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In Studio: Jared Kushner on the 2020 election, Chris Christie & Kellyanne Conway

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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August 24, 2022 12:33 pm

In Studio: Jared Kushner on the 2020 election, Chris Christie & Kellyanne Conway

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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August 24, 2022 12:33 pm

PLUS: The latest on how much President Biden knew about the DOJ's raid of Mar-A-Lago as well as Anthony Fauci's attempts to rewrite history.

[00:11:03] Maj. Gen. Ed Thomas & Lt. Col. Dan Rooney

[00:18:26] Gov. Chris Sununu (R-NH)

[00:36:47] Jared Kushner

[01:13:33] Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY)

[01:29:38] Martha MacCallum

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Fox News euros New York City function for America's receptive voice right. But if the right to me Joe Dan Rudy will be joining us in general Ed Thomas.

Why would they be coming on with this because like every branch of the military having trouble recruiting for the Air Force, but they knew that used to be, though the place to go. Now they're having trouble getting people to be pleading their case is Jo Dan Rooney not only a world-class golfer philanthropist, professional golfer. He's also a fighter pilot in general Ed Thomas with Facebook, so we'll talk about that and one the most respected governors in the country. Gov. Chris Sununu the 82nd governor of New Hampshire portion of the family. His dad was a former Chief of Staff for Pres. George H. W. Bush, the 41st president states he's getting with her shortly.

He's not ruling out a presidential run.

But I wonder what you know what's happening with this new trend towards Democrat in this midterm election victory, the stories you need to know Brian's three number three I didn't shut down anything. We didn't recommend shutting everything down. We want to cause a pause to remember the terminology to flattened the curve yet is mind, the answer is yes that you follow the disgraced Dr. now says he didn't lock down or mandate anyone or anything. What kind of exit strategy is this lying out the door, denying that we all what we all saw and lived. Why is he leaving by the way, will discuss it or exhale loan forgiveness suggestion is really in my mind would create so many perverse incentives starting with the Larry Somers point, the increasing of two tuition costs. Unforgivable student loan forgiveness expected to be announced today by Perez invited to play and play for your vote and even some on his side say it's a bad move to look at the fallout under the national archives thought they had it all turns out they didn't. For reasons that are probably pretty compelling. The Department of Justice had no choice but to go in and seek a search warrant really J Johnson getting complicated. Rate fallout accelerates on all sides trumpet. The DOJ try to bracket out there cases, the difference trumps front and center in the DOJ FBI is to avoid getting those facts through lease to the New York Times and Washington Post. Does that sound like the whole Russia hopes the answers.

Of course, yes and let's get started.

So let me just give you some of the latest first off, on May 10 a letter to present trumps attorney Evan Corcoran was released yesterday that listen to this acting archivist Deborah Seidel wall outline weeks of resistance. Okay by the Trump team.

Dr. they claim even only got 15 boxes in January, followed in April 20 email Trump tried to delay in fourth-year PIs review the records. He turned over. According to them. Seidel also wrote that despite pages of material some of its extraordinary sense of material related to the secret operation the programs with very limited access on a need to know basis so she says the stuff is important but also think it's important is that she seems to be indicating that Pres. Biden is the one who told her it's okay for the archives to go forward.

How they saw fit. Wait a second hold the phones so I thought the Biden administration and present by the particular knew nothing about any of this as present trumps of the time. There's no way he could no. And now we find out for sure he didn't know now, was it did Donald Trump complicate his life by taking documents out yes or the people they took it out yes you know something else is indicative here, as was reported in leak to the New York Times, Washington Post, that they simply open up these boxes. They weren't. They were there's no table of contents that were in any temple or they weren't labeled. Doesn't that sound like an administration that was put it all together at the end of the January 6 debacle would people talk about using the 25th amendment to throw them out of office.

They probably just took the papers, put them into a box walked out in full view in daylight and now they say well you took too much how this ended up in a raid. I still can't get my head around here is J. Johnson. He can cut for the former HHS Sec. of for Pres. Obama.

It seems as though there was a dialogue going on between the government and from the present trumps lawyers where each time the national archives thought they had it all turns out they didn't and for reasons that are probably pretty compelling. The Department of Justice felt it had no choice but to go in and seek a search warrant to obtain all the rest of what's still in Largo probably pretty compelling. If they are let us see it.

I judge who obviously people have reason to believe that liens the left says don't imprison Obama says you should be able to show us this this affidavit okay will by tomorrow this Thursday at noon to get the affidavit. What is not redacted will get to read. I hope at least the judge will my senses since I don't want to delay that there's so confident in their case, and I can overreact. If they do, the Jetsons] is holding gets delayed even further. Here's the present turncoat one. As far as Miss Wallace letter.

It states very clearly that she was told by counsel to Pres. Biden again like your sadness information I said I didn't now, but counsel to the president said that he deferred to Miss law and she could then decide to just remove the privilege that every president prior has had right so Pres. Biden decides he wants to do that indicates he knew nothing about hoops that I say that cut to as to what happened in between June and August, while we know what happened. This is an advance that was prime.

Right before election. It is prime because he is way ahead in the polls and the Wall Street Journal's headlines. They stated it perfectly.

Clearly this was an improper search.

It was not done correctly.

There was no need for it and he was cooperating.

There is absolutely no reason, no reason, and now we have evidence about that they were cooperating in the near post editorial today.

The official line spun by the White House and the parties in the bite administration and staff that they had no clue about the AG Merrick Garland had authorized the armed FBI raid on present doldrums Marlowe go home until it finally happened, but it turns out they at least enabled and knew about the ongoing investigation.

Why did you not say that Press Secretary why did you not say that in your myriad of interviews.

I know the present is like to talk on vacation when he does talk and not a vacation doesn't usually go well, but if you want to get the facts on you for like the facts are your side, you might as well use the facts and say them because eventually they will come out as we learned we already had proof of one or more the editorial says White House involvement that was advertised zero concrete proof.

The rate was actually justified.

We warned that the raid was a huge gamble by Garland until the officials involved give a full public explanation. They keep you looking worse to everyone except extremists on the left 21 Trump in jail and don't care why now Trump is got new life. Trump is getting a lot of money off this. I want to see the present United States give money to the Senate candidates. These house candidates, many of which you endorsed many of which are struggling right now to earn that money. Here's Larry Kudlow cut six. I continue to believe that this is not about presidential documents, but it is about desperate times by the bite administration to keep Donald Trump off the ballot in 2024.

Now, a bunch of smart folks I know think this outrageous invasion virtually guarantees that the former president now will run for president in 2024 so you want to go over his anointing too much time away from Lt. Col. Rooney as well as general Thomas is this yesterday at today's canopy official yesterday was an answer present by an expected to eliminate $10,000 with the student loan debt forgiveness.

I ask you, you could not be that is the definition of short-term thinking. Number one. The benefits can be from those 18 to 25-year-olds, many of which don't vote for those �32 they paid off their loans was �38 that just finished it off this �42 want to medical school so whisk is what I do, I was ever rich.

I paid it off. I budgeted out.

I want to a cheaper school I went to a technical school. I never went to college. Why am I having all this money paid back or forgiven the monies not forgiven. It doesn't evaporate. With this goes into a big pot and goes into our debt because were not on a surplus of the present feels as though it's the right thing to do because Sen. Schumer said so that AOC pushed forward and guess what, people never be happy. The NAACP says 10,000 is not enough for African-American to attend to borrow more.

All right guess what Bernie Sanders is why when I forgiving all of it really okay Penn Morton estimated that the Wharton school of business that a one time forgiveness of $10,000 per borrow could cost $300 billion.

You okay with that. Are you okay with that.

Dana Perino not okay like I'm not cut nine this is coming because he that Pres. Kicking the can down the road and said this is just for politics that last January. Everybody is saying this is a bad idea except for the people who are say no really come with come over to the father left side and that will make a big deal, it will make a big element and basically writing off the middle-class and blue-collar workers. This is an illegal live.

It is unethical. It is a moral and they're not going to get the political payoff that they're looking for are not going to get the PR spin on the policy pain and are not going to satisfy the labs and they're not going to satisfy anybody on the right 1-866-408-7669 a lot of people in the left unhappy and some don't think you should be doing it at all like Larry Summers who said firmly on the left Chris Sununu at the bottom of the hour. We have two people going to come with you and tell you why you should join the Air Force who are great Americans Dan Rooney and Ed Thomas. She was in the brain to me Joe, so glad to hear you need to know basis.

You need to know Brian kill me, Fox news broadcasts network London dominant Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every weakness depend on its podcast transcribing Melissa know by doing a Fox News precise personal powerful is America's limiting in the palm of your Fox weather updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen now in Fox News or wherever you get your project fastest three hours in radio you are with Brian kill me. Everyone wants to make their mark on why make just one make many wives impacted by your use of the marks make a difference. Demand what difference can I make and therefore I say on general CP round come to make a difference well and that is just a little of the recruiting that's been done now by all branches of government. That of course of the Air Force Maj. Gen. Ed Thomas George's and Lieut. Col. Dan Rooney Air Force recruiting command, Air Force fighter pilot outstanding golfer folds of honor, founder one of the great people you ever meet. General. I'm sure you agree with that. Thanks for joining us both of you and Brian bring to me here and will have Dan Dan Rooney in our team. I just we should be in a good mood once in a while I just need to write general first took to you. I did not know the Air Force. I usually that's the breaks.

The people prefer to get into, but you've only reached is 85% of your recruiting goal. 85% right now currently recruiting goal is not merely on recruiting year since at least 1999. New year were in and meet our recruiting goal, but it can by a narrow margin this year of the battle for talent out there in America with the labor market is tough right now. Why is that Dan I think Brian got low unemployment rate and you got a cultural shift that's among us right order to make a recruiting goal this year, but I think reimagining how we inspire the next generation.

