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Carolina Panthers offseason improvements

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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June 21, 2022 3:28 pm

Carolina Panthers offseason improvements

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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June 21, 2022 3:28 pm

Joe Person of the Athletic joined the show to discuss the Carolina Panthers and their offseason, including what young players will need to step up this season, including Terrace Marshall Jr.

Also, a discussion about Stanley Cup Finals Game 3 that saw the Tampa Bay Lightning take down the Colorado Avalanche to get their first win of the series. Adam and Dennis criticize ESPN's hockey coverage so far.

Plus, halftime entertainment which includes the latest on the legalization of sports betting in North Carolina, Bally Sports launching a streaming service, Stranger Things Season 4, and Star Wars.

And, sports betting picks by Adam and Dennis.

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This is the best of the Adam Gold Show Podcast brought to you by Coach Pete at Capital Financial Advisory Group.

Visit us at This is the Adam Gold Show. Dennis tweets it out before the show. I retweet it. I may or may not vote. Sometimes I do, sometimes I do not. What should we talk about at one o'clock?

So 919-860-5326, if you want to hit on any of these issues. Brooks Koepka, 30%. Kyrie Irving, nobody cares. Stanley Cup Finals Game 3, the big winner, 48%. NBA Draft, we're going to talk NBA Draft later. NBA Draft, of course, is Thursday night. So let's get to Stanley Cup Finals Game 3 and if you want to chime in on these or any other issue, now's your chance.

919-860-5326. Let's do that hockey. Here's what puzzles me. It's almost as though the rights holder, ESPN, has not watched any hockey during the playoffs. Other than the Rangers? First of all, we just went through this with the Rangers and the Lightning.

The exact same thing. The Rangers outclassed the Lightning in New York taking a 2-0 series lead and they were treating the Lightning as though they were the dead animal left in the middle of the road. Just waiting for the wagon to come and scrape it off the tarmac and haul it into the woods. Game 3 Rangers Lightning series was 2-0 Rangers, middle of the second period. And they were still going, oh my gosh, it's going to end like this.

I'm like, what is wrong with you people? Lightning got one goal, ended up winning the game basically at the buzzer. It was just inside of a minute when Andre Palazzi scored off a feed from Nikita Kucherov. They win that game. They ended up winning four straight and won the series. So now the Avalanche, who admittedly might be the best team anyway, right?

They're legit great. I mean, they're top to bottom, their roster in terms of everybody but the goaltender. Their roster is better than Tampa's. Now it might not be heads and shoulders better and they are missing Nazem Kadri and Andre Barakovsky I don't believe played in Game 3. But the Lightning are also banged up.

No Braden point. And now they have other injuries. They've had guys who are playing hurt. But Nikita Kucherov and Nick Paul both got hurt during the game. Kucherov didn't finish the game.

Paul did. So they've each got issues health-wise. But we all understand that Colorado is great. And they might be the best team in the NHL and they've been building to this anyway. But they treated the Lightning as though, again, they were the dead animal. They were roadkill. Last night, they just don't look good. So was it a scoreless? It wasn't a scoreless first period. It was 1-1. 1-1. I forget what the score was after one.

No, it was 2-1. Colorado took a 1-0 lead in the power play goal and the Lightning scored twice to make it 2-1 after one. And they go, well, you know, Tampa hasn't been that good. They've got to play a lot better than this.

I'm like, what are you people watching? Yeah. Like, Colorado has basically been built on the power play, right? And that was their offense. I mean, they weren't terrible. But it was a relatively even first period. I thought Tampa was a little bit better. And still, these guys are like, well, Tampa's good.

I don't know if they have enough to do this. I'm like, you people did not watch the last series. And you had it. Exactly. That's the thing. They're all over the Rangers and how much they love them.

They just completely neglected the team that just spanked them at, you know, games 3 through 6. So, honestly, I believe, and I said this before this season, I saw that you jumped on the Lightning plus 4.50. I did.

4.50 to win the series. I did. And had I been, whoa, excuse me, I just beat up the microphone. Yeah. Had I been here, I would have done it too. Mm-hmm.

For the third time, I would have hammered the Lightning to win the series. Yeah. I've already got them at plus 1.60 and plus 2.10, or 2.15, I think. So, I've already got them at plus 3-something. So, I get it.

