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Overreactions to Bill Belichick, Tom Brady, Jordan Love and so much more

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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May 6, 2024 3:07 pm

Overreactions to Bill Belichick, Tom Brady, Jordan Love and so much more

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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May 6, 2024 3:07 pm

5/6/24 - Hour 2

Arizona Cardinals GM, Monti Ossenfort, joins the show to recap the Cardinals Draft Day and raves about his number 1 pick, Marvin Harrison, Jr.

It's OverReaction Monday and topics include Bill Belichick being "undervalued", Tom Brady will "overshadow" all football commentators, Jordon Love will become the highest paid QB (?), Xavier Worthy to have a better season than Tyreek Hill and more.

And Rich explains the purpose of a comedy roast for those that need to understand.

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This is The Rich Eisen Show. I'm the best decision your organization has ever made. The Rich Eisen Show. Would you like a massage? Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles.

When you got a chance to go eight and nine and all it will cost you is your wife and your kids? They suck. Not so easy running the team is it Tom? Earlier on the show ESPN NBA analyst Brian Wintorse. Coming up, Cardinals general manager Monty Osinfort, actor Eric Bana, plus latest news and more. And now it's Rich Eisen. We're number one of the show talking NBA with Brian Winhorse and we talked about the Brady roast which my wife and I were at last night. So are you Chris Brockman with Sarah Tiana who was part of the writers room with that fantastic event on Netflix and we'll take some phone calls on that at 844-204-rich is the number to dial on the program. Our number three the actor Eric Bana is here.

It's an overreaction Monday Monday so we'll be playing that in the middle of our show. But joining us right here on The Rich Eisen Show I believe for the first time the general manager of the Arizona Cardinals fresh off of 12 draft choices in the 2024 draft Monty Osinfort. Good to see you Monty, how are you? Hey Rich, doing good.

Thanks a lot. Thanks for having us on and yeah excited to spend some time with you. Excellent, 12 draft choices that was a ton. You had 11 coming in you wound up making 12 obviously let's start with the first one in Marvin Harrison Jr. What was happening in your draft room before making that pick? Was your phone blowing up with trade requests, chatter? Because you were the one who said I'm not gonna talk about it until I'm on the clock. Yeah Rich I think I think with that is a lot of that leg work was done during the day on Thursday and phone calls were made and and some parameters were laid down and some teams were you know hey wanted to wait and see themselves on who was going to be left on the clock once we got through the first three picks and so you know we had those initial discussions with multiple teams and you know then once once those first three picks came and you know we we took those phone calls and really ultimately there was nothing that came close to to getting us to move off that pick so you know we had done a ton of work on Marvin and and really at that point it was it was really a no-brainer for us and and we were excited to put that pick in at that point.

So the leg work during the day what does that what does that entail when you say that? Yeah so I mean I think really the month leading up to the draft there's people phone calls you know hey we would be interested what would it look like coming up to number four and really the specifics of that aren't laid out until really the day of the draft and so it's similar to what what we did last year and so on Thursday during the day teams actually started putting picks to to to the offer and really getting specifics with those offers and so you know some of those were hey let's we we want to wait until we see who's exactly on the clock and some of those were hey would you do it right now and really both of those once we got on the clock and really leading up to that they they those offers just didn't come close to getting us to move off the pick. Well in terms of that you know I'm imagining that had Drake may been available at four that would have potentially changed the dynamic because most likely the guy you drafted would have been chosen third and thus off the board where you couldn't take him and I imagine that that is the that's when the legwork Bonanza would have actually hit is that a safe way to map it out Monty? Yeah I think that's I think that's possible Rich I mean I think you know really you know whether it would have been three those three quarterbacks that went or if it would have been a different quarterback that went I think that's always gonna affect the interest in our pick so similar to last year you know I think the way the first two picks came off the board affected the market for number three and just the same this year I think the first three picks affected the market and you know if that would have been a different player a position player if that would have been Marvin or if that would have been a different quarterback obviously each team has a different board and you know I think certainly that would have affected the market depending if you know Drake or who anybody else was there I think that always affects what other teams are willing to do. So let's walk us through if you don't mind Monty Osman for the GM the Cardinals walk us through your evaluation of Marvin Harrison jr. was it at the pro day two years ago? Yeah and I think really you know I think that gave us a an extra set of an extra