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Todd Bowles told Baker Mayfield to be himself

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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May 7, 2024 2:12 pm

Todd Bowles told Baker Mayfield to be himself

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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May 7, 2024 2:12 pm

Rich and the guys recap Netflix’s Tom Brady Roast.

Buccaneers Head Coach Todd Bowles and Rich discuss Baker Mayfield reviving his career last year in Tampa, integrating the Bucs’ class of rookie players, how the hip-drop tackle ban and new kick off rules will impact the NFL, and more.

Rich weighs in on Joe Burrow’s latest comments on his first offseason workouts and the NFL’s upcoming 2024 season schedule release and who the Chiefs could kick off the season against in Week 1.

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This is the Rich Eisen Show. So guys, I'm accessible.

Accessible. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. We gotta pause this because Jerry Seinfeld has just shouted out your dad on Saturday Night Live. I wasn't on Rich Eisen.

No, you were. I saw it. I like Rich Eisen. I find him accessible. The Rich Eisen Show. Today's guests. Buccaneers head coach, Todd Bowles. Host of the Life Gorgeous Podcast, Craig Kilbourne.

Plus, your phone calls, latest news, and more. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Oh, right. Hour number two of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air and, you know, I look to my right where the Larry O'Brien trophy was sitting for the last hour and now all I see are my notes. Very important. Very important. Notes are important. Notes are crucial. Notes are crucial. But just a very noteworthy appearance from the Larry O'Brien trophy.

I can't believe he killed Barbara Eden and Larry Rich. It's the opposite of power rankings. It's the unpowered. I honestly thought, you know, but great. I'm actually not.

More power of today. I'm not faulting you for thinking that. I mean, they're in their 90s.

Larry Merchant is, but hey, Larry's on my list. Yeah. I wish I was 50 years younger and I'd kick your ass. Told that to Floyd Mayweather. That was a great moment in the ring. Fantastic. So if you missed the first hour, please stay tuned to our Roku channel stream because we re-air on Channel 210 as soon as we're done.

But we've got so much more to go over the next two hours. Todd Bowles of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is going to join us. It was great to see Lavonte David and the rest of the crew at the Brady roast. And Lavonte was in our studio on Friday in advance of that. And so Todd Bowles is going to be joining us. And then in hour number three, Craig Kilborn will be here in studio.

Lord Kilby's got a top five list of his own, his top five favorite athletes of all time. Larry's leaving, guys. Larry's leaving.

He's being ruled out. Bye, Larry. See you later.

Come back soon. Our friends from the NBA have taken Larry out heading to Access Hollywood. That's next. And then what did they say? They're going to a concert tonight? I won 21 Savage at the Forum.

21. Where does he sit in front? Did Larry O'B get a front row? By the way, here's the stage. Hold on a second.

Wait a minute. So you're telling me that the first act after the Brady roast at the Forum is called 21 Savages? No, just 21 Savage. No, no, no, no. 21 Savage because- Because there weren't 21 Savages. Yes.

Anything Savage. The number of people that I've heard from that are like, hey, saw you on TV. Which is like, you know, I've kind of been doing that for like 25 years. But I love when I get that, hey, I saw you. I saw you and Susie. I saw you guys. I got a text from some, you know, a couple of Jet fans who were very upset that I stood for Robert Kraft when he was introduced. First of all, two things.

Number one, the number of, you give standing ovations all night at a roast. Yes. You know what I mean? Yeah. And- Up and down, up and down. And secondly, let me just address the camera here.

He's in charge of the NFL broadcast committee. Do you understand? I might not have had any buttered bread while I was standing, but I was, you know, spreading it. Buttered bread.

Buttered bread. I'm still saying, when you started off, you didn't tell us you were going to be involved. So I- Well, in honesty, I did not know that until the weekend. Oh, okay. So I got a call from Jeff Ross on Saturday saying, you know, we need somebody to kick the roast off to introduce Kevin Hart. Would you be our, as he referred to it, our Howard Cosell?

Because I think Cosell used to do that for some roasts. Oh, really? Yeah. Oh, that's cool.

You know, I think so. I don't know, you know, that portion of the history, but he referred to me. So first of all, Jeff Ross asks anything. He has me at hello. Then he asked for me to be his Howard Cosell.

I mean, you know, that's, you're talking my language, like that's directly up my alley. And so, so I didn't know until Saturday. It was just, it was great. Like you sit there, you're on time, you're waiting and the clock's coming down and it pops up. And I look, my friend Scott Sartiano sitting right behind you and I'm like, wait a minute. Oh, yes. He did come up to me and say, you know, I know TJ Jefferson, which happens to me every day I walk out in Los Angeles.

