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Real of Fake Christian, Audio 130

The Cure / Aimee Cabo
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March 14, 2021 6:36 am

Real of Fake Christian, Audio 130

The Cure / Aimee Cabo

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March 14, 2021 6:36 am

Are we real or fake Christians? Do we even know? In this show we are discussing the difference and the importance of how beneficial it is to be real and true to our faith, with Deirdre Reilly on the latest The Cure Show with Aimee Cabo.


Deirdre Reilly is the author of "The Pretend Christian: Traveling beyond Denomination to the True Jesus," and a Christian writer and editor. Her articles and essays appear on,, and other news and entertainment sites. Deirdre has been on radio and television in support of her work, and enjoys talking with both Christians and non-Christians about faith.


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Aimee Cabo Nikolov is a Cuban American who has lived most of her life in Miami. After many years of healing, finding love, raising a family and evolving her relationship with God, Aimee's true grit and courage led her to pen an honest, thought-provoking memoir. Years of abuse became overshadowed with years of happiness and unconditional love. Now Aimee is the president of IMIC Research, a medical research company, a transformational speaker, syndicated radio host and focused on helping others. You can read more about Aimee by visiting her website.


Dr. Boris Nikolov is the CEO of Neuroscience Clinic. You can read more about Dr. Nikolov and the work he is doing by visiting his website.


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Getting ready to send this out and I'm right now with your so, but this is going be a great looking to find out what's real and what's fake well when it comes to spiritual elite T at least you know there's other things in life that are real and fake, but this is important.

We want to now what real Christianity is what is to be treated to yourself and others and Bobby wants to say hello rosary have time. But those are hello and then the music is going to start a there's always time he can think we don't have enough time that there's always time I like to think there's always time visually so for something what is going to be everything the 11 time is on my side. I hope subtle of his own.

So, God willing, please login to have plenty of time. That's what we all hope there would hope is what life we have Michelle today.

She may sign in the jungle road is broken so as to Amy, life can bring many difficult situations. Mystic violence addictions, poverty and even sexual abuse by your loved ones welcome Amy, Q and a cure. Yes I'm your host Amy Manning well amazing again today, Noel Safar said that God is good. I said, is available alive on your radio center. I life through that year on any smart phone and website God is to live broadcasting live from Miami to satellite available in 35 aliens in 11 states and unserious exam channel 131 and 11 session media, and soon after the show. Any podcast player just wanted to thank her father's especially we have reached one people every month, 20, 21. Thank God they show deals with suffering the tenacity of the human spirit. The will to survive and the courage to keep moving forward despite any obstacle, but the help of God, who enables us to help each other. They provide testimonials to let people know we are not alone and in this shell and the testimony started with me having been a survivor from child abuse well into young adulthood. He also had experts in several fields and inspirational speakers, hoping to provide valuable information.

Considering that education is necessary. Awareness is crucial in comfort is needed.

I do believe we all suffer separate from something and we hope to be a source of healing for each other despite trying everything God was my only care that other forms of healing are presented to service everyone life will always be challenging but please now there's always someone who cares if no one at all. At least guide us.

This only played earlier was beautiful. Mistakes by Justin Bieber and this is my take. What does it mean to be Christian, meaning Christlike. It takes patience, love and understanding. We grow from times that are challenging even though this life can be quite demanding X necessary to look beyond the negative and forgive. They are God's children to focus on the beauty they process instead. Because if God believes in them so should you. Beautiful mistakes is exactly how it sounds an awesome opportunity to do what's right. Make it a steppingstone for the both of you, in which the bond is strengthened when it God is the light failure is what brings accomplishment. Disappointment turned upside down. God works out everything for the good and unconditional love is what turns it around today we will talk about our faith in what is real or fake Christians and we have a special guest Deirdre Riley author of the pretend Christian Deirdre Riley is the author of the pretend Christian traveling beyond denomination to the true Jesus and a Christian writer and editor for articles and essays appear on and other news and entertainment site. Deirdre has been on radio and television in support of her work and enjoys talking with both Christians and non-Christians about faith, Deirdre. Welcome to the care it's awesome to happy.

