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"Sports Are Over" except for baseball, golf, and tennis

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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June 27, 2022 1:48 pm

"Sports Are Over" except for baseball, golf, and tennis

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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June 27, 2022 1:48 pm

After the Colorado Avalanche defeated the Tampa Bay Lightning in Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals, Hayes Permar has declared that sports are now over, even though Major League Baseball did their best to keep everyone entertained with a brawl between the Seattle Mariners and Los Angeles Angels, and an Aaron Judge walk off home run for the New York Yankees.

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I've often said that people show you who they are believe them and I'll leave it at that. They're not going to rook us. This is the Adam Gold Show. It's almost as if baseball knew that sports were ending. Sports are over. Stay in the cup, wrapped up last night, and sports are over.

Sports are done, but continue to listen to your favorite sports radio station. Of course, of course. There's things to talk about. There's always things to talk about.

Of course. Sports radio never existed on games alone, if on games at all. It's all about talking. I was tuning in to some other shows, talking of plenty of things that I'm sure that some people care about and I don't care about at all. It's talking season in all of sports, right? The stay in the cup is over.

Now, baseball nerds will get mad to hear that. By the way, Dennis Cox, executive producer of the show. My man Graham sitting in, associate producing. I am Hayes Permar filling in for Adam Gold. Did I hear that I am associate hosting? No, I'm guest hosting.

I'm interim pinch hosting, if you will, since we're in the baseballs of summer. I understand that Adam Gold maybe didn't like it when I called him a golf dork. I thought he would love that term. I meant it as a term of affection. He says he accepted it, though.

There was some video that maybe he didn't love it. I admire Will Brinson to golf dork. We may talk golf with him coming up next, even though I didn't really watch the tournament this weekend. But baseball nerds, who also might take offense to that, are going to be like, what? Sports aren't over? Baseball is here. And again, I'm going to hit this in just a minute. Kudos to baseball for realizing yesterday was the day. Let's start making some headlines.

And they did. And we'll talk about those. A brawl, a walk off, some extra innings from two big name teams in baseball. But of course, here in North Carolina, to me, baseball means minor league. We've got an MLB team. We've got an NHL team. We've got an NBA team. We've got an NFL team. We do not have a Major League Baseball team. But we've got a lot of awesome minor league teams. So anyway, sports are over, except for baseball, which is still going on. But to me, that's a minor league sport until later in the postseason, or unless it's 1991 again, and I'm 13. But we have the Canes and the NHL draft coming up in a couple weeks. No, no.

Again, there's a lot of talking stuff. Can we speculate if Rob Gronkowski is going to come out of retirement at some point this season? No, no.

That's not actually sports. I'm sorry. What about Kyrie?

I mean, I love doing the class. No, no, no. That's the one that I was hearing lots about. The Kyrie KD. Oh my gosh.

It's so good. I am very interested on what team they're going to be next year. I am not interested in anything else on all the talk about which team they're going to be. I'm just not. What about the Bruins preseason schedule?

I just saw it tweeted. The Boston Bruins? Yeah. Look, you were stretching it for me to say that sports lasted all the way to the end of the Stanley Cup without the Carolina Hurricanes being involved. For me, if I'm being totally honest, hockey ended when the Canes were out. That's fair.

Like, I tuned in some, and I'm glad it turned into a pretty good series. But like, you know. So the bottom line is, sports are over. That doesn't mean we can't have a lot of fun. And we can still talk about what they were this weekend.

And that's what we do to get out of the game. Congratulations to the Colorado Avalanche winning their first Stanley Cup since 2001. The arrogance of these programs when they say these things, first since 2001. We're lucky that the Canes have won one in our lifetime. But like, the Panthers and the Hornets are like, first since 2001.

What are you talking about? Like, if it's a first for a franchise ever, we'll note it. Until then, it's just Colorado Avalanche win another Stanley Cup. And it's not like they've been bad since then. They've been okay.

If I've been following the sport well. But the Colorado Avalanche closed it out four games to two over the Tampa Bay Lightning. Tampa took an early lead. Then they just disappeared in the third period. They, you know, it was 2-1 in the score. You knew that the Avalanche weren't just gonna sit back and play all defense and let the Lightning take shots at them. But the Lightning, like, looked like at some point, kind of like the Canes did at times this year, where it was like, dude, let's just start firing shots, someone. That's always my philosophy in sports. Like, in basketball, if we're close to the rim, put it up on net. Good things can happen. Not just the scoring. There's multiple good things that can happen.

Put it on net. The Tampa Bay Lightning did not last night. In the first 10 minutes, I think at the third period, they didn't get a shot off.

