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Living Life On Your Terms,Audio Ep 129

The Cure / Aimee Cabo
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March 7, 2021 3:52 pm

Living Life On Your Terms,Audio Ep 129

The Cure / Aimee Cabo

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March 7, 2021 3:52 pm

How can we live the life of our dreams, on our terms, discussing practical advice with personal coach and whole-brain learning expert Rex Steven Sikes, on the latest The Cure with Aimee Cabo.


You'll discover how to create a champion mindset and a victor mentality, to harness your dreams and desires using Rex's simple and powerful techniques. Rex gives you pages of real-life principles proven to change lives. Rex is a professional speaker, coach, business consultant, and educator. He writes a blog Daily Inspiration And Gratitude. Plus, he's an actor, filmmaker and consultant to the entertainment industry, Master Trainer of NLP & DHE,

The Cure Radio™ live talk syndicated radio show and live-streamed podcast is hosted by Aimee Cabo and offers a platform of hope to anyone who has experienced or is currently experiencing domestic violence, abuse, trauma, mental health, or other challenges that affect your life. It's a place to find comfort, knowledge, strategies, answers, hope, and love, and so much more, all while you are healing your wounds and knowing that you are loved and not alone.

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Aimee Cabo Nikolov is a Cuban American who has lived most of her life in Miami. After many years of healing, finding love, raising a family and evolving her relationship with God, Aimee's true grit and courage led her to pen an honest, thought-provoking memoir. Years of abuse became overshadowed with years of happiness and unconditional love. Now Aimee is the president of IMIC Research, a medical research company, a transformational speaker, syndicated radio host and focused on helping others. You can read more about Aimee by visiting her website.


Dr. Boris Nikolov is the CEO of Neuroscience Clinic. You can read more about Dr. Nikolov and the work he is doing by visiting his website.


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I have eaten in today.

We had a very interesting gas racks. Thanks and see the author of lead on your terms, and she really is great about transforming the way that we think and how we can look at life.

He's helped thousands of people over many decades and am excited to share his wisdom with our listeners today. I hope you guys join us.

It's a very sunny beautiful day in Miami and like always, Bobby wants to say hello say hello that's me hello, thank you for tuning the regulator you tuning more, but sell it is exactly 104 right now this you will start at 1057 getting you guys chance to get relaxed accommodate the get a snack. If you'd like because it can be in our very interesting outlet that and down and had some friends will. When it's thinking how to get together what you but I hear that it's very close in other places while I'm sorry Mr. Winter it's never winter in Miami like it. It's nice.

I feel blessed like this guide when you can step outside without tons of clothes ending not have to come inside and take them all off. That would be a lot of work for me, political reform, so what's fun winter.

No real look to Amy Kabul life can bring many difficult situations, mystic boilers, addictions, poverty and even sexual abuse by your loved ones welcome Amy Kabul Q can and welcome to the cure shall have an amazing partner from my sister losing today. Again, you are losing. I shares available live on your radio also like that are at the care in any smart phone and a website God is to

We are broadcasting today life for Manny. The satellite and airborne 35 radios in 11 states and in series accent channel 131 and life on social media. Soon after the shell, any podcast player Atlanta finger session your followers since we been reaching an average of a million people every month since 2021 to thinking and think God showed Yosef suffering the tenacity of the human spirit that will to survive and encouraged to keep moving forward despite any obstacle with the help of God, who enables us to help each other. We provide testimonials to let people know that we are not alone and they shall. The testimony started with me having been a survivor from child abuse well into young adulthood be outside experts in several fields and inspirational speakers that are willing to help us with important information. Knowing that education is necessary. Awareness is crucial in comfort as needed.

I do believe we all suffer separate from something and we hope to be a source of healing, each other now despite trying everything God was my only care but other forms of healing are presented as well to service everyone life will always be challenging but always now. There's always someone who cares if no one at all. At least God tests the song they played earlier. Was anyone by Justin Bieber guys, here's what I get from click the help of the Holy Spirit.

That is, there is only one that we can truly trust that no matter what he makes us feel okay. The one who is guaranteed to be around forever as long as we turn to hand and pray God is irreplaceable that Wally cannot afford to lose things may become chaotic, yet he's our greatest hope who would be choose.

