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Dave Polaski Fills In

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham
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June 17, 2022 6:53 pm

Dave Polaski Fills In

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham

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June 17, 2022 6:53 pm

Play-by-play broadcaster and studio host, Dave Polaski, fills in for Josh, off at his wedding, and is joined by: 

PxP voice of the Texas Longhorns, Craig Way 

Executive Director of the NSMA, Dave Goren

Voice of the Carolina Hurricanes, Mike Maniscalco

Color Commentator for Ole Miss Baseball, Brad Henderson


He's amused him and insulted by Charles Barkley some. In the process to know what you know now.

He's interviewed Matthew McConaughey and he's taken on Big Blue Nation just completely take the wind out of my save time for the drive. Good afternoon everybody deep Lasky filling in for Josh Graham. Josh has a excused absence for this weekend getting married his lovely bride. Sorry couldn't be happier for him to be an idea of just how happy they are together met him and his soon-to-be wife. Earlier this year at the end of the high school football season and just to see them together in the way that they match really happy for them. So congratulations to Josh and Sarah looking forward to hearing all about the wedding and the honeymoon and where they plan on traveling in should be a lot of fun and were excited to be here over the next three hours and normally I'm in the seat for a high school huddle or out at stadiums around the triad to give you some of the action from high school football when I'm sitting here. It almost feels like it's August already, but instead the weather only feels like it's August 93° feels like 100 right now in the area, so we hope you're staying cool and staying safe.

As we have a lot to get to hear on this show as we will carry you live until 6 o'clock right here on W SJS. Lots of things going on here as we move into this final weekend of spring in the first weekend of summer College World Series is getting open today. We also have updates for major league baseball.

The NBA finals wrapped up last night with Golden State taking their seventh NBA title, defeating Boston in six games will dive a little bit deeper into that coming up. Also take a look at the Stanley Cup playoffs and the Stanley Cup final going on between the Colorado Avalanche and the Tampa Bay Lightning, Colorado, one game one of that series on Wednesday. Game choose coming up tomorrow will speak with hurricanes, broadcaster Mike Maniscalco about all the action that is going on in the NHL. And we will have a whole lot more U.S. Open going on in Brookline Massachusetts at the country club PGA golf with lots of action going on there and there's a lot going on for the middle of June. Usually, kinda settle into that baseball mode were there stressed major league baseball. Not much else to pay attention to.

But really this is an exciting time of year and excited to be joined by our producer will Dalton will really that this is a whole hotbed of activity going on in the sports world.

As we move into the late stages of the month. It really isn't is usually when you think about June and July 1. He was the NFL or is he the NBA finals are over and you know NHL follow not not too far away. It's kind like unless you're a diehard baseball fan light is not a ton to get into and this is an amazing know just how quickly the off-season creeps up because the finals wrapped up last night writing state winning one of 390 over Boston.

The draft is on the 23rd. Yet it's next Thursday.

I mean here what you sit back and relax. I mean for the teams that were in the finals yet then obviously they had some time to prepare for this button if if you're Golden State or Boston drafted near the end of the first round you've gone through your scouting and everything like that but then all of a sudden you have to flip the switch and going to next year because you just don't know what's on the table, especially in Golden State's case because they've done a tremendous job of putting it together that posturing and retooling around the big three of Steph Curry and Clay Thompson and dream on green but I mean now they have the future to think about to because they've won four titles in eight years and these guys are gonna play forever so the future is now. For Golden State, and I mean same deal with Boston to who becomes that guy that gets them over the top to complement Jason Tatum and Jaelyn Brown and and some of the other guys and in that line up there been such key contributors for them this year. It's all the sudden the summer skin to be here and gone quicker to be going through their there many camps in Vegas or their summer rookie camps in for you know it Novembers and roll around in Skippy's time.

Start the season. Again, it will be here in a flash and not say this but wasn't going to need some help to get over that hump.

As I mean, if you're when you're turning the ball over like they were last night like they had a 323 turnovers last night – yet they turned it over. MJ amount of time right or old-school Brun met at times, whichever will differ depending on old school kind a new school, and now we such as number again is yeah he's well he's back to Miami is the 60s, then that's it.

That's the amount you wanted last night of your boss and the right turnover data get you. You get six turnovers in the game against the Warriors, chances are you gonna be okay but yet you turn the ball over 23 times each evening. Even at home. Yeah, and it you know what I think it's safe to say if you weren't already saying it Warriors are dynasty man like maybe not there, not the juggernaut that they were when they had Kd that's that's a good topic of discussion. Yeah, I'm sure we'll get into because it's four titles in eight years now. Yeah yeah where do where does this Golden State team now rank in the pantheon of the great NBA franchises. Obviously you have put the Celtics and Lakers 12 in some water right absolutely absent Celtics were going after number 18 Lakers of wrapped up. I believe 17 NBA titles with that. It's all right, title with Lebron a couple years ago so Golden State just surpassed the Bulls in the terms of number of total titles granted Bulls to six and a eight year stretch. Yeah, with the exception of the Houston Rockets back to back titles in the mid-90s do we elevate Golden State with seven total and the four and eight years above those Bulls teams I don't I don't know if we can do that just yet, but that I mean if the right on the cusp of the conversation it if you would ask that a week ago two weeks ago prior to the NBA finals. Chances are, you get laughed out of the room. Now it's at least worth the discussion.

It is a meat would just organizationally like is like if you lose Kd. Usually that would leave a crater in your and for his season, it did. Yummy night. They board a lottery pick team believe the year after, but I always had a feeling that once Clay came back in CL Jordan polls developed in lutein and other pieces it it it always felt like everybody that is discounted the Warriors you know we we've heard all the warriors hate from a lot of people. It's like hold your horses. This first, second, because you seem to forget what they were before Katie got there and here we are, and Becca stood out to me to last night or in the trophy presentation. They were interviewing Joe Lake of the Golden State owner and he was so complementary of their general manager Bob Myers in putting together that roster. Being able to trade for Andrew Wiggins former number one overall pick who just hadn't really found his stride in the NBA as of yet and then adding Jordan Poole into the mix as well.

