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Not Passing the Smell Test

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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October 14, 2022 3:10 pm

Not Passing the Smell Test

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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October 14, 2022 3:10 pm

This is my personal opinion, a required message by the FB “fact checkers” - but I’m not buying what the J6 committee is selling about the Capitol riots. Are you?

Dan Cox, John Solomon, Franklin Graham, Rep. Andy Biggs, and DC Comics artist Gabe Eltaeb join the conversation!

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I need to try to an intimate type return for your free sample of skin protects like 10 welcome to the Todd start show sponsored by the legacy precious metals. There's never been a better time to invest in precious metals visit legacy PM investments The legacy PM investments.job universities viewing movies to see is America's conservative George hello America, welcome to go now 24 days until the drama like is your collection headquarters.

We've got some great Jeff coming up on today's show and just if you will receive speaking with Dan Cox already for governor in Maryland. Also John Solomon from just abuses going to be here. He has some very interesting information on the January 6 panel to give about our good friend Franklin Graham is dropping by as well as a congressman in the Bigs and will be speaking to a veteran DC comics artist about the about the what does that is infected.

The comic book community. So we got a lot going on today were to be taking your calls as well and I want to start with. I don't mean for this to be terribly controversial folks_to speak my mind here that the more I hear out of this G6 committee.

The more suspicions I have that what they have been telling us the narrative that has been unfolding.

This is not right.

It's not accurate. And yesterday, CNN, the most profane name in years private road network. Thanks, Judge Joe Brown CNN broadcast of exclusive video of Nancy Pelosi on the day of the January 6 riot at the capital.this happened before, before a single window was broken.

It happened before anybody stormed the gates of the capital and this is important. I've had a chance to watch the videos and it was a 78 minute video I watched all of and I had a couple there were a couple of takeaways from this from this video. But before we go down that path I want to I want to play this audio of Nancy Pelosi saying she wanted to physically assault then-President Trump said all right there you have it folks.

Nancy Pelosi said she wants to punch Donald Trump. I mean punch the man not to about making bleach. That's what Nancy Pelosi wants couple of things to say about this.

First of all, it is a federal crime to threaten a President of the United States. Matter of fact there is a statute threatening the president of the United States is a federal felony under United States code, title 18, section 871. So what Nancy Pelosi said she wanted to punch Donald.

She was breaking the law. Shall I continue it consist of knowingly and willfully mailing or otherwise making any threat to take the life of to kidnap or to inflict great bodily harm upon the president of the United States, and ladies and gentlemen, Nancy Pelosi, with that old decrepit bony fist of hers could very well have caused great harm to the president of these great United States so it seems to me if you're Merrick Garland. This is a slamdunk case here because we've got Pelosi on video. This is not some form of conjecture. This isn't some sort of a secret tape recording.

We've got the video of Nancy Pelosi, threatening to harm the President of the United States and Pelosi.

By the way, said she would be willing to go to jail.

So my question is why is she not in jail right now. What where the FBI agents reading the home of Nancy and Paul Pelosi know I got a great speaker. I know I know the agents are probably concerned about getting hit by Pope Paul Pelosi because the guy drives and drinks. I got that. But still they have a job to and that job ladies and gentlemen is to protect the president of United States from violent people like Nancy Pelosi. So my question here is why haven't the Fed's rate of Nancy Pelosi's house. We have her on video. This was played on Capitol Hill during the J6 committee seems to me she ought to be in jail right now.

She says she's an old woman.

She's been there since Methuselah and she's just an old woman she doesn't know what she said oh yes he does, but she's she's an old woman she can spend the rest of her life in jail. I'm going with invoices on just got to work with me it's writing or people well yeah she's know what you know who else is an old woman. The lady we told you about yesterday from Mount Juliet, Tennessee 87 years old. The FBI raided her house through her ass in jail.

Biblically speaking in jail and charged her with standing in front of an abortion clinic this sweet Christian godly woman who survived a concentration camp in Germany, only to come to America and now she's living in Joe Biden's concentration camp she could spend the rest of her life in jail and you're telling me there. Let Nancy Pelosi get away with, threatening the president of the United States. This is not set in just this was not some sort of a joke played again. Not that is there said we.

She said that they been waiting for this waiting for what what exactly was Nancy Pelosi waiting for. I mean we know we know that Nancy Pelosi rejected request to bring more security, more National Guard troops onto the capital grounds to protect the building. We know that we know that the Secret Service we know that the Pentagon we know that capital police had been raising the alarm bells of the risk to be a very large crowd in Washington DC and they wanted to have more troops, more boots on the ground but Nancy Pelosi rejected those request and yet here we have Nancy Pelosi saying she's been waiting for this is possible. Is it just possible that maybe, just maybe, Nancy Pelosi was baiting the President of the United States, daring him to step foot on Capitol Hill, accusing the president of trespassing is the president of the freaking United States of America Nancy Pelosi hello what you been drinking but that man could go anywhere he wants to go but that's not what has me puzzled. Here's what has me puzzled why was there a film crew and Nancy Pelosi's office on January 6 filming a documentary what why that specific day. There was really nothing of interest going on in her career. On that day other than the vote, but those things have happened over and over again, so there was nothing out of the ordinary right.

This was a pretty mundane thing that was going on unless Nancy Pelosi knew that something was going to happen that day because she said her own words, that they were waiting for this. So is it possible that maybe this was all I know when you go back in and you've got to watch the whole seven minutes. A little time to do that on this radio program but when you watch the full seven minutes you get the impression that this is a really badly scripted Stevenson gold movie. It's almost as if the dialogue was written for people to deliver on camera and is not just Pelosi it's the others. It's almost as if the whole thing was you hate to say it scripted now.

I've been telling you for very long time, but something just never added up. We certainly condemn the people that were breaking the windows of breaking down the doors and fighting with the police officers and rating offices those people deserve whatever punishment comes their way, but I do find it interesting that the people that rated Nancy Pelosi's office are doing harder time than some killers in America. That to me makes no sense whatsoever. But still they committed a crime, but I'm wondering ladies and jumbled if the evidence is now accumulating to the point where you can say you know Todd, something's not adding up here. You know Todd what the January 6 committee is trying to convince us up were not seeing that evidence.

But what we are seeing a lot of evidence of is that it looks like a lot of this could have been prevented had only Nancy Pelosi and the leadership done their jobs. But what if that was. Not the point. What if the point was to to to open up the capital because we all see.

We've all seen the videos of the police officer standing down, moving aside, the barricades and letting people in the building. We've all seen that video with our own eyeballs. What if they were told to what they were told to let the people of the buildings and by the way of all those people that were arrested. How many of those people were connected to the FBI how many FBI agents were there about how many FBI agents were involved in the planning the plotting the execution of what happened on that day the FBI will tell us Nancy Pelosi, by the way, refuses to testify, you know why it's because of that video.

That's why they're hiding something. Is it possible is it possible that all of this was was hatched was cooked up to try and destroy Donald Trump. Is it possible that Donald Trump just walked right into the trap that Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats late. How else do you explain the fact that Nancy Pelosi, Nancy Pelosi rejected she rejected National Guard troops. She rejected additional security. Nobody was to talk about that nobody wants to raise those questions. Ladies and gentlemen. A very simple question as we start the show are you Brian what that J6 committee is selling 844-747-8868 after toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 we have stories we got video you can see it for yourself on our website.

Todd will be right back.

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You think you'll be charged for 747-8868 here's my take. The FBI has raided the homes of parents simply because they complained to the school board. The FBI has raided the homes of pro-lifers whose only crime was steaming on the sidewalk in front of an abortion clinic praying the FBI has raided the homes of trump supporters. The FBI has raided the homes and demanded evidence of conservative lawmakers so my question is absurd to go to that if there really go to that level against law-abiding American citizens. Why would they not raided the home and charged Nancy Pelosi with a crime because there is video evidence and ladies and gentlemen, all I'm saying is what's fair is fair and if you're going to do it to one side, you gotta do it to the other are, let's go to the phones. Jerry, the liberal Milwaukee Jerry.

What say you know where to one. Okay, that closely had a reason to be up that people were storming the capital, urged on by Donald Trump. This would never happen. Donald Trump didn't have a tantrum mad, which was, everybody knew he was going to do. None of this would've happened. People talk into her office. She had a reason to be upset she can make a credible threat to Trump didn't look anything like trump the idea that she really Trump is scared of an eight euros for a woman. I wouldn't be that surprised Trump was, but I don't perceive her as much of a threat and you know she is not in charge of the capital please. There's a Oakleaf board coaches, but even the one who makes those deficient. There's a place for the subject to the different congressional committee is the reason comp is the reason there was a storming people carry Trump play Todd big caring Pelosi plagued the carriage from plagues and that storming why are you not getting the blame to the man who's responsible for all the Jerry you heard Donald Trump say protest peacefully.