They lost 2-1. The Avalanche win. I do think it was the best two teams in hockey. Again, all of my hockey tastes come with this disclaimer of super, super Canes first, almost Canes only hockey fan here. But from everything I saw, read, and even observed a little bit on my own, like when you saw those two teams play in the Stanley Cup playoffs, Lightning maybe were sleeping a little bit during the year. But throughout the playoffs, we saw reminders of why they were the two-time defending Stanley Cup champions.

But the Avalanche denied in the third one, and they get the win. Here are my big notes and takeaways. Once again, this is the last time I'm going to say it. If you tune in after this, you're just going to have to think I'm an idiot. Casual hockey fan, Canes first hockey fan here, right?

Here are my big takeaways. That dude, Kale Mccar, Kale Mccar is good. He won the Norris, Calder, and Konsmaeth. Konsmaeth is playoff MVP, Cox. Norris is Defensive Player of the Year, and Calder is Rookie of the Year.

Yes! And he won them all, which is much more difficult than remembering what all those are supposed to be, but congratulations to him. So congratulations to Kale Mccar, who I continue wanting to call, I find myself continuing wanting to call, Cal Maker. If he were Cal Maker, he could be driving the 32 Bojangles car, working out of Mooresville garage.

Instead of Kale Mccar winning the Norris, Calder, and Konsmaeth, it should have been Cal Maker took first. Where were they this weekend? I don't even know where they raced. Winston? Yeah, we're just saying they're in Winston, yes. They don't even race in Winston.

No, but we're going to put them there anyway. He's in the 32 Chevy Bojangles car. Cal Maker in the 32 Chevy, I'd like to thank the good people of Bojangles, he got the win at Darlington this weekend.

I don't know, I'm making it up. I want Cal Maker to be a NASCAR guy, instead it's Kale Mccar, a very good NHL player. Also, fortunately, he wasn't the NHL player who tripped and fell with the Stanley Cup. And apparently dented, and dented might have been a generous word. It looked like it ruptured the cup. It took a chunk out of it.

Bending is worse than denting, and it looked like it bent, even though they were saying dent. Is this what it sounded like when the thing dented? Yeah, these were actually, this is some live audio, so he was carrying the cup towards his team for a team photo, and this is what it sounded like from his teammates as he was falling down. That was the sound from his team as he dropped the cup. I don't even believe I fell for that. I was like, I watched video of this.

There wasn't a whole lot of audio involved. Give it to me again. He killed the cup! As we know, there's like five Stanley Cups.

That's just the display one anyway. It's fine. It's fine.

Alright, other cool notes. Nazeem Kadri, first Muslim to win the Stanley Cup. Now, I saw that as a tweet, and then I saw people saying that was verified.

The only thing I'm going to say is like, how do we know what every person's religion was? I get the presumption based on the culture and where the sport has been played, but like, I'm not willing to say with 100% certainty that is true. I am willing to say with certainty that it's very cool. Anytime we see a sport or an art or whatever it might be, started embracing cultures and involving cultures beyond the one that it originated in, that's a cool thing, and that's good for the growth of the sport. So hats off to Nazeem Kadri. That was very cool. On the opposite side of cool, Corey Perry.

Dennis, you pointed this out. Three straight losing teams in the Stanley Cup finals. Three different teams. It's one thing if you're on the Buffalo Bills and you lost four straight Super Bowls.

It's like, alright, well, you know, you were on the Bills and they couldn't get it done. He's been on three different teams and they keep losing the Stanley Cup finals. He's on Dallas, they lost. Montreal, they lost. He's like, alright, I'm on Tampa Bay now. This is the team that beat me the last two years.

Yeah, exactly. And then they lose. So whatever we want to do, I don't know what the Canes want to do this season.

I'm not going to tell Tom Dundon and the crew what they should be doing. But I got to say, I don't want any part of Corey Perry. If we go to the Stanley Cup finals with Corey Perry, it's over. You do not want Corey Perry on your team if you're going to win. Just scratch him. Get to the Stanley Cup finals and then just bench him.

That might be the only way to do it. Hey, can you hear that sound of the Stanley Cup falling when the guy was skating one more time? Oh yeah, there it is. The Stanley Cup hitting the ice one more time. And then the last note I have, no, I've got two more hockey notes actually. None of them directly Stanley Cup related, but one could be hopefully in the future. The Chicago Wolves won the Calder Cup. That is the Carolina Hurricane affiliate Chicago Wolves.

Remember Dundon played hardball. We don't have the team in Charlotte anymore, which I thought would be a lot more convenient, especially as much as we move guys up and down, especially goalies. Alex, is it just Lyon? Alex Lyon was in the net for the win, but we saw, it should be Lyon, right? Like Cal McCar instead of Cale Maker. We saw Cucci in net for some games, including getting in a fight and I think dropping birds on the crowd maybe even.

I mean just Cucci, good stuff from him and Lyon. Hopefully they'll be ready for the big show sometime soon. Last note on the hockey front today at three o'clock.