It is critical on I would think of anybody all the facts you want but when you tell somebody a story that's what lives in people's hearts and minds and soda come along side of the wingman for Maj. Gen. Thomas to tell the impact of the story. The Air Force is had on me just an awesome opportunity to pay it forward could literally with without the United States Air Force in my life nothing and I know it today and I got the dream job description exists and just to share with these young people that can reach out and connect. And that's another big issue we look at the connectivity of the military toward the general public.

In reaching this this next generation. I think it is an all-time low. When we look for creative ways to tell that story and inspire this next group I talked about this morning with you guys on Fox and friends. What I love about the Air Force. It's the difference between success and significance and you are significant. The day you raise your right hand joined the Air Force space for you to get wake up tomorrow, put on a uniform and represent 1/2 a percent of this country that defends our liberties and the greatest team on earth and incredibly passionate hope you can hear my voice yeah to to share that story in the life-changing opportunities that it offered to me. I wish everybody had to serve two years. It changes forever were not at that point, but I want to share the story and you know hopefully a very encouraging and uplifting way so people understand what your course all about. So general Thomas, your command of the Air Force including service.

Oh, what numbers the are you at now and what do you need to. Every year Brian, we recruit about 45,000 airmen across our total for censoring time or part time and the gardeners are full-time in the active-duty and nonlisted side recruiting is been the toughest airmen or sergeants or chief Master Sgt. and recruiting for enlisted force were looking at about 26,000 votes.

We need to recruit this fiscal year, and worried about 23,000 right now, so our recruiters are out there hustling hard to make an effort to here's a lost time and coated couple years and not being in school and just working hard to get our numbers back up and get in the quality and uniform that we need for America today in your golf pro golfer like 0% body fat some for people known as athletic as you write and don't have that athletic background a lot of missing out to John that I'm never going to pass the physical what is the physical requirement is never to limit yourself in the opportunities and in your life. Nothing at the lesson I've learned in the Air Force go see your recruiter.

There are programs that they will tell you exactly where you need to be so do not self eliminate by saying why cannot you never do it. You'd be amazed at how accommodating and how passionate we are about getting people in the door and helping them achieve that weather that if they scholastic or a physical goal to qualify for the Air Force and it worked out not to sugarcoat it right. It's a problem.

Almost 75% of the country doesn't qualify, but we got programs to help people get that place St. Dan I was looking at LinkedIn. Not too long ago and saw the great story of one of our recruiters so proud standing there with his parents after he graduated basic military training at Lackland, standing there in his blue uniform, and he lost 100 pounds to be able to come in and serve in our Air Force that our physical standard what we want physically fit people not everybody can be a special operator you know or not everybody is to do some of the physically demanding job and got cyber operators and we got engineers got all kinds of professions within the census to proactively get funded by space so we recruit at airports or greens or baseboards, and Air Force. We report about 500 enlisted guardians a year and we bring in several hundred spaceports officers every year. Single space and it's got all the details and how to come in and join the space horse got it right opportunity to be on the cutting end of a new service and to specify what you looking for great people like Maj. Gen. Ed Thomas Col. Dan Rooney, who had to put uniform back on this in such a need for fighter pilots and he still in uniform today and by the way support the folds of honor. General. I'm sure you agree.

If you want to support the families and sacrifice everybody make sure those kids go to college. Thanks guys. Brian got it. We come back. Gov. Chris Luna joined us, we move forward with delays and politics last time. The primary day as we have a Sprint to November. This is the right to leave Joe, so glad you Fox news contests network. These ever-changing times you can rely on Fox news for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download now and Fox news or wherever you get your favorite will came close to Fox and friends, we can share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business. Subscribe and listen Fox news contests the talkshow that's getting you talk your Brian kill me. So this wasn't a way to avoid Republican investigations if they take over the house and work sent O'Neill not at all. Not even a little bit.

I mean, I have nothing to hide and I can defend everything I've done in every decision I've made so I'm not afraid of that at all. That didn't even come in as a minor consideration. I believe that oversight is an important part of the government process, but some of the things that are gonna pronounce outright character assassination. That's not oversight. So if they want to get into legitimate dignified oversight. I'd be more than happy to do that. So, would guys that way sleeping.

Anthony found she is busy doesn't want to deal with a Republican House.

Let's deal with all will loose a little bit what he said with Gov. Chris Sununu because he was forced, as we all were to deal with a lot of the governments actions on this once-in-a-lifetime.

We hope pandemic Gov. welcome back. Thank you so much in my my farewell by. Have you seen anything like this, we propose people think he walked on water and would just not acknowledge when he made a huge mistake. I don't wear a mask where Max a fact this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated. Go get three and four, five boosters, not acknowledging the people get a myocarditis not saying the long-term effects upon putting kids in school don't outweigh the risk of leaving them at home. He just doesn't acknowledge any of it is an individual like a lot of trust and faith in very early on the project and he got a little too carried away with his own start and how are you Given me back at the microphone after mistake after mistake after mistake. I don't know that without the White House or not, but either way you really kinda know cut a bit of a flair for himself and not as the height by the way, the highest paid employee in the federal government would be nice to see some of that money come back to us, but apparently fighter just blown it on $300 billion loan forgiveness of any can happen quick look like we do think we need competent in the system. Pandemic is about scientific data and trends transparent to all those really important things. I think doctors Republican governor to the very good job with the, if anything, we had to constantly kinda not correct for him, but explained for AC/DC and Anthony Fauci and other folks that just will never consistent on the message and that's where he lost a lot of folks request that Gov. Cuomo's to back channel him and go around what he said was going around prison trumpet the time he was more from starch EMI can waste our segment on this, but just matter so much. Cut 18. Do you regret the shutdown the sweeping shutdown that some said made things worse. No III don't nail, and in fact I think we need to make sure that your listeners understand.

I didn't shut down anything that was a lot of consideration among the White House task force that we were reaching the point where the hospitals such as in New York City and other places were being strained to the point of practically being overwhelmed really. So New York hospitals he thought were overwhelmed and they were getting a hit really. So he shutdown the country two weeks or 10 days to shut down the spread and we could not get people to really open up and he was not urging them to do it and then we find out later. He had no problem with black lives matter protesting the street to the nova pandemic.

He had no problem he had no problem with the teachers unions deciding 6 feet apart was necessary. Gov. how damaging was 6 feet apart. It was impossible to have a classroom at 6 feet apart right again. Whatever. But the whole point is that you cannot with all these tools in all these conditions in think to the credit of a lot of folks about cutting myself but other Republican governors on the back to take the allow local control present some guidance but were not present laws and absolute rules and in all of that sort of thing we gave a lot of flexibility melodic God at the end of the dam a big believer in local control and an upper building, especially afterward. We were blessed week.

We got through very very well, but this is the same White House that was telling governors like Brian Your opening to faster opening to quickly and all that sort of thing again. Governors were on the ground talking folk to make the right decisions for you to buy in large so I can talk all day about the best thing to do is just to say goodbye. I hope so too, and a lot of people like to go back in school there disowned. I guess they're a little overwhelmed by what they been through the last two years free to walk around that amassed you can't say that is not irreparable damage. They say on average kids been heard and set back about six months of schooling with happening in New Hampshire. It's not just a schooling Brian.

It's the mental health aspects is the separation thank you note the lack of socialization like a team sport lack of extracurricular activities. The lack of getting out there with your peers and then you combine that with what we already have digital agent devices and social media and all the academics are are tough enough but that could be correct when we kept art. I think kids are in school six weeks or something like that here and you have to write back and which is terrific but the lack of that that mental health aspect that is really I think the unspoken crisis in this country not just today Greeley for the next five years, especially around keep behavioral health and all the products I think that's where the pandemic really hit the hardest, and where we need to cut it double and triple down a wreck press coverage of the White House, at which time the presence can say unilaterally I know is capable of doing this. I'm in a forgive $10,000 worth of student debt. How do the people of New Hampshire respond to that. I'm with you dude what you know what single individual has the power to change the balance sheet unilaterally combated itself without congressional approval. You talk about hundred but let's just focus on the obvious. You have the farmers the construction workers those that maybe went into trade right you didn't go to college, they have to pay off student loans of a New York PhD your New York lawyer. I think something I don't care what party or from this is unfair and we can debate policy. We can be left-wingers and right-wingers a little, but at the end of the day what every American wants to know that the system is above all else, fair, and this is just arbitrary. It's unfair going to start quantitatively easing, which I think it comes our quantitatively tightening in September which is the right thing to do to get inflation under control. Your point about 80 billion economy a month and go for this trip completely undoes it bad economically. It's bad for inflation. It's unfair. It's just completely arbitrary units do not have the political thinking, because all they're doing is catering to those who are legally extreme liberal socialist type agenda and it doesn't really exacerbate the biggest problem that America has another 20 years. Inflation for 20 years this country has had huge escalating prices in college. Why because the federal government assumed all along to anyone who wanted them. No checks and balance or free market, competition controlling the price of college so that you got way out of control. Another rewarding folks effectively for you can't be responsible but there rewarding the system that they have been fundamentally broken. Firstly by just throwing $300 billion of taxpayer money out there was no constraint.

It some, if not go will not but I think across this country. People get pretty frustrated. So you have a person present a one term president in presence from your dad was Chief of Staff. The present Bush 41, was there ever talk of him running again after Clinton beat him the first time, like there's talk of company again.

Not that I don't know I'm I'm pretty sure that no 96 right and center on right you move on to have a bench on again. We got great leadership over the over the years. We got great benches can't present from my run again and that's fine. I will have a good competitive rates on both sides.