evaluation tool that most players didn't have right and so he worked out for CJ Stroud and he went through a full full position drill back a year prior that most most prospects don't do and then you know our scouting process it takes effect over a year in advance so our scouts really began last year a year ago evaluating Marvin off his 2022 tape and so then our evaluation process continues through the 2023 fall and we see Marvin put together another productive season this year and we continue evaluating through that and so Marvin being a junior wasn't able to go to the All-Star Games like like the senior prospects and so you know we didn't have the the full combine workout he didn't do the pro day this year but we have last year's pro day to go through and so we felt we had plenty of information plenty of tools plenty of just tape to evaluate Marvin on and then once we get it got a chance to meet Marvin at our 30 visit also at the combine you know we really felt comfortable with who Marvin was as a player and who Marvin was as a person because the conversation around him has been well he's taking a totally different approach to the combine and everything else that from from any other player we've seen and that includes quarterbacks none of that raised any sort of concerns for you at all yeah and I think I think with that rich it's it's really a personal decision and you know I think every year there's gonna be prospects that don't complete or don't could check every box and that could be for a personal decision as it was in Marvel's Marvin's case or it could be an injury issue maybe a player wasn't able to compete at the combine or compete at the pro day and so you know we're gonna there's not always gonna be a perfect situation where every box is checked and that was the case with Marvin but we felt like we had more than enough information and we were more than comfortable with who Marvin was both on the field and off the field that we were comfortable making him a member of our organization so what was a shorter period of time money Austin fort you being on the clock before choosing Marvin Harrison jr. or anyone in the draft room hearing from Kyler Murray after you chose yeah I would say you know Kyler's Kyler's reaction came in pretty quick and so between JJ and I sitting next to each other that was pretty instantaneous when when the let's go or maybe a little bit more colorful language on that came flying through so you know but it wasn't just Kyler I'd say multiple members of our team you know we're excited they're in tune to the draft they're in tune to who we're picking you know they're they're passionate about what we're doing and want to reach for success any way that we can so you know Kyler and multiple other players reached out and just we're fired up with what we're what would you did over the weekend money Austin Ford here on the Rich Eisen show and then you went later on in that first round we had Darius Robinson here in studio got to meet him what a great kid what a great story as well and how he blossomed at Missouri and you mentioned JG that you're a head coach with a defensive pedigree he's got to be jacked up about him what did you like about him yeah really I think rich the thing that stands out with Darius is his versatility really unique player in that you know playing in the highest level of competition at the SEC in 2022 really played inside he was an interior defensive lineman and showed the ability to play on all three downs both rushing the passer and playing the run and then you know gets to his 2023 season his senior year and they asked him to drop weight and he plays on the edge he stands up and he he plays more of a defensive end but yet his production if anything it increased and so his ability to affect the game against the run and the pass from multiple alignments along the defensive front we just think it adds a versatility to our group adds a disruptiveness to our front and you know really like like you had mentioned you know Darius is an impressive player but you know once you get a chance to talk to the kid I mean just mature dependable accountable and just a guy that we want to build our program around just that type of player in person I like that kid max milk Milton out of Rutgers too he's a terrific corner very again a very few of these I can say I've personally eyeballed but when you know that you take on my alma mater you know I I have a sense of some of these guys Trey Benson out of Florida State a running back what do you see for those two guys in year one in your program Bonnie yeah really for those two guys and for all of our rookies it's it's it's on them and that that starts this coming up this this Thursday our rookies get into town this Thursday and you know it's their responsibility to to come in here and and learn and to develop and and just integrate themselves to the team and figure out the scheme figure out how we do things around here how we operate both on and off the field and ultimately their their role on the team is gonna be determined by the job that they win and if they're able to carve out a niche and and we think all of our rookies that we drafted fit you know fit what we do both on and off the field but in max max specifically you think he brings a cover ability he can run he's physical he's instinctive he plays the ball well and then Trey Benson you know he's a big big back he can he's fast he's explosive he's instinctive he's got good contact balance we think both those two guys schematically fit us well and you know really it's up to them to come in here and carve out what they can do find a role and find a way to contribute to a winning team here moving forward we saw as many trades in the first I guess 