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#417 Respecting the Trauma

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger
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June 14, 2020 11:56 am

#417 Respecting the Trauma

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger

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June 14, 2020 11:56 am

As a caregiver, do you respect the trauma that YOU'VE endured?  In this episode, we delve into this often overlooked issue that caregivers face. 

Peter Rosenberger hosts the nationally syndicated program, HOPE FOR THE CAREGIVER.


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Hope for the Caregiver is the family caregiver outreach of Standing With Hope


Hope for the Caregiver
Peter Rosenberger
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Robby Dilmore
Hope for the Caregiver
Peter Rosenberger
Hope for the Caregiver
Peter Rosenberger
Hope for the Caregiver
Peter Rosenberger
Hope for the Caregiver
Peter Rosenberger

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Once you those of you who knowingly, willingly volunteer, sometimes with heart putting yourself between a foldable of one disaster family caregiver is at risk. Individual. That individual is is beaten-down is struggling is is bombarded with all kinds of pressures and stresses, and so forth.

In this show is dedicated to that person. I'm Peter Rosenberger I'm your host caregiver now in my 34th year dealing with a medical nightmare.

My wife is had to endure all from a trauma that she had back in 1983 a car accident that left her permanently disabled with severe challenges to deal with hundred doctors now. I've treated her in over 12 hospitals 200 breaks surgeon resident later told her prostitutes when she had to lose her legs many years after that that they stuck Kelly at 200 breaks in the recent give you this litany of things because this will talk about they were going to talk about trauma and anybody that's paying attention can look out across the landscape of our country and see that there is such significant trauma going on to us collectively, not just for individuals but as a destination and one of things I've learned over the years with her out sheet she's had 80 surgeries to give up both of her legs below the knee and one of those things I've learned. This is the. The reality of what trauma can do to a human being to the body but can also do things to your heart to your soul and that's were to talk about today.

If you want to be part of the show.

888-589-8848 885-8988 for your website is hope for the and I am Peter Rosenberger and I am glad that you're with us you you. You're the reason I do the show because I are struggling along in this for so long without anybody be able to speak with clarity into my circumstances. People spoke and they try to they offered, but it didn't register.

A lot of times it would just kinda hit the kind of the sometimes self protective wall we caregivers put up just to keep from feeling like going under all the time, but inwardly wheat we are going under and so I are determined what I decided to do the show many years ago that I was going to speak in a way that caregivers can understand that if you not care. You may not grasp what I'm talking about and I'm really not here for you. In that regards I'm here for that caregiver to help you understand the screws they can get you to safety to get you to solid ground because it it it on any given day, even for like you floundering in any given hour you feel like and it's it it's hard to know where safety is least for me and so that's why when we formulated everything about the show is designed to speak in a way that you as a caregiver can understand if you will be part of that 888-589-8840 888-589-8840 MM will start off of the Scripture today that I felt like would be appropriate to what were dealing with. As caregivers voted on with as a nation that Psalm 3418 through 19 the Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit. Many are the afflictions of the righteous but the Lord delivers him out of the all. The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit. That sound familiar to you. Does that sound like where you are that your brokenhearted and crushed in spirit. The relentless onslaught of crises of suffering of challenges can beat you down like very few things can. It's almost like you just listening to be described in military terms are. It would be a combat terms, it would be like just concussive grenades going off its deafening and it's hard to think and process, and in yet so many keggers wake up everyday and push themselves through that type of of craziness where they are, are going to just shouldered up and go and not pause enough to even catch their breath. This is what we do as caregivers and in wheat we live on.

Sometimes caffeine in crisis and so today I want to to spend time at adjustment.

Unpack this and I want you to weigh in on end and offer your thoughts on it but but don't want to spend some time talking about our journeys, caregivers, and respecting the trauma that is happening to us as we do this and also I have postulated for some time that it doesn't ended a grave I know to me. Caregivers who took care of somebody for long period of time and then once the funeral was over that loved one. The caregiver still processed what can only be described as something with PTSD following the death of their loved one that that lingered on for a lengthy period of time. If not for the rest of their life. I want to share a little bit of what that looks like it and why that's important.