They found the right complementary pieces and not only that but the patient's to stick with some of the guys like Clay Thompson who has dealt with some catastrophic injuries during the last couple years were dream on green whose start to go a little bit of gray and that beard off, you know to post game interviews last night that letters that start and start to flare out a little bit and Steph Curry just wrapped up your number 13. By the way, lots of news about Steph Curry and Davidson that will get to a little bit later on this afternoon as well, but major credit to Steph Curry doing what he did his first NBA finals MVP award in his illustrious career just a matter of time before he ends up in Springfield at the Naismith basketball Hall of Fame, but just just another notch in the belt for Steph Curry and that Warriors team that's been excellent throughout the year. So let's take a timeout, we come back we'll diving the College World Series has lots of action going on in Omaha today.

A couple games taking place and we will hear from one of the broadcasters for the College World Series that's coming up next year, listening to the drive on WS yes I do it with Josh grab welcome back to the drive with Josh Grande, Polasky, filling in for Joshua on this Friday afternoon College World Series getting underway this afternoon in Omaha.

Texas A&M is jumped out to an 83 lead over Oklahoma in the top half of the third inning at Charles Schwab field in Omaha primetime game tonight features the Texas Longhorns squaring off with the Notre Dame fighting Irish and joining us now in the program. Craig Wei's longtime voice longhorns. Also, a Greensboro native Craig excellence were taken sometime in joining us here headed tonight's game out in Omaha. My pleasure David Brad while we all lined up from W. Kid growing up Greensboro. Remember W. Very well be on yeah I'm happy to have you with us and are are you excited about the Ragsdale flying Tigers coming football season well let's hope you have a big year right some personal couple times so mild to moderate right will I always keep you posted whenever we have that is our game of the week you are on WS yes so all of the I'll keep you posted as we move into the phone and August and September.

I will Craig challenging road for Texas to get to Omaha, particularly in that super regional against East Carolina. What kind of mental strength was needed not only to come back from that loss in game one also the makeup that 72 deficit in the seventh inning of game to just to force a game three yeah Ebola, you're absolutely right after dropping game one. Followed all your water going walk really struggled in game one walk only affected walk early argument game to an in the seventh inning and the one thing that maybe Hagar noted that we did not notice about that seventh-inning topless seventh-inning under DuPont to get out of the check (the week started her labor and really struggle, it points to hear back.

At one point great.

You know have surrendered three grand slam home run completed for blogging struggle. Well you have a print going the clock it came out was able to get out of it will 361 double played a very big, so it was still seven to ballgame. It could've been blown wide open at that point in the bottom 70 look like it would be that big a deal for too long ramble out very quickly throughout nobody on but then pretty felt cheating her out for shortstop In trouble with strike out here but when he's been able to get to writing a good job in a double to right and then got hold of the caterpillar wanted to run homer. So or no little bit of hope and then at night in the bottom of the gate getting a brief you went down 123 him holding people getting that's why the gringo baby I get a three run game-tying Oberon from the third baseman messenger, with a grant transfer point can and skyward transfer detected wanted an opportunity to play in the postseason any way you look closely, some of the outstanding player in the often regional when he 79 batting over 540 run Overlook Hyatt, Dylan Campbell, platoon outfielder got going at home run for them and then after you guided with a home run off of one not what I would throughout Campbell delivered to game-winning hit arrived in the limit debate that kind of target and then when he got game three of the Walmart riddle drunk woman pretty quickly and didn't look back there.

You're right, they ate of the team here in Omaha have had quite a moment had to answer the call and that circuit was one project is fascinating how baseball works regardless of what level it is.

Whether it's high school to college in the minor leagues, and all the way up to the majors. You just don't know who's can be the hero on a particular day and you didn't even mention Ivan Melendez until you got to the very end of game to their where he ended up scoring the go-ahead and game-winning run on all the other guys role players guys who who can contribute in certain ways and guys who might not even be expected to be at the forefront that they step up yeah you're right that the marvelously same winner of the Dick Calvert trophy for college baseball national player of the year.

I think when the Golden spikes award next week. He set an all-time single-season record for home runs at University of Texas 32 to this point. In fact that's also a record in the BB Corp. that you're breaking Chris Bryant's record of 31 so we done that at 94 Biaggi lead the nation up into categories but maybe his biggest contribution day those around him getting ahead of him and behind him, and become better about it ahead of spot in the lineup whether often taught the designated hitter neighbors about getting outfielder catnip a lot of time because of two shoulder injuries and back, often taught a six year senior now that railing up in baseball even with the pandemic, but in their but he holds an MPA record which we discussed that he is the only player in NCAA history start to think about this six right opening day start of a freshman in 2017 with big game as head coach him this time over to Stephen plus the pandemic will swing the bat back around 330.

Better Eric Kennedy left helping also be behind the daily is a great story, Carlsbad, California started off with collegiate career College out there client. Colcord got out of the great credit, they did.

That pathway tragically of a heart attack became the object didn't do too much really look at what years but this year getting in the cleanup spot been marvelous, batting over 400 a lot of year ago at about 70, and ultimately a home run ball that I is really made a lot of guys better throughout life. Texas had to clean some of that same TCU jungle for the first time how much of an adjustment was needed for the players in that kind of environment, especially after her parents.

Homer in game one, seem to at least indirectly, because by the fence.

