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More and More Democrats Are Ditching Joe Biden

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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July 7, 2022 1:07 pm

More and More Democrats Are Ditching Joe Biden

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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July 7, 2022 1:07 pm

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Live from the Fox News radio's New York City set up Fox and friends saw America's receptive Brian Argento might even be here. Thanks so much for visiting us again 186-608-6691 or write us right kill just click on comments and I'll try to get to them during the show.

Big news Boris Johnson long rumored to be on his way out is now out as prime minister of England will talk about that is a powerful personality that only has himself to blame. I want to go inside British politics but his own behavior and decisions and got them into this mess on the world stage is actually doing quite well helping unify NATO leading the charge against Vladimir Putin. Good personality but his decisions absently horrendous and that's what Vladimir Putin wants they want a weak president and their level with and they would love turmoil in the UK and they got both Betsy DeVos is standing by the former Secretary of Education were the best songbook hostages no more. But before we get to that. Let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three appears when you drove to Madison.

He was driving around. However the celebration was occurring in Madison.

I seriously contemplated using a firearm he had in his vehicle to commit another shooting unbelievable right how the Highland master could have been worse as the shooter. I'd Madison on the same day the story and that story and have the despicable dad remains defiant. And since he's innocent, but I think he's complicit will give you the latest, along with another would-be massacre that was thwarted in Richmond everything by does is permeated by this futile leftist climate change green new deal and he really believes that this high price of oil will be mitigated with the use of renewables unbelievable paying the price because of an outrageous Reuters reports or strategical reserve is being released to China and India whose aiding and abetting Russia its America's great courage merges great crude oil in our energy insecurity and is going to our enemies.

This is inexcusable why the guy is a total fall in the lookee side with the bite administration killing the energy industry in Ohio, in the name of green energy. I'm not surprised that he's politically smart enough to know that he has to run from Joe Biden that is JD Vance who wants to replace Rob Portman as a Republican senator from Ohio insult to the injured to dams looking for statewide office in Ohio skip prison find speech in Cleveland underlining his weakness as the foundation starts cracking beneath his feet and his party.

However, the Republicans don't have a clear path to power either. They have to earn it. I'll explain less bring the former Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, congratulations on your book on the secretary hostages no more is a New York Times bestseller. Well, thank you so much Brian. It's great to get the message out there about how we can fix American education and hostages. No more is a story about Jeff doing just that and give best way to do it.

Americans had a front row seat. The last two years and how the education system actually handles delivering learning to kids, and many people are very disappointed. So at the prime time to have policy change that will support families and kids system so I was Spence last week with Gov. Duncan and he I would say that he probably wouldn't get elected as governor of Virginia.

If those school boards didn't erupt after people found out the curriculum that they were being taught their kids and they would this in parents were dismissed when they try to give some input into it.

The secretary when you took over this job did you know a lot of this anti-American CRT was taking place while I knew that it had been continued continuing to infiltrate in many places, but the exposure that it got and now family living rooms during coalbed certainly brought it right in front of parent never thought they had to worry or be concerned about their kids curriculum and also parents were told to just go home and not speak up when their schools were closed for months longer than they needed to be. They were also told to go home and don't speak up when they saw no distance learning that was anything but high expectations and robust there were met.

There are many reasons why families are unhappy with the status quo and with the system that they thought was serving their kids well. Many families have gone on to figure out alternatives that are working well for them and many families want to do just that and policy need to support them doing when you begin to change things and saw these this problem.

How we received well.

I've been at this for 35 years and I have gone head-to-head with the teachers union every step of the way the teachers unions are at the top of the pile with preserving and protecting and expanding the status quo while they with all their allies and in Washington DC continue to really control K-12 education in America hundred 75-year-old done that was that it was started 48 entirely different time and education itself is the least disruptive industry we have in our country and parents saw this family saw this in the last two years, and neighbors and friends inside and so there is a realization that we have got to do something different to provide better opportunities for kids across the country in the back to you or do you want any part of you want to put down one a part of the reform in the day that you were hired. I remember you going to visit school.

I think it was in New York to protesting the Secretary of Education things myself. I cannot believe you need security to get into a van to visit a school.

I was actually in Washington DC on my second day on the job and I was physically barred from the school initially now. We eventually got in and I tell the story in the book.

It's that it's a sad commentary on on on people who think that they have that they have kit interest at heart. They show themselves regularly while continuing when I was trying to highlight great things happening.

They would continually protest and and have dozens if not hundreds. In some cases of protesters out just attacking me personally about me. It wasn't about me it's about protecting a system that's working for adult but isn't working for kids executive education Betsy DeVos a book is now out is with the sale of the book is out out hostages no more, the fight for education freedom in the future of the American child. So this couple stories on bring you to nursing the LAP in the Los Angeles unified district. There are training teachers and staff against meritocracy that merit and individualism are concepts rooted in whiteness must be challenged in schools meritocracy is synonymous with America so I am stunned by this. Are you absolutely no I'm not stunned because the LA district has had again been focused on their own ideological crusade. They Kids out of school for nearly 2 full years and these are the kids who can least afford me in the classroom and not be learning. We won't know the devastating effects of those locked down for years, but what we do know is that while they're busy trying to fill kids heads ideologically.

Kids are not learning to read and write and tragic story on The national education Association, teachers unions, proposing a resolution to change mother which is commonly used in in school to birthing parent birthing parent. What the hell is that about again all the ideology that that debt down the unions and their allies are trying to force feed to every American family and at the same time kids can't read. Kids don't know how to do math we trail the world of the rest of our peers around the world were 37 in math 18th in science and 13th in reading and this was before COBIT struck so what what what we need to do is have kids focused again on being kids. First of all, and learning how to do the thing that they're going to need to have as tools when they grow up into adulthood not focus on all of this ideology and again families are fed up so want to do this. Nicole Neely's case in point is apparent defending defending against going against this defending the lawsuit that they filed against Joe Biden's Department of Education for this whole birthing thing and more cut 29 surprise about three weeks ago when the ministration announced the creation of the national parent and family counseling. Imitation is lost in the mail but we got into it with our friends in America first legal and Pfeiffer slowly forgot actually a significant violation of the federal advisory committee act which has to announce the creation of committees ahead of time have oversight provisions in place and be ideologically balanced and none of these.

I think that conflict meet these criteria and some of things are trying to do cut 31 raises real concerns obviously much teachers unions far away they are from the concerns of average parent Van Jones said a few weeks ago that language in here at the nail salon or at the beauty parlor at these and these are very deeply out of touch ideologues who are in front of our children for this resolution aptly said any more money to even advance this internally and so there's not even buying among their members and the fact that the push this family right.

The whole birthing person thing and changing the pronouns and having kids blow boys who claim to be transsexuals on girls teams is like to try to rip apart the fabric. If they're not trying to destroy and denigrate our history there trying to dumb down our schools and change it what's behind us well have been a progressive ideology that has been speeded in them that they K-12 them for decades and it's finally coming to the four people are finally knowing and understanding and realizing what has been the March that has been happening and and and thankfully you don't families have awakened and they're not going to stand for it. Were seeing were seeing in states across the country. Action being taken around demanding transparency on curriculum and transparency on finances and at giving families. The economic freedom by having the money for their child follow their child to where they want their child to go to school Arizona being the first date that's about to pass or have the governor doozy signed into law a education savings account that will allow families to buy their children's education where they find the best fit for their child so they can make choices to get away from this ideology and do and to do the things that they actually during COBIT.

Many of them found solutions that they want to continue. So how would you characterize your experience with the trauma ministration you almost there the entire time like a very few, as was seen dousing everyone run for the exits was it like for you to just support the present you feel absolutely. The president was very supportive.

In fact, it was his championing this notion of education, freedom and family, making the best decisions for their children was the reason why I joined the administration in the first place and he was very supportive of education, freedom of family of young people following multiple alternative pathways beyond high school to be ready for great careers and great future is not forcing every kid into a four-year college or university, whether that's the right thing for them or not. And he was he was always very supportive of all of those goals and I had lots of latitude with my team to be able to carry out the agenda and at the end you decide to resign after January 6. Why that day was very difficult watching what was going on and I II look at it from the eyes of children who might be watching and thought about the fact that he could have and should have done more to stop what happened at the capital. It was a difficult it was a difficult day for me for many people and I just felt that if and when he he yelled.

He he abandoned his vice president who had been loyally serving for the fall term, it will be with just a bridge too far right talk to him since I have not, would you, I would be happy to, but I haven't thought that out sick to education Betsy DeVos a book is doing exceedingly well. Hostages no more is the top three with top three issues almost everybody's agenda and she was right in the eye of the storm and the fight continues.

