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April 24, 2021 4:00 am

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April 24, 2021 4:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include----1- What happened to Noah's sons' wives' parents---2- Is dispensationalism valid---3- Can only pastors go to or benefit from seminary---4- What do you know about Quakers---5- What is happening in Judges 8---6- Matt discusses why the Roman Catholic Church is not Christian.--7- Are the offices in Ephesians 4-11 all in the church today---8- What is Ezekiel 10 talking about---9- How did the Catholic Church come to its current beliefs-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mass Y is the founder and president of listed apologetics research what is really found alive are not born you have questions of our Bible doctrines maps like why parentheses called in responding to your questions at 877207276 pairs. Matt slick welcome live videos of elixir units April 16, 2021. It's nice Friday McCauley of five open lines Exhibit 72072276 or a couple things no one we go to the carb homepage and the squeezing the new navigation. I think the web designer and I had a miscommunication and so be talking to him later to be very interested in what you think you can just email us and all info after webmaster comparable to the navigation okay just give us your feedback so it was one issue and the so well to give you a bit of a hint when you're in Google and you want to search for something related to what we do.

All you do is type in car and then type in the question. See ARM-the question of finding goes straight to the current site to great information right away schedule the heads up on. Now if open lines give a call 877-207-2276 and so there we go. Let's see, let's see, let's see. And okay, so is going on.

So for Kelly powers in there. I always do everything on Eastern time that we can convert everything so that's how it works and let's see if you guys want to join us in a chat conversation you go to the carb homepage and there you the video of me being there is, is there not a big deal that you can put a chat room. Also people are there usually gets out to be pretty good in a pretty fun a lot of people there, so check it out.

You do that also stay on the air by your generous donations not begging, not like a send me your five dollars will give you a coin from whatever my blessing on its in your seed faith screw amply that stuff we just let you know that so we go stay on thereby paying the bills that are due and it's your support allows that this consider doing that. If you would go to for carbon work/donate any amounts would like five dollars, $10 a month whatever and it helps us make budgets and if open lines 877-207-2276 I taught a Bible study last night and get this, people got there at seven and left at midnight everybody so people left about halfway through.

We go to town we really have a lot of fun on the Bible study. We talk about all kinds of things and people are telling me they said and we never hear this stuff in church and the I know you know the glitter gets frustrated with not being taught anything your teaching us in a pretty good and some people who listen to the show who attended and the good good good stuff. In fact, it reminds me here's a you was given this to read from the emails. Here's one of them honestly give my life to Christ at a young age my growth in him has been more of a sunrise than one specific moment of though there have been many specific moments between I can recommend my life to Christ last month and March, but after reading your blog she actually think the procession means the website. I understand things more clearly. It was very well-written and thorough. I'm learning that salvation is by faith, not feeling, imagination, head knowledge, or even a prayer. Thank you for praying. I continue to seek for see Jesus and studying the Bible that is greatly appreciated.

I know that next steps are to continue maturing the faith and knowledge of Jesus attending church, reading applying my Bible and practicing spiritual disciplines while turning from sin. I enjoy the website for clarity. Kind regards Victoria hey thanks for going for the kind words read. I don't read them very often. Stuff like that. No thanks, stuff like that used to be that I did hate mail mail and love me.

On Fridays I would do a little bit, 10, 15, 20 minutes, sometimes I'll just read Hegel and I love the hate a lot of people visit because of the heat that was fun. I did some good stuff. I mean, you know you're sent to you that you know what I just I crack up. I listen agreed that I would have fun and with another category called wacko mail and wacko mail was people who you know it's a slick communicating very well and obviously some people have some issues and so will we would do that we would to hide read those and read praise reports also means that quite a bit but still do it anymore and I just don't have you ever known that I will my wife can give me. Do you think he read this on here. I suggest mail so if you want to give a call. We have three open lines 877-207-2276 the belief from Charlotte, North Carolina Billy, welcome you on the air mad.

