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THU HR 2 102022

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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October 21, 2022 12:59 am

THU HR 2 102022

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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All right, we're back. Joe in Staten Island pledges $100. Dan in Northfield pledges $100. In memory of Peggy, Leslie in Massachusetts pledges $100. And Michelle and Phillip in Arkansas pledge $30. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

All righty, we are back. And the number of folks, listen, oh boy, we've only got 50 minutes left and we still need $5,130. $5,130 we still need.

Boy, do we need this. So we've got one hour to get that. We need about a $100 a minute, about $100 a minute to make the goal for tonight. Okay, so the numbers are 888-281-1110. That's credit card number 888-281-1110. Or 216, no, that's the wrong number. Or 888-677-96.

888-677-96. Remember, we have for a donation of $100 or more was Karl Marx's Satanist by Richard Wormbrut, really dynamite book. But you have to tell us, yes, that's the first five. I don't know if we have any left. That's the first five. Pardon? Okay. Yeah, so we still have five actually, yeah.

There you go. But you got to tell us, you got to tell us and give us your address to send it to. Or we have those coloring books. They're the tea party coloring books. They're really great for kids in elementary school. Folks, they're really great.

They have about the history of the United States, the patriotic on a way can be explained to children. It's beautiful. So a donation of $50 or more. But you got to tell us you want it. So we're back with Joe. All right, Joe, lead off with our alarming and disturbing Joe. Joe, for 50 years we've been saying if you love your children, get them out of the public school. If you love your children, get them out of the public school, right? Alarming and disturbing, every 24 hours a teacher is arrested for child sex crimes, report reveals. In an alarming and disturbing story you won't hear reported by most media outlets in the US, hundreds and hundreds of public school teachers have been arrested for child sex crimes so far just in 2022 alone.

This equates to whatever 24 hours. According to a new report in just the first nine months of this year, at least 269 school teachers have been arrested. Is there any correlation with the graphic sex education curriculum or a fact that a record number of teachers are homosexual, lesbian or bisexual or transgender? Parents, once again, you have been warned.

There you go, Joe. Not exact proof, but it's one of those things that statistically it doesn't look good, does it? I mean, we had more of these new-age teachers and the more of these new teachers that are steeped in all of this new and all of this new ideology, the more abuse we've had. We used to talk about how about once a week or twice a week we had stories of a teacher molesting students, having sex, women with girls and men with, you know, the little boys and that was all mixed up and all it's done for the past 10 years has gotten worse, worse, worse. Each year tops another and it's gotten to the point, like you said, how many this year already?

269. And I wonder what it's going to take for people... Now, those are the ones that got caught, Joe. Schools are. Yeah, those are the ones that got caught.

Caught, yeah, that's just what got caught. The NEA is an anti-Christ, the NEA is an anti-Christ communist union. They could care less about the children. They were the first organization to back the Progressive Caucus, which was a group of socialists in the United States Congress.

It was on the Democratic Socialists of America's website and one of the first organizations was the National Education Association saying we are proudly socialist. Well, you know, Joe, again, on the radio, you know, and I praise the good Lord for the parents that go forth and they go to these school board meetings and they raise Cain, but they're prepared for them. I mean, their job out there is to destroy the children in that so-called public education system. Their job is to destroy the children and that's what they've been doing. They've got the family and according to the Fabian Socialists, the best way to break up a family is to sexualize the children and the family and the parents and what you have then is a breakup of the family, which is the backbone of our constitutional republic.

When the family is destroyed, then the government steps in and becomes the parent's all-important power and that's what it's all about, taking away the power from the citizen, the family, the parents, and putting it in the hands of government, period. And so, folks, we're telling you, you need to get your children out of the public school system and then still go to these school board meetings, but you got it. You need to get them out of there.

You need to get, if you love your kids, get them away from those people. Look, if you take your young son down the street to a whorehouse and say, go on in there to the whorehouse, folks, you got no right to complain if he picks up an STD, right? Okay? Because you just sent him into a whorehouse. You didn't want him to have, you know, picks up some things that you thought, how work could he ever learn that from? It's, you know, he's learning it at school.