I don't know if that's pretty much, pretty much happens to me all the time. Yeah. He's, he's a great guy. And so when you say that counting down, I was just telling this to Suze last night, you know again, I'm kind of having fun that, you know, Hey, I've been on TV for X number of years and whatever. No, but I do, as you know, relish popping up in spots where people don't expect to see me.

I love roasts, but I do, I do love live audiences and I do love, um, energy and, and, and I try my best to live in a moment and standing there when it was time for the roast to start. And Chris, you were there too. And they announced in the arena, we have one minute to go. Now when I first strolled out, Suze and I were taking our, our seats, uh, next to the Grays. I know.

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Gray. Let's go. Um, and so, so as, as we were taking our seats and we stepped out into the, um, forum arena for the first time, I got to tell you, I looked up because I was wondering, are they going to sell the place out for a roast on a Sunday night?

You know what I mean? It's not a rock concert, but I had a little bit of concern. Are they going to sell it out?

I walk in there, it's sold out packed, empty packed seat in the house. And so you could hear, you know, buzz in the arena when you started walking out of jerseys, I guess. I, I don't know why I wasn't expecting that, but I kind of wasn't, listen, man, you Patriot fans are frigging everywhere.

So, um, we're, Susie and I are sending them, so they, they come and collect me and place me where I was starting and talking in the microphone. And they announced one minute to go to air. And there was such, I'm getting goosebumps, just even talking about, there was such an audible roar from the crowd and it hit me, I'm like, Oh man, like this place is ready to rock. And I, I thought to myself, like, was there tailgating? Was there just like, cause it sounded like a well oiled crowd when they had bars all around. It was everywhere.

Right. So I heard it and then when it was time to start, you heard that Netflix anytime you open the app right here on Roku, you hear that, that noise that echoed throughout the arena. Did it? It was loud. And I thought to myself, Oh man, now the rehearsal, the rehearsal beforehand that I did earlier in the day, no one's in there. And they also hadn't shot the cold open yet. So there was like a placeholder. And so I hadn't seen the cold open yet either. And the cold open was Belicheck telling Bledsoe he's out and Brady's in for the roast, which was laugh out loud, hilarious, the whole place went nuts over that because that all the patch fans in their Jersey scene, Belicheck was there and Bledsoe was there because we were aware of it. Cause we're, but it wasn't now like Drew, I think was like Schefter had tweeted out a few of the Patriots players, but Belicheck was kind of a rumor 50 50. Is he going to be there?

Is he not? So the place went nuts and then they did have the show open that you see on Netflix, which is the names of the people who are all going to speak. And with each one there was an audible roar. And then it was time. Then they had that shot, the overhead shot of the forum and that's when they started counting me down and I'm like, okay, like this is gonna be a night. And then I did my thing.

I'm like, here's Kevin Hart. And the place went nuts and it's still trending now. Right? Brady's still trending.

Tom Brady's still trending. Man. It really was a dynamite night. I guess watching it from home, I didn't expect.

That many people, but the wide shot, it was like, wow, yeah, it is. It was electric in there. It was completely electric in there. And then, you know, Kevin Hart comes out and his first 90 seconds, two minutes was clean. Like it was, it was PG and he was just setting up a tape of letting everybody, I guess, remember who the goat is. And then he went in. He went all the way in on everything. And then the rest of the night, as we all know, is history.

And it really is. It's television, streaming television, Netflix television, history being a live event. I'm dying to see the numbers. I'm sure Netflix probably wait a week, let the word of mouth kind of spread, go back and watch it.

But next week when they release a number, I'm pretty geeked to see that because I think it's going to be high. I'm not late, man. Fun stuff. You haven't seen it yet, have you, Mike?

No, because I have to have time. I'm going to make it a night when I can sit, don't have to, you don't have to worry about what Monty Austin Fort did, which is like, turn it on live. And his three girls, they go, mom and dad are pausing this. That was funny yesterday. Kevin Hart's first Giselle joke. And it's like, okay, Kevin Hart saying that, you know, Giselle's like, I want you retired.

You got to be retired. Okay. And you said no. And he goes like, who wouldn't want to go like eight and nine and lose your wife and kids. You got to do it. I respect it. That's when it's just like, oh, okay. And I think it did dawn on Brady as well. No doubt. He was like, oh, some more tequila.

I need to loosen up a little bit. I kind of just wanted to, you know, if it came up and it did just, I wasn't planning on talking about this to start hour two, but I was telling Susie the last night, like this was pretty frigging cool. Yeah.