I will. I was wondering what happened. No fun live parent will only eight people around the ark. They weren't there so they perished okay by that make that eight people and each number of new beginnings. People don't know this, so the males were circumcised on the eighth day and in Greek.

When you have letters you also have numbers we in English of ABC 123, but in Greek it's the same thing is just one set of characters used for letters and numbers so you write a word like swordfish loose then what it is to add up all the letters it's 1224. Just look at the letters also numbers all you Greece Jesus Christ is 800-8888 eight Jesus was raised on the first day of the week which is the eighth day, seven days a week and and one more day. The first date with the eighth 888 and also a people Noah's Ark circumcised and if they thought the symbolic number as well. A pump deals with a number of new beginnings and things like this.

A lot of people think it means that we find patterns in the Bible, mathematically believe or not Sen. okay I have a good weekend you too. I certainly need a good weekend.

Okay by all right will see Douglas all right.

We have four lines folks hold on a second. We got cough we have for the lines you want to give me a call 877-207-2276.

I want to hear from you.

Give me call. Let's get to Steve from North Carolina State.

Welcome earlier. How you doing fine.

Hang in there.

Another quiet call girl you reflect on the question about the more study than I normally do and I'm good and occasionally it is a valid ballot night being very people they like to 38 is not really two to June.

What could a Gentile thing with the book again and I will talk about Harris present error called me to ask dispensationalism.

Does that ring a bell mid ask dispensationalism made act now. I've not heard.

All right, so what you talk about is is stuff from varying groups to say certain parts of the New Testament or for us and some are not. And that's a problem there's it's out of the heretical dispensational movement.

This kind of fractured and is around in different areas. So what you're talking about there with her.

Telling you is is basically wrong. All right, as far as that aspect goes. Now I do not affirm dispensationalism. I deny it, but five friends who affirm it and that's fine because there are differences of opinions about how to interpret history because that's what dispensationalism is a dispensation so how many dispensations were there in the Bible in a dispensations. Time so what that idea is is that there's the dispensation of grace. The dispensation of the church. The dispensation of whatever might be and it I just don't see any validity to personal so one of the abuses that are seven dispensations the age of innocence. The angel dispensation of conscience and in civil government with the promise of the law of grace another millennial kingdom and would ice my opinion is that what they're doing is manufacturing these in order to have 77 dispensations because I want to have it seven minutes. Classical dispensationalism is modified. Dispensationalism is progressive dispensationalism when I say is this, go with covenant because the word covenant in Latin is testament old covenant. New covenant Old Testament NewTek custom customer and this right now. This is an example. Go to Genesis and noumena control F. This is only by the program, type in covenant is the word covenant and not dissuaded number, and it'll tell me how many times the word covenant shows up in the end of the Bible, 321 times, and when we do the same thing with dispensation. This is not dispensation if one is in the word dispense Zechariah 790 Lord of host dispense truth. That doesn't mean just because the word is and found it doesn't mean that the concept is there, but I'm only showing that definitely covenant is there in fact a good Hebrews 1320 talk about the blood of the eternal covenant will eternal covenant most probably is the Trinitarian covenant relationships of God's covenantal he works. Jesus was sent out to Israel.

He was not sent to the whole world.

People don't know that he was not sent to everybody was only sensitive to the Jews as Matthew 1524.

That's because he was fulfilling covenant requirements so covenantal is him to meet next just makes sense left and right and up and down and back and forth in dispensationalism to me. In my opinion is just a man-made imposition upon the Scriptures to get certain patterns out pigs will hold my target not Samberg going green break recruitment preparation may be related to the covenant right will there. It could be a sense because you could say well the Old Testament is the dispensation of law in the New Testament the privatization of grace say that there's a sense in which is true except that we were saved by grace in the Old Testament.