Yeah, that's exactly right. Not only that, especially for the little girls, these young girls, you know, we just had another article over here where a young girl's father got himself because he objected in trouble with the, with the law, because he objected to his daughter having to go into a locker room and in the shower room with these trans things that are boys, that are boys. They're not girls. They are boys. They said this boy just sat there, watched these girls take their showers and get dressed.

And he just sat there and stared at them all the time. And the school said, well, that was the girl's problem, not the boy. Absolutely. Linda ties the lady we just had out here. God bless you, Linda. What a sweetheart you are.

She just tied $200. And so thank you, Linda. Yes, I was going to tell her one, two, three years later, she's still listening then, there are no exemptions in God's Holy Word. God doesn't place exemptions.

What he says is, thou shalt not, cannot, must not, will not. It's, well, no exemptions there, right? Right. Well, I think the word you're looking for is exceptions on that. Yeah, you said you were talking about the exemptions and the law, people always trying to put exemptions in place. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Life of the mother, rape, incest. And that's right.

It doesn't. God, God's already ruled on that. God has ruled on that already, folks. Long ago, right?

Yeah. People don't seem to understand that they really don't. I mean, there's a mindset out there amongst the public, they do not really realize that someday they will have to stand before the Almighty and be judged by His standards, huh? They're going to be very surprised, because He knows every thought, word, and deed they've ever done. And He's going to have some questions like, why didn't you do something to save the life of my precious children?

And there is not much of an answer you can give Him, is there? No, but you know, Joe, the CDC votes to recommend COVID-19 shots for children, adolescents, annual immunization schedule. Now, 15 unanimous votes. Now, let me tell you something. The CDC is owned and operated by Big Pharma. It's owned, locked, stock, and barrel by Big Pharma. When Big Pharmacists jump, the CDC jumps.

They said, how high? Okay, folks, you have to understand, it's about money. They don't care about your children.

These bioweapon shots will maim, hurt, or kill your children, folks. Oh, wait, we got Linda back again. All right. Linda is back. Are you there, Linda? I did. I jumped back on for just a second here.

I got off before and then I popped back on for a second. So if you need me for anything, I'm here. But I agree with you. And I just heard your caller, you know, mention that about the exceptions.

And he is right on the money. God does not give us any options at all to kill his children. There is never, even, you know, Pastor Ernie, we talked about this too. This whole life of the mother question, you know, there's never a need to kill the child to save the mom's life. If we need to save the mom's life, of course, we will do that. And if the child, you know, if we lift the child outside, we do whatever we can to save both the mom and the child. And there's never a reason for us to intentionally kill the child. And we've got to get people to start thinking about that more.

They just, they just don't. Well, you know, it made me think about what I heard last night on the news. You had these unclean women talking about this little 10-year-old girl. Can you tell me about that little 10-year-old girl? Why she's forced to have a baby? Listen, I've seen being out in front of those bloody abortion mills.

I've seen 10-year-old girls being drug in, kicking and screaming into those bloody places. I'm going to tell you folks something. First of all, listening, here's what God has to say about this. He says, you are not your own. You are not your own.

In other words, when you hear these feminists say, it's my body, it's not. God says you belong to him. Now, when a woman conceives, or even if it's a young girl, that baby inside of her, okay, belongs to God. And in any case, every time a woman conceives, when a woman conceives, that child belongs to God.

God said it belongs to him. Now, the fact that you have that child in you means that God now, it works this way. God has expectations of us. We have obligations to him. Automatically, God expects that woman to take care of that child that he allowed to be put inside her.

That's his expectations. Her obligation is to be obedient to him. Like it or not, that's what God says, that's the way it works, okay? And so, not only that, Linda, but the wages of sin is death, killing a child of sin. These girls that kill their babies, these girls, their suicide rate is six and a half to seven times that of the girls that keep their babies, isn't it? I know, it's horrible.

It's horrible. And so, we don't do anything to help women by letting them kill their children. The best thing they can do is carry their child, and if they're in a situation where they just can't take care of the child, look how many people, Pastor, are waiting to adopt children. Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds, right? The last time I looked for every child that was up for adoption, there were 34 couples trying to adopt that child.