I think it is an open seat on the Democrats. I think both parties have other candidates potentially step up and jump in the race that even having been talked about it that makes it exciting and I think it could copy America that we are always willing to get the reset button when we need to and they are going hit the reset button on the Democrat agenda coming out of the city since will be waived and overturned scene Democrats have momentum now is size states have the control Gov. where you stand with with the control and the power, you now have when it comes to being pro-life or pro-choice weirdos and New Hampshire stand knowing that you're not if you not a king or queen to do exactly one school to reflect your people New Hampshire particular changes. I'm really not nothing to do so in a week. Like most states have a late-term abortion month 79 late-term restrictions in 179 we have that here and I think what you're going to see is governors and states are going to have to decide look if you're fully pro-life. You're going to be fully pro-life and mechanical for the full band and something and if you not like the Californians that are pro-abortion up until the very end. What you just don't nobody know I want to know periodically but some folks go for that to go that way and then everyone else is getting kind of middle ground 20 weeks or 2460 so every state at the state to write this you know everything that's her final path. So I was surprised even though we had a chance. I just a chance to stay with to spend a day with you and so I busy you are and how well-liked you are New Hampshire the day of their primary right before the pandemic you're making me blush. Brian is generally really well-liked see very comfortable with. We had a bunch of stops in you did not know who we walk into from the diners to the voting booths you could this plenty of hostility out there. I live it on a daily basis as well as supporters and and I thought you going to run for Senate. I thought that made sense.

Ultimately, said I don't want a part of Washington. Does that mean you ruled out the White House to know I have my own rate.

I have to win my reelection in November, two years you were really sick� A lot of appearance in this November and will see what followed after that run was to think number one I'm not term limited rights of folks are asking you to quit. What I love and really think I can do in terms of protecting New Hampshire's interest the best you can do that of the governor way more way more easily, and when when were effectively and you can bring one of 100 US Senators, but frankly don't really get a whole lot. And in up in critical on on on in the Senate and Congress on both sides of this is the first set up at Allstate again. If you took all 100 senators and replace them tomorrow with 100 random adults out of America.

You can't tell me would get less done. You can't tell me when you get a worse result. So they have the opportunity have really capitalized on it. I just want to be part of that. I love you and� Focus is now general Bolduc looks like he is. Looks like he's the nominee on the right for Republicans. Are you convinced that he is going to be Maggie's son will think that it is not the nominee.

We have a primary among and there still 40% undecided. So whoever the nominee is bleeding but nowhere very late race you we don't have a primer to middle September and we have still 45, 40, 45% undecided in the primary election. Everything is progressing so there's a lot of opportunity there. But either way center hasn't done such a terrible job a year ago. Her approval rating at 42% to think she spent $25 million in today. Her approval rating is 42%, so I don't care for the hundred and regret that New Hampshire they're not going anywhere they are to find folks know what she's about. She just hasn't been here she's just carrying a very liberal agenda out of DC. I can't wait to see her try to explain her way to get them through another 300 billion in student loan forgiveness arbitrarily like that one bit.

So she can have a lot of trouble.

Medical she comes up to say that if you decide to run it would matter to you with a present from friends or not. We did with Appia statement that you would affirm that I think that a fair statement for almost anybody that would II think if you're going to do something like that.

You have to be doing it for the right reason, not just to get into the race not just to make a point but you have to really believe you're bringing leadership to the table so I can't speak for everyone else but I took a lot of candidates that are thinking of running they'll come up here and I'm happy to sit with all of them on the Republican thought had great conversations in my restructuring to they just want to see a better American a better tomorrow night. I picked up girlfriend like to tell you right now. Nikki Haley said she would not run.

I can see Mike Pompeo running with Mike pence will be hard for Rhonda Santos to run because it wasn't present. Trump probably doesn't win the governorship in his backing so you there's really running out of the secret that all going to run no matter what happens. Yeah, I really believed I mean I don't know for sure what I'm to tell you might get that the end of the day.

They may say what they want to say to not irk the former president and that one can appreciate that today, but when push comes to shove a year from now the political landscape can be very different.

I think all the folks that have expressed interest that are raising money like crazy and spinning all the time on the national scene they're knocking to do that for two years and then say I can go home and I don't see that happening that will allow for a good discussion. Now as candidates approach. We can't do what happened in previous years. We just have 20 people running it becomes the mass with no folks getting nominations with 20 or 30% of the vote. They have to have the discipline to, we weed themselves out, but I think at the end of the day. Most all of them getting on, but I think that the case governor love your expertise with you. We gotta make this a regular thing governor Chris, thanks so much.

Go get them. 1-866-408-7669 I see up there from Michigan to Jacksonville get too close, we returned Brian to meet you learning something new every day, try and kill me show you so busy he'll make gearheads kill me hey been here in Michigan hey Ben, what's on your mind Brian talk you again. I told you earlier before what I call retired military, so the life and I dictate one reason why the military is having a hard time and all have a hard time recruiting not just the Air Force it's one of the local culture that's been introduced into the military to give you a perfect example when it was introduced into the Naval Academy and them in the US military Academy at West Point. The video about the proper use of pronouns. When I saw that video at the Croke enemy.

It should actually have rendered that they're not teaching our sailors and soldiers and airmen how to fight the teaching them how to properly use copies of pronouns and other local culture culture at attributes like that.

Number two just on Fox news today about how 35 Navy SEALs are being put in her rendered living conditions while they await their religious exemptions for not wanting to take the vaccine and people young people there seeing that month when you're young. I want to go into PepsiCo and because they have a military mindset. They see stuff like that. This is one you mother say no, not me.

I'm not even try to recruit people anymore to go in the military is just horrendous with what's going on and go to prison.

Trump assistances new ministration. It's very, much more now in the new ministration. I feel much more now than do electronic Tektronix probably just the opposite. I was actually bringing teams from one the biggest recruiters as far as getting the military and the military actually went up in recruiting during his presidency, they saw he was trying to build up the military. This new president. This administration is just her rendered and is calling such a outcry among people date they don't want to go it, they just do not think so much Deborah WTD real quick. Deborah Jacksonville hi good morning. I was watching top and friends in the morning when you were talking about the loan forgiveness so the money that Kevin well there will be Not they're getting money. Basically, at that out. Good point.

You getting less debt that's critically which you can write off debt anymore, especially in student loan debt should tackle the interest rate to two if you want to help the blood knockoff the interest rates will do that. Don't just give people $10,000 from my pocket to other people because they chose to go to college that they couldn't afford Fox news radio Studio City New York City you opinions and facts with positive Brian kill me. I went from 46 in the dam and hadn't heard around the country heard around the world is the right to only show, especially in the Ukraine. We keep an eye what's happening over there.

Rich Larry the bottom of the hour Jared Kushner in studio this morning to watch Fox nation. His book is already a bestseller and Amazon will find out where it lands in the New York Times. This is called breaking history. A White House memoir Jared, welcome Grace be with you Brian.

I mean, to guide his toes at the nexus of how you were very hard interview impossible to interview for the last four years that was intentional right, was an intentional lie.

I just felt like there were people who are better at communicating than be my job was to present and execute the different priorities gave me and so I just get, it takes a lot of work to come on in and to make sure you're always doing this the right way. Have a lot of respect for the people who were communicators but my job was to be an executor right absolutely so in the beginning you write that you wouldn't tend to really join the president when he was a candidate then you started seeing what was going on. Saw some of places where you could help in gradually.

It seems like you got more and more involved. It didn't seem like it was one day we said, I want to do it. Can you describe the process.

Sure, sorry I read about this in the book, but I was seen what was happening with without when he announced it obviously became a very hot topic. I saw somebody say recently. The last slow news day we've had in this country was June 15, 2015 and that he announced it became a whole thing and obviously the first month was really helping my wife deal with all the fallout that happened to the business because of his announcement of Hanukkah of Anke and Don Junior and Eric and they were dealing with in coming everywhere. They had restaurants canceling leases that had no corporation suffering ties because Trump was saying things about illegal immigration that were that were becoming controversial and so I think he lost about $30 million of income in the first week or two and he basically said I don't care. I'm doing this for the country. This is about me.

I have enough money in to do. It takes insight. I can watch them do that and then all my friends in the upper Eastside in Manhattan were saying this is a disaster. This is good and I think your post rent on for Ya, she's out every time they predicted he was in a fall. He kept rising. I was saying what this is just counterintuitive and so after a couple months.

Don said to Mrs. Jeremy. Come join me for a rally. I said you did be interesting to do and then we do know how much longer would last. At that point. So I went with him that we flew to Springfield, Illinois. I read about this in the book how we get to the door on the plane were talking about the grandkids and football rights. A couple things down it was like he was preparing a detailed speech or anything like that and we get to the convention center in Springfield and the person greets him and says congratulations are you just broke the 36 year record of this convention center. He says will who had a 36 years ago and they said Elton John turns me and says Jared imagine how much better I do if I had a guitar right and so we go in there and he speaks for about an hour, no notes, contemporaneous and just at any he basically was saying things on policies that II never really got too deep on but he spoke about common core, which is interesting. So he says working and common core and where to send it to the states and the people there were going crazy. They were supporting that surprise you is Jeb Bush was pushing common core that would seem to be Republican tenant of the time. Will wasn't just Jeb Bush and it was that you again on the upper Eastside. I felt like I was in a very worldly the first place rep you the heads of the banks. The heads of the fashion and through the heads of the technology heads of the media. I was at a big charity gala couple weeks earlier without the leaders of very successful business man gets up there since we are gonna save children in this country we are to create a quality where to save our education system we have to all support common core. Call your senators call your Congressman.

This is a very influential group of people.

I said why do they think one thing when Trump is saying.

The other thing I was walking around the rally. There is about 20,000 for your that time, nobody knew me as I was talking to people can tell it was people they were all they were young they were mail there female. They were white.

They were either black and it was it was a diverse group of Americans who, for II kind of said these people feel like Trump is talking to them. He's talking about traipsing unluckily send your jobs overseas.

I'm talking to send your children to these endless wars and I saw that there is a big disconnect. My friend actually Charles Murray's book coming apart a couple months earlier and that gave me kind of the intellectual framework to see what was happening. So on the plane ride back so that that that inspired and I realize that Donald was speaking for people who felt like they didn't have a voice.

It wasn't about right versus left.

It was about outside forces in and also in you chronicling this is so clear and everybody being that I know more people around the organization then just you know collaboration with the Russians. There's no paper yet it only absolutely would've paralyzed me knowing that your you had experience in jail you dad went to jail.