Romans 43 talks about and so is it really devise a giant law because grace was upon enmity before the law became codified set so you know it, so I'm not saying dispensationalism are biblical are not as smart as me years of the like that of this. I know I don't agree with that position and there be those on that site don't agree with my position and your job is to make up your mind, which we think is more biblical but like liking June 1 two critically record. The 12 tribes of Israel. You got me the book again. Not from the economic Gentile boy that is valid. That's a good question because it says in James 11.

James, a bondservant of God and Jesus Christ to the 12 tribes who are dispersed abroad greetings.

He is specifically talking to the Jewish people does it mean though, that we can't learn from what he's saying to the Jewish people, just like the book of Leviticus is obviously to the Jewish people, but we can learn things on the book of Leviticus. So James is specifically written with that in mind, but there are things in there, we can simply learn that okay right got the right amount of life are shared that Steve from North Carolina if open-minded going to give me a call 87720 max Y call 770-7276 charismatic slave anyone question. Your comment will talk about Mormonism.

Jehovah's Witnesses find Islam talk about Mary all attracted to Mary Newman causing all talk about like Catholicism so bad.

That's one option. So while they do that in the cold got questions, then give me a call and we can talk for up in lines 877-207-2276. Let's get to KY from Georgetown South Carolina. Welcome around here, regulators yes what what you think.

My question about seminary not going to be going through the nine network coping.

I'm not going. I do feel a calling the updated my ability and don't turn and that's what I'm not going to be a Krishna making noise in the background. There inside you go to an online seminary which is fundamental to you seminary and and San Diego but you find a good online, you will benefit you will benefit okay so I communicate it is noise in the background I hear in the lives Lord, not I got it. Yes, I am actually autistic and so just don't really know and the noise like that distract me so I can have trouble concentrating. That's a split Y anybody else is not your question about what is your online seminary, think you do recommend people go to seminary. I recommend they take a year or two and get their theology down to the understand the truth is they don't have to go to ministry capital. Okay alright so your question, how did you find out your night. I had you mentioned.

I woke bonding with fecal memory and are you today I ran the urine with that moment, I have trouble understanding you. Your voice like a handout but it's right.

I have Eric III had a very good memory without Karen McDonald, which would Scriptures. I like to read shot the 10th. I'm but I get short shortly irritated with people all tempered thing.

I got all the symptoms that you had with that wife my wife that she thinks I might have asked Vegas, but on what she's generating like they got well. Asperger's is just basically called autism spectrum disorder and I got diagnosed 10 years or so ago and the reason you first found out about is the custom. We knew back in San Diego before moving to Boise, Idaho area.

We were never in the in a car going to play all of all of us and she worked with special needs children and the Russo sheet introduces the concept of Asperger's in the week.

My wife and laughing comfortably never heard about it and little afraid on the head.

I had asked as murder sheet. He said do you partnership at a rate will look wind up she was talking about its we were laughing at first when the car and then the more she described it more.

My wife are pointing at me and asked why she was doing because she saw it in me so years later I went and saw psychologist and said here's this year's Alyeska questions the took me you know that all the stuff you to do what he says that you definitely have. So that's how you know and is been very helpful to know this.

Plus, I discovered people are very pleased for the most part in a towel over the radio that I have this because they give a lot of hope a lot of people who have issues and on stuff like I just give it to got so my mind here's also tell you what Asperger's is his lack of ability to understand social cues and it is variations in that, but it's as don't remnants of things like a good memory analytical thought things like that literalness and select. For example, my wife call me a blossoming of the store and I went to pick up some medicine to pick up some groceries and she said what did you pick up and I was confused leaving, but I pick up you have to be more specific and she said the prescription all I got this and that and so we sometimes don't understand things because you gotta be living more informative and this is where the symptoms the way I get around things is I study body language and so II watch body language and that's how I got around it so no just that's where this magic neck and talk quite a bit about actually is not of me. Show but if people are interested, I reply fascist told people whose children might have some issues I should try this try that. Try this. Who do this and and things.

