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Clarifying the Impeachment of President Trump

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton
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December 13, 2019 7:00 pm

Clarifying the Impeachment of President Trump

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton

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December 13, 2019 7:00 pm

We hate to interrupt your Christmas season with discussion of politics, but the President of the United States is about to be impeached.

Only two presidents in our history have been impeached (Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton).  Richard Nixon resigned before impeachment.

While it’s unlikely the Republican-majority Senate will follow the Democrat-majority House in impeaching President Trump—and thus removing him from office—it’s worth trying to understand what is taking place.

Why is President Trump being impeached?  What do Russian election meddling, FBI surveillance of President Trump, FISA court rulings, Ukraine phone calls, Joe Biden and his son Hunter, the “Deep State”, and partisan politics have to do with all this?  Is it possible to untangle and understand this and conclude what it all means?

Robert Knight, columnist for the Washington Times, joins us this weekend to clarify the impeachment of President Trump.

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Clarifying the impeachments of presidents from the top will discuss today right here on the Christian worldview radio program where the mission is to sharpen the biblical worldview of Christians and to share the good news that all people can be reconciled to God through faith in Jesus Christ, I'm David. We host our website is always is the Christian Willie hate to interrupt your Christmas season with discussion of politics, but the President of the United States is about to be impeached only two presidents in our history have been impeached Andrew Johnson in Bill Clinton. You may think what happened Richard Nixon will he actually resigned before he would've likely have been impeached now while it's unlikely that the Republican majority U.S. Senate will follow the Democrat majority U.S. House in impeaching Pres. Trump which they are likely to do this week, and thus removing him from office, which is unlikely to happen is worth trying to understand what is taking place here.

Why is Pres. Trump being Pete preached. What do what we hear in the media. All these different stories that are hard to grasp like the Russian election meddling FBI surveillance of Pres. Trump FISA court rulings Ukraine phone calls Joe Biden's son Hunter the deep state in partisan politics would have to do with all this. Is it really possible for the average person to untangle and understand this and conclude what it all means will. Today the Christian worldview Robert Knight.

He's a columnist for the Washington times. He joins us to clarify the impeachment proceedings of Pres. Trump was good to the first segment of that interview will start out by reading just first couple sentences of your recent column on the impeachment of Pres. Trump and you start out by saying how serious is this. That's a common question asked by people around the country who are only marginally following the Democrats impeachment circus in Washington. They hear that Pres. Trump has done terrible things such as quote in danger national security.

I think the actual articles being he's being impeached for the abuse of power and the obstruction of Congress and so I thought we start out today by asking you if you can simply explain why the Democrats, led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi Congressman Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler and others why are they trying to impeach the president through the current to get rid of Pres. Trump and he won the election in 2016. In fact, some of them announcement that they would put her impeachment before he even took office. They tried with the Mueller report, which was an investigation of alleged Trump campaign officials colluding with the Russians to affect the 2016 election Robert Mueller reported that there is no evidence that they ever colluded and so they switch to a number of other things. They seized on a single phone call between Pres. Trump and the president of Ukraine back in July of this year, in which Trump asked the president of Ukraine are you cleaning up corruption in your country, and he implied that they may might hold up some aid if he didn't get the right answer and at the very end of the conversation probably five lines of that out of five pages in the transcript. He said no we heard a lot about the body what's going on with that. Could you look into it. While there is a massive scandal sitting there in the Ukraine. Joe Biden's son Hunter was put on the board of Maria's moldings a natural gas company and was being paid at least $50,000 a month with no experience no knowledge of the energy industry at a time, one Joe Biden was vice president on tape Joe Biden admitting he strong-armed Ukrainian officials to get rid of a prosecutor that some people say was about to look in the breeze moldings and all Biden connection I he bragged that he held up $1 billion in aid and said it worked. I got rid of them and he laughed. He said this at a public event helmet accounts relations. Trump says G we better look into this and so the Democrats say their accusing Trump of doing what Joe Biden obviously did admittedly and and he was proud of it. The Democrats are saying.

Oh well, let's just focus on this phone call with the Ukrainian Pres. Zelinski where he implied that it was a quid pro quo, meaning if you don't investigate Biden's one that would hold eight while V-8 was only withheld for a few weeks. They never did launch an investigation.

