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MON HR 2 090522

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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September 6, 2022 12:47 am

MON HR 2 090522

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
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Find out more at slash Auto Navigator. Donate and listen to the podcast at All right, we're gonna play a clip, Joe, from John Pysch and Larry Johnson. It's an interview actually with the Duran, and you know who that is, it's a fellow, where's that little beret, on the laptop from hell.

And so, go ahead and take her away. Wow, I mean, over the past couple months, I've watched the news outlets slowly agree, or slowly acknowledge that the laptop was real. I knew from October 14th, when the New York Post read the story, that there was a collusion that took place, because the story was shut down on social media platforms, on mainstream media, a certain narrative, the Russian narrative was pushed, and it was, it almost felt like they were waiting for it.

And I always kind of wondered that. It wasn't until Zuckerberg was dragged in front of Congress, I think on the 26th of October 2020, when he said that the FBI had warned social media outlets to be on the lookout for a large dump of foreign intelligence. And that just, that kind of put the pieces together for me, and I realized how deep that collusion between our federal agencies and our media outlets ran. I mean, my father, when he approached the FBI on October 9th of 2019, he was turned away. They didn't want to touch the drive with a 10-foot pole.

They only took the paperwork, and they told him to lawyer up and get out of their office. And then my experience with the FBI was reluctance to want to do anything with the drive. And then finally, they took it and then did nothing with it during the impeachment trial. So I've been watching the weaponization, in my particular point of view, occur for years now. And I'm glad that there's, I hope, members of the FBI that are these whistleblowers that are coming forth, too, because I never felt like the agency, I believed in the agency, I just never trusted.

So if you don't believe in a system and you don't follow through with the motions, the system's guaranteed to fail. And maybe that's what this took. This, you know, maybe I'm just a naive repairman, but sometimes you've got to watch something break before you can fix it. Can I just ask, I mean, we'll talk about the FBI and its role in a moment, and that's, I think, something that I'd really like to discuss with Larry as well, actually, because that, for me, is the most troubling aspect of this whole affair, which is a very troubling affair at multiple levels. But can you just perhaps tell us briefly how it all began? What actually happened with this laptop?

I mean, how did it come into your possession? I mean, you've told this story many times, but perhaps briefly, very briefly, I want to, you know, make you repeat yourself yet another time, but perhaps just just to completeness you can tell us exactly what happened, or briefly what happened. Well, it was Friday night, April 12, 2019, and I was getting ready to close up the shop, and an inebriated hunter walks in requesting data recovery from three of his notebooks. I kind of felt bad for the guy because on one of the laptops he had a Beau Biden sticker, and often is the case with customers that have had deceased loved ones. They come in and they want me to recover the memories off of these laptops, and I just assumed that that was the case with Hunter. After I got him checked in and he left, I started to attempt to do a data recovery.

Unbeknownst to me, the condition of the laptop prevented it from completing. When I came in the next day, that's when I realized this was not his deceased brother's laptop. This was, in fact, Hunter's laptop, and it had a lot of embarrassing content that I was forced to verify because I got hired to do a job with data recovery.

I want to make sure that I did the job. I didn't think much about it except how kind of gross and embarrassing the contents was until about two weeks later when his father announced his candidacy for the presidency. And I just assumed at that point in time my days were numbered because Hunter was in possession of a document that clearly stated that I was allowed to have access to his digital devices and recover data from them. And after 90 days, with no response, those products became my property. And I just figured a Secret Service agent or somebody on Biden's staff would have seen that document and sent a cleaner crew to come to my shop to take care of the problem. When the laptop became my property in July, mid-July of 2019, by then in the news cycle, Burisma, Hunter Biden, shady business deals, I believe Giuliani was in Ukraine during that summer, and I felt like I might be sitting on evidence in a criminal investigation.

I also really feared for my safety, and I wanted to have some level of protection. And when I approached my father in September, late September or early September of 2019, to let him know that I need to get this out of my shop and I need some level of protection because I fear that there's going to be retribution for what I've seen. We decided to go to the FBI, had my father approach the FBI in Albuquerque, because after seeing what had happened to Roger Stone and the weaponization of the Justice Department over the past three years, I was concerned for good old boy politics here on the East Coast. So I opted to have my father take a copy of the drive and the paperwork and give it to the FBI in Albuquerque. They kicked him out of his office, told him to lawyer up that they don't see that this is a federal issue, it sounds like a civil, and if there's no threat on your son's life, we can't do anything anyway.

We'll take the paperwork, lawyer up, and get out of our office. About a month after that, Agent Joshua Wilson approached my father. He's from the Wilmington office and said that he wanted to talk to me about this laptop. I did a background check.