Even have a conversation about we caregivers become kind of conditioned to certain type of behavior certain types of responses and certain types of of stimuli if you will, and I had one lady that called show. We talked about this for some time. Her husband passed away that Alzheimer's and she was just on call all the time. There's always something going on in them when he passed away. The silence was almost deafening to her meat. She didn't know how to function. As you know what to do. You know what to do with the free time she didn't know what to do with the quiet and the peace without the craziness that the that this disease can can wreak on people the havoc you can reconnect people and she had to process out the trauma.

It takes time to do those kinds of things. But when you're dealing with it all on and on and on unaudited never ends. How do you take the time for that.

How do you how you process this and I think really about any combat that will tell you that when you're on the battlefield. There's not time for morning it's MO you are in ING is not time for grieving. You have to put that in the box and keep keep going on because you're fighting for your life that takes an enormous toll on you as is an individual. Imagine you know you're dealing with the special needs child that is relentless in their needs. That is, did you have to monitor all the time as he may stop breathing or that they scream and cry through the night and developmental disabilities and physical challenges, or one of the other.

Imagine if you will that you're taking care of of of someone who is bitter in meaning in their dementia and is constantly flinging insults at you and and hurling things that you that are just heartbreaking and yet you're trying to clean up after they seem to be able to do everything except make it to the bathroom and you're having to deal with this regularly.

What is that duty do you respect that level of trauma of what that's doing to you and then how do you process that took place where you can have some healing catch a breath, was that look like the sort of talk about today that this is what you're feeling, I want you to weigh in on this. 888-589-8840 caregiver here in America.

Questions do you believe that what is that look like that is my wife Gracie seen from her new record resilient. You can go see more about that and hope for the caregiver.counselor through the front page. Take a look at it and see how she's dealt with this. This is what she does. Through her music to be able to communicate that there is something coming that there is something available in the midst of this, but takes time to process that you have to honestly look at what's happened to you what's what is your sorrow.

What is your what is your challenge. What is your heartbreak in the context of what God provides.

Remember Scripture this morning.

We started off with it. He he he is keenly aware of these things the Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit and I can't talk to somebody.

Caregivers and brokenhearted and crushed in spirit defines so many of us. You do this loan if you understand that verse in a profound way.

What is that look like and how do we respect the trauma. How do we I would give value to the trauma in order to be able to effectively process and and and wrap our minds around what is happened to us and him him please, please, let him hear me on this. A funerals not to solve your problem.

What what what is happened to you as a caregiver is your struggle with this and and been you. Every part of your your being. Your senses and everything is been assaulted by the constant crisis, or the challenges or the stress of it and all is because things as this one where Sonia and so if we don't give this the respect it deserves respect the trauma they were not to be able to experience the healing that is available to us. 888-589-8840 if you will be part of the show.

888-589-8840 also followed hope for the Our podcast is theirs. Well we put out the show as a free podcast, please take advantage of it and subscribe to it followed they share with other people.

These are what I'm what I'm trying to do it with no one trying to what I am doing is putting out as much information as I can in a way that caregivers can understand and again. If you are not a caregiver. You get something out of the show, but I'm not here for you and I'm not here for your loved one who's gone through whatever they're going through. It's important with their lots shows dedicated for things like that. This show is for you as a caregiver we speak fluent caregiver here on this show. So whether you're taking care of somebody with offices autism child with autism or an adult with autism. Whether you're involved with somebody who has Alzheimer's was a family member or loved one.

Whatever. Or maybe you have somebody in your life you as an addiction to alcohol. As per org substance abuse, whether prescription or illicit drugs. It doesn't matter whatever the affliction is there's always a caregiver that caregiver is reeling from the pounding that goes on in your heart and in your in your in your senses and your soul and you will find necessarily your specific circumstances in Scripture. There's there's nowhere in Scripture where there's gotten care of his wife. The researchers both of her legs were amputated of looked. There's a lot I know that I'm not in a fight. My particular journey there which you which you could encounter over and over and over is Scripture speaking to the core of what you're feeling inside.