The secretary thanks so much.

Thanks so much Brian, you got it.

1-866-408-7669 we come back I'll talk about the third.

The big news, the Prime Minister of the UK is resigned, he still stays in office. What is that mean wise, let me so happy were also going to talk about the fact that a strategical reserve.

We have found out Rudy's reporting what is reporting that are oil that we saved in case of emergency. Going to China and India who is enabling Russia we should be staying here I thought we'll talk about that in the present 36% approval rating. This is the brain to Michelle.

So glad you're here giving you you need to know your Brian kill me. Fox News contests network London Domino's Fox News contributor daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week. This been Dominic's podcast listen no Fox News's personal powerful is America's palm of your thoughts with you throughout your busy day subscribe and listen no Fox News or wherever you get your project information you want to truth you demand. This is Brian kill me show my friends one remotely and Darwinian system will produce another leader who would through tough times that new lead on say say I will give you as much support as I can and you, the British public goods that will be many people who really pops up. You will also be disappointed. And I want you to know how sad I should be giving up the best job in the world.

Them's the breaks. I thought he his speech that was Boris Johnson announcing his resigning as prime minister bee sting are likely to, the fall appears. Morgan told us that he thinks of Boris Johnson always escapes these type of scandals in the past thinks that somehow he'll be rescued, but you know he was part of Breck said he thought would be a great move him taking over a lot of charisma water presents Teresa May was reluctant to do it. Couldn't pass it. He got a lot of it done. So he's on his own now want to get a trade deal done with Trump couldn't find doesn't want to.

But along the way he made some huge errors. The first and foremost was the pandemic verse. He said it's no big deal. He gets it almost dies because he so out of shape. Perhaps he ends up recovering from it, locking out his entire country. At the same time, pictures, emerges from having big parties. People walking into 10 Downing St. There White House with suitcases to follow liquor as I'm not at the party I was importing I was doing work out a note to do a downstairs than pictures emerged from sitting there with a drink at us and actually at the party. He survives bunch of people reside, I think, including his brother, and then a bunch other people resign after he decides to elevate crisp intra-conservative lawmaker before he was promoted to manager a senior position. Turns out it was the last straw was about pincher. He's known to be a sexual harasser sexual harasser harassing men in the parliament, so he gives him a great job as administration gets caught arresting again. The guy evidently is a drunk, alcoholic, why would Boris Johnson put his own reputation and government on the line. What I care most about is the West United against Vladimir Putin him doing a great job first major leader to meet with Zelinski fresh often keep stopping for the most part, bombed, took tremendous courage took on Putin was rattling everyone around charismatic guy and now we loosely in disarray and you know it, thought it would peers.

Morgan said which was so salient and said the person is happy as today is Vladimir Putin because he want to show the West and chaos, a weak leader in America. Everybody knows what's going on with Joe Biden. Everybody knows his approval rating everybody knows his party is turning autumn and they want chaos in Britain they got both the got both. When we come back what it means and why one of their leaders. This is predicting that the Ukraine will actually one Russian leaders predicting Ukraine will actually fall to be swallowed up in all by Russia. Sooner or later.

I don't see that will find out. Mike Rogers feels about it, former chairman of health from assortment will came close to Fox and friends, we can share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business.

Subscribe and listen no Fox News by just Fox News contests network is ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download no Fox News or wherever you get your favorite from his mouth to your leaders Brian kill me. Surely our investigation is gone very much and so what happened after the shooting of Primo's plan was investigators to develop some information that appears when you drove to Madison. He was driving around.

However did you celebration it was occurring in Madison on seriously contemplated using the firearm in his vehicle to commit another shooting in Madison believe the shooter all the horrific damage is done shooting dozens, killing seven and the number grew to eight I believe yesterday in Highland Park on July 4. Drove to Madison dressed as a woman evidently did not intend to leave his gun behind all of his idol. We Harvey Oswald, it slipped out of a sheet he was holding the river to find out who he was and he still was able to slip out get to Madison Wisconsin in his mom's car and decided since was a well-planned, according to reports to turnaround. Now how did this psycho get a gun, especially because police were called to his house twice in 2019. One who's going to kill himself. Number two. He was going to kill family members so they call the cops when they arrived.

I guess it's hard not to spritz charges but they did take dozens of knives including Hachette and and impale her knives out of his house. His dad would end up signing for a gun license forum, knowing his son's violent tendencies is bizarre behavior on the way he's dressed his facial tattoo, his neck tattoo building a bizarre house in the back of his arm detail in the back. I mean this guy is just a walking five alarm fire and he ended up killing and maiming and torture and and by the way, traumatizing entire town Namibia country Mike Rogers, former chairman of the House permanent select committee on intelligence joint is now exposed good to talk to you got that FBI background to what I know is somebody who doesn't.

I don't own a gun, but I assume I would pass a background check.

Why would a guy like this with a documented background like this pass a background check will hold make it in a way that they should number one number two custodian installed and it had not signed permit, which is a huge mistake and wasn't yet we keep on putting people to blame if you're in that chain of decision-making. You are to blame.

You can this this father should have known that police at his house because he was going to kill another family member not in what in God's green earth would allow him to think that you should have a firearm in many short that is beyond me.

And so, we don't make sweeping claims against everybody that does own a gun, but we do need to say this for people like his father, a parent, you have a responsibility for the person getting a firearm like that. Need to make sure I was not. Hope without accountable as well. He needs to have some to build a combo for his options, as well as what the actual shooter who took the crime really hired are Kelly's lawyers who must be that good because he's in jail for life but the heart of this is lawyers represent what he says he's in a walk around town with pride he did nothing wrong. He wants his son to get the maximum sentence will go to all his hearings, but for the most part he says he did nothing wrong, because there was no sign that his son told him he was going to use the guns just for target practice to go to the range to me is that I me. I'm not sure legally how you charge them from number one for being a bad parent you should you should pay all these people that you've destroyed their lives and killed their family members.

A number two keep Monday. She was talking to the dad about the Danish shooter in Denmark and one of his comments are going to his dad was while we go. He ruins it for legal gun owners. When a guy opens up firing like that randomly becomes a mass murderer LOL immediately as fathers telling the story candidly investigation will prove true or untrue may be that there is so innocent and in the way that he claims is just the fact of the parent who had a son with just motor slaughtered seven innocent people traumatized hundreds wounded, whatever, 125 walk around trial in town tells me that there's other problems. There is an old untested gator abdominal problems as well and probably should go to jail in the same way that the son should go to jail for life, but these need to send the message the site your account. You can't allow your children to get done exhibit this very behavior. No one would know what the police won't know about a guy won't know them.

The parent and for him to walk around probably kidding me your SunTrust mortgage seven people about what what in that sentence doesn't bother you that you will walk around town probably your post asked him what was going on there. He said he want to kill his relatives. That said, I just looked as a childish outburst. He also dropped out of school in the 10th grade. I guess it wasn't a problem for him. I do know you could even do that he says quote they make it seem like I groomed him to do this is that I didn't do anything wrong.

City sent you get a long sentence but what he did is get a firearms license for him, but he said he bought the guns on his own.

I'm not sure if that's an Illinois law were not. But why does the guy needed.

What is anyone you sponsor this of age. Well, you have to process and I think Illinois rules.

There could get and I don't know all the rules candidly, but I am going to guess that they he's a minor in order to purchase that you needed to have a parent or guardian finds what my guesses and so I'm hearing on the news so that would tell you that his father needed to be your mother or guardian needed to be engaged to Susan also required on purchase of the print form and on your the one that signed on the fund sheet so that you can do this always waited until he was of legal age and got himself on his father could use that as an idea what you're going to 18 or 21 thing on St. Paul, he didn't do any of those things and so again my whole father I were a little remorse would go a long way right now to show that you were complicit in what your son is tell me how this goes with Mike Rogers, FBI background, former chairman House permanent select committee cursor to Elko. So are you, I know this is rudimentary doing something police officer. We do need to do that when you come to my house and because I got called the C*a call. There's a family member feels threatened or suicide to other earlier: 2090 was for suicide. Now they decide not to press charges and they say well we got our son under control. We think you know we we think we got we can handle it from here. Do you write that incident up if they don't want to press charges. Either one of them compelled to win that appear in my background check will be sure there is a minor, and so will protections for my sake something more than what my mom a griddle on the parent father to make those decisions in this process that swats concerning the shooting in Michigan have very similar, profile of the child exhibited a lot of the similar kinds of things wanted to get a handgun consult on the bottomless handgun for and then he went off to the going to the school and it's the same kind of process. But if you click on them to do something that policymakers have an ability to do so.

