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REShow: Jason Garrett - Hour 1

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June 23, 2022 3:25 pm

REShow: Jason Garrett - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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June 23, 2022 3:25 pm

Rich weighs in on the controversial overtime goal that gave the Colorado Avalanche a commanding 3-1 series lead over the 2-time defending champion Tampa Bay Lightning in the Stanley Cup Final. 

Rich reacts to PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan’s latest comments about competing with the upstart Saudi-backed LIV Tour, and wonders if Phil Mickelson has blown his chance at a successful post-playing career as a TV broadcaster.

NBC Sports’ Jason Garrett tells Rich what it’s like going from the coaching sideline to the broadcast chair, offers up his advice for current Dallas Cowboys Head Coach Mike McCarthy and says what it’s like to work for Jerry Jones who he says is unfairly portrayed as a meddling owner. 

Rich recounts the top moments from the week in sports and marvels at the Ruthian exploits of Angels slugger/ace Shohei Ohtani.

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Everybody can change. It's the name Rudy. Rudy.

Right off the bat. Today's guests. Former Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett. Two-time World Series Champion David Wells. Plus Bucks running back Leonard Fournette. And now it's Rich Eisen.

All right everybody. Welcome this edition of the Rich Eisen Show. Live on NBC Sports on Peacock Sirius XM Channel 85.

NBC Sports Audio. Great to chat with everybody listening on the Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio network. Wherever you can get our show.

On Odyssey. On our podcast platform as well. We appreciate one and all. slash Rich Eisen Show for anybody who may miss anything. Christopher Brockman. How are you over there sir? Richard Eisen. I am great. Okay and Jay Felly.

Jason Feller. Good to see you over there sir. Richard. Good day. Good to see you.

TJ Jefferson. How are you? I am fantastic.

Oh well I'm glad to hear all that. The candle is lit. This is a wonderful day in our neighborhood. We got ourselves no fewer than three guests. We've got our first guest joining us in 18 minutes time. Joining us in advance of the USFL playoffs. That he is going to help call on NBC and also on Peacock. Your former coach Jason Garrett will be joining us on this program. Nothing but love for coach Garrett. And if you've got Jason Garrett on one end of things. A Princeton grad. A man who is as straight and arrow as you potentially can get. One might think the opposite end of that spectrum will be David Boomer-Wells and he'll be joining us on this program as well.

In advance of something else you'll be seeing it on NBC and Peacock and everyone else. You don't think Boomer could have got into Princeton? I don't know. I mean he could drive his car onto campus I guess so. They do give out athletic scholarships. They don't. No they don't. Okay so he probably doesn't do that.

Yeah you're right he couldn't have. And Leonard Fournette is going to join this program. I can't wait to ask him about that text exchange that he said he had with Tom Brady when Fournette was going on his free agency tour up in New England and Brady texted him what the hell are you doing up there?

What is this? What's your ass doing up there? Is that what he said?

Right? So you think Leonard immediately puckered up? I was like I need to get to Logan airport. Let me get back to Logan. Who told Tommy?

He's on this show in hour number three of this program. NBA draft is tonight. Controversy in the Stanley Cup final as the Colorado Avalanche win in overtime and take a three games to one lead. So the Tampa Bay Lightning two-time defending Stanley Cup champs need to win three in a row to maintain control of Lord Stanley's Cup and the controversy was the game winner scored in overtime last night. Nazem Kadri hops off of the bench. Nathan McKinnon takes his sweet time getting back to the bench and sure enough when the overtime game winner, the lamp lit by Kadri, McKinnon sure looked like he was still on the ice.