Yeah, that was part of the big peers about that that a communication. If you get it photo 1000% converging on all with Eric Kennedy the way to play that all but photo was the gap guy all season long and big peers that you that's all I want him to take everyone he can't communicate unit they have, so that you don't get drowned out by the crowd acted what happened on that plate… About it or did he make up for it out with a big hit. After that home run again to have another big game again. He's just been a rock solid, steady performer, jumbled, loud rock I will overcook out violent shrugging. Today we did a lot of time to get used to it… And I ask that you had a big comeback victory in game two to turn right back around winking three on Sunday had a lot of lengthy weather delays involved in that as well and a lot of times, and here it when head coaches and managers talk about closers get right back out there after a loss in and forget about it. East Carolina didn't have that opportunity they had to wait for the weather delays. So did mother nature and up helping the longhorns out a little bit well for helping you remember tech jumped out or do nothing and still nobody out and they had a runner on base and then also and everything got shut down so momentum perspective and I went down during the lengthy rain delay along the road, Walter Brock as part of we were down in the dugout hanging out during that hour to get it right Blaker time. Talk with David, peers, and the applelike authority yeah the one thing that was concerning him was that the momentum thing now maybe ship sold it to their site to clip can can just kind of regroup is guys can get them back on track well. The important thing was when it came out of the deal at protective finish to Tibet did not scoring and that problem first in the bottom first Carolina was threatened at the beginning Tristan Stevens up and down year he won 13 blogging plaster project struggled started went to the bullpen, but then started to gain walked out of it only gave up one we thought that was important in the long load up with five runs in the second recapture all that momentum that pulled while maybe you might've been able to garner the cause of the shutdown, nothing of the letter reported nobody out. You mentioned how just about all the teams in Omaha right now had their share of adversity to deal with this Texas team started out the season. Number one in the country went through the shot Shriners classic. One of the few teams to hold down Tennessee's offense in that seven to victory in in early to mid March. But in early May dropped out of most of the national polls entirely. So, was there a single moment that you notice it seemed to be the turning point in getting this team back on track well I think a couple things back. Obviously they bought Meg starting to get your candlelit injury and Tommy John surgery. Through brilliant outing support you getting your including shut out of Alabama and and then had to away and because of the Tommy John surgery and what he did a look at Gordon as a freshman lefty that had to be a midweek guy or reliever is set up diet and had to be put into the rotation in the in the on the weekend rotation immediately and then it just kind of piecemeal.

The number three starter, and they're still pretty much in that category almost even things go well protected and the perky ballgames and they don't need him, but maybe he could be available parking for a start, but they don't know that right now I would say after they lost Oklahoma State get swept at home and that's when they drop out of the liver number to drop all the way out of the pole big peers really, really, don't be that much drop all the way out in the country but they can't pull it together and one the ballgames they have the wedding got a little bit of the role of the got the big 12 tournament got all way to the tournament final big RPI wind over tease you know plum estate along the way to binge the earlier losses to the cowboy that help them have a high enough RPI with everything else going to be able to be original quote so I think the bond after losing the three focal mistake was a crucial point. Tonight's game going up against the Notre Dame team that toppled number one Tennessee in the super regional last week how much that race eyebrows among those and burn orange.

Well clearly because every debate during the year of a new album the Baltimore but Notre Dame is an aggressive veteran ballclub with a whole bunch a good graduate grab transfers guys that are veterans that are going to be. This environment is not to be too big for the moment will be an over you will be protected as well enough to get a come down the road and can come up with the best pitching in and thoroughly longer drop that Pete Hansen at the big bounce back. As he got go back to the mall because in the regional he was okay against airport got roughed up against airport. He was outstanding. Again, focal mistake the big toe permits so we'll see. Helping answer respond when he go to the mall protected and still is the season so is John Michael Bircher in the Notre Dame starter for tonight, but he got knocked around against Tennessee and the super regional last weekend. So what kind of scouting report does Texas have on him and how can the bats get going against this all ACC guy. Yeah, I know that you got all that great breaking ball. A good fastball and you're right he could do that you cannot starter out so they know that much better picture than what he showed in that particular outing so they know and good P sometime in the left-handed hitters no longer want to but they Mainly right here right and getting lighter possible.

We'll see how it matches up now just to add to the intrigue you ask for any more of the fitting set of partners in your bracket and have Oklahoma and Texas A&M going head-to-head here a couple of archrivals awaiting either the winner or loser of tonight's game yet make Gatorade right when you have that import and Oklahoma jumping all over but that's all it maybe three weeks ago in the big 12 tournament.

You're getting sooner scored seven in the top third and ended up taking a tournament to protect you like to one. I got a big nothing employee I need answered with a three run homer, but it's late three right now in Oklahoma look really really good and we knew that at the end of the season there. One of the hottest teams in college baseball but so was a name dropper game of super regional.

That's why said I could conceivably see any of the 18 in this bracket, winning the whole thing is the most wide open obscene by 12 trip to Omaha.

I would agree with that.

Now like to send 12 trip to Omaha for you both at Rosenblatt and what is now Charles Schwab field. What's your favorite aspects of this event. I think the way that community will wrapped its arms around you know that thing I've seen anything like that weight can adopt the big 12 basketball term Internet pretty special.

But this thing everywhere you go.

Tell is turned upside down for this and that and they're very very welcoming to the restaurant that in the Emma stores in the ballpark in the environment you Rosenblatt have that old-school charm.

It really did.

But it was a little less charming when you have, what about you half-hour late to let you make this play a much more fan friendly environment and the people of warmed to it over time. It's an outstanding ballpark is not the most friendly part in the world except when the breeze coming out to eat from the north and by the way you and that's why we think some overruns today already so I see how it goes with the caveat Mr. conditions play here as well. Throughout the course of the start with the surgeon offense joining Texas and hundred 28 homers during the season by far.

Program record so we see things start to level out here at Charles Schwab field or do we expect the offense if I was to continue well.

