake he stays healthy because if he doesn't then it's then he's clearly got that knack or knock I think he's got the knack man. It's kind of a big year for him. Now when Jared Goff got traded to the Lions when you are traded okay and that's the former number one overall pick right for number one overall pick and you are traded for another quarterback and you also come with first round picks okay. You're basically now being viewed as you just said a throw-in because the Rams getting Stafford traded their starting quarterback who had been to a Super Bowl and was a former number one overall pick and gave draft capital to the Lions with their quarterback. I don't know how many times we'll ever see that again ever and the concept was at the time Sean McVay offensive genius which he is still viewed as rightfully so looked at Jared Goff and said he ain't it and the Lions were like Stafford wants out clearly it's now time to part ways and we'll see if Goff is it but we're hedging our bets and at the time I don't think there's any human being on the planet that does what we do for a living here on this program anywhere thought that Jared Goff would get another contract with the Detroit Lions for market value plus nobody thought that was possible period end of story and nobody thought that the Detroit Lions would damn near make the Super Bowl with him and nobody thought that if it did happen it would have possibly happened just last year and nobody thought that Detroit Lions fans would be chanting his names at tiger games okay that was hilarious so this has become an absolute love affair between the Lions and Jared Goff and yesterday when we had Brad Holmes on this program and I asked him his philosophy on signing players early because again I'm digging for information on roster building because that is going to be the conversation about your Dallas Cowboys which is always a conversation in our world until they sign Dak CeeDee Lamb and Micah Parsons to new deals because the longer they wait the more it's gonna cost the more it's gonna cost for Dak and CeeDee Lamb there's Justin Jefferson sitting out there and Micah Parsons there's always going to be some pass rusher elite pass rusher who's going to get paid everybody's got one everybody's in search of one if they don't have one they're trying to draft one so the long you wait the price is going to go up and that's why I asked Brad Holmes about I'm on Ross St. Brown you made him the highest paid receiver in the league until AJ Brown became that the next day and he kind of hemmed and hawn didn't give an answer because who knew at the time they were crossing t's and dot nines with Jared Goff on a monster 200 million dollar deal plus 170 of it guaranteed 212 the New York area code that goes a lot further in Detroit than it does in LA it sure does and congrats to Jared Goff who proves so that's Jared Goff getting this deal in the same off season that Baker Mayfield got his deal that first round first overall draft choices can go somewhere else and have a heck of a career to the point where you're getting paid like this yep and right now there's only one quarterback in terms of an annual per year uh the the APY as they say average per year only one quarterback making more than Jared Goff on that list right now and his name is Joe Burrow Burrow makes 55 million bucks on an annual on an average per year basis Goff is at 53 Justin Herbert at 52 and a half Lamar at 52 and Jalen Hurts at 51 three of the five on the screen have been to a Super Bowl the only ones who have not is the two-time MVP and reigning MVP of this league in Lamar and the Chargers with Justin Herbert have yet to win a playoff game they've made one playoff season he was up by a ton in Jacksonville and we all know what happened and so keep this up on the screen for the moment if you don't mind this is the way it goes you draft one top five and or have somebody like Jalen Hurts making a Super Bowl and you then have to pay that individual the record amount that you're paying him and you do it before the other team does it okay if I'm not mistaken Herbert got paid before Burrow Hurts before Lamar actually Hurts and the Eagles solved the Rubik's Cube for the Ravens and Lamar and you're basically doing it on the come hoping that somebody can bring a Lombardi trophy that Justin Herbert's going to do it if it doesn't happen with a certain coach you swap them out for Jim Harbaugh and you find out that today is the day okay so these are the 50 million dollar APY club in the National Football League you're looking at the five of them and you could sit here and say Jared Goff isn't deserving of it it's too expensive the price will only continue to go up Goff had to get done eventually because you saw the love affair between the town and him you see what he's doing for Amman Ross St. Brown and the rest of that offense you have it all built around his skill set already he has shown you he can do it in this town he damn near took him to the Super Bowl last year he has taken a team to the Super Bowl before he can definitely do it again don't take the cheese period interestingly enough now let's take a look at six through ten in this list Mahomes is sixth I want to talk about a bargain deal 12-year deal they constantly are redoing it okay so with the the latest adjustments his APY is 46.3 million dollars a year two uh hundred thousand dollars more than Kyler okay 46.1 Deshaun Watson it is time you want to talk about staying healthy Ohio quarterbacks that you're wondering about health wow it's now or never it's it's time and they're sitting at 45 million dollars is Kirk Cousins with a rookie right behind him more on that later on because he showed up on bussing with the boys we'll see and then Josh Allen you want to talk about a bargain as well 43 million just only a couple million more than Daniel Jones so I I'm just pointing out here the going rate for quarterbacks and the team is going to be a little bit better than the other team and they're going to be a little bit better so I'm just pointing out here the going rate for quarterbacks and the Chiefs have got it the best which is your guy is the best quarterback in the National Football League may wind up being on the Mount Rushmore of the National Football League if he isn't already there already and he's not even in the top five