I think it's something we've been talking about for a while. Well again, no, I'm just talking about me, Mike. Rich, I get you. I feel you, brother. Geez, what the hell.

Nothing wrong with that. Talk about the rest of the roast. 21 Savage.

Can you do something for me? 21. That's tonight. The Larry O'Bees going to be there. The Larry O'Bees was at the red carpet and Brady and Gronk went up to it. They didn't mind.

And I assume they're rooting for the Celtics too. Gronk did say, I'm not going to spike it. That was nice. As he was, as he was talking to the Larry O'Brien. That was really nice of him. Yeah, I know.

Yeah. I saw Gronk afterward and he's really tan and I'm like, bro, you're tan. He's like, I've been in Florida for 40 days.

He's like, I've been on vacation for two months. Like, okay, cool. What is that like? Living the life, man. Rich, what is that like? I had no idea. He was like, then I was in the Bahamas and I'm like, dude, honestly, what could be, honestly, I'm just sitting there thinking, what could, what could two months of vacation be like?

Lovely. That's what it could be like. I don't know. I think I'd go crazy. I don't know. I would, I mean, you heard, you heard Gronk said he's, he's doing all right. No, I'm not. I just don't.

Gronk's living his best life. I don't know. I mean, the last time I had that much time off was I was in between jobs of NFL network and ESPN. 40 days. We would go crazy.

Rich. I would go nuts. 40 days off. You don't even know how to take four minutes off. You're already, you're already thinking about how am I going to set up for that UFL game? I'm definitely set up for already, but I need to talk about that so I can get out of Friday's rich Eisen show.

Second most watched game of the season. I've done one and two. So what matters for me?

Sure. There's some baseball you got to do, right? Baseball.

If you weren't doing the games, they not be as highly rated. When you set up for the UF, when you set up for the UFL, I'm asking, let me do you go underground? Do you actually like lift a manhole cover up and go underground? Like they put out cones on Pico Boulevard at the corner of Pico and motor. And people are like, dammit, this, what's the traffic jam for? And then Del Tufo is like going down in the manhole cover.

So you need to connect wires. I need a prop. Are you shutting down like the electrician and diehard or you lose your job? That's an underrated line and diehard, by the way, by the way, diehard the building right around the corner from where he does his stuff on the street. Where's he going? He's going. What is he doing?

He needed a prop. He goes off camera to grab a mic. Yes. Because did that just happen? Yes. Did our sound engineer.

When he was off mic, he was explaining what he was doing. When you pick this thing up, when you're doing a pregame or something, if you're not wearing a love, which I love that you wear lives of that. Thank you. But when you pick this up and you go, hello, it's rich eyes and I'm on the air. Do you know the work that goes in from the guy mic you up to the in the truck?

It's it's it's like insane. I know that most of the people that's what I do on Friday, they do that because I'm not on site. Right. So I have to test between wherever the game is and Pico.

Yes. And it's not like just like it's 20 pairs of stuff. And I can't start that can't start one in the afternoon because we have to test transmission to make sure everything's in sync so that you're not seeing lips not move with the video. OK, it's crazy. And I'm by the way, this is the biggest show that I do in that world of games. So you jerks don't like say I'm saying this is in a big show in a sense of the setup. It's a lot of work for me.

OK. So and by the way, it's bigger than a Super Bowl to some at Pico in a sense of what they say for the guys. You say big. You mean intricate? Yes. There's a complex complex time consuming because it's bigger. No, I don't.

I know. You take it as bigger. No.

Do you understand the Roku portal? Of course. Power, Mike. Yes.

Do I need to give you a one sheet? Joe loves me. We work the Fox. Joe's watching this. Joe loves me. And I mean, by the way, that's what I say. The number of people who just heard you describe what you do for U.F.L. dwarfs the U.F.L.

broadcast in terms of the homes and in terms of re-airs, Roku's all over the world and in terms of audio audience and Mike, seriously. So you should be here Friday. That's what I'm saying. Well, he won't be because he can't stop working. No, I can't.

It's 40 days. He likes working. If I stop working, I'm going to die. You like working like Gronk loves vacation. Well, I mean, I'd die.

That's why he always Instagrams out a selfie of himself not working, because it's so rare. I do like that. OK, I'll be on my boat this afternoon.

Is that it? Showing off. Hey, Mike, you know what? You should get your dentist should sponsor yourself. Can we do a list of me? I want to have my own roast, Rich. You can host it. I'd love to. We got to do a 60 and win two years. We got to do it. Don't you want to sell tickets? Because we would sell it out.

Our fans would love to be there. OK, right. Because you guys would eviscerate me and I would like it.