But I just don't understand. After, I mean, granted, they got crushed in Game 2. Absolutely destroyed in Game 2. It was 7-0. Yeah. But who cares? It's one game. Exactly. It's one game.

It doesn't matter. But they wrote them off like they were just like this scrub team that didn't belong there. They're like, no, they've won the cup twice in a row. Andrei Vasilevski's really struggled in the playoffs.

I'm like, once they were down. Yeah. Look, first of all, he did allow a bad goal in Game 1. Yeah.

Right? He allowed the second goal was a bad goal. The others really weren't his fault. The second goal in Game 1 was a bad goal. Like, I don't know what he was supposed to do. He was under siege. Yeah. In Game 2.

The team in front of him stunk. Okay. Like, he's a human being. Mm-hmm. Yeah, they all had a bad day. But guess what?

It's not a robot. It was one game. I thought to myself, okay, one bad game easily to move on from.

Because you can sit there and look and say, hey, guys, we played like crap. Let's step it up. We know what we got to do. Let's make these adjustments and go out there and play our game.

And let's just quit stinking out here. And that's all they had to do. And guess what? They win it 6-2. They chase Kemper.

Now I'm seeing writing of, well, it's Colorado. Like, what are they going to do in goal now? His goaltending is a big question mark now. Like, no, the dude just got a shutout in Game 2.

Yeah, he got chased in Game 3. But now that's the narrative we're going with? I'm not sure it was Darcy Kemper's fault either. It wasn't. It wasn't. Again, I don't want to slam ESPN here, but it's as though – you ever see the movie 50 First Dates? Oh, yeah.

Okay. That's my favorite Adam Sandler movie. It's a great one. I'm just not kidding. I love the premise of it.

And I get the feeling that ESPN is treating all of these hockey games like this is the first time we've ever seen the sport. That's a great comparison. Oh my gosh. Andrei Vasilevski. He's no good. Like, oh wait. Darcy Kemper's going to be the starting goaltender unless he's not healthy.

Now, I will say this. I don't think Kemper's great. He's their best option.

But he is their best option. Yeah. So, I think he'd have to be hurt. Now he was hurt. So maybe he's not 100%. Yeah. But he backed up in game – the last game of the Edmonton series, so he was ready to come back. At least if they had to draw back in. They've had two weeks off.

Right. My guess is that Darcy Kemper will be the goaltender. I just don't understand what ESPN is watching. And the whole crew. I mean, from Messier to Cellios to Levy, they are treating every game like this is the end of the earth.

I'll be surprised if we tune in tomorrow and they haven't written off Colorado. Yeah. I'll be surprised. Yeah. I agree.

Because they are teaching me how to behave. Uh-huh. I just don't get it.

I don't get it. These are two – I still think Colorado is probably the better team. I chose Tampa. I chose Tampa to win because I'm not sure the Rangers weren't also the better team. Tampa knows how to do this. Colorado hasn't yet figured it out. They might talent their way to winning a Stanley Cup. Uh-huh. And maybe that talent will teach them something. But I promise you this.

I mean, again, I could be wrong here and I wouldn't be that surprised. I think Tampa makes it really hard on Colorado's offense in Game 4. And all of a sudden, all the pressure is on the Avalanche in Game 5. Because you go back home and if you don't think Tampa can win at ball arena – by the way, those mason jars? That's what the ball arena is? Yeah.

Oh, those are great mason jars. Yeah. If you don't think Tampa can win there, you ain't paying attention. They can win anywhere because he's still the best goalie on earth under Vasilevski. And they still know how to shut it down better than any team in the league. So I believe that Tampa will ultimately win the Stanley Cup. But Colorado's got an awesome team. But I just wish ESPN knew what the hell they were watching.

It's just been disappointing. I don't want to blame individuals, although I guess I did cite three names. Yeah.

But they deserved it. Adam Gold in studio with my man Coach Pete DeRuder with the Capital Financial Advisory Group. We are talking retirement. Coach, let's say I have more than a million dollar balance in my 401k. Congratulations.

Thank you very much. How can that actually come back and bite me? Well, because – and this is a thing that we – it's a mirage.

You see mirages, I've written in the desert before, you see what's water ahead but it's not there. Well, your financial mirage is thinking that that total balance in your 401k or your IRA is yours. We have two people that want to get a hold of it, two uncles.