The despair of the that the, the, the fear, the heartache, the range that you will feel all those things are dealt with in Scripture because that's where the battle is for us and I am convinced that we caregivers don't need a lot of instructions. I can't tell you how to get your lovely morning to tell me have the care of mine.

But we do need a lot of reminders. We do need a lot of of repetition on what is safety look like, and we build each other up that way one thinks about beauty caregivers that it isolates you and that isolation the start. Thoughts come along that you that you're the only one that is dealing with this or that you're completely alone or or whatever, but that's for the dark thoughts come and I'm I'm saying to you that you're not alone. That's what were doing the show so that you have clear understanding of how to navigate through this one, things I call talk about on the show those your regular listeners will understate what will recognize these things that I've talked about is the fog of caregiver sphere obligation and guilt and will get into this fog we we get lost we get disoriented we don't normally record if you if you're driving down the road and you run into a fog bank was the first thing you do.

We slow down the first thing you do slow down because you can't see in your disoriented and and you you deal with the you turn off your your high beam lights on your car and you put it on low beams and it don't know what Scripture do you think about when you think about that that word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.

He did see was a searchlight set a fog like we were going out at you know like of all help me out here mama just would like that which we get lighthouse out there. It is a lamp unto my feet, you just sometimes see the next step. That's all we can. Sometimes an extent, but we have to go with the speed of that next step. That's all we can do that. Fear obligation and guilt consumes us and we we don't know which way is up sometimes and that's what about when that when the funerals over if your loved one is passed away or unity.

I've talked to me about this that might has not. I'm still caregiver from exit 34 years into this but I've talked to many who have validated this thought that that when the when the funeral is over.

That doesn't mean that the fear obligation and guilt, particularly that guilt doesn't consume a caregiver. They think about what they should've done.

We shouldn't in this patient on this we should in this and and it torments relentlessly and their loved one is already in the grave, and yet the caregiver still tormented are you that way. This morning, do you feel that way right now that you just tormented by what you should have done.

Many are in your why we do the show.

888-589-8840 888-589-8840. I'm going to try to squeeze in a few calls it before the bottom of the hour.

This is Keith in Kentucky Keith good morning, how are you feeling all along great morning. No, tell me what's going on in your mind and heart of the montmorillonite name domain by Gonzalo Malan will not migrate their bedridden, very hot Creek on seven months on okay. Not like all all skin and muscle of his arm. Most of the legs and leg and right now I really like him about a good down the try to get them to lose weight at you happy with Southeast Asia and he only lonely, even when people around my keys were spending a lot of time talking about your landlord tell you but you will get whelming. Well guess her mom on okay. When a router like a great arc admin is my mate on my math and the note on record regulated unregulated backup to backup the show was called hope for the caregiver.

What are you calling about today to talk about your caregiving challenges or what you're don't do as a caregiver.

Equally, I have a development memory problem. Most of equipment and like a like a copy of earlier regular locate, goal legal really really realize that they're missing out how quickly you now are not overly Gouda. You'll see my landlady and Fred Mike and he's an alcoholic is negative during your aftershave everything out like that but that he got you got family working and I'm not sure I never want to hear backup as were all over the map. Keith what's going on with you right now is a caregiver.

What you struggling with nothing Malan okay you let me know would greet committed to the hospital ward music on the network agreed on arguing okay but that's not like that anymore. But God is and is arguing in use, but the verbal will is noon with Del Carmen, Pierre, would you really realize a talk on that point and the upgrade of the Lord were not noticeably understand and learn what will I think the good Lord I know more I will see what we need these arguments with somebody was impaired is never going to go well, they're not going to be able to process the mural will will and up against that keys were up against the bottom of the out here and I've got to run. We got to go to break and I can't fight the clock on this. There's a lot of background gnosis was kinda hard to hear you but bottom line is Keith that I would like for you to hopefully see that maybe are you guys not best use of your time and maybe content concentrate and submit challenges that you're dealing with healthcare gives a better caregivers, teens, and it sounds like your dinner was a lot of health issues yourself caregiver. I was a favorite caregiver. 888-5888 85898. Part of the show. Talk about respecting the trouble and we as caregivers deal with massive amounts of trouble. You just don't recognize a six because that over a period of time it's done over lengthy weeks, months, years, decades, and all the while it's really it's it's it's wreaking havoc on our bodies and our spirits or souls on her while it's on our careers.