You know that's like they were lining up the wash Post was writing they would take you jail for clobbering the Russians you talk you cooperated with them and never happened. Having said that, you still for straightahead and had great accomplishments but the one other conflict you talked about it was how traumatic it was to have you.

Dad go to jail and what it did actually end up bringing your family my opinion closer than it actually was in one of the people that was involved in the campaign was the want to put your dad in jail.

Gov. Chris Christie. Here's what he said in 2019 to actio's about why he wasn't Chief of Staff cut 24 long-term consequences for the president and for the country was.

If you have the very best people in front of him to be able to make a full and fair decision about and that he paid the price for that later on with people like Scott Pruitt with people like Mike Flynn go swimming again this is a monumental staff failure that failed the president and as a result, felt the country and he was talking about.

He did the right. He did the pregame case, they win these the people you should hire you look to the bit you look to Chris Christie's book and he was the pastor. The preacher Dan jelly said I don't want any of these guys was it personal or was it something about was in that binder.

Nothing personal at all you know during before� Accepted Chris's endorsement sheepishly called my father and said what you think. If you want me to do it. I shouldn't die want to get my relationship with you is a lot of respect and he felt like Christie was a total political animal.

She got involved in family dispute and really put a ton of pressure. My father and I saw firsthand what it's like when somebody is under investigation and when you give a prosecutor with endless resources and endless ambition really trying to apply pressure subpoenaing everyone your company putting pressure and ultimately my father made a mistake and and and and and paid a big price for it, but Donald was very gracious to call and said are you okay with that. My father should hold your father, Donald Trump, call your dad before taking Christie's endorsement and what my father said to him was, he said, look, this is much bigger than me very at peace with her. My life is no and I learned a lot from my experience, my life is amazing. I have my family it's it's it's even be a real sense of prioritization to do whatever is best for you and I encourage you to do it. So at that point I had a meeting I described in the book with Chris and with and with that with Donald with Cory Lewandowski right basically said look, I'm okay with this and all supported fully in and just you know let's let's let's put our personal issues to the silence focus on it when Trump one of the book was opened by Stephen Nguyen who is a very competent person, Steve Bannon, Jeff sessions of Mike pence and everyone looked and said these are all of the people from the swamp who basically were saying we wanted to get rid offend and Christie F. Keep in mind at the time he was finishing his term in New Jersey. His approval ratings.

I think in the single digits.

He was maybe nine, maybe eight, maybe was like the low teens so was like he was the world's most accomplished Gov. Lisa very good talker and so he goes on for for a long time. Always explaining why things that didn't happen. If only would listen to him.

Everything would've been perfect so I just think it's a very self-serving narrative and I I don't buy it at all and I do think again. Trump made the right decision she makes wrong decisions, but he's an adjuster write his first night that he ever slept in Washington was in the White House and he was not a mayor he was not a governor and I think a lot of it was him figuring out what he wanted. What kind of people he wanted around it, but he also brought a lot of outsiders to wash in one of the best decisions I believe he made which was very frustrating because the first year.

He basically said anyone who signed one of these letters against him. He was not going to allow to work in the administration if you think about it, to be to work in administration, yet he qualified how are you qualified to work in the previous administration.

So what what that what the voters heated with God by cosigning letters will so there are all these letters that were signed by defense people are no former secretary spacing that Donald Trump was not qualified to be an office and Hillary Clinton would hold them up as campaign tools, but with that basically did was it showed that these were the people from the swamp. These were the people part of the career political class ended, and it excluded a lot of people who are qualified on paper because it's her before but these people are the part of the Bush Dynasty or the Clinton dynasty and so Trump brought a whole new era people in Washington who were from the business sector led created jobs who had gotten things that something worked out. Some of them know who to listen was a disaster described to listen was actually terrible and you keep he had a problem with you, correct. Yeah, I think it was misguided. We we got along very very well in the beginning because I recognized that he had to get a very big deficiency and that she didn't understand the president and and he I think coming as a CEO of a major corporation. He had a couple things that that which is working against that one is is is he was a very isolating person. She had a Chief of Staff that basically gets the hall at the State Department lost the will and heart. I don't know.

I am sure he put a lot of hours and I think you didn't work efficiently. But when you run a big oil company.

It's different. I think that he didn't accept the fact that his job he was a secretary we don't call the ministers in America we call them secretaries because the delegated authority from the president and he thought that his job was to create the foreign policy any disregard this disagreed with what present Trump wanted to and even love the fact that you are doing the Abraham cords and working with Middle East peace. He thought it was a folly correct in the trade deals that you working out.

He he seemed to be doubting you and all of of you every step of the way so I was given two files by the president almost work on the US-Mexico relationship with which you remember the 2016 campaign I orchestrated president trumps a secret trip to Mexico. It turned out to be a massive success for the campaign and it surprised everybody in the second one which he volunteered before was Middle East peace and I don't know why he did that. I can only assume he figured it can't get any worse because it was a mess. At the time Isys had a caliphate the size of Ohio around was rich with our allies were betrayed and everyone who worked on it in the past 25 years I read it. Funny story, I meet with the head of the Council on foreign relations and I lay out my approach to him on the Middle East. I symbol what you think you have a chance and he says actually not so negative. He says Jared nobody's made any money betting on success from at least the last 25 years of circuits.

A good point having a scrimmage workout with a 60 secret six lease agreements. I think you got it and unfortunately this ministrations on the cusp of undoing some of it by going back to the run deal will be more back back in a moment with Jared Kushner on the name of the book is breaking history, White House memoir, don't move something new every day, Brian kill me show information you want truth you demand.

This is Brian kill me show so this deal, which was supposed to stop nuclear weapon, where weapons and the memories that the proliferation of weapons of mass death in this neighborhood and beyond, it will actually cause proliferation of nuclear weapons in the Middle East will be crisscrossed by nuclear tripwires. It will make the Middle East up public. The nuclear powder. This is what you like to use clinical term from psychiatry.

This is madness. This is the height of folly the shooting that was binging on Yahoo on Fox and friends one hour ago Jared Kushner here. Jared, one of the first things ministration did yours that you, as senior advisor to was to rip up the steel they were using their money that they were making from oil.

We have a cell to fund has bought Hamas Isys chaos in the Middle East prop up beside and you guys tore it up and isolated them the result I probably couldn't do that. You probably know that any of the Abraham cords that correct no hundred percent so so a present Trump had a fully different approach from not just the previous administration, but from the previous two administration so it really was somewhere for rebuke of the of the establishment and it was the Democrats and he just saw everything for what it was. Which was that the Randy it was an awful deal. He gave them a glide path to nuclear weapon and then he gave them all this money would go back into it it it. I think it's a religious issue.

Maybe it's a pride issue. It makes Apsley no sense from a tactical point view but again keep my these are the same people who did the deal. The first time were in power now, and I think maybe it's hard for them to to see that the wrong coming when when we came in when they were coming in. I said I gave them briefings and I said guys Middle East is changed fundamentally in the last four years where we came in we had ices had a caliphate size Ohio serves in the Civil War. 500,000 people were dead. Right now we have in the last six months, 60 steels may be the way to make peace is to keep doing what's happening. Our vision was to create an arc of stability from Haifa to Muscat and Oman and figure out how you create economic interactivity between them, a flight senior security and then by doing that you control a rack into that sphere and then over time keep a ran isolated. We we had them basically broke at the time we took the oil down from 2.6 million barrels a day to about hundred thousand barrels a day and let them come to you and and told out the terms that make sense for there not have a nuclear weapon in the not the cause problem. If they want to join the club of respectable nations try to make their citizens better and make that available. You also hit it off with MBS who ascends with Khashoggi and everything like that, but it could say the least, a controversial figure will see see somebody you doing business with now is in the private sector. So right now, obviously being successful in that region was because I was able to work with all the great leaders who just had Bibi Netanyahu on BB is an absolute historic figure in your bedroom when you are happy about, but even more than that. Look what he's done for Israel. With regards to creating economic stability and an economic thriving there. With the economy minister was done as as Prime Minister to be a powerhouse you and him you had Mohammed been sired yet MBS is changing Saudi Arabia the way we got these deals done as we had all of the right people in the right places at the right time working together to do the right things.

I think that that the momentum we did what was incredible when I left government office. I was a businessman before and I'm a businessman now my life that I could be doing the diplomatic work anymore. Even though there was so much momentum and so I was very fortunate that that that that PIF, which is their their sovereign fund, which is one of the top tier investors in the world is willing to invest with me and were investing Israeli companies American companies were trying to use economics to bring people closer together because when people have ties they're less likely to go to war. And so that's that's been a lot of a week working on that's true when you look you right now. Why do you think present Trump lost and do you think you lost so I I think that what he accomplished over four years was extraordinary and that was one of the primary reasons why write the book I think that the media for four years was focused on chasing fire engines and trying to drive sensationalism and he got to the point were really was in real news and what present Trump did was not an accident right we had the wealth gap was shrinking, wages were rising especially for for for for the middle class. Inflation was low prices were low of the world was peaceful, you're no horse in Europe. China was under control and so for me, a big part of it was to say these policies worked as governance work.