Uncle North Carolina and Uncle Sam. Right. Both of them are going to do some damage to that balance depending on what kind of other income you have. You could lose 40% of your value.

So if you're looking at a million dollar IRA, maybe it's only worth $600,000 to you. So how do we get around this? Well, you don't get around it because you end up in jail if you try to do that. But you can do tax planning to minimize the effect of taxation into the future. The tax train is coming, Adam. We need to make sure to minimize the effect of the derailment of our financial accounts. And for the next 10 people, we'll do it at no cost or obligation.

We'll put together your very own tax and retirement plan. 800-661-7383 or text ADAM to 21000 for Coach Pete DeRuta. Thrilled to be joined by the one and only, the North Carolina sports writer of the year who I might see on Monday, Joe Person of The Athletic. Are you going Monday? I am going Sunday and Monday, man. I'm ready to paint the town in Winston-Salem, buddy. I'll definitely see you Monday afternoon.

Joe Person is joining us at Joseph Person on Twitter. He's more formal that way. All right.

We just had the back to back OTAs and then minicamps. I never know which is which. They're all the same to me. But what what jumped out at you the most? And I think I know just from the first thing you wrote about on The Athletic the other day. But just what jumped out at you the most? Remind me, what did I write about the other day? Yes, sir.

You led with Terrace Marshall. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Okay. You write too much if you don't even remember.

No, no. Here's the thing. It was an interesting spring breakdown for the Panthers because the OTA, we kind of like, you know, I think those of us in the media or at least those of us who cover the league. Sort of get hyped up about the mandatory minicamp because it's mandatory and everyone's got to show up or they get fined. But the way rule structured at the OTA practices were really kind of more intense. I mean, as intense as you can get with, you know, shorts and helmets and not contact. And so and I was you know, we were out there one day a week for each of those OTA weeks as well. But as you saw or read that one minicamp came around there were like at least about a dozen or so of their most established players who got those three days off with, you know, and I think rules point of view was we did our hard work. Like I want to see what some of these younger guys can do that.

We might be counting on in year three under rule. And so that's why a guy like Terrace Marshall, who really did not get to show much of anything last year after being a big drafted in the second round. Oh, by the way, while LSU teammate Jim R. Chase became the NFL rookie, the offensive rookie of the year.

But Terrace had a very good spring. I mean, again, I hate to do it, but you almost attach a caveat to all this because there was nobody was getting tackled. So on the defense was only doing so much, but they need guys like him to step up. There were a couple guys in the secondary, you know, that that might be needed if John T. Jackson pulls a hamstring or JC horn has another injury. And those guys were Keith Taylor, who was a fifth round pick in 21 played a little bit as a rookie. And then the guy that really caught my eye in that same article you referred to, Chris Westry really didn't write about him.

All of OTA. He's only been here a couple of months. But man, in the last practice of minicamp, when they were in the stadium and they were doing red zone drills and hit, he's six foot four. So it's sort of easy to see a six foot four. And especially, man, like he's good, like that lank shows up big in the red zone when you're trying to lob up a ball in the corner of the end zone to Terrace Marshall, for instance. So those two guys among the young guys certainly caught my eye.

Joe Person from the Athletic is joining us here in the Adam Gold show. I think it was football outsiders that wrote this has got to be about a month ago now. You know, the area of your they just use your team that still concerns you and or that still should concern you. And they said for the Panthers, it was the interior of the offensive line.

My own feeling is that I think they have done a very good job of addressing that. And I'm not as concerned about that. My answer was, man, I'm concerned about the receiving corps, not just the wide receivers, because I'm not a Robbie Anderson fan. D.J. Moore is great, but I don't love the tight ends.

And I'm worried that whoever the quarterback is, there just aren't going to be enough weapons. Terrace Marshall could go a long way to answering that. I know you also wrote about the tight end position.

Has there been progress made there? Yeah, baby steps before Joe Brady was fired, he he he really pounded the table, bang the table for a former LSU tight end Stephen Sullivan, who was not a big time player at LSU. I mean, he was played in the shadow of Randy Moss's son down there, Thaddeus Moss.

But at any rate, he he did some nice having he spent a year. He was a low round draft pick of Seattle when Scott Fitter was there, incidentally, and came here last year, was pretty much like on the practice squad. May have snuck in a game late in the year, but but he is six foot five and he fast like he his combine 40 was 46.