90 minutes of night to round two then we saw all of night one you got a theory on that money you know I think I think really rich is is we were in a unique position there happy at the top of round two and I think what happens there is is you know you go home after round one on Thursday night and people look at their board and it's time to reset and then you have all day long on Friday to sit around look at your board and so you know I think when when teams go home and they look at their board and say oh man and I can't believe this guy's still there or we got to go up and get this guy you know I think that creates an opportunity for those of us that were sitting towards the top of the round two there and so you know I think teams are always gonna be aggressive and you know it's first for some it makes sense to go up and pay the premium to go up and and get a player that they've targeted and you know for others it makes sense and for us at that point it was a best interest of our team to drop back drop back eight slots and still get a guy that we really liked in Max Melton and yet still pick up a another premium pick that came in the midway point of the third round and so you know I think I think really teams are gonna view that differently but for us it just made sense to add another player to our our developing young core few minutes left with the general manager of the Arizona Cardinals Monte Austin fort so you spent 14 years in scouting and college scouting Chris you want to guess what the organization he spent 14 years scouting college scouting Patriots that's correct hey so look at that did you see the Brady roast on Sunday night money well rich I gotta be honest with you yeah I turned it on last night when it said alive I saw you welcome us all to the event yes sir and was sitting there was on early here out on the west coast there's on five o'clock that's right and I got about let's give it about four and a half minutes into it and had my three daughters we're running around the house so I quick hit pause I hit pause I said Shannon we're gonna get back to this later on the spot right there that's a professional evaluator okay oh my gosh yeah so we we did we got everybody put down and then we turned it up we turned it back on stayed up way past my bedtime yeah you know and but got through it all I thought it was phenomenal I thought it was just outstanding all the way around right I'll be honest as well with you money I led the show saying it kind of felt like we were watching a therapy session at work here you know like a two decades of stuff getting off their chests would you would you agree with that money a little bit of airing of grievances can we go there yeah it was it was great seeing those guys all together and you know I think I think with all those guys I mean you know fans don't always see that but you know really bronc and jewels and and those guys Tommy like those guys up there all great senses of humor and I think it was great for people to see coach Belichick in that light too I mean he's got a really impressive dry sense of humor that you know everybody gets to see the the press conferences that obviously that doesn't come out in but I thought it was a great night all around great jokes and and yeah it was it was it was awesome I thought so did bill hire you was he the one who hired you to begin with he did I mean yeah technically yes I mean he was there and Scott Pioli okay was was the GM you know de facto GM at that point so yeah Scott Scott was the one who hired me who was Bill's right-hand man at the time and then again I don't know if you were you were an area scout a national scout at the time I'm looking at your your history here did you scout Gronk did you see him yes yeah absolutely yeah absolutely scouted Gronk and you know went through that whole process with him and then you know saw him on on stage and he takes the stage we called his name and all his brothers get up there and they're running around the stage and that was met with a you know a quick phone call and hey Gronk let's let's calm it down here a little bit buddy you know but so that's suitable here yeah but that did happen huh oh absolutely it happened but it was you know everybody was in the draft room kind of snickering behind the scenes like it was kind of cool you know so what you see is what you get with Gronk he's unbelievable no doubt about that so yeah by the way you you used a Seinfeld term with airing of grievances you kind of yada yada yada we went through that process with Gronk right there money what was it like scouting Rob Gronkowski when you I mean it was awesome I mean the you know just the the play on the field spoke for itself and you know that the personality that goes with it I'm outstanding you know really the guy is the guy is unbelievable and you know the thing that he was getting hit hard he was taking shrapnel all night last night but I mean the one thing about Gronk is like the guy is incredibly smart football player incredibly smart and you know Brady would say the same thing just the way that he was able to to learn and process and instinctive and you know so he's got that that image of him but you know don't don't let that exterior fool you the guys Gronk is one of the smartest players that that ever came through the building there in New England now did you have to or is it your job as a scout back in the day or is it someone else's to kind of brief bill on what sort of a live wire this terrific looking kid on film was is that your job that you had yeah that's that was multiple people in our scouting department and then you know I think with Gronk I mean you can you can say as many times as you want what what it is and you can tell stories but