I think that what happened when we had co-fitted was they did the Democrats basically use that as a as a as an excuse to change a lot of the voting rules you have time to notice after January been before or after the election. You just said this is it was a weird election. No doubt about a lot of mailing votes but I never heard from you after, and I assume because II think the president lost the election, you feel as though he lost the election look for Joe Biden is the president today and it's in his and Apsley awful president. It is, it is statist been terrible for the country at menu again like I see all of the policies we implement to that the reverse like at the border and I went down south me think they ripped everything up. They want because it was Trump policies and now send today I will step in a reading thing. The paper you have two young children who die drowning there saying this is a humane policy you have, you know, pure human traffickers, human smugglers that's on the rise, dear, you're putting billions of dollars to the pockets of the cartels is make you want to go back again so I believe very firmly that people are supposed I do observe her years in and I believe that people should should should come in and serve and then go back to private sector. Like I said to you if you read the book you see you and by the way writing. It brought back a lot of memories. I kind of suppressed as well write to the degree that the first year was so vicious so hard with the investigations and some of the radical subpar people was a very hard experience to attest to have looking at being called to serve your country is a great honor and it's it's it's a great opportunity to get up so proud of the work we did right now II really am loving the time being a father. I'm loving the time in the private sector and I think that you being in Miami's incredible, and so for me that that really is something I'm very excited about breaking history, then the book chair cushion. Thanks much. I'll talk to this week on one nation perfect and looking forward. Thank you so much Erica from his mouth to your ears. Brian kill me. My name commentary is very simple and I boiled over and I write about in my pocket boiled over in oh in this meeting in Karen's office in December 2019 and wanting a machine called me Miss Jared Brad Prescott, Rhonda McDaniel, the parents he still is and Nick Molina and Chief of Staff and it boiled every Jared Tsao had no idea how much you hate me. I don't hate you don't find yourself understand you 3+ years interest. The president wants us to work together. All you do is try to get get in my way you roll your eyes. You roll me to present test work together on this detail with you, and you can erase that ensuring you tell people on the leaker.

Of course he had people on the government payroll who were leaking left to right so that you so some of this boring bag with that you write about in your book. Jared Kushner I've negotiated with him successfully pharmacy revising present Trump's book breaking history there. So of course Killian came out the book last month so you guys didn't didn't see eye to eye on a few things to remember the situation. Yes, so, so we really didn't work that closely together.

You know, we she was on the campaign for the last couple months, and instead very good job with the communication she was on television all the time, and entered really really sorry that I was jumping ship. She's she stayed.

She was a little shaky during that time, but she should cut to the right place but but up again.

She did a good job advocating for the present. On television, and that we got the White House was about getting things done. I was more kind of working on policies and getting things done and she was in the munication so she really doesn't show up much in my book because I was working on Middle East peace. I was working on securing the border of building the wall I was working on operation warp speed is working on prison reform and I think she's work on other things.

So again I had no problems with her. I just try to avoid Olympic as she did a lot of interacting with the media and I think she had different think she was working on and I had my own things artwork and a guide that you did not see eye to eye with who was in in fighters Steve Banning, who didn't last long when he left the White House.

He quickly combined with another book to really hit the president pretty hard. When he left. What was that like being that you left the business world and then you suddenly had to deal in the White House with Steve Banning at that time. Ryan's previous who seem to combine against you. So Steve actually was a phenomenal ally on the campaign. He was very helpful with the campaign was extremely smart, yet he he he said he was again like I said he was a great partner on the campaign and then we got to the White House. I don't know why he he he he started going after me. I write a scene where I think I tried to mediate between him and Gary Cohen because they were leaking on each other and he basis on the break in half and maybe thought I was siding with them over him, but I think we agreed on while the policies we agreed on securing the border, we agreed on more protectionist trade policy and doubt that we agreed on the deregulation that all of a sudden I felt like I was again leaked on all over the place and I was very out mail that I never been Washington III didn't talk to the press. It gets you head end and I basically had an inflection point. I write about this where I said okay enough I have to fight back in and I can either try to leak back at him, or I could do my game like I said look I can never out legal leaker like him. If you're not hearts. I didn't and you're not good at your never to be somebody's good at it as I basically said look, that the only way that I can I can sustain as I have to get tighter. Just focus on getting things done and that's the best way to do it. I play the long game and ultimately write what I found with my my opponents I write about the book is that I actually never defeated them. What happened was I was able to kinda create a foundation for myself or I can focus on getting my things done, and often they blew themselves up, which is what happened was Stephen so okay I wish him well.

He was. I supported his pardon at the end he was there for us and in the first campaign when very few people were and I wish him nothing but the best right saying he's back with the present. He's back tight with the presidency again II you never know what the perception is that what's actually happening but he's deftly become a very strong voice for mega but what I will say to like he's very big into the ER on our public Republican Civil War stuff now assisting a bright pardon and I think that fighting the establishment was a good thing, but when you're governing right that what I saw is that the parties are not ubiquitous right the basically collections of tribes and if you want to pass legislation to get things done. You need to figure out how to unite the tribes get people together and and maybe that's why she wasn't the best influence when he was in the white and also some of the other battles. Nick Mulvaney had arrival and was possibly only correct you with the referee between them. I had no idea that they were getting along, but was a pretty critical time because right after you get to know the rush investigation you got the impeachment and you realize these guys gotta find a way you want to get involved in that again so that was during what I call season three write my third year for her with different staff that I saw so many people come and go, that I kept trying to.

I actually got along very well with both.

I thought they both had their strengths but I was in this like weird scene where Mick would come to my office complained to Pat how Pat was looking on him the power company often complained about Amick was leaking on him Isaac Isley, the president has a pretty existential threat here which is there trying to impeach them the good news is, and by the way this this happen with Russia. This happen with the Ukraine is like the Democrats would constantly pick the worst things to go after notice joke with Trump on the other Russians I say look good news is, is the going after a private figure most innocent of anything you've ever been accused of right so the impeachment that they chose a stupid thing to try to impeach mine and so we said let's make him pay a political price but you have to make sure you have the right legal strategy the right communication strategy and it doesn't work with the Chief of Staff and the chief legal counsel or fighting with each other and so for me after my first year I try to really stay in my lane a lot more and say your phone was criticized me for getting involved, and by the way, probably rightly so right. I viewed as a business guy, there's a problem, yes, get involved and try to fix it but the more I try to fix other people's problems, the more they would start leaking on me and resenting. I was involved so I sent kinda got tighter and I saw here that this was an existential threat for the president with the impeachment I had to get involved. I tried working with both. It really wasn't working so I I created a separate comms team to come in. II read actually bunch of books on it and I saw how Panetta did it for Clinton instead. It was probably one of the top two chiefs of staff that I studied I when I was in there and he basically brought in a lawyer named Shelburne who who reported directly in and they basically crated a pod that was able to fight the impeachment from the sky.

Tony said he was phenomenal you Hogan Gidley came and was phenomenal. Pam Bondi the wires and we just pummeled them and and from start impeachment and present Trump's approval rating went up 10 points right and then you have the one at the end of the before you left.

And now you have many more now with the raid with the January 6 investigation and that you have the raid on Mara Lago where it stands right now and have you thought about what more you could got done had you not had Ukrainian phone call. I do not had the phony rush investigation. So I I think the biggest impediment was covert right, but by by year three.

We'd actually gotten pretty good at it and we reduced to operating in a very hostile combative environment and I think trumpet finally figured out how to move all the levers of power. We had great people and all the different areas of the deregulation was happening amazingly again. The year before Trump was elected there were 6 million man-hours in America spent complying with the regulations and then for four years you had the first four years in our history, there is a net decrease in our country and the cost of regulations which help small businesses. It's all coming back to what which which they're putting back which is crazy but but but but but the bottom line is I think COBIT held us back out. We were very close to Middle East at me and we really had six peace deal for great momentum.

I think we could got six more I at least end and I think the other thing that I really wish would've made more progress on was what was was immigration.

We developed a merit-based immigration system I got called in after your two again to write about this in the book work, Trump does the shutdown I just got my criminal justice reform done that I worked so hard on.

I read I have that almost EIF sessions try to stop you every step of the lot of the chest sessions McConnell again and by the way the Democrats to John Lewis tried to stop it a bit. We we we work through and it was really like standing on a ball and navigating got it done incredible 87 votes in the Senate with an asterisk is voted against 60 with Krista Tapscott on something at Lindsey Graham's and Afghanistan's would have 89 but I'm not bitter about that, but that's we get that done. Trump calls me a couple hours later and says are you working on immigration so Kelly told me, not what he's looking here for two years. I don't have a wall of Kelly's failed me. Bandits fail me know please got me the wall.

Ryan, the Paul writes his congratulations you're in charge of loss at home. Okay so's I worked actually went with Mick did a great job and a civil only did a great job to repurpose defense spending if they would give you more .1 .4 1.8 you repurpose defense spending in order to build a wall. We used that we found a lot of different change under couch cushions. We got it all has to end and I see Stephen Miller was very helpful in and we we spent. We got 470 miles done by the end and we had another 300 miles, which would've really secured it that that the bite administration scraps of paper ready. We paid for everything was paid for the rust in the desert right now. I guess that's the policy I don't understand it. And by the way border what I've coming from New York. People said the border Xena phobic. It's racist is a very common sense things.

A physical barrier to protect your sovereignty and to allow porta patrol agents to have more utilization but the one that I also regret was we developed an amazing merit-based immigration system, which Trump referred to as the big beautiful door. We want to welcome people to the country but he wanted them to come legally and you want people who work in a world your GDP grow your wages not depress wages and we really developed an amazing system that I think would've actually been phenomenal for for our country. I really hope one day get simple. This is why Anthony found she said this yesterday on our channel by cut 18. Do you regret the shutdown the sweeping shutdown that some said made things worse.

No III don't nail, and in fact I think we need to make sure that your listeners understand.

I didn't shut down anything that was a lot of consideration among the White House task force that we were reaching the point where the hospitals such as in New York City and other places were being strained to the point of practically being overwhelmed to bring us inside those meetings would see pushing so-so personal he's master with words and be in all sides of things but but I chase in the beginning, the first 15 days that we did to slot stop the spread that that made a very big difference right the hot that the that the rate of growth and spread of the virus was was huge. The hospitals running at capacity and we did not have enough medical supplies in the country to deal with it so but by doing the first 15 days we got people to come to stay in place a little bit more that enabled us to take to stimulate supplies and can I go through this in the book how we did it we were facing improbable challenges got all the bureaucrats out of the way we brought private sector in the military and and we just made miracle after miracle after miracle happen in order to get the supplies we needed to different places.

I read, but how we did it, but it was very very improbable those things. After that it became. I think the media weapon eyes coated against Trump in a very aggressive way.