That's pretty good for a six foot five guy. And in fact, there were times this spring when they would line up Stephen Sullivan and Tommy Tremble, another tight end. They they would flex those guys out wide and put them in more of a wide out type spot. But I'll tell you, man, if I'm answering that question completely honestly about what position groups still concerned you, I think you got to start at the quarterback spot. I understand. I understand what you're saying about the wide eyes and I'm with you is if Robbie Anderson plays like he did last year, that this is a very ordinary group of wide out.

Well, I don't think they were ever going to be able to answer that question about the quarterback in the affirmative with the group that they have. So I would it doesn't mean that was a given that that was the free space on the board that you weren't even you wanted you. I understand. I see how you do.

You take it to a higher level of think always. You're not doing group think you're doing Adam. That's how we probably win awards, Joe. So it's how these things happen.

Joe Person from The Athletic is joining us here on the Adam Goldschmidt. All right. So you you've you brought us to quarterback.

I waited. We got like eight minutes in here. There's still talk about Baker Mayfield. Am I crazy to think that?

Yes, he's better than Sam, but he's not he's not getting you all the way there. So why bother? That's the question, right? Like David Tepper when they fired. I mean, this goes back to the end of the Teddy Bridgewater season.

They still had a game or two left. Tepper did a big zoom at the time because they fired Marty Hurney at that during that zoom. You'll remember Tepper said, look, until you get a guy you think is going a quarterback that's going to lead you to the Super Bowl and win Super Bowls for you.

You're still looking every year. If you're a good team or your team, you're looking and and I'm with you like is Baker Mayfield an upgrade over Sam Darnold? Yes. Yes, he is. Is he the guy that reaches the bar that Tepper said about Super Bowl winning quarterback?

No, I don't think he is. I think his feeling is, you know, maybe nine or 10 when it went win a game in the playoffs and then go sit down and watch the other team play it out. So here's what I think. I think Matt Ruhle and Scott Fitter, but especially Ruhle who begins this year on the hot seat. I think they're pushing for an upgrade of the quarterback position. Ruhle has not even tried to shy away from it like throughout OTAs.

I kept waiting for him to say, yeah, I don't know what we're going to do. No, like any time someone brought up the possibility of bringing in a guy from the outside, he said, you know, we said we wanted to upgrade at that position. So, yeah, that is still a possibility. And I think it remains a possibility up to and into training camp. And they did that. Scott Fitter did this sort of game of chicken with Andrew Berry that began the night of the draft of the first night of the draft.

I'm sorry, I guess it was the second night of the draft, whatever during the day, you know, and and neither side. And I think this is where Tepper comes. I think Tepper is like, to your point, Adam, I think he's like, yeah, this guy's OK. So if you can get him cheap, let's do it. But if not, we're not breaking the bank. We've already spent eighteen point eight million for one of the guys from the class of twenty eighteen quarterback class in Sam Darnold.

We're not spending another eighteen point eight on another guy. So I think Tepper and it may be that the Browns finally get there and say, you know what? We would rather get something from, you know, for Baker rather than get nothing.

And these two guys, these two sides come to an agreement. But it feels like it's going to be now that this mini campus pass like that was I was told and I recorded that that was kind of a soft deadline for the Panthers. That they liked the idea of getting Baker if it's going to they're going to do it, get them in here, get them, get them in the playbook, get them to start throwing to Christian McCaffrey and D.J. Moore and Robbie Anderson. But now that that's passed, I mean, one, a lot of these guys in the front office and coaching staffs get gone for the next month.

And so there's just no real deadline now that that's going to provide an impetus, I think, until we get much closer to training. They should just trade Baker Mayfield for Sam Darnold if the Browns are going to eat the contract anyway. Just just do just do that. I did love when Matt Ruhl said about a week ago that if if we had a game tomorrow, Sam Darnold would be our starting quarterback.

Like that was I mean, I just couldn't laugh harder. That USFL, if we're in the USFL and playing in June, he's our starting quarterback. Oh, he's definitely a quarterback that could lead the Michigan Panthers to a title.

He could definitely do that. I don't even know the Michigan Panthers have a quarterback. I honestly I don't know that I could name a quarterback. I will raise my hand and say I I was a U.S. I am dating myself, but I grew up in the era of the first USFL franchise in Penn State Court. Former Penn State or Chuck Fusina leading the Philadelphia Star Sam Mills, part of that Philadelphia.

