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Colorado Avalanche take 3-1 series lead over Tampa Bay Lightning

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June 23, 2022 3:42 pm

Colorado Avalanche take 3-1 series lead over Tampa Bay Lightning

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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June 23, 2022 3:42 pm

The Colorado Avalanche took a 3-1 series lead over Tampa Bay Lightning in the Stanley Cup Finals after a controversial goal by Nazim Kadri in overtime. John Forslund, play-by-play voice in the NHL, joined the show to talk about the Avalanche being within one game of winning the Stanley Cup Finals.

Also, sounds from the sports world in the Wall of Sound.

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This is the best of the Adam Gold Show Podcast brought to you by Coach Pete at Capital Financial Advisory Group.

Visit us at This is the Adam Gold Show. I missed talking to Chip Patterson yesterday.

What'd you guys talk about Dennis? I wasn't here yesterday. Oh, you weren't here yesterday either? No.

So you and I were both out? Yeah. Did Hayes do it all? Did Hayes, Permar host and produce?

Yeah, John Rand also said that. Oh, okay. Yeah, I was gone yesterday.

What did you do yesterday? It was my birthday. Oh, happy birthday.

Thanks. I didn't know. I honestly didn't know it was your birthday. That's fine. Gosh, now I'm embarrassed. It's okay.

Should I have known? I mean, I care. Do you? Yeah, I do. Okay. I'm apparently not enough to know it was your birthday yesterday, but happy birthday.

Oh, thank you. You know what? Here's what I don't know. I don't know how old you are.

Don't tell me. You have an old music soul, but you're obviously not that old. All right. I have a weird taste when it comes to music.

A very eclectic blend. Absolutely. I will say that you are 32. Really?

That's my guess. Okay. 36.

Are you? Look at you. Look at you. Good for you. You look good for 36. Thank you.

Not good though, just for 36. Right. Yeah, that's fine. It's okay. Good for you. All right. Let's listen to the Wallace one.

The wall of sound is a function of this studio. There's no doubt about it. We should play the birthday game every day. No, we shouldn't. Like how old someone is like there are, you know, there are birthdays every day.

True. So whose birthday did I see that it was? Is it Brooks kept his birthday?

I think. Cause live wished him a happy birthday on Twitter. So happy birthday Brooks kept go as a birthday present. Here's, I don't know, a hundred million dollars. Whatever, whatever they paid him to, uh, to jump, which is whatever. All right, let's get to the wall of sound and we will start with the NBA draft tonight. Jay Williams, ESPN. Why is fellow Duke blue devil, not alum, but product, Paulo Bancaro, the favorite to be number one.

If you understand a little bit of the situation in Orlando, right? Jeff Whitman is the general man, you know, magic president and basketball operations. And for him, the reason why Paulo's probably the odds on favorite is because they posted workout video of Chet Holmgren and Jabari Smith when they came in, but they were a little bit more secretive about Paulo Bancaro almost in a way they refuse to tell the media if they worked him out or not. So when you start thinking about that narrative floating around the Orlando magic, and I will say Jabari has a talent and we'll get into NBA comps, like a mess of a number of players to me, the talent is so there jumps off the page. There's like a Rashad Lewis type ceiling for him when it's all said and done, but Paulo Bancaro can create his own shot. There's nothing that Paulo Bancaro can't do it.

We talked about this before and we talked about it with Brian Geisinger. To me, the only question mark I have about Bancaro is does he have elite enough quickness to become the problem for the other team? If you put a bigger man on him, he blows by. If you put a smaller man on him, he shoots over. He just powers through.

And I just recall too much of Leaky Black being able to guard him and then Brady Manic being able to guard him. Yeah, so I mean, that's just my feeling. My only trepidation in terms of the skill and the brain. I think he's the best prospect.

