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Jeffrey Ross: Talking smack comes natural to athletes

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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May 6, 2024 3:32 pm

Jeffrey Ross: Talking smack comes natural to athletes

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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May 6, 2024 3:32 pm

5/6/24 - Hour 3

Did Tom Brady make a confession during his retort at The Roast?

Actor, Eric Bana, shares stories from the set including his newest movie, Force of Nature: The Dry 2, and how he still goes unnoticed by Star Trek fans.

Jeffrey Ross, fresh from The Greatest Roast of All Time, shares his experience from the Tom Brady roast.

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This is The Rich Eisen Show. I'm the best decision your organization has ever made. The Rich Eisen Show. Would you like a massage? Live from The Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles.

When you got a chance to go eight and nine and all it will cost you is your wife and your kids? They suck. Not so easy running the team is it Tom? Earlier on the show ESPN NBA analyst Brian Wintorse, Cardinals general manager Monty Osenfort. Coming up actor Eric Bana.

Plus latest news and more. And now it's Rich Eisen. All right our number three of The Rich Eisen Show is on the air. The Roastmaster General Jeff Ross is gonna zoom in shortly.

He texted about 15 minutes ago saying that he's awake and he's gonna do it. I just had a nice chat with Eric Bana the actor from many many different films. Munich being one. You write Black Hawk down. It was amazing.

Spectacular. A lot of truckies know of Eric. His new film Force of Nature the Dry Two is available in theaters and everywhere you rent movies on Friday May the 10th so that's this Friday. He's in our green room right now excited to have him out here. While we wait for Jeff to to join us to talk about the Brady roast. Is it possible that there was last night a confession?

I heard it. During Tom Brady's retort. Best part of the roast is is when the roastee fires back.

That's the end of the night. And Brady normally you you roast everybody who's roasted you and anybody else in the day is who you want to give a piece to. He roasted Bill's fans and Colts fans?

Right? Well yeah Brady said that he's trying to get into Raiders ownership because he's tired of owning just the Colts and Bills. That's what he said I think and and then and then he had some smoke for Roger Goodell in the NFL and he had this to say. Remember Deflategate? The NFL spent 20 million dollars and found that it was more probable than not. That I was generally aware that someone may have deflated my footballs. You could have just given me the 20 million and I would just told you I f***ing did it. Statute of limitations is awesome. Now again I just finished out number two saying a roast is this it's it's all in good fun it's all comedy and there are no rules in a roast that's the whole idea of a roast.

I plead the fifth. But there is a an old axiom that every joke that works is because there's a germ of truth in it. Right that he would take 20 million dollars and say just about anything. Is that what the joke was?

I mean I killed JFK if you give me 20 million. No I don't think that's the same thing at all. No no no no no. Here's the thing. Let me just say this once and for all. Certainly for those who are wondering if Tom Brady did in fact have a confession during the middle of his retort last night. Personally doesn't matter.

Does not matter. We were on the I think it just started. Was Deflategate the first big thing when we came on the air in 2014?

No. Was it the year after it? It was our first Super Bowl remember because we were going to Arizona.

So it was and we were born in October of that football season so it just. I remember our first Super Bowl guest. With Mona Lisa Vito. Yeah Marisa Tomay. Marisa Tomay was our first Super Bowl guest ever. Bill name dropped her. Yeah saying that he wasn't like he wasn't yeah he's not the Mona Lisa Vito. Bill basically threw Tom under the bus during that presser that no one really talked about. Which is like talk to Tom. Yeah. Because the the us we in the media were all flipping out because it was on the heels of the Spygate and so it's just like here comes another one and we're not gonna let them destroy the evidence here.

No no. And I think the league then hired this Ted Wells guy and put out this insanely long report. They're very detailed and one guy was called the deflator. That cost over 20 million dollars. And the crazy thing that people just kind of don't remember is that the football that the Colts presented to the NFL wasn't just one that they grabbed from the sideline because they suspected there was a PSI situation. But it's because they intercepted it. You know at the goal line. The ball in question was errantly thrown and the deflation was supposed to be helpful for Tom right?