But I I have not yet watched a minute of this latest this latest iteration of it. And maybe shame on me. No, no, no, no. First of all, you look much younger, much too young to have been a USFL fan. My family had season tickets to the New Jersey generals. So I was there with Herschel Walker and Brian Sipe and then Doug Flutie. I was there. Donald Trump.

Oh, yes, of course. He was the second owner of the New Jersey generals and killed the league. As those of us who are fans of the I was I was a USFL fan.

I like it. I like I like that we are out here hyping the original USFL. Well, think about all the stars. I don't even know why we're going down this rabbit hole, but think about all the stars that that went to the USFL. Reggie White was, I think, a Memphis showboat.

Jim Kelly with the Houston. Yeah, it was that was a legitimately good league. Yeah, it was. It was.

And I again, I don't I can't speak on it currently because I have I have invested zero time or interest in it. And, you know, I get to this time of year, probably like a lot of us. And I'm at my backyard grill.

I'm at my kids baseball games and on. And when July 26 rolls around, I'm at Wofford and then it's football season again. But right now is not football season.

July 26 is very close, right? Final thing. And then we'll let you go. Joe Person from the Athletic North Carolina sports writer of the year. He will be honored all day Sunday and all day Monday by everybody.

All right. Brady Christensen is look good at left tackle. What are the chances that he's at left tackle for the opener and Icky Aquano is not?

You know, it's it's a non-zero chance. I mean, which is a little surprising because I think when they drafted Icky, I think we all were like, OK, there's your left tackle for 12 years. And I think that is still the plan. But Matt rule, you know, sometimes you just he doesn't come right out and say it. But some of the things he was saying about Icky, it sounded to me like they want to make sure he shows up in better shape than maybe he showed up to OTA.

And and they get it. Look, he was on the you know, after the combine. A lot of these guys are kind of coasting into night of the draft mode. And if you went to Vegas and all that, I don't think he was in terrible shape. But I thought it was interesting that rule made a point to mention Icky showing up, as I said, to Spartanburg, ready to go and in shape. So I got the impression. Yes. Did Brady Christensen have a good spring? Absolutely. And is Brady Christian going to start somewhere along the offensive line? It sure sounds like it to me. They're left guard or left tackle.

I just wonder if it was like, you know what? Let's let Icky kind of learn the playbook. We're not going to feed them to the wolves here at OTA. And, you know, it'll be listen, I think it's going to be I still think Icky is going to be a good player in this league.

And I think you agree with me for a long time. That doesn't mean he's not going to have a bunch. And maybe and maybe a lot of struggles as a rookie. It is a this is a big boy football league against. I mean, even in training camp, when you're going against Brian Burns, like, welcome to the NFL. This is one of the fastest edge rushers in the league.

Then they go to New England for joint practices. I think that's going to be a great test and a great opportunity for Icky to take the next step. So it's a good problem to have if if for some reason you think he's not quite there. We don't want to ruin his confidence. Let's kick him inside for a first few weeks or months. Then do it.

I mean, I don't think that it should be seen as like any damning like, you know, like Jordan Gross started his career right tackle, for instance. Right. I don't know it. I'm still very high on Icky Aquano and frankly, again, three weeks in shorts and helmets did nothing to change my mind. Joe Person at Joseph Person on Twitter beat reporter for the Carolina Panthers for the athletic North Carolina sports writer of the year. I'll see you Monday, my friend. Appreciate your time. Always enjoy the Little League Baseball. But I'll I'll see you Monday. Look forward to it and congrats to you too, buddy. Thank you very much.

Joe Person from the athletic. Always cool to catch up. All right, Dennis, we put it to extra on the board. Let's do it.

Your half-time entertainment. All right. Few things to touch on here to start off. Careful where you touch. Just saying. I'll wash my hands. Not sure why I said that.

I'll wash my hands. It's OK. As we know, Stranger Things has been very, very popular television show on Netflix. Obviously, a lot of North Carolina ties with the Duffer Brothers being from North Carolina. A lot of references in the show. Well, Stranger Things released their trailer for volume two of season four. So it's the final two episodes of the current season are set to drop on July the first.