Joshua seemed to be an up-and-up guy. He had made his career at the FBI going after child predators, so I figured he was a great American and I trusted him. So I invited him into my home. He brought along Agent Mike, and the two of them proceeded to ask me what my concerns were.

I kind of reiterated, I just put this out of my shop and I want a phone number to call if somebody comes looking for it. Later they said they wanted to send a tech guy to do a forensic clone of the laptop. I didn't think that was possible because I was unable to do a forensic clone of the laptop in the condition it was in. It was just shutting off at random. I had to literally manually drag and drop the files, so there was no forensic clone, there was no automated process that scans and copies the entire drive.

This is literally how you would drag and drop files to a flash drive. So I doubted it, but I figured the FBI could afford a tech guy that makes more than I do. So I said sure, and they showed up at my shop on December 9th, 2019. Unfortunately, or fortunately for me, they didn't have a tech guy. Instead they handed me a subpoena. I don't think the FBI agents had ever handed somebody a subpoena and had the reaction be so energetic because in my mind I was getting absolutely everything I wanted.

So I was tickled pink. Unfortunately, the red flag started to throw up. Agent Mike said that from now on I can only communicate through him, through text messages. We're not going to go through email.

I'm no longer going to talk to Agent Josh. They also told me that should somebody representing Hunter or Hunter himself come looking for the laptop, I'm to stall them. I'm to give them a line that it's in an off-site location.

Give me a day, collect the information. When I stall them for a day, I'm to call or text Agent Mike and he's going to arrange to have the laptop returned to me and he'll take care of it. So I kind of figured, I assumed that this thing would be in an evidence envelope sent to somewhere outside of DC and not something readily available for a quick return to the previous owner. And then finally, again, when I'm relieved and I was pumped up on adrenaline, I was just excited. I kind of cracked a joke when the agents were leaving. I was like, don't worry, lads, I'll leave your names out of the book when I, or leave your names out when I write the book.

And that's when Agent Mike turned around and he told me, it's in our experience, nothing ever happens to people that don't talk about these things. And again, I was kind of pumped up because this thing, this nightmare that I've had to endure for half a year was finally out of my shop. And also during this time, there was the impeachment hearings. And from what I had seen on that laptop, there was no reason why the current administration should be, there was enough evidence on that laptop to exonerate the president for the impeachment. And I felt like this needed to get in the hands of the FBI. I didn't want to come off as partisan because the whole time I've been trying to keep a low profile in Delaware, trying to run a business and have a life. And I just didn't want any of that coming back on me. Unfortunately, after the impeachment trial, I realized that this laptop's probably at the bottom of the Delaware river. It was never admitted as evidence.

I held my breath the whole time. And basically at the end of February, I realized that the FBI cared more about protecting the Bidens than they probably ever did about protecting me. And now the circle of people that knew what I knew and knew what was on this laptop grew exponentially. So I enlisted my father and my uncle, both retired colonels in the air force to take the same data that I tried to give the FBI. And they refused to try to knock on members of Congress's doors. And they spent the next three, four months trying to reach out to sound the alarm. And unfortunately, because of the pandemic and I think a fear of being caught up in another Russia, Russia, Russia, our cries for help fell on deaf ears. Finally, I think in the end of August, I kind of, I decided that this was just getting too close to what I feared would be just considered an October surprise, ironically.

And it would be, you know, brushed aside as just another political hit job. So I decided, like, I need to do something. So I kind of traded my courage or my fear for courage at that time. And then I reached out directly to Rudy Giuliani's office. I got a response. And over the next two or three days, it was actually August 28th. I ended up overnighting a copy of the drive to Rudy Giuliani's lawyer, Bob Costello.

And then I assisted with accessing the drive, kind of shared where I found stuff so they could find stuff. And then it kind of went dark about September 24th. I believe Senator Grassley released the Senate report about Hunter Biden's business dealings. And I read the report and I think it was August 25th. I actually filled out the whistleblower report on Johnson's website saying, look, I read the report. I see a lot of questions of what this money was purchased. You know, we saw a lot of money exchanging hands during this report, but it didn't really explain what these oligarchs and what these Russian merits would have bought with that money. And I felt like I knew a lot of that information, at least when it pertained to Ukraine. So I reached out to Johnson's office, explained the situation. All that got me really was a two hour interrogation with some NSA guys to make sure I wasn't a Russian threat. So I was still pretty frustrated at the time because even the government, when I'm finally able to get a hold of them to alert them of this laptop, because I figured if Biden wins, I'm a checkbox on a ledger and it's just going to be a matter of time before that's checked off.