Mm-hmm. Now, that's a lot, right? Yeah, even when we adopt it. I was remembering a statistic here in Missouri where there were sometimes hundreds of people waiting for a baby to adopt. There were hundreds on the list. Well, I mean, there might be hundreds on the list, but for the last time I looked at it, for every child that was available for adoption in the country, there were 34 couples trying to adopt that child. Oh, okay. Okay. And some of that's been influenced a little bit by in-vitro fertilization, too, which is another whole story in itself.

But a lot of people are going into that route because they think that that's the best thing since sliced bread to be able to have a child by in-vitro fertilization, and they don't give any consideration to how many of those extra fertilized little boys and girls are put into a freezer and left there until they're implanted later or used for research or just disposed of. That's another whole question that's going to have to be dealt with. God gave us a natural way to do these things, and God pretty much always knows what he's doing, doesn't he? Yes, he does. He knows that the thing, his ways are not our ways, his ways are higher. He knows the whole big picture, things that we can't even conceive of, that something that may happen to you 20, 30 years down the road, that you can't think of, something that may happen to you 20, 30 years down the road, and that's the reason why things happen to you. And the Bible says we are to what?

Trust and obey, for there's no other way. Well, you know, Lindo, you know, we are for life from the womb to the tomb, and here the Gateway Pundit reported the CDC's Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices. They voted to include COVID-19 vaccine as part of the Vaccines for Children. Now, some of the blue states want to force these.

Go ahead, I'm sorry. I just wondered, did they do that today? I know that they were going to vote on it today, but I hadn't heard if it went through. 15 to 0. 15 to 0.

Last night we said that was going to happen. There were hundreds of doctors like Dr. Malone and a whole list that wrote in. Over 10,000, Joe, doctors from the, we're saying don't do that, don't do that, but look. It's giving the, giving the pharmaceutical companies immunity, because that's the only way they could get it, was to put it on the list for those mandated for children. And these parents, I'm going to tell you parents out there now, you don't care for your children if you get them. These are not vaccines.

These are bioweapons. Children are getting sick and children are dying from these things. Again, if you love your children, get them out of the public school. If you love your children, do not get them taken to the bio shot. Well, just last week, Pastor Ernie, we did that story of the Pfizer executive who was speaking to the European Parliament.

It was a week ago, Monday. And she said her company's vaccine was never tested during clinical trials for the ability to prevent transmission of COVID. And that's why they want everybody to take the vaccine is to prevent the transmission. But it was never tested. The new versions, the new shots have still not been tested. They were tested on eight mice. They have never been tested on a human being. It's still a experimental poke. It's not even a real vaccine.

It is a biological weapon. And we're going to keep telling the truth until people wake up and you don't want to do this to your children. That's right. But I got to tell them this, Joe, if you're really pro-life out there, if you're pro-life out there, you're going to match Linda's 200. You will match Linda's 200.

888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673. We're way behind tonight, Linda, on our, whether on our pledge week. And so we need approximately right now, we need $4,930.

$4,930 short. And we have approximately 32 minutes to raise that up. Oh, please, Father, send your Holy Spirit to move in the hearts of all of those who are listening tonight and to keep this operation going. The truth has got to set us free. Father, you told us it would set us free. We're about trying to get the truth out to people. So please, please just move those who could possibly give anything at all tonight to help keep this program on the air.

In Jesus' holy and precious name. Thank you, Linda. Linda, what station are you listening to us on out there? You know, I think I've got you on line on 96-9, I think. Okay, that's our Toledo station. Yeah, FM. Yeah, I think there's one in Dayton too. I think we're on a station in Dayton too there, yeah. Well, you're a big hit whenever we can get people on to listen to you. 106.5, I just, my board rep just told me.