The operative fireworks can include gap power, not fairly hold on power are gods or make good swing. They think they can get lots of thing. "Things in the alley to them of the gap could run a long way in the ballpark. It is pages 335 down the line 375 rallies in 08 that put in the spot were nobody can make an immediate play on talking with Craig Way, Texas Longhorns longtime broadcaster before we let you go going after their sentence national championship on the diamond first since 2005 what's going to key for the horns to get the voice atrophy and we can have vacuum in the bullpen update will be really crucial day debate I think will get good starting pitching out boat Pete Hansen and Lucas Gordon number three starter will be important but also how much they have to rely on the boat to get the ballpark in no way doing contest for Notre Dame or if they can limit their pitching it like that but I like the Crags really appreciate the time they have a busy night ahead. Texas Notre Dame going out at 7 o'clock Eastern, 6 o'clock central from Omaha. Thanks for taking the time and we appreciate it will keep you update on this rock still football games that go quite so and we will get back to the drive on this Friday afternoon day Polaski filling in for Josh Graham getting married this week and congrats to him and Sarah his lovely bride. One of the biggest sports media events in the country has been based in North Carolina for the last six decades. In the latest installment takes place next weekend right here in Winston-Salem. The national sports media Association hosted 62nd annual award ceremony next Saturday through Monday at the downtown Winston-Salem Marriott and joining us now is the executive director Dave Gorn, Dave, thanks for taking a few minutes are good to catch up. Happy to do it. I'm just going through my schedule we can all do it always seemed so far away that old band. There is that exciting time of year and can't wait to have the great group of people were coming in from the front to show off Winston-Salem in the try to all these people were coming from all over the country, including our Hawaii sportscaster. The year is flying all the way here is that right weekend. Yes, that's awesome.

I mean, I've been a part of this and SMA awards during the last couple years and it's a great event and it's really been quite a journey.

During these last couple years he had to navigate through the covert pandemic you had to alter those traditional schedules just to make these awards a reality and how much relief visit to now have a somewhat normal timetable for the summer's festivities. Well I'll let you know next year because we had such a short turnaround member this year especially on the on the fundraising because, as you might imagine it is not a cheap weekend to put all and so that's been a real challenge this year, but I think we will make it, 20 unit when you're introducing you said 52nd annual and actually no longer an yeah I'm not a habit. So, so, yeah, exactly. And you know the bad part is broke that long string. The good part is saves me with that six characters. Every time I type so right now which is nice except that this event began in Salisbury in 1960 continued there for 57 years before coming to Winston in 2017 what's contributed the most of the program's growth throughout that time. I just wanted to go. Maybe it's an anachronism of people just don't want to do that anymore, but what we say is it's a way it's a way for us to your passing down from one generation to the next you're perpetuating the history of what we do, perpetuating the history of sports casting and sports writing and other sports media and not about you but when I was full-time in TV sports.

I really think that much about it.

I was concentrating on doing my job every day. But this being in this position after 13 years has given me the opportunity to give back and it's kinda cool to do and just playing a small part in honoring excellence in what we do in passing on that history is a fit from one generation to the next.

Look at UB Brown fortunately can't make it next week is on the travel list because of a bad back is a couple months short of 89 years old and is still going strong. Over were honoring him when you look at some of our state winners were in their 20s and then we started the new under 30 national reporter award this year and Michael Sean Kumar one that works for the athletic in Seattle covering the Seahawks were were putting these generations together and were were getting the younger generation excited and you know not everybody gets to win awards which is, why were trying also blend this into a national convention because it's just I think it's a worthwhile tab college students and young professionals here to rub elbows with these veterans who have been added for decades, and we do the sports media convergence Summit all day Monday, we added 1/2 day on Sunday, which is a series of seminar animals given mostly by our award winners and I think there was this when I was in college because we have different TACKLE different subject and how can you not learn from that. And then in the down time you get to network with these people and we think people get jobs during the awards weekend which is eventually gratifying to be because you were combining that educational planning click the networking plankton.

The bottom line.

Young people are interested in doing this for limited to get a job. We can help them in any small way every small way than me trying to do with the national sports media Association. The Award Ceremony Taking Pl. in Winston-Salem next weekend and really this is been a Who's Who of sports media personalities over the years. He talked about kind of the history of sports casting and sports writing Lindsay Nelson Kurt Gaudi Vin Scully Keith Jackson you're going through the years, Chris Berman up to Joe Bock and Bob Costas and Jim Nance Mike Emerick last year, Ernie Johnson and Scott Van Pelt being the honorees for this past year and then the national sports writers of the you're just passing from ESPN this year, but Adrian was Sharansky appearing prominently there. Peter King, fellow Ohio Bobcat, I might add Rick Riley as well. Frank the Ford. I mean, these are these are really the soundtracks and the writing that we've all grown up with and have all admired over the years, especially if we taken any interest in sports for me.

When I started with the organization just to be there in the same room with these people and have a couple pictures on my wall from the 2019 awards.

One is meeting with Doris Birkin and will ensure the national winners with our four Hall of Famer and I tell people it is great to get to know these people. Yes, it is also great to know all the state sportscasters and sportswriters of the year and I have about 60 of them this year. One coming from or why all three of our winners from Idaho are coming to meet people from using every corner and part of the country and they all become lifelong friends in the cold part for me is I now get added to my Rolodex and I talked about helping young people who are looking to make this a career I can use all these people to help those younger people try to get a foothold in the industry and how gratifying is that no question about that, and that's one of those things, because that's what you said no. I almost think where where was this when I was in college what existed but II just took a different path. I went through your radio and television news before going into sports full-time just means that that's part of the fascination of sports casting is that we all have these different paths, but you your talk about the attendees and die here rumor that maybe Charles Barkley might be making an appearance in Winston next week. Yeah, here's the story okay. Kirkpatrick legendary college basketball and be a writer for Sports Illustrated for 27 years, going to the Hall of Fame along with Mullen and the late great Stuart Scott and Hubie Brown is mentioned correct and so at the final four curry was talking to Charles and asked him to present and for the Hall of Fame because we have presenters so Bob Ryan is present Jackie McMullen Scott Van Pelt presenting Stuart Scott. His daughters will except for him.

And so Charles said let me get back to you for the longest time to get back to him so Curry asked Leslie Visser who is coming and will help present curry and then Bob Costas is also going to do a video to help present and introduce don't know exactly how it's gonna work well two weeks ago. Charles probably called back curry and said he can make it so. Of course, trying to be the good planners that will let you know when to come in the hotel room. Let me know if we need to pick him up at the airport and so now we haven't heard from yet heard back from him. After reaching back out, so we think he's coming rumor access rumor that it takes rumor in misery. Show me on the 27th order or maybe the 26 that'll bill a lot of fun course. We have the two other days of the weekend include our our legacy night when the right knowledge award winner Jane Kennedy, who is about of a certain age will be very excited about that? That was only Johnson thereto being recognized as a national sportscasters.