So about that time, I guess, Bob Costello had worked out an arrangement with the New York Post. It wasn't long after, I think, October 11th, I was visited at my shop by a journalist and that scared the hell out of me because I had told everybody, I know you want to talk to anybody from the press, nobody from the media. I'm a bit of an introvert.

I love helping people in a small confined area, but I did not want any part of this life. And I was promised that my name would be left out of it. Unfortunately, on October 14th, they forgot to blur out on the bottom of Hunter's work authorization, my store's name. So I think the story broke at 6 30 morning by about seven. I was getting death threats and hate mail. It got pretty bad, pretty scary rather quickly. At first it was the press that was the most relentless, but then it was the customers and former friends.

And then strange people would come into shock without computers. And that's just, that got a little shady. Wilmington Police Department really stepped up and they provided me with, they had a car parked in front of my shop pretty much every time I was there. So I'm incredibly grateful for Wilmington PD. They still continue to check up on me and offer support if needed.

So I'm grateful for them. But it got to a point where my business wasn't sustainable. And by about two weeks later, I was planning to close the shop and get out of Dodge.

And I left this to close the shop on the 3rd of November and was on a plane to Colorado on the 5th. That is an extraordinary story. And thank you for saying it so clearly. And you clearly pass through an absolutely terrible ordeal. I think the important thing that I take away from all of this is that of course you initiated none of this. You acted at all times as a citizen of the United States. You found yourself in possession of some material that was given to you of high political importance.

You didn't seek to find yourself in this position. You acted throughout in the way that you could in order to bring this to the attention of the government, of the federal agencies and also obviously to take basic precautions for yourself. I think you've been through an absolutely appalling ordeal and I think you've come through it magnificently. I just wanted to say that.

Thank you. I mean we've all gone through a lot and it shouldn't be like this. There shouldn't be... we should live in a society where a citizen should be able to approach authorities with criminal activity and not have a fear of retribution or repercussions.

And I'm hoping that again it's sometimes we've got to watch something break before we can fix it. Indeed and also I should say be treated with courtesy and understanding and sympathy and attention not in this way when comments are made which could be interpreted as threats. This all happens after Biden has announced his candidacy for the presidency and during the period of the impeachment, with the impeachment being all about Donald Trump telephoning Zelensky in Ukraine. He brings up the topic of Biden, both Joe and Hunter Biden, over the course of this conversation with Zelensky and he is impeached on that basis that there's supposed to be an abuse of power by the President of the United States. He's supposedly egging another government to carry out an investigation of a political rival. And throughout this whole period the FBI is in possession of the information you have given them which corroborates at least some of the allegations that were swirling around, at least to Hunter Biden.

Is that correct? Absolutely. Well can I now just turn to Larry and I don't want to sound like I'm conducting something.

This is a discussion so I think now let's all become a little bit more proactive. But Larry, what do you feel about the FBI and the way it's acted? I mean you worked for the government of the United States, you've been in the security agencies, the intelligence agencies. I mean I found this profoundly shocking but what do you think about this? Yeah they need to be redlined, they need to be taken down, they need to be eliminated.

You can no longer continue to operate. I first started dealing with the FBI in 1989 when I was at State Department in the Office of Counterterrorism and we were dealing with the investigation of the bombing of Pan Am 103, the one that crashed over Lockerbie. And it was an interesting exercise because there was evidence that the CIA had but the FBI could not just go grab it from the CIA because the FBI at that time was supposed to be a law enforcement organization and can only collect evidence in a way that would hold up in court. And what was sort of ironic at that time, I had dealings with Bill Barr. Bill Barr was sort of brokering the deal between DOJ and between FBI and CIA. So and I held someone like Barr in high regard back then and I held the people I worked with at the FBI at the time in high regard.

I was, you can probably see on the back wall, I've got some posters from the terrorism rewards program, that was done in conjunction with the FBI. I was, you know, my idea was to do public service ads and dealt with Floyd Clark who was the deputy director of the FBI at the time. Another fellow, Larry Meffert, who was originally with the hostage rescue team and he later became a deputy director of the FBI.

So I thought these were all very sound solid people but we've gone into, we've gone into sort of a different territory here now with what has happened in JP's case. And just to highlight the story he told about the technological incompetence of the FBI, back in right after 9-11 when Danny Pearl was in Afghanistan, the Wall Street Journal reporter who was subsequently murdered, I was one of the last people to have contact with him. We were exchanging information about cigarette smuggling because I was involved with an international cigarette smuggling investigation.

And he actually told me where he was headed for a meeting and it was the next day he went missing and then subsequently the video surfaced of him being beheaded. So I tried, it took me two days to try to get in touch with the FBI to say, hey guys come here I've got the emails you may want to, you know, I'm assuming they would want to have a record of it. And it wasn't like I was somebody that didn't know the FBI and didn't know who to call. Even with my background and knowledge it was like, it was like dealing with a clown show. Finally two agents showed up, these guys were in their early 30s, and they come into my house, I'm living in Bethesda, Maryland at the time, and I said, okay guys what do you need? They go, well we just got our laptops, we really don't know how to work them.