an annual average that's nutty that's crazy and the other five guys that you see on the list here Kyler Murray made one playoff season the Rams boat raced him Deshaun Watson has not shown up healthy or without baggage for the Cleveland Browns this year is huge and that's why I think the league recognizes that threw him in Dallas for week one on Fox Kirk Cousins in the Andrew Brant Business Hall of Fame Sports Business Hall of Fame I mean how many playoff wins does he have two right Kirk Cousins just one I think he still has the one win for Minnesota in New Orleans right so and then there's Josh Allen who everybody believes has Super Bowl written all over him one day to finally bring it to western New York so put Jared Goff in this mix now he's top 10 guy to win he's top two in terms of average per year Kirk Cousins recorded one and four in the playoffs so there so you're you're spending the money on hoping that you can catch lightning in a bottle you're spending the money for young quarterbacks that you've already seen some otherworldly ability hoping that just keep it going we'll build around him and the first one and you take a take a look at the list here how many guys have swapped teams and have been left for dead because they got traded to a spot with first round picks and then wound up getting paid like this and that's why I'm rooting for Jared Goff too so don't throw Justin Fields out you know or anybody else yet never know just wind up in the right spot and maybe they'll be chanting your names in baseball stadiums too we'll talk about with Tom Pelissero coming up in hour number three eight four four two oh four rich number to dial right here on the Rich Eisen show still more to come Jets at 49ers Monday Night Football huh okay we'll talk about it it's that time of year people spring has sprung and that means spring cleaning or at least the partner in your life is demanding that you do it whether that means stocking up on cleaning supplies or swapping out your winter clothes for new spring clothes make sure you're using ibotta and get real cash back with every purchase ibotta is a free app that gives you the most cash back every time you shop on hundreds of items from groceries to beauty supplies to toys the average 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talking faith-fueled finance growing resources crushing obstacles and then yeah using it all for something way bigger than yourself i'll be joining life surge in cincinnati on saturday august 3rd joining me in cincinnati is nick vojicic the man with no arms or legs that speaks about his trials and triumphs soul surfer and author bethany hamilton duck dynasty's willie robertson and author and pastor craig groeschel star of cnbc's the profit marcus limonas and bethel music that's life surge cincinnati on saturday august 3rd tickets are on sale exclusively at life i hope to see you there back here on our program everybody um had a absolute corker of a wiffle ball game in the backyard oh last night corker oh yeah what's that mean yeah it was it was it was uh very intense intense nice no actually cooper broke one of the plastic bats hitting one of my spinning cheese in the zone and uh we lost about 15 wiffle balls last night oh wait it was just over the wall see you later oh yeah taylor was pitching xan came in he he he hit one of those he hit a bullet straight at nearly not took my head off but i hit one i hit one a bases loaded grand slam off of coupe and i i mean i made you don't hear about no i made i made big poppy look like devin hester ah i took my sweet time pimped it oh yeah big poppy look like well i didn't i didn't bat flip because anyone hit somebody in the head you see that video yeah yeah i saw somebody bat flipped and hit an umpire the umpire was kind of walking down at their baseline and the guy wasn't looking and flipped the bat i know whack and he went down yeah yeah like like uh like a cartoon tossed about 15 feet i mean he hit him kind of square i know not good so i love it did that last night nice work oh i think so yeah it's like it's four innings went back and forth yeah battle yeah there was some tears sometimes too there was it was intense it was intense you know but it's fun good stuff i actually woke up today i'm like that was fun last night yeah yeah okay certainly since i pimped it on my child back here on the rich isin show 844-204 rich number to dial here on the program so the uh first fox game of the year was announced yesterday at the fox up fronts oh no yes indeed and um the rare week one uh double header game of the week well listen when when fox calls things america's game of the week like the other games are kind of it's it's absurd listen listen it's very i think last year they had both network cbs and fox had late window games this is an exclusive full country gets to watch window right um and week one see that's why cbs when cbs announced today their big game to start the season it was week two because that's going to be their window when they have the bangles at the chiefs but dallas and cleveland is going to be tom brady's broadcast debut so it's an exclusive window for tb-12 to be out there and dallas will be visiting cleveland love it i might have to go to that love it and um so they're going to go check out amari cooper you see what's up with him just in case you're wondering what he's up to i see him um and man oh man uh i mean obviously the cowboys have tons of tough games on their schedule but this one is the old sneaky tough sneaky tough i don't know what i think this is sneaky well i mean dude um because window no i get it but when you're talking about oh big cowboys game you're talking about niners you're going to talk about the eagles you're going to talk about you know when they take on the lions again because they do the lions go back to dallas and we're we're going to make sure everything's clean you know and um brad allen not doing that game i don't i don't know no in the league you know what they should do they should have sort of a cross flex they should have scott foster do that game and brad allen do a game that we really want now we're talking okay now we're talking and both the nba and the nfl tell major league baseball you keep uh angel and cb buck stay over there you keep angel and cb buck yeah you guys stay over there but uh i'll tell