So after our show gets off air, but maybe we'll get some leaks. The 2022 Hockey Hall of Fame class will be announced. Are you prepared to be angry when Rod Brendamore is not among the Hockey Hall of Fame class of 2022? I'm already angry. I'm already angry. I'm already angry.

I already have tweets scheduled for 301 Hayes-Burmar. I don't know what, you know, I don't know the rules of hockey. Is he only getting observed on his player merits now or every year of his coaching? Is it adding to his resume? I'm not entirely sure how that works in all honesty.

I think that I'm not entirely sure. If they combine his playing with his coaching, that I don't know. But to me, his playing career should be enough in and of itself. You have 14 seasons of 50 or more points.

Luke DeCock over at the News & Observer, friend of the program and friend of mine, makes a great case in a column that he's used a couple times in the past couple years because the resume hasn't changed. Obviously, he's not playing anymore. His numbers are not changing. They're there.

They're good. He won a cup. And if he won it somewhere other than Carolina, he's biased Hockey Hall of Fame voters, whoever they are. I don't know if it's writers.

I don't know who it is. But no, seriously. He wins that same cup in Philadelphia or Boston or wherever, and it counts more. They count our cup less, and that's crap.

That's crap. Gosh, could you imagine if he won it for the Rangers? Put Rod in, good lord. They would have statues for him. Good lord. They would have made it like an ESPN Rangers channel.

They would have devoted an entire channel to him. Next up on Getting Out of the Gate, the College World Series finished up last night when Ole Miss swept Oklahoma. Now, much like NHL hockey where I care a lot, lot, lot less about it. When the Canes are out, I care a lot, lot, lot, lot more about the College World Series when one of our teams is in it, right? Like last year, I found the College World Series way more interesting, right up to the point that they threw NC State out on some crap, more crap.

We're just getting crapped on here, exactly, in the state of North Carolina. But Ole Miss won it, and here's why they won it. First of all, it was cool. Ole Miss was like one of the last teams in, and they proved themselves.

But here's the real reason they won. Have you ever heard of Rocco's Pizza and Cantina in Omaha? No. I hadn't either, but if I go to Omaha, I'm going there. Is that the cantina they went to on Tatooine?

No, that's not that one. The real question would be, did they serve jello shots in the cantina at Tatooine? Because they do at Rocco's. In fact, they served 18,000 of them to Mississippi fans. Over at Rocco's, they had a board up where they put all the eight teams that are in the College World Series, and they keep a score of how many jello shots they've ordered, and I think the winner maybe gets a donation made to charity, maybe even to the school or whatever it is. So it quickly became a showdown between two schools, Ole Miss and Arkansas. It wasn't even in the final, because it started before that. And like, poor Stanford had like 400 or 300 or something.

That makes sense. The final score was Ole Miss 18,000 jello shots, Arkansas 8,000 something, and then it fell off after that. So they more than doubled up their next closest opponent. And I think it is clear, much like if you want to win a Stanley Cup, you do not sign Corey Perry to your team. If you do want to win a College World Series, you go to Rocco's and order jello shots for your team. And let me tell you something, if East Carolina ever makes it to Ohio, that 18,000 record is in serious jeopardy, because I know at least nine dudes that are going, and I know that they will each take 2,000 jello shots just to win the thing, they won't take them all, they'll buy them and give them to their friends. Of course.

So that's, that is my College World Series analysis. Next up on Getting Out of the Gate, and things you can talk about at lunch all at the same time, the Charlotte Hornets found a brand new head coach. Again, sort of. Is he a new head coach?

Not really. If you want to re-elect President Barack Obama or President George Bush, you cannot. Because it's not just you can't have consecutive terms, there's only a limit of times you can be elected, right? But if you want to bring back an NBA head coach, you can do it, baby. And that is what they did with Steve Clifford after getting the thanks but no thanks from Kenny Atkinson for the Golden State Warriors. The Hornets went out, they talked to Mike D'Antoni, but they went with a defensive coach in Steve Clifford. I guess the thought is, the offense is going to be good. The mellow ball can pass and score, they got some dudes who can shoot. By the love of God, if Gordon Hayward is healthy, then there's like a whole lot of offense. And then maybe Steve Clifford can get them to play, you know, five to seven points better defense. They were one of the better offensive teams, they need to be one of the better defensive teams.

The only thing I'll say about it, and I've read, you know, my good friend Brian Geissinger, my good friend Brendan Whitted, I've read some other folks. There's reason to think that Steve Clifford is not a terrible hire. It is not, it's not like, oh my God, this is so dumb. But just on the heels of the egg on your face from a coach, you know, changing his mind. On the heels of trading away the draft pick that fell to you, that seemed like was a really good pick in Jalen Duren.

And then trading it away, punting for a future pick, basically for money. It seemed like the team needed inspiration. They needed an inspiring hire for head coach.