That's he MET. He said that over and over again in the speech on the washing of all knowledge of the people that are ultimately responsible are the people who committed those crimes and they should. They should bear full responsibility, but I go back to the testimony of the US Capitol police chief who said 66 times they asked for National Guard help.

I head of the demonstration because Jerry the Intel was there even the Secret Service they came out yesterday. The Secret Service knew well in advance that there was a possibility for violence now Jerry you and I both know that you can manipulate a lot of stuff these days, and the concern I have is we do not know how many FBI agents were involved in the planning and the execution of what went down. We just don't know that third surrogate eyes. I'm certain all the people that they were trump supporters all the people carry Trump play. They were not like samurai and signed by I don't think that the look from the early committed may be acquired because he didn't specifically said companies enclosing capital needs a lot of editing that, but this all was because of his urging people not to accept the election results is blatantly lying about the lecture is telling people is not really taking action. We have a man who said maybe his own vice president should be hung because of vice president and break the law and throughout the what no nights. He's denied saying that I like to see the video when it comes to Trump in the media. Jerry, I want to see video evidence and I went and at that point I want to make sure the video hasn't been altered by just showing the video evidence that's all showing the video evidence it would be great that you video evidence and generate thick and it was not a pretty sight and I saw our president at the time.

Not really take corrective action. The guy who play meet with Jerry.

The President of the United States is hate you guys might want to call up the National Guard. The president was saying that well in advance and nobody wanted nobody wanted nobody wanted to do that and my question is why not blaming the speaker of the house when we have the United States sitting watching TV and it's all a better urgent to take action to do something that he wasn't enjoying it.

The former chief of the US Antilles. Harry said six times. He asked for National Guard help. His job was to call the president of United States ask that he called Nancy Pelosi, who by the way is one vote, but as one voice on that committee Jerry so she had an obligation, but she didn't do it and you know why because she was too busy getting here make up for her little documentary she was forming, Jerry got a run yet.

We gotta run related or break Jerry appreciate the call of folks Jerry the limb says I've gone full-blown conspiracy right or wrong 844-747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 coming up. We got Joe from Ellijay wants to lay on the big night tonight Herschel Walker Rafael Warnock talk about that and Dan Cox running for governor of Maryland will be here as well. There is no doubt the nation is facing a financial crisis because of the blighted ministrations economic policies hi this is Todd Starnes and no doubt our economy is in trouble and you need to take steps to protect yourself of all your money is tied up in stocks, bonds, and traditional market you are vulnerable.

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Mike from Jetta to get Tennessee's new go radio. You can hear that station all over, all over Eastern Tennessee Mike 1.what what your take on what happened after.

On January 6 radio network available. By the way is obviously you know what amazes me with Democrat they think you are smarter than conservatives." I can't wait to hear him testify.

You can eat them alive something called unintended consequence to find out about FBI agents were embedded. I know many of the rituals that went there 99% of people were peaceful. They were FBI agents incurring urging people to bypass the artificial line and you know what. Since when is our capital protected when the fees were terrorist. These are just harassment received storming the U me to tell me there is no protection in line and why did may well National Guard it might it's a great question and again 66 times. This was testimony on Capitol Hill and that's what we deal with Jerry. The liberal says, oh, Starnes is a conspiracy guy were just dealing with the facts as they were presented to us at this at this hearing under oath under penalty of perjury, I mean these guys could go to jail if there lying and I don't think they're lying.

I think they asked for help. Help was denied and there was a reason for that, and I suspect it had something to do with Nancy Pelosi's daughter and the documentary she was filming back because they always throw conspiracy to make and request that's true interesting is the conspiracies two or more people planning a crime so it obviously was a conspiracy, but that's identify whether it was or wasn't what he wanted them to swim the capital lot. They created a situation whereby it would occur based on what happened during the election of the boats that were by proof stolen 2000 meals reveals what they did. Democrats are good at spewing elections. I'm originally from Philadelphia.

I can tell you this, I knew there were still elections back then the only way Democrat can truly collect. I think I'm 64-bit involved in politics as I was 13, is by stealing the election and I say that I'm not just misappropriating the proper votes, but in lying is all they do is lie in the media is on their side is their co-conspirator.

We know that we be doing this a long time I look at you and and now they've dumb down the media Sauvage assisted easy. All they're doing is reading off of talking points or press releases are getting from from DNC headquarters. Mike gotta run my friend but I do appreciate your call. Mike says it was obviously a set up 844-747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone number I want to go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line were very honored to have a guy who wants to be the next governor of Maryland. He is the Republican nominee Dan Cox joins us Cox for is the website. Dan, good to have you on the show today what project you quite a daughter that you would bring me on an auditor run for freedom here in Maryland as the Republican nominee for governor. We are caring leg forward for all of our nominees up and down the ballot and it is very exciting because right now our children are under attack. As you know in our family need encouragement protection, parental rights back and target with our schools and putting food on the table.

My goodness are really the heaviest tax statement nation.

As you're probably aware, and then are crying that she was out of control. So we are running this flag forward and we have a lot of support. We have a minimum exciting. I don't mean to alarm you or trigger you Dan, but that the Washington Post doesn't like you very much, among others. I want to read all assigned to you from a story of a dead and talking about Larry Hogan.

The questionable Republican governor are you, Heather Hogan has not given an endorsement of the race.

This is for the Washington Post, but he is called Cox a Q and on whack job, whom he doesn't see fit to tour the governor's office let alone lead. It is, is that is that an accurate quote.

You know, it's unfortunate that that is stupid. Hogan is not governor but not of the ballot ballot between far left open society connected international lobby is supported globalist name Westmore versus myself as a lifelong Maryland or state delegate to constitutional civil rights attorney with my family. My wife live in children. We have served in the legislature. I've been working very hard for 17 years as a small businessman here in Maryland and we are your everyday Marylanders and no work were out here raise the money for the people and and we have raised enough to win because were getting the votes, but there were up against the international machine from the Hamptons and then the unfortunately no vote in the negativity, but yet I was because I was the sole leading delegate to stand against him on the lockdown orders, you know, for the most part, the governor stood against taxes and he also was unfortunately against the present trumpet. I called Mel that is all I opposed him strongly on those things because we need to be about supporting freedom in our state and our nation and president Trump was leaving that America first vision he still is. I'm proud to have his endorsement and you know it's unfortunate that governor Hogan is kind of gone out a limb in fact you mention it.) Lots of those.

But there's another quote of governor Hogan when he said after I won the election. He feels like you got another lifeboat all by himself in the GOP well maybe you should learn from that.

But I think he is so I'm working on looking at the positive were moving forward and were saying you know this is about a Republican America first values is the talk about our values that are across all party lines. We have a lot of freedom Democrats doing out here, Maryland 21 Democrat in Maryland yet 20 to 30% are were furious with the way the code lockdown were handled with we have one of the hardest shut down states in the nation. We were up there with no Hogan was the national government Association German in Cuomo was the vice chairman and that we had a very harsh, lockdown, and thankfully pushing back hard. We we began open up the schools. I worked very hard on that.

We began to try to end some of these masking vaccine mandate of my opponent, Mr. Moore wants to force a vaccine passport with an experimental job and he wants to do these boosters counseling if you don't agree you lose your job, your Maryland. We have let me jump in here, Dan.

I got to ask a question or two now, so I wanted I want to jump back to one of the concerns is your opponent Westmore. His attempt to close what he says is the racial wealth gap. Do you have what one set all about and have a problem with problem and thank God you know then called.

I called them out about the effect of reparations and I'm opposing that because this is an outrage to try to take money away from people based on their skin color and redistributed around the state of Maryland. This is wrong. The gender you talk about all the time in conjunction with his deep on the police agenda which is lies and says now that he doesn't that's early support but if you is all that on both of these issues and he ties them together by saying that because the 16, 19, 400 years of oppression going back to 16, 19 and I've called Mel another stood up and said no we are the estate of Frederick Douglass and Harriet Tubman, the great republic of the great freedom lovers that said that Lincoln move forward because of our founding documents.

The declaration of independence in our Constitution and that's where I'm standing today and that's that's why were to win in November because we are working very hard the civil rights of everyone, including all minority majority district. A lot of people in Maryland are concerned about the loss of the rights and taxes are Petri mobile to make a line. He's the Republican nominee for governor in Maryland has the endorsement of Pres. Donald J.

Tromp and Dan it's I'm I'm curious to know how you're able to fight back because it looks like you're not only fighting the Democrats and the media. But the establishment Republicans as well are not getting on board and they should.