Now you know my I really love your help and that we learned grow up. Not like I really appreciated that you think you so let's start with a loaded question. What is it mean for you to be Christian added degree. Yet yet complicated flesh needs to be a Christian man I write that I believe sacrifice on the cross and I have had his mind will be a follower. It doesn't mean I'm perfect.

I will make a but my foundation is at and everything else I come back, you know, a woman, neither daughter ran everything pumped after my being the bedrock of the light so you know it's funny you should say that I saw a picture not too long ago. What is a perfect marriage. It's too imperfect people who just refuse to give up on each other anything that God is with us.

He refuses to give up on us and the opposite.

What is the pretend Christian well anything but one thing can be from one tank is on empty. Maybe there are a believer like me they don't have the higher because we're human and sometimes lightly go through the motion even where we are.

We don't feel like we're making bold connection.a pretend Christian could also be more nefarious that it could be somebody who truly is pending to be Christian to raise money or or their own profile like it was interesting. I was a practicing in or any without really handing right density in the lesion and I found an interesting place to be. I believe in God. I called myself, but I didn't love, but I didn't fundamental Christianity though my biggest one make date and I try to get myself one thing and make it really real with get back to that and got perfect.

I am perfectly all our I know he does and we could drive to pick ourselves often be better is not the Bible. The sores of strong foundation and a lot of those may not realize it but from me being a pretend Christian, I know at one point I was where it's living where you are lacking the practice of virtue. It's it's not just living and it's not just getting by but it's been virtuous and and practicing the things that Jesus taught us that the way that we should behave. The actions that we should take always choosing to do the right thing even when no one's looking. Even if no one cares you know doing it right even when you don't think it needs to be done right. Just always been conscience of the fact that God is present not just making pretend he's asleep on Doris. He is not paying attention when you're misbehaving that kind of thing.

I did not know that you drink drinking a lot with my friends was sinning and there was a thing a lot a lot of the way that I was living that I did not know that was not right as recently I found out, gossiping with the Senate and I do not know that either because so many of us do it and we thought that was a normal thing of life. Just recently I was reading them the same by the appeal and he was telling a guy that dancing is invitation to send. I never knew that either by email, so is curiosity, did you know that and but if you think about it logically, curiosity leads to no good dancing could lead to no good things to so I can kind of understand and no longer think those are extreme views. I'm starting to see the light a little bit. Well I really work with Dave Hannity and the idea of an following off a little bit you've noted that, but we want God our best of who he can know what is something that is for God in the word may sound very. But if you know, we can pin a large wave always but what were really saying, what, where thing where sorry is that God is something that offended. I did not mind that belonged to find them only. Sorry, we really mean it, and we plan to do it again and continue forgetting us for the same thing cannot change talking about faith in the goodness of God's love goes the question wanted to wanted to since the two show deals. The tenacity experience in the carriage to keep moving forward.

I was forced to my heart Amy gobble every Saturday at one, truth and so welcome that things fitting in to the care with Amy, she was Amy and the baby about the book. Remember that you can listen to social life.

Throw out the cure, or the Broncos just look for God is the cure on any book of 12 Awesome Song Was Way left side by AGR is my take from us. Most of us know what it's like to feel defeated until God takes over a can be too much pain. Once we get to where we need to be there, much less fat despite the rain, it can take us by surprise and hit a little happy but only for a moment it doesn't steal our joy. We love what life has to offer with God in the enemy can try but her spirit he cannot destroy. Don't let emotions take control.

God always shows a different way. But there is a silver lining to every cloud when we trust God we have hope and will be okay those things you cannot change except that as God's will for he knows best hard times bring about a greater good discipline to keep the faith, survived the test were talking about. Are we good or bad Christians with special teacher variety teacher. What do you consider contributing to the loss of faith in today's world. Three. That great but I wonder that a lot.