I just don't know. Will the quickness get there? If it does, then he's the best player. He's just the best player if the quickness gets there. All right, back to the NBA draft, Jordan Cornett. Jordan Cornett on, although he likes Chet Holmgren, the center, I guess from Gonzaga, he realizes that there is no clear cut number one. I think that's what makes it so exciting is that there's not a dead set number one. And as I look at honestly, everyone says the draft gets interesting at four and there's a drop off. See Keegan Murray at the fifth spot and think these are five guys that can change a franchise. So I think that there's in a lot of ways, there are lowering in different ways, but they're hybrid guys. They're versatile pieces.

They're gifted unique set of skills that can be puzzle pieces and malleable to different franchises in those first five that need it. Chet Holmgren is at the top of that list. I think the biggest question mark with him is durability. We've seen body types like that. There's not a ton of muscle. His back is kind of concave a little bit.

You don't necessarily love the posture. Can that hold up? The toughness is in question because of his body. But you know, one of the things about the draft that it always is a misnomer to me, Amber and Courtney is people always focus on what people can't do. Well, that's what we do in the draft. Right? Yeah, that's what we do in the draft. Well, he's not good this he can't do that.

Yeah, they were always trying to find perfect, right? So what did I just say about Bank era? My fear is this.

We know all of this. My fear is this with Jabari Smith. My fear would be the rest of his game.

He's great shooter, you know, quick twitch athlete, probably the best athlete of the three but doesn't necessarily have the ball skills in the overall game. That doesn't mean he won't be the first pick. He's I think he's the favorite to be the first pick. Last I looked Jabari Smith was the favorite to be the first pick and all the mock drafts that I have seen have Jabari Smith going one. So, but that's what we do. We always try to find. He's the betting favorite. Yeah, we always Jabari Smith is.

Yes. Yeah, we always try to find what somebody can't do. Adam Golden studio with my man coach Pete DeRuta with the Capital Financial Advisory Group. We're talking retirement and coach. I'm a simple guy, but I like colors. Tell me how I can color code money and get ready for retirement. I like colors too. I like pictures. I like graphs.

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I hope it's green for you. 800-661-7383 or text ADAM to 21000 for coach Pete DeRuta. All right. Uh, what the NFL can't do according to Harry Douglas of ESPN, uh, is figure out a way to hold Dan Snyder, the owner of the Washington commandos accountable. Uh, and one of the big problems is that Snyder doesn't really care. According to the Harry Douglas, a guy who was invited to come tell his side of things, but instead he's on his super yacht in France. It shows you how much he care about women and what he really thinks about women. Because if I have an opportunity to clear my name and go tell my side of the story, I'm not going to be somewhere where everybody else can make that assumption for me.

I'm going to be right there to tell my side of the story. So it just lets you know it's not that important to them. But when you look at ownership, and it's not every owner in the NFL, but do majority owners condone this behavior in the workplace? Or does Daniel Snyder know XYZ about a few other owners so they don't want to say a damn word so their stuff don't come out? Because how can you just sit there, especially ones that have daughters and have families and you know what's right and what's wrong and you don't do anything about it? How can you sit there and just let a single human being do these type of things?

First of all, Harry Douglas. Yes, other owners condone this. Because this is not just about the NFL. I mean, it's major corporations. Every single NFL team is a major corporation, right? And corporations have a problem in the workplace, by and large, with women. Because at the highest levels, many of these corporations are dominated by men. And I'm not saying that every guy who works for these companies is, you know, is guilty of this.

But it's not uncommon. The reason why other owners haven't called out Dan Snyder and haven't pushed for the NFL to get rid of Dan Snyder, even if they don't like him. And I think by and large, he is unliked, is that they understand that there are skeletons in their closets. I said this earlier, if Daniel Snyder were as honorable as Jerry Richardson, I understand how crazy that sounds. And I am in no way saying that Richardson is honorable. Okay, I am just drawing the comparison between Jerry Richardson, who had jeans Friday, and Daniel Snyder. If Snyder were as honorable as Richardson, he would recognize that the best thing that Daniel Snyder could do, not only for the Washington commandos, which has not been successful with him as an owner, even though his whole life has been centered around doing like like owning this football team.