So the next thing you know, I'm up in my office, you know, attic area, I'm on the phone with the FBI Technical Center trying to figure out how to download all this material. So what has happened in JP's case illustrates that in 20 years they haven't gotten any damn better, you know, worse. It did sort of highlight how JP and I, you know, know each other. I didn't know JP prior to October 2019, but I knew his dad. So his dad, Steve McIsaac, I always knew him as Mac. I have a very good dear friend here in Florida, which is the reason we moved here, and this friend Bob Dido was the pilot of a fighter of a gunship in Vietnam, and his co-pilot happened to be this guy named McIsaac.

So they had known each other for 40, 45 years, and then I met Mac playing golf about 20 years ago. And so on the day of August, October 14th, my friend Bob calls me up and goes, hey, you're not gonna believe this, and I thought, oh yeah, what do you got? And so he started telling me the story, and so I got in touch with Mac, and Mac says, you got to help my son. He's not listening. JP was not listening to his father. He's not listening to me.

He's at risk. So JP and I got on the phone, and we had a nice two-hour conversation, and he began taking necessary steps to make himself secure, and I got him hooked up with another, who is now a mutual friend that was also with expertise in computer systems, came in and was able to grab a copy of that, so that we had now another verifiable copy, and looked at it from the standpoint to be able to defend Ph. Charge Jay had conjured all of this up. But what the FBI has become is so totally politicized. The only parallels we have with this in recent history were the Stasi under the East German police, the KGB under the old Soviet Union, an entirely politicized force. Now fortunately you've got at least 14 and 20 whistleblowers. I am familiar, acquainted with two of those whistleblowers, have some knowledge of some of the information they're sharing. They're not just sharing it with members of Congress. They are in contact with and communicating with John Durham, the special prosecutor. That is extremely interesting. I didn't know that. Is there any evidence that at any point in time anybody at the FBI approached Congress at the time of the impeachment and perhaps told the people who were thinking or debating an impeachment, hold off, this is, we have information, we have information which is relevant to the impeachment, perhaps you ought to see it.

Has anybody heard of this? Because I have not, and I followed this very carefully. No, I think everything, I think it's a complete opposite. I've heard Johnson was actively briefed by the FBI about a threat of Russian document dumps because they wanted to get him ensnared. They wanted to get him publicly embarrassed for his investigation into the Bidens and he admitted that I think last week. So it's like the FBI did the complete opposite and then tried to deliberately sabotage investigations by leaking them to the press and that's countered. And at some point, according to Zuckerberg, they went around telling everybody that there is a Russian operation, a disinformation operation, being prepared. Now we don't know exactly what they had in mind but by this point presumably they had the information, JP, that you gave them in their possession.

Absolutely, and I think we're getting even closer and closer each day. We know it was in August that Brian Otten labeled everything Russian disinformation. I know and the FBI knows because they were monitoring Rudy Giuliani's email account at the time that Bob Costello emailed Giuliani to say that he was making arrangements with me to have the drive overnighted and that was on August 27th and then I overnighted the drive on August 28th. So I'm really curious to see when exactly the FBI sound the alarm because that will tell us directly if the FBI was monitoring the lawyer for the President of the United States, got wind of this information that they were already aware of and sitting on and hiding was now about to be leaked so that they had to go into overdrive to figure out how to brace for impact for this data to come out and that's when they made that choice.

I want to know the exact date in August because that will tell us were they spying on me and my family or were they spying on the President of the United States. I'm just gonna say one thing to recognize in this is that that kind of decision is not taken by just you don't have some FBI agents sitting in his office out in the Washington field office going hey I got a great idea why don't see if I can find out what J.P. McIsaac's up to today and just some low-level guy does this. This was this was top-down activity this was this was not taken at a low level or even a mid level this was made at upper levels because at the end of the day the FBI is still a big bureaucracy and people play the bureaucratic game they want to get promoted they don't want to anger those who are their superiors and so they play the game and they make sure they've got you know I'm sure there were even memos generated on this they were classified and put into special compartments but it's documented. The FBI is part of the Justice Department system the Justice Department at the time is headed by Bill Barr who is the Attorney General of the United States appointed to that office by the President of the United States.

Do you think I'm not suggesting any particular individual but do you think that the FBI would have been in contact with the Justice Department before making these kind of approaches to Congress to Facebook to Zuckerberg to all of those people? Yeah they should have at least somebody under Barr. I can't tell you how distressed I am by what I've seen Bill Barr become. He's just become another Washington hack. He used to have some integrity about him.