I'll prop the board no matter what denomination it handed down you know pre-COBIT court COBIT help, but I I only from additional fundamental truth that means light is hard and I think now you know if life is hard and always feel like where you know, as a matter fact bring in hard times are part of life.

It doesn't mean we are low. I also think technology has no in control of our own life in a way that might be a little you know we creator blade length around click you know which led and we have the control over so many aspects of our lives and I think it helped that which God pushed God out of our lives, but I can say since I've been a real person did that Dottie and Fred happier and it might be paradoxical but the most pre-ever felt. Even though there are the entity but the law would often which is the great good news and I put it this way one and I love that God rule if you put a bunch of little kids together and you put them on a soccer field, but there are no bolts there. No, you know yard line. There is no referee to go crazy. They don't really play the game. If you put all that great but the bulk you put the referee with the boat then naturally free to play and read there really flying Dr. so I deal with God. If we listen to God through his word through the Bible were totally free delivery line though I feel like we are getting away from me, but there are a lot of us out there a lot of birds out there and we're praying for every evil that we agree with people you don't agree, but I think good Christian have a sense of toward every line which I'm well and you know it's like trying to look on the positive, but it is true what kind of edging now is our very I know from personal experience, my life was the absolute hardest when I didn't have much relationship with God and then when I have a relationship with God. It doesn't matter what's going on how difficult life becomes. Okay so that's that's I think what's what's made it so confusing these times is that we don't have God the way that past generations did the way that we use to a lot of things have gotten washed away and I know it's more difficult to follow God and then people want what's comfortable and what's easy and that could be a contributing factor. I believe, but I believe you're right and I followed it down the God you better come get your turn his arm led her trying to do with my allotted. We know we have so many ways that we are God now are good but there a lot of program there a lot of thing away from the word even under great number of somebody God is God who is all you know who you email, who we are.

We can only run in a for so long and that to me is not frightening because God knows him and my job and they deeply feel sorry and with that attitude, so I want God to be almighty having and not a God that I would make because frankly I'm not not that this but thought I would come up with nothing close to the real God's not that smart either. My intelligence comes when God lets me have it. That's the truth I you know what would be a message for someone who's maybe having a hard time with their faith, their questioning their faith.

They're not really understanding why you know things are going the way they are, but there's a lot of bad repairing COBIT is a lot of depression by the and I really feel for all of us. People we've been through a lot with a you are a beginning in surround yourself that your self up that in surround yourself with believers, whether that in a group.

If you have a good friend. You know who you trust in what you have set yourself up for that. If you're a little farther in your journey. I would really begin to God's word and I would really get in there and in my life. It funny I I was thinking to myself yesterday. I think I've forgotten how the I'm busy pouring stuff. God but if you practice a relational given a heart because we don't hear God voice in a traditional way we can talk to God quietly meditate and listen for his answer and he may answers in a variety of different way.

I would say thank yourself up depending on where you are. Your journey and surely if you're thinking about looking into Christianity.

Do it will change your life. God that ran you will ever have people never let you down in the urban mountains. No and yes I know so males try prayer it works God's love to those your story about God's love one 866-34-TRUTH 1866 34 question, or if a Christian is God's name say to Amy Coble life can bring many difficult situations domestic violence addictions, poverty and even sexual abuse by your loved ones welcome Amy Koppel to things. Remember where you live every Saturday at 1 PM on your radio on the chair and our website God is to because he is also available as of your focus. Just look for God is with you with a recoverable piping. God is the cure. In the book of the cure with every sure sonic displayed love story by Taylor Swift and here's my take. If we encounter God when we are young we are truly touched by grace.