You can't blame him minor.

There are special teams figures like Isaac he was 18 yet but it will not know he is now not at the time those 2122 so the time of the family.

He was considered one now this federal law says you can bring my you can look into a minors record prior to 18 that's actually the scanner to come together, but don't let them it was another bunch the police have don't have a lot of options with visual house.

Nobody wants to start parent, so there's no control you want. There needs to be discretion in every single case, but you're also calling on the fact that parents are going to be part of the solution are not part of the problem so that to me, that would be the difficult case is the way I hear, I know all clocks, but the way I hear that me is where I come down and I put a little explaining to do about what he thought that the person could handle soon.

So yes, our background checks. We need to be looked into two juvenile the head when it comes to violence. What you don't want to do this is important. You don't want to pull a sheet over some kid that made a really dumb decision what it was 15 years old that he should be punished for us. And when he's 25, 26 of 35 point go you cannot jog it and I think that's why these firewalls were important when we have technology that would help one the law enforcement community be able to see that you make a judgment on that day as it comes to things like buying a firearms yell at sea. That happens when the school states. Now the T-20's taken place and I think Indonesia will we can have Sec. blinking, the former Foreign Minister of China and live off of Russia brushes her and made it very clear to be very provocative saying, essentially, don't be surprised if we try to take back Russia that you took from us in 1867, which we bought legally they say America should not be so concerned about our borders went. You took you expanded against the American Indian population was at 200 years ago so he brings all that up Medvedev.

Now this is not Vladimir Putin. This is Medvedev, the former president and other officials so there be very belligerent on the world stage, warning us with your take on this flailing one of the last court. About 70% of the troops are committed Ukraine for their invasion and performing pretty poorly. Now they are doing better because of its consecrated courses better than they are doing. You and I talked about that once we ever got their act together, they can cause a lot of harm across Ukraine that they couldn't duplicate that even in Alaska that let's fight with the last 12 minutes of the way they performed in Ukraine incident. Some of the top one units one and Ukraine so I think it's just boiling. I think they're trying to let the loneliness is a teenager. I got caught doing something wrong.

It is not the finger but you know know, look at you and so I don't think there's a lot of cheap ending of this but you do have to be careful in the sky has 12 nuclear arsenals. One is the strategic debate. ICBM missiles acquired often times the tactical links of which has often said, and referred to. He thinks of those tools like a tank, artillery piece and that's not like nuclear weapon think you can use those and come to either deny normally would be used at night access for certain is so he has all of us to abilities, but he doesn't have a great takeback Alaska capability in general. He also wants troops to Alaska also on the morning so I don't know. I think you flailing is not doing well, but will not bring this Ukraine fight to a conclusion we keep looking and grabbing stocking the Ukrainians of the Russian right and so we got getting quicker right oldest member in the beginning everything that we can't really we just now sending artillery goes so high. More missiles about 45 it would be like a long-range artillery shell. Basically three months ago. Why did your fun though completely stated what what armored units and artillery units wildly exposed by the Russian student incompetence candidly would've been a devastating which is not on the corner and one on the put another four in about three months. Some of the training I get, but this could've all been Graham. And guess what were going to get with long stained violent high civilian but I got a couple questions Mike Rogers with this Mike first off to the present keeps coming out and saying please let me Putin's price.

I find it prudent for inflation. Vladimir Putin is starting the world what he's lifting up Vladimir Putin's profile for his own people blinking in the war, the amount of damages done.

He is making the sky bigger than life. Does he understand is counterproductive was the wants chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, does he understand how this plays and by the way, domestically, nobody's buying it.

I think this house by his policies with the folks look so under the no ceiling part of the growing number of centrist as he points to send he was wrong on economic policy was long on energy policy, $10 in the pocket of the federal government dumped a whole bunch of more money in the pot. That's what the $10 or $10. All finding out about some things about what he wants this topic because I know how you policy cancel the Keystone pipeline pipeline for most of the German they on this because dangerous climate change is going that doesn't outline what your objectives are, which would be okay a cleaner cleaner, less carbon burning but not as a way to just absolutely punish the people to be expensive is like you select committee on intelligence. FBI guy Mike Rogers. Thanks so much. Back in a moment trying to meet you in your knowledge base Brian show talk show that's real. This is the Brian show there is the sense things are cut out-of-control and is not in command that no one person could control what it is a you know it's a gale force wind right now. It's affecting politics very hard to come. You heard about gas prices today talks about the gas tax holiday, but is not to get the gas tax holiday and a lot of Americans were skeptical about whether that would that would help so that you know this is a very, very freighted of fraud environment for him right now. No kidding. That is, David Axelrod, who I think you very fair Joe Biden give him a second chance. We talked about when he meanders it doesn't seem clear that he to me. My opinion only he's ever been that big a fan and when he became president.

He said well it beats Donald Trump, but I'm in a call like I see it, and I think that he cannot pretend that things are going well right now and he can't look around and see Rahm Emanuel is very confident. You know, Eric Holder wife, always terrible, but he was competent. I see miracle in in over his head, a secretary, defense of of states it makes me feel anything but a short, a secretary, defense was a robot, not even pushing back against vaccine mandates and I think that you have a president who has no answers to the biggest questions that matter most affect all of us except Wayne Trump why is New York City pressure office set up Fox and friends saw America's receptive voice. Brian would kill me. I want to find kill me here. Thanks so much for being with us all week long, especially kind of a holiday week with so many extend my week or maybe take this week off audio listening and I appreciated Nick Calio joins us at the bottom of the hour airline expert airline for America present CEO get to the bottom line on why all of our flights are canceled or delayed almost everywhere I go it's happening every airline your first you want to blame this when they want to bring that one then you realize it's all what happened if Bernie Sanders comes out to be $50 billion to the audit industry what happened.

What's the answer still saying they're bad people, bad pilots, bad management. Where are the people where all the flight attendants where all the pilots where the planes will find out. I want to get the facts Marti's and will be with us and better moments to former chief speechwriter for Bush foxes contribute a Washington Post columnist.

There's a lot going on now at home and abroad. In case you do not know, a few hours ago, the Prime Minister of the UK resigned in disgrace, Boris Johnson, the person doesn't always disgraced is Boris Johnson. He came out just give himself credit for. All he accomplished and he said the herd mentality herded him right out not really thought you didn't tell the truth a lot to bring inside British politics. But the one person to benefit from this is one of the most evil men on the planet Vladimir Putin. So it's good to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three appears when you grow up to Madison.

He was driving around. However the celebration was occurring in Madison. I seriously contemplated using a firearm in his vehicle to commit another shooting you believe this Highland master could've been worse if you just heard the shooter was going to Madison got there decided he didn't plan well enough came back was arrested also with the gun slipped out of the sheet. He was carrying it in my Jimmy Dean would still be looking for him. Everything Biden does is permeated by this Udell leftist climate change green new deal and he really believes that this high price of oil will be mitigated with the use of renewables by Kudlow outrageous Reuters reports of strategic oil reserve is going to China in India whose any abetting Russia. It's America's great crude oil and our energy and our security and is going out to our enemies. Is there any explanation that would work for this guy is a little follow me look, he sided with the by demonstration killing the energy industry in Ohio, in the name of green energy. I'm not surprised that is politically smart enough to know that he has to run from Joe Biden that is Jade events insult to injury to Dems including Tim Ryan looking for statewide office in Ohio skip present Biden speech in Cleveland underlying the present sweetness and the foundation starts cracking beneath his feet.

However, the Republicans don't have a clear path to power either. I'll explain with you right now is Marti's and Mark. I'll start with the last sentence of the Democrats are stronger than Joe Biden would you say that and I think that even though the house is run 85% chance of going Republican.

The Senate is going to be a dogfight. Yeah I think that's right turn and we need because you what we need to do is stop the Democrats from being able to build out than that, over the Senate comes down to about five races that are tossed up and to the Pennsylvanian Georgia court. You got, we picked the weaker we pick we candidate about those races you got 11 who is trailing not been having the oldest trailing a candidate who had a stroke And then Georgia will walk 10 points behind and I don't know if it's true that may be an outlier, but if we if we give away two winnable races but yet we could not fail to take back the Senate. The good news is that if they fail to take it back now that they're probably going to take it back in 2024 because the field in 2024 is incredibly tilted towards the Republican.

Republicans only defending 10 feet Democrats are 23 and not one of the Republican seats that there defending the state that that one closest to sport at which comp 1 x 5 point so if they don't take it now to take it in 2024 and possibly the White House and so I don't want to filibuster because the happier you are going to the could be completely out of the powerboat out the cumbersome leverage expertise but one is domestic policy others foreign policy Joe Biden mixing bowls. I do think we need to take this on.