It should be all hands on deck.

We need as many Republicans elected as possible to save this country. Amen, amen and yeah we are working hard with the donor base with some of those who have been swayed by negativity is that we sometimes refer to the unit party but you know we are about freedom when people look at what my opponent is sorely look at my freedom platform which is very broad-based and very factually and stability based on were talking about putting officers back on the street.

The crime in Baltimore because right now we are one of the worst in the nation.

We are one of the worst city in the world for crime of murder or violent crime is horrific and were to change that and that's a simple approach that a lot of people want, but you look at the other side what it was. Mr. Westmore wanted to exact opposite. In fact, they want to reimagine policing and it's already been no nightmare so were turning that around and I think were we have a very unified approach. We are known as Marylanders looking for freedom. We believe in the party as a base loves the America first vision that I'm carrying the banner of that's why we one with a 52% majority on election night for the primary with a 22 point win election night so people people of their freedom and I don't blame them because no it's well are no our birthright is given is that, in and by the great Doug, I believe that there are good luck to you on election day, folks. We got a direct link on our website to Dan's sedans campaign page but Dan telephones where they can go directly if they want to get more info or support your campaign.

Thank you, Dr. and if everyone could understand of the national audience that Maryland matters because they have the NIH year.

They have the CDC this ring, I likely have nearly the global pandemic prevention center where they want to issue guidelines for the entire nation so I am right here on Ground Zero fighting is called the DNC wants to use Ireland to try to push their agenda only down to Florida and Texas were holding the line here early build. I am asking for your help. This is the final media pushed Dr. Thank you so so much. Sorry Dan, good luck there, folks, you heard the man. He sounds like a good good and decent American patriot. He's got trumps endorsement and manner of the establishment Republican postal man just I would illustrate how dirty people like Mitch McConnell and Larry Hogan are in Maryland, for example.

So even though Cox and you heard consciously out that that there were some issues he had with Hogan bowing down to Anthony fallacy and the take a one up the backside there. He had some problems with all of the shutdowns of the masking and he called out the governor and so the governor in return when he called called McEwing on whack job. So anyway, during a debate the other day.

The moderator said all right, Mr. Cox, we need you to give a governor Hogan a letter grade.

How good has how good of a job as the governor to you that he said I give the guy in a with the exception of the pandemic restrictions so there you go. I mean Cox is not holding a grudge here, but these establishment Republicans. They hold grudges there very very bad people. I just tell you very bad all right out. We gotta take a break here 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 folks. I want to thank each of you who've already join my campaign to support the Christian nonprofit legal organization allies defending freedom you've gone to Todd you're clicking on the donate now button at the very top people just like you have made it possible for ADF to defend business owners like florist Baron L Stutzman in Washington state so many others who continue to be attacked for exercising their religious freedom, but we need you. We need you listening at home right now in your car. We need you to step up to the plate right now the threat is real. Our founding fathers recognized that all people have unalienable rights, that flow from our Creator, but secular forces are chipping away at that there chipping away at our Judeo-Christian values and religious freedom. Religious liberty is under threat and that's why my friends and allies defending freedom are defending your religious freedom, and they oppose any and all attempts to compel people to compromise your beliefs or retreat from civil and political life. As the price for following their faith. ADF's mad chart says the calls for help are almost overwhelming these days aligned freedom gets over 500 calls every month asking for legal assistant and the only way that we can respond to those the only way we can continue to defend people like Baron L Stutzman or Colorado Baker Jack Phillips is through donations but 50, 100 or 200 all of those go to enable us to take these cases and fight for our freedom of religion and our freedom of speech. All right, I want you to remember this ADF can only successfully defend these cases and thousands of others impacting your freedom because of generous gifts from blisters like you donating $100 to the freedom fund. It's very easy to do and it's 100% tax-deductible again. Help ADF ladies and gentlemen stand up for your freedom at work in the classroom at your church. Any time it's threatened.

So here's what I want to do and where were running behind our fundraising goals that we set from last year so we need your help.

Go to Todd Click on allies defending freedom banner and consider donating $100 to the freedom fund. Now this is your first gift. It's going to be double thanks to a generous matching gift or you can phone your gift of any amount to this number, write it down. 855-417-6556. That's 855-417-6556 and join me in supporting allies defending freedom thanks to you, great Americans, my pillow is an amazing company like Lindell has an amazing offer for my listeners on his finger in my follows the standard bipolar.

Normally 6998, only 1990 also can get discounts at all my fellow towels toppers my slippers to do is go to my pillow talk blisters to get Mike's my fellow for just 1994: 800-3950 six and use the promo code start.

My pillow is made in the USA comes with a 10 year warranty so you know it, and the 60 day moneyback guarantee. So you have nothing to lose it's time to start getting the quality sleep we not only want my or call 800-839-8506 is the promo code starts to take it manage of Mike's special offer on his Peter Michael that's my promo code start or call one 808 nine 85 all right big good baked denies ever to be live blogging this tonight on Todd Raffaella Warnock and Herschel Walker going toe to toe in Savannah. By the way their neck and neck in the latest Atlanta Journal, constipation whole the pulled the same poll by the way, shows Brian Kemp with a double-digit lead over romance novelist Stacy Abrams.

The poll shows Warnock at 46% Walker at 43% of the phones are our good friend Joe from Ellijay. He knows all things Georgia politics. Hey, Joe. What say you talked on American you got the best greater American would write biker I think it I think is going to be a great debate that I is going to be cared about the band on a lot of other networks also. But I think I think Walker I don't believe this bowl I think Virgil is actually ahead by three or four, and not by about three years. This boat both of these bold and individual like you did a Democrat fold five of the boys in the Republican so I really think that a warning. I think Virgil Walker is the court you alluded to Brian, Kim, that debate is Monday night seven the mage and I was Virgil's seventh but I think Brian does have a double-digit lead. I think his break big lead in the polls will also help Virgil and the people I'm talking to I thought a lot of people in your talk show they love your dog so that they're telling me that a lot of her down with the posters column that they don't tell of their longer because there Friday know the FBI could target so I think these bold, lot number, telling people that are going to vote for Walker that I got you personally say they're going to vote for warning you know it's interesting Joe because the first person to say that man and there are people out there who are afraid of telling upholsterer hey yeah I'm a Republican because they might get docs the information might get sent to local operatives in the Democrat by so I get it, and I've heard those I've heard those concerns before I Joe were running up against the other. The clock here. So tonight big Herschel Walker Raffaella Warnock debate. It's a heavyweight debate and then we got the big guy governors debate on Monday. Lots of stuff happening in Georgia all you Georgia people are you buying the polling evidence shows with a solid lead over a 44747 enter number back America liberty University through you in Memphis, Tennessee since conservative commentary from radio program broadcasting across the plane 24 day until the midterm elections day that we defund and ditch the Democrat great Debbie with his folks. We have a very very busy show today coming up a little bit later on this hour. Franklin Graham is going to drop by there putting together a voters guide for all you people of faith out there. Congressman Edie Biggs is on deck also order to be speaking with a DC comics artist who are now has his his own comic book series and that he's been writing about the witness that is infected. The comic book industry were to be talking with him as well but right now I want to go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line.

We have one of the best journalist and one of the most fearless journalist in all of America with us. He is completely revolutionizing of the way people are getting their news just the is the website talk about our good friend John Solomon, John.

Good to have you with us today. Great job. Thank you and the John a lot of a lot of news that you guys are breaking and reporting a one of the things that just really troubled me was this.

As you guys framed this million dollar bounty that the FBI was offering for dirt on Pres. Tromp yeah pretty remarkable revelation John Durham had used the trial of the Guardian to go to do more than just through his case that Janco, a Russian lied to the FBI during the rush of collusion to discredit is actually used the trial, particularly his redirect moments with the other witness that he redirect the witness to put the FBI itself on trial. He keeps exposing bombshell after bombshell and give reminders been six investigations. The rest of collusion in the house in the Senate and the deficit part of the Inspector General John Durham has turned up things and all of those investigations have failed to turn up in one of the bombshell that came out Tuesday was an admission by the FBI that the FBI had failed to authenticate a single fact in the first field. Back in October 2016 before they submitted it as gold" verified evidence of the FISA court and they were so desperate to find some verification before they submitted to the court.

They didn't course that they offered Christopher Steele, the British spy one up to one minute up to $1 million if he could prove his own.that's unusual for lottery. Christopher still wasn't ready and FBI company so he was obligated to give the FBI accurate information. The fact that they had to use a million-dollar dangle is completely outside the normal FBI regulations and norms. According to the family guide Kevin Brock. Secondly, it is the most daunting and overwhelming proof that the FBI knew what they were giving the FISA court was, not proven, and yet they market verified lot of people today including Devon and his arm out of dog Committee Chairman think this is such a smoking gun.