The but he would also be doing the NFL a benefit. Because the NFL will be better with somebody else owning the commandos as a better franchise. Right now, a heritage franchise is a drag on the league.

Washington's one of these spots. Unfortunately, they've stunk, for the most part, under Dan Snyder ownership matters. Ownership really, you know, is not that great a franchise in the NFL, the New England Patriots. Yeah, but you know who wins a lot because they have great ownership. The New England Patriots. So, I mean, they matter to the league, but honestly, they ain't that great a franchise, they have just become one, because they have been run properly. Even though, you know, obviously Robert Kraft has had his own issues, but it doesn't seem like those issues manifest itself in the in the organization.

Right, Daniel Snyder's have. All right, we got to we got to jump out of here. When we come back, John Forslund. Should there have been a too many men call?

Does it really matter? We'll talk about Stanley Cup Finals game four, and what could be the ender tomorrow. Next. June 19th, 2006, but it all started May 6th, 1997 with the announcement that the Hartford Whalers were coming to North Carolina.

It's a story of transition of heartbreak of figuring it out on the fly. The Canes Corner look at the 25th anniversary of the move presented by the aluminum company of North Carolina. Listen now, find Canes 25th anniversary wherever you get your podcast. We hear Springsteen must be time to talk to the voice of hockey, John Forslund, voice of the Seattle Kraken.

And we a big fan of Bruce Springsteen. That was the most awkward open ever. John, how are you? Never awkward with you. Are you?

I'm doing great. What's your favorite Springsteen song? Jungleland. Okay. So is your favorite album also born to run? Yes, it is. Okay.

I'm not I'm not judging. Mine is Wild, Innocent and East Street Shuffle. And so that I go way back, but still Jungleland. Way back machine.

That's great stuff. Yeah. All right, let's get to last night. I don't want to start but I'm going to with the with the game winning goal because I think Colorado was simply the better team last night and we got I think we got the just winner.

But what's your view of too many men? Because I think it impacted the play because I think cadre was the player was coming on for McKinnon who was coming off slowly. Yeah, well, you're right. And it did impact the game. But I think, you know, this is a slippery slope that you know, you would go down if the league decides to enforce this tighter. You know, that's a play you see all the time. There's a long change in overtime as we have in the second period. It's a lazy change by McKinnon.

He's taking his time to get to the bench. You see that a lot, you know, in the rule book there. You have the five-foot rule that that area that's safe before you get to the bench rarely enforced.

I mean if they enforce that you would have that happen over and over and over again and it would bog down the game. So I think the referees basically had to put their whistles away long before that. I don't think that type of play would have been called should it be should it be reviewed moving forward?

I don't think so. It can't be reviewed now under the rules as we know and then there's clips to show that Tampa had seven skaters on the ice when they scored the first goal, right? So I mean, it's it's the fluidness of the game and you know, that's where you get into a tough thing about hockey because it's a really tough game to officiate because by the book and maybe all the sports are like this to a degree but I think because of the randomness of hockey you probably see it more than you do in other sports, but the officials have to have a feel for what's happening on the ice so that the players can determine the outcome which they did. But again McKinnon made no, you know, he was just lazily going off the ice.

He wasn't involved in the play. It's just unfortunate that it was because of the long change Surgichev was out there for almost 90 plus seconds. Yeah, right and he gets turned on the goal is a beautiful move and everybody missed it, but it went in.

Yeah, you know, it's funny. I mentioned this when I first started talking about this earlier in the show. I mentioned the fact that we need to start with the fact that cadre playing his first game and what four weeks almost that that was an incredibly athletic highly skilled move to bring it back to his forehand to get off the shot and he had to go through two players.

Surgichev was clearly gassed. If he plays the body, it's probably not a goal, but he played the puck because we all get I guess kind of get mesmerized, but it really was a super athletic play. Now I get back to what I alluded to in the beginning and something you said when we spoke about a week ago was that you you finally went back to the fact that Colorado was just better to pick the the Avalanche. I leaned on Vasilevskiy over Darcy Kemper. Kemper played very well last night.