And there's a reason for that Rich. He was still on the ice and all four officials none of them whistle for too many men on the ice. Goal stands and the lightning are pissed and you know it you take a look at it and by the letter of the law yes and you could see all the hockey fans go back and forth on Twitter and everywhere else on social media saying that you know they're just changing on the fly. You could see that there are people saying just by the letter of the law the lightning were in the right to be upset and then you take a look at some other game winners that the lightning themselves have scored in previous playoff games and playoff seasons past and they had seven men on the ice including their goalie and don't you isn't this something that could be called literally every line change? I feel like for me this is kind of like the holding of hockey you know it could be called on every single holding on every play and every line change I feel like you know the guys don't aren't exactly hustling to the bench Jay you play hockey like this is something that just happens you've done that hockey right as they say in hockey let's do that hockey you've done the hockey yeah that's that's how we learn you minute on minute off it's changing on the fly part of the game and the reason why it's not reviewable is because it's a judgment call as to whether somebody is too far away from the bench when the line change has already been completed trying to get back or somebody who might be trying to get back and maybe on the way to get back kind of pinch in at the blue line depending on the geography of where their bench is and where the puck is that's how it works lucky break you hop off oh hey break away I'm gone that's just part of the game so the lightning are they were also by the way oh out shot 11 to 3 in the overtime period so you got to play better than the ref's ref in a way and that's my take you could basically call I mean if this was the NFL if the NFL rules applied where you could review too many men on the field and if you still have a toe on the field when the ball is snapped right and it doesn't matter how far away from the play you are and you're not getting off on time and that's why it's reviewable if you took that standard and said you could review every single line change and everybody who's coming off the ice must be off the ice in prior to somebody entering the ice prior to somebody entering the ice and getting on the on the ice to start playing on the ice that would be an entirely different game that's just that's not hockey then the rule is five feet from the bench and you know no you can kind of guess what five feet looks like and are you four feet did it have any bearing on the play probably not well i mean lightning fans would say it had all the bearing on the play because the guy who came on the ice while mckinnon was ambling off scored the game winner i think that's what makes it that much more difficult to swallow right i mean but can you imagine if they did enforce that you would have guys diving over the bench every time it would just be mayhem every time right it'd be craziness so that's uh the latest in the stanley cup final while we were going off the air yesterday uh at the travelers in uh cromwell connecticut where i used to i used to ply my craft professionally um jay monahan the the commissioner of the pga tour had a press conference as the live tour is off this week once again they're they're back on next week the big story this week is that brooks kepka is about to leave the pga tour and join his brother on the live tour and that's one more major championship winner and big time star and huge name that's now coming off the pga tour board and is accepting the live money to go play on that tour that i essentially called an exhibition tour earlier this week and the whole concept of growing the game of golf i don't know how this grows the game of golf it grows the wallets of golf that's for sure that's what it does but what it does is it just takes away from the current construct of the pga tour and add it to another tour that has zero history and an odd way of playing 54 holes and no cut things of that nature this is what jay monahan uh had to say yesterday and i kind of all right well we'll talk about it on the other side let me be clear i am not naive if this is an arms race and if the only weapons here are dollar bills the pga tour can't compete the pga tour an american institution can't compete with a foreign monarchy that is spending billions of dollars in an attempt to buy the game of golf we welcome good healthy competition the live saudi golf league is not that it's an irrational threat one not concerned with the return on investment or true growth of the game and interesting enough while he spoke live golf took that moment to tweet out that brooks kapka had indeed left the pga tour so the pr fight is afoot and he's right man this is not a rational approach at all if you can take the approach that you do things to turn a profit you know if you do things to actually run a business then this is irrational this is not any type of um one would say conventional warfare this is this is you can't like look nobody can compete in any business any business if you are running a business and you're trying to run a business and somebody comes in with more money than you and doesn't care if they lose it because the idea is to just have the business so your other business ventures are potentially more palatable to join and partner up with if that's if that's what the saudis are attempting to do and the live