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The Delta Doctrine

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger
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July 8, 2019 2:50 pm

The Delta Doctrine

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger

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July 8, 2019 2:50 pm

One day, while flying to Atlanta on Delta Airlines, (Duh,Everything Leaves Through Atlanta), I discovered that flight attendants state the best advice for caregivers—all day long:

“In the unlikely event of the loss of cabin pressure, oxygen masks will drop from the ceiling. Securely place your mask on first, before helping anyone next to you who may need assistance.”

That small directive, which I call the “Delta Doctrine,” contains applicable wisdom for so many circumstances— but probably none as poignant as for those of us serving as a caregiver for a chronically ill or disabled loved one.

Have you noticed that they don’t tell you how to open the peanuts or pretzels—which are surprisingly difficult?  Nor do they explain how to use the atomic suction device known as a lavatory. I suppose they think we will just figure those things out on our own!  But every flight attendant, pilot, and every government and civilian entity associated with flying will remind us to put our masks on first.


Because they know it’s counter-intuitive to human beings.  When a loved one is in peril, we simply throw caution to the wind and race in to help.

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Hope for the Caregiver
Peter Rosenberger
Hope for the Caregiver
Peter Rosenberger
Hope for the Caregiver
Peter Rosenberger
Hope for the Caregiver
Peter Rosenberger
Hope for the Caregiver
Peter Rosenberger
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We of course have expanded the concept of this love people think of caregiving as nursing home related but it's it's so much more in your deal summary more realities and that brings us to our caregiver tip of the day which is remember the Delta doctrine the Delta doctrine is something I was so contemplating I was flying out of Atlanta one day on a plane as opposed to flying out of a little something else on the dirt.

John from the six dollars words, it is always nice when working in reference to lighter than air aircraft. So yeah, I hope you feel are that I hope you feel happy about what I breathing a lot of helium does yeah okay but I was flying out in the flight attendant came on and in the know they give the big hole spiel about put your mask on first and you know we've all heard that with caregivers and I thought that's it that's that's what we need to do is get put her mask on first was that even look like and and I noticed that when I was on the plane that they didn't tell you how to open up the pretzels of the peanuts which are surprisingly difficult. I said make medium this with the hopes and before you result resort to using your teeth and they didn't tell you how to use that it that the lavatory with their atomic suction device.

They think this thing were to figure that stuff out, but if you notice it.

Every flight attendant every airline associate every marketing agent with the airlines federal oversight with the airlines everybody involved in the whole airline food chain feels it is imperative to remind people that in the event of cabin pressure loss to put your mask on first why is it will not only is it important what it after Monday. Sometimes because it's counterintuitive and we are constantly forgetting these things, and when we see a vulnerable love one in distress or things happen. We recklessly hurl ourselves at someone in order to better care for them, or do what we think is the best thing for them in the process we put ourselves in jeopardy and we get hurt and we end and if we get hurt.

We've taken them with us because there depending on us to not be hurt and so surreal. It's a real quagmire that's available. John it's a real conundrum for caregivers because it goes against our our basic instincts, which is to rush into a burning building in order to rescue someone we love well and that's noble and it's okay to do as long as you have the protective gear on. To do so. But if you're not protecting your heart your body your mind your wallet. All those things you can run in some real problems and you can end up hurting the very person you're trying to save because you go to take out their caregiver and then they won't have anyone drowning victims. Lifeguards understand this, that is not that they mean to pull you down with them. They are just panicked and so they're trying very hard to not drown in the process, they may drown you and this is a very difficult thing for caregivers because we lose our minds in this that we lose our perspective and we need to be reminded of this on a regular basis. So what I was think about this, but in your mask on first look at what that's a nice sentiment. Everybody says but your mess, covered by the was that evening we truly what is it me, what is it look like to a caregiver when I came up with three things WWW and by the way John taught me has a W practicality. Thank you. I said Debbie Debbie Debbie Debbie W know I was born and raised in South Carolina and W was the W was the thing baby and then there were the course for the president, George W. Bush, W Bush gave along Debbie. I think it is less like a proper noun. You deftly called WW Nancy W's name you know John ever went out after the judge said that it's doubly invalid. Think of you have no idea what a blessing John is to be wealthy. This is from from from gaffes.

This is something that this is a phrase I heard the values never make fun of someone for the way they pronounce something that means they learn the word by reading it. Witches, 97 maybe maybe make an argument for that butter you know and that my wife and I have this ongoing thing about nuclear because she does say it like Debbie okay. She says she says nuclear okay and she says that's the way I learned in Texas and that's where it's going to be in Texas with her grandmother. She was deadly and you can't stop her from doing it then just can't then I think this is one of those things that this is the wisdom to know the difference.

And yet I was thin enough to try and yet, as Ron White said I had the right to remain silent, but not the ability shown is so back to the W WW W thank you for getting me back on chair. But I digress. Easy back other weight water and walk in all that these are the openings opening steps of the Delta doctrine.

This is for every caregiver to understand when you get into a situation where he gets a little bit gnarly that could be with your love one it, they could be acting out, they could be saying things that are off-the-wall or mean or ugly, hateful, resentful, despairing, alarming, whatever will in the edge of whatever those things are, they can be saying it could be with a healthcare provider.

It could be with all sorts of different family member or whatever, but there's always those little traps that we can fall into these little potholes when I was out there in the field mowing there the day of the pasture. There's these.