It tally beautiful stories born that tragedies and trials cannot erase eventually become well and get to know more than Romeo who truly left us most it can be love and hate. When we are cold, but we are his vessel and he's the host. God is on the story takes us places we didn't know could ever have existed in this life there so much more. He wants to show a 13 Prince and Princess to God is what we are and long to be habilis don't wait, don't mean a thing. God's love and promise. This is all we see, we are discussing God's love his existence and our faith. We can teach a variety into before we went to break.

I had mentioned prayer in my life. Prayers what really work. I did not know how to do much of anything else. But that's how it started. What is prayer play a role in faith and spirituality.

Everything prayer and occasion that we Would and that I've been ruminating on recently and for some reason the intermediate been a big name with me lately, maybe because I use it more now that I coming out, but you know when we dated somebody and you can do it easily in the media. Hey, I'll be praying for you. Do you do you pray for that person.

Prayer is communicating with the most high God. Prayer is petitioning or trying out the creator of the and LI had a little Now because I love to help people praying for you. Ideally I sit down and do it very.

Thing we can do it doesn't mean it has to be perfect. If you're in pain you're there may be at triangle from your prayer may be God. I don't even have the word, but I'm reaching out.

You, but prayer is our way to talk to God, and it truly free so we need to list we need to do under Dan all our prayers are heard. Not everybody out there that apparently think what I wonder, not even here. My prayers get done. The Bible and it beautiful prayers, a beautiful, here's the thing about prayer means prayer I believe is among the most important thing a person can do is not the most important thing because it is amazing what happens when you asked for help. God can do amazing things. She really encourages you to do the right thing and she can encourage you to read the right book to read the Bible to talk to someone that you need to talk to you to hear the message that you need to hear the song will play that you needed to hear it.

Sometimes she just wants us to ask for help. He did say asking you will receive. If you like.

If we don't ask when I can receive can't just expect him to just two things that he does. He does things without asking. It's important that we ask it important that he knows that we realize we need his help in my opinion on no one without God in my day. Cannot start without speaking to him first. My day.

Cannot start without prayer that my sanity is not there. Without prayer, so prayer is a big part of my life and you know everything else weeding virtue when doing the right thing. I think just fathers so I think prayer is when it is part-time on but what about you know I think what is for some people difficult is when they don't understand unanswered prayers and I knew that educating yourself in meeting the Bible helps you accept God's will.

But how can we get that Wayne, when his will may be difficult to understand. Great article about that really understanding what God no. Prayer may back in I believe. Always answer.there is not a very great that God isn't going listen to the answer.

Maybe no.

But it feels like prayer book to get that no and American feel like very isolating vacuum because we pray safer for a relative return to health.

There desperately ill and they continued to decline. That is unanswered where it will.

But what we do is rely during the time when we feel like were getting radio silence from God.

Right. We are sending prayers for doing all the right thing for Frank so hard for so many hours yet we get a sign from God will is back from him. This is one exactly It did in and count on his promise count on the word if you trust God, you know you've been her you know he is formulating the response. It may be no dad but never doubt it will be for all of our then I will call ran the ball or errors in either our unanswered prayers picture God is the great leaper in each strand is an unanswered prayer or prayers, if we pulled down by God, God will take all the ran and we something perfect and beautiful, which was always.

There is no right. Sometimes prayers and sometimes prayers could be prolonged sometimes is for the purposes of learning in gerunds or patients. And you know there's always a good reason why things happen the way they happen. No, it's not just about prayer.

Some people think prayer is all it takes is it not always. It also about doing the right thing.

We we like to believe that God is very forgiving and slow to anger. Could that be a deterrent to self-discipline and doing the right thing talking about very short. God I give will will responsibility and we got never to do the right thing thing we know that even when it hard and even when we lose out through the night. We've got to do the right thing and you know I've been thinking about the idea of wrath. God Gary right you want to talk about. Think about but a rat because God is also complete. No terrible thing happened and they do in this world. The child is badly murdered around all the high we want Take care and this is that who is in heaven of God great and beloved the dome like you get angry lifetimes on our boat.