golf tour folks are absolutely in on all of that because they want to do it on all of that because they want to just make folks like j monahan uncomfortable and potentially less viable in the world now i think that's already a if i may use a phrase mission accomplished banner should be hung there although this one is truly a mission that has been accomplished no doubt about it and certainly um the pga tour is doing whatever they can because they announced yesterday as well the actual number is 45 million dollars in what's being called incremental purse that's a great purse incremental purse can i get some of that uh i'll look into that incremental purse thank you thank you in small genesis invitational just up the road from here the arnold palmer invitational the world golf challenge dell technologies match play in the memorial so jack and arnie's tournaments will go from a total purse of 20 million to 12 million to 20 million the century tournament of champions goes from 8.2 to 15 in the players championship now has got a purse of 25 million and a fedex saint jude invitational and bw championship are going to jump to 20 million and for all the players who go in that you know great and for the fans you know what does that mean for us well it means the hot dog will now cost 25 when you go to these events i guess and also if you want to watch these events and see the best stars in it this will help keep them there yeah it's no money out of your pocket i guess unless you're going to these events um it's it's the partners as monahan said one of the things we've heard over the last several months from our sponsors is please tell us what we can do to help monna is like okay dig deeper let's get the purses up let's go maybe that might keep a player from accepting the the saudi money potentially here's the thing that i thought of the other day about phil here's what i thought of the other day about phil is what a shame of what's become of of a guy who just had nothing but smiles and you know he had those big old sunglasses aviators on thumbs up and everybody as he's winning a championship last year in that pandemic year which we're still in i guess i should stop referring to past years as pandemic years we're still in it but i mean just seeing him the gregarious phil the happy-go-lucky phil that might not be the real phil who knows but we as fans and and and him at the match with brady and rogers and deshambo we came on the air here the day after and i'm like what a career he will have as a broadcaster so he would make he makes you smarter he knew he knew how to move the event along he knew how to keep it going he knew how to chop it up with the guys but also knowing that there is a listening and viewing audience at home who would love to get in on what they're talking about he let us in he was wired up he was coaching him up he was also getting in their grill he made it a far more entertaining product and i thought to myself when he's done playing or he's beginning to do finish playing he should go on a tower i said that this week sir nick faldo said he's retiring from broadcasting after 16 years at cbs meaning there's gonna be a seat next to nance and i thought to myself that should that should that could have been phil's if you wanted obviously who knows if he wants to do that it is a grind but if he's willing to go on the tour and play or he was not a big fan of the tour and he didn't want to give them his name and full faith and credit and brand and lend it to it i i know broadcasting for the pga pga broadcasting pga tour events for a major broadcasting network might not be his cup of tea either but he could have been sitting in this tower next to nance for 16 years himself if he wanted to his mid-60s however long he wants to do it that's that's gone poof out the door what a career he could have had post playing and and now i guess he's making his money on the live tour and we'll see how popular this becomes i proffer to say once football returns this conversation about liv versus pga and pga versus lift it's going to take a backseat until maybe next year we'll see how it plays out if anybody's going to go seek it out online can't wait to see how these guys do at the next event 54 hole shotgun start something like that the curiosity factor the rubbernecking factor that maybe somebody winds up shooting a 60 and you want to see it like what the hell happened right there oh deshambo is in the final group with patrick reed or kepko is in the final group with phil who had a great weekend i mean you're going to start to tune into that sort of thing will you won't you after a while i think this whole live versus pga tour thing it's going to burn out and phil's going to look around and now what his bank account may be back to dormie from what you read her about or better than that and that's his own personal life but i just thought to myself he should be he should what a career in broadcasting he could have had and the seats open the seats open right now with the seats open i don't know who cbs is going to fill it with that's what i thought like uh trevor emerman is taking over next year there you go i had no idea masters champ okay i'm sure nancel and him will be a terrific listen and because nancel nance makes everybody look great doing the match broadcast and he's been great i've enjoyed his it's terrific but what phil would have been just the guy i mean we would have been listening to him for uh ever in a day making it smarter being funny talking about when i was here when i was there when i did this when i did that you know having a