I actually get eviscerated every day. It's perfect. I mean, I'd be perfect. We will reach out to Roast J. Simpson or the Juice, I mean, the real killer, Jeff Ross. All right. Let's take a break, because when you say when you say Roast jokes out of context, it's not good.

Yeah. And plus, Todd Bowles is a classy man. We need to class this place up for each other.

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Call or just stop by. Thrilled to have here on the Rich Eyes and Show, one of our favorites. Always great to catch up with the head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers here to not only talk about his team, but also the Buccaneers National Coaching Academy. Good to see you. Todd Volz, how are you, sir? I'm great, Rich. How are you doing? I'm doing great.

I'm doing fine. I saw Lavonte David here last Friday. He was here in studio.

What do you mean? Oh, he's the good one to talk to. He is. I really I was telling the guys when he got up here that I just love talking to, you know, vets like dead, you know, solid, perfect, diehard football vets. And him entering year 13 and looking like he's literally 13 years old, you know, is and his passion for the game.

I love it. Todd, you must love having him back again. Oh, I love having him back. Like I told him at the end of the year, I didn't want him to even think about retirement. The way he played, what he brings to the table for us and the excitement he gives our guys on defense is unmatched and the way he carries himself, the way he goes about being a professional, the way he spreads wisdom, you know, he's really been a joy for me to coach. Now, obviously, you know, you want him back and Baker and the Evans and all the guys going into your off season after a very nice season that you had. This is the ultimate of you can't control what you can't control.

You know what I mean? You you you you're what was that like for you while Jason Light was doing his work? No, it was scary at first, you know, you got all these guys open and, you know, with Mike potentially being a free and Baker being free and Lavonte being free gut and Winfield as well before they tag them, you have a chance to not only lose all your leaders, but lose all your playmakers as well.

So it's always an option. So you're always scrambling from that standpoint. But fortunate enough, Jason did an outstanding job getting everybody back that we needed back. And I feel a lot better now now that you're looking back, how how did Baker move so well into the role of quarterback when he followed the man in Tom Brady, Todd? I think, you know, the first thing we told Baker when he came in was to be himself and nobody's going to follow Tom, you know, nobody's going to walk in Tom's shoes.

And like I told him, you put Tom's shoes on the shelf and you buy a new pair and you get used to that pair and you learn to walk in those because nobody's going to walk in Tom's pair. Baker did just that. He's a completely different guy and player than Tom. We didn't try to have the same system we had in place for Tom.

We didn't have the same scheme or anything like that. We wanted him to be himself at the time. We needed the leadership over there.

We needed the spark plug over there. He gave us just that and he did all that while being himself. Well, who is he when you say being himself? He's a very fiery guy on the field. He's very enthusiastic guy as a linebacker's mindset, but he's a very intelligent quarterback. He's a great teammate off the field. He embraces guys off the field, eats with the guys, goes to lunch and dinner with the offensive and the defensive players.

You think he'd be a linebacker or a lineman with the way he hangs out with those guys so much. So, he brings the team in and he gives them hope because he always talks to those guys. When he leads on the field, you want to listen because he's the same every day as far as trying to win every play, not just trying to win during the game.

He tries to win in practice the way he preparedly tries to win and that gave us a different leadership we have. We had the people from the past when we had Tom and those guys because Tom was already established. Baker wasn't established, at least not here from a credential standpoint, so it was important that he came in to be himself and those guys embraced him that way and that's how they saw him. Well, he was established reputation-wise and I say that as a guy who's a big fan of his. When you say like, hey, be the guy that you are and then so many people have a vision of the guy that he was, wouldn't really want to be the guy that you want to say that to, coach, you know, but there was nothing like that at all for you.

Well, you know, sometimes the player doesn't fit the scheme over a course of years and he had his ups and downs, but be the guy that I told him to be. I got to know him when I was in New York. I got to know him at Oklahoma very well. We got to know each other very well. We kept in touch over the years and the guy I wanted him to be was the leader off the field, the leader on the field, his fiery self and to get the guys fired up with his own way and at his own time and that's when I was talking about him being himself and that's the guy that we've grown to love because he's endured some, he grew up some.

This league will humble you, coach or player, will humble you at some point. He took some bruises over the years. He learned from him.

He's a very mature guy that way. He took the lumps and he came out on top and he bet on himself and he won. You're talking about when in New York when you were evaluating for that third overall selection that in the draft he went one and Sam Darnold wound up three. That's what you're referring to. Exactly right.

So then last one on Baker. How is he a different guy than the kid that you met during that process for you right now? Well, I think from a maturity standpoint, obviously he's married, he just had a kid so he grew up that way. I think from a football standpoint, he's still the same and he's still the same fiery guy.