The Democrats are moving ahead while this is evidence of a president who should be impeached because he was using his personal office in power for his own gain, meaning if you look into the Bidens scandal from 2016.

That might hurt Mr. Biden if he runs against Pres. Trump in 2020. This is absurd and to show how absurd it is the Democrats of finally come up with two articles of impeachment not set up bribery they left out high crimes and misdemeanors. They're going to charge Pres. Trump was abusing power and obstruction of Congress. Things are even impeachable offenses in the Constitution are making them lots Robert Knight with us today on the Christian worldview is a columnist for the Washington times you can sign up for his weekly column comes out on Monday by just emailing him. Robert Knight and the That's Robert Knight dispelled K and IG HT. Now you said a lot. They are near your first answer a lot of different of the details to this whole progression that they been trying to impeach the president literally from day one that he he kinda to office.

As you mentioned in that phone call. We actually have the transcript of what Pres. Trump said to the president Ukraine Zelinski is gonna read it.

I would like you to do us a favor, though Pres. Trump said because our country is been through a lot in Ukraine knows a lot about it. I would like you to find out what happened with this whole situation with Ukraine. I would like to have the Atty. Gen. call you or your people and I like you to get to the bottom of it. As I said yesterday, this whole nonsense, and it was a very poor performance by a man named Robert Mueller but they say a lot of it started with Ukraine.

Whatever you can do. It's very important that you do it if that's possible, and then he goes on to say there's a lot of talk about Biden's son that Biden stop the prosecution and a lot of people want to find out about that. So whatever you can do with the Atty. Gen. be great. Biden went around breaking that he stop the prosecution. So if you can look into it. It sounds horrible to me so he's being accused because of that sentence is right there of saying this is an impeachable offense you as you mention Robert not trees and not bribery or high crimes and misdemeanors were there saying abuse of power as president you leveraging the president of Ukraine were to withhold a watch which they didn't end up doing but doesn't really the president of the United States have a responsibility to root out corruption that's taking place against his own country duty and and by the way, the presumption here is that because Darrell Barden is running for president now the president of United States and executive branch are not allowed to look at anything he did in 2016 that that's that's a mighty big presumption it it says that if you run for president. Nobody can look into your past because that might affect the upcoming election of that's an unreasonable standard. I like to repeat what Joe Biden said to the two leaders of the Ukraine back in 2014 he was laughing about it, recounting it before an audience. He said quote I said you're not getting the billion. I looked at them and said I'm leaving in six hours with the prosecutors not fired getting the money will some of laughter.

He got fired without why isn't Mr. Biden on the under indictment. I mean it's pretty clear he used USAID to get a desired outcome that may have affected him and his son personally and yet president trumps the one in the dock so to speak, but this is part of a bigger picture.

David and that is that the left accuses people doing exactly what they are doing. They know that the best defense is a good offense. So when they're caught doing things they quickly accuse others of it. There countrywide campaign to denounce Christians as haters and bigots for not going along with your crazy LGBT Q agenda is is part of that third letter they've directed so much hate toward Christians who all biblical views and yet they accuse the Christians who are art showing hatred of doing just that. They do it over and over this. This is classic Marxist playbook. It's out of Solomon's keys rules for radicals: ski was one of the mentors of Barack Obama out of Chicago.

Obama was part of the Institute of the Galinsky launched in Chicago that was full of Marxists of the course. The media don't look into the any of this.

The media are complicit in this mass cover-up of what was really going on with the corruption of the FBI and other security agencies and are going along with everything the Democrats say about Pres. Trump and like were in a different universe. David all got in the morning. I get the Washington Post in the Washington times in the Wall Street Journal, and I'll pick up the post and it'll say something like oh you know and latest bombshell you know Trump near impeachment because look at all this terrible stuff is done and then I read it in the Washington Times and the Wall Street Journal that nothing of the kind occurred.

It's all the post interpretation and yet it's on the front page there just desperate for impeachment of this present they hated him.

Since day one and but I don't think it's having a good impact on the Democratic Party 31 Democratic House members face reelection in districts with Pres. Trump one.

Sometimes by large margins to vote on impeachment. So if they vote against impeaching him.