an immense vast library of experience from which to tap just like brady's gonna have yeah coming up in uh whenever he's done we'll talk to leonard fornett in 2028 yeah right maybe so i don't know i don't know but i don't know right maybe so i don't know i don't know but again i'm not to belabor it i i just thought that would have been phil's seat could have been phil's seat don't know if cbs wanted him and fills in that seat don't know if he wanted that seat but that's the next step he could have done played a few tournaments i don't know how he would have you know called it what what was happening when faldo was playing the masters he play earlier in the morning and then he took to the booth later on in the day i mean i guess cbs could have dealt with something like that at augusta national but not anymore that birdie if you will has flown let's take a break right here on the rich isin show jason garrett baby let's talk some ball the nfc west is tj jefferson's best player in the history of the franchise uh looksy uh we're gonna have a what's more likely today here on a thursday edition lots of nfl on the brain today jason garrett now of nbc nbc when we come back 844-204 rich number to dial here on the uh on the rich isin show he is on the mercedes ben's vans phone line he's one of my favorite people that i've gotten to meet come across in the national football league he is now part of nbc sports will be part of football night in america starting this fall but coming up uh this very saturday in primetime eight eastern time on the field of the hall of fame game that's normally played in the national football league at the tom benson hall of fame stadium in canton ohio eight eastern on nbc and peacock it's going to be the usfl playoffs the birmingham stallions against the new orleans breakers in the south division final in primetime jack collinsworth on the call with jason garrett here on the rich isin show how you doing jason i'm doing fantastic bitch uh-oh that's good to chat it's good to chat with you absolutely fine uh but your your phone is cutting it out are you on a cell phone right now jason i actually am the killing it is it is we're gonna we're gonna tap out and uh and call you right back in a second right here uh on the rich side again it's all right yeah and then we'll and then we'll just start again there you go that's uh pop them back on hold there and let's see what's going on right here on uh on the rich there he goes there he goes coach i was sharing and then all of a sudden i just wanted to get to him on time and and the uh the phone crapped out right there here's what we're gonna do i'm gonna blame adam for that you know adam said that works he was fine when he talked to him fine when i talked to him oh smh so he's shaking his head back there yeah he's like come on man okay coach is making me look bad tell him not to move around that's what i said that's my note to adam to tell coach garrett how do you i was gonna say that was policy about is it really don't move right stay in one spot just can you stay in one spot stay in one position there i mean that's a thing move around the signal changes we don't know where he is it could be anywhere well i think he might be in canton ohio already he could be with del tufo right now oh that's right mike is doing that game that's where he is mike is there we should text el tufo tell him to go find coach through their first class i think he might be calling in from the old landline right now i don't know let me see i because i have his number let's see if it matches i think it's the same oh is it really yeah just don't move just don't move we're checking on jason garrett this is called content everybody i have a different number for him maybe did he change his number didn't let me know who dis all right uh eight four four two oh four rich is the number to dial here on the program later on uh david wells will be joining us and uh i'm hoping a much better uh phone line in advance of promoting also something on nbc and then uh leonard fornett will be joining us on the program fresh off of another big season for him in tampa florida we've spoken him when he was on the jacksonville jaguars uh isn't uh one of his favorite times in his life a little different you know for lenny a little different situation uh let's go to uh let's go to our phone lines and the ones that are actually working nathan in los angeles let's take his call right here on the program what's up nathan hey rich great to talk to you right back at you thanks for calling in i'm happy to get to uh fill in and talk about tony syragoza the man we lost yesterday horrible 855 is that how old he was he was 55 yeah oh my goodness i i was sharing on dan patrick so today i called him a hall of fame personality and i wanted to get your thoughts on that on him and who else you might include in a hall of fame personality you know shannon sharp is a hall of fame personality probably john randal's a hall of fame personality tony syragoza definitely belongs on list but i'd love to get your thoughts on him and just the idea yeah man i i mean i i met him like once and he was and thanks for the call nathan he was larger than life he was um he was exactly who you saw on television and you know uh anybody was on that team that i've gotten to know rod woodson ed reed um also um oh ed i think came the year after they won that super bowl but um ray lewis will tell you that syragoza up front was a major part of what they were doing that what syragoza did up front sam adams remember him too big huge body um huge helped keep help keep people