That was the idea the theory the league theory. So it doesn't matter but you could have just given him the 20 million dollars and I would have told you and I would did I did it and his he finished his his retort by slamming a cell phone. Yeah he broke his cell phone. Which he was accused of destroying his cell phones instead of handing them off to the NFL. Which no one in their right mind should have done or whatever.

So there's that. It was great. Did you watch any of it Mike? No I was working and I was.

Where were you working? The NFL and then I got home and I was tired. Oh yeah?

Yeah. Okay you should check it out like Ron Burgundy saying. I'll watch it when I get a second. Tom's officially Eli Manning's B.

That was really funny. There were a lot of great moments Mike you would love it as a Giants fan. Eli's response today? Eli's not there. I think I think it's been liked close to a hundred thousand times.

It's gone nuts. Yeah I thought about attending the roast of Tom Brady last night but I did not want to roast him for a third time. I mean Eli Manning. Randy Moss did it Randy Moss set was was kind of just okay but he did have a great one where he was like you know it was Spygate before I got there and it was Deflategate after I left.

How come he didn't trust me enough to cheat when I was there? A lot of ringless jokes about Randy Moss last night. I mean that's the what else are you gonna what are you gonna roast Randy Moss on? No Kevin Hart was all over his outfit you know he looked like the substitute teacher.

That was right. Did Andrew Schultz call him Bagger Vance? I've never seen Andrew Schultz perform. That was the first time I've ever seen him. He was just coming off of two sold out MSGs.

At Madison Square Garden. Yeah yeah he's had a good come up the last couple years. Bert and Tom Segura. Yep. They were good too. They were doing the thing. What a night. So fun.

844-204 Rich being the number to dial. Tonight is the first game between the Knicks and the Pacers. Hey Philin.

Oh I'm psyched man. This is gravy as far as I'm concerned. Gravy?

Gravy? What do you mean? You're supposed to go to the conference finals. I'm aware of that so what does that mean? I feel like you'd be nervous.

Why would I be nervous? Pacers are good. I know they are. They play an up-tempo pace that I don't know. But starting five can't play 48 every night. So but what do you think the Knicks can't win one in Indiana?

I mean the Bucks did without their two best players. Where are they right now? Huh? They're home. Yeah they're home. It's 30 years ago right?

This is like 30 years. By the way though you know what the roast is done? The roast and the Timberwolves winning and us talking about this and you finding out that you're taking on the Cavs which has caused you to sweat 0.0% perspiration.

I was more more afraid of Orlando which is probably gonna come back to bite me. Okay good enough. That was so long ago I can't remember. That was Friday night sir. That's still part of our sports weekend that's worthy of revisiting on a Monday.

It's all about the Larry O.B. You know so much has happened since then I can't I just can't remember man. What do you want me to do? You know my biggest problem right now guys is for me holding on. I got it I got to sit there and just tell myself ask myself why why are you still here? Like what are you doing? Like am I going to live the rest of my days here in Los Angeles as a just a disgruntled Clippers fan?

The best thing about this move is now my drive to a game gets cut from like 50 minutes to 16 minutes. This guy talks about the long slog to an arena he only goes to three times a year? No he goes to a lot of Clippers games. I don't tell you every time I leave the house. You guys act like I'll never leave the house.

I do stuff I just don't tell you when I do stuff. How many Clippers games did I go to this year? Probably like seven. I didn't go to that many this year I gotta be honest.

I only went to about seven. Yeah but I mean run it back? It seems like Tyloo's sticking around. I have no idea I think you almost have to just implode this. What's to implode? The team.

What do you do? Walk me through it. If I had the answer to that I'd be sitting somewhere in El Segundo in another. What do you sign and trade Paul George for Orlando or the Sixers? You gave up, we gave up what? Gave up eight players for Paul George? That trade looks one of the worst in NBA history right now. A top three MVP guy in Gilbas, Alexander. I honestly I seriously I sat there this weekend about what do they do like Kawhi for as much as I love Kawhi for as much as Kawhi has accomplished in his career. Yeah. When your body when you've put that much strain on your body as he obviously has for you know two decades your body starts to break down.