They alienate their far left base, and if they vote for impeaching him. They alienate independence to know that this is just a sham. So they're caught in the middle and this is why Nancy Pelosi for so long resisted impeachment even though Alexandria because the El Cortez and other members of her left-wing squad of radical House members were pushing for impeachment. She didn't want Chino could hurt Democrats and maybe even end up with the house being turned back to the Republicans in 2020.

So this is going to be a wild ride and course Democrats know that the president will not be convicted.

You would need a two thirds vote in the Senate to convict on these sham charges is not going to happen in the Republican-controlled Senate they're not even going to get a majority, much less two thirds so this is all for show the result of pleaser radically left-wing core that has taken over the Democratic Party and functionally turned it into a socialist party what a sexual have cell on the 2020 election is hoping to stuff to bleed, so to speak. Pres. Trump so that some people out there who are paying very much attention will say well he's a piece she must've done something wrong and I'm not going to vote for him again.

You think there is a element of truth to that, that it will actually affect with you about 2020. Part of their strategy. They know he can't be convicted so the impeachment will go anywhere but if you have enough smoke. People think there's a fire and you repeat over and over while this president deserved impeaching this Pres. did this to the a lot of people not paying attention to and say well you must be centenary must be a bad guy. Maybe I don't want to vote for him even though I love what he's done with the economy in and the appointment of conservative constitutional judges and many other things he's done. I like reduce regulations and yeah like what he's done in policy but we must be a bad person because we just keep hearing about it from the media. That's the playbook listening to an interview today with Robert Knight. She's a columnist for the Washington times.

It's very different perspective than you will hear on the mainstream media, CNN and MSNBC. Those kinds of places.

Robert is a Christian. He's a conservative and I really encourage you to get his weekly column. You can just email him to get that resampled this email Robert Knight for the and I do spell KNIGHT Robert We have much more coming up is a lot to this is been three years in the investigations and accusations and trying to untangle it so we can understand it takes some concentration here so hopefully you're gaining from this and things are becoming clear in your mind about this impeachment of Pres. Trump. We have much more coming up. Today the Christian worldview.

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The the coming into our world of the son of God, Jesus Christ, but this is a major story's been going on for years and there's a lot of cast of characters in different departments and angles and all kinds of stuff to untangle here and so Robert Knight, a columnist for the Washington times as our guest today. Let's get to the second segment of the interview with Robert Knight one follow-up question on that the media Robert you're right it's like living in an alternate universe. When you watch, say, cable news and now you watch Fox you get mostly pro Trump opinion or commentary as you have been explained today that this is a sham trial.

There's nothing of impeachable offense.

Here in this whole thing up and then you turn the channel to CNN is completely the opposite. It's about how or MSNBC or the mainstream media than the national networks about he should be impeached, and this is he's lying in the average person or not is the listener today go somewhere to get the truth on news when it literally the opposite. Things are being said and on competing channels to request you. I do get asked that a lot and my answer is, good alternative sources and I got all annoyed.

I look at the New York Times and Washington Post. I try to avoid CNN because they're so pathetically rabidly anti-Trump it's it's it's laughable that it's nonstop anti-Trump propaganda. I think CNN stands for the Communist news network-it was the Clinton news network and I think they've gone a step beyond other into propaganda and misinformation. Same with MSNBC, Fox is a lot better and mainly in conservative, but they have liberals on all the time and have debates.

It's a far superior network and it shows in the writings were Americans watch Fox and any other network in any of the other mainstream networks ABC, NBC, CBS, their very bias to the media research Center, for which are used and will work, released a report showing that they the major networks coverage of Pres. Trump during this whole impeachment scenario. It has been more than 90% negative, they almost never have people defending the president or if they do, it's only for a quick moment. This is how the networks pretend to be balanced and I experienced this firsthand when I work for the family research Council used to be interview all the time by the networks they would ask questions of the other side was, say, LGBT Q activist for an abortion activist heartfelt questions like all. How does this hurt people and things like that. Then they would ask me questions of procedure like what you think this is going and I'd say well you know it's going to go through the courts and on my my soundbite would be.