He wonders why you haven't been indicted for misleading the FISA court. Jon I was I was watching the interview that Nunez did with with you guys and I think the shocking part for me is that he didn't know about this. He was never told about the million-dollar payment know there are so many things that we know about yesterday you have a great example we learn that FBI MOC was on the validation team for Dan Trinkle didn't Janco turned out to be a source and when they were during the validation of him that FBI analyst concluded morning date this guy I think is a Russian agent eating this information into the investigation.

The FBI dismissed a good list under another thing that he had no idea need to have an exhaustive investigation. So the only way doesn't know about because the FBI From his committee despite subpoenas a records request and constant interviews with FBI agent.

There was a cover-up right in the middle of this investigation.

To keep the most damning failures of the FBI from Congress and the American people. John you been covering the story for a very long time now and and it seems like these. There these crimes that are leading us to something or do you feel confident you know where that is leading what is what is the big picture of what really happened to Donald Trump but I think the other day.

Several people including Eddie McCarthy battle in critical problem. I reported great federal project critical, but you always been giving the benefit of the doubt of yet. Maybe this was just mistakes under pressure. Bad things happen, but I think he was open to the idea that maybe this was just Ambien it was based. He turned around and wrote a column on Wednesday so you know I you can't come to any other conclusion.

Now the FBI was trying to frame Donald the FBI part of the dirty trick. Why does he say that we got the million-dollar payment you get the knowing why the FISA court that something is being submitted is verified when it wasn't there all the other extraordinary moments where John Durham get the FBI agent and he literally lambasted okay guys you were checking this out. Did you look at social media now could be disproven. While I thought of the FBI. Do you have an intelligence division. If you don't look at social media or some other kind of like your intelligence 101. He has dressed down and embarrass the agent by showing that they had a willful neglect. The willfully would not look for things that the bond theory they were trying to foist upon the FISA court the American people and the Congress.

These cross examinations are devastating. These dressing down the barrel it may cost him his case it didn't Janco may not get convicted because of Jerry and Mike convict this guy when he FBI people out there that think this is bad, but he's telling the American people a story through his redirect cross-examination in this trial are John Solomon from just the on the patriot mobile newsmaker line John we been on we been unraveling this video that was shown yesterday.

Nancy Pelosi clearly threatening the president of the United States at that time Donald Trump when it's a federal crime. I mimed you know their rating the homes of pro-lifers and parents who complain of school board meetings. I'm wondering why they're not on the front doorstep of Nancy Pelosi's house was CNN and so yeah it is another thing that so important about remember what research committee told the beginning of Aaron. There's no reason to date because she's not in charge of any of the capital security apparatus Truly concerning our chart the outside and arms achieve law-enforcement officer reports directly to the speaker, but let's take what we saw you think in the middle of dinner succeeded giving all the security instructed on the banner got on the Virginia governor asking for police backup. She was clearly in control of security and that dating clearly when the position to influence security before generally think the Democrats actually have this videotaped boomerang on them. Nancy Pelosi was in charge of security.

They just showed it on video. Contrary to what they told her months and again I'd I'm with you, and I think she needs to be investigated. We need to find out why they refused to provide security especially when I was asked what that was a former US Capitol police report six times as for National Guard troops to be brought in, and those requests were ignored. We need to find out why that happened and in John we still don't know from the FBI. How many of their guys were involved in the planning and the ultimate execution of what happened on that day. That's right. We got one little hint in one of the trials of the release five undercover informants or agents in the capital that day but always know a lot of questions are going to get in trouble next year working to get answers to all of these one thing to watch for my sources tell me on Capitol Hill that the Republicans have gathered a lot of text messages and email messages of the security apparatus official that show exactly what Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer knew and when they knew it leading up again respect that could come out in a month or so keep an eye on that that could be the first big revelation and set up any hearings of the Republicans it out in 2023. John what you what you see happening. Let's just say the Republicans regain control of the house of the Senate as far as investigations. What's the first thing what should they prioritize. Well, I've been asking that question the people like James Goldberg to be the chairman House oversight committee Jim Jordan determined that the district committee if they cover this of the priority list. I have, they deftly want to hundred Biden in the national security threat is on lobbying. Get up. I am the with the big on censorship.

We broke the big news on federally sanctioned censorship in 2020.

The dump on that other to be bringing to life all the things of the 20 FBI whistleblowers of Malcolm Ford to prove political influence and interference in investigation and that I think are very interested in getting the origins of code 19 and any lies that are public health officials told us about the vaccine about treatments about where the virus came from those seem to be the top four priorities.

When you interview the top six or eight chairman that are likely in line to take over committees of Republicans went back seems to be the priority list that they're setting up right now the long-term how to shrink government ever been time talking just a little oddly to key appropriators in Virginia. Diaz is going be one of the guys leading the effort to shrink government not by one or 2% of in 2030% that will be a bigger thing the whole year on the shrink government huge, huge and much needed. By the way I John you did great journalism younger team over there and we appreciate the great work you guys do dialogue by Michelle are John Solomon, everybody from just the you should bookmark that website because there's some great until there. By the way, this just coming. We understand how the two leading Republicans and they are frequent guest on this program. James Kober from Kentucky and graceless try to get him on the show next week and also our good friend Congressman Jim Jordan. They have written a letter to the national archives and here's me before I explain what this letter is about when we say this whenever you have people like Homer and Jordan writing letters, it means they've already got the evidence they party got the goods and they're just waiting for somebody to fess up. So Jim Jordan and James Kober wrote a letter to the archivist over at the national archives and here is the allegation. The allegation is that Democrats pressured pressured the national archives to go after Donald Trump which led to the raid MRO Largo Homer and Jordan noted the stunning coincidence that on February 9 oversight chair Carolyn Maloney of New York wrote to the national archives about concerns over 15 boxes of presidential records that were started Trump's home tomorrow. Largo the same day national archives and a referral to the Department of Justice that initiated the investigation into Trump.

The letter states quote the fact that national archives transmitted to the Justice Department a referral that launched a criminal investigation of the former president the same day the Democrat chairwoman of the committee inquired whether the agency had been in contact with DOJ raises serious concerns about whether national archives was pressured by committee Democrats. It is a terrific question and one that I suspect Jim Jordan and James Comer already know the answer to. Are we going to take a break here what you want the Republicans to do their they're about to if they sweep the midterms what would you like to see first order of business, one of the Republicans need to do and Congress 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Stern show Ari what about ladies and gentlemen of the Todd Stern radio show. Sad news from the world of Harry Potter. If your big Harry Potter fan and do a trivia question her grace and the winner is going to get a copy of that awesome new book from Pastor Robert Jeffers so we he sent us a couple copies to give away and were to give one away. So here is the the story Robbie Coltrane who is a comic performer starred in many of the Harry Potter movies. He died today at the age of 72 here's here's the question. Who did Robbie Coltrane play on the Harry Potter movies 844-747-8868 if you know the answer.

That's 844-747-8868 let's go to Patty and North Carolina WSI see our great affiliate wants to talk politics. Patty what's going on hello Patty, it's Friday.

Going to a food and wine festival tomorrow in Memphis, looking for the bandits not doing good you know if you want to Facebook lifestream patties. I live wrote for little Larry oh Jerry, the liberal Larry like Jerry Gary lighted okay blue cooling anyway. You know the whole thing great. I know he is here, but I like to take my car to get infected.

I'm listening on start and I and I went last year I went back to new owners. They went to my car to the garage waiting and waiting room. I showed him all my credentials to my car. On my car weight. What's he doing to your car. Is this the inspection and did that, did you ask them why because I didn't open it tromped and I had let's go Brandon Moore American oil on my car I see. So what happened what you do. I guess I die right in. I had it come back on the look in the phone book like a plan fired again. I think I explained to these gentlemen, what happened to the prior gas station. I never like people Patty what was the name of the scan station I not mention the get well. Are you sure I mean we love to be able to let people know so they can avoid getting their gasoline there and you gasoline against doing all they just do the inspections are what what town was is that what where did this happen. What town since Bill North Carolina so and states will North Carolina there is us and this is not a really gas station but as a place where you go to get your car inspected signature tags here hello okay Patty, we got a problem with your folder and measure what that was but anyway appreciate you calling. That's crazy, crazy, but I've heard I've heard other stories, and I've seen other reports about people that are denied service because of their politically similar to what would what PayPal did by the way PayPal so many people have canceled their PayPal accounts over that statement they put out there in a fine you $2500 if you put out something that they disagreed with. So they backtracked, but is not working because now everybody's leaving PayPal. Unbelievable but I just get grace.