until till you actually get the guy in the building you don't really know until you know you don't know until you know and so that was great I mean the guy the guy is an all-timer I mean future Hall of Famer and and you know the personality that goes with it is just outstanding I love it I love it man cuz he that could have been a moment when the Gronk's were all on the stage just celebrating you could have looked at skin look pale in the eye and go they told you so but you know but boy what a find what a gem my goodness money and again a great job with your draft and joining on the show and also spotting very quickly to put your children to bed before watching the rest of the roast yeah we called that we called that one so you know I I won the night last night that was the right call on that one yes it was money thanks for the time we'll chat again soon appreciate awesome thanks for rich hope we can do it again soon you bet that's the Arizona Cardinals general manager money Austin Ford who generally managed his remote control last night it did take about a minute to sort of get into the starting of the roasting huh right oh yeah like he threw it to a tape they played a comma Brady Brady come on like a Brady montage at the top because yeah I couldn't be sat down at my spot with Sue's until that tape they didn't want like people walking in the area right so once I was done with the introduction I had a wait sort of like you know if you ever got a sporting event before they let you back in your seat hockey games you gotta wait for a whistle you gotta wait for a whistle actors I don't understand that what is it somebody's gonna get confused with me walking back to my seat well on a line change flying puck there's a you know okay all right so that's the way it was until until the until the tape they ran a tape right then he got out of the tape there's probably about three four minutes in and the first joke off at the OSFAR sounds off hit the pause way we got funny gosh man all right overreaction Monday when we come back and your phone calls eight four four two oh four rich number to dial here on the program don't go anywhere let's talk game time boy do we love using game time tickets at the Rich Eisen show and every single time I've been watching the basketball playoffs on TV I've been wondering what it 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and you've had it in your arms there's no there's no Heisman spooning I'm by the way I would if I won the Heisman now taking part in the Rich Eisen show throw challenge Kyler Murray is this the first NFL Duke ball that you've thrown that's an NFL oh my god you won't even answer that go for it Tyler go for it that's one two three by the way that's four those are all Duke NFL footballs just wanted everyone to know that for that's five the footballs Kurt Warner complained about that's seven that's oh my goodness yeah let's get some up here we go keep going I'm on you got one more hold on let's get back here we go no it's getting bad you got seven for first seven good enough seven out congratulations he won the Heisman and it seems the Rich Eisen throwing contest in the same year that's a first no one could ever take that away from you slash Rich Eisen show for all back on the Rich Eisen show radio network I'm sitting at the Rich Eisen show desk furnished by Granger with supplies and solutions for every industry Granger has the right product for you call click Ranger calm or just stop by Sean and Minnesota has been hanging on what's up Sean how you been nothing much I'm just gonna just been appreciating the Timberwolves trying to embrace what we have going on here five wins to start the playoffs in a row four to sweep out the Suns and one to draw blood from the defending champs that is impressive all with a coach that's uh that's you know on crutches it's crazy man it's wild it's it straight from a storybook it's just it's I don't know if you know but Minnesota sports are it's kind of a joke in itself well my god are you roasting Minnesota sports is that what's happening right now we have success just a complete fumble towards it well hey brother you are 11 wins away from the trophy that's coming in here in studio tomorrow so that's a fact that's a fact you know no one else's is close right now it's just it seems like all the stars of a line for the scene I agree I'm Blake hold on I'm sure you know Chris Finch might Finch might might or his orthopedist might figure thinks differently but thanks the call Sean really appreciate it hey this is as good as it gets for Minnesota sports fans which is we're talking about him nationally they are not a joke don't they're having the twins one 11 in a row I didn't I didn't see many of the final scores from yesterday streak and Major League Baseball this year so there's that the Vikings got themselves a Hall of Fame quarterback of the future in the draft no no no in the draft let me finish my sentence sorry I can't even front to JJ's JJ won me and Brock went over oh man yeah just a sweet two years of remote season and touches and brought his mom come on man giant both JJ and Blake Coram walked over the weekend as well oh did they they did indeed block it was so close to being a cowboy we were on the plane watching it and I was like please Lord let him drop so close dude I was so hoping for you to get Blake the plane together with the guide you know verse back into my lap but yeah especially when Daniel Jeremiah said I forget the name of the kid I'm sorry again so much has happened since the draft and the draft is just a blur anyway when I'm doing it seventh round Cowboys are on the clock he's like there's a running back out there who I really like who I think is better he's better than anybody on