Oh it's going through the courts. While the liberals were allowed to do the hard string pulling answers. I mean that's how they skillet they say hey we got both sides know they didn't not not even a little bit I learned during interviews to just say the bites. I wanted to say and ignore their questions. Remember once when ABC news interviewed me over some parents saying the Harry Potter books were inappropriate for school library at the elementary level and course the liberals came out he was in the book burning and I knew that my comments will be misconstrued so they kept asking me all these ancillary questions and I just kept repeating parents have the right and the duty to know what their children are reading and then the guy would ask another question I say yeah you know what parents have the right and the duty to know what their children are reading and I said it three times and then the he laughed and turn the camera off and that's the bite that made the ABC news at night so I recommend that anybody who faces hostile press tell them what you want to tell them and ignore questions that are designed to mislead or to sideline your main points night with us today in the Christian really trying to clarify the impeachment of Pres. Trump is taking place right now in the US House of Representatives. How is this impeachment proceedings to different then what Pres. Clinton was impeached for the they say well this is just the opposite. Pres. Clinton was impeached just in the house. He wasn't impeached in the Senate. He was removed from office. This is just the Democrats doing the same thing to Republicans that the Republicans did the Democrats back in the late 90s. How would you answer that is been totally different. The Congress at that time and during the Nixon impeachment talking to know he was never officially impeached and resigned before they impeached him or conducted according to the Constitution and the house was going to vote in both instances the full house to launch impeachment and actually they did vote to launch impeachment inquiries the Democrats launch their impeachment inquiries written without any vote of the house.

They conducted the hearings in secret.

They didn't allow Republican cross-examination or Republican witnesses that they didn't like. It was like a Stalin show trial work were only going to present what we want we want to hear the other side that characterizes whole process.

So here we are with a what I regarded as a Stalinist show trial and Pres. Trump will face two charges that are not even in the Constitution and I think Democrats are now finding that the public. It may not be with them on this that they don't see any evidence that he did anything wrong. It's not like he did a little something wrong, but it's not impeachable. I don't even think he did anything wrong. He had a right and a duty to look into possible corruption in the Ukraine. Just because some of it may have involved Joe Biden and his son Hunter doesn't absolve the president of the responsibility to make sure USAID is going toward corruption and aiding and abetting corruption so that this whole thing is ludicrous. Is it scary how much the media have climbed aboard in our withholding facts and misleading the American people into thinking this is something bigger than it is at the same time that covered up the real scandal, which was the Bidens corruption in Ukraine and the Obama administration's corruption of the FBI and other security agencies to pick them against a presidential campaign is another thing I should've mentioned earlier David in the report that the Inspector General filed on the origins of this whole FBI investigation into the trunk campaign. They said they couldn't find the political bias no evidence of that, even though there are emails from the top FBI people who were in charge of the investigation, saying things like, don't worry will stop him referring to Trump and Justice whole slew of anti-Trump email showing naked hostility against Trump when he was a candidate and then they said something about insurance policy is an interesting case. He is elected. In other words, are going to try to cripple him from within.

After he takes office and they couldn't find any evidence of partisan, but his fear that Chris is a Democratic administration under Obama and and its holdovers during the early Trump administration openly at war with the president and mounting what amounts to a clue against an elected president of the American people to be outraged at this whole thing yeah you talking about the deep state that there is elements within the government that are subversive toward the press that's a whole another topic in of itself may, if you have you back on for that one. At some point, but last question for you. Robert is only getting one even a conservative who voted for Donald Trump would think you some perfect man without flaws. We all see those just his things he says and does, and so forth.

But he said relatively I think conservative policies that he's tried to enact and satisfy so many Republicans and so many conservatives have supported him despite all the Twitter tirades. Everything else but on the other side there such a hatred for Pres. Trump that is just irrational. Just as obsessed didn't really call it Trump derangement syndrome TDS why does the left hate Donald Trump so much okay. Ponder that one because that's what Robert Knight is going to answer next year on the Christian really view radio program. After this break were also going to open up the phone lines today for the second half of the program. So if you have a comment on why this impeachment of Pres. Trump is occurring why there's so much hatred, why they try to remove them from office rather than just you know let the American people decide in the election next time around. The phone lines. The next segment to take some callers. I was listening to what Robert was saying there about the media and I have really never seen the media this blatantly biased that it was everyone.

We all carry around our worldview and the media at least non-opinion during non-commentary media is supposed to try to report the news as accurately as possible, but that no longer takes place in this country at all. Network radio program but notice the name of this program. The Christian were in other words, were telling you up front that's what were going to give you on any given topic. That's it.