Not enough people are first off present Biden every time he elevates Vladimir Putin's blames him for stuff like the oil, the price of gas and oil and now inflation he inflates his importance on the world stage which helps him domestically and makes the violence last longer with greater duration here is present buying cup for we got a long way to go because inflation because of I call the tax increase because the gasoline and all the granaries keep her from being able to get to the market. 940 like hell. The Lord costs on things that you talk about around the kitchen table. Told to makes no sense.

Now Putin is responsible for inflation. First off know is he also goes on to say that Vladimir Putin is responsible which is true for the you can for the gray not getting out of Ukraine as if were not Reese as if we can't fix that Navy in there and escorted out. That's it. That's a world issue number one of the the just factually incorrect because we had 40 year high inflation in the fall of 20, 21 long Biden had broken the direct 30 year high year-over-year increase in desperate October 2020, 21, long before the invasion of Ukraine or Ukraine has added to the problem and increased somewhat but it all hit we broke the record before long for Ukraine and Joe Biden. You know the one thing you doing right though not doing it very well but doing right a supporting Ukrainian fight against the get. If he wants to undermine public support for the war in Ukraine. The best way to do it is to say the word Ukraine is yeah inflation is going up the one true but to undermining public support for the one thing you doing right, but also why are you are you supporting the word Ukraine called because so much money being competent, the political incompetence on top of all thing, but I didn't call me born Axelrod in there to save his presidency downsides what you say and also it is Vladimir Putin a chance to make a speech to Moscow and said, looking with the Prez United States is giving us credit for.

We are given credit for destroying Western culture they have at each other's throats kids. People can afford to go to go on vacation all because of sin that so much power we have so what did he would Piers Morgan said about the news that Prime Minister Boris Johnson is now resigning.

Listen, you US see us wants to see countries you might see to try and stop pastry actually spends the leadership my right is he right of these are hundred percent right. Yeah, sure. But you know tomorrow at one of the other you know I mean look at the problem we have is that Biden is is is not the war in Ukraine is dragging on because Biden is not flooding the right. We believe the Ukrainians are running out of artillery were not providing it fast enough there not being able to fire back. The Russians do not be able to drive the back with God is that we are helping them fight to assert to a standstill. We need to help them win the faster we help them win the faster the war in Ukraine and the faster the cortical price hike.

I get to go the way and should be trying to plug the zone and do more and get the thing give them enough weapons so they can defeat the Russian and and he is not doing that and the other thing is going back to the completion point Biden doesn't want to acknowledge but which is absolutely true that the reason we have inflation because the key he poured $1.9 trillion into an economy already recovering because he wanted to claim credit agreement that you stymied the Wall Street Journal reported this week that the cause of the American rescue plan American pad $2.7 trillion at the end of 2021.

Excess saving saving beyond what they would have been no pandemic reason why people are not going back to work. It's all the free government money and they bid the stimulus checks stop at the end of last year so you would think that people would start spending their savings and eventually start coming back to work, we would have this historically short, it turns out that Walter teleports we may only support American always been $114 billion of that, so they have $1.87 trillion left in excess saving until that money gets spent out that the God that the bite administration gave people people want to go back to work in some businesses can't find workers of the business can't find work or that's what you have. The problem with the plane about to have Nick Calio on the reason why they don't have the workers demand the flight one spend money that will pay them but people aren't working because they got all the government money in their bank account. They don't need to work. They can stay on the sideline and so you can tell that the damages done. There's going to fix it until until the day they spent out both saving and in and that's the reason why the American rescue point I said that's a great point and the membership was. This is how clueless, in which he disagrees. He went to Cleveland predominantly say look at me, I give you the American rescue plan, Ohio, no one showed up to and by the way, no one freeing up the fact that the Intel plant that was supposed to bring Chip manufacturing back to America is now on hold. They say I'm not convinced that many get the congressional support really so now they're not building the plant that he was been heralding of bring manufacturing back to the US and away from China and Taiwan. Speaking of this story. The Reuters has strategic oil reserve is being poured out, and it's going on the world market into the coffers of China into the country of China and into India who should be sanctioned right now. Secondary sanctions because what they're doing tooth to bolster Russia by buying their oil, how unacceptable is that more teasing really going with her and using it here at home so aptly mind-boggling.

The thing that drives me crazy. Again, the incompetence they say that they don't want to unleash domestic production because you know that that's not going to the global price of oil and reduce oil and gas prices so we we can't do more grilling.

We can't do more domestic production because we needed to do list all fossil fuels in print have this great transition.

While it is more domestic production will lower the price of gas release and restricted acrolein with her do it. St. just wanted producing mortgage in producing more the other. It's the same idea you put more gas into the market and and and that lower prices so the arguments are incompetent if you get petroleum reserve is the smart thing that you taking credit for trying to help out. You don't not banning what she just did all further offshore drilling in the Atlantic in the anti-American and do you factor in the border you wonder how much more you can do to destroy our country. These are bad policies. There their evil policies.

Lesson one try squeezes and definition doing something interesting to Ken and Ed in Florida kind of baiting Gov. DeSantis to act to go after them. We know we took out an account on Tromso shows kind of sparring with Republicans but he can't help himself. Then we turns out he's in Montana, a place where he told everybody the state workers are not allowed to go because of their stance on women sports he believed they believe only women should buy women sports when it comes to high school and college not transsexuals guess where he is Montana you factor in the hypocrisy of not wearing a mask at the Laker game in the luxury box below those celebrities, the French laundry appearances kids go to private school. How is he in a recent poll I saw actually beating trump and breathing DeSantis you know what I want to hold like that of the are people of the election were held for multiple world report. None of that matters right. The reality is you want to see how people are voting look at them voting with their feet. People are fleeing California carefully and where they fleeing to verify that people are fleeing to two places like Florida.

May they be the number of people moving in the Florida because of like jumping over the Berlin wall into into a land of freedom.

Very because of low taxes, you know they opened up before the state almost anybody else in writing everybody moving to Florida. Everybody leaving California. So if you want to run a referendum on the policies of Gov. I would put the Gavin Newsom any day of the week right. What was he up to. What was he doing this now, why is he doing this now with a sitting president because he thinks Joe Biden is so weak that he won't be able to run in 2024 and the jockey got a great job California return America to California and Upland. American voters, I guess, is that clueless and I said I hope you're wrong. More teasing. Thanks so much was great. I was in a deep breath, Brittany Greiner was just in a Russian court and pled guilty to the drug charges. Not sure that means about her release use in the brain kill me show diving into today's top stories Friday until radio show like no other remains.

Process is slow combining time. Essentially trying to do something and says of Boris Johnson is a rising tide of almonds is you will have to go very soon. A couple things hundred percent right and II just think how Marchant relates to the West we need a reliable frenemy Tony Blair was real good friend Debbie Ken was a friend to Democratic presidents, like for example Barack Obama because he was against breaks it, and by what he said Obama do not do a real free trade deal with UK Nether were out in the city would you go to the back of the queue. If you vote for breaks it. Remember that, but Boris Johnson is a guy with a little bit of a Christmas, certainly a presence and not afraid of the world stage got good instincts, but this is a conservatives who rise in the UK which I think helps our country. But here's the worst thing everything he did was inconsequential idiocy. Lack of discipline me much like his hair is hip thing is he doesn't comb it for him. If you're in the middle of a pandemic. He walked on your country and you have one get-together that may be the surprise party for you didn't know about maybe looks bad but you have repeated events were people sneaking out: you have these parties think you gotta be able to pull it off.

Then you hire a sexual harasser harasses again and then you wonder why you pay a political private pricing of 50 ministers resign enough to be this way. By report and loves. It was a chaos we come back to the chaos that feeling why Calio the more you listen more, you'll know know some of it has to do with staff. A lot of pilots were invited early retirement aircrews were brought back a level that we need. When you look at our air traffic process is not explaining the majority of cancellations and delays so that is the signature transportation hub who generally uses Twitter account to tell everybody don't just accept Don't accept points when they cancel or reschedule your flight demand cash that's the advice we get from Sec. transportation center solving the problem Calio he's airlines for American Pres. and CEO joined just now Nick I think your industry is everyone befuddled and angry. What happened well a lot of things happened, writing personal thank you for having me on. I we got a confluence of bad weather in the wrong places over to holidays with search and demand they came back faster than we expected and we've been in the process of trying to hire people pilots fly dependent customer service agents gate agents machinists for some time now and I guess I would say to that not everybody is angry.