We want look at our in the discipline people at the party being a Christian thing discipline does me Doesn't Mean You're Not Happy. I Promise You You're Going to Be Even Happier to Not Say Fearing God Is an Important Component of Wisdom It's It's Part of Justice, God's Justice Anyway so There's This Wisdom and Fearing God and the Purposes for Fearing God's Presence. Take Advantage and Think That He's Always Going to Forgive Us That His Anger Will Be Slow Forever and That He Never Runs Out Of Patience. You Know God Is a God of Justice Knew Someone Would Continue Will Continue Talking about God's Love Is You Think You Six 634 through Two 634 through the Famous Book of Hi Again and Thanks for Attending the Light Every Saturday at 1 PM on Your Media on the Care and Social Media. Just Look for God Is the King.

I'm the Polkas Go so Little Show Will Be Available As a Book of Truth Search for the Cure with Amy, or Typing. God Is the Cure the Book Because the Cure with Amy, Will Show up and Be Subscribe like It. The Song That Just Played with Me by Taylor Swift Now, and Here's What I Got Out Of It, Nothing. So the Holy Spirit Okay We Are God's Child to Leave the He Is Definitely on Our Side. He's Not Concerned with Who We Were in Our past, but What We Have To Offer on This Right.

There's over 7 Billion People in This World.

We Are Unique.

There's Only One You God. Make Sure We Would Try and Stand out One with Sin, He Found a Way to Make Dyspnea Characters Born from Trials, No Matter Who We Are or How We Look. Suffering Brings Us Closer to Jesus, God, and You Love so Deep Is What It Took. There Is No Greater Love and That of God, Who Gave His Son Say Parcel Providing All We Needed More Gave Us a Script for Which We Play a Role but Continuing Our Conversation with Her Special Guest HI Variety and She's Helping Us Become Better Christians We Have Questions At Least Will Can Ask a Question, Begin from Social Media, Tomorrow. I Asked a Similar Question, What, Where Were You Will Forward to Us Can Go with Can Be a Motivating Factor for the Store Diagnostic for Some to Believe in God Atheist You Say Copies. Okay so You Had a Very Quiet Writing Yeah II Just Just Overlook the Riches Lots of Riches and and Groups Feelings and Goodbye You Know the Enemy Can Get You for Goodbye Source the Headset You the Answer.

I like It for.

I Think That Your Knee Everything out All Everything Else and Not Believing in God Is Is They Believe, but It Will End When You Tried Avenue and Are Left at the End of the Day Alone with Your Help Again and All Your Failures All Your Belief That Have Held up If You Were Presented with a God That Loves You so Deeply and Forgive Every Word You Can Ever Think of.

If You Truly Are. Are You Truly Reap You Are Part of God and Gone down Every Road and It Lead Try and Try Opening Yourself up. Wonder of Following and I'm Passionate about It Because I When I Was a and I Was Doing All the Right Thing Praying. I Was Even He Thinks DCD Catholic Sunday Was Even Teaching Little Kids. But I like Pilot Light Had Gone on to Pretend the Things You besides You Eventually Run the Engine Eventually Run a Block. I'm Pretty Sure You Can't Make Just As the Devil Eventually Eats Its Own so That Is Exactly Right and Rounded up without God and You Know That Robert Is Time to Shine a Light on Yourself but Also Be of Benefit to the World We Don't Live That Long and Faithful Christian.

Some of the Production World Changers You'll Ever Meet, and the Dishes Have Amazing Lines and Amazing Testimonies and They Do Amazing Things, and I Only Know That True Believers It Will Make You Can Count on It, but They All Want God Great and They Began Again.