All of those things are happening to us in this slow stealthy encroachment. As we deal with this. It it if we don't respect the trouble. What happens is is that we we wake up one day were lost. Where were completely just disoriented. We don't do. We don't know how to function as a normal human being and it takes a while to kind of process this out and and it takes time and it admin space and grace to be able to process these things out. And if we don't do that, then we become even more misshapen by this, so these are the things that were try to talk about today's learning to respect the trauma that your enduring give yourself enough time if as you walk through the six to at least just catch your breath. You don't understand it. Never. It's what yes I do understand, but we have to carve that at some I asked her one time how do you how do you find time to do all this and how to find, make time because if I if you don't if you don't take time for stillness. You have to make time for illness. You cannot live in this kind of stress for this lengthy period of time and not think he doesn't have any kind of effect on your body under so on your financial assistance on your ability to make decisions. These are all things that caregivers understand and deal with in your why we do the show. Hopefully by the Blazer website. The book is hope for the caregiver and seven caregiver landmines and also we have a free podcast is out there because with Butkus. The show and other things we do. We do a lot of podcasts. Another part of the week.

We also put up both materials of different things just trying to put as much information in your hand so that you don't feel that you're floundering alone in this and that's really important to to to have a another voice that say here's what I've learned through this. Here's where I learned to be able to catch my breath that I did have that for some meaning of the years in the decades that have done this so when I set out to do a show like this. I knew that I knew that I had to speak fluent caregiver to my fellow characters that I had to speak in a way they could understand the way that I wish somebody spoke to me and that's all out there and hope for the and if you if you fighting the show to be helpful. Get involved with supporters but not there, you could support today. Right now, Karen Arkansas Karen good morning, how are you feeling then lie. Thank you.

Work even harder that one area was waiting to hear how screener that we unexpectedly became clear Garrett. My father we met how to stay the night. Tenant traveled with his granddaughter David that my sister and they were close there.

We, you know, we took our RV at their my sister had caught us before he got there think it's really really out of breath immediately as a model car at La Marion and and steps we can clearly see you and not getting what he needed at home. He had apparently two weeks after my mandating at a much younger woman in a hall at her two teenage kids and anyways we are and thrown to the wayside and and everything and that we had home as well as her being angry to get the letter whenever the anyways you will now now so we really thought that we've got a great cardiologist here will find out what gland we never known that he had the eight We never really never taught her that you know you like to.

How are you feeling yeah what I am a lot better and you name me. I mean I made on how depressed I've been lying termed type I diabetic and some of the complications that goes with that and eyelet canceling appointments right now and you know, patently rescheduling that an engineer shall address that and make clients or a short week at Lake three at the leading centers right in the city we live in, but my father could not afford them. He has now decent retirement income email coming in each month that he still he could not afford that and a bag.

Make sure you've got a come here.

You gotta come here you know My husband that if either mere ham one of us have to go there is no place they comply have your father again. Little bit longer okay. Space space today and still slowly but surely getting back to heaven more active prayer life and reading the word and went to the wayside. It really, really dead. I felt so very very isolated before he came.

My girlfriend and I get together time in at least two or three times the monthly get together would have coffee we go out to lunch, handsome Lance. You know, give praise you for now the Lord was moving in our lives in prayer needs and I'm I will say I can't you very very dear friend to fade get it right Staying in Todd's just to let me know they are thinking of me and they had their own stuff going out so they can be more helpful, but that encourage me a lot. They are, they are in an end, but the strange thing as we family found and it was right down the really never knew it. I mean, I reached out to the town and then I caught their area agency. You know if there are any retirement homes in that area that County and now everybody has to go to your city and not them. So we found this now. They found home. The group on a little bit more here. Yes, how important is it to you on the heart level for these friends to reach out to you in your isolation very very very very very important.