I mean what can you do you know you there's nothing there's nothing you can do once the body starts to break down and I fear he's at that point right now. So do you continue to go forward and build this team around him knowing that he's probably not gonna be there in clutch times and again I love Kawhi I feel bad saying anything remotely negative but it is what it is and then Paul that last game bro it's like you've got to do more than just step up you've got to stand out. I don't know what else to say except it's is it fair to say par for the course it's par for the course. I mean it's par for the course. You hate to say it but in Indianapolis in Indiana he shot up like a rocket right and then goes to Oklahoma City well then he broke his leg understood I know that I understand that and we we talk about PG being one of the best players on the planet and he's remarkably great I understand that but when push comes to shove I hate to say it like the results speak then Kawhi can't stay healthy when push comes to shove either that's twice now in the playoffs that he got hurt and I hope it's not as significant as the last time where it's gonna cost a regular season to follow who the hell knows man I'll tell you what when they built that into a dome and everything was straight I mean that's why they're all over Tyloo they're not gonna let him walk and be the Lakers coach and in the spot that they're leaving as they open up their new one I mean that's the bottom line Rich opening the new arena big they can't let these guys go you need star power or names but by re-signing and everything you're gonna you're on a path that you're not gonna get off at this point like Clippers always gonna guess they're gonna win some regular season games make the playoff disappoint I'm so used to this after 22 years it's almost like they're just good enough to be the four or five succeed in the West and then something will always inevitably that's unfortunate it really is I just got a wonder like the Clippers making a lot of their moves because they got to open up their new dome with the pizzazz required to put fannies in the seats and have people excited and the Lakers are gonna what moves are they gonna make based on LeBron's endgame how much do you let LeBron dictate what you're gonna do knowing that if you get I mean he's 39 if you get three years out of him it's gonna be amazing but whatever you do now is gonna affect you probably for the next half a decade so to ten years so what do you do with it let him go and build around Anthony Davis that might be a choice that but they're not gonna do it is never gonna do our power we never gonna do it but also it's not like LeBron is frayed no definitely is as good as ever but here's the thing rich now I I don't believe this is gonna happen but you know we sit and we always fantasy book things and we talk about what if this like what if LeBron takes his talents to Inglewood new arena I'm not saying it's gonna I'm just we always look for stories all right look at you look at you just stirring it up all right so Jeff Ross is gonna join us after Eric Bennett so let's bring Eric out do it Eric is in the new IFC film force of nature the dry two he's coming out let's talk to Eric and then the toast master will take us home let's talk game time boy do we love using game time tickets at the Rich Eisen show and every single time I've been watching the basketball playoffs on TV I've been wondering what it would be like to be at these games and when you choose your tickets on game time you can see the view from your seat where the court is 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like Munich and also Black Hawk Down and Star Trek for sure good to see you Eric Bana how are you brother thanks for having me you got to be here surely that this an applause line I totally agree thank you let's take a look at the clip of this film which is a technically a sequel to the 2021 hit the dry but it follow it follows your central character around here so you are you received a distress the distress call from an informant and then you get into action essentially yes five women who go on a team building exercise on a corporate retreat in the bush and they get lost and one of them is my informant ah the film force of nature the dry to available in theaters and everywhere you rent movies again this Friday May 10th right here on the Roku channel back on the Rich Eisen show radio network sitting at the Rich Eisen show desk furnished by Grange with supplies and solutions for every industry Granger has the right product for you call click Granger calm or just stop by as Eric Bana has here on the Rich Eisen show force of nature the dry to appear in theaters a and everywhere you rent movies this coming Friday good to see you here on the program right to be here my right back at you so tell everybody about this film and what you what you like about it why you wanted to continue doing your character in this film yes it's it's a follow-up to a film that we did a few years ago called the dry which was a which was a massive hit in Australia and traveled really wells based on a book by Jane Harper which was a huge hit and she she writes great thriller whodunnits and and this was a second book with my character Aaron fork who's a federal police and it's based on five women who go on a corporate retreat and one of them is my informant and they get lost in the bush and when they when they get found my my informant is missing so it's it's a it's a great whodunnit and both films