their current roster right now and they didn't get him I don't remember who it was I know he was big on Frank Gore's son I wonder if that's me that maybe who he was no he didn't know it wasn't I would have remember Frank or sorry I think the bills signed him to an as an undrafted free agent so yeah man I don't know we're on an amazing run of sports right now right now just this last couple of weeks with the draft and through the roast last night the Derby was a photo finish yeah the Miami f1 event has just been so much going on now the playoffs are we're really in the thick of the NBA playoffs the hockey has been awesome Bruins won a game seven that's right man the Maple Leafs fans are you gonna hug it out with the Leafs fans and we don't have to and obviously you guys aren't watching wrestling like I am but WWE did a show from Leon France backlash on Saturday and when I tell you this may have been the greatest crowd I've ever seen I mean Puerto Rico was great last year too but like this crowd literally I had to turn the TV down this crowd was so loud okay so into this wrestling it was it was time of year everyone's like oh there's nothing really going on it's May and although last night the Canelo fight on Saturday that was great like see 301 amazing although I do have to say the roast found a perfect spot spot Sunday night there were no NBA playoff games I don't know was there an NHL playoff game last night there was a game 7 that's right jeez game 7 yeah earlier in the day though but not last night right so like they had a spot to themselves yeah yeah man all right it's a Monday it's time for over I do know it's time for overreaction Monday hit it hit it please all right Christopher what do you have over there hey guys happy Monday everybody good I'm great doing all right Mikey good yeah how was the UFL this weekend it's great nice after seeing Belichick crushed the roast and the ESPN stuff with Pat every owner knows they messed up not hiring oh man everybody knows it everybody knows it I I don't know I I and I'm the one who said when he didn't get any jobs that he would spend the year doing his thing in the media and completely refurbish whatever needs refurbishing in the mind's eye of any NFL owners that are looking for a coach and they'll go get him if he wants a job that the year off would reset properly for Belichick if he wants a job I'm the one who said that it's already reset but I cannot say that him being able to take a ring camera joke on Netflix by the way I don't deny it from Brady I might add I don't think that that is going to cause an NFL owner to say out I want him now or I mean I screwed up by hiring somebody else I I don't think their ownership in Seattle or even ownership in Atlanta for sure where he was as close as any other spot to getting a job I don't think Arthur Blank watched that roast last night or saw a couple clips of him on Pat at the draft and thought man I I made a mistake with Raheem Morris I don't think there's a single owner that's sitting there thinking I made a mistake let's see how the games get played and obviously Belichick will only continue dominating the airwaves and the manner in which he's already done so but I'll I'll say that's an overreaction at present Chris that doesn't bode well for this next one okay what Tom Tom Brady we saw the personality we saw how he took it and ditched it last night this is gonna bode well for his future on Fox Mike Tom Brady's gonna have everyone saying Greg who on Fox oh don't give Olson that sort of treatment here no I obviously you clearly are I'm sure like listen I I do I will buy this part of it that Brady putting himself out there like this and having him take all the slings and arrows like this on his personal life in front of everybody and bring together all of his Patriots teammates I mean all the Bucks who are sitting in the back row didn't say a word they hung out and watched the therapy session between Tom and his previous team and teammates play out I think that bodes very well for him putting himself in the booth and being ready for for that very I think difficult and specific in depth broadcasting endeavor I think that that bodes well but I in terms of Greg who I mean I don't know what I haven't we haven't heard a single thing about what Greg Olson's gonna do in the fall yeah he was you know Carissa posted the Fox retreat pick and he was he there he was not in the photo so you know he's kind of I don't know if he's a free agency in the role of Bledsoe he's gonna cut is he gonna he's gonna he's gonna roast Tom and you know years from now if Tom does it again I don't know I heard about Greg I'll just I'm not gonna say that people are gonna say Greg who I just wish I'm just having fun I understand you're doing that you're still in Rose mode I got it but I do think it bodes well for for Tom's broadcasting career that great personality great sense of humor what else Chris a couple actual football ones okay sold Jordan love Jordan loves up for a new contract he's eligible Jordan loves gonna be the highest paid quarterback very soon and Packers NFC championship game this year I don't think that's that first part I don't know if he's gonna be above my home I think didn't my homes get redone in some way shape or form I don't know you got that you got the internet in front of you I'm doing a segment you didn't research your overreaction Monday you didn't think I would ask that question no I just because I need to know what the number is I don't think Jordan love is is in the position of he's getting his you know that it's his turn to get his and suddenly he's in the mode of getting the most because he's up I don't foresee that for some reason so I don't think he's gonna get the most cash this