One of think I told somebody once this is common with the young males undulated town sometime 1213 range who they suspect might have a learning disorder or might have asked burgers or something like that little bit of autism because there's a wide variety of things and I want to master guys. It is your son usually using males us or does he like gold something or do something. Repent repeatedly. He says yes he does. And I said and do you stop him from doing any says yes I want to get a bad habit and I said wrong.

You understand something.

What he's doing is just five days ago you got a problem finding all the time you don't, but what he's doing is patterning.

He's learning patterns that build something and knock it over building and knock it over.

Studying how it falls, how to build he's analyzing. He's thinking I said so get down the floor with them and do it with him and he said really is you. It's not that it's a deficiency he's learning he's teaching himself and so he did this and he told me later he was. It really helped. He didn't do it for very long after that when he saw I was in there with them and did the exact same thing with them. It took like 20 minutes and he was onto something else you didn't do any more so when mom and dad come in and stop their children from doing things like this, it stops them from doing the learning they become frustrating. So I get psyched I can tell you from the inside of his with this without his you make a lot of noise the background so I can do that me you can't.

You may learn those back. I get very distracted by the stuff all right. Thank okay big man. God bless. All right.


Alright, so how about that folks.

Yes that's right for those you may be surprised to talk about that quite a bit and again it's not about me talk about me at the site it but I know that there's a lot of people out there who have children who are wondering about things like that me tell you get involved in their world and work with them in their world and you will learn how they are sometimes are people with really special needs and it does not work like I get like that's a lot of people where you can make a difference with her children in areas like that and stuff and I got a lot of pointers but that's just one item we have for open lines give me a call 87787720622768 Keith Keith, though he gets video he takes the calls I put little note in with her calling about this: Cynthia.

Claim of crackers so will get to the whackers after the break. All right leasehold thoughts about the driving folks for open line. Call 87707277 max Y call 770-7276 here's Matt's leg all right Cynthia for about that Cynthia.

So we got all I are you there okay are you from 8 AM I ate eight Idaho you once again like I am. I my catching matter library I found that I know it and after of a Quaker. I went up that way on the Quaker and I know there's a lot of good fat and ugly. You can find out which everything but I just wanted to know your and and from what I understand, it is not the way it used to be the Quaker churches are not run one where there at the moment of silence that everybody just meditates in anything but evidently narrative after here Keith preaches and teaches etc. what your take on the Quaker about five hours away from the place to so you know Quakers stay way from rights and the reason is because I will not good like that elbow generally speaking, the Quakers are not very good, doesn't mean that there were good individuals who can manifest in their practice, back, back, or communion and inner light is what they really go by and its above fries some degree above Scripture and this is a very bad thing. In the medical table overnight is bad news and they teach that salvation could be lost if the homeowner problem and also them to judge it. You can become sinless, which I was get a kick out of anybody so they don't send now I laugh because I want to say spend five minutes with me and will cure that you know because like are you serious. Give me a break so that means you keep the law as well as Jesus did you know that would Aaron less unsuited and more right get kick out of it so well there you go right Malcolm so much okay go bless the folks for open lines 877-207-2276 Tracy from Raleigh, North Carolina.

Tracy welcome around here. I will and you read limit now with the last verse of the book of Judges last verse of chapter 8, nor did they sow kindness to the household of durable that is Gideon in accord with all the good that he had done to Israel.

Okay, no, I am really sure things in the question that is readable versus head thinking about is getting was dead.

The sons of Israel again play the harlot with the balls and they've all their rates, their God. Thus, the sons of Israel did not remember the Lord your God, who had delivered them from the hands of other enemies on every side, nor did they show kindness to the house of droppable in accord with the good. He had done so, what did saying is recording the historical event that the people of Israel abandon God and they will not showing the proper respect and kindness of the people who had helped them and were honoring God's will is going on down out on and remembering that I do not know because investors a different context than it is here in Judges, so sometimes they could change a little bit and so does it look in the context and see what ought they have done, the leasing should respect and honor how that manifests is different for different cultures and different times such good question.