I'll tell you this is why I don't put a bumper sticker on the Cadillac because it's Artie been broken into.

Wants yeah you don't want to attract looters know that doesn't mean that I'm you know like I got a radio station like magnet on the back.

Yes this is true but you know if you're going to do a bad part of town. Look I got to worry about my insurance premiums. That's very know it. Setting the bar on miserable writers get real with you here Phil being honest.

If you got a drug bumper sticker was at bay. Beavers are good friend. Maybe neighbors over in Nashville, Tennessee, and man she got the one for Sheila Trump bumper sticker every time she drove around town those leftist in Nashville went after her and what a horrible the liberals have destroyed national is not the same know they don't have accents there anymore. Everybody serves on sweetie. Sad thing I 844-747-8868 Franklin Graham and our friends over at SIC line just sent me a text message when a caller on Patty. She went to go get her car inspected and they refused to inspect the car because she had some pro Trump bumper stickers on the car so our friends at WSI see said hey Todd.

Tell her to go to North Carolina in C auto repair at the Five Points and states will I deliver that is, but you guys do if you live in Statesville, NC auto repair. They love WSI see and they advertise with WSI see so you want to be going there anyway folks or Chapmans travel service in Statesville. They are big time conservatives and we think our friends over at WSI seat for that information. I want to go right out of the patriot mobile newsmaker land.

Another North Carolina North Carolina segment or something our good friend Franklin Graham from Samaritans purse of the Billy Graham evangelistic Association Franklin hope you're doing well today I am doing great start. Hey, I Franklin I was.

I follow you on Twitter, you always have the best stuff on the Twitter and Facebook and you were announcing this really amazing thing that you are doing with decision magazine, which is one of my favorite magazines are.

You have a very special midterm elections issue of decision magazine. I want you to tell our listeners about that.

What would we do not try to make it simple so much information out there. And then there's so many political motives of lives just wanted to your disposal for people. The Republicans believe in this, the Democrats believe the Democrats revamped the rebuff and believe it kind of put it down so you can see there using comparable to and and then, but maybe that would help you to vote but you A little go a little farther than that, about 20 good reasons to vote for Democrats and I would like to hear.

I'm all ears. All right if you like our taxes both for Democrats and local space if you want to see open borders and more drugs across the southern border both for the Democrats if you want to see more. Huge government giveaways, but don't help our economy and don't make sense both for the Democrats if you want to be fun. Please department and have less law in order for the Democrats if you like higher gas prices. Both the Democrats if you like to be dependent on other countries for energy revenue been energy independent both for the Democrats if you like inflation for the Democrats. If you are good with food prices going through the roof. Both of the Democrats. If you want to see more criminals including felons let out of jail over the Democrats. If you want the gay, lesbian, transgender agenda to continue to be crammed down your throat and talk to your children over the Democrats. If you want the teacher unions to raise your children and keep your parents in the dark of the Democrats if you're okay. Having guns confiscated the Democrats if you want to see the country push down the road of socialism which is total government control of our lives. The Democrats if you like the homelessness, crime, drugs take over the streets of our cities over the Democrats. If you support biological men freely using women restroom over the Democrats. If you support rails competing in absolute athletic programs for women and girls both the Democrats if you support the hiring of tens of thousand four IRS agent. Both the Democrats if you support abortion both for the Democrats if you support a weaker military. Both of the Democrats. If you're sick and tired of free speech. Vote for the Democrats 20 reasons why a person should probably open the Democrats. Well, I think you Harvey you you initially triggered most of our audience, but I think after the first one on your list everybody kind of said okay, good.

Now go it's Franklin it's I mean it's a brilliant thing that you've done here because you're absolutely right.

To me these of the choices in their pretty black-and-white choices for a lot of us out there. What happened your part people.

You know, we leave you with babies political as a member so misleading but you have to look at what what the party really spent for this is not the Democratic Party of my father. This isn't the Democratic Party of the build felt this was a different Democratic Party of the Socialist party is leaning towards communism.

That is just frightening and scary.

If they win these these elections for the midterm. You can probably kiss our country to lose our freedoms so quickly under the by the administration and the White House was filled with people that the same to be them on destroying this nation. Franklin, one of the things is really concerned me, and in recent days we have seen a lot of these ministers out there preachers that are that are really criticizing their congregations for being involved in the political process they use terms like Christian nationalism. This all seem to pop up during the early days of the of the Trump administration. So I just want to ask you flat out what responsibility do Christians have when it comes to politics in America over we be about freedom without the freedom to vote. I think we have every right to exercise our freedom to vote out the gays and lesbians but their candidates socialist but there Most of the markets from their Canada was why should we give them involved in having Kenneth those that believe the way we believe and support them and also taught your people like dark decision-makers in the state go to decision and you can get this magazine online or will send it in the mail comes every month. Many monthly magazines, Christian magazines out there and work with the decision magazines are, we produce it. Graham evangelistic Association.

I would make that available to the people that wanted Avenue of the data center comes out the monthly magazine, but we cover issues like this from time that I think political issues are, but we need Christians to run in politics at every level, special school boards. I'm a firm believer listed in the educational back in this country and take away from the teacher unions But the parents back in control.

Franklin Graham is on the patriot mobile newsmaker line this afternoon and and Franklin moving beyond politics. There's a lot happening on the humanitarian side of what you guys do through Samaritan's purse. I know you guys have lots of folks down in Florida.

What are you guys doing to help folks recover from hurricane EM oh thank you totally got the three flights to Fort Myers, Inglewood and also Gorda and what we have the so far, we have a total of about the 4200 workers either 4200 families of asked us to come and help the busy recover roof damage trees on their house got flooded in either house of mud out and what we do is we have volunteers to come down and help us so far with 2700 volunteers we'd need a lot more signed up and will be doing this all began to will probably February so it's good.

It's a mess down there.

Todd was so heartbreaking for so many of these people are retired.

They have fixed incomes that they lived in a very nice upscale trailer parks, mobile homes, they got flooded roof damage and some of these mobile homes are not getting a little many more there than just beyond repair and the people on fixed incomes.

They just don't have money to bounce back from this industry people's homes go underwater and have all their furniture and everything that they own. I carried out to the street all likelihood take it out of the street because is no trash and estimate all the way to stretch our thoughts and bridges down there.

Try to help as many people as we can and better and help them get back on their feet and were doing in Jesus name we have chaplains for the Graham evangelistic Association of their factum minister to the families to pray with them to answer their questions and our teams will go in while these were large chaplains are talking to the homeowners.

Are our teams up there on the roof. Got milk freezer and five think of the sheet rock all the walls and where the house can air out dry. Also the black mold doesn't take over. It's a lot of work, but thought it's worth every second of these are American. These are people that that love this country people better now down and out because of the storm and we just need to do all we can to help. And speaking of that, our good friend and he is a sponsor of my national show Mike Lindell I he's down in the Fort Myers area and he is he is personally handing out more than 9000 my pillows a couple of thousand of his blankets on the one up. What a good man he is to go down there and just to help people know question here is with us yesterday with our teams in which we took him from the home to all the home had an out pillows.

He was such an encouragement to not only to the team for the volunteers but especially to the homeowner. Pathologies of these are Great American all right Franklin Morgan have to leave her there we always enjoy catching up with you and we appreciate that the great words that that you give our nation and the encouragement you of our nation and in the ministry that you share with the nation well like it.God bless our God bless you of Franklin Graham.

Ladies and gentlemen, just a great man and other doing incredible work through the Billy Graham evangelistic Association also doing some incredible work through Samaritan's purse, and you were really doing the Christmas shoebox Grace Baker were to turn your bike, grace, grace but down the check flight. Okay I'm here were doing the were doing the operation Christmas redo the shoebox before I left I will working to do it as like a building so that the entire bunker. The news bunker is going to do, that sounds great to me. Are you do the trick and I did this. I've done this many times, but the trick is is putting all of that stuff into the shoebox. It deposit. You can't cram it all in there now, but I doubt it.

You think about it when you're buying stuff listed with this Howdy of you for the soccer ball at one of those things that's true you can do it.

I did that once buttons are deflated. Don't give away.

I need to know these things as I like.

Maybe you want to get basket there you got so will get the list so let's we are working so will touch base with Franklin's people will get it all squared away so anyway, they're doing some great work out there folks and we just appreciate of Franklin and his team and we also love Mike Lindell. Here's the story Mike Lindell boots on the ground in Fort Myers.