And I'm not saying that there's tons of options there. Although, I mean, to me, Quinn Snyder would have been even more inspiring than Steve Clifford. Again, I don't know the locker room and I won't even claim to know Steve Clifford's X's and O's other than he's very well respected in NBA circles. He did a decent job the last time he was in Charlotte. He didn't have great teams.

He had Kimba Walker for some, I think most of the time. Went to the playoffs twice. But it just doesn't feel inspiring enough to me. Now, maybe the Hornets are betting on LaMelo Ball breaking out into that superstardom in the next year or two. And it being like, look, if we can win 50 games, win 45 games even, and LaMelo is a superstar, that'll be inspiring enough for fans, for interest, for talk, and for being in the playoffs and being interesting.

But I don't know. I would have liked... The sports radio thing to do is to boohoo the... Well, whatever.

I shouldn't make fun of sports radio people. Plenty of people would have offered solutions. I'm here to say I don't have a solution. I wish I could tell you I would have hired this guy.

I don't have one. I'm just telling you Steve Clifford doesn't inspire me that much. Next up, getting out the gate. He sinks three foot punts. In the golf world, first of all, on the women's side of the PGA Championship, congratulations to Ng Chun, who won another major, this time a PGA Championship at Bethesda Country Club.

A really cool country club to watch golf and to just hit up in general. Lexi Thompson sort of fell apart. This is kind of bad. And this happened a couple of times recently in women's majors. And you, like, I'm not doing the sarcastic, you hate to see it.

You really don't like to see it. You want to see majors won by people making plays at the end. Like, Will Zalatoris didn't choke at the end because he was already down a stroke in the US Open. He needed that putt to make it.

But like, that's what you want. You want somebody making a putt dramatically to make something happen. You don't want somebody finishing bogey bogey to give up a lead. And that's what happened to Lexi Thompson. The other thing that was interesting, well, this is on the heels of Ng Chun and kind of surrender lead herself. She started off the major after day one up a bunch and the lead sort of whittled away and the day started and she gave away all the strokes. It looked like she was going to fall apart.

She held on. The only thing is Lexi Thompson and somebody else playing with her got put on the clock for slow play. And this is kind of interesting. On the clock? Not to make a traffic. No, they got put on the clock for slow play, which is like a thing. Golfers know it. But like Justin Thomas tweeted in the ladies defense, like, hey, I get slow play, but maybe read the room with two holes to go in a major.

Maybe you don't warn somebody. But then and a lot of people were trumpeting that tweet around like, hey, Justin Thomas says he would want to be put on the clock with two holes left in the major. But somebody pointed out the round took five hours and 45 minutes. And this isn't the end all be all, but like NBC had to punt the coverage over to CNBC because they couldn't keep going. I mean, they didn't want to keep going for the golf coverage.

Five hours and 45 minutes. And when somebody pointed that out to Justin Thomas, even he was like, yeah, that is kind of a long round there. It's a bit of a dilemma. Maybe I'm not sure what can be done. But congratulations, regardless to NG Chun on the men's side, actually, the men's tournament kind of ended the same way with somebody bogeying at the end. But Zander Shafley, one of the travelers and proving that the live tour is having some impact. I didn't have that much interest in the travelers this weekend.

You can talk to the golf dorks when they show back up to work, how excited they were about it. The latest the news that seems to be more interesting than the golf being played is who's playing where. And Matt Wolf is the latest to leave for the live tour. That's right.

Matt Wolf. I said it. And we heard this late last week.

I saw this over the weekend. I'm not sure exactly when it came out, but the PGA Tour is trying to do some things in response to the live tour. And like I get it.

And you need to show that you are trying, but I don't think it's going to change a whole lot. It includes, they returned to a calendar year schedule in 2024, eight tournaments with beefed up purses, revised field sizes for the FedEx playoffs, and a fall lineup to feature three no-cut limited field international events, which sounds very much what the live tour is. So I'm not sure how they're going to be. Are they shotgun starts? I don't know if they're going to be shotgun starts. They should. Three rounds only.

Buy mulligans. That would be interesting. They're not going to be donuts before the tournament kicks off? It's much more about what shakes out with the majors in the next couple years. The majors are using the, well, our hands are tied. It happened and they're already qualified right now.

So there's nothing we could do. The Open Championship, the US Open. Moving forward, we'll see if the majors try and make it harder for those guys to play.