He knows how to channel it when he needs to channel it and he knows when it needs to come out at the right moment for the team and I think from that part he understands it better than he did when he was a young player coming out. So what do you say to fans who might be concerned that Dave Canales was the one who was kind of stirring the drink a little bit with his play calling and everything else offensively last year and now he's the head coach in your division for Carolina. I would say that Dave helped Baker as much as Baker helped Dave.

It was a two-way street from that standpoint. Dave put him in some positions and Baker bailed Dave out some so I thought it was a good collaboration. I'm happy that Dave got the job but we still have Baker and we're still confident in him and with Liam coming in we feel we have some continuity there so I think they both made each other better.

I've got Todd Bowles, head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers here on the Rich Eisen Show. Looks like you got Baker a new center in the draft. How quickly do you think Graham Barton can get up to speed here for you? Well he's pretty bright. Hopefully he gets up to speed soon.

Center is a tough position in this league but we drafted him just for that position right there. As soon as we get him in here this coming weekend for minicamp and get his whereabouts around him I think he'll catch up pretty quickly. So where are you I guess phase-wise here? Walk me through where you are with rookies coming in undrafted and then the guys that you did draft. We're in phase two right now with the veterans as far as working out and walkthroughs on the field. They're still in the training mode. We can't go against the offense yet.

We can't line up and go run plays against the defense either so we're walking through schematically and they're getting in shape. The rookies will come in Thursday because we have rookie minicamp that's coming weekend, Mother's Day weekend. So we'll have all those guys in starting Thursday afternoon.

We'll go through the weekend with them and get our first look at them live. And so as we look at your draft choices up on the screen when you said you can't do it is that a collective bargaining thing where you can't you can't go like yeah that's league wide. It's only phase two. It's league wide. You can only do what so much. Right so you know and I guess that's one thing I want to throw your way is just again you don't have to I guess worry about developing quarterbacks although you never know right in this league and the times that you're allowed to have players in your in your building and then do stuff on the field. Do you feel in a way again you've been in this league a long time that these concepts need to be revisited coach old school me says yes you know and but everybody's playing with the same deck of cards so it although you like it revisit it and you can never have enough teach time I think that's the time we get in the spring is critical on how you teach and the importance of teaching.