There's been a lot of press on it and shortly there have been difficulties and problems. We've all seen it. It's on the news every night were very high profile industry, but there are 40,000 flights every day. As many as 5000 points in the area at any given time. The vast majority of which are seamlessly and that is our goal every single day to give the customer service that allows people to get to where they want to go, whether it be for business or for pleasure rhyme and the numbers astounding.

So far in 2022, an average of one of every five flights a day. Arrived behind schedule total more than 20,000 delayed flights. According to flight aware hundred 16,000 flights have been canceled. We personally have never had I travel a lot. I never have before. They just go you flights canceled anything to you that there is no reason on this. Hey you, sorry we have were down a crew member know that you canceled by what you make in the first place, but Dell a lot of people I've never seen more people more disillusioned by anyone industry and the question is if all the money came to the airlines to keep 700,000 people employed.

Why aren't they running as smooth as they were before the pandemic. It is for that but I will give you an answer that is true, and factually. The reason for the money. It was provided. The airlines we acted as an unemployment agency for the federal government. We pass right through their employees. The money that was given cost covered only about 65% of the cost of keeping those employees on and you need a little context.

If you go back two years we were bleeding billions and billions of dollars of cash every month so we are able to keep some people on but that we had to take self-help measures because we didn't know what flying would come back. We're flying 96% less people than we were prior to the pandemic wanted to let that happen within a month so either companies will go bankrupt like they did after 9/11, we had to take drastic measures to get people early retirement voluntary leaves and all that you know if the PSP hadn't happened. You would be flying the summer plain and simple. That's what people need to keep their own is losing money before the pandemic.

So to say to a misunderstanding. No, we had 10 years in a row profitability and were you know we are making record profits and things are going great we had at the time the week before the pandemic really there was an investment conference up in New York with a lot of our airlines and there was recognition that we have so-called fortress balance sheets designed to withstand an event like 9/11 3 1/2 times as bad as 9/11. That all went out the window. Three weeks so a couple things just abstract in section that the airlines mandated these all the pilots get vaccinated invited his givebacks in a lot just bailed out. Is that true friction. I don't think there's any material number people� But I know United mandated vaccinations for pilots correct you guys had said okay go ahead United to do that.

Some understood it as well, and the expectation to read their predictions that people would quit their job because they had to get vaccinated. Frankly, the really good job and the numbers were very small.

If any turned out so what about whatever happened to the flight attendants are you running out of flight attendants flight attendant numbers are in pretty good shape. I think that we are hiring more will bring people back as quickly as we can't know the problem with the airline industry will have the same kind of problems that every other industry in this country having the bigger problem for an airline is because we are so focused on safety and security, all of our employees have to be trained and certified, and what we've been finding in some cases over the last few months, minus we bring people back were getting them trained close to certified and then they decide they don't want the job, and again that's like every other industry in the country of the pandemic is brought some very big changes in our employment market. They decide they don't want the job. So it was just brutal as people of the people's behavior is at what flight attendants are filling for the most part. If you talk to the unions that they don't like the behavior or the treatment would've the reason is this used to be a coveted position.

No one ever seemed to relinquish once I got it and we haven't seen any mass migration of flight leaving their jobs.

There was a time when because of the mask in other regions where there's a lot of bad behavior on her plate and they were.

They are the first responders are right in line and they do it admirably back part of the backbone of the industry just like a pilots are all her other employees so pilots retiring.

Is that correct you short a pilots are mainline carriers, a 40 members are not having a pilots pride supply problem we have enough pilots which hiring furiously were training. Many of our members to start their own flight Academy takes a long time to become a pilot. It's very expensive. That's why we think the pilots in training ought to be like doctors in training or counseling training be able to get federal student loans across $200,000 where there is a problem quite candidly for the regional carriers. The smaller carriers because that's our main source of hiring and they are in some cases had to pull down flights and stop service to community because they do not have enough pilots so I saw it was its Delta that was on strike Leslie they want striking. They were protesting okay are they underpaid, I don't think so. These are good being a pilot is a well-paid job. Does everybody always want more money. And that's what the protests were about so well in some locations going on in a number of airlines jelly of the present CEO of airlines for America so Nick so the flight attendants. The roof, the ranks are pretty much okay you believe the so far the pilots, the numbers are okay except for some regional airlines you believe that the airline workers were having trouble staffing there is that correct were hiring as fast as we can and we want to go faster right so when these delays to mounting up to the present. The worst ever. What do you what to quiz the quick answer or the longer answer on why this is happening and when do you think things go back to normal. Good question. We learn one thing throughout the pandemic. You can plan but you can't forecast and so we planned and you know there's a lot of reasons for cancellations shared responsibilities across. There are staffing shortages in the federal government. Just as there are in you in our industry and were working our way through those as quickly as we can, but there's no easy answer because again it's back to the training and certification issue. It takes time to get people trained and on board. You can't snap your fingers and do it in terms of air traffic controllers because of coven they had to shut down the training Academy for two years. That really dried up the pipeline and they're doing everything they can. The FAA is doing everything it can to get people on board were all working collaboratively together to try to figure out ways to hire faster, train faster and more efficiently, because that's we need to do minutes could take some time to think by the end of the summer. I would hope by the end of the summer, but I can't predict that, you know, we've taken down our members to pull down a number flights about 15% of the flight. They'd originally planned to fly to make sure that there would be no cure.

Cancellations and disruptions because of unavailability singlet. I think I people would like to know with all these flight delays and with the flight cancellations on top of that you're paying more for jet fuel. So which means the prices have to go up because you can't lose money with every flight. So how does that factor into this price increase in oil and this is a big factor and you know we were going to moderate the prices to the degree that we can. Although the rising prices is still demand is still high, which tell you something about the price, and we will have to factor in all of our costs are two greatest costs are fuel and labor in both of those costs are going up. I think tips for people listening right now from the from the passenger perspective. How do we yells the flight were booking has a shot at getting off on time, since it seems so random with the cancellation migrated recommendation would be airlines made vast improvements in technology available to customers is one of the greatest ways of communicating. So if you have name any airline.

If you have their app on your phone, you will get messages saying your flight is at Kate so-and-so is scheduled to go off on time you get another notice if it's delayed if it's canceled it allow you to rebook online rather than trying to call the customer service agent. That's the number one thing you can do it to the airport early your airlines app and keep checking because the information is all there for you and even the other.

The notification from the airline itself. All you have to do is click on the app look at the different buttons, and check your choices and find out what your flight status is where your bags are almost kinds of good things. It's enough for technologically challenged person like me is not initially easy but it if I can do it. Almost anybody can do it. So do you think they know more than the gate agents believe your app over the gate agent leave your app over somebody at the airport.

That's a very good question, but I would check. I think it's easier than Stan queuing in line � the gate agent what the delay is for. I think my hope would be that there's a lot of communication from the gate agents or the pilots or the flight attendants to the customers so that they don't have to ask. Finally Nick when it comes to all this, I will, and the ultimate passenger advice. Is it true that you guys are told the people came over to get a first-class business class are treated better.

Given first option so if there is money in the cookie jar to get that hopper that first-class or business class ticket and you were to buy cancellations and rescheduling is a true first and business are prioritized. I can't really answer that. I do know that if your frequent flyer and a loyal customer for a particular line usually do get priority so that would help kids get rescheduled on Nick Calio and bodily secretary transportation not doing something you want to do is Washington not doing something you been asking them to do know we work very closely with them at all about collaboration and coordination we do with the FAA we do with DOT we do with application security administration is a daily thing try to figure out where the demand is being where the numbers are to be in hot therefore moving staffing around if need be to cover the demand at any particular time traffic controllers I heard that there was no train going on during the break during the two-year pandemic and therefore you short I think they are hiring as fast as I can and there is we need more traffic controllers and you know that I know you know the front that training is very expensive. You do your training then you have to get on the job training and to get one of the busier centers it can take years to do so I don't have a number on that.

We can certainly use more. That way people get sick or something. You can have the other staff to cover Calio thank you appreciated thank you Ryan I like your number one story for consumers of all ages. Customers of all ages of all backgrounds of all genders old pronouns whenever my flight was canceled but was it delayed what might come off. And why not yours will could I have done different answer is it's going to go while who's in the brain to meet shall be back with you calls in just a moment and this is a dumb move something new every day, Brian kill me show if you're interested in Ryan's talking about your Brian kill me side with the biting ministration, killing the energy industry in Ohio, in the name of green energy, which of course is just ship the ton of manufacturing jobs in a ton of prosperity off the China is sided with the biting ministration 100% of the time on policies that made our streets was safe, but defunded American police departments and that made us all pour through the ridiculous inflation were experiencing.