He's our Lord, who will greatly love us for all the good we've done by pleasing him in small things. She provides the greater more than anyone despite times that are difficult to understand when she tried up our best in everything we do.

It's never meant to be so easy. Characters developed with what we experience and go through faith will grow as time goes by. If we get close to God and hold on tight. We feel the love and see the good not obvious in a spiritual today we will talk about how to live the life of your dreams on your earning term status with our special guest Rex Stephen Sykes, author of life on your terms. Rex Sykes has for decades experience helping thousands of people transform their minds and lives. His innovations include mind design and directed questions. He's a master trainer of NLP and PhD and master hypnotherapist master hypnotist whole brain and accelerated learning the law of attraction and is the founder of idea seminars site conducts online programs on transformation mind design L08 and LPC and the public's site is a professional speaker L skimmer balloon ride both letters life and business mentor consultant and educator. He's an actor and a filmmaker and consultant to the entertainment industry as well. Lately ranks welcome to the care it's great to happy. What or opportunity to do a marble job, a wonderful present helping people near and far for a long period of time. I am truly privileged to be with you today. People can be help on spelling next start with a very interesting detail for life. Just hand you in a skydiving accident which transforms your life tells more about your board like 100 or greater DDL that I'll go into it here but I wish you the book group. When I was about 25 years old and I was injured landing. Obviously I got my back in a good but not where I could walk through the conflict in chronic and acute pain. So what Dr. Dubberly (like little really don't want to admit that I got injured something we can do that you gave you a couple of built and said you could take the overlap. What he did was give me two bills that went by. What happened was I went to the moment I cooked them I would like a different person. I love you. You little cup water drove up in Hollywood you're completely different person you grow what you were quite good. I like what the girlfriend of my career, I felt that drug to be trying to get you to be one point that was in the club that I went to a lot you while I stuck my yard growing up, but that legal trouble, but personal trouble I would dinner club very angry. Younger children you are you are in your lap like you're pushing me around the bedroom so he called the matre d' all you want to start out look like you're a good guy you know about which we did. So I ran down. We are one of my working later, John goes Nikki why Kilby because you well I did try to kill myself but I think we did want to die.

I wanted to have the pain and live in you that you. You are to die.

I went home that night and I decided to go do something, but I decided to lock myself in my apartment until I could save the world with confidence and going on, and best look after. By the way my parent to come out the battery nearly comatose blood went cold turkey on the drug drinking heavily regret so I drug or a number of mud and no memory for most of what happened and that made the commitment to back in order to figure out how I could face the world. Life, such amazing challenges in your life right. He came to specialize in mindset the attitude and law attraction. He became someone that is able to grasp on to the important things in life and help others with and say that what I learned sitting in my room for that. I would to six weeks with. I literally didn't leave except to get the boat like a gate. I get up about you featuring work on my headset I mindset but that truly was what I learned was I had been so good on all that was wrong. All the things that I had done all this conception about rain, deals with suffering experience in the carriage, I was forced into my abortion.

I my heart Amy, every Saturday at one Eastern on the truth will come back in things pertaining to the camp with Amy This time displayed last impossible by James R. Something seem impossible, especially when trust is broken Nino's head awareness down by God to God's care is chosen, we think we can handle until they realize God is what we need faith and strength will be the product derived from the heart expanded seat height times keep us humble. It's something we must take. Even if we think we lost it all.

It's again when it's no longer fake things happen for a reason God shows us what is to so we can re-create our thinking live for Christ and become me talking about living the life of your dream with special guest Rex to Sykes before the break we are talking about mindset and attitude something that's very important especially when you dealing with challenges in life. So next is a little bit about in this conception about the United Nations and feelings. Great question. Corrugated mindset like I love all of them who want want to forget them out, tell them about it before we close out the show and how they can get it.

Obviously they can get my book at Amazon if they want, but this regret will come to my website and out very simple address before we close out like that is that a lot of people think that in order to see if they have to feel like it. They have to be motivated out you like cleaning the garage so and what really do is understand that motivation comes from doing there are other examples, but I don't want to get up and run behind the card when it's cold in the morning. I don't want to go to get out there and do all the things I have to do, but because I want to be the best in the world as a boxer to be a champion. I know that I need to train and I need to know what I have to do in order to claim the very best show in my like it but I did it anyway and you can't wait to be motivated.