Writer think he did to his. He had a lot of friends in the media yet get yet Gov. Cuomo says I was going I was back during the administration without he spent an awful lot of time talking with the media can use my office. Once his phone rings.

It's give shares of Jim Acosta.

I read about this and it's like, come on man, like were supposed to all be on the same team in this a pandemic. Let's put our jerseys aside and let's focus on going in and the thing that frustrate a lot of people to was that he was one of the nation's foremost experts got use experts. You know," because I think you have a lot of experts in government who who quite frankly should be there but as an expert. He's been the task force were scaling the testing as quickly as possible right and I was saving it for prom. There's three different things that they can constrain you with either imagination. It's money Earth's gravity here. We had an amazing plan which we developed very quickly get unlimited capital to spend two to to stimulate it. We had to make Q-tips right in and basically just didn't have enough Q-tips in this country. I found it was always the lowest-cost item that becomes your biggest back and so we we did DPAs rework with American cotton. We are flying all over the world, but everyone the world is looking for the same product. So were scaling as quickly as we Need to make the reagents need to make the that that that that that transfer media and so scaling it all up. We figured out miracles to do it and he goes on television and instead of saying overdoing. This is what were doing. This is where we are today.

It's fascinating when the world he says were just not there yet.

Think what is sky sportscaster like the meeting he's on the task force. He was buried before me.

I came in to try to clean up the problem that they left and and and is just it would've been an analyst you need an advocate that was telling the truth behind-the-scenes a good express to the American just them what the problem was why we were where we were and what we were doing to fix it and why people what people to do best to get there. So I think Kobe became very political very emotional for a lot of people, but again I think that you know operation warp speed that we didn't in this book, which can he said couldn't be done to your to half. We ended up getting a vaccine the fastest vaccine history because Pres. Trump came in and said get it done. We hire the right people cut all the bureaucracy out in the Lancet just published a study that said that that saved 20 million lot will look I that's all true. And I know the present says that he gets booed when he goes brings up the vaccines. He says why are people blowing me at these events will bring up the vaccine. I know the answer is commanding so if you tell the people take the vaccine, they were socially the study is still my decision when you tell us take the vaccine you're fired.

Take the vaccine or you're not allowed in. That's in the American people just can't get their head around it. Some overreacting get to mass and five vaccines in six boosters and others.

Don't you agree with that.

A thousand percent. We we were never for vaccines. We never impose. We were never for mandates. We never impose mandates.

I do think that the vaccine what was a miracle I think it was it was safe at least the first iteration I thought was very effective for historically effective, but it should deftly be up to people whether they they choose to his room into people.

It's a very now of the vaccines are to be as effective is a variant so worried about so the menu so tones can work anyway and they get it and they get into it three times.

Anthony Faucher got the present got everyone's getting it. That's what I think credibility got Lawson and politics Duggan so lastly, Jared in writing this book with the present say the read all that that he said the summarizing forum we worried about them reading it, so I didn't show it to him beforehand because I really wanted to be my story, but I do think that I was able to show people a lot of very intimate moments. I think that people are we speculating on what Trump is like. I would say the truth is hiding in plain sight. But what I wanted people to say in another criticism people give of him as though say okay I love his policies, but I wish he would be act like a normal person why we see if he acted like a normal person. A reply would been president. I think that he probably would've been a successful is present. If he was so what I want people to do in this book is is read it and then really judge for themselves how Trump used his unique personality and is unique outsider approach to take on a Washington that was very hostile that I think our founding fathers designed a great system, but it needed a shock to the system was that shock. I think he got better and better at it as he went. When he sent me when I gave him. She said, look, this is a very important book. I'm glad that that somebody wrote a book that's really gonna talk about what actually happened in the room and he says I'm gonna read it so I started reading it is give me some compliments on it so far and again II hope is proud. I don't know for like anything guys could never look different but you respect how different both of you are with each other and he said that comes across clearly how he feels about you and the job he gave you. Thank you highways know is that there is only one of us that was elected it was him and so I disagreed. I was grateful that he gave you the opportunity, but I was an advisor. Sometimes you listen. Sometimes he didn't but we had a lot of fun breaking history of the book Jared Kushner.

Thanks so much for the quality stuff.

Thank you so much Brian. Great talk show that's real. This is Brian kill me show. I have always had an open mind and it said right from the get-go that I we should keep an open mind as to the origin but as more and more data came in, including now recent papers from highly qualified virologist from many different countries have shown that it is much more likely that is a natural occurrence so full of it. It's unbelievable, as if any bounty I cannot wait for me in front of Congress in December actually is. You can be old news by then. My hope, and hope it's a Republican Congress and is an excellent child is going to be Republican Sen. I Jared Kushner stayed an extra segment always appreciate you going get to a very small portion of his book, even a 45 minute interview, which is probably 35 minutes with commercials, but there's so much interesting things in there, especially for passionate about what really went on with the Trump administration. I think it be fascinated by it. So listen, just a quick note if you want a red white and blue night on stage which is unscripted, but it's unforgettable, which we expect our history in a 1776 way now to 16, 19 way to Brian kill join me in Albany at the egg.

September 8 on the 12th of he and Brandon, Mississippi and then in the 13th Albion, Tulsa, Oklahoma. Brian kill and then there's the IP opportunities reckon we can talk to before all hope to see you all out there. Frank told me Joe, so glad you're here alive from the Fox News Studios in New York City set up Fox and friends saw America's receptive voice kill me. Thanks much for being here about is the right to me show you my lease held in a manner moments Martha McCallum at the bottom of the hour will follow in the news respecting the present United States to finally work again. The things that we talk about student loans will discuss that. Also, quick reminder if you can be the Albany area September 8 in and around there if you gonna be in Saratoga Springs by Jos� next week after the Travers and go to the egg. I will then have a red white and blue. Look back at our history.

17 76.16 19 Brian kill for tickets. It'll be fun. Let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three I didn't shut down anything. We didn't recommend shutting everything down. We wonder: St. Paul was to remember the terminology to flattened the curb. Such revisionist start to fall out the disgraced Dr. now says he didn't lock down mandate or anyone or anything.

What kind of exit strategies. This lying out the door, denying what we all saw and lived. Why is he really leaving.

Maybe that's the story the loan forgiveness suggestion is really do. My mind would create so many perverse incentives starting with the Larry Somers point, the increasing of two tuition costs unforgivable student loan forgiveness is expected to be announced today by Pres. Biden.

It's a plea and play for your vote and even more some of his now side of the story Christ as someone is out of the story. Christ fell like Larry Summers would look at the fallout on the national archives thought they had it all turns out they didn't. For reasons that are probably pretty compelling. The Department of Justice felt it had no choice but to go in and seek a search warrant keyword probably pretty compelling because we don't know getting complicated. Rate fallout accelerates in all sizes. Trump and DOJ try to bracket out there cases the difference Trump is front and center in DOJ and FBI's leaks. The New York Times and Washington Post and questions emerge and how much present.

Biden actually knew so much for your encouragement Louise Eldon Republican gubernatorial candidate, welcome back Congressman Brian pay up to Carson.

First off, what is your take on this investigation.

I know in Jared Kushner's book I write that you actually went to see him because you felt as though the prison was getting his communication out when to come to the impeachment with Mark Meadows before he was chief of staff is member of the freedom caucus. Do you think the presence effectively communicating now inside of the story some respect I would say yes absolutely. When you show up with receipts like for example Nora O'Donnell from CVS put out the story trying to debunk president trump the claim that passports were taken out present trump at their seats and he was able to provide that. Now the way things work with you, not Brian kill me, but other aspects of the media out there holding the lefts water.

There is no correction to that original story, trying to fact check president trump. There isn't you, your resume deleting their tweets and the information is out there.

This is a whole MO for going after president trump. So here's the thing, as far as the effective communications plan. President trump is outmanned out Don there are people who day in and day out will utilize every lever of power, whether it's congressional Democrats and the White House, and that the Department of Justice it's members of the media, its social media algorithms big tech president trump can't on his own and be able to go up against all this to get his side out the way that we would reflect and say yes all equal and balanced, but I would say in some respects, we've seen him from one aspect of this to another, be able to be effective. To the best that he can. I think that the Department of Justice in many respects is mishandled.

If this doesn't pass the smell test. People who many people don't like president trump have been weighing in with their concerns that this doesn't seem right. And clearly, if there was a Republican president came in January 2025 and you have your Justice Department go read Pres. Biden's bedroom and bathroom and closets and just start taking everything, including passports and more.

I have you have a massive outcry.

People need to look at this. On the other foot so that not completely hypocritical, which right now the double standards and hypocrisy. There will story you know we have great affiliates here New York 77 WABC we were watching every day gone Fox and friends. The buses pull up in there with five buses for the first time from Texas into the Port Authority letting off illegal immigrants came here illegally processed input through and now they get to be put up in New York City hotels. Those are the ones that aren't flown into Westchester or Newburgh or MacArthur Airport and dropped into our schools into our cities and their be given phones, hotel rooms and healthcare.

What would Google do. How does Congressman Louise Eldon of Long Island feel and how does it.

The governor kata gubernatorial candidate feel about this member of Congress. I will say that the ministration absolutely must do more to finish construction of the border wall and catch and release and force the remaining Mexico policy stop incentivizing and rewarding illegal entry support customs and border patrol.

There is a reason for this desperation this crisis on our border were Gov. Abbott feel that needed to be taking these measures to get the attention of Pres. Biden and his allies now at the state level in the city level. You have these sanctuary state sanctuary city policies that don't just reward those who work here but it sends a message to others who might be thinking about coming in have a choice of two ways of getting here.

One is you can say what rules I want to go to America legally. The American dream. And then there is no line and in her other people so you know I'm go on my own because those other people are doing it there, getting away with it there being rewarded for it. So I believe that whether it's you inside of New York's New York City where, but they even try to provide noncitizens the right to vote and that has been overturned by the court and at the state level, you see it with policies. One is called a green light law when they provided the drivers licenses to people were legally in the country. They also cut off the coordination and cooperation between federal law enforcement and state and local authorities. In a way thing the federal government can't be accessing the Department of Motor Vehicles records and then you will succeed on the budget impact.