I'm not surprised that he's politically smart enough to know that he has to run from Joe Biden. I'm a little surprise of the shamelessness of it all. The guy campaign for Joe Biden supported every single one of his policies and pretends now to see commercials that is never heard of which is really where JD Vance trying to replace Rob Portman in Ohio. WHI listeners know all about this in the same time. He says Tim Ryan, who at first we came in to Congress I thought he was going to be a moderate one on took on Nancy Pelosi that he had no interest in doing it is to the cage losing his temper. The floor all the time condemning going to the left on guns and things of that nature. And now that he got the nomination. Congratulations to him now.

He also ran for president was hideous failure but then he comes forward and he says I've got no use for Joe Biden.

He sounds more like a conservative but he expects people to avoid and actually not bring up his voting record, root, I mean, how much would it hurt Joe Biden to show up over him to show up one day just for Joe Bates always appreciate the present numbers are great right now. I voted with him a few times but got a run, but instead he made it a big story by not showing up. The governor nominee did makes a big story by not showing up.

He goes to Cleveland and a brief introduction, waves in the audience. Great to see it. Got a run that evidently Joe Biden says that is based the union base. I think that would help me know how but maybe he knows better. The problem is when people see inauthenticity. That's what bothers him. So if you want to say you know I voted very liberal, but I understand Bolivia center I will change my pattern because I got a vote more moderate because that's more reflective of a red state Ohio. I think people would buy that better but that's just me.

Also, when it comes to campaign. There's two things were brought up that I necessarily agree with a part of it they say in Pennsylvania if you want the Senate in a unique Georgia new Pennsylvania.

They say eyes as a wee candidate that Fetterman is still a heady nice hard hard issue. I think you get sympathy with a heart issue number one, number two, he's way to the left eyes has been really hit hard by Dave McCormick hard those Odell is a blood and guts fight eyes wins and of course you gotta reassemble and consolidate the moderate and conservative support in Pennsylvania. Number two is Fetterman get sympathy how many people want them sold between those two things over to Herschel just put others first add the other day when I spin around for sure the probably issue with this family with kids is a cancer that will be out and about with him shortly to enjoy. So don't don't knock him down because one Quinnipiac call. Most Democrats don't like them.

Police days. Brian kill me show make sure you keep it here and get my Fox thinks here's what made America great for new episodes are now available.

Fox News radio studios in New York City giving you opinions and facts with positive Brian kill me. Thanks much for being here everybody Brian kill me. Joey had a very very busy week, especially for an off day, sadly, was that July 4 massacre, and one that was thwarted in Richmond. That really made this we drag on for many of you listening to us for the first time because you take the whole week off. I appreciate that Conoco you get to see me on Fox news channel as well as vaccination as well as to all the radio affiliates when the Faulkner focus doesn't simulcast with us in 11 minutes and then you'll get a chance to talk about what the Republicans should be emphasizing in something that been avoiding the January 6 to January 6 and 2020 elections January 6 investigation 22 elections from the Federalist perspective you'll you really enjoy that.

So it's good to the big three stories you need to know Ryan's three number three.

When you drove to Madison. He was driving around. However the celebration was occurring in Madison.

I seriously contemplated using the fireman's vehicle to commit another way that that's Christopher Covelli, the sergeant in charge of the investigation. The Highland massacre could've been worse. You want to Madison Wisconsin decided I didn't plan long enough.

I probably will kill a bunch of random people.

Unfortunately he decide to do that in Highland so that's what took place it despicable.

And guess what his dad had all the red flag signs, but says he had no idea I don't buy it. He's complicit everything Biden does is permeated by this you know leftist climate change green new deal and he really believes that this high price of oil will be mitigated with the use of renewables outrageous Reuters reports or strategical reserve is going to other countries.

Even our enemies China and India who is aiding Russia. They should be getting sanctioned. It's America's great crude oil and is going to other people in a time of emergency oil and gas. Unbelievable. Unacceptable. I think impeachable the guy is a total follow me look, he sided with the Biden ministration killing the energy industry in Ohio, in the name of green energy.

I'm not surprised that he's politically smart enough to know that he has to run from Joe Biden right that is JD Vance talking about Tim Ryan, refusing to appear with the present United States who was in Cleveland Ohio yesterday said he was too busy had previous plans right why busy.

Voted with Joe Biden does want to be seen with Joe Biden. That's not acceptable. It comes off as inauthentic, but what else would you expect in today's political climate. First off, a couple of things.

This is the breaking news you are prepared to get until and until we we heard a rumor but actually took place.

Boris Johnson has resigned as Prime Minister a disaster for the West to disaster for the war against Russia a disaster the war, which is in Europe and overall his dishonesty hurt the conservative movement in a country with a desperately or need of leadership at his undisciplined style of filing sexual harassers and possibly molesters of them lying about pandemic parties and other things brought them to this point and Niall Gardner weighed in on Fox and friends this morning cut three. Boris Johnson is a very big supporter of the US UK a special relationship he has had in mind you, I think one intense relationship with with Joe Biden behind-the-scenes. Recently there have been significant differences over the more noncritical issue on selling the house being that I think I get a fair amount of disagreement between parcels Joe Biden in some areas leaders work together on the Ukraine crisis is imperative that whoever replaces Boris Johnson is fully committed to advancing the US, UK, speculation, yet they need to trade deal and Trump was going to do that. Anyone support breaks it and UK being on their own and for some reason Biden wasn't buying that one.

For some reason Democrats did want to see breaks it happened but it happened they should be doing. It should've gotten that layup and reaffirmed his international relations bona fides. Meanwhile, the present United States was in Cleveland. As I mentioned earlier and he was talking about who's to blame for inflation, who's to blame for oil and gas prices choose to blame for 36% approval rating. Well let me see baby Maggart may be trumped may be prudent, for we are a long way to go because inflation because of I call tax increase because of gasoline and all that granaries keep her from being able to get to the market. Now I'm fighting like hell. The lower costs on things that you talk about around the kitchen table. She crazy Vladimir Putin is in charge of inflation now is that the pandemic embed supply lines are not planning for that and maybe putting too much money in the system nothing to do with Vladimir Putin but it does bolster them domestically and around the globe makes him bigger than he actually is in every sense of the word you are with that you have a president with 36% approval rating because he flat out earned it. No one's forgiven from Afghanistan and they shouldn't.

Here's what David Axelrod says things Democratic strategist cut seven.

There is this sense that things are, out-of-control, and he is not in command that no one present could control inflation but it is a you know it's a gale force wind right now. It's affecting politics very hard to come. You heard among gas prices today talks about the gas tax holiday, but is not to get the gas tax holiday and a lot of Americans were skeptical about whether that would that would help so that you know this is a very, very freighted of fraud environment for him right now. Two things happen one.

He looked thought he got 82 million votes and said I have a mandate, let me call John Meacham up and talk about how FDR did it.

He didn't have that mandate does have the charisma. It's not a time of war, and he doesn't have. He has a 50-50 Senate, David Axelrod was a little further to say I've all the questions Joe Biden doesn't have great answers cutting when the president got into those questions. Gas prices and inflation in abortion rights. There was a lot less of that certainty a lot less of that fabric nature of his initial presentation on NATO because it doesn't have great answer.

Yeah, we do talk a lot more about this with Harris Faulkner who pointed out the routines look good for Republicans but all of a sudden Nancy plus comes out of the pole and she's a solution for winning and six again when six Senate seats and I wonder what they cited 530 and I with the 538 site. I didn't see it.

I think I must've missed a story turns out she made it up. We'll talk about that with Harris Faulkner so much more. And now the vice president continues to struggle just about every stage right until he chose to let you know that makes you think this is Brian kill me show the back everyone. Brian kill me here about a matter of moments often focus on Fox news channel simulcast is a lot of talk about already killed by left-sided was people did not show up will want to be governor. One wants to be set or the didn't want to be seen with him and just think, not even two years into his administration on the midterm elections. Tim Ryan and Nan Whaley are MIA and that is insulting to me. It's kind of scary because they see internal Posa. We don't usually see.

So to me. If it's the last year of a lame-duck presidency. Maybe do your own thing, like George W. Bush, let John McCain do his own thing, because it wasn't that popular. The economy was cratering bullets glistens into Harrisville introduce me your intestinal fortitude. My friend appreciate better Brian Kelly conference, Houston, Houston, one nation on Fox nation and now Houston, along with Harris Faulkner and the focus but we gotta make it fast because he's got a commercial coming up or something. Brian first of all let's get to where the president is and he wants to call it messaging communications want: messaging comms director Kate Bedingfield leaving by the way, he is not said anything about her yet. This is Chief of Staff has the key person on your staff communicated by the way have 11 minutes so I'm okay. But when you join me I will nation last week in our big new stool and welcome back this week Harris for being here is through paycheck. She does really good job. Just like you might not like Jen sake, which he says are you do, which is very good on her feet. Kate Bedingfield should've been the press secretary people say that so a downgrade position, but worry she wanted it and was cheating get it which he doing there. She would've been like yours better than that who they have right now I believe so. Kate Bedingfield step aside, it's going to hurt almost like Karen use really hurt when George W. Bush moved into the White House.