We strive to do. Try to understand what the Bible says about given issues, so we called the Christian world you but they don't do this in the in the mainstream media and the cable channels and they just what they say is report news you're getting their humanistic worldview they should title their networks and programs. Humanistic worldview because that's what they're talking about life very hard to get to the bottom.

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You can order the social justice booklet or donation of any amount to the Christian will go to the Christian worldview.calling one AAA 46 2233 right to Box 401 Excelsior, MN 55331 where the proceedings of Pres. Trump today here on the Christian will you radio program and it it's a lot to untangle. I file the news really quite closely just probably be them interested and probably because of the radio program and so forth, and the people in the departments in the overseas connections and the politics involved is really it is really complicated to try to follow as I just can't imagine that most people aside from those inside the Beltway in Washington or New York or just political operatives really can understand that this the circuitous path. This whole thing is been on but they know that the impressions made just in the news media they impact people and people.

This get a sound bite here and there. People have jobs and families and go to church and they have their social groups and their kids and all these other things going on. The Lodge is no way in this year. Pull up a little professional political junkie that you can really follow all this and in and not only follow it, but be able to discern what is actually taking place, but that's okay to them because they're trying to create an impression just try to get a thought in your mind trumps a bad person. He should be impeached, even the fact that he's being at peace with others their smoke there. There must be fire behind it. That kind of thing so that's where try to do this this program today to get some clarity on what is taking place in this whole three year long effort to impeach this present in our guest today is Robert Knight is a columnist for the Washington times working open up the phone lines after the last few minutes of the interview with him.

So if you have a comment on this whole situation taking place all open the phone lines after the last few remaining moments with Robert Knight. Let's get to that last segment now there's such a hatred for Pres. Trump that is just irrational. Just this obsessed didn't really call it Trump derangement syndrome TDS why does the left hate Donald Trump so much simple answer is because he standing the way of their agenda. They thought that things were moving along well. They're going to capture the White House again and then put through legislation that are regarded as totalitarian, like the quality act, which would eventually criminalize Christianity. Trump is standing in their way and so many levels. He said he does want to expand government surveys cutting back regulations is appointing constitutionally inclined judges and is now appointed its 50th federal judge and they're all constitutionalists are all good solid people who will rule according to what the Constitution says instead of using the courts as a legislative agenda platform. The president has openly embraced religious liberty. He's frustrated their cultural agenda on many levels. He's not perfect on it, but he sure not pushing it the way Clinton and Obama were, so he's in the way bigger than that is who he represents the left knows that he is backed by Christian evangelicals who they hate with a passion, wanted to say directed at present, Trump is really hatred of the average Americans who don't want to live in a socialist country who resist the propaganda of the progressives and our have decided that you know Americans pretty good country were not perfect, but we love our country. We don't want going down the road that other countries have gone toward Marxism, which is passed toward destruction, authoritarianism, totalitarianism, and finally even mass murder. It's very scary when you say millennial's saying by a majority that they favor socialism over free-market capitalism when their living in one of the richest, freest countries in the world. They just don't get it. They don't they don't see what's around them. They just been propagandized by tax like other people's history United States by Howard Zinn who was a card-carrying communist spent his life trying to destroy America and trying to brainwash young people. Now they have a young People's history of the United States for middle schoolers just as bad. So it's no wondered our young people who have been schooled in Marxist propaganda hate their country. They don't appreciate what we have.

Meanwhile, millions of people trying to get into the United States because what we have it.

It's a really crazy picture, but the I'm hoping that by the time the November 2020 election rolls around the American people have seen through this impeachment sham to see through the Democrats attempt to turn this into a socialist country and they will turn back candidates who are promoting socialism's Robert. I know that your highest self is not in politics. Your higher self is in God's sovereignty and and that the gospel of Jesus Christ. But you also know how important it is for our country as really the strongest beacon of freedom and liberty around the world to to battle for these things that are founders gave to us so we so appreciate your doing that, Robert. Keep up the great work with your columns. Thank you for coming on the Christian Realty today and Merry Christmas to you and your family. Always a pleasure beyond Merry Christmas to you and your family right there was Robert Knight. Everyone always enjoy having them on the program love the fact that he is has a really has great insight politically and what's going on in our culture, country, but also brings the Christian perspective to it as well. It's not just purely conservative commentary he's giving. It's also a Christian viewpoint as well. Again, if you want to sign up for his weekly column. I would encourage you to do that comes out every Monday morning just an email that comes in your inbox it said just email him Robert Knight in the Robert Knight for and that's Cayenne IG HT Robert

If you missed any of the program. Today you are interested by what he was saying.