This is another opportunity to set this right about a year and 1/2 ago when the state was doing there, state budget, they created a multibillion-dollar what they called excluded worker found the money for people who are not legally in the country. They did it again in this current state budget. One of the big ticket items is expanding free healthcare and there are other people who are hard-working, law-abiding New Yorkers, people who are here illegally and there your small business is totally unfair to you feel so good you do we want do you want Gov. Abbott to stop sending buses here. He's desperate that what we really don't know what else he can do has to get the attention of Pres. Biden and his allies as a as a New Yorker selfishly.

If also look at the impact seal on New York budgetary and beyond you. You don't want to see a crisis at our southern border show up on the doorsteps of New York, but I understand what's going on right there in Texas so my anger my frustration my call to action directed at governor is directed to Pres. Biden.

The Biden administration things so that's where it is right now. Would you do you in support of putting them in five-star hotels, absolutely not. No way we can afford it. This is a crazy expenses is the right way to do it and I have a fear that this is only going to continue to get worse because it is a whole lot of people watching this who are in our country and this is the decision point with us and you know what I have. The American dream. I'm going to go on my own on this dangerous journey up into United States and I think I'm going to find myself maybe a five-star hotel in Times Square next couple of things as we look at the at the polls right now.

Survey USA has you down by 24 points. Do you believe that you're losing 55 to 31. Holy thickness so were trackable by the way right now that were down eight but as for that survey USA poll that came out it was a totally online poll lay while working using a list of registered voters.

They were checking voter history. This is the same pulsing pulser that just before the June Republican primary predicted that we are working on when the primary by two points.

We were tracking our poll said that we are when the primary by 21 points at the same time we end up winning by 21 pull spot on. Theirs was 19 points off. This is something that you see the left to do playing games with polls. They tried to staunch momentum fundraising. There is a 0% chance there is a less than 0% chance that this poll is anywhere close to accurate. However, with that being said, anybody out there who feels any period of purpose, confidence, motivation, whatever it is you cannot sync with the mindset that this is some type of a red wave were we need to jump on a board and write it in.

We have to create the way we need to work hard for the next 2+ months. Whether you are in blue areas or red areas are purple what you talk about a house raising gawkers rates everyone everywhere has to be all in taking nothing for granted. Say we see people say while you're in a blue state and with the top decision, the state will decide whether abortions can be 0%, 15 weeks, the way it is.

How would you with you governor will would you be pushing the legislation to Tubac. New York already codified for more than Road so the left is trying to create a huge electoral issue where where if they were to be honest, they wouldn't be able to get away with it because one in New York.

When we woke up the day after dogs the law and the state was exactly the same as when we woke up the morning before Dobbs in New York. The top issues are crime and the economy.

Everywhere I go whether I am in a red county or a blue County Republican, Democrat, independent crime economy we are winning the independent vote we're winning everything right now it's on in New York City were winning the Hispanic vote. The key comes down to.

We have to get to 29% of the vote New York City if we don't get 29% of the vote New York City. I do not know any way that we can possibly win this race.

If we get more than 35% of the vote. I have annoyed you, how we would lose the race so stats as of October August 21 total crime, 76, 79,631 incidents. That's up 35% from 2021 robberies up 40% burglaries up 32% assaults up 18% transit crime up almost 50%. You've seen Mayor Adams. Let's say he sincere he went up to the legislatures and guys get rid of bell.

It's not working you gotta be of the put to give the judges opportunity key people in jail you know they told him basically viewed I'm not listening to go back to New York City. So what would a Republican governor be able to do if a Democratic mayor can't do it when we all go to vote in New York November 8. It's not just voting for new governor, but it's also every single state Senate seat every single state assembly seat.

We have to elect people to the state legislature. We are breaking the supermajority, which is something that I know is going to happen. November 8. We will break the supermajority that exists in the state legislature, but that's going to impact votes and obviously as you point out, with Mayor Adams's call. This isn't just some Republican versus Democrat position.

There are democratic allies to help in Albany, then just tell me around the fly a kite. They were personally insulting him Rosie O'Donnell's brother serves in the New York State assembly. He went on social media, white liberal assemblyman from New York City who went after the city's black mayor, suggesting that dangerousness that's the standard that they want to give judges discretion away that dangerousness is code for black as if Mayor Adams is a racist in wanting to call for this cancel spell change, but if you want to take back our streets. We have to repeal castle spell we have to remove protease refuse to enforce the law we have to start supporting our men and women in law enforcement there attacking qualified immunity in our correctional facilities or officers are getting assaulted as they limit solitary confinement. Even though solitary confinement isn't what you see in the movies anymore and that's not the same thing either with there are so many ways that pro-criminal laws lacks PAs lax judges are turning our streets and subways over the criminals. We have to save our state. In order for you so sensible Democrats no doubt listen currency resulting will be where people can people see how can they support you building for New is a website will all over social media and every day we are all over New York State so just sign up with updates and hopefully wherever you are in all New York 62 counties run across you sometime soon.

Couple of things to come out for the Massapequa Little League team all how awesome was that Ron yet know they are our little hometown heroes here on Long Island. What they put New York Little League back on the map.

What an awesome run.

They got into the Little League World Series through pitching that no-hitter so we are we are proud of them large, larger-than-life, these little kids had quite a run work and experience that they will never forget. But for Long Island. There's a sense of pride.

The really highlight of the summer is watching how awesome they did so were all celebrating one day we were talking about Massapequa and Seinfeld.

It was Massapequa and Little League Congress in Leesville didn't want to be the next governor of New York. Thanks much, Congressman. Of course, to get right. We come back I'll take your calls and Martha McCallum is with us. The move newsmakers and news breakers.

First kill me and show a radio show like no other, kill me a couple minutes I want to along with constantly. Zelda was you next governor of New York and Martha McCallum here.

This is like a bonus segment.

Great to see the finest to hang out with you Brian, thank you very much. We were the few working this week. A lot of people decided this is going to just dig in his go right to the sum about that I was off last week so that back to school feeling now really ready to get out and excited about coming midterms and is not a big story going on so I'm right there was a golf course is to trump raisin vacation are not allowed well I think we I just been dropping kids off at school for soccer going around. I don't get really took a vacation couple days here and there. The type thing is one of those years where you notice like the film gets older just wrangling them together get out now exactly get together at one time that my numerical and then there's also a lot going on, especially with this election happening and the rate that took place was the top watching the rate happen and nothing on the air. Yes it was wise. I think really struck me that day. More than anything was that it happened at six in the morning and it didn't break until 6 o'clock that night. I don't know the story a larger story that was kept under wraps for more hours and that story. People will buy that house all the time and I mean it is sort of a tourist destination. I was amazed actually that they kept it under wraps for right it was trump that actually said they rated my house is in the thing is, no police officer in Palm Beach like tipped off with some video nothing. Note nobody that's a good point right. I mean, would that make you think twice about your Malaga membership. I don't have one right makes it easy to get to the storage of those only locks on it.

Why don't you want to be mainly dynamics and all kinds of devices in her back. The more you listen more, you'll know it's Brian kill me this claim that there was a standing order anytime present trump picked up a classified document walked out of the Oval Office and went to the residence was somehow declassified is laughable.

So part and parcel of classifying something is announcing to the rest of the federal government.

This information is hereby declassified.

You can't just disclaim that there was a standing order to little like saying the speed limit in the state of New Jersey is whatever the governor happens to be driving at the moment without telling Jay Johnson waiting in trying to bring some semblance of law and order Martha McCallum here said to host her show. The story at 3 o'clock. Martha this thing is not going away.

Now, suddenly, MSNBC and CNN have something to talk about. Do you think about administrations happy. This is the major story would you think that they they they are upset that they didn't get a chance to tell if Alfredo is not a very straightforward contention to say that it has moved the emphasis off of inflation and crime, and the border and other things that have been writing very high in voters minds and now we know it made it about this Malaga rate 24 seven, at least for a while and I think we can obviously keep keep dipping into this.

There are so many different legal avenues where people are trying about God after the former president that it's hard to keep track of all of them. If one of them. If anyone gets traction and will will will see that it's clearly taken the focus off the inflation off of inflation the you know the resume were inflation we passed the inflation reduction act. So, I don't mean to correction to your vacation somewhere.

Inflation is ever since that past everything went back to that we haven't had 1/4 of positive economic growth sent out to me were still in inflation because we have two quarters and back to back negative.

Negative inflation and I mean Scripture my own show flight back to back the negative growth that's so old school that so 99 2020, drinking the Kool-Aid right Jay, I really just that just because every major banking investment firm is that I feel like were in inflation.

Regular file were in a recession and the market dropped 600 points Monday I was in a gas station Internet and that the woman behind the counter was randomly chatting with this other person who is in a start and she thanked me that my about my telling about me and he said change a single thing last month and went up $100 and then she said she said mine is in the grand territory and this is just like a random conversation last week, we should talk more about housing about what you're paying your housing expenses opposed to gas tank is guesting selective market to go out probably not going to go to Montana this week and probably not to go out to Montauk. If you're in New York. I still want to spend the money you are in a middle-class new word about you budget just not worth it, but the home heating and air conditioning. That's what people are stunned by yeah absolutely. And if you get a student loan. They are basket $10,000 to me that a listen things out if I could just give you suggestion of Vladimir Putin's price hike we can get.

If we can get him to lower gas prices with a second he did so we replayed our card. So the prudent price I got us a five dollars get so prudent as lower the gas prices now it's 390 so they also said hold on tight gas is going to go up again and I think you the businessperson, and correct me if I'm wrong doesn't have everything to do with the fact that America just to lifestyle, and China keeps doing the zero covert policy and they shut down major sections of their economy, which foods the world economy That consumption is down globally because the prices were absolutely right and you're still $0.75 higher than you were a year ago on gas prices. After filling up your tank that's a good chunk of change right, anything I would mention is that Russia and all the sanctions that we put on them for the Ukraine war, which is now on its sixth month pleading six months.