year I don't think he's gonna be at and which is what 65 yeah that ain't happening okay is he gonna be top five I'm leaving the how about this 45 plus becoming the highest paid quarterback in the league is the less the less believable aspect of this overreaction back go here huh I mean we saw what they did last year yeah you know and they've been through it now and that final pass that love through to end their season was easily what the worst throw he had maybe in months in weeks so we're just gonna assume he's only gonna get better and the team just drafted well and it's gonna get better you know I think they'll be overlooked because I think the Lions mania still exists and rightfully so but if I had to choose which one is the more overreaction I'd say the highest paid quarterback than making the NFC Championship which is funny because you're all the whole you know it's his turn philosophy I don't think he's in that mode I just don't think I don't think he's in that mode for some reason and I don't think the Packers well they don't know I don't think the Packers usually do do the the well you're it's your turn type stuff they'll figure something out yeah do maybe a shorter term deal and say hey you know we're not gonna make you the highest paid quarterback now but we'll give you fewer years so you get to that next contract and you can take us for all we're worth after that and Mike you might have to buy more fake stock so they can raise some revenue for it I'm ready I work in a reissue another reissue you but they might be coming for your for your money so you could pay for Jordan love we're gonna make new pet rocks everybody the pet rock of sports Green Bay Packers the wait was like three days honestly at least Mike with a cabbage patch you could play with the dog yeah all right talk to it what else Chris TJ we know this when it happened when we saw him run a four to one we're like he's gonna go in the first round he's gonna go to the Chiefs and dynasty just keeps going Xavier Worthy is gonna have more receding if he's going to go receiving yards this year than Tyree kill Tyree kill okay another year older he was banged up at the end of the last year we saw how the season ended now Odell is there just expect is real Xavier worthy about to be the number one option for Patrick Mahomes is number one they don't throw it enough for that to happen who doesn't throw enough the Chiefs Chris did you miss last year did you miss last year that they run it I miss last year the Chiefs having a reliable pass catcher other than 87 guess who they got now a guy that's the fastest dude in the league they had Rishi rice who had the best one of the best rookie seasons out there miss half the season even that even even Rishi rice didn't even have a better season than Tyree kill who was hurt from the last month this guy my reading this yeah this guy is about to I am all-in yeah you save your word a hype train and I am choo-choo drive I am I am a happy to hear about the hype train one of the most electric moments I've ever seen at the combine which isn't saying a lot because the only electric moments of the combine in the first 10-15 years was listening to the hum of the lights in the RCA don't was dead quiet or Lucas oil so but I'll say this is an over reaction and ask you to move on everywhere this quote it's amazing to have a quarterback that wants you he's basically living at Patrick Mahomes his house what does that mean what does that mean that did the you know Quinn Ewers didn't want him so what are you saying oh it's nice to have a quarterback that wants you he's gonna be you guys are gonna all look back does that mean yep you were right okay what else Chris all right well hoops we're gonna talk a lot of tea wolves tomorrow with Kilby that's right after they're up to Oh because the timber walls are going to the NBA finals this is a great one this is what overreaction Monday is all about because they've won five in a row oh man I will say there's a championship team they're playing and I just cuz they lost game one doesn't mean this thing's over and I'll just push back on it if they beat the Nuggets then I'll take them to go to the NBA final check back in tomorrow yeah I don't know the Nuggets everybody thought that they what they they they don't look at the Nuggets as a possible like dynastic team in the making that last year might have just been a flash Jokic got his one but it'll be like a future Dirk Nowitzki right well yeah when he goes into the hall at least you know here's another European that just got his one ah you know and not to win a third MVP I I know brother but I'm just saying that championship teams have the right stuff for a reason and I'll just say that this is an overreaction at present but if this was a game of chess I would keep my finger on the piece right now after making my move you got another one a couple more okay all it took TJ was one WNBA preseason game for me to just be yes this is happening Kaitlyn Clark is winning WNBA MVP this summer just one game 30-foot bombs like by the way sometimes to Gottlieb wants her to change her form like what are we talking about Tranquilo here that's a lie MVP going down right now Kaitlyn Clark I like it so therefore you're saying MVP which means she's also gonna be ROI yeah you don't I mean you don't think ROI is already like this is his this is his shoe end of an ROI is as as as when bun yama was your house to win ten bucks I wouldn't necessarily say that this is a good class coming I know that real good class but MVP here one 15 to 1 I mean come on guy value one WNBA exhibition game one pre-season is exactly what and I said before pre-season yeah preseason is worthless that this is what reaction Monday is all about watching