You have to take when you take a step you take one step God got five or 10 cords you but you go first and then you do, you'll find that you print them and that you do think so if you want to clean the garage over Robert yourself always make it so that you can win make things tidy and small like you don't take a meal and rub it in your face all at one time you bite by bite family cling to God.

You will get it all done well of the garage to the house to the office and do a little bit when you start doing and you see that you're accomplishing you start feeling more like you. So motivation comes from action, not from waiting for is not something that comes from outside of you come from, with in you and you have to put it into action. We have been hope through not doing things for all good now and I truly believe that part of the whole ruling class, trying to keep the worker as a worker they tried prevent you from learning how to you. Don't ever write lines that do these things will never work on myself totally comfortable saying we have to push ourselves at the difference between ability and hard work and determination can be now very capable, but with hard work and determination you can accomplish great things can be very capable, but if you not wanting to hard-working charming thing you can rest your life away you know Pat you so much that it's not about really working hard working smarter and when you understand yourself you control your own mind, in your own feeling is the question of being hard-working start doing the things that you love that know you will move you in the direction toward your goals and make you feel better and create momentum. The wiper smarter you are with you first thing that self sabotage that today, will bring only do one thing, you're right, it doesn't do anything you and it doesn't process is negative so that's why the popular example. Don't think the blue elephant like you good writing only one particular faction of the bring. Only God with the greatest learn to do it is almost all the mechanism for your your subconscious mind is like this one thing what you would call good or better positive or negative, or wiper.