are set intrinsically in Australian landscape the first film the dry was in a rural Australian town yes force of nature we are in in the midst of the rainforest in the middle of winter which we shot for real last year and had a wonderful time doing that with the leeches and everything else so yeah it's it's a great depiction of real Australia for anyone who can't be bothered hopping on a plane and flying 16 hours yes you could just check out both our films okay completely honest instead of actually the cost of a flight and the actual trip it's it's you don't have to have to leave your house I've never been I can't I cannot wait to go truly to your well this is what a lot of Americans say and I say what's so important that in the last 24 hours you couldn't have flown that's how long it really is right well pretty much you know you know in the last 24 hours have you done something that's that important you couldn't have flown to Australia I went to a great time Brady I went to that you know I dinner with my daughter watched a watch kung fu panda whether she's 10 yeah how many how many kids do you have I've got two how old are they 22 and 24 all right so you're in a different different time with your with your fatherhood right now I am I notice you've got the best best dad ever yes you also you also commented on the height of my chair in relation to the to the guest chair is it really that high I saw someone else firsthand it's the height and the distance it's like a mathematical combination okay there's like a there is a mathematical form I was told there would be no math in this interview Eric I was told on that I was told that uh listen I'm excited that you're here because a couple of films that you've done I'd love to you know go down that memory lane with you Black Hawk down what what what preparation did you do for that film was quite a lot I mean look that's the best part of my job is I didn't go to university I finished high school I didn't know what I wanted to do and so for me the movie business has been amazing because every time I get an amazing role I get to throw myself into the shoes of somebody else and do a bunch of research and that was really jumping off the deep end and myself and a few of the other guys got to go and train with some Special Forces guys at Fort Bragg which was amazing most of the cast did Ranger training and and the others we went off and did some Special Forces stuff and then we work with with those guys all the way through the production so we just never stopped learning all the way through the physical production in Rabat Morocco it was one of the most overwhelming visceral filming experiences possible and and it's it's kind of ingrained in me to this day that that that experience it really really kind of changed my life in some ways how so I don't know it was just I think I love going into the head of my characters and I think spending so much time in in the mindset of of a Delta Force operator just kind of like did something fundamental to the way that I approach things and I've had that with a bunch of other characters as well like they kind of live in your brain and express themselves in different ways but I there was something about the rigor and the discipline of what's involved in in that job that just really really appealed to me so you did some training for it essentially yeah we did some I mean obviously you know we try and do a convincing job as we can but I was just in awe of absolute awe of them they were just the most incredible people to work with yeah Fort so you went to Fort Bragg yeah okay and then in Morocco is where you guys shot it yeah we shot Morocco and we had US military working with us the whole way through that film how old were you when you did that huh I mean you see it was at the beginning of your career it was my first American film I'm trying to remember my son was I think 18 months old in the hotel room and he's now 24 so he's like he had 22 years ago Wow yeah right that's incredible cast when you go through the IMDB on that on that film it's just like the most incredible role call of actors yeah and and I just I do remember just being a when you said visceral it certainly was a visceral watching experience in the theater yeah it was like that to make it as well definitely so how did you get into acting how did that happen by accident I was a stand-up in Australia that's how I got into the business comedy yeah that's right I went stand-up sketch comedy and then when I was doing sketch comedy there are a lot of straight actors who were on our show was a show similar to Saturday Night Live and I got to watch some work and I'm like I don't think there's a whole lot of difference between doing sketch comedy and drama I think they're having us on I think there's a there's some kind of a ruse going on here yeah you know these actors are getting really well paid comedians are kind of not really getting out just rewards right so I started throwing my hat in the drama ring and then I got lucky early with a couple of roles and then I just didn't look back I was like I'm gonna I'm gonna go for it well again I I know folks from Australia know you as originally a sketch comic but I think a lot of fans here in the United States are like really I'm not a clue you had a Saturday Night Live type experience is what you're saying yeah yeah I was in a show very similar to Saturday Night Live called Full Frontal for about four or five years then had my own show for a couple years and then was just started out and