They have a great business to align with China, they are now the first three months in a row that the largest provider of whale and fuel to China for three months in a row. And China is buying a discount. So it's all is well for both of our biggest adversaries have a terrific energy gel going between them.

So what you would bill Moore said when it comes first off when it comes to taxes. It doesn't really make me a conservative does it, that I don't want to be absolutely robbed blind. Is there some number at which I go you know what you are just taking my money and wasting it and letting people steal it. I transferred the leaky bucket.

I accept that. But this is in the bucket anymore. It's just the handle about a PPP and all the people to scan the system and the fake unemployment and all that and he's pretty much outraged as we write another $3 billion check. Here's more from Bill Moore when he comes to what happened with trump and kind of what we were discussing in the break about how this kind of empowered trump, listen 85% of the people trump endorsed 151/178.

Say what you want about Mr. able, but boy what a politician. I'm in. That's impressive in an evil way and busted this out and there's 10 members of Congress who voted to impeach him and he found to knock them off so Tarantino movie is going to get all 10 got eight out of the 10 for forklift because they know they lose them for lost, so he siding it and he also said disempowered in the rate empowered him.

He said the guy that should be the angriest is DeSantis is DeSantis had no handles anime and now trump way now. I think there was no remember you had the Washington Post near Times editorials a lot of movement away from the former president on the matter is that he has an enormous constituency and when he is wrong or they believe he has been wronged. Nothing fires them up more and I think that the more we hear about this raid, the more we wait for something specific on where they are going with all of that. Remember there was a time we were told there was an informant who had tipped them off about documents that were there.

That should be a very clean it out.

We enter we go exactly where we know what we did as we bring it back out with us now went on for hours and hours they took. But he took his passports. They took boxes and boxes of stuff and I realize that there's an ongoing investigation. I understand what parameters around that but they have not come up with anything that is is giving them a good excuse for what they did and it's only gonna fuel him and make him stronger. I think you're right and we look they they talk about a timeline when they said that all the times are trying to explain how they get warning trump that you will getting impatient waiting, but in their they bring up May 20 on May 20. They talk about how the bite administration told the archives. You could do would you want woes of the second by demonstration of the T knew nothing about that. So they had no hands on this when you second it turns out.

If you come out the May 10 letter to the trump lawyer to Evan Corcoran that was released yesterday saying that Deborah's stride, a wall outline weeks of resistance and followed the April 12 email trump tried to delay in toward the FBI goes on to say, but then she check with the administration in the ministry and said you could do would you want so how can you tell everybody that you knew nothing about it. Pres. Biden when everybody now you just had somebody in trying to tell you what a bad person. Biden trumpets just said wait a second. I checked with Biden at the bottom line is that the president is an executive branch, the DOJ falls under the executive branch, the FBI falls under the DOJ. All of these entities are in the same branch of government.

Now you can say that you keep it at an arms length but it's pretty clear that the White House counsel what they were looking for was that now I was looking for the ability to say things over to the investigators to the FBI and the department justice to dig into these documents that we got back from from the trump residents and they sign off on it. Yes, you can go to the now why would they want to do that. Why would they want to go to them because they're trying to build a case in January, sex, and if they if there's anything in there that they could get. Then that was going to be helpful to that's my opinion. But that that's why you would do something that aggressive because you're in the love wrapping up this trial try to give a reason for to go through the fall is a reason we knew Mike Cassie Hutchinson to come back again and the more we learn about what happened in the rain, the more you see these sort of overlapping issues of January sex and these confidential documents and presidential rights over having those documents so let me assume if you Christopher Ray and you truly want to depoliticize your agency and the Bureau after would happen prior okay where you stand on Comey got both sides ticked off more. Trump and trump fires and that created an enemy for life.

When you get the call from Erica Ellis's listen I need to get if you guys need you to go into the trump of marijuana go I need you to stay. There's always it takes input as much as you can. Christopher reg.

Alyssa are you crazy what reason does he have a machine gun. Does he have a nuclear weapon if I do that they already know that Kleinsmith got caught changing a Pfizer want to hurt them to make able slide doing it this trucking text messages expose executive political thought that Jim Baker was caught red-handed easily.

FBI guy seasonally paranoid about Nate's call me if I do that I'll never depoliticize the Bureau.

Do you think there was any pushback if there wasn't this guy should be fired. I agree with you. I think that this should have been an highly sensitive issue and it looks more and more I look at it as if it fell under the same umbrella that all of these investigations, a finder which is basically we know he's he's up to something is more important that we figure out what it is and stop and then it is to play by the rules and that has left a lot of people in this country very disillusioned with with government with with our intelligence agencies that you happy would have to absolutely dot every I and cross every T to feel good about going in there and you need to be looking for something very specific. Hey Pete, do you think Martha needs to know more. I think not only Martha line need to know more.

Everybody needs so let's take a break. That means you put Tony very willing to give me similar stories Lawrence you now entertaining and enlightening. You're with Brian kill me if you're interested in it. Bryan's talking about your with Brian kill me. Hey, welcome back Martha McCallum hear her shows at 3 o'clock today. Normally my day ends when your show is goes over.

I get to go get some rest.

Finally, right after Tridentine hour and so forth.

So I will be hosting got filled 630 but I will and I don't like the show, I don't like the problem is in my but I like Tyrus so that makes it okay yeah I said okay that's at tonight and then at the last minute they sent down there. They needed me to do it another night so I guess they didn't want right so I nixed you on the panel back to you even know is you now make sense.

Let's see we have some chemistry and there's more to go. Cavalier daily, released in August, editorial, demanding to get all signs of Thomas Jefferson off to school in the building. He founded the school in 1819. It was done in his image. He designed most of the buildings of the original campus and they want him off your witness Martha so I was out for my run this morning, as listening to you guys talk about this and I left my side and he was great on it and email it. It's just so preposterous and he said the promise all the students are completely ignorant and it's embarrassing how much they don't now and in the remark and the faculty pushback within the pushback against the university to say I'm sorry that will never happen you and and to go through all of the amazing competence of Thomas Jefferson which you did a very good job on this morning talking about the purchase of the Clark, not to mention the declaration of independence Tripoli pirate not perfect people have flaws in history have to prospectively look back in history at thank you with experiences that activity next. The average person tells four allies per day. According to this survey 2000 adults revealed an overwhelming majority consider themselves a cut above the rest when it comes to being up to spot a liar you are you are under four allies today. I don't know I don't really knows that when they might be exaggerating or misremembering exactly what I say in court. I find that hard to believe it's pretty easy to tell and some line look away. Number one they look they look very uncomfortable right they pulled their toe. I love the Paula exactly safe you look up to the right you making up if you look up to the left you are remembering something that happened but if you're left-handed change that not all I did NASA follow journalist I never let that right and that's when you lie to the rest of the herd yet it's and are in no ballistic training or something. Good news about drought it's revealing dinosaurs dinosaur tracks run the hundred 13 million years ago have been uncovered thanks to the factory running out of water on earth situate alongside the Pope Alexi River in Fort Worth. Dinosaur Valley State Park allows visit to observe dinosaur tracks. They thought they saw them all suddenly, as the water receded their seeing old dinosaur tracks. Is this a good news about drought initiated. If there is a silver lining to the drought.

It is the discovery of more dinosaur staff Weisel dinosaurs why Dennis was so hard to pronounce, try this sourpuss society and was a towering 60 feet tall dinosaur the way close to 44 times. We know that just by looking at its I like the velociraptor membrane Jurassic Park the velociraptor she says scary only what's the didn't really want to buy in the kitchen right velociraptor so creepy next Americans spent over 400 hours in the kitchen each year really is not surveyed for that unwell conversation. Kitchen is the height of the mom and I do believe that when you sit down with your family for dinner.

You have the best most meaningful conversation so I am a big fan of sitting together from my Denver table always to Christophe with crap we have to eat on the We should but there's a lot of stuff that has to be chemically reading more next to skip breakfast or eat eggs and bacon more likely to have behavioral problems.

Which one is it when they skip breakfast eggs and bacon day question my stories when I it's only from my tongue. Researchers in Spain found that youngsters who eat a healthy meal at home each morning. This way, better mental health well-being than those who don't eat in the morning. The new study is the first to look at the reported effects of skipping meals. I am right now I don't even really till noon so I would be so much more attuned you eat breakfast while I do occasionally to intermittent fasting.

I try to do like noon's I don't do it every day like this might have very busy day so I had eggs for breakfast right kind of eggs energy and it wasn't quite spinach cheese wrapped right no joke. Now sounds really good for you accept that she's in the rampart probably next relax, to save your brain.

Leisure activities can significantly lower dementia, making crafts, playing an instrument, doing puzzles, lower your dementia rate to do any of those things fine and I don't do puzzles here and you crafts you don't to pay an instrument. I don't whittle. I have no instruments. I played the card up until I peeked in ninth grade I was old junior high and ate them. Sure you've heard and then ninth grade I said I just I can't get any better so I do word all the time now attending to what they were looking up right after because you have to pay what many cross which is also get that all brainteaser and I started a needlepoint drink on it, which I think is very taxing because you kind of have to focus on exam. To do this for 20 minutes. My husband loves to do like major thousand puzzles that I can I judge you sure know when the only thing that I support is the needlepoint because you have something at the end right you will puzzle they had together they broke it up in order and I have yes I told him in the corner right. This is this a criticism of your husband or anyone that does. So I'm on the pony plan. I support the needlepoint because now you see a blank blank needlepoint blankets out hell. As you can tell a blanket is like you need to look up were going needlepoint immediately after the segment.

I really make drugs now.

I don't stop the puzzles make drugs and watch me uncut filled watch Martha on her show at 3 o'clock with over 100 meteorologists handle worldwide resources a fox in your box, whether personal, powerful subscriber Melissa Malik Fox is not just

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