All right, very good. Need to remind folks that we, being a church and unregistered New Testament church, we have to be able to pay the bills so we can only keep stations that are self-supporting. We don't advertise, we don't have sponsors, we depend on, it's a partnership between you, the listeners, and the staff that works with Pastor Ernie. Everyone's totally a volunteer. Your donations go directly to pay the radio bills, to pay the bills of the ministry, and that's all. And there are no middlemen or anything, and so it's really the fate of the ministries in your hands. The station you hear us on has to become self-supporting, or we cannot stay on it. That's just the plain, simple truth.

Absolutely. Linda, you know, God's Word, the Bible, and Hosea 4-6 is my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. And it says, because you've rejected my laws, I will reject your children. Has God rejected the children in this country? I mean, do we see that with what's happening to our children in this country, God really is their parents have rejected the children, haven't they?

Yeah, yeah. I feel badly for the children that are coming up right now, because those of us who are parents and grandparents right now have really dropped the ball in many ways, and we haven't passed on to our children what they need to be able to survive this culture. I think a lot of us didn't, I mean, when you and I were being raised, we're close to the same age, and when we were being raised, you know, everything was pretty darn good from what we could see.

You know, everything was much more wholesome. We believed in the government there to help us, though I do remember my dad saying to me when I was in the sixth grade, I'll never forget it, when I was in the sixth grade, Kennedy was running against Nixon, and I was Catholic, I'm not Catholic now, but I was Catholic at the time, and I was in a Catholic school, and everybody was supporting Kennedy, of course, because he was Catholic at the time. And I was one of two people in my whole class that were supporting Nixon, and I remember sitting down with my dad and saying, Dad, why is it that we're Republicans again?

I need a good explanation of this. Because we all at that time just trusted the government, and I kept thinking, I must be off, it's like we're the only ones. And Dad said, well, he said, I'll tell you the main difference. He said, the Republicans believe, now this would have been like in 1962 or something, 60, the Republicans believe that if you work really hard, that you can accomplish things and get ahead in this wonderful country that we have known as America.

The Democrats feel that you're too stupid to be able to figure anything out, and that the government has to help you with everything. And I thought, boy, if that isn't, that has really turned out to be the truth. But back then, even if you, I mean, even the Democrats back then, we had a lot of like, Reagan Democrat types that were socially very conservative, but more liberal on, you know, the union issues and some of those things. But you had a lot of Democrats then, who really believed in the moral fiber of the country.

And we believed in the doctors, and we believed in our teachers, and we believed in those that were in authority. And over the years, it's become so torn and shattered. And we're at the point now where everybody's saying, who can we trust? We don't trust any of the people that we used to trust. So where do we go? We've got to stay with God's word.

If we don't stay with God's word, you know, we fall right into what everybody else is. You're right. There is no longer a Democratic Party. And if you were in sixth grade when Kennedy was running, I'm a lot older than you. So, but I kind of thought I was anyhow.

And I know I sure look a lot older than you. But anyhow, we want I want to say Leslie in Wisconsin pledges 50. Bob in New Brunswick 60. Betty in Michigan 100.

And vote no on three in Michigan pledges 150. I just had Jen Porter on Tia. In fact, I just talked a little while ago.

She just did a commercial where on several stations in Michigan. So I played her piece against that. That that that issue three horrible is a horrible, horrible thing, isn't it? Yeah. And so we've got to stop you people out Michigan folks, you got to come against that. That is right from the pit of hell. It is right from the pit of hell.

So horrible, horrible. It is here in Ohio. We're kind of watching north and Michigan and we're watching south in Kentucky because Kentucky has a yes to life that they're doing their constitution down there trying to say that abortion and the funding thereof is not secured in their constitution in Kentucky. And then of course, you've got the exact opposite up in Michigan. And all that's going to be voted on on November the seventh.

So, boy, we got to pray about those. Yeah, well, Michigan is known especially the Detroit area. They're known for election fraud. I mean, they're infamous there for election fraud. So folks out there in Michigan, you really have to keep an eye on the polls. You really do.

But anyhow, you know, the Bible says the wages of sin is death, the wages of sin is death. And 12,000, 12,000 fentanyl pills were found packaged in Halloween candy. And Joe, you want to do that article? I sure do, because I went and looked at the pictures. What they did, they packed them in real candy wrappers. And what they did, they use major brand names like sweet tarts, Skittles, Whoppers, 19,000 of these pills.