stand-up and did stand-up all the way through the sketch comedy career and and was still doing stand-up when I started acting actually for quite a while and then eventually I was like I just got lazy I'm like I'm gonna go this way now where they they write material for me and I just get to go and say their lines that's I mean it's it's definitely for the lack of a better phrase easier my goodness gracious yeah I did stand up in college for four years Eric and it was toughest thing I've ever had to do nothing comes close you know yeah Eric Bana here on the Rich Isaac show how'd you wind up on Spielberg's radar screen for Munich how did that happen I don't know how I I don't know how I ended up on his radar okay but I I got invited to go and meet with Steven about a secret project no one knew what it was about no one knew what he was developing it was secret it was secret okay and I sat down and we started talking and he started talking about Munich in 1977 and just by complete coincidence I had read the book vengeance on which the story was by no way like talk about a three-pointer right seriously and so I was like yeah I know this story I know I know the background I remember it as a kid I remember some of the footage and yes and then at the end of conversation says yeah so I really want you to play the role of Abner and I was like what planet am I on here what's going on right it's really it's this conversation really occurring yeah did he just say what I thought he said so that's how that went I'm next thing I knew I was in Malta and bombs were going off and we were we were on you were in it what is it like being directed by Steven Spielberg it was just the best it was um you know I love my sport and I think both Black Hawk down and Munich are the two films that most made me feel like I was part of a sporting team because the camera is never still in that film and the relationship that he has with Janusz Kaminski the cinematographer which is unbelievable and we shot on film back in those days the focus pull is right by the camera watching your every move and and it's very dynamic and there's a million moves going on and every take felt like live theater it felt like something dangerous was happening it felt like everyone had to be completely on it for it to for it to work yes so it was the most kind of dynamic exciting dangerous kind of film to make from a filmmaking perspective in that in that sense I imagine him giving a note you know like you could hear a pin drop I imagine right where is it just a different feeling on a set with somebody like him it was very relaxed okay it was so so easy to work with and I'll just pinching myself every day with it was a one of the most incredible experiences to work on that film and what an important story to get right to no pressure not at all no pressure I felt no pressure at all rich but at least you read those source material which is pretty cool you know you going into it and so we're in terms of rabid fans where do Trekkies rank for you Trekkies I'm not sure if they've still figured out whether it's actually me in that film you know comic-con or anything like that and they have no idea that you're that guy from from Star Trek my business quite quite the makeup job it was worth three or four hours that's how long it was yeah yeah it was so much fun it was it was such a great film to work on did you grow up watching Star Trek or no yeah the TV show of course yeah yeah most definitely that's that was that's my starch we're probably I think we're the same age I'm I'm 54 I'm okay there you got me it's okay but you look younger than me and you got great hair so but yeah I mean that was I I grew up watching all the Star Treks I was it was incredible but yeah I'm not sure that every Trekkie when they made me is like made that link sometimes they do okay well not I mean that's pretty cool Eric Bana here on the Rich Eisen show okay so you said you like your sport which what which which what your teams AFL Australian football is my sport did you ever play it I did yeah and St. Kilda is my team the Saints yeah and I I live breathe and die my team I go every week I go to training I love the history of my club of which has not been a lot of success let me just put that what is what is the history of your club to be in full disclosure one championship 1966 two years before I was born I've been to every final grand final post that and we've we've lost I've been to one two three four grand finals one of which was a draw three losses so I'm still holding out so when you say the grand final you're just for the lexicon of us dumb Americans would you say is that the Super Bowl Super Bowl okay yeah yeah but you've at least seen your team in for such contests I have but but no wins in those contests no wins oh three and one we've led every one of them at some stage yeah so I did I did so I didn't get a appetizer I got like at least a tiny taste so then let me ask you this question Eric because we've had this conversation on this program multiple times and I'm thrilled that Eric bound is going to give us this the conversation we have is would you rather your team whatever that big option is it's my team okay so whatever you if would you rather have your team in the grand final yeah get blown out or have a close one and you lose in the end knowing you lose in the end would you lose in the end would you rather it be a blowout or or at least you had your chance in the game which would you prefer having experienced both yes in the flesh yes I'd