So we just got to take advantage of that and not worry about how much time we get and just use the time that we have very well so and I can't do anything about the agreement or anything else so we just go with the flow and make sure our guys are prepared to play. And then a couple of rule changes. How do you think whatever has been done for the hip drop tackle and trying to remove it how how's that going to be a challenge for you with some of your players and teaching it and getting it out of the game to avoid a flag you know for us it's not going to be a big problem because we didn't teach it to begin with and we try not to do it and we don't condone it at all I think it's great to get out of the game I think it just brings more awareness to when some people are trying to get down and I don't think it'll be a problem for our team I think it'll be interesting in the league if somebody's at the end of the ball game and somebody's trying to get out of bounds and runs a crossing route and somebody's chasing them from behind and tries to keep them in bounds that will be very interesting nobody tries to do it nobody wants to do it I think it should be banned from the game I think it just brings more awareness to it but as far as we're concerned we don't teach it and we try not to do it at all. And then how do you think the new kickoff rules are going to change things how do you think that's going to play out? That one's going to be interesting so it'll be a very interesting pre-season you know I think guys will have returners it'll be interesting with the closeness of the kickoff team now you know it's almost like a defensive play as opposed to a special teams play because of how close they are in proximity at this point it's just a matter of where the double teams come from and your guess is going to be as good as mine we're going to sample some things in pre-season and put out there and see if it works for the best. Interesting could you expound on that when you say it's going to be more like a defensive play than a special teams play because you also have two guys right there's going to be two returners there'll be two returners back there but you're only going to be 10 yards from the blocker so you can run down there you don't have to run fully down the field you're already going to be down there and it's they're going to have two returners but you still got 11 guys it's like having a quarterback and a running back back there and they can't throw it to each other technically but it's going to be interesting the blocking schemes are going to be interesting do you need bigger guys do you need more athletic guys no different than the kickoff team do you have bigger d linemen out there do you have linebackers where the small fast guys going to be and do they pull people do they double one guy and the the dynamics of it is going to be very interesting so the people that can get off blocks the best and kind of corral it will have some success and the people that can't you know they may pop them through the hole and you may start kicking it in the end zone but we're going to try both and we have some things some new things we want to try and pre-season to see if that works for us and then is there conceptually a different type of returner or you just no let's get the fastest guy out there and see what works i think it needs a it probably needs to be a bigger guy because those guys are a little close i think there are some small guys that can do it that have done it you're probably more into the running back mode as opposed to the little short quick returner mode unless he has some toughness there because it's going to be 11 guys already down there so you're going to have to get hit at some point and then roster wise does that does that you know factor in who makes a 53 it will factor in i think it has a great deal of who factors in whether you carry more db's or more linebackers or is that receiver still good enough to play special teams that can tackle so you run into a bunch of dynamics depending on the team of what you have and what you don't have already love it talking ball with todd bowls head coach of the tampa bay buccaneers what's the scoop with the buccaneers national coaching academy well it kicked off yesterday you know we have 25 people in that apply for this job out of about 1500 applicants and trying to get them to see what it's like to be in the real nfl organization trying to get to know people and see what it takes to coach it's like an extension of the fritz uh fritz pollard deal the minority coaching internship and it's it's really to find or prepare or get insight for the coaches to become nfl coaches in that aspect so we have about 25 people in here that's going to be in for the rest of the week and at the end of that we'll choose five that'll attend training camp with us that we feel like may have a future with the team maybe not immediately but somewhere down the line and it gives people exposure to nfl coaching that they wouldn't ideally normally have i think darcy glaser casowitz came up with a great plan to put in place that we have all these people with these coaches getting to know them them getting to know us and understanding what the nfl life is like behind the scenes and as far as expanding their coaching knowledge and you know it really it really is a great thing to try to help the league push it forward what's the general uh resume and background of those who are fortunate you gotta have a couple years of coaching experience obviously whether it's high school whether it's college whether it's canadian whether it's anything like that you gotta have a few years of coaching experience and you get interviewed you get screened uh you send in your resume you get screened then you go to the next set of interviews and you know before the process is over they narrow down and we pick the people out and when we come in here they came in yesterday as a matter of fact and we just had some meetings today they get to learn coaching they get to talk ball they get to see how it's like from a coaching staff the coaching staff gets to know them they get to see the players they would be around the players all weekend they attend rookie mini camp and you know after that we'll pick five that will attend training camp and go through the whole training camp so i think it's a good process and it's a good way for some of those people to network it's a good way for us to try and find the next coach to come in here or go anywhere and have some experience on it so it helps both sides do they uh meet ariens to learn how to use colorful language and get away with it is that part of the process earlier earlier today they had a panel discussion with bruce ariens and tony dungy in here tony was in here live on barber so they got to talk some ball with bruce today okay so they flex you're flexing you're bringing in the stars you're bringing in the big guns you are fantastic all right before before i let you go you said veterans are there uh are they fresh back from the brady roast some of these guys coach are they fresh back some of them some of them need a day or two they got they need a vacation from their vacation pretty much uh did you did you watch any of the tom brady roast coach i i caught snippets of it i'm a huge nikki