She was kinda setting the tone and policy when she went back to Texas.

I think that hurt.

Number two, she can ill afford to lose another key staffer at this moment, especially one that can communicate and here's the problem believed the present United States is used to turning off Republican just like Pres. Obama, turn off Democrat turned of Republicans and I imagine Donald Trump.

According to reports turned off a few Democrats I get it 40s doing is he's not been effective and is not telling the truth the same Vladimir Putin yesterday is responsible for inflation, are you kidding Vladimir Putin is responsible for the God for their tax hike does even make any sense. Plus it's hurting him on the world stage. He's making that that little juvenile boy look for times as effective and mostly that he actually is. He acts like Russia's control of us when they are basically fishing with all army and that's it's upping his reputation at our expense for his political gain which no one in America's really buying. I don't know if I refer to as a muscle boy. The horse riding.

But I would say this year you're hitting the nail on the head in terms of, you are now putting more power or at least credit for having power in the hands of a madman like why would Biden do that Harris played out another role is starting to turn against running blank checks to Ukraine are the American people as inflation goes up in our deficit grows, I think it's actually worth our dollars for the present. Gotta keep selling that now he's going to turn around and we say hey the reason why you can't really afford to pay your bills.

Hey the reason why you gas at five dollars a gallon is that war that you were really into supporting but you decided to now you making people question the support of the international operation he actually at support for it is not a smart move. Overall what you're saying as he took again. I went and turned it into something that was less unaware he's on the road to doing that. Yeah I just quickly fell on that point I present from the polling because when you read the following read actual questions that they ask people.

It isn't that people don't want to help Ukraine. They want to be able to do both and they know that were spending enough of our tax dollars with this government that if they would stop spending on stuff that people care about. We would have money to help out Ukraine and help ourselves to not have to go to like Venezuela and in Saudi Arabia, from where we are banking in the streets of the world now for something we can make ourselves couple things natural. I will take the green maniacs have looked at something we been saying the longest time. Nuclear energy is green. It's always natural gas just got natural gas affects the franking fracking us and guess who needs it Europe.

This is getting off it rapidly because the Russians are cutting them off Europe you talk about a win-win.

We reinvigorate the natural place in history you get LNG plants built in hyperspeed over Europe. In the meantime we double or triple the production to be once again their critical ally in the time of need that they can trust and we tell everybody else is signing up for the Belton Road program Belton Road pergola program of China's don't do it. We don't extort you.

We actually support you and then we become invaluable to your even more and yet it's for the profit free market principles that drive us.

He doesn't seem capable of doing that now they gotta go to other areas of Africa to try to get natural gas begged UAE for natural gas that's people in northern Africa, as China's winking at them right now from cell phones and everything else I Belton Road program wants to run right there. There are you running for president.

All right, I gotta go here, the Wall Street Journal, with an editorial titled the Beltway's case of Bible remorse quote here stories about the White House dysfunction are the way that the Beltway crowd starts to distance itself from the Mandel blame if it's a Republican route. Sorry Mr. president. The party needed you to be Donald Trump and you made the mistake of adopting the left's agenda.

Now you're down in the polls you are expendable. Brian, no question, and I think one thing to keep in mind beyond that Republicans were Joe Biden see the weakness in abilities talking his fee to do interviews and to do appearances and take three verifications on the weekends and think the Democrats a week. I think it might give him a false sense.

I think they got individual battles underneath the present United States that they have to come out with a better message over the present United States he's underachieved his instincts aren't good on issues the times he loses temper a lot. If you go inside. Some of these reports inside the White House.

He's blowing up at mid mid level staffers went down along and I think that's the worst quality beating up on people that are powerless and that situations which he always said he be the opposite. If I find you treating another stepper badger fired on the spot. What about if the president is treating his staff bed there decide to quit on the spot, but absolutely there's remorse there.

The worst is I don't think he's coachable.

The third thing is I don't think they got that the substantive policies to bring them through member. Bill Clinton famously saw some Republican policies and the like, and adopted them. Dick Morris led them there and so does my policies ended up working he got credit any photo to a second to a reelection in a landslide over Bob Dole. I think present present.

Biden is incapable of seeing where the help is coming from the help is coming from the Harold Ford's of the world.

Help is coming from the center wars of the world of the Jared polls the government, not on here doesn't want to take that and because he thinks he sailed in on a mandate. I don't I don't know why he would think that as divided as we are a is a nation and being on the hill but that's his perception.

Apparently it's really sad about it is he can't even articulate that I do want to get to this and I wrote down what you said. Biden has under is underachieving. That is a key point and and Steve Hilton talked about Boris Johnson leaving he started with that underachieving on policy in that same place and made some comparisons there all right moved to this speaker Nancy Pelosi charged with helping her party prevail and the midterms can she do it all. It looks like that means stretching the truth or as we like to say my house and I like your pants are on fire in a fundraising email. She cited 538. The polling firm to claim Democrats look quote ways to win six Senate seats in November. Actually, most of those races are concepts or leaning Republican pollster Nate Silver called the speaker out to this. Yeah, this is straight up misinformation. We have Democrats as heavy underdogs in Florida and Ohio even ask this information.

Chief Nina Janco. It's getting in on the act. She tweeted this blatant misrepresentation of 538's work is unacceptable and should drop this this info as I would wager it was deliberate and focus fundraising on real issues.

Wow. Bama slapped the scarf right off of her. Nancy Pelosi. She was as on this cute scarf couple things they did that about you know why she cited specific poles she could sit polls are training our direction.

That shows you the person's post at the best staff, the speaker can even get her communications right to come apart at the seams. So this morning this out this this is how it through me the first thing I thought of this morning when I was working on the show and Fox and friends, is what he 538 say why am I not seen this story I want to Drudge in these unnecessary story.

No, in fact, to be go to 538 it was written correctly. It has Republicans, 53, and a Democrats 47 and the problem is not Florida Marco Rubio Val Deming's is a fine candidate but not stronger than Marco Rubio. Take one of the problems was Wisconsin's good be the challenge.

It's not listed there. Ron Johnson, again the underdog within George. I know for sure walkers down but he ran his first ad yesterday. I don't think it's time to throw in the towel and Dr. Oz. Good luck underestimating Dr. write you through a very fatuous race with very tough Dave McCormick is going to come a little while to get the team back together to compete in a very global Pennsylvania.

So it's a crazy statement to put out. There's a reason why the former president Trump stood by him. He believed in him and and he can step in at any time. He took that state member that I Brian Kelly. Always great to see you gotta scoot your team gelling the really liked Molly out of love.) So much C7 QI18664087669 to come back and I went to go inside the Federalists market Margo Cleveland which he wrote of the weekend is something Republican should be taken from January 6 you treat will find out what she has to say.

Find out also this morning, breaking loose unique opinions.

All Brian kill me show this is the very core of executive privilege. You just cannot get more concentrated privilege arguments than the White House counsel himself by his absolutely essential for the president to be able to turn attorney in the White House and ask for his frank advice. That conversation is to be somewhat chilled.

Obviously if the president believes that some questions or comments that he may have could end up being replayed. I would feel better about this.

If the committee was making any effort to be bipartisan to be balanced. It's actually look at alternative explanations for some of these facts that is Jonathan Turley talking about Patsy Polonius simply owns testimony on Friday. He's the presence chief legal counsel now can we talk about the present was on his mind what he thought he was going to say legal advice he gave him what he took. I just think there's a real bad precedent here and I wonder where they're going with it being right now there's no legal ramifications. What are we doing this for just to hurt Donald Trump that is a bigger picture bigger question is something that Margo Cleveland thought about when she put together story on the Federalists would really Republican should be getting a January 6 and the question that should be asked about the 2020 election Margo welcome to Brian kill me show first off, just on your reaction to what's happening tomorrow with Pat Sibley own say no, I'll come testify that really means that he worked hard with a lawyer to make sure that conversation I buy this is really a problem when you have a one-sided going and trying to get information communication between cochlear and atrocious confidence in our country. Couple things you have the big picture look at this and by the way Mick Mulvaney said something. The first is very critical. He really believed the last woman that testified, Cassidy Hutchinson, the testify last week and then there was on CNN and they were trying to get on him that he was that why you so late, to being so, condemning of the present say I'm not. I think this is pure politics. I just think that Cassidy was sung by Republican should listen to. If they decide in the next present should be. You have a different take. You say if a Republican should stop talking about what happened with Giorgio or invisible ballots that may or may have topped up in Wisconsin or Arizona and oldest up with your things legitimately were wrong with the 2020 election. The Republicans and Donald Trump should've been talking about.