Think about this. Now, these are the ones they found. What about the ones that they haven't found? Remember, they're over 800,000 people have snuck through the border. Those are the ones that weren't caught, the gotaways. How many of them were carrying drugs?

How many of them have these? This fentanyl is big business, huge money. And they've already had a couple of children. One died, and they've had several that have almost died if it hadn't been for the antidote, what's that stuff called, that they carry. Now all the police, everybody has it.

It saved a couple of children. But you look at these pictures, and it's horrible, because they have bought this candy, dumped the candy, and filled them. And with Halloween coming, the LA sheriff and everybody is warning authorities and parents about drugs mixed in with the candy, you're to check the candy. But I'm looking at this, and the stuff looks pretty much like a sweet tart. And if you're not used to exactly what some of these candies look like, I wouldn't want to give any of that to my children or grandchildren, because I'm not sure I could tell what was the good and what is the fake.

Absolutely. We're living again. You need to get a hold of your Congress critters, your senators, and say, hey, we've got to shut the border. This stuff coming in, now our children and grandchildren are really, really, their lives are at stake when they're making this poison to look like some of America's favorite candies. This is really an attack, folks. This is an attack on you, on your families. This is kind of like an act of war, and pretty much anything that could kill.

We've already had, what, 92,000 something deaths from fentanyl? Right, Joe. We're trying to tell people, and I've been telling people, that the Biden crime cartel, the Biden crime cartel, or the gatekeepers, they're the ones that are holding the doors open for the Mexican drug cartels and for the Mexican drug smugglers. They're working in conjunction with each other. And let me tell you something, the Biden crime cartel never does anything for nothing. They always get their share.

The big guy gets his 10 percent. We've been trying to warn people and warn people and warn people, look, they're, we've been telling people for years, all the way back in the 80s, I sat in the meetings with the World Health Organization, with Planned Parenthood, with Sierra Club, with the ACLU, as they openly discussed depopulating the planet. Until they recognized, find out who I was, I could get in there, sit there and take notes.

And then I would go on the air with it. And they're, they, you know, their goal is to eliminate or depopulate 700, seven and a half billion, seven and a half billion people off this planet earth right now. Folks, that's what we're trying to tell you. You're wondering why they want to kill everybody with all of these, you know, these bioweapons.

That's their goal, is to depopulate. We've been telling people. But you know, Linda and Joe, it's almost like that is something so horrible that people out there, even though you're telling them about it, cannot wrap their brain around it.

They can't. They don't want to believe that there's that much evil in the world, but they forget. Satan is what? He wants to destroy God's children. He is wicked. He is evil. And all through scripture, he wanted to kill the children. Remember your Bible, folks? This is nothing new.

It's just on a bigger scale than Satan's ever been able to do before. Amen. Paul in San Diego just placed 300. Thank you, Paul. Folks, the phone lines, there are people there, the guys are sending them.

They're saying, please call it 888-677-9673, 888-677-9673, or 888-281-1110. One week a month, Linda, we do pledge to keep us on the air for the rest of the month. So, anyhow, we have approximately 20 minutes left in this before we have to give the invitation for the night to raise up. And I'm not quite sure how much, but I know that it's over 4,000. It's over $4,000. We've got 20 minutes. We need to raise about $200 a minute.

About $200 a minute. And how many years have you been doing this past journey now? This is my 20th year. Now, 50th year, I just thought... I was just going to say... Yeah, 50th year, yeah. I was going to say, wait a minute, yeah. It's my, yeah, my 50th year doing this. I was going to say, I've been with you that long. Yeah. Yeah, well, sometimes the time passes pretty fast.

You get a little confused, don't you? Easy. Hey, I've got one story I want to get out. You have to wait because we're up against a heartbreak. So, hang in right there, Joe. We'll be back right after this.

Don't go away. Truly there's God's heaven. Some go there when they die. Hell burns below us.

To deny it is to lie. Go warn all the people. Repeat now for what I say. Truly there's King Jesus. He died for me and you. It's him I'll live and die for. It's something I must do. Go warn all the people. My words are oh so true.