glazer fan and i try to watch any rose that involves her unfortunately i missed it that night but i i'm going to catch up with it this weekend oh boy well you named the number one roaster of the night coach she absolutely destroyed the place she wrecked out i'm a huge nikki glazer fan is that right i am i really am okay so you like her work and from the roasts and and any roaster she's on i'm watching well she had uh some special ammunition for the uh the honoree of the night coach but listen so since you were familiar with her work and roasts in general uh you probably don't need this advice but just make sure the the kids are all tucked away uh when you hit play i'll make sure they don't see it oh my gosh but it was good to see lavante and some of your other guys that were out here in support of tom um it was pretty cool it was pretty cool to see everybody back there oh yeah one last thing uh because lavante told me this um that that tom brady did not address the team in a pre-game huddle of any sort until the super bowl did that very true i mean that i don't know why that blew me away that he never once in the super bowl season stepped in pregame to say let's do this let's you know fire up the the crew that never happened tom more of a leader out of the huddle he ran the offense and he led the offense and there were guys that spoke but when tom speaks before a game everybody's gonna listen because he's a man of few words in that category he'd rather go by actions but when he spoke everybody listened to a tee and they followed the assignment so but so do you was that purposeful that you know i'm not going to speak until we make a song i think it was spontaneous it was spontaneous you know tom doesn't hold his breath and then comes out and say something when he has something to say he's going to say it now he said things in other ways probably not to the whole group but he said some things but that was the first time he sat there and went with the whole group and said it what he had to say and everybody from there just took off well i guess if you want anybody to hold uh you know specific ideas until super sunday so it can really stand out i i guess he's the guy you know he is definitely the guy coach thanks for the time greatly appreciate it say hi to everybody down there in tampa and let's do this uh let's do this again real soon and enjoy the brady roast when you catch up to it you got it appreciate it there you go that's todd bowls everybody head coach of the tampa bay buccaneers and uh nikki glaser fan here on the rich eisen show didn't see that coming but rightfully so she destroyed on by the way gold medal right destroyed and um tony hinchcliffe the silver i want to go one and one a i think with them okay and then after that i think we could probably have a conversation about which patriot about uh which patriot ron burgundy i thought was uh brady was terrific well kevin hart too kevin hart was a great host jeff had a great i mean everyone crushed it was again i mean i've already watched it twice it's it's amazing have you really yeah it's so good and you lived it leading up to it yeah sam j with the hospital sam j was so good brady had to leave boston because he was too black unbelievable again saying roast jokes outside of the road doesn't really work but no you you run the risk yeah but we're out of the safe space all right we'll take a break he's talking about too old for rich number to dial here on the rich eisen show some schedule news coming up what's up everyone it's reality steve your number one source for all things bachelor nation and reality tv every day i'm giving you the behind the scenes juice and your info on all your bachelor nation stories and also interviewing some of your favorite reality stars my name has been synonymous with spoilers but i'm so much more than that give me a listen the reality steve podcast part of the believe network just search b-l-e-a-v on youtube or wherever you listen afford anything talks about how to avoid common pitfalls how to refine your mental models and how to think about how to think paula well certainly you can mess up on a million dollars a year it is far less likely than it is on thirty thousand dollars a year right i would meet wonderful people that were struggling with a budget that was super tight it was a hundred percent you need to make more money make smarter choices and build a better life afford anything wherever you listen back on the rich eisen show game time tickets get the app put it on your mobile device certainly if you're like the scenes in new york last night i mean who wouldn't want to try and go to a playoff basketball game right now with all due respect to those who are listening in denver right now i was kind of pretty quiet in there but if you're a minnesota fan in town my gosh uh go see your team if you want to in the basketball playoffs and use game time tickets because prices on the game time app actually go down the closer it gets to tip off there's last minute deals all in prices views from your seat lowest price guarantee there's no reason to not check it out takes the guesswork straight out of buying basketball tickets that's game time download the game time app create an account use our code rich for twenty dollars off your first purchase restrictions apply visit game for terms again create an account redeem your code r i c h twenty dollars off download game time today last minute tickets lowest price guaranteed all right didn't know uh how about this let's talk bangles football oh yes tyler boyd is a tennessee titan yes okay so put him in tennessee brian callahan's like i'll take a guy i know how to coordinate an offense for it or get a pass to here and there um i keep telling you guys t higgins is going nowhere if he wants to play football this year it's for the cincinnati bangles because if there's one guy who will not be moved at all on this front in my estimation uh it's mike brown honestly a guy who kept his dad's name on the stadium until he had to pay joe so he went to pay corps and said let's put your name on the stadium pay joe honestly and when they paid joe um i say this with all all the due respect which means i can now be like i'm at uh the brady roast um when they paid joe burrow uh that noise you heard was the sound of i think mike brown's velcro wallet ripping open that was the noise and it's it's it's joe's world this is it as far you know with all due respect again to jake browning um who played very well and got me to my fantasy finals last year oh congrats thank you uh until you know then uh um all of the roof fell in um they uh they they got to get joe healthy and keep him healthy and that's the end of it how's that for a take this is joe burrow apparently throwing he's throwing yeah let's see it let's see it oh look at the hair moving around he's got elite hair now man okay throwing on the run too this is exactly the type of stuff that he then came up lame on last summer okay all right guys we should we're for the radio audience he's throwing and he's always flipping behind his back he's joe burrow that was completed though it doesn't matter he looks great that's all that matters his hair is perfect there's no helmet no no helmet joe burrow had this to say oh he spoke oh yes i think i'm fully cleared for everything