You could always go to our website without Christian rule of we usually post the programs upload the audio, usually within several hours of when the program airs live on Saturday mornings at 8 AM central time ticket just a little while to get it didn't and prepare to be uploaded is usually there by Saturday.

Maybe Saturday after lunch the programs there. And of course the program is very widely available online. You can podcast it is good your podcast app on your phone, whether it's an iPhone or a non-iPhone and Google base phone go to Google play or or iTunes. You can just search for the Christian Realty with a podcast there and get it for free. Then all the audio comes directly into your your phone like that. You can also leave expand out to one which is a website that has a lot of ministries audio ministries online. You can go to one to hear the program as well or just our own website, the Christian world so if you know someone who doesn't live near an antenna that broadcast the show over the airwaves is very widely available online all right. I want to open up the phone lines for the rest of the program today and the question is the topic of the day. How would you clarify this impeachment proceedings the present trumpet these been trying to left is been trying to remove him from office literally since his is inauguration day three years ago how would you simply clarify the impeachment of Pres. Trump phone number is now before you call wine to be succinct. This is not a time for political rants. We like to hear insightful analysis may be agree with what Robert Knight said maybe want to add something to what he says the be able to say what you're going to say about 60 seconds.

Some assuming that quite a few people can have some viewpoints on this so make sure you can be succinct and to the point when you call the tell the toll-free telephone number in studio is 1-877-655-6755, 1877 toll-free 655-6755 how would you clarify these impeachment proceedings are Pres. Trump are back up just a little bit and answer the question why has the left been so intent on removing him from office since day one and Jim are call screener today will will get you screened. I he may incur some of you just to email me if it's a little longer. Needs more explanation. But will I will get some of you up and try to take some calls either the end of this segment are in the beginning of the next segment again. The phone number is 1-877-655-6755 Walt Jim is taking some of those phone calls to get a few points that I wrote down as to why is this happening think the first point is this that number one the, the left will not accept Trump's victory in 2016 they they want, except that he or she defeated Hillary Clinton.

It was seemed patently obvious that she was going to win the first female president.

She was also a leftist, and after Obama it was though the wind was in their sales for for two terms, and therefore they are going to do anything and everything to subvert or remove him from office is been taking place since day one you to remember that the left's religion is not biblical Christianity. They don't worship God. They worship themselves. They worship politics. Their religion is politics because creating a world in their not in God's vision but in their own God bless vision that's what drives them and so the election of Donald Trump disrupted their socialistic globalist Dick intent. That's what they think is to make the world better there there and to good works as well and they think that is what's going to make the world better if we would get out of this nationstate type situation in the world with a separate nations, and where the world can be one and people can share. Of course, is not voluntary sharing it's it's government forced coercive sharing read redistributing from one to another. This disrupted that movement in the world that the election of Donald Trump. They were out to as Obama said just days before he was elected the first term. There are two fundamentally transform the United States of America and so the Trump election was a complete disruption of that. This is why they can't take those with an alternate worldview to them.

That's what they shout down and build you violence when a conservative speaker comes to a college campus. That's why they're willing to suppress speech or take away people's liberties or religious liberties because they want anything to squash that down so there worldview and become the predominant worldview in our country. Coming back will take a break here will get to some of your phone calls will also get some more of this clarification of why the leftist tried to impeach Pres. Trump. This is the Christian world view David. We David Wheaton here to tell you about my boys then story of love, loss and grace. Ben was a yellow lab and inseparable companion stage in my life when I was single, competing in the professional tennis to. I invite you to enter into the story's tapestry of relationships within my aging parents, child, friend. I would finally marry, and ultimately with God caused all things, even the hard things to work together for good.

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The FBI was if that didn't work as it didn't work.

They had they been made up this this fake collusion Russian collusion that Trump colluded with Russia, but we went through that for two years with the molar investigation.