There are so many schemes. Just look what they have done. They want to see you suffer.

The liquid fire is no fun. Imagine no abortion. No more killing in our land. No more godless selfish people. No more the salvation of all man.

Truly all God's people enjoying peace in the land. Believe me I'm no schemer. I trust in God the Son. I hope that you're a believer. This here song is over and done. Boy it's been so long since we've played that for break time that I forgot all about it almost.

But uh why that guy sure can do it huh? Okay okay Sue in Illinois just she mashed you Linda with her 200 gift. Thank you Sue.

All righty. Polls reveals voters say listen to this I think Joe what have we been saying for decades. Voters say the media is the biggest threat to democracy. Biden not far behind.

So what do you think? A big poll they took a very large poll and it came out from the New York Times Sienna poll you know and it comes from just the news that voters who believe democracy is under threat and I remember it's those who believe that democracy is 84% say the media is the biggest threat and that the press 59% say the press is a major threat and 60% say Joe Biden is a threat. So you know it's interesting that you know Trump started talking about the fake news the fake news and as we look at these poll results so much 71% of registered voters think American democracy is under threat and that's funny the just news said the attitude toward the media was bipartisan. 95% of the republicans 83% of independents and even 70% of the democrats in the poll called the press a threat. 70% of democrats in the poll. Now that is startling news we may have America waking up after all past journey well Joe here's the thing look fake media maybe it's working let's go to reality we've been talking about this for years okay yeah many years here you know there's a word called lying and there's another word called narrative now we know the difference between what is a narrative and what is the line but when those in the media and this is just a reality at NBC ABC CBS CNN they are contracted to lie they they agree that they will go with the narrative they they do that in contract whatever the narrative is that they are to go with they agree to it and the narrative is a lie they'll they it doesn't matter how false it is they'll go along with it okay so uh we are now at let me see okay we right now we're down at as far as what we need okay I see there okay we need three thousand one hundred no three thousand eight hundred and seventy dollars three thousand eight hundred and seventy dollars is where we're at we're at so we're gonna have to hope that some of our listeners out there can match what the doers of the word church did last night with a second thousand dollar donation we need some people who can match that two or three people stand up and match that and help get us through the night that's what we're going to do for the Lord to touch some hearts and some of you out there that God is blessed with good income good business profession we reach sometimes more people than a lot of the political campaigns do and reach a lot of voters in a lot of states so your donations will help not only get God's word out but will help hopefully get the right people elected this coming November election and maybe we can have a little bit of a revival and turn this country back to that nation under God where it's all right Joe we do that's right uh we have uh let me see where did I just leave off here Bob and Brunswick okay let me see what uh Betty in Michigan pledges 100 do I do her okay all right very good now uh Fauci's agency funded Echo Health's 101 million grant to help create a new 80% kill 80% kill rate COVID strain in violation of the US law there you go put the money out for that Boston lab yep Austin University lab right in a highly highly uh area highly populated area you don't possibly suppose that just prior to the election we're going to hear about something a virus escaping or uh with there's a new strain it's deadly strain it's 80% kill strain folks you got to stay home don't go to the polls mail in your ballots you know you don't need a signature whatever right you don't suppose we're going to hear something like that do you I pray that is not what's going to happen but we just want to remind everybody the best thing you can do is go vote in person if you can't yes there are you know the different states have some good ways to protect your vote but if at all possible that cuts down on the ability of the other side to cheat so go and if you have to uh out here in the country we set up rides for people who are in wheelchairs that are a little bit crippled and we do all kinds of things to get everybody in to vote and you can do the same thing in your neighborhood your community all right very good listen you know we have neighbors and uh in Ohio pledges first timer she's a first timer 130 and Joyce in New Jersey pledges 50 thank you thank you one and all oh that was we need a lot 150 for Ann thank you and thank you Joyce all right all righty so there you go here can you think about that uh it's this is gain of function is not gain of function illegal it's supposed to be in more I know it's immoral it's a federal crime and I think it's all illegal it is illegal okay but uh I guess it doesn't matter if you don't have a justice department all right uh to bring these people to justice if you have an injustice department like we do only conservatives or Christians or Republicans will get prosecuted right right so look at