rather the closed one rich you and I are the same yeah that man over there is a total lunatic you want to just be no knowing the result knowing that we're going to lose boom headshot end it quick I don't want to be teased all along all the way to the end I know where you can't I know where you come from it's also harder with the opposition support as if you're close because then you've been combative for the last four quarters two and a half hours yes yeah so it is a bit exposing but hold on a minute before you because I could I see you have swayed the witness somewhat I'd rather to have loved and lost then not at all yeah so how do you think I felt when I saw my team draw in a grand final Oh which in those days the rule was you come back seven days later and play the game again this is like a special brand of torture I lost and then we got blown away the following week now they're gonna play it hasn't happened since but if it happens again they will play extra time on the day on the day off okay wait a week and then you got blown out oh what yeah it's still in my body it's still in my body I don't blame you yeah that'll leave an emotional scar yeah so you're the perfect person to ask this question when you say you've had both in the same game yeah so we came from behind in the draw we were coming over the top of the team we were running them down and I what they were out they were dead on their legs yes and we were coming home with a wet sail and we ran out of time and and it was a draw so you're saying you would have won if they were saying give me one extra minute and we came back the following week and we just got we just got blown away that's not and it was just devastating it was devastating what an answer to our question we didn't we didn't see that one possible or coming so would you would now say for sure you'd want to be put out of your misery immediately if you have to wait a week I have a saying for my team which is it's never relaxing it's just never relaxing so even the winds like close he is rarely you go to the game and we're like five or six goals up and you can just chill in the last you never in a rocking chair they never in the rocking chair it's just never relaxing so I know what you're saying I do I do understand the theory sometimes a large loss you can kind of relax in the last quarter you can kind of let it go again the whole idea is knowing the result obviously you never know the result is what I'm saying but the whole point is if you know the result going in let's say give me a good end no thanks give me out of here I'd rather have it I'd rather have a feeling alive yeah you have a chance and then die it's like stop yeah oh gosh so yeah I feel I feel like you know your your team and mine is the New York Jets okay they've had one championship it was basically when I was three months old I think something like six months old right and then nothing since zero I've never been to the Super Bowl since then not once I always try and find like a kinship team yeah you know in every code so that I can kind of like have the same torturous experience no matter what sport I'm watching so it's not the Buffalo Bills for me producer right now Mike Hoskins is a diehard Bills fan Mike do you wanna do you wanna say I could pass along would you say Bills would be similar to what Eric is saying somewhat yeah well they've been to four Super Bowls in a row and they lost them all does that that's close yeah I think it is the bills for me they've they've they they've never won a Super Bowl and they've been they've been a four and they lost them all hockey I think it's gonna be the Leafs well they just lost another heartbreaker there we go it's the least in overtime who have I got who am I taking his clippers have never gotten to a championship because everyone got in close to a champion definitely my team baseball would be the Rangers well they finally won the Guardians now Guardians Guardians who used to be the Cubs okay yeah day one you take the Cubs take the Cubs because Wrigley fields a beautiful place to go to see a baseball game if you're in Chicago character building I've got friends and I got a brother who won a championship a couple years ago my father yeah you know landed on a boat from Croatia to Australia and picked a team that has since won 13 championships I didn't follow his footsteps listen to my my uncle my uncle got me my son killed our uncle got me my uncle Klaus god damn it oh man Eric it's been a pleasure thanks for stopping by here on your press tour hopefully it's not doing too much press but you're you're you're a pleasure to be around right here again the force of nature the dry to available in theaters and everywhere you rent movies this coming Friday thanks for coming here thanks all right Eric banner here on the rich eyes and show the roast master generals about the zoom and Jeffrey Ross coming up next hey folks it's time 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behind-the-scenes juice and your info on all your bachelor nation stories and also interviewing some of your favorite reality stars my name has been synonymous with spoilers but I'm so much more than that give me a listen the reality Steve podcast part of the believe Network just search BL EAV on YouTube or wherever you listen back here on the Roku channel by the way on the Roku portal the Netflix app hit it and watch the groat the greatest roast of all time that's produced by the roast master general himself roast j simpson joining us here you pulled it off Jeff