We'll see what happens with world golf rankings. And the final thing getting out of the gate is, yes, we mentioned it early, baseball, stepping it up, realizing that the stage is clearing, and they've got to carry us for the next two months. What did we get last night? A good old-fashioned, real legitimate punches being thrown, dudes angry, definitely some ceremonial guys holding guys back, guys actually needing to be held back and pulled out of a pile in a Mariners-Angels fight that was very spicy. The Angels dude was thrown behind somebody like the first pitch of the game. Then they came back out for the second inning, nailed somebody again. And in a twist, and as it probably should be more of the time, when it's that obvious that the pitcher is throwing, there's a decent chance that he didn't just decide to do it. And so the, I can't even remember the guy's name, Winker, for the Mariners, he starts looking over and he's like, alright pitcher, whatever, F you, because I knew you threw it at me, but I know you guys are over here ordering it, and he went over to the bench, and that escalated things very quickly. And I always love when the announcers were calling in like, the bullpen's coming in, as if it's like, ooh, the relief pitchers. But like, you think just because the guy's the relief pitcher doesn't mean he can't start some stuff, huh? Is that what you think? But it's like, no, A, these are the dudes whose entire career depends on their fingers and arms not getting injured, like they ain't coming in throwing punches, right?

But it was good. I've always waited for the time when, because generally they're coming from left center and right center of the bullpen. Sometimes they're down the baselines. But I'm just waiting for the time when someone just cuts across center field and just takes out another reliever on the other team.

Don't even get to the ruckus. Almost like when goalies fight, they're supposed to just fight each other, and so like, yeah, bullpen should just come out and just meet right there. Yeah, you're right there, nobody has to run that far, you can fight. Save the energy, don't sprint 300 feet, just go right there. Or even stay where you are and just start lobbing balls over at the other bullpen, just like Battleship style.

E3, hit. Yeah, so we had a fight, which is cool. The New York teams are good, they have the two highest win totals in baseball. Aaron Judge hit a walk-off yesterday, so again, like baseball was like, hey guys, we need a big day today to remind everybody that we're here and we're gonna take it for the next two months. We had extra innings in Braves-Dodgers last night, Freddie Freeman's return to Atlanta, I believe that was. And his World Series ring.

Dodgers got the win, but a good game nonetheless, and obviously big on TV. So, those are the things that get us out the gate. But reminder, it is summer.

It is summer, okay? We're gonna talk sports, but we're also gonna have to talk some fun. And that includes Will Brinton, who I refuse to begin talking too much NFL right now. And honestly, I think Deshaun Watson deserves whatever suspension he gets and probably more. And he's got the lawyers that will take care of a lot of things so that he'll be not criminally liable and limited civil liability, whatever. So I'm not minimizing the importance of that issue and protecting women. I just, I like to treat that issue by taking more air away from it. I just am not gonna talk about Deshaun Watson.

I don't wanna do 15 minutes on Will Brinton with Deshaun Watson. I would rather ask him this question, and I ask it to you as well. You can give us a call. 919-8605-FAN, 919-8605-326.

I put it on Twitter as well. Hopefully this summer you get a chance to take some vacation. Hopefully you travel somewhere in North Carolina. Beach, obviously great in the summer.

A lot of people like mountains in the summer because it's freaking 60 degrees out there in the middle of the day sometimes, and it feels kind of good. My question is this. Fill in the blanks. If you go to blank North Carolina, you've got to visit blank. And I don't just mean restaurants, even though everybody on Twitter has taken on restaurants. So if you want to give me a restaurant, you've got to give me one other one too. So if you go to blank North Carolina, fill in the city, place, county, whatever you want to do. Make sure it's in North Carolina, beach, whatever, park, you've got to visit slash check out blank.

Alright? It could be a restaurant, but give me one other besides a restaurant. 919-860-5326. We'll talk to North Carolina native Will Brinson about spots to visit in North Carolina and maybe some panthers. I don't know. That's next. Adam Golden Studio with my man Coach Pete DeRuta with the Capital Financial Advisory Group.

We're talking retirement and coach. I'm a simple guy, but I like colors. Tell me how I can color code money and get ready for retirement. I like colors too. I like pictures. I like graphs.

I don't like just a bunch of words. And so what we try to do is we try to break down all those words on your statement, all those numbers into three colors. Red, green, yellow. People are amazed when they come in and most of their money is in the red category. Now red means high horsepower potential. It also means high loss potential. So you have to, it's a give and take. You could be willing to do that or that. Yellow means liquid money. You can get it anytime.

It's not going to earn anything. Green gives you safe growth, but also gives you a lifetime income. So as we get closer to retirement, we need some green accounts. We need the green zone, we call it. And Baghdad green zone was important. Green zone's important for you too. The next 10 people, Adam, it's a thousand dollar value, golden ticket. We're going to put together for you, your very own total plan that has a green zone. It's a traffic light.

I hope it's green for you. 800-661-7383 or text ADAM to 21000 for Coach Pete DeRuta. I'm declaring sports are over, but I got all kinds of nerds telling me they're not. Josh Goodson, European sports nerd, tells me that Wimbledon started today. Actually, we can do that because Serena's in it. And the Tour de France is coming soon.