other than contact right now that'll come in the next month probably but it's no rush season doesn't start for a while so we're in a good spot you know you never whenever you have a an injury to your throwing side you're never quite sure how it's going to turn out at the end but uh i'm in a good spot i'm happy with where i'm at and i'm going to continue to get better attaboy it's may you know what if i had a chance to ask joe burrow a question right now it truly would be how much pomade are you using now is he upgraded that part of his game looks good just looked at me and said top five best looking quarterback in the nfl so right um i guess it's not the top five killborn has none he's working so i just want him to stay healthy yeah hey everybody who loves the ravens coming in this year and we do with with derek henry and you know stealers have ross whatever don't forget i i'm if i had a guess right now i'm i don't know how these holdouts are going to go i don't know how the holdouts are going to go i was about to call my shot but trey hendrickson and and t higgins i i don't know if they're really gonna hold out you want to pick the bangles to win the north so i want to do it yeah i so want to do it i bet you you know here's here's one put chase brown on your um your fantasy list sneaker oh yeah baby i combined sneaker and sleeper just throw that error um you know in in terms of the nfl schedule i told you that the nfl schedule the 2024 schedule release show that's on nfl network that everybody made fun of until everybody started copying it so true i was told to keep thursday night free oh this week because as you know if you don't mind me saying can't release the nfl schedule without me you know i mean there's no i in the nfl but there is one in rich and isin you know i mean there's not one in schedule either damn it oh anyway are you available did you clear your schedule clear my schedule nfl network says clear your schedule you know what to do you clear it clear clear just been told do what you want to do thursday night oh interesting just told fill your schedule with whatever you'd like what about tomorrow night no i've told this week to this week as this week is off my my week is as they say as scripted all right i see no schedule this week i'm gonna figure out where to put the bears in prime time week one i have been told oh we got to clear my schedule for next wednesday oh so here it comes maybe so i don't i just don't know if that's it i can't think they're gonna go any further than may 15th i don't know the latest it's it's been late but i don't care it's great oh it's amazing great it's great let's give me something mid-may to talk about my god but screw it we'll do it now kansas city chiefs are going to open the season they're going to raise a banner and they're going to make sure that whoever comes in doesn't do to them what the lines did last year if there's any team that's going to come in cupcake week one no no no no they're going to make sure they're going to treat whoever comes in as a cop i thought you might the league was going to like what are our options have we done this yet let's do it for the chiefs okay how about joe we just talked we just saw joe how about it that's it i i i i don't think they want to do division games and i just don't think they're going to put the ravens in in there either i don't think they're going to go afc championship game rematch right in the middle don't forget last year they put eagles and niners late in the season i like hardball i like jim but i know that but they don't want to put a division game in there i know they did packer's bears recently not on a thursday night not on a banner raising night that's why you want to save that shroud you put stroud out there we we've we've mentioned that with the bears i just think it's joe it's bangles but burrows back bangles chiefs former former afc combatants only team that's actually beaten you know mahomes in an afc championship game in his life since brady the only active quarterback that hasn't been roasted you know true to beat mahome i i think that's what it is if i had a guess but it's so easy to do hardball we of course you want like everybody's curious about it what is it going to look like i just don't think they're going to put a i just don't think they're going to put a division game the first game i just don't think that's it um so smells like a sunday night right and i just again last year yeah it does sound like hey great let's get an afc championship game rematch to start everything but don't forget last year they they took an nfc championship game rematch and stuck it late in the season and i think they'll do that again here texans would be a really fun kickoff really fun kickoff jj watt said he would might think about coming well he won't i think when he said that i think he's talking about like eric wettl or what less needs oh like middle kind of tongue in cheek even though he wasn't tongue in cheek hey aaron donald let's come on out for playoffs like if he needs him if they need him like they're down tons of bodies like they they were the rams were at safety and that playoff run years ago i don't know i'm gonna say texans i'm gonna texans would be really you would be really sweet but i if i had a guess it's the bangles to kick it off craig kilborn's coming up everybody just saw craig in the uh in the green room always forget how tall he is um and uh just once again i mean this guy man we weren't putting up our text exchange if you don't mind from uh last week when i this is last wednesday i'm like you know what let's get let's get craggers in here let's get lord kilby back in here uh are you free to come in next tuesday fresh off of game two versus the nuggets and he wrote right in the middle of another wolves sweep and look who's about to stroll in here with the wolves up 2-0 and not just up 2-0 a hard like a hard fought game one drawing blood type battle but that's usually where the the defending champs will come in and spank them and say this is going to be a long series everybody certainly without with rudy gobert in in a maternity ward and they're coached in the front in the first row to protect his his surgically repaired leg yeah you got one you stole game one congrats we're still the champs and then the double-digit game two win let's go back to your place right end up i know the timber was like how does a 30-point lead early third quarter sound to you how's the 30-piece sound first half game was over midway through the second quarter yeah basically anthony edwards taking a mop yeah to the floor see ya so craig kilborn not superstitious and he's got a top five list other than i don't we're going to talk about but it's just going to be like like like a lot of fun okay i love that picture craig kilborn's next welcome to talkville the ultimate smallville rewatch podcast guest star sarah carter as alicia baker although i didn't really work with her a lot but tom did and they had some real big smoochy scenes yeah do we talk about that could there be any more sex what was a three-page makeout scene that just kept going good lord we get it they have chemistry jump in now or catch up on any of the past seasons of talkville on youtube or wherever you listen
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