Don't put much of a good answer. That's really serious damage done. You will you tonight. Tracy, okay for you to call if I open lines 877-207-2276 and you know what I actually said that if nobody calls to do is talk about Catholicism and the reason I want to do that is because I've talked about a while back a few days ago. Earlier this week about how bad Catholicism is and I mentioned in the context of the series. The chosen which I think is done very well. It's really great and I'm hoping that they don't elevate Simon who is Peter and it in their future right a menace as the first pope and all the Catholic churches you don't became what is good stuff. I'm hoping that does not have a because if they did that I could recommend hope to but the Connecticut mean the other look at the church folks is not a Christian church okay flat out it is not Christian it's a religion that has the guys or the appearance and some of the words of Christianity, but it is actually like a tomb that had the outside it looks good and the inside is full of dead men's bones, and this is the case with the Roman Catholic Church. Let me explain why because it is bad news of the Bible teaches us. For example it teaches us in Romans 320.

Romans 328 rooms for five rooms for three rooms, 51, Galatians 216 to 21. It teaches us that salvation is by faith alone in Christ alone, not by faith, and anything we do that by keeping commandments for practices because the law Christ died needlessly. Galatians 216. So what is the official teaching of the Roman Catholic Church say that all men may attain salvation through faith, baptism and the observance of the commandments. SK paragraph 212 68 of the Academy campus of the Catholic Church know I'm a tell you is not just sitting there as in other places to and it is her heresy.

This is damnable heresy because what it's saying is that the that the grace of Christ and the work of Christ and faith in Christ alone is not sufficient to save you but that you have to obtain salvation through faith, and the ceremony of baptism and the observance of the commandments.

This how you obtain salvation, and that is damnable heresy on the state again damnable. That means that if you believe it, you cannot be a true Christian and you will go to hell. The Roman Catholic Church teaches that it is adaptable heresy and I will continue saying it because it's true. And we need to stand on the truth now this is what it also says of the catechism of the Catholic Church is as we can merit for ourselves and for others.

The graces needed for signification, we can merit herself. Grace grace is unmerited favor, but you can merit it and then it can be dispensed to other people like commodity like money like cash it so that you can dispense other people grace you do the certain things get grace and then you can dispense it around and in disgrace gets infusing the person soul and makes them by more righteous before God, blasphemous heresy from the pit of hell. Okay, it is its did this demonic teaching you the Roman Catholic Church as is necessary for salvation.

The Lord himself affirms that baptism is necessary for salvation.

Paragraph 1257 and also says in paragraph eight, 46, that the church to count the Christian church get the catheters is necessary for salvation. Penance is necessary for salvation.

I am reading it.

Penance is necessary for salvation for those who have fallen after baptism.

Paragraph 980.

The church affirms that for believers the sacraments of the new covenant are necessary for salvation. Paragraph 1129 service of and witness of the faith are necessary for salvation. Paragraph 1860 the authority the magisterium accents of the specific precept of the natural law because herbs observance the bend. By the creator is necessary for salvation. Paragraph 2036 and paragraph 27, so the natural law is expressed in the 10 Commandments addressing the 10 Commandments are necessary for salvation and detachment from riches is necessary for salvation is of the words. I think necessary.

This what it sets is what it said on the reading and what this what is that I'm quoting it to so this is a summation in Roman Catholicism. That which is necessary as something necessary.

There is no exception to it. What's not necessary that which is necessary for salvation includes the church baptism penance sacraments service.

The witness of the faith, keep the 10 Commandments and detachment from riches. This is a works righteousness system back under the law is damnable because the Bible says to the one who does not work, but believe it justifies it godly. This faith is right you got the heresy regarding Mary the functional goddess Catholic Church is not Christian is dead men's phone is voted right back after mass, like why call 770727 charismatic leg doing all right.