Excuse me, the Tour de France. And now, joining us now from CBS Sports, huge golf dork and sick baseball nerd, Will Brinson, is also going to tell me, oh no, sports are just beginning. Brinson, what's going on, man? I'm not, I wouldn't dream of telling you that Hayes. You sent me a text saying prep for this. I thought to myself, man, how refreshing that Hayes isn't going to even for the second week in a row, isn't even going to consider asking me about the Sean Watson.

And I appreciate that. Like, you're not going to ask me about Lamar Jackson's contract or Kyler Murray's contract or the Panthers training camp or any of that stuff that no one cares about. I mean, the Wimbledon opening rounds. The Tour de France?

Grow up, Goodson. His thing, he likes Euro sports because he can get up at 4 a.m. and they're in prom time. That's when he wakes up in the morning, those sports are. And I do think as an American culture, we are now getting more into, wait a minute, we've been waiting for the afternoon on Saturdays and Sundays for our sports. We're more and more like, I can get my sports on Saturday and Sunday morning.

I can watch F1 and European soccer, like morning sports. And we've always had, you know, the open championship. So, yeah, morning sports. I'm with him on that. Goodson and I guess your colleague, Joe Gillio of the OG, the Afternoon Show, were going back and forth about their, professing their love for the Irish Open earlier today on the old G4 text thread. I mean, come on guys, come on.

Let's get out of here with that. All right, I'm going to start each of our segments with a football question just so that nobody can say we're not talking football. I heard you say last week that you guys are going through team over-under wins and whether or not you think they're going to hit them. So let's ask about the team that in theory we actually care about here in North Carolina.

They make it very easy to not care about them. What is the Panthers over-under win total set at and how rosy do you feel about taking the over on it? Oh, I believe and I'll double check because I mean like honestly, you know, yeah, my birthday this past weekend, you know, I got to be honest. I haven't looked I haven't looked at this stuff in a while. But I'm going to double check on Caesars slash Will Hill to see what if the Panthers have moved at all. They were at six wins, I believe and they're still at 60 the juice is actually moved.

It is the under is now juice to minus 120. Gotcha. And I mean, I think I don't think that the only case to be made for taking the over in my opinion is if you are very very confident that the David Tepper is going to panic scream at people and demand that they trade for Baker Mayfield, which is like an entirely plausible, you know situation that could unfold with the Carolina Panthers as they sort of progress through the off-season and start to realize Oh my dear God, our only quarterbacks are Sam Darnold and Matt Corral. And you know, I think if you're Matt rule, you know, you're you're willing to get in David Tepper's ear, you know, you're willing to get in anybody here in the front office and push your agenda that you do want Baker Mayfield because I don't think that Matt rule chose Sam Darnold. I think Sam Darnold was a panic trade by the Panthers when Carson Wentz Matthew Stafford and Deshaun Watson all rejected them.

Sure, you know a few years ago. So like if you're Matt rule and you're the odds on favor to be the first coach fired and you won five games in each of your first two years and you you have like and you're only like the only way that you're going to save your job is with Sam Darnold. I'm figuring out a way to get Baker Mayfield.

So that would be the only case for the over. I think the roster is okay. I but to me in that with the you know, the Saints being sort of a wild card with Deshaun Payton, but having a having a good roster the Bucks having Tom Brady back and then the Falcons maybe having the worst roster in football. Like I would definitely lean towards the under here, but I would wait I think because the Baker Mayfield trade it could make them upwards of a seven win team. I think all right.

Well, Brent's joining for CBS Sports and yeah, you just proved how much you haven't been paying attention because clearly you didn't see that Sam Darnold had his best practice as a panther just weeks ago and it worked out. Okay, so and I hear the Matt Corral is swinging it. I've seen several tweets that would suggest as such so you just hold up. No, I'm kidding.

Obviously and you won't believe this with every single player on the roster is in the best shape of their lives. I will say six like if they put it at seven, it would have been easy to not take the over when you put it. It is an easy under when you put it at six. It's just tempting enough because I'm like the sucker that's like I want I want to be rooting for the Panthers, right? I want to but if I have an under obviously then I'm not going to so like if you gave it to me at you know, at five and a half or whatever. I would take it over a seven.

No way. I'm taking it over six and Carolina was involved in a bunch of one score games last year. They could have won like the Philly get me that see me the Minnesota game that they probably should have won. I think they had Philly maybe on the ropes to that was arguments people were making for the Panthers over. They the offensive lines improved if a couple of dudes on that defense take a step forward.

Maybe that unit is really good. I just think it's the Sam Darnold and Matt rule factor for me. Yeah, you know where I mean, you know, if you just do the Panthers we saw them play a lot of football last year Hayes today, you know, they're they won the first three games.

They finished five and eleven did that team at any real point look like a seven and nine football team to you and that's being generous. Yeah. All right, not football stuff.