off of ray you know and then place the pressure that allowed the back end of the defense to to lock down and and work together with the front but goose doing it and then him being podium worthy for the super bowl and so on and so forth was a major reason why they won part of one of the greatest defenses of all time you can make the case that the 2000 ravens along with the 85 bears greatest defenses to ever win a super bowl and you have to obviously give a tip of the cap and a mention to the championship years of the pittsburgh steelers as well of the steel curtain years and then syragoza if you remember when fox hired him they put him on the field yeah again the end zone in the end zone he was always just standing there you know right underneath the goal post and giving his opinions during the game from from the field and it worked it worked it was awesome yeah it worked so funny it worked it in in a way that the booger on the cart did not but it's so rare to have somebody who's part of the broadcast position on the field providing analysis and i never asked anybody from fox as to why they did that or syragoosa if he came up with that idea but i think it was right it wasn't a goose and moose together goose and moose yeah they're on the same call with dick stockton dick stockton right and syragoosa would chime in from the field from his position underneath the goal post and he always had some hilarious he was yeah and it was always it worked it just again it worked in a way that that i don't think have we seen anybody else attempt to do that other than i know the booger on the cart was was something yeah but um at any rate i don't think so yeah maybe tony syragoosa rest in peace right terrible loss part of his story his father died really young i think he was 48 of a heart attack as well and it's something that goose always kind of worried about and big guy larger than life personality as nathan said and definitely gonna be a rough day for the ravens family uh yes yeah horrible day yeah may he may he rest in peace uh by the way some major college football news just broke major major college football news just broke that the long time recruiting of arch manning you know the nephew of payton and eli the son of cooper manning or copper as he's referred to in that family uh grandson of archy manning arch manning whose high school games in new orleans have made it all over the place on social media i believe his game a couple of his games made it on nationally television national television as well and did an old miss kind of paint the names in the end zone and they did all sorts of things to try and get his attention and his people were showing up after the football season to arch manning's basketball game right like lane kiffin and all these guys would show up to his basketball nick saben right crazy well the winner is steve sarkeesian in the university of texas wow texas is getting arch manning old miss lsu georgia like just named the sec powerhouse we're in the running for arch and texas he goes to ut gets the win they've got to be over the moon about that he's going to be the hot he's going to make more in nil than any player ever probably right before he's the number one draft pick in 2026 well he is absolutely the apple of the burnt orange eye right now no question about it what a huge development that is in the world of college football where texas has been struggling for so long and now a uh a savior in the form of arch manning is showing up to the university of texas and this will reshape many ways potentially what goes down in the sec and make them as we know texas and oklahoma are now joining the sec so it's going to be wild just in time wow wow what a coup for texas man all right so joining us on the program on the mercedes-benz vans phone line is jason garrett you there jason i am here it's like you're sitting next to me i felt like that was amateur hour on my end i apologize yeah i mean you know what is that is that a broadcasting rookie mistake to just hop on your cell phone and do stuff like that i mean that could be that jason yeah i think no i think so i'm not that seasoned veteran that you are you know what uh jason i can just i can help with that sort of stuff from now uh from now on for you congratulations on uh on that gig with nbc congrats yeah really excited about it rich um i had the opportunity to do these usfl games all spring with the with the crew from nbc and i just can't tell you how impressed i am with everybody at nbc it's it's been an incredible experience right from the get-go and have the opportunity to continue that this fall is really exciting for me and so uh what what what is your plan this fall what exactly are you going to be doing with nbc this fall i think i know but i'll just let you you know reveal what you got i'm going to be part i'm going to be part of the sunday night uh show football night in america uh with coach dungey and maria taylor and chris simms and and the whole crew that they have up there and uh again it's an extension of the work i i've done in the usfl and uh you know i've gotten to know those guys really well through the years because you know with the cowboys we were always playing you know three sunday night games so that they became uh you know friends of mine and uh just have the opportunity to work with them again both in the usfl and now in the fall is exciting i know and you've got three uh cowboys sunday night football games already on the docket you know how things can get flexed around as well and flexed into right off the bat dallas and tampa and and so you