First seven episodes are already out on Netflix. So it's episodes eight and nine. The run times on these are kind of long. So the run times for season four in general for each episode were about an hour, 15 hour, 20 minutes.

Somewhere in that range. So longer episodes. Episode eight is our twenty five minutes and I believe episode nine is about two and a half hours. Hence why we're having that long pause between. But they left us on a big cliffhanger. So the trailer is out there for those who want to watch trailers who enjoy those things. Go out there and watch it again.

Kind of get you ready for the final two episodes of the current season. All right. Oh, Stranger Things. Excellent. Speaking of Stranger Things. Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown is in early and kind of informal talks with Lucas Films to possibly be part of the Star Wars franchise. Lucas Films. Very nice. So again, she's the character that plays L or 11.

The the main character of the show. L is 50. Well, L is short for 11. Oh, OK. Yes. Sorry. Yeah. OK.

So long for me to explain for you right now. But she's in talks again with Lucas Films to do something along with Disney, whether it's a a series on Disney plus or potentially doing something in a movie wise. Not entirely sure, but she's a very, very strong up and coming actress who I think is now right around the age of 20.

So she's got a long career ahead of her for sure. All right. Some other movie news here. Bob's Burgers, the movie is actually going to be available on July 12th on both Hulu and HBO Max.

Right. But the entire catalog for Bob's Burgers, the TV show is available on Hulu. So my guess is that the movie is going to be available there longer than it will be on HBO Max.

But if you didn't get a chance to see the movie in theater, you can watch it on Hulu on Hulu and HBO Max on July 12th. I watch the movie. I'm not like this show. I the show I've watched off and on.

And there's just too much other stuff for me to catch on to something else. I know people that really enjoyed the movie and really enjoy the show. I don't know if you've watched it or not. I have not watched it. I don't know. I don't know.

You might watch something. I we're still talking about Bob's Burgers. Yes. Like I've never even been to a Bob's Burgers. OK. That's fine.

I don't know if the burgers are any good or not. No idea. You and I talked about this a little bit last week with Brian Murphy at WRL Sports. You know, I actually spoke about it earlier. So the state legislator today is reviewing the bills regarding legalizing sports gambling here in the state of North Carolina. So the House Judiciary 1 committee will hear again to sports gambling bills today. The bills work in tandem to legalize sports wagering in the state. There's different stuff that was changed in one of these bills to raise the tax rates and such.

But if the bill does pass this week before, I guess, before the session ends at the end of this month, looks like sports gambling will be legalized starting January 1st, 2023. Look, I read the story and it just made me angry that even if it passes, we have to wait until the first of the year. Yeah. But then I read deeper into the story and I saw how they made sure that the bill would protect against betting on preschool games. Did you read the story? Yeah, I did. Yeah, because I really wanted to bet Primrose Preschool versus Goddard Preschool in in Roly Poly.

I had I was going to take Goddard plus the four and a half. What in the why does that have to be in a preschool? Yeah. So like MGM wasn't going to put a preschool lineup. I'm going to I'm taking the blue team. These people I gosh, I hate.

The bureaucracy and the idiocy that gums up the works here is just staggering to me. See, I wanted to see this is something I want to get to on this. I'm wondering, can I talk with MGM so my girlfriend and I are going to boxcar for my birthday tomorrow. I know we're playing air hockey. I want to put the line at at minus 120 for her to beat me in air hockey. Can I talk?

Can I contact MGM to set those lines? Yes. Okay. Well not no, not if it's preschool. Okay, but this mean we're adults here at boxcar. I can't be able to set that line.

I can't even I can't confirm or deny. I want to put my skeeball score. I want to put the over under at 305. Not bad.

Yeah. Do you go straight ahead or you bank it off the side? I try to go straight ahead. Just go for that 50.

Man, my hammer in that 50. I grew up playing skeeball. Yeah, I've always been a bank it off the side guy. Okay, like this. Okay. All right. I'm always going to make it off the side guy, but I want to set my over under a minus at 305.

Okay, that's a pretty good number. I like it again. Again, I just but why J also as well as like why January 1st because you're going to miss them like the whole football season, which would be the most heavily bet thing there is out there. Moving on again. It's frustrating.

It's like I understand it's all done. Now. I've brought this up in the past and we'll close out on this about how Bally Sports and Sinclair Broadcasting is starting their own Bally Sports Plus over-the-top streaming service. So they're actually doing a soft launch starting on Thursday.