I think he let in the softest of all the goals that were scored, but he still played very well in spite of that. But Colorado just looks like the better team and now they've got cadre back and I mean, it's hard to it's almost hard to imagine this game getting back to game six. Right and you know that Braden points probably long gone and Sorelli was injured in the game last night and Chernak was injured in the game last night for Tampa Bay.

So the longer, you know that stuff continues and even if they do play, you know, what level do they come back at God is a great story. I mean, he couldn't take face-offs, but he certainly could make a move and shoot the pocket was a great shot and you know that that just shows that these players have an unbelievable amount of determination when it comes to getting back in a lineup under playoff circumstances and in the thing about Kemper and I think we talked about this the last time he just has to be close to Vasilevskiy. Yeah, he can't be the reason they lose or the reason they're behind in games or the reason they lose confidence in the locker room. He just has to be where he was last night, which is very close to Vasilevskiy level.

Not many can reach that level. But you know, he survived that first period after getting scored on early and losing his mask and I believe they had 17 shots on him. Yes in the first period and so he got through a probably a mental battle as much as anything else.

And now it's a hey, that's a freight train. Now. I say there's absolutely no chance Tampa wins game five, but that's why they play. Yeah, look and Tampa is good. It's clear that Brayden Point.

He came back tried to go. He really didn't give him much and we're probably not going to see Brayden Point. But Kucherov's also banged up. He got banged up at the end of game three. I thought game three was chippy and borderline dirty and dirty enough. I didn't I don't think we saw that yesterday, but I think we saw a lot of chippy borderline stuff in game three. We can call it playoff hockey.

I think it went a little bit beyond that. Yeah, it did across the line many areas, especially near the end of the game and the series hasn't had a lot of angst attached to it. I think there's been way too much attention and rightfully so from from Tampa Bay's perspective where they have to figure out their structure and how they want to play against that juggernaut against that high octane offensive attack. And the speed of the avalanche from the back end, the forwards, everybody can move. And I think it took them a couple of games and really get humiliated in the second game to figure out.

Come home, get a matchup that they want and then play a game where you basically flip the puck out of the zone and get defensive position, try and slow them down. So because of that, I don't think we've had a lot of pushing and shoving back and forth. That makes it for me. I enjoy that. I think it makes a series, you know, a lot of fun as it moves forward. Not more storylines, but this one here is it's interesting. It's it starts great guns for Colorado to get back to Tampa.

They start to write a little bit of a story, but it's not enough. And it usually means the better team is about to win. Yeah, I mean, that's the way it looks to me. And again, I mean, I could recognize that the 18 skaters the Colorado puts out there just better. It's as as good a skating blue line as I can recall in the NHL. I mean, because, you know, as great as Kale McCar is and I'm not taking anything away. Devin Taves playing next to him a lot is an elite skater and they don't even have Samuel Gerard, who is also a great skater.

I'll be a little bit more diminutive. They have just created a great mix and they can all really skate on the blue line. And they can skate enough to kind of hide the fact that Jack Johnson still back there.

Yeah, yeah, there's no there's no no question about that. And most of the season Curtis McDermott, who's not in their line and most of the season he was playing defense and and he's really a swing guy tough guy. He's not a very good defenseman.

As a matter of fact, the Kraken drafted him in the expansion draft the next day traded him to Colorado, but he's role player. He's got he has toughness and he can play some forward too. But so they basically played with five defenseman all year and and three or four of the most mobile defenseman you'll find in one guy that's completely off the charts in the car. So a lot of teams chase that a lot of teams will it's hard to find that number of personnel that can play the game like that from that position.