There is no evidence of that and finally they this Ukrainian phone call with Ukrainian Prime Minister came along by which Robin is at all with the right there. He tried to bribe them. He tried to quid pro quo them. This is wrong. This is impeachable but again this is going to end up as a flop as well just they didn't think they can beat them in election. They can't take his worldview was there trying to remove him from office, and if none of that works you just overstate the accusations you tell lies about him over and over over and just hope that enters the consciousness of of voters in Europe influenced enough of them so they won't vote for him in the 2020 election allies get to the phone calls. Now let's go first to Texas again. 30 to 60 seconds beast is synced be to the point of Texas and Melody welcomed the Christian review will how would you clarify this impeachment of Pres. Trump night.

And I quote. Melody appreciate your call for some reason here in the studio could exactly make out what you're saying. Hopefully listeners could let's go next to maybe just a bad cell phone connection was going next to Kansas Jean, welcome to the Christian real you how to clarify the impeachment of Pres. Trump coming from a Christian perspective October the biblical. We know that we are in a spiritual little and just to say that it be have sought to bring against Pres. Trenton. We know that the father is Satan saving English natural RAM is intensify our June gets the word of God, a nation established on the word of God and the body of Christ, who you represent this nation and we need to understand that what we had with is not about God G's statement and his minions seeking to the purposes and plans of God for your call. I guess the mother of the call as well. I think you put that very well. Satan wants to destroy the one country, albeit an imperfect country. No, no, not stay. Natalie's were not a no God's chosen country yank that, but there's no question this country was founded upon people who revere God and his word and those principles came through in our founding documents and they still influence his country. If you can believe it here this many hundreds of years later, and that needs to be destroyed by the left for them to be able to implement their policies.

This really is a religious like her last car just that this is a religious attack, even though Donald Trump. I wouldn't consider him some biblical Christian. I think he's theologically out there.

He he he is his associates with a lot of the folks from the word faith movement neck I think Put that aside for second his policies. I think there are policies that Christians can't support from being pro-life to religious liberty is to be pro-Israel to being nationalistic over globalist Dick to the free market incentive based policies. He's not a race divider. He doesn't divide everyone to identity groups are so divisive, so I think his policies are can be supported by so many Christians and by the way.

That's why so many evangelical Christians do support this president. Contrary to what the left wants you to support country by the way too many evangelicals today who don't want you to support this president as well.

Was the choice we live in a binary system. It's either the Republicans get to where the Democrats and when you can vote third party all you want to not vote with knocking to do anything if you want to start your own third party and mold good Anya, but that the problem is that's never worked in this country for how many decades and decades and decades now one party is going to be in power and the left is a party that is in complete opposition to God and his word not to say the Republican Party is God's party. No, not at all, but it's a it's a it's a relative comparative binary choice was try to get the one more call. Douglas in Iowa. How would you clarify the impeachment of Pres. Trump.

Let's go next dilute Louisiana Richard, are you there, how would you clarify the impeachment of Donald Trump.

Sure I would just like to say that what the Democrats with the left side is doing. They are actually being what they are accusing our president of they are obstructing justice and they are in no way allowing our judicial process to take place in the so-called impeachment process and also they are.

They are taking things to Richard. Thank you for your call confidence in the program. I think that's said Robert I was saying earlier beware someone who so strongly accuses someone else of doing something usually they're guilty of the same thing in even stronger measures. Thank you for joining us today in the program.

Remember to pray for our president and he's taken a lot of heat right now he needs our prayers were commanded to pray for our leaders and those in office.

Pray for all of them love needs salvation until next weekend. Everyone think biblically and live accordingly.

We hope today's broadcast turned your heart toward God's word and sought to order a CD copy of today's program or sign up for our free weekly email or to find out how you can be reconciled to God through Jesus Christ go to our website the Christian worldview dawdle. Call us toll-free at one Tripoli 646-2233. Christian worldview is a weekly one-hour radio program that is furnished by the overcoming foundation and is supported by listeners and sponsors request one of our current resources with your donation of any amount go to the Christian worldview dawdle will call us toll-free at one Tripoli 646-2230 3.2 SF Box 01, Excelsior, MN 55331 that's Box 401, Excelsior, MN 55331. Thanks for listening to the Christian world. Until next time think biblically and live according

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