I don't know if it's his desire to protect his daughter who's a lawyer in the system that you know maybe threats have been made against her that if he doesn't support the deep state narrative if it goes back to some of his prior contacts he was at the Central Intelligence Agency and the Office of General Counsel before he wound up down at DOJ. He's completely corrupt now but for him to make the kinds of arguments that you know Donald Trump have the right to declassify or classify information I mean that's that's complete crap and our friend Bob Barnes you know he makes that very clear or or him say that he saw no evidence of any kind of interference with the election. Well that's like saying Helen Keller saw no evidence. Well we know why she didn't see evidence. She was unfortunately blind. In his case willful blindness. So what you have going on here is that Barr instead of tearing the system down ended up enabling it and that's why these this guy Tim Tebow it's so important. Tebow was marched out of FBI headquarters a week ago from Friday and Tebow was a senior FBI agent which means he was he was at the senior intelligence executive level the equivalent of a one-star general and his background he goes back I think evidence implicating him in a meeting that was held with about five people include Jim Comey Andrew McCabe where they specifically made the decision to shut down the investigation into the Clinton Foundation and Hillary Clinton's emails and then Tebow is the one who was directly implicated in helping hide the laptop so the you know we're talking somebody who was so politicized and paying playing to a political agenda and you know the FBI is supposed to be they're supposed to play it even fair they're not supposed to take the you know take a look and say hey is this friend or foe and do I treat them one way or the other it's supposed to be equal treatment under the law and and that's what has been lost and the real tragedy here is the faith of the American public has disappeared they've the FBI can't recover that I don't think I should say straightaway that one of the things about the FBI is as far as I can see the staff who beat the people who run it are basically lawyers most of them are lawyers I mean they have a they're not police investigators or people of that kind they are people who understand and administer the law who presumably have some understanding of the Constitution who ought to understand things like the importance of the Hatch Act the political impartiality of the FBI the fact that as a federal agency it can't be it can't take sides in political quarrels okay already we are back and you know just here I've got some things here you know which everything that they just said we've already reported on and that's happening my gift my guess is what is Durham now if they take these these dirty 30 the dirty 30 these FBI agents Joe that were involved in the same ones that were involved in that mess in Washington the one that were on January 6 the same ones who were involved with that Whitmer hurricane yeah the same thing that was involved in the Mar-a-Lago the same dirty 30 FBI agents it's like it's like they have a special forces a special opposite of dirty cops yeah and so you see branch of the FBI the dirty cops all seem to be in that same one unit there yeah anyhow now if they can get that before an actual court because of Durham can take that before a court and keep it away from the Justice Department but they got to move it out of Washington DC they can't do that the courts they're corrupted I mean they're all corrupted here's an example Proud Boy infuriates regime by still insisting election was stolen the election was stolen anyone and everyone that says it wasn't is a liar and there's not a bit of truth in them that whole January 6 committee there's not a there's not one on there that is not a liar there is not one exactly because they would not let one cross-examination they would not let any evidence be shown to the contrary they would not release any of the film's power I mean the camera rose hundreds and hundreds and hundreds hours of film the defense attorneys nasty Pelosi would not let that all of that yeah the real true evidence of what took place there you're right they're corrupt there's not one person on that and there were two Rhino Republicans and guess what Joe the one he's not even running for office again out of out of the ten the ten rhinos Joe the ten Rhino Republicans guess what eight out of the ten of them are gone they're going to be gone it's a shame it's only eight but yeah well well we'll see what happens with the other two if they'll even win their elections but anyhow yeah they make it yeah I don't like the switch if I could do something I was just thinking more on this Labor Day and first Corinthians chapter 15 verse 58 came to mind therefore my beloved brethren be steadfast unmovable always abounding in the work of the Lord for as much as you know that your labor is not in vain in the Lord and I was thinking in church this weekend a couple of songs one of the hymns was work for the night is coming there's a lot of people they've heard that old hymn work for the night is coming work through the morning hours work while the dew is sparkling work mid-morning flowers it's all about working because the night is coming when man's work will be over and we're getting closer and closer to the Rapture we're getting closer to that time when we won't be able to work for the Lord and in one of my favorite hymns when the role is called up yonder one of the great church hymns and the third verse it said let us labor for the master from the dawn till setting Sun let us talk of all his wondrous love and care then when all of life is over and our work on earth is done and the role is called up yonder I'll be there there when our work on earth is done well the church as I've been watching over a lifetime they used to call the church victorious and what I've seen as I look across this country and look at other churches and listen to things on I don't see the church victorious I see a do-nothing Church see nothing Church you know don't get involved in anything Church I see this modern church out there the church has left the battlefield of life they run off and they're trying to just be safe in their little church you see Joe choir you know what the word Rhino means you know what Rhino stands for Republican