He's delivering more than 9000 my pillows and blankets to the victims of hurricane EM wanted what a noble gesture and folks, we would love you to help Mike and you could do that by supporting the my you can go there. We have all sorts of great deals and discounts just for our listeners got is my promo code stars and that'll activate the all the discount you to get it is a matter for getting the Giza dream sheet you getting my pillows were those awesome slippers not only the purchasing quality, quality merchandise, but you're going to be helping to support American workers on American soil energy to be supporting these humanitarian efforts are that Mike Lindell is involved in down in Florida, my use the promo code. Starnes simple question when it's the FBI job busting real criminals who are afraid to the general population. Another example of a bloated government agency seems to forgot who they work for the American people, not Joe Biden while Barry Connor, the millennial using our shout back function of this is pretty cool I we have an app and if you utilize the app you can send us a message and will play those back on the radio.

All you have to do is download the app and you can do that by going to our live show blog or go to keyway and K Wam you will see the app about their click on that and you'll be able to download it it's free of charge, and you'll be able to listen to conservative talk radio 24 hours a day. We have some great hosts that are on the network and we'd love for you to do that and you can download the shout back function and that give us give us a call our eight 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 you know they call it the Golden State. But now California literally leads the nation in homelessness and crime businesses.

Taxpayers are hit the road there get not a Dodge.

The woke agenda so bad they're pushing for noncitizens to sit on juries and kids as young as 16 to vote. Gov. Gavin Newsom may run for president or good friend Rob Schmidt is in California exposing the madness all this week in Los Angeles telling the truth about California's dangerous waste and how it can infect America and even your state, you gotta watch Rob Schmidt tonight on Newsmax 6 o'clock central time 7 o'clock Eastern millions tuning into Rob and Newsmax were news they can trust you can find Newsmax all major cable systems and if they don't carry Newsmax give them a call and say hey I want Newsmax millions have made the switch and you should to watch Rob Schmidt tonight on Newsmax all right while coming up. We got our good friend Congressman Andy Biggs I he's gotta be bringing us up to speed on the border crisis also working I get him to weigh in on this carry Lake gubernatorial race. What a crazy situation that is and and and artist were DC comics 20 years now now has his own projects on the side and he's weighing in on this comic book woke notice that that's happening all over, all over the industry's order to be talking to him about that in Colorado a story that is not getting much attention, but should 30,000, 30,000 postcards were sent to individuals across the state of Colorado who are not eligible to vote. These people are noncitizens. Now they could be illegals.

They could be immigrants who were just here on a visa, but they were all sent these postcards giving them instructions on how to register to vote of the Secretary of State's office as well.

Oops, that's are bad. There was some sort of a clerical error and we did mean for that to happen. Are you buying any of that. Clearly, a lot of people are not because people been very, very wary of the explanation coming out from the Colorado government.

So much so that MPR the NPR station international public welfare radio.

The NPR station there in Colorado is actually attacking people who are suggesting there was something nefarious or you think about this for a moment 30,000 postcards going out to people who are not eligible to vote. What you think that's all about.

We keep going back to what's happening at the border with hundreds of thousands of people coming to this country.

These are the voters that the Democrats want. This is why Joe Biden wants to keep that border open. They think these people are going to be able to vote in our elections. And sadly, many of them already are. Every time an illegal crosses that border their somebody from the Democrat party there with a fruit basket and a voter registration card. How do you think those people are voting in the elections that they're not supposed to be voting, but that's what that's all about.

And by the way, you know who seized you know who sees through that scheme that would be all of the law-abiding Hispanic Americans. Their communities have been decimated by this, and especially in the border states.

Just remember, folks, elections have consequences, and I hope everybody learned their lesson. I certainly do in the wake of what happened in 2020, 24 more days until the midterm election.

What is the issue that's driving you to the ballot box 844-747-8868.

Again toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 were to be getting to your calls after the top of the our local and national news. Also, I want to remind you and encourage you to head over to Todd We have a great store and we want you to send us photos.

Many of you about our T-shirts. You bought the hats baby you got the biscuit book and we want you to send us your pictures your photographs of you wearing the shirts, wearing them READING the books and you can do that you can send out those to us on our social media platforms and we want to be able to share those with the rest of our great good-looking audience. Are you folks stick around our three, Andy Biggs, this is the Todd surgery is University studio in Memphis Tennessee. I learned grammar your election headquarters border coast-to-coast across the root of .24 days so the midterm elections.

Also, we are right back in the middle of a radio fund for alliance defending freedom and folks we need your help were running a little bit behind where we were last year at this time and so we need you to head over to our website.

Todd Click on that alliance. Defending freedom banner and we need you to donate at least $100 that that amount is going to be doubled. Thanks to a generous ADF donor.

You can also give them a call at 855-417-6556. That's 855-417-6556 all right, I was listening to some my reports coming from the border and I want you to hear who the illegals are thinking as they invade our sovereign land seems good morning and I'm just trying to process what I just heard from the vice president.

If you see a problem. Well, let me show you a problem.

We just had 200+ migrants across here in Eagle Pass area were Maverick County there from all over the world. In fact, I just met a few of these migrants are user that way from Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka Helen we been traveling for 45 days 45 to educate from Sri Lanka. Did you come by boat out. As you can go to the jungle.

Yeah, everything bowed jungle into everything, and our vice president harasses the border is closed but but do you think of the borders open.

Oh you don't think it into some answers. Are you here. We want to leave you will love me like US US. And do you have any message for Pres. Biden. The tank came so accepting us for living here.

I thank you very much. I don't want to interrupt there you go there you go, the illegals thinking Pres. Biden cannot see us was go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line good friend of this program. He represents the fifth Congressional District in Arizona Congressman Andy Biggs Congressman there you have it. Even illegals know who is responsible for the up the breaches at our southern border. Everybody in the world knows how to get into America and that if you come in illegally. This administration is going to try to give you work permit healthcare free phones and, if possible.

They want to give you amnesty the whole world knows it hundred 60 K nations that came in last year and so I'm not surprised in the end. This goes back to within the first 30 days of Biden becoming Pres., you remember seeing those pictures of people.

If you want to waiting the soap below to come across, you know. Thank you, Pres. Biden of Biden Z T-shirts because that when he campaigned on any one promise is definitely delivered on opening the border and and it's become a massive crisis so there was a report in Colorado or you had what 30,000 postcards went out to show people how to register to vote. Of these people were noncitizens. I would love their illegals are just war whenever there stand their immigration status is. Both are not eligible to vote and you do wonder what sort of an impact. These illegals are having. If not on congressional races, certainly, and local and state races. Yeah, I mean this is part of the deal where I introduced multiple amendments to Democrat Bill saying you can vote unless you are citizen you have to show proof of citizenship because this is going on.

You have states like California, local jurisdictions to California, New York, medically think, well, you know that your illegally, we want them to be represented. Not like we can wait just a cut ticket minute.

There is a benefit to being a citizen of the greatest nation on earth, and that to legally vote.

You cannot come here illegally and then put it intercede in our elections, we mean the Democrats are up in arms because of the false Russian hoax.

This is worse than faultless notes that are actually people who are illegal to vote in our election. Congressman Andy Biggs is on our patriot mobile newsmaker line this afternoon. Congressman reversed the midterm elections and I want to get to that in just a second on the congressional side but this crazy good gubernatorial race in Arizona. Terry Lake, who I think is has run a pretty darn terrific campaign. Her opponent Katie Hobbs simply refuses to debate and then PBS turns around and really stabs Carrie like in the back yeah I mean people don't notice that in Arizona the law is in the clean elections you going to have one debate for every one of these offices and Katie Hobbs that she won't do it. Liquor course is ready for grunt anytime, anyplace, anywhere, because she's no scaredy-cat. I mean, rightly the soap movie where know Mel Brooks is the D psychiatrist at the Institute for the beriberi.

Therapist and the Katie Hobbs is very, very, very nervous and so so she is running out and TDS you know it don't worry Katie Hobbs looking to give you 30 minutes of free airtime and you know what, that's one of the reasons I introduced legislation to defund the public broadcasting system because there's so by the left and so many other outlets. We don't need the PBS system anymore.I'm with you I say defund them all. I am the owner of a news talk radio station in Memphis, Tennessee. I do not like my tax dollars being used to support my competitor in the business.

NPR, I got a problem with that and to your point Congressman. There are plenty of other outlets for people to utilize all you have to do is get your I get your TV Guide out and and start looking exactly right. So when they put them on this deal like this. It's reprehensible and it indicated the thing were talking about, you know, the one illegals the but they created the Russian hoax. They're the ones who are always projected somebody else's trying to battle in the elections when they're the ones that are out there trying to steal the elections up with her fingers on it in an unfair manner to prevent their reelection and this is just one more example of it not enough you start the project Veritas video Katie Hobbs fleeing the reporters is just I want that SQA don't want to debate the rest of the women's bathroom. She spells her coat all of the stuff you know the letters C letters to she left a trail of trance and nobody picked it up. Yeah well I mean that's the that's what happened. The left left always litters you know ideas and garbage on the ground.