this boom that's all I think one thing that we've already seen in Kaitlyn Clark's brief stint in the WNBA it's just weird questions of her by weird reporters asking weird stuff our colleagues doing what are some of these dudes I don't know like did somebody ask her like where Bay is around her people can't be normal ask a basketball what what are we doing all right last one that said though I'd want to take a selfie with her and send it to my daughter let's get some dad points that weird okay here I am a lot of people being weird but would you mind can I FaceTime my daughter right now this is cool all right quick quick old baseball huge Dodgers sweep of the Braves over the weekend here in Los Angeles man that gambling thing seemed to has been seems like forever ago don't it cuz show a tiny is so hot two bombs yesterday yes leads major league baseball with 10 show a tiny is going to hit more home runs this year then both Rockies and White Sox have wins where okay so the White Sox have six wins at present Rockies and White Sox both have eight eight I know tiny is at ten bombs currently I I think you're crazy I mean you're basically saying there's got to be to 2025 win teams in baseball so if he hits 60 to 30 win teams in baseball combined I mean just like he's gonna outdo one of them they both have eight that was well you just said I didn't take combined win total of the Rockies and White Sox graphic is wrong not how it was written okay apologize to throw someone under the bus you just threw some very terrific members of our staff under the bus yeah so you would say what more home runs than then the win total of either the Rockies or the White Sox and by the way is not combined win total okay by the way I would definitely say they're right you're wrong if I had to guess but that's neither here nor there so you're saying that Oh Tani will hit more home runs then the win total of either one of the two teams that are not performing very well right now okay how many times has somebody hit more home runs like what when judge hits 63 what was the lowest win total of anybody that year so that was what that was 2022 yeah yeah right I got to figure this out I got it I'm playing this like millionaire I'm sounding out my answer right now the Royals had six days at 60 so he beat them so it's happened recently all right then I'll take it then I'll take it then I'll say yes that said 55 55 yeah so he boy in the AL yeah definitely not combined okay not combined show your Tony will hit more home runs this season then my total of Rockies or White Sox is that it I didn't mean to throw anyone under the bus except you did except you did no I did I did no way to overreact to that we were reacting properly to that all right okay those teams are I guess my point is they're bad I know that and Oh Tony's good and Oh Tony's really miss Justin yeah okay I'll buy that yeah and I'll say it's the White Sox good lord oh feel the competitive team will ya geez all right um let's take a break I want to talk about an overreaction that I'm seeing as well from the roast I gotta I gotta I gotta talk about this when we come back afford anything talks about how to avoid common pitfalls how to refine your mental models and how to think about how to think Paula while certainly you can mess up on a million dollars a year it is far less likely than it is on $30,000 a year right I would meet wonderful people that were struggling with a budget that was super tight it was a hundred percent you need to make more money make smarter choices and build a better life afford anything wherever you listen what's up everyone it's reality Steve your number one source for all things bachelor nation and reality TV every day I'm giving you the behind-the-scenes juice and your info on all your bachelor nation stories and also interviewing some of your favorite reality stars my name has been synonymous with spoilers but I'm so much more than that give me a listen the reality Steve podcast part of the believe Network just search BL EAV on YouTube or wherever you listen all right so I'm announcing this live on the Roku channel okay not just to the Roku channel audience but to the Rich Eisen show members of the staff to whom this affects the roast master general Jeffrey Ross I'm texting with him right now he's he wants to zoom in top of the next hour so can we get that ready I'm now going to copy his email address send it somebody's got an email let's get this to Liz right if she's not she's not too busy getting Eric Bana ready for his appearance I think he's in our green room right now okay please send Jeff a link ending there we go zooming in at 11 a.m. Pacific fantastic I didn't know he was gonna be up yeah I thought he would still be still be sleeping yeah sleeping off the roast my gosh I mean he's the one who's been working with Tom Brady for last year got pushed back as Brady played again that last year in Tampa like he's Tom Brady's partner in this yeah yeah they own the roasts so they're they're producing this going forward Tony Hinchcliffe was just phenomenal but I think Nikki Glaser wins the gold medal right I think I think between them two and then bill I think those were probably the three biggest winners last Ron Burgundy don't forget here on burgundy was oh my god came out was great pretended it was like MSG yeah Madison Square Garden the knickerbockers I'm talking about earthquake oh my god what a night what a night game time tickets get the app put it on your phone start buying tickets certainly basketball playoffs are now in round number two tickets are there for you to go get you see the views from your seat all in prices kill it killer last-minute deals lowest price guarantee game time takes the guesswork out of buying