know obviously you are going to be asked to uh be uh analytical um and sometimes critical uh of the dallas cowboys or uh anybody that you may know and appreciate certainly the giants organization as well uh what is your take on what the cowboys have done this off season my opinion is that they've they haven't taken a step forward they've taken a step back what are your thoughts on the subject matter jason well first of all they had an awfully good year last year and you know they didn't get the job done uh against san francisco on the playoff game and uh so the starting point is probably it's a really good football team and i know many of those guys uh you know we drafted many of them and i know the kind of i know the kind of men they have in that locker room and the leaders they have in that locker room and there's no doubt my mind that they're going to respond the right way uh you know one of the things that uh that's been really impressive to me about the organization and that team is you know they've continued the you know the off-season program the work ethic that that has been such a big part of that program you know this past year you hear stories about everybody being there 100 attendance all throughout the off-season program and again i know tyron smith sack martin dak press god z kelly you know all those guys that they have have been the cornerstone players on that team so they'll respond the right way the business of football is challenging as we all know you get these you know these big-time players they have opportunity to go elsewhere and free agency and hard to keep everybody sometimes people will look at that and say hey boy they'll does this math exodus i don't know about that i know they got a lot of really good cornerstone players there have been great players for a long time and they're excited about the young players they have so i wouldn't bet against this team so what what advice would you give mike mccarthy i know he's got a trophy in the case he's been around quite a bit um and and has his own frame of reference but dan quinn is sitting there defensive coordinator and jerry's already even said publicly like so many defensive coordinators and offensive coordinators stick around because they know they have a shot at the job eventually using your name even in that sound bite to to prove a point that's why dan quinn stuck around and mccarthy still has the job you know even though a vote of confidence was just given by jerry moments uh a couple days ago because of sean payton's name so what advice would you give mike mccarthy jason garrett having been in that position yourself for as long as you were well i think the biggest thing for any for any head coach and really for any player in the nfl is really just focused on yourself on what you need to do to be your best and i know that's a cliche and everyone thinks that vaughn it's coach speak and all of that but it's so true and it's so true certainly in a place like dallas uh there's a there's a lot of there's a lot of people who make their living speculating about things and digging things up and stirring things up that's just the world that we live in you know the days of walter kronkite telling the news as it is you know six o'clock every every weekday evening those are long gone it's 24 hour news cycles and and and we're trying to stir the pot and so when you're in those roles you have to just really focus on what you need to do to be your best and this is a theme that we tried to use with all of our players through the years you know players getting into twitter wars and all of this kind of stuff it's like hey let's just lock in on what we need to do each day to be our best and and when you're preaching that message to your team sometimes you got to preach it to yourself and you got to say hey everything i'm trying to share with these guys to help them individually be their best to help our team be its best you know sometimes you got to say hey i i gotta remind myself of those things and and not that you think about a lot but you're asked about it a lot and so you just got a lock in and say hey there's what i need to do to be my best today mike obviously is a fantastic coach has been for a long time he understands the importance of doing that and uh and i think they have a really good team and they obviously have a really good head coach and a lot of good players and they got a chance to be a good team this year what is it like to be in a meeting with jerry jones after a loss jason what is that like oh he jerry jones is he's a fascinating guy yes he is you don't have the success that he's had throughout his life and really everything he's touched uh he has amazing uh amazing abilities he has amazing wisdom and intelligence about so many different topics and uh you know i would say uh he was incredible uh after losses he was incredible uh you know when times were tough uh his support for coaches and for players and you know when the football part of it was tough for things in your individual life were challenging their depth and those kinds of things i mean he was incredible and i and i i saw the examples through the years when i was playing there when i was coaching there when things like that happened for me you know i felt it personally so um you know there's there's a perception about jerry jones and i think some of it from the outside might be accurate uh but there are a lot of stuff uh he's portrayed in a certain way uh that that i simply don't agree with and uh i'm very fortunate to have the opportunity to have played uh for him and to coach for him