By the way, I will get your reaction to to this audio was released yesterday.

CNN had the exclusive Nancy Pelosi of threatening to do bodily harm to Pres. Trump back on January 6, 2027 Congressman of my reading of the statute. That's a crime. What she just did well what what ever weather was a crime or not reflect the real hatred that Nancy Pelosi still has obsessed the entire left company.

Don't ever forget it when you gave the state of the union that time. Great speech very presidential very unifying speech. She she rips it up behind it, which by the way, is also crime you can't destroy this but nobody's writing her home to try to to find out if she has any documents she should.

It's a good time at the left is unhinged Donald Trump lives in their head. They they hate they hate the America first movement, which is the great political movement of our time and is reflected from Nancy Pelosi to Job I do is priest of Moloch in impersonation in front of the red hellish use in front of Independence Hall saying that if you support America first, you are an enemy of the country guys throw gas and play against him every member and explain trying to divide United States of America and there there being very successful, but I think Americans are waking up and are ready to do something about it. Congressman looking at the midterm is certainly the polling is indicating a good a good election for Republicans.

Once the first order of business, so you guys regain control of the house. What's the first thing you guys need to do. We need to bring spending back under control. That starts with eliminating the funding for. I don't know 87,000 IRS agents start looking at of the cessation of the police state and maybe have to do with some of their funding and then we also but for me it is critical that the judiciary and oversight committees great start and impeachment inquiry into Alejandro my workers is disguised single-handedly attacking this country.

No doubt about that. And then that the flat out lies. He knew that those that those border patrol officers were not using webs and he said nothing and that to me is an impeachable offense as well.

You absolutely think about this you know that it's untrue, but you throw your agents under the bus and taught most people realize this.

They have pursued them even after they were investigated forever and it cleared again.

They want to go after them for some kind of administrative action to give them additional time off without pay.

That's how awful would that human beings are are are at the top of CDP today.

In an article in security and chief Ortiz is the chief of the CBP.

He needs to basically tell my workers stop it, stop it, and let's read this, let's bring this order back to the border and he is been canted when he's been under oath.

Chief Ortiz has about this because this and what needs to happen all right. Congressman readily with their good luck, and I am excited to see you back in Washington you're just fighting the good fight and we need more people like you up on Capitol Hill in the selection please and more folks are not will do that. Congressman, thank you think doctors are.

That's 80 bags out of Arizona and that he he's right we do need more people like hey I gotta play some audio for you. Remember we told you about the Muslim parents in Dearborn Michigan that are hundreds of Internet will they had the second school board meeting in a bigger auditorium steaming remotely over 600/6 hundred Muslim parents turned out, I want to give you a flavor of what that sounded like okay that is not a Muslim cut number two must moms and dads, Dearborn, Michigan. Very upset over the over these pornographic books that are in the school library and we don't have a lot of we can play this mom but you just heard a snippet of this mom who got fired up of the school board meeting a few days ago that the same thing is happening in California, Michigan, Germantown, Tennessee, Chattanooga, Tennessee, all over America. This is happening and I'm glad to see moms and dads Christians, Jews, Muslims, even LGBT moms and dads and they don't want their kids exposed to this kind of crap in the public school libraries.

Gotta take a break 844-747-8868 this is the time structure all right glaze Lord given me all show about to talk about the van Gogh why are you so enthralled with the story. I don't know this is my favorite story of the day are so ridiculous, so here's the deal.

So brace current me if I'm wrong here so couple of these climate change. These 300 years the tree huggers showed up at the National Gallery in London and they threw what is it tomato soup yes: tomato soup was at Campbell's. I don't think so. That's with Heinz. Oh that's worth oh that's any way they threw soup on a painting that was a done by van Gogh called sunflowers and then they glued themselves to the wall and that's in a Safeway plan. We have audio here hello yes we do our let's take a listen you will think and you know so well, you know, I don't know if they've identified these people but you know that just sounds like you found you, you exactly. Maybe there's part of the same.

That was really creepy very, very pretty, very creepy know I maybe I'm just maybe I'm getting old. Maybe I'm getting old.

But here's what I recommend. They should've tased their butts just go ahead and will item up that would be effective. You can get their hands off the wall.

I have a recommendation. They do something like this. And so the Middle Eastern countries they could take a big machete and job or if the tasers aren't in a work pop up in the kneecaps. They did confirm that the painting is okay, so they had at a Nevada be the glass of the painting or what, but the paintings okay pretty rough look like one of those abstract paintings were summoned is through paint on a candidate. Looks like somebody vomited an entire can of soup Campbell's soup that's basically what happened. Disgusting are I will maybe I'm just old school here but these people have no respect for it for anything. By the way, I know they're talking about people being cold. Well, how do you think they get warm is throughout perfectly good soup that's you know instead of that's that's a good point. Instead of using the soup to vandalize something while you feed one of these people exactly and they got the T-shirts.

They don't get that. You do wonder though I'm at what point do you finally crackdown on this nonsense, yet they look pretty young girls in the video they look, maybe what and 13, look like you know you just say that we don't we don't judge, but there are some questionable pronouns going on there. That's all I can say about that. I take a break here 844-747-8868 that's a toll-free telephone number and this is the time to start his radio show 24 days term elections.

You know we have here at here at our flagship headquarters like a WAN mighty 990 a lot of the staff really gets there there plugged into the comic books even of the I just had the big Memphis the comic book convention. Here's a lot of people go to that and it has been a source of conversation about how in recent years of the comic book industry has gone woke and a number of the beloved characters that many of us grew up with have now come out of the closet as as gay. There's Robin from Batman and Robin, now a bisexual you've got the Superman who comes out as bisexual has a male boyfriend. Then there's wonder woman is a queer.

We still know what Aquaman is doing with the dolphins don't want to know that question is not just look is not just in DC comics is happening across the board. I think there's a brand-new gay version of Spider-Man out there and so I was really intrigued it when I want people to want to reach that they don't want to speak out against this because it's coming folks, you know you don't want to be of you don't want to have a mom come after you.

But there's there's a gentleman by the name of Gabe Altai, who for 20 years was one of the best artist for DC comics and he's been speaking out about this and he's got his own new project called truth, justice, American way and were to post a link to the summer live show blog agape joins us is afternoon of the patriot multispectral I gave good. Have you with us today. Exciting to be here. You know I'm doing well and first of all a big fan of your work, your your artistry is just really remarkable and and we appreciate what you do for other comic book world know what you know little little boy three years old that my grandparents Mexican restaurant. Drawing on butcher paper and I got my always wanted to get a night made a decision at 12 or 13 that I would work for my favorite artist VP Warner Bros. right now Jim Daly payment, ghostwriter here and entirely. My point so I got a blessing like that dream came true when it was it was a privilege to work there Batman Superman, wonder woman, all illustrating coloring through all this great stuff.

What was that I like for you Gabe. I mean take you getting getting that job and being able to illustrate and tell the stories of those heroes that you grew up with the lady of American will want to drink from the work defensive end for the Denver Broncos will come one big I'm 6 foot four played lovable coastal others, but imagine you go on your favorite team thought and knowledge you get your favorite finger favorite players, the one that takes you. That's what happened to me, generally. Personally, I favorite artist when I was 12 to work in his studio enjoyed decent, so that's what it felt like it felt like someone blessing was so amazing, books for an original American art invented about 100 years ago in this country as I took a lot of pride and I think this is our cultural heritage and storage lot euros are so important and identity politics, ruining a great fear" that we don't cultural vertical government.

Dragons are real children know dragons were without children.

Perryville 2000 dragons can be explained to Superman and Batman and Luke Skywalker and Indiana Jones on the classic heroes of yesteryear overcoming their own fear standing up to evil even though they could be killed and imprisoned ruined whatever they still stand up and win, and that felt all about.

We can stand up so that's why did they started getting a little woke 2013 for a little more a little more. I kept my head down like, well, I'm working on in a weird and it was 1/4 of our book after book and now they've gone Nitro crazy it's all the books are just identical. I am Mexican and Libyan father Steve Gadhafi socialist regime and murdered my dad's friends and my grandfather got hit by a car by accident because my dad was speaking out against the dog. I do not come from cowards.

We stand up to these people that were silent and careful.

We cancel account close. We always fall the law but I stand up and I'm one of the only people my entire business to do it. You know I have friends. The private message me email me all the stuff I'm so glad you're doing what you're doing to shame the ruling super members met. But the thing that got like a year ago yesterday I made international news.