basketball tickets and prices on the game time app actually go down the closer it gets to the tip-off it's so great I love using it it's not just for basketball it's all sports concerts comedy theater etc take the guesswork straight out of buying basketball tickets in particular with game time download the game time app create an account and then you can use our code it's rich that's our code rich and you get $20 off your first purchase restrictions apply visit for terms again create an account and redeem the code R I CH $20 off download game time today last-minute tickets lowest price guaranteed I won't say this roasts are totally off the rails nasty you say things in a roast you would never say to another person's face that is the purpose of a roast the ground rules for a roast are essentially there are no ground rules that's the idea of a roast that has been the idea of a roast way back in the day when the Friars Club did it back in the day with people like Milton Berle okay who was the filthiest one on the stage the words he would use I cannot repeat here because in a roast it is the safe space and anybody is who's at a roast is unsafe in that safe space you have to have your head on a swivel you have to have a thick skin and the worse the jokes are the better that is a roast that is the idea of a roast you might not like the the style of comedy in a roast because it's uncomfortable because you don't like the language you don't like the ground rules being there are no ground rules then you do not watch the roast and then if the material comes across your eyesight your landscape now in this day and age it's difficult to avoid it just understand the people who are doing this it is for comedy effect okay and Jeff always says you roast the ones you love that's that is it and and we it's so important in this day and age where people are very sensitive and things get said and people get criticized for it and again in the real world these things are not said and they should be criticized in the real world when you're out and about when you're talking to people and I understand the whole concept of cancel culture is supposed to be from the woke point of view and I'm accused of being liberal and woke from this chair and I love roasts because in this day and age you should have a space where comedy meets the things that you want to say but can't say and make a joke out of it and the comedians last night as bad as the jokes got and the worst they got for the subject matter they were high-fiving each other because it was a well-crafted and delivered and executed joke Nikki Glaser and Tony Hinchcliffe aren't going around in real world saying it to somebody's face because it's not the concept of a roast well Tony might I don't know I'm just saying you know you're watching this stuff out of context if you're not watching it in the context of it being a roast that is it and in all honesty I think in this day and age people are overly sensitive about what people are saying because there's one there's some particular people in our politics who say things that are not held to account by their own people for saying the things that is being said so when stuff gets said in the real world you might get some sort of an overreaction in people's minds or a proper reaction in people's minds and have a conversation about what's proper and what's not which makes the idea of a roast that much more necessary in this day and age get it out it's a safe space and it's all in fun service have been around for years decades and decades it has been but again you know it in our in our ever-evolving world the the safe space of a roast is viewed as unnecessary or and hasn't been one in a while it's been a long time because I don't know if this is acceptable to a lot of people great to have it back man but it was just in the context of what a roast is and for what a roast is last night's roast was superb a plus plus plus and Jeff Ross is about to join us I believe Eric Bana in studio hour three I might get in trouble for even saying what I just said but I'm seeing on my on my Twitter feed that's disgusting this is bad you know Giselle didn't deserve to be well I mean Giselle did you know obviously she doesn't deserve to be the butt of people's jokes but in the concept of a roast that's what happens and the thing is like Tom could have been like look no Giselle jokes and everyone would have back well but then ahead of time no but then then he shouldn't have sat for a roast exactly and that he did and that everything was fair game just shows the concept of the roast and Brady's attitude toward it that you know him and Jeff said like it's on let's go and it was perfect last night honestly I don't my sense wasn't to come in here and I hope I'm not like lecturing I'm not I don't believe I am I just needed to kind of remind everybody it's a comedy event where anything goes and if that's not your cup of tea don't watch and don't watch yeah and don't I'm in because you obviously don't get it right it's not for you that's correct I'm I I love roasts my god I love him I I can't get you sit for a roast hell no bring it on you're an egomaniac I get bro today though I am an egomaniac we roast you every day exactly baby Jeff Ross coming up Eric Bana behind welcome to talk the ultimate small rewatch podcast guest star Sarah Carter as Alicia Baker although I didn't really work with her a lot but Tom did and they had some real big smoochy scenes yeah about that could there be any more sex what was three-page makeout scene that just kept going good lord we get it they have chemistry jump in now or catch up on any of the past seasons of talkville on YouTube or wherever you listen
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