in name only that's right okay so maybe we should have with sino huh a sino okay church in church in name only huh oh yeah church in name only yeah and that kind of sino yeah and so there you go because only that's right it's the true church is still that way but it's very small and the Lord Jesus said he you know he always keeps a remnant what did Jesus say he said this listen I want you to think about this because he meant it he when he said many are called but fewer chosen listen many are called but fewer chosen many will come but few will enter men now that many that has come are the professing church they're the professing church but they're not the possessing church they're not they're not possessed with the Holy Spirit because they're not saved so they're they're they're sinos the church in name only and so if they were the true church and if if the pastors were actual shepherds and pastors in this country we would not have over a hundred million dead babies from abortion they would not be promoting and pushing sodomy upon the public schools kids in their pedophilia would not be rampant if all of those in the pulpit were actually pastors but they're not they're higher leaning our little children and trying to get them they're having mutilation surgeries on children giving drugs that permanently affect the life of a child our Lord Jesus would just if he were on earth would have much to say well he said if you harm one of his precious little children it would be better than a millstone be tied around your neck and you'd be dragged through the depths of the ocean I would think there's some people that need to hear that preach loud and clear because they are harming our little children they are not only destroying them spiritually they are destroying them physically trying to ruin the child that's made in the image of God trying to destroy that image and I know our Heavenly Father cannot be pleased because the church is silent I haven't heard pastors preaching well you know the church should be leading the schools the church should be running the schools not letting Satan run the schools absolutely here's here's what the Epoch Times writes the left is continuing to promote and advocate violence and vandalism in America this is just a prelude of what will happen if Americans do not flip the Democratic controlled US Congress in November elections this is a type of increased criminality soft and crime policies and vandalism that is occurring in New York California and the Floridians continue to vote for Democrats then they can expect a lot more of this and much worse that has to do with that Corey Mills who's a favorite to replace Murphy in Florida 7th congressional district which is now 14 Republicans plus 14 said Floridians so say people out there learn what they vote first of all listen here's what these people do if you vote for a Democrat today that is a sin it is a sin God's word the Bible calls it a sin now you folks out there listen you better take God seriously every one of you out there what you did you in New York you've got a horrible horrible state legislator in New York your state legislature are wicked evil cruel ungodly unclean people not all of them you've got some some decent people a few but the majority of them are they're ungodly people now that's the truth huh yeah a remnant of good people in there this week we're gonna have a lady who is running for the Senate there and she's running against Chuckie Schumacher in New York and she's gonna be on the program Lawrence Williams should be on the program now listen to this she's running as an independent she managed to get on the ballot as an independent that's that's as very very hard to do nowadays because the the way they have it between the death of Kratz and the Republicans they got it tied up they don't want competition and so caressing yeah well we were talking about thinking of something to the politics is often affected by you know the worldview and a lot of us go back to our childhood Walt Disney created a escape world a fun world a safe world his idea of world where children could be safe and free and happy and I found today an article Disney goes satanic a new cartoon features a little girl dubbed the Antichrist yeah this that your dad is the devil you're the Antichrist the cartoon mom tells her daughter about 13 this is adult programming from Disney called little demon and one of the actors who provides the voice scene expressed approval that yes it normalizes paganism and I'd looked at the trailer it was online and it kind of opens a news report that the sky over school has been torn open mom that drops your dad the devil Bob Shell on the little girl and she responds and it goes on from there and gets there's all kinds of you know monstrous forces Satan himself trying to get custody of the daughter where was it yeah it has witchcraft pagan rituals a lot of blood gore nudity and some scenes that I would call pornographic maybe some adults would not call it pornographic and this is supposed to be a cartoon for adults but what the word Disney kids are going to see it this is what our world's come to and there's a group called 1 million moms out there and they're trying to stop exploitation of children were you and I were children of God and I don't think God wants any of his children regardless of our age to be watching this kind of thing if you've got Disney in your home the Disney Channel I would get rid of it immediately if not sooner oh okay wait a minute I'm getting some feedback from from Craig what did you say Craig they say that's going to be an FX that's a cable station I believe and already so she said it's not going to be on a Disney it's going to be on Disney okay this article didn't say where I just was talking about it's a new production from Disney and openly promotes all kinds of horrible things so Craig's apparently looking it up when is that witness is supposed to be on Craig well he's looking that up I'll tell you about the this of the FBI official blocking probing the hunter Biden says he retired he wasn't fired that's a bunch of bull how many times that Timothy tight tie bolt t-bolt he was escorted okay apparently Joe the first episode already aired the like he was escorted by two FBI agents out to the building out the front door and shown the street do do they escort you out of the building on your retirement you're retired no they don't do it