you nailed it I literally pulled it off I do need to mention my Heisman stance normally I have pretty good like flexibility and I can really bend into the knee like yoga style okay but the costume the magnets would have brought would have come off and it would have fallen off so I that's why you didn't get the full Heisman knee bend oh so it was a magnet it wasn't it wasn't a velcro situation it was a magnet magnets and Roger forker my stylist for designing this incredible costume and so where's the oh so the it's not a real Jersey it doesn't exist like you can't hang it and put it on the wall something like that I had a real Jersey made and then they carefully cut it in half and add magnets to it to we gotta get that we need that in here do you have is it does it exist can we get that we can hang it here oh you really you would do that you'll do that I'm gonna get it yeah get it let's do it I'll get it I had three made I had three made here's was my options just so you know yes and what are they both J Simpson which I yeah the real killer I had a good new nickname for me but and then this one is the this one's the one and I don't know why I didn't do it it just felt like a joke got a joke but yes the juice spelled j-e-w-c instead of rose j simpson jeffrey ross instead of that yeah yeah loose oh that was good the roast master general jeffrey ross is here and I have to put off the greatest roast of all time and it was Jeff I know you've had a bunch of them and I've seen a bunch of them my god was that a plus plus plus I'm leaving off a plus congratulations I I saw you laughing so hard I saw you and Susie cracking up I really really had fun and thank you for being a part of it rich brother I thank you for having me part of it and being the guy to lead it all off my god that was that's a career highlight for me man so a few questions for you the one thing people are wondering about today was Brady really pissed about you making a crack towards uh a massage joke no no way no way cuz he came up he said knock that ass off Jeff it's having fun okay good fantastic you know it's like that's his dad you know that's like Robert Kraft is like a father figure to him you know he was just showing his love for Robert Kraft and Robert Kraft loved it we had a great talk afterwards and he was so happy that I gave him a shout out this salute it was beautiful there was and and what so when did this come together really cuz a lot of folks are wondering why Brady would subject himself you know or sit for this what what's the genesis of this Jeffrey well there's a couple things he loves the rose he's a student of the rose but there's that you know like if you love the rose you know everyone wants to be the center of attention even when there's a target on their back and in this case it's all about him for three hours and it was something I am I asked of him you know I asked him after he won the last Super Bowl I hit him up I knew he was a roast fan and you know that he was into it right away and then we made a deal and then he unretired and we I held it back till he retired again and then we held it again to the Netflix is a joke festival so that all the comics would be in town and I think it was worth the wait because he was loose and fun and man I feel like we won an election or something like I can't believe when we got through this three-year campaign to get Tom Brady in the hot seat and it's not just that the people that came back you know for him and from Belichick to Gronk and Edelman and then to have Kraft there also and some of his former teammates and the comedians you got together to get Ron Burgundy introduced introducing Bill Belichick was genius that was fantastic I didn't see that one coming I did not see that one coming I don't think Tom did either so you didn't know right he you kept him in the dark on everything pretty much in the dark on a lot of the surprises and he didn't hear anybody's jokes and even though he was a producer on the show shout out to Tom's company and Casey patterns company Casey Patterson's company and Netflix like every it was all hands on deck for this one and Tom has a great team around him and he abided by the rules of the roast which was basically anything goes and surprised me and I got the guy credit man he really did it Kevin Hart was fantastic too brother oh my god is he great to make a three-hour show fun I mean what an achievement he's a great great comedian oh my god and just the way that he because you got it right like you gotta clear the decks for everyone else when you're first up you got to set the tone and then clear the decks and basically show everybody in the room that that anything goes although I do think it did dawn upon Tom during Kevin Hart's opening like oh my gosh there's two more hours it is to come you might not have seen his face because you were in your roasted J Simpson outfit in the back getting ready for your huge entrance but man yeah Brady looked that way Jeff I was able to I was able to peek at the monitors from backstage and I saw what's happening and the advice I gave Tom ahead of time was if you're having fun everyone will have fun and I think a couple of jokes might have stung out of the gate but once he once he realized that he was in for it and it's all for love you know we only roast the ones we love you know that rich yes sir that's that's my my motto and my mission I think he was he was down for it and I think he earned his rebuttal and by the way I made a prediction last week that that he would have the