You probably covered the globe three days that I left the book over there. They said the Superman slogan would no longer be truth, justice and the American way and that prompted me to make my own, that that's the name of my comic strip Joseph Merrick landed classic uplifting action celebrates traditional values and preaching right-wing Democrats in block don't know if stores were everyone you don't know Han Solo's politics.

You just know that the character arc. We quit being a selfish tyrant and he comes back and he overcomes the evil within them to be.

So that's what our stories are about overcoming fear overcoming focuses brotherhood family love being courageous we don't get after you left when I don't care.

My stories are for everyone with my partner David Williams is a 30 year veteran of Warner Bros., I'm just like a 20 year veteran from the puppy here and you get this book. Be thrilled your kids will love it, but adults love it to sophisticated enough adult, but it's great that you would like to start with the bike and watch a movie when you're eight I'm loving the watch when you're 80. I love it were right there in the classic action condition that many men and women built before you know to build the entertainment business.

We lost our culture taught by giving up on entertainment will appear out there and my clean run radio sick and tired for cantata what they're doing. Your country. Culture.

I'm not white but they call you white people racist white devil to guide I stand up little white people while I was doing, never back down from your sticking side of the destroyer culture make a mock review was done to stand up like I I stood up your life, mortgage my whole career was 20 years of public art that my regiment do for living.

But I just trust God no I'm not going to do evil. I'm not crap on America data date to come here. My grandfather inside my mom start they've been here since 1700 before was America climbed the American dream. I have people who were there before the country started.

My dad got him and I know what this country is done for me and I and everyone of you. Your blood that the people that came before us. Everything they did for men and women grandfathers and great grandma.

Mother's and going back thousands of years. The question culture that built this amazing world. We have air conditioning and filtered water. I'm not breaking the chain, keep going forward and I will stand any of these typically any of these people want to careful and ruled American and Western culture never. My wife JB got up we got if we had 1/52 delay. So I got for bid you going to put your good so far so good on your show all that you thought but but you know I I'm just I'm I'm loving and I think your audience needs to hear what you have to say.

We talk about these issues all the time that this mob that's out there. My great grandparents came from Germany. They escaped up brutal dictators to come to this country and to claim that American dream I remember as a little boy growing up in North Mississippi riding my bicycle to the Rexall drug store and in sitting down on the floor of that drugstore and reading the comic books and and you're right we I never knew if Superman was a Republican or a Democrat I'd let you know I did those things were not important to me. It was all about the story. It was all about the adventure right absolutely left it invaded all by the way, McCarthy was right. It turns out that the reason they do identical people like me, Mexican, Libyan, gay people, women recently insert them in all of our stalwart ruined it. The eight people I don't how can I I'm one Libyan put them there white liberal savers and they are actually very racist. They put them there for their own ego look everyone getting that given this comic I am a hero golden.all other ego as a writer and it was written. I'm a masterful award-winning by the way, I know the science of how artworks your breaking story when you do that. Stories of formulas and powder insert identity politics for your own vanity your disgusting egomaniac and they'll show it, cut Sony Donald laid off so many employee budget. Warner Bros. is just two days ago 82 people and no one wants this woke crap just want to let you go but we lost our culture by giving up on the art you to do what I did instead of make good on you can't make it out support people like me. I can't make it sleep by truth. This is not like the day by day I'm sorry. I looked in and where to do that we want to be able to support all of your projects again when they come out of Morgan opposed to direct link to this on our own website, the truth, justice, American way. Ladies and gentlemen, 64 pages full-color action adventure.

And as as he said there heroes. You can believe in that game.

It's it's really strange though that that they're willing to destroy an entire company to get there to get their message out and you look at the gay Superman and they had to cancel that series because the sales just completely bombed by me. Nobody wants to read that kinda stuff right people want to be fired by stork. I want to see Luke Skywalker stand up to Darth Vader and say like scary evil in my life.

I don't want to be lectured. I don't want to, quote a movie if you hate women you hate gay people and me the writer I love Limited gave an immigrant from Blackfoot. All that we all, I don't. I don't think people from their identity either and it racist and bigoted support people in this category to me who I wanted to be seven Consolo Harrison Ford that British name Ford I am a Mexican Libyan, but somehow identified with the humanity of the character like I would green eyes, brown guy with black hair and brown eyes.

But none of that matters is what human distinctions are so racist and bigoted and you know gay people are real. There deserve to be stories of course when you force it in their you're using them as a plot for your own vanity that is actually homophobic and able to gay people gave your great American patriot server and working out. Wish you the very best. Let us know anytime you have a new project coming out and gets on will be promoting it and sharing it on our our platforms as well and that we appreciate that the great work you do for the country I love what you're doing. I wasn't really aware like this last week and I love what you're doing and I love or altering end up like Tom does, like I always follow the law and up to this woke Matt were supposed to be happy warriors and civil lambs but not silent lambs right right right right sorry my friend I just say yeah everyone you can find me online.

My gave GAD my last name the band the Beatles spelled backwards like Beatles spelled backward Arabic. Finally, please find today you are so thrilling so siding so beautifully illustrated and will be supporting good art that preserve our culture so much.I appreciate you Gabe LTB ladies and gentlemen great illustrator great comic book artist, the name of the project, truth, justice, American way and I looked it's he speaking truth to the culture truth to the culture are here targeted to take a break when we come back were to go right to your calls Paul in Georgia wants to wait on Franklin Graham 844-747-8868.

I'm encouraged I am encouraged right here stories like that 844-747-8868 this is the time structure was a back to the side surge radio show. Let's go to the phones at 844-747-8868 Paul in Georgia W UNR great radio station there. Hey Paul what's on your mind. I wanted to mention about the Franklin Graham the 20 reasons the local Democrat agree with every reason that he had a thing about it is all of them through an what scary people don't think I need to turn out the vote. There's a man in the White House right now that he stands for all of those reasons and the Democrats in the upper level by all know what he stands for and I stand behind him every day and Gary is going to get your thoughtfulness. Well it is scary. We got a lot of morons of the country, Paul and you know were working every day on this radio program to try and and and convert them to the right way of thinking. You know, I think a big test is going to be in in Georgia where you have the Senate race and in the governor's race. Looks like the polling data seems to favor camp over Abrams. It's a pretty it's a lot tighter on the Senate side, at least that's what they are leading us to believe.

But regardless, Paul. We got a campaign like were 20 points behind every single race out there to serve you hundred percent. What we really and the thing about it is if people really look that deep into an insane what the different parties stand autonomously.

How in the world. It could even be close. It's a very don't want to be close now.

No right you would think so. You would think so, but there are a lot of people that don't listen to talk radio. They don't watch the other cable news.

They don't do a lot of reading and they just basically if if grandma or grandpa says you vote Democrat your vote Democrat and and that's what they've done. You've got generations of people that I voted Democrat and many of those people are now living a perpetually in public housing and living off the government time so we got is an education process, Paul, and that's one of the things we try to do on this radio station radio show rather and that we try to have a good time as well. Paul appreciate the call. Hope you have a good weekend all big football game Grace Baker, the University of Tennessee volunteers going elephant hunting.

My family has been preparing for this all week long split splash. Hey listen, we are all Tennessee fans tomorrow and Lester in Alabama called Tennessee it's from Parker Tennessee strong Ivy like I'll be honest, did you watch any of the Texas A&M verse now I watch the whole day.

I got to invested. I was like maybe the kind of beetle and then they didn't know I was. I took my bleed. I checked my blood pressure at home now all the time inside.

I checked it out on death got a stop that can survive, I didn't. It's going to be a fun. I hope it's going to be a fun game and I don't think it's going to be a fun time. You have to check the times that Memphis plays in the evening. Bed. I know instantly well you know we got the big Memphis food and wine festival. So forward to looking forward to meeting all of our listeners out there tomorrow some fancy food. Luckily the Tennessee game is before that. So with that 230 I'm and I'm actually going. It's it's a there's a division of their food and wine. I'm going to the food and and Baptist Martini all and that's a Diet Coke with a wedge limit for all you Lutherans of Mississippi's more you know this one point. Just one point that out just a game for the acts, Tennessee. The 232. They're all perfect. That works out perfect for his schedule so hopefully will be celebrating.

Hope you are and so and yes, and during SEC football season. Sorry, but were enemies you know it is what it is.

Hopefully will be celebrating otherwise you might need to Baptist Martini, maybe three.

I might not live it maybe three folks. It's been a great week. Good to be back with you here in Memphis, Tennessee. Todd great website, great content free to check out. Be sure to see the writings of Caleb Park in our whole team of the journals there and her friends at liberty University folks want to think hi all, our audio engineer Grace Baker are great executive producer and call screener.

You folks have a great Friday and whatever you do, be sure to go to church as America

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