The wind almost the extra motivation for Charles to make an appearance when I would think so. I'm in there so much so much going on.

You know so many people those people don't all get to see each other all the time and so even then running into each other and getting a chance to share stories and and talking is a fun thing for that now we we were talking about what you can do for people in the industry and course establishing those relationships. Making those connections were just the ability to be in the same room as as some of these people who you grew up in, admired, but this event is not just limited to those in the industry right, you can have anybody who can attend these events possibly meet these people who they've who they've grown up following her big sports fans or whatever else they have a way of being able to attend the event to write correct ticket package for all three night start with a welcome reception and welcome dinner Saturday downtown with Marriott Sunday we have legacy night which will be at Gallery at the Benton which for those of been around a while bill beneath the Elmsford grand Pavilion ballroom that underground beneath the parking deck across the street from the Marriott and then Monday night we do the awards reception and banquet at Benton convention center and so we have, you can get à la carte tickets you can get the whole weekend package is sometimes the best time is getting on that that welcome dinner and reception and you know people are just there, hanging out having a little bite to eat or drink. They traveled here from parts unknown and you know it's just really laid-back and you can get to talk to people in a very laid-back situation so that that's cool for me and run around most of the weekend like I had was chicken but that I've seen you at work so that is a true statement.

Well, let me finish something. Tickets are on our website. Phone number 336-655-2976 which will wrangle directly to me in the you know, the more the merrier. As I said one of the reasons we moved to Winston-Salem with a chance to show off how the city has grown and it has such a cool sports vibe with colleges around here. Minor league baseball minor-league hockey sculptors and cycling. There's just so much going on I been here 33 years and and downtown is changed so much in that time and I enjoy showing it off and you know the people who live here.

If you enjoy showing off your town to people from all over the country and the Führer sports fan. I don't think it gets any better before we let you go you been a part of the sentence in a number of years is in one moment or event that especially stands out to you personally. Well selfishly I would say that your before I started working here. I won the North Carolina coast through the reward and that's really what got me both interested and involved.

I've actually been a member when I worked in Providence, Rhode Island back in the mid-80s and then, let my membership lapse, and then when I went down and saw just how cool that awards weekend is this should be a chance that said for me to give back and to continue working and staying involved in sports and sports media so yeah that was cool and then I know it's hard for me to say one was any better than the other. The first one that I worked with gymnasts. One is for national sportscasters. The year award and he invited Arnold Palmer to come and present them back when we had presenters for the national winners and to hear Arnold Palmer. Be honest and talk about how many friends he had in our business and he made the point of saying you know I don't agree with you all the time. I think you know what world world okay with but but he appreciated what we did for living and to hear that from one of the greatest ever in this court. I think that might've been the most special moment and both the story Jim Nance told about how he called Arnie and asked him to be his presenter and then Artie talking about that were really special moment. The mutual respect there for sure and really should.

We should have many more moments like that coming up next weekend in downtown Winsted national sports awards June 25 through the 27th get all that info and national Executive Director Dave going back to taken some time to spend with us today and will will talk to you soon. When Wake Forest football start to get ramped up right solely through Shelby all be in the chair you're in today next Friday. So, what level postmortem perfects from my not next Friday to for us to say will be next Friday. I think next Friday would be very smart of me on it all all recruit all my guests for more awards weekend so will will do that but they thanks very much for having me on.

Appreciate the play-by-play voice of North Carolina baseball and Winston-Salem native Dave Nathan Dave. Welcome to the show date is good to be here. Always enjoy catching up with folks most stomping grounds. No doubt about that. Now you had a week to digest that hard-fought super regional series against Arkansas Razorbacks ended up winning both games' Stadium to advance to the College World Series. What do you think was the biggest key and the hogs moving on Omaha white pitching certainly carried the day in the first game with what Nolan Arkansas starting pitcher is able to do. We had some trouble in the first inning think the bases were loaded with one out in Carolina couldn't get a run in that he's settled in the great open was good enjoying the game after that. So to win that game for one at some point you gotta be able to score and obviously with the College World Series starting this weekend runs a bit of premium with the way that ballpark play soccer like the first game of the super for Carolina was was kind what to expect when he gets all August 2 really good things to really good pictures and good pitching coach. This all the time. He should know good things always get out the good hitting that David did and then in the second game you go back to those two weather delays where there was lightning in the area never rang.

We had to stop again. Twice, once in the top of the third where maybe both starting pitchers were going to be gone after just two innings of scoreless baseball well in the regular season that's probably the case but in the postseason both starters came back out there and were still good in the middle innings and then there's another weather delay in Carolina still had had a lead in the series yet and was trailing going into the I guess the latter innings took the lead in the night, but just happening.

Arkansas is able to come back in and get the one I said this during the broadcast. Carolina Carolina didn't lose those games.

I just got beat and you take your hat off to a club like Arkansas encodes form said the stack game and sets amongst the respects, the game the right way and even before the series got started on paper. These two teams in these two programs really looked a lot like they've got similar numbers in terms of how often a bed of the College World Series. Neither program is been able to get over the hump to win one. A lot of the numbers this year look to be the same. So in a lot of respects, Arkansas, felt a lot like Carolina and I think just from an impression standpoint, the Arkansas program made a good impression on Carolina because they never played that one time before going back to the 89 College World Series so it's always tough to have your season ended, but if you get to go out you know there's no shame in going out to a team in a program like Arkansas back to game to those weather delays.

If I remember correctly Brandon Schaefer had a huge bases-loaded strike at the end the ending just before they ended up going into one of those delays.