for many years and uh he's really made my life better so i got nothing but great things to say about jerry jones no and i'm not i'm not and i'm not fishing for you to say something negative about him jason and just so i can stipulate that you know it's just it is a fascinating well you said he's incredible and he is fascinating it just is the general sense in dallas that after all this time that he'll put his finger in the pot in a way that he should not uh that might run detrimental to the to the ultimate success of this team and that's that's that's what i'm trying to you know dive into here having you having had all that time with him you know yeah he was always so supportive he always wanted to do what was necessary to win and and i always felt like i didn't do a good enough job communicating you know what we needed to do if there was a decision made that was against some of the things that i wanted to do whether it was hiring someone or drafting someone or signing someone or making making a decision about personnel or how we're doing things and uh to me it's the coach's job in any organization to create the vision for what you want the team and the program to be that's your job to lead and it's your job to lead upward to ownership to general managers and certainly lead to your coaches and your players and all the staff members who work with the team so anytime something didn't go in a direction that i felt like maybe we should have done it this way i always put it back on myself to say clearly i didn't communicate that well enough i did make the argument the the argument well enough to to get the decision or the outcome that we wanted uh it's a very collaborative organization there's a lot of people you have a lot of conversations about the decisions you want to make ultimately jerry is the owner general manager he makes the decisions he's the one who drafts the player but but i always felt like when we did a good job when i did a good job communicating the vision communicating the reason why we wanted this particular guy and we created consensus throughout the organization that's when we did our best work and uh and anytime we fell short of that i put it back on myself for not doing my job well enough jason garrett here on the rich isin show calling in from canton ohio tom benson hall of fame stadium where the new orleans breakers and the birmingham stallions will battle in the south division final in the inaugural usfl playoffs that you can see on uh saturday 8 eastern time on nbc and peacock um i i wish you good luck on that uh jason and uh let's let's chat down the line i always love uh running into you whenever i do um and uh and certainly this is one of them i really appreciate it jason rich always enjoy it man keep up the great work right back at you i look forward to the call with you and uh jack collinsworth coming up on this weekend hey we got birmingham stallions new orleans breakers are you kidding me let's go let's go it's football it's football it's just i i can't wait for the whole season to start and then again to see you on football night in america maria taylor tony dungey chris simpson you we'll chat again soon hopefully jason you'll be well thanks man take care there's one and only jason garrett here on the program you're the cowboy fan what'd you think of the interviewer him in general i mean dude of what he just had to say there you know he um it's hard man you know because a lot of times as a cowboy fan you get a lot of pushback towards coach garrett and i as i've told you guys i'm not one of those people i'm a big fan of the guy um i i agree with what he says about jerry though at some point jerry does great stuff but it sometimes yeah there's some things that you obviously shake your head at well here's the deal man is that he is um i think he i think what he just said is very rosy outlook i understand that and that he does know the men in the locker room and yeah so it's kind of hard for him to maybe right talk about them but but but uh when he said he was supportive after a loss and people like oh yeah he's full of it right there garrett like it's it's been a long time since the cowboys churned through hcs there they really they really they don't do that yeah they don't not on the similar obviously jimmy to switzer is one thing but after switzer left there was a churning of coaches that stopped with garrett well it stopped with wade to be honest with you yeah he stuck with wade way longer than cowboys fans thought he should have but he also stuck with jason and he did kind of longer than maybe people thought and now he's doing it with mccarthy at this point in time like they do make a decision at the coaching spot and then don't revisit it that often take a break 844-204-rich number to dial here on the rich isin show don't go anywhere we're back with more in a moment 844-204-rich number to dial here on the program the callaway rogue st drivers i've been telling you about you need to check them out and you need to grab them and you need to bomb it off the tee because that's what these sticks are built to completely do bomb it speed tune to be callaway's fastest most stable driver ever every rogue st that's the speed tune engineered with a new tungsten speed cartridge gives you more speed on off-center hits provides more forgiveness thanks to high moi but that's just the beginning callaway's engineered a rogue st for every player i fit into the max it's an incredible combination of distance and forgiveness if you want more shot shape correction there's a dedicated draw model the max is the best