So five cities in where they have Major League Baseball OTT rights, Kansas City, Milwaukee, Miami, Detroit and Tampa Bay. On Thursday, they're going to do a soft launch with this Bally Sports Plus app. They've shifted the price of initially was supposed to be or projected to be around 23 bucks a month. Well, looks like they're going to drop it down to $19.99 or you could buy a full year in advance for basically 190 189 189 99.

So the again the big question that's coming out of this still is sure. I'll be able to watch my local team. But do I get out of market? I wonder like what original content am I going to be able to get out there that I don't currently get do I get or do am I able to watch let's say for example living here in North Carolina here in Raleigh. We can't get Bally Sports Southeast which shows the Charlotte Hornets. Do I get that because I know in Charlotte you don't get Bally Sports South where you can watch the Carolina Hurricanes, which is stupid that we can't even watch a team here in the state of North Carolina. So do am I able to watch that can I watch let's say I do want to watch I'm let's say I've watched the Carolina Mudcats for years and there's a guy on the Brewers that play for the mudcats. Can I watch well the Brewers play I don't think you'd be able to watch the out of market and I realized that we don't have access to Hornets here because we get hurricane.

Yeah, and vice versa. My guess is that you would have access to the Hornets because they're sort of a local team, right? But you wouldn't have access to the Brewers. Okay that you'd have the box, right? You'd have to pay an additional fee to be able to access those that's just a guess. That's how I think these things would normally work. But I'm not I'm not sure like have you read up at all on the Apple deal with MLS.

It's what 10 years 250 million a year regardless of the of the of the cost and all of that. There's there's no restriction. No blackouts. So if you buy if you subscribe to the MLS package, you'll be able to watch every game.

Yeah. No black no local blackouts. You will have access to every single game. Why why why aren't why isn't everyone doing like if you're Major League Soccer, you have to sign an over-the-air network. You have to sign a deal with an over-the-air network.

You can't allow yourself to solely be on a for-pay streaming service. You have to go to the you have to at least have your championship on an over-the-air network. You have to have some games but this is a great deal because I think there will be a fair number of hardcore MLS fans who will go buy it. Yeah, but I don't think enough to I mean you're going to talk you're probably talking about you know, a couple hundred thousand as opposed to maybe getting a million to maybe watch your all-star game or your you know, your your MLS Cup something like that. So I think they need an over-the-air but significant deal and a significant investment in sports by Apple who continues to do that. Yeah, a lot of this stuff's just going to the streaming services. Like you said that MLS deal and people that complain about and I totally understand the complaints about how Bally Sports doesn't have a deal with either Hulu Plus TV or with YouTube TV. Well, this is the reason why you know, because you know what they probably had in the works knowing that hey, we're going to launch your own platform and you can just pay us directly for it right as opposed to going through some other place. But my biggest thing that I will say about this and I'll close on this is that if you're not going to put yourself on the other platforms to how do you reach a casual fan?

Yeah, that's why you need to be able you need the big events to be over the air, which means that you need part you need a small package either on ESPN or Fox or NBC, whoever doesn't matter those almost doesn't matter where it would help if it's ESPN because that's where people go for. June 19th, 2006. But it all started May 6, 1997 with the announcement that the Hartford Whalers were coming to North Carolina. It's a story of transition of heartbreak of figuring it out on the fly. The Canes Corner look at the 25th anniversary of the move presented by the Aluminum Company of North Carolina.

Listen now find Canes 25th anniversary wherever you get your podcast. I guess the big story is that PGA Tour is kind of reef reconfiguring their schedule for next season. This is definitely a move to combat what live golf is doing. We'll give you some more details on that soon. But stop me if you've heard this before an eight event series with limited fields.

No cut for a lot of money. Sounds like live to me. Oh, they sounds like a preschool event. I could bet on now. Yes.

No, not just not until January 1st in the state of North Carolina. So mad that they have made us wait another year. Look, I don't even gamble. Yeah. I literally I do not wager.

I just feel like you if you want to should be allowed to. It's my feeling. All right, let's let's play the feud Dennis. Place your bets place your bets survey says All right. I want to thank Hayes perm are adding to the totals yesterday. You had a two for three night one both Stanley Cup finals plays.