One word smoker to drink when I got itself to be open all the nice and kind and loving and caring, and it will do whatever it orwhatwascalledintoactionatthetime.It'snotout.Thankyouforbeingyourselfworkdoinggoodthingisintentionistokeepyoualivekeepyoucompanythatyoudon'tgetkilledorattacked,whichisfromlighterweightknowweekinthebrainistohelpyouhelpyoupeopleliveitwhenwhenthingsyouknowearliertime.Inwartime.Batson,ourbrainliterallyswitchchemicalelectricalimpulsesthathaddonethingtonarrowyourfieldofvisionproblem.Itpumpsadrenalineshoulddoyourheartrapidlyandwhatyourextremitysoyoucanrunbiteandorfree,soyourbodyrespondstowhatyouperceiveathreatorwhatyouareandwhatifsomethinglooksatyourdrivewaygiveyouanastysignalwhiledriving.Youknowtheirhandorsomethingandinitiatewetlandisnottryingtosabotageit.IfitiscarryingoutsowhatyouthinkIwantmakemoremoneythisyearandyounotbemoremoneyorIwanttofindtheloveofmylife.IknowwhatyouareandIknowwhatyouwanttochangehavetoselfsabotagebyfocusingonthepositivesilverliningineverycloudselfsabotageanddeceptionthatwemaynotnecessarilyhavetoaccessandhedoingwhatitlearnstodonotlittlescholar?Sorry6to6?AlsosomequestionastheoneisnowyoucancallyouwithAmy,lifecanbringmanydifficultsituations.Mysticviolenceaddictions,povertyandevensexualabusebyyourlovedoneswelcomeAmy,'sattentionandShantipolicesank.WhatisourobjectiveandourfocuswhatdetentionandunderstandtheconfusionbyWrecognizeitasGod'sredemptioncarewantGod'sheart,theonehefeltforussomanytimesyearlyandneverlaughedandkeepscallingusdespitedeclinesbyfollowingChrist.Itmaybedifficult,whythinkMcNallygrantforpeaceisfoundinbesttohavegoshactuallysatlikethegreatestfatherhealwaysguidesus.Eventuallywecomearoundgettingmanychancesuntiltimesout.SomegetlostmostIfounddiscussinglivingthelifeinsurancewithspecialguestrank.Thankssoletmeaskyousomethinginterestingnightstandtorisethatnation'sdon'tworkandIsaidIhadtolookoutrationthatsomethingischangingbutyouliketoexpand.Greatquestion.Thepointisthatthebrainlearnshowtodothingsanditwillcontinuetodothinkthatsomethingistryingtopreventyoufromdoingthingsthatwhetherornotwhatyourbrainisdoing.Youarenot.Ifit'snotservingwhatyouwanttodobecauseyoulearnhowtodothingsthatarecontrarytowhatyounowwanttolearnallyouhavetodoislearnthenewthinghabitpatternthatthebrainisdoingroutinelyandautomaticallylearnservingyouthebestwayyourtryingtokeepyouconsistedtokeepyouthesamemessyouuporscrewyouuporhurtyourheartunderstandsthatthisiswhatyouwantedanduntilyoutrainittodosomethingdifferent.WhatithaslearnedtodowhileyouweregrowingupinyouryoucanbefreeofthatbylearninghowtotrainyourbrainandprobablylifealittlequirkypeopleandaffirmationnotthedeclarationlikeI'mamanIputalloronthewebthatthedeclarationissomethingthatonlyajudge.Forexample,todoherdogorjerk.Perjuryandthecordlockyourguiltyornotguiltybutthedefendant,thegalleycan'tdoitsoyoucandeclareandmakedeclarationsaboutwhymostpeopledon'tlikeittheygobacktotheiroldwaytogobacktothehabitwiththebrainusedtodoitortheyrepeatedthatarelikeI'm5foottallasIcandoanythingIIampowerfulandwhatyouhavetodoislicenseyouhavetobethrilled.TheArmyknowshowtogetpeopleyoungpeopleputthemintobasictraininganditmakesentranceandyelleddropbyGod.Theymakealotofphysicalactivitywanttomakeaffirmationswork.Youneedtogo.Iampowerful,Idrilledthatandtheninordertogetnewbehaviorhabitualwhatyouhavetodoiscorrectly.Billyinstantlyforlongenoughtobecomeanewhabit,thenthegringosyouwanttodothatagainyouhavetopickyourbraintodoitsoon.Pastbehaviorthatwasnothealthychillingcontractandthat'sjustaboutre-creatingmindsetthinkingthere'sdefinitelyabehavingthatwouldmakeusfeelbetterinthepracticethatthemoreitbecomespartofoureverydaylife,ratherthanwhatwe'vebeenconditionedtodobecauseifourenvironment,ourcircumstanceswillenjoycompassionallgodowntogetherandgiveittoyouandyouaskedbelievingyouretrieve,youshallreceive.Theydon'tbelievethatthey'regoingtogetit.GottogotothewaterGoliathwillbethegloryandmadeadeclarationthattheGodbecausehewasthatGodwouldholdcourt.ThestoryofthewomanIwanttostoprainingallnight.Thenextmorningshewakesuponewindowandwaiting.Youworknotpraywiththebeliefthatyoureceivesowhenitcomestoaffirmationandreeducatingyourgradeyouhavetodothecorrectrightrepeatedlylongenough.YourbrandgoesokaywithyouopenupWITH.GoodforyourabundantanddothenewthingthatpeoplehavetofocusingonwhattheonelikeIwanttoquittheweightedthinkaboutyou.IwanttogreethealthyIwanttobehealthierre-andIwantedIwanttosavemoneyorwhateveritisbecausethebrainlikeyoutellachildyouknowwhathappened,thoughitbecausechildrenareoldenoughtooverridewiththepictureofyouknowwhatnottodobecauseitmadethepictureofthevillageaboutokayinthebringwhatyouwanttodoyougo.Ifanything,wedon't.Don'tforgetyourwatch,youfindyourselfdoingthattoyourselfordoyouthinkthey'llforgetitornot.Thego.Remembertotakeyourwatchforbutyoucanlearntobebrilliantthatyouareintheprocessofitsogiveyourselfyouknow,forgiveyourselfandmoveyoucanlearntobebrilliantbecauseyouarebrilliant.YourecognizeyouwanttostopfocusingontheproblemwithfocusonwhatjustthesamewaythatyouwillwanttowanttoputyourfaithandtrustinsightonGodandwhatGodcandeliverforyouwhenyouhavethatfaith,butalsothestuffoutonfaithyoulikemotivation,butyoudonotforGodtochangemyworldandthelionsupposedtobecausewere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