Can you give us an example. So trying to get to talk about election time, the more outrageous thing about flipping fell ballots that were thought you might but we need to focus on what is faster election for state and we know that because of the widespread problems and violations of the Lexmark Georgia case in point.

In short, there were over 30,000 voters who peers voted illegally and when I can legally in violation of the state election: which requires a candidate and followed her to cast the ballot in the county in which they were more than 30,000 who moved from one county to another has to balance and after the election that was follow-up done by a election expert showing the over 20,000 of them have already confirmed yet. They had actually look at a site out alone to write about. Who cares for you. When elections you have cool air for every current one about disenfranchising unlawful color to look at from the standpoint of someone wanted to follow followed the rule vacated illegally. Georgia, Pennsylvania, where the legislative branch. No electric currents to allow for no excuse now we have Wisconsin where we had drop boxes illegally placed the problem with the 2020 election widespread five. It was a widespread ignoring of the election lies that were passed by the state and something that attaches to care about you look at the 2005 four election. What had Bush Gore had the 2000 election after that was signed report current commission at work to keep count all of the problem in our country with no every single 1 to 20 so you Georgia and what about the governor said just bypass the legislature and change rules absolutely problem and try to print that out when they filed a lawsuit I can quite get that you don't You know you're not one of the voters.

Generally, the candidate just ignore these election laws what happening is calling Trump can get me this is not going to happen when the Democrats lose in two years the presidency to come back and do the exact same thing important for our country that we have looked at parent air, clear, and would have kissed politicians willy-nilly thing now where not follow the law because it always going to be a big hike is going to ruin the integrity of moving attracted American South which was so would you say into usually think of Democrats lose the presidency. They're going to cite all the same things that election was stolen from her back in 2016, which is stealing everybody's currently doing. You will believe the overall objective is to the swamp to destroy Trump and anybody else who wants to mess up their life by throwing you during the to chairs and table over for morning don't you dare try to change the way Washington died, not just the Democrats that are giving you having establishment Republicans who are either cooperating or they're basically turning a blind guy and this is something that the American public should not tolerate and you don't think it's really going to stop, but that's Trump strategy of coming in there and say were going to check this guy was faking his voting machine was wrong. That was a bad strategy and that enable people to attack him and look at his legal team made things up. They could even backup and it makes him look at the Keystone cops when there was something legitimate to look at.

So they they would did worse than not worse than talk about this. They talk about the wrong thing ruining this what all enjoy a very good lawyer work?

What happened in Georgia way that the state chai and delayed until after the right solution by action were captured and made The Colton County prosecutor trying to make it look like there was some sort of conspiracy to lying about the conversation, Trump with the Secretary of State all about illegal voting. Nothing to do with that communion. Voting machine with all about violations of the state election law back in line for American public for so long they think it was like about those ridiculous like that would be like banning about all Trump was talking about crack in blind American public January for doing the exact same thing. You also talk about this so-called drafted letter from former Assistant Attorney General Jeff Clark. You think it's been wrongly characterized it with a draft letter that he put together to run my by if you will be at the work plot is nowhere in that article Molly Hemingway get great takedown and if you look at one thing thinking is exactly what I'm talking about illegal voting that happened in Georgia that likely never decided by a court because charge delayed the hearing and why. Right before court that had nothing to do with this.

Try making it look like he was pushing knowingly flocculent claims election five had nothing to do what within the latter should also put you also point out that Zuckerberg blocks this load into these key districts at the last minute when the city was giving to both sides was a flat out lie. It was blatant and we should be looking at. If this is legal, not hear what you have to look at it protection from being equal) the law we have money to certain working wed basically state election officials could gallop about what happened happened in Pennsylvania at least huge problems under the equal protection cost goes further than my picture looks you are doing the same thing and are pushing more money out there. She'll get over just because of the picture they have learned that the Democrats have learned how you do it will partly parcel election officials and UU estate could get out your belt, you will click the silly, find fascinating to present CP and I'm in New York I'm seeing people talk about this. So, the Supreme Court came out and said, hey, for the most part a put in layman's terms that Second Amendment doesn't like New Yorkers have a right to. It's only change that denying people the ability to have a concealed firearm is unconstitutional.

So in terms than incomes is inserted from Justice Cavanaugh that says names and places you want to restrict it and now we public the Democrats have gone to town over restricted subways, theaters, bars, restaurants, statehouse buildings, so they listing all these places is actually more restrictive data have a concealed weapon then before the Supreme Court justice came out there pinning correct I actually decal every play fair" place and back into particular basically made it only place you can carry concealed weapon on your house on the side to get into your car, but it can legally much what the second amendment right to bear arms for self-defense in public and the Supreme Court was very clear in justifying so broadly that it happens to be busy so this is something that New Yorkers should take a look at and they should realize that their government characters state government is basically saying we don't care about your Second Amendment right. So would you suggest can be challenged absolutely. I'm surprised it actually happened. I give it another week or so and get happy Independence Day weekend somewhere, some time off to sell I would expect in the next week or two that you're going to see him go challenged law understood someone was using is from what you know what else to this a few states is been challenges to straighten out the election issue problems and to the point where they were so upset. Democrats were so upset they had the major league baseball.

Boycott the game and they look like they were, like movies being shot in Georgia all that stuff is gonna come by the boards of the Republicans done anything to straighten out local legislature straighten out some of the problems Georgia lifecare even though the wayside ministration is actually challenging the lot claim, claiming that their violation of the voting rights don't even live there still being challenged legislature trying to capitalize to.

I'm still not seeing anything nearly as strenuous as you need. You need to state legislative branch to follow the rules that we get you going to be. We locate the decision to get our like 12 about making that they went to law. Got it. Seeing Margo Rice of the Federalist. You gotta check this out and then tomorrow degeneracy's committee reconvenes. Thanks so much appreciated Margo Cleveland you got was a Federalist, 186640876690 come back with some calls I don't get one nation Saturday night at 8 o'clock and 11 Brian kill Nietzsche you know places you need to kill me the fastest three hours and radio is your Brian kill me.

I will go back everybody listen to this hour with more to know no championship game on Fox and what on July 3, 1.5 million people tuned in on Sunday the race the most watchable stream you a civil contest since the league opened up and on the in April in Canton, Ohio are pretty cool. I think this previous USFL game ranked 46 and 63 prime time shows the final championship game back in 1983, had 11.9 so whenever you get that type of network rating, but I think it's pretty good. Plus, Steve Young, Jim Young, Steve Young, Jim Kelly and Doug food yarn in the league right now but would start to be back for year two. Only next 60% of PGA fans watch the first Saudi golf league event. According to a new morning console. Paul, four, five PGA fans indicated they would want to date. Want to watch the world's best players, but a lot of the best players like Brooks Kappa Phil Mickelson pricing pricing to Jimbo and Dustin Johnson are all in this league, so maybe that'll change next. More sports Browns. Finally, trade Baker Mayfield descended to the Panthers as a former number one pick overall beginning for for front traffic. They're looking to dump the salary the browser paying 10 million not to have them make you get 18 million the Panthers after pages 4.8 million a Mayfield cut 3.5 office fee next need to talk to getting contest that is refunded after an incident member of the woods named Joey Chestnut was was was rushed by a protester came on stage to put them in a headlock that screwed up. His total chest.

R1 to seven Tyler Rowe by consuming 63 hotdog and buns because of the incident. It fell well short of the pre-competition over under of 74.5 unbelievable people betting on that and arresting a tower needle full repairs. The avatar was written with rusted beautiful repairs instead of being given a cosmetic 60 m euro paint job and of the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris how it is conference report to say expert cited by Marro and Marianne Marianne's mama sure about the rally is probably more of a French twist on the right. I'm pretty sure it is simple is the Eiffel Tower. Visit the place would have been a heart attack if cost of Eiffel visitors place you have a heart attack.

Evidently the French with this whole thing rust away everything's have to worry about got one just a bunch of museums and one Eiffel Tower. That's it pretty bad, but hopefully get that by 2024. That's it for this edition of this hour of father Brian kill Michelle make sure you keep it here and follow me on Facebook, twitter, and everything else from over 100 meteorologists and resources of Fox box whether podcast's personal powerful subscriber Melissa Malik Fox is not just

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