Good to hear Friday. By the way, thank you.

Happy Friday not been a good Friday. I have a question concerning the statement that Paul made in Ephesians 4 and verse 11 about that gift Christ to the church in the form of you know someone is given as an apostle and someone are going up profit in an evangelist than a pastor and a teacher and even the offices if you will, are there for the equipping of the same for you know, so I guess my question is do we see leaving the church to day and I listed the five into and even what I think they they call out as a pastor is really the word for a shepherd and the person gently take out birding rather than just standing and preaching the lower back, so all right, so the apostles looking for your insight so the apostles, some people say that the apostles were today, but it doesn't seem to be very accurate because to say that because your prescription is going one Paul the apostle said I might not apostle have I not seen the Lord. He declared his own validity or consulship.

Having seen the risen Lord. People today can't meet that requirement so they cannot be an apostle and accents the word upon the Greek apostolic.

Which means to send such assent. All right, so when people I watch on Sundays in order all the accoutrement radio data center aggressive street back in the background it when people today walk your Casa so-and-so profit someone so no bishop someone so I would have a problem with that because what they're doing is claiming to talk a title for themselves. That doesn't seem to be biblically apropos the bishop and elders are pretty much interchangeable terms that go through that. But apostle when you say you have all apostle so-and-so in I just I just like I just see Eric incident that just me missing.

They are arrogant. I get it.

And so they should just say that if there pastor, your pastor, because that is definitely something that is taught in the New Testament for some wonder about Ephesians 411 is actually what's happening in the Greek it says and he gave some as apostles, right, so that we have our hassles and we have prophets right so it says to the word to use in Greek is the is a cognate of the words ha it's great stuff.

It's is the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists and the pastors and teachers, so the definite article the is occurs four times. Of the five things there's a reason for this he gave some as the apostles was on the Greek as the prophets in the evangelists, and some as the pastors and teachers. The implication is the pastors and teachers are one office because a pastor supposed to be a teacher of the word of truth as he governs because to correct and keep the sheep as the pastors and he keeps and guards and we have to teach them the last night I was doing the pastor-ish thing as a teacher teaching people at Bible study that I teach for now or do we just do Q&A and I going to teach up. I'm equipping them to know what truth this book of Jude talk to false teachers of verse four and other places so the ideas of teachers was what happened today. Evangelists are obviously for today other prophets whether New Testament does talk about prophets in the first 2014.

Those who prophesy with a do it in a church context and the prophecies need to be subjected to the other people. The church and the elders apostles. It doesn't seem like there today so the equipment lot of people think is apostles, the prophets were referencing the order of priority, not the order chronology apostles are above prophets because apostles were the ones with Christ. The prophets spoke of Christ. So this is why there mentioned first apostles and prophets, and then some as evangelists, and pastors and teachers of the first 2000 founding the church, so to speak, and evangelist pastors and teachers are for today. This is what really I believe is going on okay okay okay I dragged I guess I was reading into the the office of pastor as being more than just a teacher item.

And when Jesus you know tend my sheep you saying you know shepherd yes yes because again afterward. Pointman shepherd my my clock in and I would certainly have put Peter in the role of a pastor, but that more than just teaching it caring it can no compassion. It looking out for its guiding all all the good stuff that might show up in Psalm 23 what a good Shepherd would do for his flock and what is only things that could be on target. The primary purpose of the pastor is to equip the congregation for the work of ministry, because it says verse 12, Ephesians 4, for the equipping of the saints for the work of service to the building of the body Christ this much, but I don according the Scriptures and the Bible says be transformed: someone by the renewal of your mind and climb three talks about the transformed the study. These let your mind dwell on these things. Teaching people die for lack of knowledge. Tell her I had a guy last night say that in the Bible studies I do listen to me on the radio when I was here in the Boise area and he said he had no idea of what was going on at it. Only humane CE was police. I was a believer and he heard me teach on the radio ghost who was this guy what she teaching his teachers that I've heard before even going to church for years and then he found out all this is this this the you don't and I get this a lot. Pastors are not teaching doctrine or teaching babysitting thumbsucking and diaper of fixing teaching right is true, pick up your cross and follow. This is what were called to do as Christians not come in, get comforted, get some cookies and nice bulletin to go get served at you for lunch and go home. You don't know that's that's not what I will do as Christians teach a seminar on this what we call a do as Christians.