How tough was it not be able to sustain that momentum with the crowd all jacked up Schaefer pumping his fist while coming off the mount, and all of a sudden you go into a weather delay. How much is that sap the energy it overnight. Carolina dugout well maybe more than anything it sap the energy from the fans who were outstanding throughout the course the postseason throughout the ACC tournament in Charlotte and the regionals were Carolina hats that come out of the losers bracket for the first time advance in the supers and in those last two games. I mean it was it was big time baseball at its best and you get to this point in the season I made everything is magnified and talk about that last fix to get editing by Brandon Schaefer that that was that was his clutch as you like and and I think the players are coached well enough that their kids and their obviously gonna roll with the big moments but are coached well enough to still play the game in the moment, but what I feel for the fans had leapt twice and to their credit. Most of them came back. Both times to see the game to attend but it's just it's just difficult weather intervenes like that. There's nothing anybody can do. The rules are what the rules are and that is nobody Cosmo Kramer used to say that rules there's chaos. And you know we did the best we could. What we had a Ford to the atmosphere at the Bosch packed house for both games. The fan bases for both the hills and the hogs well represented in the stands. What was that experience like an ice. Chapel Hill ever seen an environment like that for postseason baseball will listen to my tent.

You're doing it and I think what separates this year and this year's environment and some of the other slits that this team externally and have a lot of expectations that are picked to finish fifth in their own division you get started and go 18 and three and then hit the skids in the middle of the season and all of a sudden your 813 in their own league and you're wondering if you have a chance in the instead like tournament maybe not to make the ACC target that's that's kind of how dire things were coming off that Virginia series, but to get the series. What state when seven out here last night in the league and then when the ACC tournament to not just get in the tournament but to be almost all of a sudden, if anybody was ever off the bandwagon. Boy everybody was back on in a hurry and not I don't know if if you are the people listing like use that term house money. But it felt like the rest of the season. Carolina's pilot house money and so it was, it was also easy to fall in love with the same and I really think at the end of the day because of what had to overcome will go down as a lot of people's favorite now is as a coach or broadcast they could save it seems like your favorite kid.

You try to avoid doing that. But that was just so much to like about this group with with some of the holdovers from the 2018 College World Series guys for the most part, outside of the freshmen had to go through the covert year and in the bounce back your 2021 W. just so much unknown and to have the season like Carolina did.

In spite of all that, it was easy for the fans to get behind where is beyond estate.

Women spoil. We had a lot of good teams with a lot of Big Ten expectations and a lot of these teams have delivered when when the bull's-eyes bent on them was never really the hunted team because of what I had accomplished until very late in the season. I think that's why fans really fell in love with this bunch and showed up as they did to make it. Some of the best environments. We had a Bosch birthday talk a little more about this Carolina team and the future coming up in just a little bit but let's talk about the College World Series getting underway both today and tomorrow Arkansas is in brackets to the open play against Stanford on Saturday would you say is the Razorbacks greatest strength as a try make a deep run in Omaha. Boy, I think the best strength right now is that they were able to go on the road in Stillwater and come out of that regional with Oklahoma State is the number seven team in the country and let's not forget this but Arkansas. This was a bunch that didn't really finish the season all that strong.

I think they lost their last two series. The Vanderbilt and it was either Florida or Alabama but they lost last two series a they were all for the SEC tournament and for some stress in the season they were looked upon as one of the best teams in college baseball.

A year ago. They were the best team in college baseball think that driving force of falling short last year and coming back with a chance to do it again this year hasn't left the minds of the guys are on the 2021 they they desperately want to get to this point and their fan base certainly did. As well, and he knows those folks traveled halfway across the country to Chapel Hill and you know the travel from Arkansas to Omaha so to a fallen short last year had a chance to get back in it. This year I think is a huge asset for Arkansas and to have already won outside of Fayetteville on two separate occasions against two really good teams to top 10 teams Oklahoma State Carolina they know they can compete with anybody. This can be in Omaha.

Stanford is really playing with fire and in the regional and then again in the supers against you can't, they're the best seeded team left number two in a country but I think it's pretty clear anybody's beatable lost two out of three on their own feel that there was a prohibitive favorite coming in this whole thing was Tennessee.

For whatever reason, the number one team hasn't won the College World Series since 1999. So you have to think Arkansas's chances are as good as anybody but how good is anybody Stanton got eight really good teams out there competing against one another.

This can be a wide-open field and to be a lot of fun to follow over the next couple weeks. Now what if anything could potentially derail Arkansas flexibility question that we only saw two of their starters and they held another kid named Jackson Wiggins who would start a bunch game sister, but whenever Solomon target so I just kinda wonder if they've got enough horses on the mound to get through again to the kind of hate the picture the format in Omaha. You gotta get through a regional side of the bracket to get to the super which is the final series so you you got out.

Lastly, other teams then take two out of three on the other last team standing in taking skin when the day.

We talked about this earlier about what Arkansas had gone for the supers against Carolina they they got a solid closer and Tiger that they've obviously got solid middle relievers do they have enough of those guys to go through. I don't know 78 games and eat you could play a lot of baseball out there in a compressed format and to be fair to the rest of field.

I couldn't say what everybody else has put this tournament this this specific event because World Series will text you on the mound in ways the rest of the season could never do ACC has one representative in the College World Series 16th consecutive year that the conference has been represented in Omaha, that's Notre Dame coming off of that shocking upset over number one Tennessee you only got to see the once in the ACC tournament in Charlotte fighting Irish and Tar Heels didn't play during the regular season was your impression of the fighting Irish wall. We were at our truest field. Well impression I got was probably not emblematic of the team at Notre Dame's had the last several years. This this is a bunch you know, like Arkansas.