when they give you a gold watch and a party not have agents escort you out of the building with your belongings milk okay so I'm wondering if this t-bolt if he's going to if he's going to take the fall himself you know again this is why they're in a panic the dirty cops the very very dirty cops I mean very dirty cops there they're the ones with some integrity if the FBI over 20 of them now and that's at least 20 of them to come forward and they're given testimony and so the dirty cops know if Trump gets back in and a Congress if the Republicans take back Congress they know they're going to jail there they broke every Mary Garland has broken every law you could break out there oh yeah they've ignored the Constitution the laws I mean things that for been around forever there is just I cannot believe what I'm seeing that and the Republicans don't seem to be yelling screaming this is unconstitutional this is wrong they aren't taking things to court they seem to be just sitting back thinking well well they can't they really can't do much Joe because they don't have a Justice Department Congress can only they can only put out you know a warrant they can't really do it here they've got no arrest powers Joe and so now they I don't think they can take it directly to the courts if they could take it if we get the Justice Department back now some cases the special counsel like Durham can take it directly to the third and if he can stay really speaking up so I don't hear them getting on the you know Jim Jordan our congressman from Ohio and your senator your senator there from from Missouri oh yeah Holly and that and I got to say Ted Cruz I got to say that senator from Kentucky oh and also I got it all grandpa yeah and also Matt Gaetz and Louie go home Gomez there's a Gomer Gomer Louie Gomer Senate and that Gomer yeah Gomer that Congresswoman the green what is her name Martha green woman Marjorie Taylor green and all right well there there is a handful of them and that are they're really standing up fighting back but they're there it's like here it's just like in a church sitting very quietly letting all these things happen right the others aren't yeah well look what happened you had ten rhino Republicans vote to impeach Trump those those were traitors those were traitors and if I were King they would be charged with treason they should be charged with treason and so because they knew all along they knew all along he did not he did none of those things look for the four years he was in office everything the economy was good let's you know people have common sense that the country was gone we had gained respect again we had respect in the world and there was no it was you know through strength we were having peace to strength our economy was good people were on the right track he was promoting homeschooling too you know one good thing in the past year in one past year we have two million new homeschoolers in this country that's one of the good things Joe that is a blessing yes and here here you go this is what I was going to tell you before the Proud Boy infuriates regime by still insisting election was stolen Joshua Pruitt was sentenced to 55 months in prison and but he says he still says the election was stolen and he's sticking to it because he you know what he did Joe do you know what he did he was inside the Congress building there on January 6 Joe he broke up a sign he didn't set fires he didn't shoot at anybody he didn't hit an old man with a brick no right now like the two racist dirty cops that were there they killed those two ladies those two racist dirty cops there in DC they killed those two ladies they need to go they need to be tried for murder they need to be tried for murder and you know they beat it beat a helpless woman to death a helpless woman another one was shot and killed at point-blank for no reason while she was trying to calm the people down those are two racist dirty cops so and the fact that they've got all these people from January 6 some are still confined in the worst prison we've got there in DC the worst conditions and they have not been allowed bail or anything I mean this is unheard of in this country and I am so ashamed of my country that those people are still sitting there without proper representation without the ability for bail and it's been this long they're just sitting there this is so unamerican unconstitutional and again the pulpits crickets I haven't heard the pastor screaming this is not America this is not the way our Constitution our country is to be run and until the pulpits start screaming these horrific crimes against our citizens they will continue as long as the church remains quiet on these stations Joe that we're on there's about four or five that I can think of pastors that are have coming out and and have spoken out you know like we have there's about four or five that I can think of that have done that and that's that is probably four or five more than there used to be okay yeah that's a blessing that I'm thinking where are the four or five thousand or forty thousand we've got what somebody said something three hundred and something thousand three hundred twenty thirty thousand churches something like that I can't remember exactly there was a huge number and we're getting excited over tens and 20s in numbers of people speaking out when it should be in the thousands ten thousands listen to this the very very corrupt Merrick Garland says anyone who dares to question the election that we stole will be prosecuted we didn't put that stole part in there but we did but anyone who dares to question the election will be prosecuted you better pack a lunch you very very corrupt Merrick Garland because there's 70 million of us out there yeah and we will not forget no we're not gonna forget not a bit and you know over 22 million 2,000 mule videos have been sold so they're out there and people are seeing them Joe we've been waiting on on some more we we put out hundreds of them and we've been waiting for weeks to get to get where we have orders to fill and Salem where we get them through they're saying they're having a hard time getting them so people are selling them in large large numbers people are learning to think about that Joe with 22 what if just two people each so each one of those videos but like we've showed them to probably 60 70 80 people already okay but just of it and how many we've got now we've