Hunter Biden that reminds me of something I've got a there's a report out this uh group from the Daily Wire been collecting evidence and they gave it to a uh group here and it says there are 459 crimes in Hunter Biden's laptop they produced 600 pages outlining the schemes and this group uh watchdog group called Marco Polo USA put the whole 630 pages online with the entire list of the 459 leads legal violations including tax fraud falsifying business papers prostitution distribution and narcotics and the list goes on and on and on so you can go to Marco Polo USA and you can see the 459 violations for yourself uh you know this is the laptop that everybody said was Russian disinformation uh the FBI hid it for you the FBI can't seem to find uh any crimes in it but the Daily Wire can only find 459 well that virus is capable of killing eight out of every 10 people they catch it can you believe that all right you don't suppose that when they come up with yeah you don't suppose that Pfizer will come up with a brand new vaccine for that do you well it might take a 30-day period without any testing yeah you know well we don't have time for testing we don't have time we just gotta give them the poke right yeah if the rat didn't die right away well maybe it's all right okay even if the rat died and we we don't know what'll happen to people so here you go linda you better bring bring pastor hell up because every now and then he really says something important okay so are you there pastor hell yeah i'm here how you doing i'm okay hi hell hey how's it going joe i was just reading this uh i was just looking at this uh chick publications book called the last generation and boy does that have that that thing pegged for what we're headed into if biden gets elected again it does already uh we're not quite ready to give that invitation yet i will let you know but the doj is hiding its involvement in illegal voter registration drive no kidding who would have ever thought right who the fuck yeah president joe biden signed an executive order in march 2021 that instructed department of justice increase voter access but attorney general maric garlin has refused to release documents that act outline the implementation i wonder why why several non-profit groups including the foundation of government accountability have filed freedom of information act requests they have sought information on the order from various federal agencies but have not received a response the epic times reported failing to hear back the florida-based fga filed a lawsuit against the doj back in april of 2022 in july of 2022 a federal judge ruled the doj must release a 15-page document related to implementing executive order 14019 but the doj ignored the directive citing the deliberate process privilege and the presidential communications privilege in other words they don't want people to know the truth right okay exactly true they do not want the truth to be known hey you know i'd like to i'd like to break in and say something i was talking to a guy today uh that uh i told him with everything happening in this country right now this country's on its last leg and i said uh do you think all the people that voted for biden are are starting to feel sorry about what they did finally you know and the guy told me i voted break it and i i know i voted for biden and i and he said i think it was all reagan's fault what's going on right now this guy is insane you know he's blaming reagan for everything biden does every single day of the week to destroy this country and i mean there's no hope for some of these people that voted for biden how fast you gotta get before they realize what they did you know again scripture says scripture says you know that god said he would put you know their eyes would be blinded from the truth so they couldn't see the glorious light of the gospel they would be blinded from the truth absolutely but he also tells you very clearly how long how long you simple-minded how long okay will you reject the word of god it's unbelievable it's unbelievable apparently a long long long time all right yeah okay don't forget it's go up there folks and find out how you can help us we're going to fight like everything aren't we linda we're going to get a human life amendment are we not yes sir yes sir we're going to do everything we can keep praying keep working keep praying keep working we need all we need all and we need all the help we can get and um again you know we can we can say like we've done in this this ministry it's ohio pro-life action we've done so much with so little for so long it seems we can do almost anything with nothing and and we're doing it we're we're recognized now linda as the premier pro-life and the largest pro-life organization in ohio are we not we are and it's amazing i i have to pinch myself some days to say oh my gosh in five years yeah that's what god has done with people who have passion to do what god wants us to do it's it's it's it's mind-boggling really it really is but people are wanting to know what to do what they can do to help what they can and and what they can do right now is to prepare themselves apologetically to be able to explain themselves to people because there will be people who will listen now some will not at all like you say some are just given over and we're not going to get anywhere with them but there are a lot of people that have been afraid to look at it for a long time and maybe are going to start looking we hope so we hope they're going to do that with everything that's going on in our