We threw out the tweet. We've got some good answers. The sentence is if you are in blank, North Carolina, you've got to check out or visit blank and I don't know if I gave you this disclaimer, but I didn't mean for it to be all restaurants, but maybe that's just the culture of North Carolina that so many people have answered all food stuff. So you can give me a food one if you want but also give me non food if you can so get you can pick any city you want. You pick the city you from the city live in the city, you know, go to go to in the summer, whatever it is and it doesn't have to be a city like if you're in blank, North Carolina, you've got to check out blank. What do you got for me?

Will Brinson? Okay, so I mean, I definitely took it with the food angle. I think it's hard not to and I'm currently in High Point, North Carolina, visiting my lovely parents, Bob and Anne Brinson, you know, all over my brother Charlie's birthdays, the 22nd line was yesterday. Bob's is the 17th, you know, so we all congregate and and hang out and the, you know, the one, the two places that I have to go if I'm in High Point. Well, I guess there's a couple different all food places but the doghouse, which is, as you might expect delicious hot dogs and also fantastic hamburgers. Really the best chili that you'll you'll ever have on a burger get loaded loaded dog loaded burger fries and you're good to go for several hours. And then Alex's house, which is actually just down the road on Main Street. As you might imagine if you haven't been to High Point very often Main Street. Pretty primary.

What's that? What do we lose him? Brinson you still there? I'm not hearing Will Brinson.

All right, we'll check back in with Will Brinson the second right now we got Josh from Windell. If you're in blank. You've got to check out blank what you got for me, Josh. So, if you go to Atlantic Beach. You have to go to Fort Macon State Park on Wednesdays to see the cannon fire there.

See, that's a perfect example right there. If you're in Atlantic Beach, go to Fort Macon on Wednesdays to see the cannon fire that is what I'm looking for because a lot of people will trek down to the beach, and I got to be honest with you, Josh. When I saw Josh from Windell on the screen talking about Atlantic Beach. This is not the Josh I expected.

I expected my good friend Josh Goodson so I was pleasantly surprised that it was a different Josh, and this is the perfect answer. Are you in Atlantic Beach right now are you in Windell. I am currently in Windell. All right, we are you in old school Windell like near downtown, or the new Windell falls. I am in the not old school but on the other side of downtown towards that gotcha Josh appreciate the call.

That's a perfect answer right there. If, if you're in Atlantic Beach. Check out for Macon on a Wednesday, they fire the cannons will ask Britain for me if he's got any other ones outside of high point, and I've asked Brinson avid concert concert goer to put together an ideal five concert lineup for the summer specifically summer summer bands will ask him what that is next.

It's June 19 2006, but it all started May 6 1997 with the announcement that the Hartford Whalers were coming to North Carolina, it's a story of transition of heartbreak of figuring it out on the fly, the canes corner look at the 25th anniversary of the by the aluminum company of North Carolina. Listen now, find James 25th anniversary, wherever you get your podcast. I'm not gonna get on here and lie and say I was there I had plans to be there. I was my plans got changed that some circumstances that would not allow them to go but I've seen Chatham County, many of my favorite bands you know I'm not lying when I said I would have loved to have been there.

But I'll make it, but I saw some video footage from it. So, seems like a great time. Dylan Finch Chatham County line MIPSO mountain goats. Steve Canyon Rangers.

Lots of bands and it seems like a tradition that is only started to very cool to see homegrown bands. The subject is, fill in the blank. If you are in blank, North Carolina, you have to visit or check out blank we got some answers from will Brinson will did you want to add any other ones to your list well I think we cut off maybe one of your answers. Where did I drop off before after I said Alex's house, you said Alex's house but maybe we didn't get the description of what it was. So it's just an old school diner, like you might even still be able to smoke in there I don't know if that's legal or not. Get the steak and cheese with the home fries if you go, it's, it's like it's unlike any other steak and cheese you ever had that's what I will be having as I matriculate my way out of high point this afternoon.

All right, well other answers former NC State athletic director Debbie Al says, if you're in Gibsonville, North Carolina, you have to visit the miniature choo choo train on town square runs on the weekends kids love it. And of course, Josh in Wendell, who was not Josh Goodson and Wendell surprise. How is that possible. I know. And he was talking about Atlantic Beach, Atlantic Beach, he said if, if you're in Atlantic Beach, you got to check out for making on Wednesdays that's what happens.

My, some of my other favorite answers. Again, it was if you're in blank, North Carolina, you have to check out blank and somebody got creative and said if you're in Gastonia, North Carolina, you have to check out as soon as humanly possible. And also, also we got a if you are in Wilkes we're in North Carolina, you have to check out your speedometer.