He did lose with Shohei Oh time much like Dennis does in a nightly basis. Hey, I did my little run my Oh Tani you did and then I got off the van. You did. Absolutely. And you said you have I guess you've stopped betting Juan Soto stopped playing. All right. So where are we going?

I'm going back to Aaron judge. All right. You went there and judge last night. I did. I did not home or last. No, we did not plus 265 for a home run.

I think that's a he is the favorite. Yeah. If you are the Yankees, I'm gonna I'm gonna go to the same game. Okay, but I'm gonna take glaber tortoise.

They hit a home run at plus 475. I'm gonna take Torres to do it the second baseman for the ink. All right. All right. I'll take your word on the homeward not last game, but two games ago against the Blue Jays.

I'm thinking he's back on the home run train tonight. I don't hate it. Okay, good. I'm glad you don't I don't hate it. You don't have a choice.

I'm yeah, that's true. Doesn't matter if I did or didn't I'm gonna go WNBA. Oh my second first time I've dabbled in the WNBA. Okay, give me the Atlanta dream plus 140 over the Dallas wings. Why I don't know but I like the odds. I love that.

I love the Dallas dream over the who the Orlando the Dallas wings Dallas wings. Yeah, I don't know. I don't know either.

I don't know who it is. All right, that's awesome. Good for good for you.

All right, I'm gonna go to did you know what you know? What started actually already today that there's another match later on. What's that Champions League the first round of qualifying actually, we're not even in the first round of qualifying we're in like preliminary qualifying. There's like three levels of qualifying after the prelims.

It's incredibly confusing. But either way, we've got Levadia Talon from the Estonian League. Taking on Viking or Reykjavik from the Icelandic League.

I'm sorry. What are we betting here? Yeah, exactly these these sides will have to win like 36 matches to advance to the Champions League. But I am going with Levadia Talanin or Talon not Talanin plus 225 to beat Viking or Reykjavik is this soccer is is it's Champions League qualifying. We're just a long way away and from the qualifying process catch flack when I give an MMA bet.

I have never heard I have never heard of either of these side. Definitely my point never and I make a lacrosse bet. I just I just rolled dice and I'm taking the the underdog because Viking ger is at plus 120. All right. Well, I'm going to go with teams and sports that people know sure Texas A&M takes on Notre Dame College World Series first pitches in about 10 minutes.

All right. I'll take the Aggies plus 105 on the money line over Notre Dame. They the Aggies beat Texas. They eliminated Texas the other day. Notre Dame is the there's only SEC teams left in Notre Dame, right? Yep. That's it.

Texas A&M Notre Dame, Arkansas and Auburn. Go go Irish. Okay. All right. Should we go back to the the AHL playoffs to the call of the cup yet? Might as well call the cup might as well. I mean, there's nothing else right as well.

There's college baseball, basically baseball. You know me, I should if state ECU Carolina, Duke wake if we're not in it. I don't care. Okay. I do. I do not care.

Okay, like I realize this is going to bother some people. It ain't that good. It's not that good a college product.

I need an interest. So I just I could not care less about Notre Dame and Texas A&M or Auburn and Arkansas. I don't either but I'm still give me the Chicago Wolves, of course, minus a goal and a half at plus 170 at the Springfield Thunderbirds and your Potter also get four points in the in the latest win. Nice. How many saves did could check off me?

Oh, how many times it could check off like try to beat somebody up? Did he? Did you see this? No. Oh, no. He went after people good. I like I like that guy.

Nobody went after Brad March on. He's nuts. I'm okay with that.

He's a nutcase. We need a little bit of that. I'm okay with a little bit of a loose screw on my goalie. That's fine. Definitely got that covered. Good. So yeah, he more of that.

I didn't even think he was bumped but he just went after somebody so good for good for Piotr. But that series I believe is 1-1 headed to Springfield for game and that I think the game is even tomorrow. I don't even think the game is tonight so it doesn't matter doesn't matter doesn't matter at all. So there you go. This is the Adam Gold show June 19 2006 but it all started May 6 1997 with the announcement that the Hartford Whalers were coming to North Carolina. It's a story of transition of heartbreak of figuring it out on the fly. The Canes Corner look at the 25th anniversary of the move presented by the aluminum company of North Carolina. Listen now find Canes 25th anniversary wherever you get your podcasts.
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