culture um linda it's scary look at what you guys have done there in ohio and i'm wondering can people in other states that want to start something like this apparently you can do it without a lot of money all you need is some love and care is there a way is there a way they can get a hold of you or yeah i just gave that website out it's it's at it's there you go all over the country can use that from a model right amen they certainly they certainly can go there and um i i think there's a place there that they can send a message if they like and i i mean i could give you um i mean anybody can can come to me as well or if they come to you and you can send them to me and i'm more than happy to sit down and talk with anybody or you know get on and talk with them on the phone or go and meet with them if they'd like to try and get something you know started there that's similar to this we more than happy to do that absolutely you have done such a great job young lady uh ken let's say tom in washington pledges 100 ken and new jersey pledges 200 john and pa pledges 500 carl and dallas pledges 100 and right now we are at 3 000 we are 3 000 short of having our goal right now and folks we're going to be here the phone lines will be open until midnight and then they get shut off but we will be here to call in we were still 3 000 short of our goal tonight so we do need to hear from you we'll be here waiting to hear you call and and with that we're at that time in the program where pastor hal uh you need you've got about how many how many minutes does hal have does he have four minutes how many minutes does he have okay i'm going to let you know here just a minute i'm looking here at the clock uh let me see here anonymous just placed three thousand and wants others to match thank you anonymous thank you anonymous all right yeah please match uh how much did uh how much time do we have okay for tell you've got four minutes okay okay real good all right very good thank you we got four minutes and go for it okay in the bible in john 14 six jesus said i am the way the truth and the life no man comes to the father but by me now he's the authority in christ was all the fullness of the godhead bodily the bible says and when jesus said and when jesus said you can't get to heaven unless you go through him he meant what he said so anybody religious leader church or anybody else that tries to tell you you gotta play their games go play join their church go through their rules and regulations to get to uh heaven it's a lie because jesus said he's the way and he's the only way that's exclusive of everybody uh mary peter paul all those saints that ever lived before they can't get you to heaven only jesus can and see god loves you but he hates your sins god wants you to come to heaven but he says your sins cannot come with you and the only thing that can wash away your sins is the blood of jesus christ and the bible says except you repent you shall likewise perish repentance is admitting something to god that he knows already anyway that without jesus christ in your heart without that payment he paid for you at calvary you're going to die and go to hell because god hates sin and he cannot let sin come into heaven and jesus will wash away whether it's one sin or one billion sins if you come to him repentant about the fact you're a sinner and ask jesus come into your heart now why is that necessary it's because you can't save yourself so jesus laid down his life at calvary and god allowed him to transfer transfer all the sins you've ever done and all the guilt onto his son jesus in full so when jesus said it is finished on that cross that means he was telling us that all everything needed for you to go ahead to be pardoned and go to heaven has been done by him and accepted by god the father but now that payment don't become yours automatically the bible says for whosoever shall call upon the name of the lord shall be saved romans 10 13 which means you ask jesus to come into your heart trust in him and him only for your salvation and the bible says it's a free gift ephesians 2 8 9 for by grace are you saved through faith and not of yourself it's a gift of god you cannot do one thing not one work to save yourself only jesus can save you and he's knocking at the door of your heart right now and he doesn't care how many sins you've done or how good you think you are you need to have him come in and take his blood and whom we have redemption through his blood ephesians 1 7 and wash your sins away and make you a new creature in christ if you want to do that you can do it right now in a simple prayer of faith that's calling on him i'd be glad to even lead you a few words at a time but even though we're praying together it'd be directly between you and god if you want to be saved if you want to go to heaven if you're sick and tired of your life as a sinner and you're getting nowhere and you're on your way to hell then reach out to jesus right now in prayer pray with me oh dear god i confess unto you that i'm a sinner and i need your salvation and lord jesus i hear it now ask you to come into my heart forgive me of my sins always always always keep fighting the fight thanks for listening to the voice of the christian resistance what's right what's left hosted by pastor ernie sanders to learn more about our ministry please visit us online at please tune in next time for another edition of what's right what's left the preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content
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