That's today's game. That's what everybody looks for those guys who can defend but but can also push the game possess the puck and that's what today's game is all about at one point John Forslund, Colorado was six for 12 on the power play in this series. I mean as great as Vasilevskiy is as great as Tampa is especially on the back end. Although had been was in the box for one of those penalties with McDonough and Surgichev and Chernak and they're the way that they can skate and defend.

I mean, it's it's really hard to fathom that anybody could be six for 12 color. Is this hot or is this when you get to this point? There's just an extra intensity that cranks up and you probably should be about that. If you've got the skill level of Colorado. Well, if you have that you're right if you have that skill level you that's where you should be if you're if you're you're clicking and you understand instinctively where everybody is supposed to be and make these pass the passes that are just zinged across the ice. I mean, they're cross seaming back and forth before Tampa Bay even realizes where the puck is and it's only because of the quick hands of McKinnon. Yes, you know, he can be like Ovechkin on that weak side or Stamkos and have that mighty one-timer, but those two players don't have the quick hands that McKinnon has and they the stopping and starting and the maneuverability has on his skates.

It's absolutely incredible. And then the other flank you have Ranton and who's as good a passer as Kucharoff if not better. I mean Ranton is one of the best passers in the National Hockey League doesn't get enough credit for that at the top of it. You have Makar who can distribute and defer both ways with with lightning hands to and blocks the line better than anybody and can find the shooting angle and the shooting lane to get through and then you have Landis gog in front of the goal who is great at it. He's also great goal line guys. So yeah, they have elite personnel and and so because of that right now with all that confidence, it's impossible to stop is the key though for Colorado as great as their top line guys are now cadres back.

We've only seen one game of cadre, but he'd be part of this anyway cadre nakushkin Lekkonen who has been great since coming over from Montreal. Isn't that sort of the the difference between these two teams in terms of the skaters to me was that Colorado was getting great performances out of second third line guys and for Tampa it had basically been just the top guys carrying them. Yes, and and and the thing about the Avalanche over the last three years is they've arguably had the best line in the game with McKinnon Landis gog and ran to the right. And what they've been able to do is say, well, we've got a great thing going here much like Boston and other teams that have a elite top line to the point where they, you know, get put a name on it right that type of line that's together for a long time. It's hard to break them up. But what Colorado and the management figured out is you have to break them up.

You have to figure out a way now some of it has to do with with injury, but by and large, they were able to stockpile at the deadline. Get a swing guy like Lekkonen who's an unbelievable player. We talked about him the last time I was with you. He's just amazing. He can play with anybody all four lines and perform a role no matter whatever role you give him. He performs it at a very very high level clutch player is indicative by his two overtime winners and a great pass the cadre last night.

So, you know, you look at all these different things. They have balance now they can move the three big guys around and they're stronger because of it and during the regular season cadre had a MVP tick type season. So he's about to get paid by somebody. So I mean, this is one of the great one of the great teams and they'll mark time. They saw the game to play. They still have to win it. I understand all that, but I'm really convinced they will and then we'll see how far they can take it because they're kind of poised for it at some point. They're going to have to pay Nathan McKinnon. He's the best the best bargain along with Jacob Slavin anybody in the game right now, but that's the way it is. Yeah McKinnon agreed to his long deal before he became this version of Nathan McKinnon.

He was always just kind of a vision of what could be now he is and he is just an incredible player to watch but they've got a lot of them. John Forslund, I appreciate your time. I don't feel like we're going to have any more games after Friday, but we'll have to figure out a way to talk anyway.

We'll figure something out, right? We have to absolutely thank you very much. Enjoy. Enjoy vacation.

Yes, I will have a great weekend. John Forslund on Twitter, John Forslund if you want to just hit him up and tell him tell him hockey things. This is the Adam Gold show. June 19, 2006, but it all started May 6, 1997 with the announcement that the Hartford Whalers were coming to North Carolina. It's a story of transition of heartbreak of figuring it out on the fly. The Canes Corner look at the 25th anniversary of the move presented by the Aluminum Company of North Carolina. Listen now find Canes 25th anniversary wherever you get your podcast.
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