you what man with the that offensive line now having a little bit of shift on that left side with uh tyron now wearing green having miles garrett come from dad and look out that's a that's a that's a fascinating one and tom brady at the mic again the question is going to be until you hear from him the first time and imagine it'll be in a preseason yeah you'll you'll have to sit there and wonder what's what is he going to say anything is he going to be critical what's he going to say now this you know when when there's banter at an up front uh it's it's not like you're you're flying a wall anywhere there's they're reading off prompters usually whatever but this was the moment where they announced the cowboys and the uh the browns are going to play each other in the first game on fox brady was out there with uh straight michael stray hand here was the exchange between the two so how do you like that news you get the cowboys first week amazing obviously having the cowboys on is a huge draw as america's team that's going to get a little hard for me to say that all the time understand they were the competition for a long time but in this new role i know the cowboys how important they are to this network they got great storylines come on dak Prescott let's see if he can finally come through one of the great defensive players did that just slip out not wrong settle down just a little bit not wrong do you think that comes from jealousy because that jealousy beat him in his last game wait jealousy jealousy about what yeah what jealous wow i mean he's got a point though i guess he does tom brady could literally take a super bowl ring mold it into his ifb both ears and still have five left it's true true yeah well um the rings are so large you could probably make one one one headset out of just one right yeah you don't have to blow two rings up like that just one ring all right jealousy jealous of what i mean that was great tom's gonna be awesome he is i don't understand people saying you know they don't get it they don't buy it they don't think he's gonna be good he's gonna be amazing like he is in everything else no one thought he was gonna be funny no one thought he could take jokes and the roast was a was a huge hit still number one on netflix over a week later it's gonna be great this season's gonna be awesome let me tell you if anybody was wondering if brady's got a thick enough skin to do the job again check out netflix here on the the roku portal but but that said i think that that was that did just slip out where he's just like let's see if dak can finally do something here and um he's all in that's it and by the way you know what browns fans they probably won't use this as any motivation but fox announced the first game is dallas they just said dallas that's it they led with the fact that the dallas cowboys are their first game i mean that's and then they're oh by the way this entire sports it's what they're taking on the browns i don't know is there was there an audible groan in the crowd the advertisers like oh it's not the eagles oh it's not the niners that's not that road game oh it's the browns the game in a week dude let's see i'm i'm rooting for nick chubb coming back huh how about that one i mean i hope nick chubb is oh but by the way zeke back in ohio how about that because that's right let's see how rico dowdell's gonna run downhill hold on let's see if there's a line out for that game that's a line out brock are you really looking to see what line these are yes are they really putting a line on a game like six months in advance oh yeah chiefs are two and a half point favorites over the ravens that's insane this is insane cowboys one and a half but my clown clown i'm like rico dowdle can can you do this or that how many chris how many running backs in the last two seasons have come out nowhere no it's true i don't know where it happens you're right sir really decent season i don't mean i don't i can give you a whole list of them so you're trying to clown but it's like i don't mean i don't mean to clown dowdle i think you do me out of clowning you intentionally out of clowning that was one and a half point favorites over the browns nine or six can i ask you a question can i ask you this question can i ask this question what's the science behind that seriously like who sits down whose job it is like okay i got a game all right let me sit down let me roll up my sleeves let me take out my slide rule or whatever the hell it is and they come out with one and a half on on may on may 14th now and this game is september 8th really and here's my question isn't one person who does this is there a committee i don't understand how these lines are under this old sands in vegas with guys smoking yeah i think for the online sports books now the drafting is a fan duels i think it's just an algorithm and they and now what do they do what does that outspits a number do they make that noise when they put the numbers yeah everything makes that noise i like that chief stuff she's she's two and a half i mean that seems reasonable right dumb seems reasonable that's actually a good so are people like actually getting those odds now and they can save it for five months oh they can just they can just bet it now and then you lock it in and lock it it's like like a mortgage lock it in you lock it you lock in the rate okay just like worst case scenario you lock in two and a half on the chiefs now lamar jackson has a preseason injury suddenly the line goes to six seven eight you got the two now you got the two and a half it's actually smart to do it now actually you know what that you just said gambling on a game six months before it is smart you literally just said those words i'm joking no you're not no thanks rich there's an addition john brings his skewed sense of humor jeff brings tips to cut strokes off your next round together it's those weekend golf guys they'll pay a lot of money to pxg and tylus and calloway and on and on about how many yards you think you're gonna pick up with that extra i think i need an extra five to ten what if i give you 15 to 20 you pay me more just teaches on a sliding scale those weekend golf guys the podcast part of the believe network just search b-l-e-a-v on youtube or wherever you listen you
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