There's just just unbelievable amount of gopher holes everywhere underbid with some of them are just big and if you're not careful you know you know fall, and you can break your leg or something you can really get hurt on the six you gotta be careful unless weight is for us is caregivers and we can constantly get it in the hooked into these things in these conversational bad places with people or whatever and we feel the need to to say something and so weight W weight wait wait wait wait. Bite your tongue and learn to like the taste of blood. Avoid the urge to talk just wait. Rarely John a you've see if you'd this works for you, but rarely have I ever had to make amends for something I didn't say yeah that's a rarely have I had to go back and do a mea culpa for something that didn't say that there's a couple times in my back at you.

I really should've spoke about their but rarely do I have to make amends for something I did not like.

I apologize for it. And so if you can just hold your tongue a little bit now you're never to get this right were not to be perfect this but we can make some progress but it will save us from those those drama places that can really be uncomfortable for it really can't and so that's the first one weight W might just remember that weight now. The second is water. Drink something drink water. Do not go for a soda. Do not go for coffee. Do not go for red bull don't go for those things, get some water cool water drink to think John you have regimen you do every day you get up and drink how much water you drink when you get all why it's it's a large white starting work on 22 rounds is a study done best, I mean of course you know your house by about that lately is this guy I have only you think of what I have a leader water yellow. At least there's there's a lot of stuff that goes on because I drink an awful lot of coffee to and that's just that's my chosen thing in the morning which I really enjoy coffee, but it gets it doesn't hydrate you at all. So I wake up and I but I gotta just slam some water and it just made it first just wakes every thing up air water is required for every metabolic process in the body, every reaction that happens every single thing that goes on when we describe it. Make the assumption that it's happening in an aqueous solution that these things are, you know have water to help out with everything and if you don't then no part of your body works better when you're not. Hydrate will not think this through. How much does it cost you as a caregiver when you're in those gnarly situations. How much does it cost you to wait how much does it cost you to drink some water, a lot of times is caregivers were just wanting to get somebody did to rescue us and bail us out of this and make it stop that it's not to happen that way. Most most the time I'm in the rarely does that happen. What we can do is we can improve our own well-being.

In the midst of and I'm I'm asking you to just try drink and some water being try drinking one another sip of water drink. Get a bottle of water. Drink it two bottles of water.

Keep a bottle) of of of clean water just water.

Just drink it.

Our son Grady drinks enormous water water at out here. I drink a lot of what I member this guy was doing these these guides over the Middle East and they went out, cut them in the wilderness area think they're going out towards Mount Sinai actually and in and out throughout his name. For some leaders may remember this author. If you do I love to hear because I liked Adelphi labor skeg is out. I love this guy stuff is his work by Jamie Buckingham when he was telling the story is taking the story told all the guys to drink water with.

There's one guy on the trip that obviously didn't drink Y drink love sodas and so he kept drinking sodas and coffee but not water and about somewhere into the mix.

They notice he was and he was he was getting delusional because he was getting dehydrated and didn't realize it we get drinking sodas, but he wasn't drinking water and and and it's one of those things where we've got to just knuckle down is caregivers and say hey we need to drink water and this does two things. It helps that we drink to think it helps us cutting stay healthy physically but also fills her mouth up with something besides words and gives us a moment to cool down so that we're not having to respond so quickly. Have you ever been in a situation with the doctor or nurse or some type of orbs receptionist at a hospital.

Whatever you just want to get snippy with them because they get snippy with you and you just want to fire back, you've had enough and you're just ready to just just lose it on if you haven't given time because you will if you do if you log any kind. I was a carrier to get to that point been there so many times and it's embarrassing for me. I look back and cut a cringe because I could've been a lot better place and I could've been a lot kinder but you know you live and learn as latte on the Christus W caregivers, but if you could just grab some water is take a moment to drink some water and give yourself a little moments cleared before responding. You just don't have to go to every fight that you get a ticket to and you can get a lot of tickets he said your love was gonna say things are just going to fly all over you, a family member's gonna come in a parachute in and give you all kinds of advice and then just immediately leave and not do a darn thing you know a nurse or a church member or somebody's gonna say something to you to try to just basically if you what you know if you were smart as they were, you would be having these problems just drink some water cool off, don't respond to that you until you had a chance to do it inserted. Don't react to it and then the last one so that's weight water and then walk when he gets really ugly but it gets really unpleasant when you are struggling to come to find solid ground somewhere go full. Just take a few moments to walk around the block. Just get out. If you can't leave the house walk to the back of the house and back walk around the room in a circle it out just walk physically move your body physically move your body and distance yourself away from the craziness walk on the end of the hospital hallway. What down into the rehab center walked on the end of the hospital is just physically walk away for a few minutes and let your head clear it'll buy you some time.

It'll bleed off some stress drinking all that water's can I help you manage a lot of things in your life. I don't know that it cures or whatever for high blood pressure, but it's not gonna hurt drink some water weight before you respond. Take a walk.

These are the three initial steps of the Delta doctrine the Delta doctrine weight water walk. It's putting your mask on first is a caregiver. That's what we gotta do. You cannot get hooked into these things always go to do was take you down some dark places and you still get to be a caregiver. You can be happier to be healthier. You can be, and so you can be happy as you be happier. It can get better looking little work little bit smarts and little bit discipline on your smile part. All this can be thought of my book hope for the get the audiobook Kindle version print version.

It's all out there take advantage of. Take advantage of these things I was more to come.

This is hope for the care of Peter Rosenberg will be right back

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