And especially when I knew they had their own house issues going on on my one friend she is just about crippled with rheumatoid arthritis initiate caregiving for fun with mental health illness and thought her hand. She is a widow that she do you reach out to her ideal radio waves state yeah went by and I have encouraged her to let in order to listen to your program that you really encourage me because. Jeremy, David, like all our nights. I can't get out of bad today, but I knew I had to. I knew I had to hand the appointment my cat. I would like felt like Alice Lydia, I can't think of the term now nurse coordinator. I mean I was near me. Sometimes it was three and four days a week would have appointments and I learned I could relax like on the weekend if it looked like that next week was clear I could get excited because by Monday we had three appointments that week before we take the call here. What do you feel like what what what is relaxing look like to you my husband again and not me and Philip had three cut that air with a knife and you know but what really out so that addresses what I really like what you think.

I have to yell at the heart issues we grew up. My father was an alcoholic lemonade.

He made life a living hell. At home we canceling like an egg shell we like it better whenever my mom laughed and we are broken only eight baloney because it was peaceful So peaceful and on. He did later. You know, toys are going up. She did become a Christian. So let's get a bit better for my mom what really am amazed as Peter was, how these issues with that leaked outlet and had forgiveness and grace serve that and you know we we clearly thigh after a few weeks my dad got here. He has dementia and he is very nice. He thought the world had to rotate around have a lot a lot of exit alcoholics did the center of the universe. Ray said let me hurt my husband helpful, but he cannot go to the do you go to any type of 12 step program for members of alcoholics like I'm not anything like that. I had thought their literature and can't help but now with the call that you quarantine your NetMeeting anymore.

They do have them online, but that for me it just doesn't work because especially I did so isolated that. Not that that lies to check out some of them online and also read that material may have been because those I think the 60 help you select.

You said you thought you dealt with that until it comes back out now you got a husband is dealing with this and you got a father's that with this if you have been bombarded by alcoholism in and alcoholism and addiction will destroy the souls of the hose around it, if allowed to it as it is without mercy and and so those are things that I would would highly recommend cured because again the whole thing, the today show is respecting the trauma and range is not your father's dementia. Your father's dementia is bad enough, but the fact that hearings all this baggage into this is is brutal on you and respecting the trauma that this man is inflicted on the because he has. He hasn't fell yeah but you got here and I got to go to break your butt. Here's the deal.

Here's the good news get got a Savior that is near the target and saves the Christian spirit is murder your help somebody walk the first time I've had that privilege many times through our organization. Standing with hope when my wife Gracie gave up both of her legs follow this horrible Rick that she had as a teenager and she try to save them for years and if it just wouldn't work out.

And finally she relinquished up and thought wow this is that I'm not heavy legs anymore. What can God do with that and then she had this vision for using prosthetic limbs as a means of sharing the gospel to put legs on her fellow amputees and that's what we been doing now since 2005 was standing with hope. We work in the West African country of Ghana and you can be a part of that through supplies through supporting team members through supporting the work that were doing over there. You could designate a limb. There's all kinds of ways that you can be a part of giving the gift that keeps on walking and standing with would you take a moment ago understanding with and see how you can give they go walking and leaping and praising God. You could be a part of caregiver. I am Peter Rosenberger.

Before facilitating 589-8858 40 also caregiver.from get this show is a podcast as well will have it out later on this afternoon or tomorrow. Will you do it pretty quick turnaround and you could also see more about what we do involves what we do you like what you hear and if you feel like it has value to you that support the right there and hope for the caregiver.calm and you can also see that CD from grace and for any amount that you will support what were doing tax-deductible gift will send you Gracie CD you you love what she brings to the table. She is an amazing singer and and she's been through the ringer and she said just know had so many brutal challenges lived to tell about it, live to sing about it and I think you find her music and very meaningful. We also have CD songs for the caregiver you demo that today that's available digitally where everyone listen to music it sells for the caregiver and we try to put as much stuff as we can to just strengthen you along the journey. Sue in Mississippi's good morning how you feeling, Sue. Our timing was on Hartman. Well, I wondered how much I enjoy your show and lecturing for a few months now and I'm very impressed with the many great works is extremely encouraging for people thinking a lot of my own calculation and help a number of people in my life who have gone to a lot of things. Unfortunately And When You Said This Morning That When It Stopped Silent for Stephanie.