best set that he would win his own roast and I was so blown away by his rebuttal at the end three hours in man not a lot of guys would hold up under that pressure of an arena following all those arena acts and then murdering his rebuttal when he told Belichick about the ring his favorite ring is it wasn't the next one it was the ring camera that caught him coming out of that that girl's house or his girlfriend's house or something like that oh my god that one killed me it slayed me man the helmets are off man these guys are you know Tom Brady's been talking smack since he's in hot you know a kid playing football on the field off the field locker rooms like kind of comes to natural to the players in general I've roasted other you know athletes before but football players really have a knack for smack talk and on top of that Brady's always been it seems like as I get to know him you know always an underdog even as a winner people underestimate him they say he's not the best he's not this he's not gonna come back he's not gonna retire he's not gonna win another Super Bowl he's gonna move to Florida he's not gonna win then he wins I feel like him especially knows how to take a joke he has thick skin and we're all sensitive and maybe you know he's a human being but the way he took those hits last night man that was that's for the ages right there I can't say some of these jokes as you know but I think the one who took the worst hit last night might be Nikki Glaser's boyfriend that made that lottery ticket and Tony Hinchcliffe man he came out from the audience right you sit next to Dana White and his his set might have that might have been my favorite of the night to Jeffrey that was a sign I mean Tony with the last time we did these roasts Tony was a writer Tony is one of my favorite people and it gave me such in such pride to see him step up like that and work the room in such a dynamic way and earn his spot I mean he literally took his spot on the dais who's great I believe and by the way Belichick staying on the dais too like sitting down that was awesome does where's Peyton Peyton a lot of people won't stay yeah same they figure they're gonna get roasted some day so let me save it but uh coach Belichick I gotta give credit and I gave him my theme music I normally come out to the Imperial March Vader theme but my producer Casey's like the Hellfire entrance can coach Belichick could he come out to the Darth Vader music and it was perfect I love it all right so before I let you go on the rest of your day this is the way it is in sports too what's next what do you think I guess I'm gonna have to make some some tour dates now I'm gonna do take a banana for the ride I got some dates coming up in North Carolina South Carolina that's like LA this week but it's sold out Kevin plugged it a couple times is it really in the Hollywood Cemetery you said that there's gonna be more stars at that than the word the roast and then what's next for the roast what are you got what are you kidding me yes we do that that actually happens in sports we really do what do you think about a repeat no question that's a question Jeff how hard these are I feel like I helped produce the Super Bowl halftime show and performed in it this is easy getting these egos all into one room at the same time with all this like it was a lot man I feel like I feel so good about it you should like that I hadn't laughed like that in a long time like I feel like it it's uh it's like a vaccine for your brain it's like it's it's medicinal I was laughing so hard yeah Susie and I said that on the way home we were like that that was brilliant that was great you know we both love you dearly and we root for you and you crushed it and your team crushed it and the night was incredible and Netflix should be so over the moon it was trending all over the place it was as hilarious as you wanted it to be and I know you really wanted it to be you nailed it man congrats you stay thank you Richie thank you buddy I love you you're a real pal you're so supportive and when we first started talking about this you jumped in and said great idea if there's anything I can do I want to be there you even sent me a picture of your of your draft suit you were like all right I'm coming in I'm suited and booted you're gonna give me that spot I'm coming I want you to have the the king's throne and do the Howard Postel opening I give you everything but a yellow wide world of sports next time next time Jeffrey you be well you be well love you pal bye everybody the roast master general roast j simpson whoo aka the juice juice i think i think someone's you did you blood so brady called him Jew Bledsoe yeah yeah oh my god that's what brady called him Jew Bledsoe Bledsoe I'd had Susie and I doubled over what a show thanks to the roast master general Eric Bana, Monty Austin Ford and Brian Winhorst we're gonna have a fun tuesday show as well we'll set up that shop in a matter of moments what a great roast edition of the Rich Eisen show now in the books welcome to talkville the ultimate smallville rewatch podcast guest star Sarah Carter as Alicia Baker although I didn't really work with her a lot but Tom did and they had some real big smoochy scenes yeah should we talk about that could there be any more sex what was a three page make out scene that just kept going good lord we get it they have chemistry jump in now or catch up on any of the past seasons of talkville on youtube or wherever you listen
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