gotten out over 300 we've sent out Joe so if just two people saw each one of those 22 million videos just think about that that's 44 million people that that know and that and the fake news media was not able to stop it the corrupt very corrupt fake news media was not able to stop it now we've been showing around here I know of at least 40 50 people somewhere in that range that have seen it and films are being passed on to others as we speak if everybody was doing that we'd be some tremendous numbers across the country there you go listen the sadness voices genius idea for the 87,000 new IRS agents Florida Governor Ron DeSantis a rocketing star in a Republican Party has come up with an idea for the few of those 87,000 new internal revenue service agents should be tasked doing auditing members of Congress who supported the creation of that army is what he says there you go now listen you know what I'm gonna tell you right now Joe if they really want to find out where that money laundering is that those IRS agents and where the tax fraud is they should all go to the Ukraine we're hunter and all his people were over there that's where all that money went that laundering money oh there's a few other countries there he was around spreading the wealth all over the place so yeah that should keep him busy for a while yep let me see okay Attorney General Merrick Garland threatens DOJ employees about contacting Congress now Joe that is illegal that is what he did it's another law that he broke he can't do that legally he can't okay according to attorney Mike Davis Biden's Attorney General Merrick garden just ordered that no members of the DOJ can contact Congress that is against the law and so there you go so he needs again that's one more thing they can bring him up on charges of time I've got something Paul Harvey died September 4th and he was one of the greatest newsmen that I'm aware of my lifetime and it was like 2009 he died and I remember back when I was young the whole world kind of came to a halt when Paul Harvey was on the radio with the rest of the story businesses would take their lunch break coffee break and the radio would come on and remember everybody gathering around to hear him through his show and I remember he posted 1999 this article if I were the devil if I were the devil I would gain control of the most powerful nation in the world I would delude their minds into thinking they had come from man's effort instead of God's blessings I would promote an attitude of loving things and using people instead of the other way around I would dupe entire states into relying on gambling for their state revenue I would convince people that character is not an issue when it comes to leadership I would make it legal to take the life of unborn babies I would make it socially acceptable to take one's own life invent machines to make it convenient I would cheapen human life as much as possible so the life of animals are more valued than human beings I would take God out of the schools for even the mention of his name was grounds for a lawsuit I would come up with drugs that sedate the mind target the young I would get sports heroes to advertise them I would get control of the media so that every night I could pollute the mind of every family member for my agenda I would attack the family the backbone of any nation I would make divorced acceptable easy fashionable if the family crumbles so does the nation I would compel people to express their most to pray fantasies on canvas and movie screens and I would call it art I would convince the world that people are born homosexual and their lifestyle should be accepted and marveled I would convince people that wrong the right and wrong are determined by a few who call themselves authorities and refer to their agenda as politically correct I would persuade people that the church is irrelevant out of date in the Bible is for the naive I would dull the minds of Christians and make them believe that prayer is not important and that faithfulness and obedience are optional I guess I would leave things pretty much the way they are well Joe Biden must have been listening to that because that's exactly what he's doing but we're out of time for tonight we really really don't have much of much time left to give an invitation but we can say that folks we're living in a time where we're living in perilous time very very perilous times and you know here as we look at this Labor Day the way things are going the way the corruption and what is happening you know we're looking for the return of the Lord soon and I know his return is coming we may not ever have another Labor Day in this country of folks because again the country is degenerating so quickly so for you out there listening tonight it the Lord could come any time you don't want that to happen if you're not prepared when that trumpet sounds that trumpet sounds and his people are caught up if you're left behind things could get very very hard for you they're going to be so if you're listening to me out there tonight and you have not accepted the Lord Jesus Christ that this is reality God's Word the Bible is is the the most actual perfect absolute perfect source of information is the truth God's Word the Bible is the pure truth and folks you need to listen to what he's saying you need to do if you have not repented of your sin they prayed to the Father and ask the Lord Jesus to be the Lord of your life well you know whenever you hear the preacher give that invitation he's just the messenger the Lord is the Lord is telling you one more time listen I just told you to do that so if you have not do that you're walking on a tightrope over the lake of fire don't do it get off of that tightrope and and pray and get you know make your salvation sure so we're out of time for tonight so as we get to this time every night and and we don't never know if we'll have another night on the air well we want to say to you good night God bless God bless and Joe as we always say always always always keep fighting the fight thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance what's right what's left hosted by pastor Ernie Sanders to learn more about our ministry please visit us online at please tune in next time for another edition of what's right what's left the preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content
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