Oh My God, Culture Care If It's Okay, I Found Some Fabulous Doctors on When It Backed up Just a Second Suit Do You.

Do You Have a Radio on. Now, Okay, Just a Little Bit of America but the Silence Already out There, but I Don't Found Not Okay. That's If You Set an Orbit Talk about the Silence and a Lifetime of Dealing with White Mentally Challenged Brother or Friend. Seriously Ill from Diabetes or Are 94-year-old Mom Passed Away, or My like You No Longer Inherited Is All Automatic Market Pain and Injury Contract That and I've Learned, I've Been Very Blessed with God's Help to Reading and Computer Research. I Can't Do the Taking and Trying to Quit after Climbing Back to the Go Back to the Silence.

What Happened When You Found That with the Silence Hit You When You Silence Hit Me Think That I'm a Christian and My Faith in God. I Found Myself Spending A Lot More Time with God Being Ellen Knowing That He Is God Reading the Bible Listening to the Worship and Praise and Just Learning. The Conflict Almost from the It Took Me a Workaholic. What Is Not Normal for Me to Stop and Be Still and Conquer God Flopping Artwork That Look like You Because A Lot Of Caregivers Are in Your Places That They're Dealing with You of the Date They Just Came Home from the Funeral and There There Looking at an Empty House. There's a Hospital Bed Somewhere in the House or There's Often Some Medical Equipment. They Don't Know What to Do That on a Foggy Night. My Night Was It like for You, My Mom Is 94 and That Was a Long List of Issues That You Check Again with Every Day for a Long Time and I Went There It Was Emotional or Physical or Whatever Now for Me It's a Tremendous Adjustment Because I'm Not Used To Having Nothing to Do with Stripping a Workaholic Picking Care Of the Mentally Challenged Brother Helping a Baby with Frank Featured Helping FRANKENSTEIN from Back Because He That He Can Because of Diabetes. A Mother Who Is Going to Many Different Outpatient Concussion Empty Just Suddenly Stop and Do Absolutely Nothing in the Park Hope It Has Concocted Because You're Even More Stop and Doing Absolutely Nothing and It's a Very Strange Feeling so for Me, What Works Is to Take It to God, and It Has Been How Was It Was When You Came to a Stop Was Jarring, Dislikes like Slime. The New Breakthrough Click to the Car Cover Thing Was It Was a Kind of It Was It Was Stop Itself, like, You Know, Just a Kind of Freaky Little Bit yet Been Caught in a Large Family Who Were Workaholic Always Care about Other People. I Find around with Nitrogen Trying Report That Also Dealing with Health Issues and I like to Share What I've Learned, I've Learned so Much about How about How to Deal with Painters but That's Critical Therapist Agreed to Get Patrick out Learned Anything from Reading from Great Doctors and from Reading the Bible and Taking It All to God in Prayer and I Find That God Is Bringing Me through with Not Only All the Stuff I'm Exhausted from Helping Other People, but Taking It All and Applying It to Whatever My Knee Now Okay to Read a Book Okay to Stop Catering Rest. It's Okay to Watch a Good Movie. It's Okay to Take a Long Walk. It's Okay to Breathe Deep.

It Will Yes You Are Not about That Suitably Issue.

This Was It Okay to Do All Those Things before They Died.