I think 100 people show up and we take a first break I think 10 might come back. I think yeah yeah I certainly agree. I think especially with this pandemic thing going on and all of the churches that are closing down the passengers you Mandy Pandian letter the whole thing. It pushed a lot of people in those churches where the pastor stands up and you know page of the truth. Well, I'm hoping that God is using this stuff, but I'm concerned about people being shameful. They don't think they did the aloe and I went to Walmart today to get some stuff. It was just scaring me 95% of people wearing masks, we might ask for you. Nonetheless, and don't wear masks okay. I don't because you don't get sick and blame me, you don't. But the biblical position as you quarantine the specific and everybody in these masks aren't that effective. Anyway, lots of studies have shown are not an effective average where just it scares because if they were to start saying hey now you gotta beetle them on top your head or heads. They would do what I your preaching to the choir that you know I hate to say that in on top of that if you're wearing your map. That means you don't think the vaccine you got work that's right. And I've had cold wife and I both had.

Why wear a mask. Noel ran alike concerning not that it's about how people just follow whatever they're told. Without thinking, and researching and that's how scary because they just follow the fall over there told me along. That's not what were called to do as Christians were not told follow the way of the world, but to meekly follow the way of Christ, and he tells us to go out into the world that's in his frustration okay.

It would get a color couple that was the get to look at what you have a nice weekend, Matt. Thank you for your your invite all right. God bless Lester the brine from Richmond Virginia O'Brien welcome you on the air. Men mad good evening by gravity on the we got together and got them for you a little intrigued by your chapter with the world wheel and like what they were observing and in what context that I did not.

You had any insight on that for me are obviously aliens from another galaxy rendered dimensional thing in the lights and they had five heads. What consist I don't know they are right. I don't know what they are the just, I'm like you what those things don't know right and I just I think it's a representation of of symbolic reputation. Some of the things in the heavenly center are given a vision for NSF. I got out 11 now if you hate people have to have a contract (describe what they're seeing but I'm limited so out there to be on the idea of not yet.

I don't know how great that's that's in a portrait I'm a hypocrite, got what I did when I want more quickly if I measure when it comes to the Catholic Church. I have the same feeling about you do.

Though it it that they when I cry because I Peter I guess it was with the so-called quote first pope and things like that.

I had a collie. People think that they change over time or do you think they just more or less hijacked people and hijacked Christianity and that into what they what they made it to me yet that's what happened is that gradually went worse and worse and worse and worse over time. When the government and pop and the religion became intertwined and corruption crept in, and then they had to justify the corrupt things inside of Catholicism and the could do that very place in the they do it to my condign there congruent merit strict merit sanctification sacerdotal is in priesthood authority is the true church.

You know it it's welcome. Biochemically disdain for the Roman Catholic Church. It is the greatest donation of any religion the planet okay. I couldn't agree with you. Have a great weekend. YouTube God bless her this could really fast to Kathy from Virginia and Kathy within about a minute left out okay well I Ray found that out of it in my 20 I know have family member and lots of friends, including people in prison 3 no highlighting back and collect my Frankfurt am and I didn't know what out of what you do, knowing how heavily indoctrinated we grieve it where the enemy that there are gladly painfully felt like question is what got like five seconds regrets on a culture is okay. It's okay yeah call back Monday there be strength training yes well I can tell you some stuff.

Monday was witnessing you have a great weekend revokes wedded time in the Lord bless you my whole grace. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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