I'm sure there are many places that might apply. I'll throw one more out I would say if you are. I don't know how to phrase this right but if you are in North Carolina and driving towards Tennessee. Okay, I need to check out highway 64. I 40. It's a little bit longer, but the single lane route through the Nana halah and then through the, the attorney is just unbelievable 64 some so like what counties are we talking here.

Basically, yeah yeah through it takes you down through. Hi. So if, if you're in when, if you're in How about this if you're in Western, North Carolina, you have to check out 64 over 40 I respect that. Alright, we're going to go to our other sort of summary question but just to keep the sports fans happy. Let me ask you my other question it's tied to the first one you talked about some of the quarterback options for the Panthers and some potential quarterback options. If they actually did somehow trade for Baker Mayfield but my question for you is this, who starts the most number of games at quarterback for the Carolina Panthers this year.

Whoo. Let's see if we're setting odds on it, I would think Sam Darnold is like, as I understand it, basically all of these rookie quarterbacks are going to start the season on the bench behind, sort of the placeholder veteran guy, like this entire class right now Trubisky, Trubisky, Kenny Pickett would have to be unbelievable to steal a job for Trubisky for week one, you know, Desmond Ritter unbelievable to steal the job from Mark Speriota in week one. Matt corral unbelievable to steal a job from Sam Darnold week one so I think for the Panthers you make Sam Darnold probably minus 200 to start the most games. Matt corral maybe two and a half to one, three to one, and then I don't know what you would make Baker to start the most number of games, you know, you have to make it a number where it's like people, you don't want people like hammering it right, make it like eight to one.

I think it's probably like, I mean Baker's probably like plus 175. I just think you hear, you know, Jonathan Jones and Joseph person, both of you, JJ works for me at CBS and Joe person at the athletic both have covered the Panthers, you know, on that beat for a lengthy amount of time, you know both hearing that the Baker Mayfield stuff is heating up. I mean, hey, they have to the Browns have to treat him. Even if the show, you know, unless the show Watson gets a full year suspension which is maybe looking possible now, and they somehow make up make amends with them which it seems like that's that ship has sailed. So, if they're trading him really the Panthers and the Seahawks are the only landing spots and Carolina needs a quarterback maybe more than the Seahawks do so I just I think there's a pretty good chance that Baker Mayfield ends up on that roster. Unless Sam Donald just looks fantastic all off. Yeah.

Yeah. Like you said, it's basically you're betting how much Mac corral is going to play and then factoring in the one of the odds of a set of a Baker Mayfield trade because you assume if they did make the trade, then he's coming in and he's going to start. Will Brinson joining us from CBS Sports.

That's enough football for now. All right, Britain, you're a big big concert guy and there are a lot of good concerts here all summer long Billy strings was in town in the triangle recently and that was one of the hotter tickets that I saw if you Billy strings if you didn't see him at a small intimate venue, you've probably missed your chance because that dude is on the way up. My question for you is why we're giving you the will Brinson you could book five bands for like five. I don't know what night you prefer for concert Thursday nights in a row to kick off your weekend or do you like a Saturday we can like build up to it all day whatever day of the week you want five of them in a row in the summer, you pick the bands, but they got to be summer band specifically. We're going outdoors somewhere, who is in will Brinson's all star five band concert series. By the way, this band is not on the list but I did see World War on Drugs at Red Hat recently on a Monday, which really flips your really sure whole week when you when you go see a Monday show. And so our mutual friend Joe obvious there. Nice. Yeah, we had a good time but I mean it was the emptiest I've seen Red Hat it was shocking considering, I guess we just ran out of khaki wearing suburban dads who could fill. If I'm picking five, you know, look, you probably have an idea of who I'm going to go with. I'm going to like sort of reverse engineer this, I think, do it but you got to get to a fast for me now sorry I screwed. Okay, I was I was trying to filibuster for you but now you're good.

We didn't pin out. I'm going to go with Sturgill Simpson. Okay, I like that sturgeon concerts.

Awesome. I don't care what tour it's on. Give me the bluegrass give me the, the sound of fury whatever I'll take any storage anytime. Wilco Wilco on my list because, you know, again, middle aged dad. My morning jacket, of course, one of the best things you'll ever see in concert image a rock hard every single time. And then the two staples of my concert going life, fish and widespread panic of course, make the list as well. All right, so Sturgill Wilco my morning jacket fish and widespread panic the will Brinson five concert summer series booked sometime in the future at red at amphitheater or a theater near you, Brinson we appreciate it, I promise. I'll be in here some other time in the summer and I'll let you talk more football.

All right, buddy. This is the Adam Gold show. June 19 2006, but it all started May 6 1997 with the announcement that the Hartford Whalers were coming to North Carolina. It's a story of transition of heartbreak of figuring it out on the fly. The canes corner look at the 25th anniversary of the moon, presented by the aluminum company of North Carolina. Listen now, find James 25th anniversary, wherever you get your podcast.
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