They don't make mistakes. Arkansas is feeling better than 980 top top 10 in the country. One of the best in the SEC Notre Dame cut same cloth like Jared's got that bunch fundamentally sound. I want to say they might be the one. He stayed in the ACC go back 2020 that I was the only series we played in 2020. They swept this date, I slept Carolina getting 2020 when I think that 17 in a row against Carolina going to Charlotte last month and Tar Heels obviously snap that stretched out Notre Dame's good. I like Jared. If there's an asking price for him right now from from other students around the leg around the country and is is done nothing but go up up and away and the way they got to Knoxville with the banks that they lost Nico quo vadis Laster, who was his powerful letters they had in their lineup and there's not a way to replace a guy like that one player but they show that some pop and a pretty friendly ballpark in London, else let us not forget that so will see how much that translates Omaha button what they were able to do offense Wiggins, Tennessee. I really thought spoke volumes. Always great to hear from Dave Nathan, the likely announcer for North Carolina baseball. He's also studio host stand big time contributor for Carolina football and basketball as well. Always good to chat with Davis.

He talked about that super regional series with Arkansas and talk about some of the youth movement of the Tar Heels program as well as that there set up pretty well for the future going forward at Boschman Stadium in Chapel Hill will take a timeout you're listening to the drive on WS yes six the rich icing show. Now that Josh Graham and try as we have in the final hour of the drive on this Friday afternoon. Dave Lasky filling in for Josh Graham.

Josh and his lovely bride to be. Sarah getting married this weekend. Congratulations to him before we get to our NHL Stanley Cup final coverage just to update you from Wrigley Field Cubs held on for a one nothing win over Atlanta Braves loaded the bases with two outs in the ninth inning, but the cows were able to induce a ground out and the brace winning streak comes to an end at 14 in the Stanley Cup final Colorado with a one game to none lead over Tampa Bay as the lightning are going after their third consecutive Stanley Cup.

The avalanche try to get their 1st cup since 2001 when Ray Bork helped lead the avalanche to Stanley Cup title over the New Jersey Devils and we have a chance to catch up with her cane's play-by-play broadcaster Mike Maniscalco as he talked about the season that was coming up just short of the conference finals as well as on a little bit of the Stanley Cup playoff final preview between the lightning and the avalanche able to catch up with Mike earlier this morning. Let's just gears that would turn our attention toward hockey game. One of the Stanley Cup final produced an instant classic on Wednesday Colorado skating past Tampa Bay in overtime in game to now coming up in Denver on Saturday so who better to break the series down in the TV and radio voice of the Carolina hurricanes Mike Maniscalco Mike so I can give us a few minutes welcome to the program. Dave always a pleasure to catch up with you.

I can think of some that are better but I'm very happy that I'm the one you chose to try to break them Stanley Cup. Always good to have you with us always good to catch up and you we don't even have to go across the country to run into each other.

This time, you just going back a few years ago just to tell the story to the audience.

Mike and I were both vacationing in San Francisco at the exact same time we are at a random giant I think was trying to get the Orioles and like we did something out and I saw it and I shot him a text.

I said are you at this game and he goes yeah I go I'm literally walking out of the upper deck right now so you're able to get together catch up and not really try to spawn the friendship that we have but to the states. Pretty remarkable from 2500 miles away absolutely. And of course you and I had a working relationship there in Winston-Salem with one of the many jobs that we have held during the course of our lifetime here that the radio up as broth, but yet I was getting again.

One of the key ways to instant friendship is somebody who buys the first round. If you buy the second on right back so that we were we were good friends right that's right yet we were able to get along you get on the same page that now before we get to the avalanche of lighting. Let's reflect on the cane. Season the moment, Metro division champs franchise record for both winds and points in the season reach a second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs. Is there any one moment that ended up standing out for you about the others. I think for me, when you look back on it, you try to come to one moment, clearly wrapping up the Metro division against the Rangers at Madison Square Garden with the check off getting the start and it was Onyx that he was thrown into that situation as the canes were up in the tri-state area made will play New Jersey to remember than the Islanders on Sunday and they were playing the Rangers came up for the division and onto off the Islander game so go check off was going to get the bulk of the workload to do that so winning that game was I think pretty that the stand out when I think it's also a recency bias for me. You can run down the game seven against the Boston Bruins anytime you eliminate the Bruins and playoff series.

It's always a good thing but as far as the season goes there a couple of moments. There's one I will go to and it was the trip to Western Canada where they beat Winnipeg Calgary Edmonton back to back nights now they end up losing the last game in Vancouver that they played without Sebastian all that trip gets in overtime game-winner against Calgary.

They go head-to-head with Edmonton and they really do a great job shutting down that I probably was forced were a little, not looking up, he saw the got eliminated by Colorado.

They were still trying to find a way but that stood out that that road trip really stood out to me for the canes were really going. There is something special happening with this hockey club and what they were able to do so. Of course the end to the Rangers.

As always, maybe better. I wanted to be better than what was his team expected a little bit more but those are the standout moments for me and there were a lot of individual topping 30 goals this season. The goaltending tandem that was in question.

Winning the Jennings trophy. I want to and Freddie Anderson so are a lot of good moments this year for the canes and we look back on it, got it, and when the cup but there was another big building block put in place for this group.

Obviously a very difficult end of the season against the Rangers in game seven. What ended up being the key to that series in your mind today special teams playoff series went to close teams. Dave whoever gets better special teams and have a huge advantage. I could go to Igor should start in route. He was really good.

When the Rangers needn't be especially about a square garden different star route. The Ranger star players really showed up throughout the series the most part after games wanting to Raleigh because of damage add Chris Kreider. Their stars showed up for games three through seven, the Carolina hurricanes was hit and miss. Lately, just, and I think their their best players will tell you that they had more to get there was more to do in that series.

So the Rangers got a more consistent performance from their top six players and with hurricanes days that series played out a lot of was made of the home and wrote differences in the playoffs going undefeated PNC arena against Boston, then up until that game seven match up with the Rangers failing to win away from Raleigh. Did that take a mental toll on the team at all. The incidents better suited to asking them honestly. David will give you the stock answer no, no, you don't get asked about it back to read but like the avalanche hadn't lost on the road so it is not a big thing like road. I think what it came down to your people are trying to nitpick. Why won't date.

Why couldn't they win in Boston. Why didn't they win at Madison Square Garden against those teams and comes out of that just me that's that's a big part of it.