dedicated draw model the max d the max ls stronger trajectory with a more neutral ball flight if you're a true player the rogue st triple diamond ls that's the compact low spin head tour players love callaway's thought through every aspect of speed so all you've got to do is go rogue find your rogue st driver at callaway slash go rogue okay every now and then i got to bomb this show and and and do this because you know if this guy was doing it for my team or your team in new york city tj or if he's doing it for your team up there in boston chris or uh with all due respect to our friends down in orange county uh if he was doing it in chavez ravine if he was doing it for st louis if he was doing it for the cubs this is all we would be talking about shoyo tani he plies his craft for the los angeles angels and once again under the cloak of the pacific time zone and yet another angel season that just appears to be thrown into the shrug emoji category of like what what gives with this team that has the most potentially arguably generationally talented player of this generation and mike trout on it and now shoyo tani doing things that not even babe ruth did not even babe ruth did and he's doing things that only babe ruth did and he's doing things that not even babe ruth did this week a two home run game in a career high eight runs batted in against the royals two homers eight runs batted in angels lose the game that's part of the reason why we're not talking enough about him next night next night he starts he retires 23 of the first 24 batters he faces throws eight scoreless and strikes out a career high 13 so a career high eight runs batted in on a two homer game one night the next night let me repeat this the next night the next night the next night the next night not a week later one sleep later just went to bed got up came to the ballpark he takes the mound as a starting pitcher retires 23 of the first 24 professional batters he faces and strikes out a career high 13 there's no words for it except exceptional unprecedented spectacular damn i mean let's dig into the crater and he's got a deep bag of pitches he's not like what one one note guy out there curveball you know i mean it's just he's just it's insane what he's doing no oh the angels won that game but that's the this is exactly is this the most angels thing ever that trout's back and otani's doing it now and they're protecting each other in the lineup in in certain ways although it's otani in front of trout most nights and rendon is out for the year so you spend a ton of money on him and he's not he's not doing well and i mean i mean he's and he's out for the year and the team itself started out like an ice house of fire a 14 game losing streak in which joe madden gets fired and otani comes up with eight runs batted in on a two homer night as a hitter one night and then a starter the next night with 13 strikeouts and they split the games 500 average mediocre except unprecedented i don't know how you make heads or tails of it it's it's wild let me ask you this yes sir okay one of the most impressive things maybe the most impressive thing in all of baseball's history 150 years right johnny vandamere back-to-back no hitter yes sir in back-to-back starts yes okay well we probably will never see that again in our lifetime i agree is what otani just did the last two games more impressive to you back-to-back no hitters that is but on back-to-back nights where i'm gonna grab a bat yeah i'm gonna grab a bat two bombs and knock in eight and then come back the next night the next day cool i'm gonna go on the mound and dominate strikeout 13 career high strike i mean well my rbi's two nights ago career i strike out the next thing only one other player i feel like this is like dps stat of the day old gen stat right now oh yeah do you have old gen stats you got it okay yes sir okay here we go i think i think stats i haven't heard this in forever we used to do this all the time we gotta get back to it we gotta get back to it only one other player in the history of major league baseball has had an eight rbi game and a 10 strikeout game in their career oh i know i think in their career like their entire playing career not back-to-back nights just give themselves an entire lifetime of professional baseball play i don't think you'll know who it is yeah i mean babe ruth's the only thing that comes to mind tony tony kloninger oh yeah that's right tony kloninger who's my next guest oh yeah yeah that's it it's so impressive here's a question for you guys does otani stay with the angels oh boy no no and that's the whole deal about otani is i think he does yeah i think the success is born out of the fact that he doesn't have a microphone in his face every two seconds like he would in new york or boston he's only making 5.5 million oh that's gonna change that'll change yeah he's arbitration next year just a free agent in 24 meanwhile judge and the yankees are still slated for arbitration tomorrow i don't know don't get me started thank goodness there's a hard out in six seconds our number two coming up you can keep talking through the break though for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson too all-time hogan opponents macho man's got to be in the conversation where's andre for you i've always said andre was number one wow because even going back before you know hulk hogan was a babyface hulk and andre were able to go in and headline at the new orleans superdome at shay stadium in japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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