Okay, This Was Much Limited so the Overuse. How Do We Keep Them in the Faith That a Tough Line Any I Can Get My 13-year-old to Play with Me, but My 15-year-old Little Bit More Difficult. You Know I Have Faith That for Every Kid. Here's a Little of Every Teacher at Pilgrim Date Okay That's Good I like That I Buy Yeah You Know We Talked before about the Law God We Have the Rules That We Have Good I'm Keeping Only the Role and My Old One Day, Frustrated That He Was Again I Don't Get It. Not for Me and I Would Frustrate. We Are Frustrated with Each Other and I Fully Read You Know When You're No Boarding down the Mountain and the Wind Is Rocking Pastor Anything You Are Feeling As Allied As You've Ever Felt. With Your Nap. He Wants You to Love It If You Are If Not Something You Should Delete Not the God of Laws Rules, the God of of the Venture, the Bible, It Will Look at Venture and God Created You the Way You Walk, and Endeavor That It Hurting Anyone. Encourage Your Child Define God What It Hello Are Planning Dr. or Group around If They're Not Hurting Anyone Doing Friendship. God Loves Are Happy and We Forget That You Know Teresa Said God Loves Happy Child, so Much so That She Found Joy and Suffering, Go to Book on It so and That Is How Much She Believed in Not so Yeah There Is A Lot Of Happiness to It. We Just Have To See. And so Could Someone Be Too Holy Be Considered to Religious Great.

I Believe That We Have To Be Careful. All You Remember What It Felt like Not to Be a Christian and an What I Tried to Remember It That You're Not and You Believe You and You Will Love Possible for Your Own Happiness in Your Own Date and Be Very Overwhelmed so I Think You Can Be through Related in the Aspect of Walk with God like You Could Never Do That.

Some People Dedicate Their Life.

God but I Think I Want to Be in Community and by Really Helping Each Other.

We Need to Remember What It like Did Not Have Meeting on the Right Track Is Easy to Take a Humble Approach to Get to the Point Where You Think Because You Doing so Many Things Right. You Better Than Others. That's When It Gets a Little Complicated and You Don't Want to Go There Crappy That You Know When I First Christian Gary Because I Realize How Many Issues I Have in Ways That I What Measuring out and I Really at God Help Me Sort No and to Begin Solving Them and You Know, I Know Me Perfect.

No One Else Was so Surprised When We Open Our Eyes with a Great Awakening for Guys We Don't Want to Show You How We Are Only Did You Think You so Much. It Was Wonderful Having You.

Thank You for Being with Us Today and What What a Great Way of Looking at Things You Brought to Our Listeners. We Really Appreciate It. Thank You and I Appreciate Your Really Collecting Here. You Are Then Happy to Be Family You Guys More Information on Deidre Riley and Her Book the Pretend Christians Can Be Found on the Website. Deidre Thanks DE IIDRE and Let's Finish with the Paradise Prayer for a Humble Heart Lord We Pay for the Heart Position of Humility. Humility in Such a Way That We Do Not Cheapen Our Own Worth or Value within That We Take the Alignment That We Are Here for a Greater Purpose Than Just Our Own Gain.

We Pray That You Will Highlight to Us What It Truly Means to Live a Humble Life and That Worth Will Be Revealed by Your Light.

It Is Only Then That We May Truly Live in Freedom and Right Standing, but We Will Hold Our Own Value Correctly.

Lord, We Welcome You to Mold and Secure Our Hearts and She Humility by Your in Jesus Name, Amen. Thank You to the Truth Network and the Wonderful People That Work with Us for Having a Son Air and All the Other Radios That Carry Our Program Including CV 610 Channel 131 the Family Can. This Is a Mikado You Have Been Listening to Dictator Please Check Our Focus Here with Amicable Power up the Cure or Website. God Is the Cuticle Resembles a Message There like What Topic Would You like to Listen to Show Which Was Those Who Talked about the Show Will Really Appreciate It. It's Nice, That's Awesome.

Thank You to Our Listeners for Being with Us until Next Week. Be Kind Always Getting in Stating Remember This Event and Echopass and Treatments Available and There Is a God until Next Saturday. Much Love Should Hear Something Others Prioritize, Evaluate, and Show God

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