If Robin working at the Jordan stall I found the opposition's best like you take a look at the numbers hardly show up on the score sheet if at all, so that something where coaching comes into it, you gotta move the pieces around the chessboard. I don't think that was the reason why I know that we can look for. Why didn't they win on the road. I mean, I don't think that in the grand scheme of things is the reason why the canes are and are playing right now the Stanley Cup final. You mentioned the goalie tandem and the Jennings trophy this year, hurricanes were without Freddie Anderson for the playoffs. Relying on onto Ronson and even future could check off at times.despite those admirable efforts of Ronson, especially how glaring was it to be without that number one guy next to the biggest time the year and I think it got a little bit more put on the spotlight.

The Ranger series when it was just an out and didn't get a nomination for why he's not one of the three finalists the business beyond the season that he got not just take a look at the season that he had. I think that's what became way but if you take a look at what his numbers one and PNC arena were starkly I mean they were as good as they were better than almost everybody was left in the playoffs and then rolling Boston. I don't blame him for any of the losses at TD Garden. Because you look at the goals that were allowed to read or power-play goals or there is no breakdowns defensively in the lead in play game number three political checkup did I TD Garden.

But I think when he got that game seven in a way that Anderson season played out, you would've liked that.

That's the biggest what it means.

What if Frederick Anderson was in the nets for that series. But I don't. I don't hang anything on drive because what you just said how good he was in the first round and how good he was for the first for five games of that series. In fact he was really good in the Ranger series and game set in the Rangers got the lead. I have a feeling game seven. Whichever team scored the first goal was going to win the game, and when the Rangers got on the board first. You can have this feeling of all this. This could be tough just lurking down his game as a playoffs continue to move around until they ran into the lightning and you see that so many times to Isaac at 75% of the teams that score 1st in game seven and up getting the job done and winning that contest so I there. There's a huge emphasis on that especially playing in the home breakthrough when all of a sudden there's a dent in the armor and that kinda zaps the crowd a little bit and and turns in the nervous time.

The other thing for me and we can take is in a different direction, not starting to question what that means the artist at all professional sports that is basically three out of four games.

The team, it's worthless.

It doesn't matter with a score 1st in a game seven. We're gonna win score 2 minutes into the first. You still have 58 minutes left, but I think it just puts such a weight on the other team was to chase the game that you players like hogan scheme seven and if we don't do this.

It's I think that's really what happened that if you asked me what.hurricanes in the second round. It was that it was chasing the game against the Rangers chasing the game against a team that went very good defensively as he removed on in the offenses got a little bit stagnant at times but that to me is the most mystifying step in. It also carries them to the regular sleep isn't due date. Team scores first wins like 70% of the game in the regular season that makes no sense to me. Zero with hurricanes voice Mike Maniscalco Sebastian whoever Julia pointed game this season. How much fun was he to cover on a daily basis came in All-Star this year and how much better could he potentially get. He is just one of those players where I don't know if he's ever going to get the recognition have used, maybe the most competitive player I've been around outside of Robert and Monica were Robin Moore with the canes and there's a few players here and there that can get into that, but he's just a joy to watch because he does everything he can make the high skilled place when he's not afraid to put his nose in the dirty areas he's not afraid to get bloodied to go make a plate so deep for me is as well as great players, at least on the ice. I need to be aware of these got a chance of making something really special happened and how much better can he be a lot better but I think that this is a guy who can get to 100 points in season.

He can get to 40 goals and 37 this year he ease a guy who can be a perennial All-Star and I'm not going to be surprised if one day he is the captain of a National Hockey League team in 19 being the Carolina hurricanes. He's just that complete player. He is the player that organizations wish the baking land and draft and develop and the Carolina hurricanes got him in the second round about that going on seven years ago.

It seems ridiculous to me talk about that Colorado Tampa Bay Stanley Cup final in just a moment, but let's talk about the off-season and the possible plans here for the hurricanes.

Now you have that winning culture established multiple playoff years runs winning rounds in the playoffs even more importantly that stability. It had coach under Rod Brind'Amour what's the key need to get this team over the top putting in 2022, 23, and the one thing for me would be one more player in the bill with your goals for if you want one more player to make them more dangerous offensively, and in particular more of a threat on the PowerPoint what people forget is the canes had a top 10 power-play for the majority of the season and just chose the absolute worst time to have a low amount was April the playoffs when you can see that some things with the power plate was execution. I don't really think it was personnel and they just want snapping the puck away, that they had when they got in the top that's the thing that I look at because they do have questions, you don't need a writer is an unrestricted free agent needs 29 years old he's come off of me is best season with hurricanes and he was part of the most consistent life hurricanes all year long to install gospel foster that's a line that I want to keep together. If I'm a hurricanes organization Concentra check is your your number two center. Although coaches and rod in particular is not labeled search LI dear see whatever but Vincent tried to keep an unrestricted free agent so he's a player came to love them back because he does help on the power play in the town bejewel things that he claims to the table and those are the two you look at unrestricted. Those are the two that you know for me jump off the list for the canes want to do because what happens with them affect who they bring in what they bring in some restricted free-agent questions to answer Tony D'Angelo.

I think that an easy one. In answer for them but another player up front who is just a goalscorer and in when I say that when he's on the ice. You have to be aware of them because he can put the clock in the back of the net to get set up the right way. Canes have enough guys to set up a goalscorer. They just need to find what I also think that under a section.

A copy to take another step forward again career high in goals and points and assisted kinda goes hand-in-hand when you do that, but the one more player. I think to make them dangerous and placing dangerous offensively. Five on five and on the power plate.

That's what I think can be addressed by this team in the off-season some great insight from Mike Maniscalco the television and radio play-by-play voice of the Carolina hurricanes. As we talked about the lightning in the avalanche as well. As the hurricanes.

Off-season plans and all that they accomplish this year, winning the Metro division setting a franchise record for both points and wins in a season and they have that tradition now firmly established at PNC arena in Raleigh and will be able to follow them going for

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