She Did X Try to before Teachers Stop When You Want to Stop. Was It Was It Important for You to Do Those Things before They Died. Oh Yeah, Definitely Not Always Going for Years I've Been Doing the Fiscal, Therapeutic, Deep Breathing, Praying or Walking Resting Stretching Napping. Whatever I Needed to Do a Hot Bath. Whatever I Do Take Supplement Read More Health Research to Learn More on How to Get Stronger and Should Not Stop and Not Give a Shout like Quitting and Stopping and Getting up Just Put 1 Foot in Front of the Other and Take a Deep Breath and Trusting God and Just Keep Going Well and See This Is One of the Things I Talk about Here.

The Show and I Have for Some Time. Is That Ultimately Caregiver Somehow Feel like That Will Postpone Doing the Healthy Things until Their Loved One Dies or Gets Better Then Okay Dibble Read Books That Will Read Scripture Then Will Take a Walk Then Will It up Thinking Everything You Tell Me Your Your You You Came to That Realization That Those Things Are Important.

A Long Time before the Funeral Lecture, Helping Yourself to a Strong and Healthy. In Order to Do in a Court Docket and Strength Other Than Just Nutrition and Other Interests.

I Get so Sad When I Say like This Is Beginning to Show This Caregivers We Need to Respect the Trauma of What's Going on with Our Trauma, Not Just Our Local Trouble but Are Try. What Is It Say, It Is My Life.

I Mean I Had a History of It like Norman My Life Problem and As a Christian. I'm Sure That That's True for A Lot Of People Who Electronic Chart God That Things Happened When You Lose It All in a Fly with Your Losing Things to Cut the Coated with the Illusory Think the Fall Accidents or Inherited Illnesses. I Take Lost at the Locker A Lot in My Life and I've Learned God Will Be There with Me Forever. God Will Never Leave Me. God Has a Plan God Has Allowed Expropriation. Sometimes the Bible Even Says God Because but He Also Said It Came to Pass, Thank God, It Doesn't Come to Stay. Love This Verse Limitations Receipts Will Be Causes Grief. He Also Has Compassion on and We Don't Understand Why He Does What He Does.

Sometimes What He Doesn't Do Things That Would like to Do.

I Had One above Folly Sections of This God Is Never Late, but He Misses A Lot Of Great Opportunities to Be Early and That Resonate with You and Me, I Pray to God Alone in Christ Alone and Fit God Why Are You Doing Why Are You Allowing That's What You Want from Me.

How Much More Do You Expect Me to Remember How I Had Thought Alike. Help Me to Do What He Does. He Is He Does Hear Those Prayers We Don't Understand How He Works All These Things out, but We Trust Admin and They These. This Is Our Journey. This Is Our Dry. Sue Is As Believers and in This Life Is Filled and Fraught with All Types of Heartache and Challenges and for Those of Us Who Are Who Are Not Unaccustomed to Link the Times of Had to Deal with Painful Realities. I Do Think We Have a Responsibility like You Done This Morning to Come. It's Okay, Here's What I Learned through It and Here's What I'm Doing Now and I Think That's Ever Going to Buy the Way to Help Our Country Navigate through These Things That Are Countries Kind of Going through This Collective Seizure of Trying to Figure out Where Safe Ground Is for Us but Those of Us Who Have Cared for, You Know, People with Impairments and in All Types Things through These Things We We Have a Responsibility to Speak into This with Clarity and Wisdom, and You've Done a That This Morning. Susan, Thank You Very Much for That. Okay, Help but Give Me One Could Rebut at a Time.

Okay (] like Dark Heat on Amazon, PhD, PT Got a Book Entitled Three Minutes to a Pain-Free Life and As a Person Will Say That to Disagree with Outlook Again. That's What I like to Give up These Book Titles Because I Kinda Disagree with the Title and My Wife Is Said about Life Lives with My Wife Liz Was so Much Pain from Her Broken Body. So Look Would Be Meaningless to Her Right That the Only Stock Title Would Be the Title Would Be, but Appreciate What Is Done for You and Sue. Thank You for for Taking the Time to Call It Love That You Listen to the Show and Needs to Pay This so for the Caregiver. We Got Go Hope for the Hope for the

If You Will See More Information about the Show Will Do What We Offer.

Thank You for Being a Part of. With This Caregiver Healthy Caregivers. Today's Greatest

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